Charlize Theron vs. Scarlett Johansson by Doom

After losing a role to Charlize, Scarlett, was forced to accept “Plan B.” The green eyed blond Scarlett never could get it out of her mind that she lost out to Charlize for leading role - until she heard from ‘inside sources’ that Charlize had bad-mouthed her to the casting director, “I’m much fitter and I’m certainly better looking!”

Scarlett stated, “If I ever catch up to her, I’ll make her regret those comments. I’d never dream of doing something like that - not even to my worst enemy! I didn’t deserve that kind of disrespect.”

Scarlett got a hard lesson of what it is like to be in Hollywood - an ongoing catfight, day in and day out and the competition seems to increase each and every day!

Months went by and not only did Scarlett’s anger never lessened, it grew stronger! She was at least happy with some of her new friends, people she was working with and she’d developed close friendships with a couple of them; hanging out after work; going on shopping trips; attending sporting events and even spending time at one or two people’s houses. Scarlett was actually starting to enjoy Hollywood!

Then one blue-sky day after she finished the day’s shoot, Scarlett had a craving for chili dogs and she knew just the place to get some. Arriving at ‘The Hollywood Hot Dog’ Scarlett cheerfully placed an order for “two chili dogs to go.” She paid and as she turned around she bumped into Charlize. The towering blonde bumped her so hard, Scarlett spilled chili and one of her dogs down into the deep cavern of her cleavage.

Scarlett’s cheerful attitude turned bitter as the two glared at each other, until Charlize broke the silence and asked snippily, “What are YOU doing here?”

Scarlett held up her food and growled, “Isn’t it obvious? You can’t be that dim a bulb, Theron! I mean, Jessica Simpson could have figured it out. Jeez Louise!”

“I thought you’d like to know,” Charlize said breezily. “Things are really going great for me. I just got the lead in another couple of films. How’re things for you? Got any good parts lately?”

Her mocking tone enraging Scarlett, but the petite blond didn’t want a public scene, so she bit her tongue and mustered a quiet, “They’re fine.” Then elbowed past Charlize and headed toward the door - until Charlize grabbing her arm and pulled her back around to face her.

“Oh good! I’m glad you don’t hold a grudge; I mean after I beat you out of that role because of my greater talent,” the smug Oscar winner snickered.

“Let GO of my arm,” Scarlett said harshly as she wiggled free of Charlize’s grasp.

“Oh, touchy, maybe I was wrong; you DO hold a grudge. You better toughen up little girl, this is a hard town.”

“Are you trying to incite me?” the sullen Scarlett said.

Charlize, all wide-eyed innocence, purred, “Incite you? No way. But if you FEEL that way, maybe we should go somewhere and ‘talk’ about it.”

“I don’t want to talk to you Theron. Good-bye!”


Scarlett stop in her tracks and spun around, “WHAT did you call me?”

“Loser?” Charlize said. “But I only meant you ‘lost’ that part. Hell Scarlett, if I wanted to incite you, I’d just slap you.”

Scarlett’s eyes grew big with shock, “Are you looking for a fight - or something?”

”Why, are you looking to give one? If so, I don’t mind…not at all,” Charlize said, drawing herself up to her full height. She towered over the much shorter blonde.

“Look, I don’t have time for your bullshit! Good-bye Theron!”

“Afraid, I might kick your ass, Scarlett? Maybe I should do this,” SMACK! The onlookers looked on stunned as Scarlett staggered from the unexpected slap.

As the compact blond righted herself, she grew more sullen, ”Alright Theron, you want a fight, good c’mon, I know the perfect place to settle our differences.’”

The two girls, rushed out and got in their cars. Charlize followed Scarlett as she drove to the Playboy Mansion. Scarlett stormed right through the front door, past several startled Playmates, and led Charlize out the back to one of the outbuildings the staff jokingly called “the woodshed” because it had been the scene of so many fights.

Both girls had considered the possibly embarrassment of winding up grappling on some plush carpet in the nude; each worried about who might see her. But to the directors, producers and agents who’d be there, naked women were as common as the sun rising.

Besides, both blondes were justifiably proud of their bodies - though for far different reasons: Scarlett loved her soft, lush, womanly curves while Charlize knew her long legs could turn heads. Each was confident of her athletic skill too. Charlize had been raised on a farm in South Africa and before she became an actress, had been a rising star with the Joffre Ballet until a knee injury ended her career. Scarlett, training to be an actress since childhood, was nevertheless quite athletic, riding horses and swimming for several roles, plus kick-boxing for exercise.

Charlize knew that after she beat Scarlett she’d wave it under Scarlett’s nose all the time; teasing the little blond bitch and using it to “keep her in her place.” If Scarlett won, she could get back some of her lost self-respect - and she’d see to it that word of her victory made the rounds of casting offices. Their confrontation would be the key for the winner to meet even more highly influential power brokers, so the stakes were far higher than mere “pride.”

As they walked across the lawn toward “the woodshed” a crowd of Playmates and guests gathered to follow and they let out a roar as the two gorgeous blondes stripped;, Scarlett looking bodacious in a blue bikini bra and panty set while Charlize was sleek, slinky and sexy in a white demi-bra and boy-cut panties.

The Playmate hostess explained to the audience, “This will be no holds barred.” Then, “And according to Playboy custom, they'll fight to the finish; either by KO or submission.” That sent an excited buzz through the crowd as the two beautiful warriors came out and stood face to face - or face to chest in Scarlett's case.

They began to circle and Charlize tried to keep the fight at a slow pace, but Scarlett came to do battle and she charged with hands raised, palms out, looking to lock up. Their fingers entwined and the struggle for dominance began - raw and sexy. Scarlett, still in her heels, got the early drop on Charlize when she stepped inside, jumped up and wrapped her curvy and deceptively strong legs around Charlize’s waist.

As Scarlett squeezed hard, Charlize wrapped her arms around the cuddly little blonde’s chest and let out an audible sigh. Red in the face, Charlize staggered, then her knees buckled as her body succumbed to Scarlett’s power (and weight!) In desperation, Charlize picked Scarlett up by one leg and managed to topple the sensuous Scarlett. As she fell, Johansson kept a tight grip on Charlize’s head and...

Well, that didn’t work! When they hit the floor, Scarlett adjusted her hold lower, wrapping both arms around Charlize’s swan-like neck and pulled her face down into the joint where her arm and breast met. Charlize thrashed violently as she was being choked and smothered - her final moments were looking less and less fragrant too.

“Ga yurf…bug toots…outta…muh faze!” The muffled protest by the aloof blond made the Golden Bombshell snicker as she wiggled her bosom side-to-side, slapping Charlize’s ruddy face with her boobs.

Scarlett’s tit swabbing and Charlize’s struggling loosened Scarlett’s bra enough to expose her huge right tit - much to Charlize’s amazement. Unbeknownst to Scarlett, closet lesbian Charlize was being tormented by the bodacious blonde beauty’s mouth-watering melon as it bobbed under her nose and, like newborn babe or a fish out of water, Theron opened and closed her mouth trying to capture Scarlett’s succulent nipple. But Scarlett was so hell-bent on squeezing a submission from Charlize, she paid no attention to the nefarious activity until - suddenly and without warning - her nipple disappeared into Charlize’s gulping mouth.

After a moment of indecision - unable to choose between sucking or biting - Charlize finally settled on suckling Scarlett’s magnificence. Feeling the warm surround of Theron’s lush lips, the young blond gave a little shiver of disgust, but otherwise paid no attention and concentrated on strangling Charlize unconscious. Having failed to convince Scarlett to relinquish her hold the “nice” way - like a spurned lover Charlize chomped down!

Scarlett let out a scream as she quickly released Charlize’s neck. “You bit my FREAKIN’ nipple!” the future Centerfold squealed as she sat on the floor tending her wounded ‘prize possession’, cupping the bitten beast gently as she massaged the ring of teeth marks surrounding her nipple and moaned softly.

Meanwhile Charlize, shaking her head after being in the vice-like grip of Scarlett’s arms, was trying to rid herself of the cobwebs. She realized Scarlett was open and vulnerable to attack, but until she caught her breath, she was in no shape to carry it out. Scarlett’s Headlock-Choke had drained a lot of energy from the ‘Primetime blond’ and she was struggling to regain her strength. She realized a few more seconds in Scarlett’s grip and it may have been over for her!

Both girls got up, Scarlett tucking her breast back in its blue holder and looking for pay back, Charlize looking for an opportunity. Scarlett saw her opening first and the buxom little blond swung her right arm in a mighty arc, SMACK cracking her open hand across Charlize's face and knocking her backward. Scarlett charged, her right leg shooting up in an attempt to kick the towering blond in the belly. As the kick landed, however, Charlize softened the blow, blunting much of the force with her arm.

Then she grabbed Scarlett's foot, twisted, and lifted! The Blond Bombshell lost her balance and crashed to the floor with a heavy THUD as she hit back of her head. Grabbing the stunned Scarlett by the hair and pulling her upright, Charlize jammed the heel of her palm under Scarlett's chin, bending the beautiful victim backward to the floor where she continued to pound Scarlett’s head on the floor until she’d stunned the blond.

With Scarlett too dazed to resist, Charlize fell on her and Grapevined Scarlett’s legs, spreading them wide and opening her up like a human wishbone. Charlize ground her pubic mound down on Scarlett’s vulnerable groin and then started to bite her neck! Scarlett was being torn apart, ‘raped’ and bitten, all at the same time by the bestial ferociousness of Charlize’s savage cruelty. It was as if Charlize had gone berserk with rage and was out of control.

Charlize, figuring she had the up-and-coming, next-hot-blond right where she wanted her - i.e., withering in agony - wasted no time as she increased the leverage of her long legs. Scarlett dug her nails into Charlize's ribs, trying to force her to release the Grapevine. It worked, but the little blond paid a price as Charlize jumped up and sat down hard on her bitten breast; then began raining a volley of slaps on her face. When Scarlett raised her hands to protect her face, Charlize went into a full-out choke, stunning and overwhelming Scarlett.

Charlize inched higher, closer to eventually trapping and crushing Scarlett’s head between her lethal thighs. With a superhuman effort, Scarlett took a deep breath, planted her feet, thrust upward, tossing Charlize off of her buxom chest. Even as she sailed through the air and went tumbling, Charlize tried to kick Scarlett. Scarlett kipped up to her feet and sprang toward Charlize even as the the ‘Golden Goddess’ rolled, got to all fours and came right back at Scarlett.

Their bodies slammed together, the impact with the solidly built little blonde stunning Charlize and surprising Scarlett. Each took a second to recover from the impact, then Scarlett SMACK drove her left fist into Charlize's belly. Theron doubled over and Scarlett took her down for a wrestling match of titanic proportions!

Charlize put Scarlett in a tight headlock, but in that position Theron’s small, perky breast was right in Scarlett’s face. She would have begged for the offending orb to be removed, but unfortunately Scarlett was in no position to make demands and she was too proud to bite her - although the thought occurred to her!

Charlize tried for a full-on Smother before giving up and settling for a Headlock but Scarlett was able to wriggle out of the headlock and the two movie stars rolled on the floor; kicking, biting, scratching; punching and mauling each other in the most ferocious manner possible - with more kicking, kneeing, slapping and mutual choking as both girls went at it in rapid-fire fashion.

After rolling around on the floor like animals, Scarlett and Charlize locked in a very intense leg combat as their upper bodies struggled with fingers locked; each holding the other at bay. Scarlett was losing the leg war as Charlize wrapped one leg around Scarlett and split her curvy legs apart, stretching them wide, exposing the blondes crotch. Charlize was surprised by the supple blond’s flexibility as Scarlett endured her leg split with little problem.

Then Scarlett reached up and over, grabbed a handful of Charlize’s hair; forcing the movie superstar to let her hold go. Scarlett quickly followed up with a devastating belly punch that took the wind out of the surprised Charlize’s sails! Although the air was knocked out of her, Charlize was able to clamp Scarlett in a headlock long enough to catch her breath. Scarlett moaned as Charlize tried to wrench her head off of her exquisite shoulders, but she shook it off and scrambled to her feet with Charlize in close pursuit.

Back on their feet, the two ‘golden girls’ crashed together; Charlize after Elbow Smashing Scarlett’s tender boob, was able to slither around behind Scarlett and put her in a Full Nelson. As Charlize exerted her Amazonian strength, Scarlett was forced to her knees, then back onto her haunches as Charlize kept up the pressure!

Charlize switched up, incapacitating Scarlett by utilizing her arm and leg for leverage; pulling, stretching, and nearly wrenching the limb out of its socket as she savagely dug her left heel into Scarlett's side and ribs as the little blondes head lolled back, her mouth gaping in pain, hissing, “NO!”

Grabbing the Little Golden Bombshell by her hair, Charlize’s magnificent body went taut with bloodlust as she jerked and yanked, dragging Scarlett across the carpet. The busty blond screamed in rage and agony as the rug burned her calves, thighs and arms. As Scarlett began to wither under the torture, Charlize grinned with the satisfaction of a conqueror; confident once she had Scarlett subdued, her status as the ‘best woman’ was assured.

Charlize smiled wickedly, she wasn’t done dishing out pain! She pressed her advantage, lifting Scarlett in the air in a Backbreaker. Using her amazing strength, Charlize bounced up and down with Scarlett stretched across her shoulders, trying to force a submission from the Blond Bombshell - who refused to cooperate despite wheezing through a gaping mouth as she tried to hold out against the pain.

From shoulders to knees, the domination of the blond bombshell continued. ‘Sexy Charlize’ dropped Scarlett’s bodylicious body down across her knee in an OTK Backbreaker, pressing down on neck and thigh; bending her back as she increased the inhuman torture. Scarlett was suffering aloud now, gasping and moaning as Theron pressed down sadistically on neck and thigh - one hand choking the blonde, the other groping and inching close to her groin. Scarlett began to consider submission as it was clear Charlize was on a mission - a mission to break Scarlett for good!

Throwing her to the floor, Charlize dragged Scarlett to her feet and crushed her magnificent breasts in a powerful Bearhug; her sinewy arms wrapped around the buxom blonde’s chest, her chin on Scarlett’s shoulder, grunting with exertion as she squeezed like there were no tomorrow. Charlize’s finest moment came when Scarlett sunk to the floor and sat back on her haunches; head bowed, arms limp at her sides; massive chest heaving.

Rack attack! Scarlett’s prized possessions were squished beyond belief as the bodacious blond was turned into a rag doll of pain. The agonized look distorting Scarlett’s flawless face betrayed her anguish. She was suffering a type of pain, which weakened and almost subdued her during Charlize’s sexiest - and most effective - assault so far.

And the beat goes on! Charlize’s Amazon strength forces Scarlett to her knees again in servitude of pain; time for Charlize’s sinewy sexy legs to do some damage. She wrapped them around Scarlett’s trim midsection, then Grapevined her curvy gams, stretching them wide as Charlize cinched down on her Full Nelson. Scarlett’s thighs and sinews burned in agony as Charlize attacked her from the back. Scarlett, horrified by Charlize’s sexy, savage, treatment, struggled with the desperation of a trapped animal to get free of Charlize’s agonizing, painful, holds as Charlize poured on the punishment from behind.

“Come back here!” Charlize demanded when Scarlett broke free - only to be recaptured and dragged back into Charlize’s ravaging clutches. Charlize grabbed Scarlett, pulling her arms back as her midsection was attacked by Charlize’s long legs, wrapping around and crushing her ribs! As the wild struggle continued, Charlize worked her way around her trapped opponent using an excruciating Side Waist Scissors. Then getting really sadistic, Charlize violently tugged at Scarlett bikini bottom…Wedgie Time!

The bikini panties saw into Scarlett’s vagina, splitting the uprights - to more moans and groans. If that weren’t enough, Charlize forces her hand down the front of Scarlett’s blue bikini panties, grabs a fistful of blond pubic hair and yanks! This torment went on for several minutes - all of them with Scarlett growling and howling in protest …

But Scarlett does some hair grabbing of her own, catching the haughty movie star by the back of the head and when she finally breaks free, Charlize suddenly looks exhausted. She’s been giving it everything she had to keep Scarlett down, but Scarlett continued to struggle and struggle until she was finally able to work her way free of the headlock and now it’s Theron looking winded - like she's not in tip-top shape, or maybe she's just showing her age. Whatever the reason, she's slowed down a lot since the fight started! They roll on the floor; kicking, biting, scratching, punching and mauling each other in the most ferocious manner possible, then suddenly, Charlize just sits back on her haunches, hands on her thighs, body folded forward, chest heaving; all in; shaking her head 'no.'


Scarlett roughly grabbing and jostling Charlize up by the bra straps - poor Theron's head whip-lashing back and forth as Johannson screams a torrent of abuse! Then Scarlett jams her fist deep into Theron’s soft, pulsating tummy. She gags and folds forward, her face pale, lips quivering. It’s ALL SCARLETT now! She slams Charlize down on her back, snuggles up close, takes a firm hold of Theron's right thigh and pops her leg up. Wedged in between those no-longer-lethal-looking-limbs, Scarlett unleashes a barrage of savage right hand punches to the inside of her thigh.

Theron’s body shudders, she sits up, hands groping for Scarlett’s golden tresses. WHAP! WHAP! A quick couple of Horseman Chops across Theron's pert breasts put an anquished grimace on that Oscar-winning visage. SMACK! Another chop draws a sobbing cry of protest as Charlize's torso rocks back and flops down on the floor!

Then Johannson's back on that raised, turned-out right thigh again, going at it with measured, deliberate hatred! Her right fist drives into the joint of thigh and crotch; left hand inside Charlize's raised right knee, keeping the leg open, exposed, vulnerable. Scarlett thrusts her knee into the quivering inner thigh meat; tossing her head back with the effort - wrenching another high, wailing, cry of agony from Theron's lips!

Left hand braced on that knee, THUD, opening it up for another big right fist to the quad! Theron jerks upright and SMACK! Another Horseman's Chop across the breast to smarten Charlize up, spreading her out on her back once more. Scarlett up on her knees, leaning over that fabulously long torso scores with a series of back and forth face slaps again and again…

Leg work! Over and over like that; Theron's exposed inner thigh and leg taking relentless punishment at the fists of ‘Savage Scarlett’! She’s systematically destroying those hated, sinuous limb! Theron weakening badly. Scarlett hair-hauls her upright. Theron stooped, her left arm draped loose across Scarlett's shoulders, right hand on her right thigh. This is Scarlett at her cruelest as the blonde does her best, most brutal work in close! Heavy-handed, body-destroying, bashing between thighs and breasts. Just a little girl beatdown of a taller opponent.

Johansson wearing Theron like an expensive sable coat now; taking a moment to punish her with another of the always effective SPLAT Horseman’s Chop to her throbbing tits. Yelp of pain from Theron, half turning away, hands over her bosom as tears well up. Body blow! Theron doubling in breathless agony. Big Elbow Uppercut to the sternum buckles the blondes long legs… what have you, Scarlett takes what she wants, when she wants!

Not much sympathy for the bigger Theron; the predator's getting a taste of her own medicine! Scarlett allowed to work until she's spent - just laying in with rights; smothering Charlize; pumping that left hand, plugging away at the throbbing thigh meat. The wet SMACK of Scarlett’s hard fist on flesh sounds like someone taking a baseball bat to moist clay.

Scarlett unleashed! Charlize in tears, tries a quick kick with her left foot - she can’t even lift her right! Scarlett - much quicker - catches Charlize’s leg, wraps it up, steps backward…and Charlize hits the floor on her ass with a dull THUMP!

Suddenly, Scarlett has Charlize stretched flat on her back and WHUMP jams her right foot in Charlize’s crotch, toes digging in deep, bracing herself as Charlize gasps in pain and stunned amazement. Scarlett plants her other foot, anchoring Theron’s outer hip and pelvis; takes the right leg, locks it in, then leans back, putting tremendous pressure on Charlize’s right foot - bending it at a right angle! Savage blond willing to snap the appendage if necessary with an all-in-all text book submission hold.

Big movie star blond screaming; sobbing at excruciating pain the likes she’s never felt.

"Do you give up?" asked Scarlett sternly.

Gritting teeth; tear streaked cheeks flushing bright crimson…no answer from Theron other than loud sobs echoing throughout as tears stream down her cherubic cheeks. She knew she was beaten; a submission could save her ankle from being broken…but not her pride!

Another Scarlett yank, this one harder on Charlize's leg. The tears now flowing unrestrained down the blond's face; her lower lip quivering. The torture just too much for Charlize who screams, "NO…no more…please, no more...too much…" Then came the words that made Scarlett leap with joy, "I give up!"

Scarlett, released her grip, stood and basked in the glory of her triumph as Charlize body slumped to the floor; a broken, beaten, beauty. “You want a rematch?” she asked, straddling Charlize’s cringing body; forcing her to look up from the floor and take in the sight of her magnificence as she cupped an exposed breast in her palm and then slowly slid it back into her blue bra.

Charlize, curled in a fetal position; her hands holding her ankle; sobbed brat-like. “NO. I never want to see you again!”

Scarlett laughed, “Yeah, I know. But we'll do it again, I guarantee you. After all, I’m a LOT younger and I’ve got all the time in the world!”

Scarlett didn’t get the part she wanted - but she got half of Charlize’s paycheck, not bad negotiation!

Charlize had brought out the best in Scarlett; and Scarlett had gotten the best of Charlize!

Charlize had made a cardinal mistake - she’d underestimated a dangerous opponent because they were smaller. She wouldn’t make that mistake again when they met again the next year - although it didn’t make a difference. These two will likely face off many more times in celebrity wrestling rings or on apartment carpets in the coming years as they continue to vie for the position of “top blonde in Hollywood!”