Scarlett Johansson vs. Michelle Trachtenberg (III) by Jackflash

After what seemed an interminable wait to their fans, friends (and writer) the third and - most likely - final battle between Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Trachtenberg at long last had arrived!. With one victory apiece, tonight's contest would establish undisputedly which was the superior woman. Neither could afford to lose this time and so both trained relentlessly in the weeks leading up to it, devoting themselves to mastering the intricacies of combat with a single-mindedness that was frightening to behold!

The Beverly Hills mansion which would host this evening's event was specifically selected for its spacious living room, providing a large battleground for the two warriors while also accommodating the overflow crowd of Hollywood's jet set. After the magnificent savagery of their first two confrontations, this match was the hottest ticket in town, and the list of who had to be turned away because there simply was no room left to accommodate them reads like a Who's Who of Southern California high society.

Michelle and Scarlett would not have it any other way. Each teenager fully intended to demolish and destroy her rival, and she wanted the creme de la creme of Hollywood to bear witness to it. Such things were legends born of.

But while this was to be a catfight, it didn't mean the women had any intention of looking like a pair of stray alley cats - at least going into it! Both spent the afternoon at the spa getting their makeup expertly applied, having their hair immaculately coifed, manicures and pedicures with finger and toe nails painted blood red!. Seemingly superfluous on the face of it, this ‘glamoring up’ was a calculated move by both so they would exude an image of power, maturity and confidence!

Both girls unhesitatingly acquiesced to a request from the host, donning stylish lingerie; Scarlett in a blue satin bra and panties trimmed with black lace, black silk stockings and garters while Michelle wore a similar outfit in red satin with red hose. These two young women were well aware of the effect they were having on the males...and some of the the crowd of onlookers, and they did nothing to dissuade the spectators from worshipping them.

One of the spectators, one of Hollywood's top producers, turned to man sitting next to him and blissfully said, "I've died and gone to Bettie Page heaven!"

Their attitudes on this night were light years away from how they had behaved in their first two encounters. At the start of the first match, Michelle was giddily overeager, while Scarlett seemed to be overcompensating in her effort to appear aloof and uninterested. And in the second fight, both women were transparently trying to channel their animosity into a form of intimidating grimness. But tonight, they were beyond such artifice. They merely sized one another up, their eyes drinking in every inch of the other, probing for flaws. Yet behind their seeming impassive exterior was an undeniable electric current of hatred that arced between them with such intensity that some spectators would later swear that they could feel their own hair stand on edge as if the voltage filled the entire room! The host knew better than to drag out the introductions and to the appreciation of both fighters and the assembled guests, he called the two females to opposite corners of the room, then simply said, "Ladies, may the best woman win."

With that, the fight was on!

Both girls haughtily sauntered out of their corners towards one another across the large expanse of plush carpeting, each a study in vivacious self-assurance. The spectators were riveted by the sight of them, their bodies not merely moving...every muscle in their forms performed with a sort of grace and élan that was almost mesmerizing to behold.

As they neared, Scarlett suddenly...and quite uncharacteristically...charged towards her rival. Michelle was taken aback for the space of a heartbeat; ordinarily, the canny blond would not seek to seize control of a match so quickly, preferring instead to take her opponent's measure and then strike back. But doing the unexpected would soon prove to be a crucial element of Scarlett’s tactics on this night, and that briefest of moments when her foe was confused by her sudden rush was all the time which the blond needed.

With a thud, their bodies collided and they tumbled to the floor, Scarlett atop her rival. Michelle began to thrash, intent on not allowing herself to be pinned...but that was the last thing which Scarlett wanted to do. Instead, while the brunette's arms flew and her back arched in an effort to prevent Scarlett from grabbing her wrists and pressing them to the carpet, the blond deftly spun around and grabbed each silk-clad leg of her opponent, then jerked them apart from one another. Michelle, unprepared for such a move, had no resistance to offer as her gams were split perilously wide, her hamstring muscles stretched to the snapping point.

The brunette let out a yowl and seemed paralyzed by pain for several long seconds, and in that brief span, Scarlett...still holding firmly to her foe's long to her own feet. Then, with a gleeful maliciousness, she lifted her right leg and drilled her foot squarely into Michelle's crotch, the blonde's heel hammering into her vulnerable groin! Again, Michelle screamed.

Releasing her rival's legs, Scarlett began to circle her, a look of contempt marring her angelic features. This was the Scarlett of old: imperious, scornful, cocky. But Michelle paid her no attention at first, her mind fixed instead upon her own distress. With one hand covering her eyes, which seemed on the verge of welling with tears, and the other massaging her now-aching womanhood, this proud young woman seemed utterly helpless and at the mercy of her tormentor. The blond was certainly viewing her as such.

It was as bad an error in judgment as any that would be made this night.

With a sudden blur of motion, a leg which just moments before had been the helpless plaything of the blond now swept out, catching Scarlett from just above the back of her ankles and knocking her pins out from under her! The blond crashed unceremoniously to the floor with a heavy thump, and Michelle wasted not an instant's time in returning tit for tat, diving towards her prone rival driving her left elbow awkwardly but with great effect into Scarlett’s groin. Scarlett howls, but her wail is cut short by a sudden lunging right cross to the jaw that knocks her flat on her back!

Invigorated by the adrenaline rush, Michelle pulls her stunned foe up by the hair into a seated position, then sits on the floor behind her and wraps her legs around Scarlett’s waist. The room's lighting perfectly allows every subtle shadow from the brunette's powerful leg muscles to appear like a pattern up and down her silk-clad limbs as she begins to squeeze. The first jolt of crushing pain shocks Scarlett out of her stupor, but she does not panic. Indeed, her first thought is that her opponent is a fool. Common sense would dictate that it's far too early in the match to employ a submission move like a could only be truly effective later.

But as the pressure is ratcheted up, it begins to dawn on the blond that there may not be a later. She had seriously underestimated the strength of her rival's legs, and as Michelle continued to increase the pressure across her victim's ribs, Scarlett felt as if she were literally being cut in half! At the first mewl of agony from the blond, a satisfied smile crosses the brunette's pouty lips.

Hands pawing at the limbs viced around her, Scarlett's mind races with thoughts of how to escape. But Michelle isn't about to give her foe the opportunity to think; grabbing Scarlett by her hair, with a grunt Michelle lifts Scarlett's entire body up off of the floor solely by the power of her legs...and then she brings her victim crashing back down to the floor with a keister bump! A spasm of pain rips up the blonde's spine while her entire body goes rigid. And again Michelle keister bumps her, and again Scarlett yelps from the pain as her butt slams into the floor and the scissors is still locked firmly in place around her, her body as helpless as a rag doll.

But as Michelle goes for a third bump, Scarlett manages to plant her feet on the carpeted floor, suddenly breaking the momentum, and giving the blond a moment of leverage. She makes the most of it, forcing herself backwards so that the back of her head smashes into the brunette's forehead. A galaxy of stars erupts in Michelle's eyes, and the power of her vice fades, allowing Scarlett to pull the legs apart and roll free.

Shaking her head, Michelle forces herself up to one knee, wary of an attack. But Scarlett merely crouches from the opposite side of the room, hands massaging her aching ribs, eyes glaring daggers at the brunette. Both young warriors take nearly a minute to regroup.

When they were finally ready to resume, the pair both got to their feet and warily circled one another. As the distance between them shrank, their eyes searched for any vulnerability they could exploit. Scarlett suddenly lunges for her opponent's legs, intent on knocking her to the floor...but Michelle has anticipated this, and she suddenly meets her diving foe with a kneelift to the jaw that sends the blond sprawling.

Scarlett tries to sit up, but she is felled by a kick to the chin. Through the fog in her brain, Scarlett feels her rival grabbing her by the ankles and spreading her legs, but the blond can't get her body to respond enough to pull free. Suddenly, a knife edge of sheer agony cuts through her dazed mind as the heel of Michelle's foot smashes into the blue satin target that provides scant protection for Scarlett's groin. Scarlett curls up into a fetal position and chokes back sobs as her opponent haughtily struts around her. In the eyes of the spectators, this was a new and different Michelle from the spunky teenager of yore...this was a woman who very much enjoys inflicting pain and being in control. Running a hand through her chestnut mane, she smiles at the thought of new torments to inflict upon this opponent whom she hates above all others.

The blond gives scant resistance as her foe rolls her over onto her stomach. Michelle then lays her own body atop Scarlett's back, so that she can wrap her thighs around Scarlett’s head while using her hands to bend the blonde's legs back at the knees and cross them over at the ankles, trapping them. Viciously, Michelle twists her victim's toes, intent on breaking a few if possible.

Pinned beneath the weight of her rival, her legs immobilized, her head slowly crushed in the vice grip of the brunette's powerful thighs, panic begins to instinctually strike the blond, mewls of pain and fear slipping from her lips. "!" she rasps in futile desperation as her hands feebly paw at the legs wrapped around her head. With a sneer of condescension, Michelle commands, "Shut up! I didn't give you permission to speak!" To accentuate her command, Michelle gives her legs an extra spasm, causing Scarlett to moan loudly.

But Michelle's self-satisfaction is short lived when, with a roar, Scarlett plants her palms on the floor and lifts herself up and over. Suddenly, Michelle finds herself on her back with her opponent atop her, and worse still, the brunette has lost the leverage to maintain her scissors. With a burst of speed, Scarlett pulls free of her foe's grasp and rolls away to safety.

A scowling Michelle sits up and slaps the carpet in frustration, then stands up and moves towards Scarlett, who still lays on the floor catching her breath. But, like a cobra, the blonde's foot lashes out, sweeping Michelle's legs out from under her with a yelp of surprise from the brunette. It takes barely a few heartbeats for Michelle to scramble back up to her feet, but in that span of time, Scarlett has also risen. Cruelly, the blond rakes her nails across her foe's eyes. Momentarily blinded, Michelle staggers away, but is caught unawares as the blond shoves her hard from behind, causing Michelle to slam face first into the nearest wall.

The sadistic glint has returned to Scarlett's eyes as she grabs the brunette's panties and yanks upward, the satin fabric disappearing between the perfect hemispheres of Michelle's derriere. Michelle shrieks from the pain but, still pressed forward against the wall, she can't get free. Still holding the panties with one hand, she uses the other to grab Michelle by the back of the hair and smash her head into the wall a few times, each impact making a sickening thud.

Still holding Michelle by the hair, Scarlett walks her over to the center of the room. The blond then drops to one knee, draping the body of her opponent at the waist over her other outstretched knee. There's a rush of anticipation throughout the crowd as realization sets in as to what Scarlett has in mind. With the tone of a stern headmistress, Scarlett tells her rival, "You've been a very naughty little girl, and now you've got to take your punishment." She then begins to slap her open palm hard across Michelle's bottom, administering a spanking that quickly leaves the brunette's cheeks glowing red! Michelle shrieks and squeals, but she is still too stunned to escape. Finally tiring of the humiliation, Scarlett roughly pushes her victim off of her knee, causing Michelle to crash to the floor in a heap.

"Bitch!" is all the blond says, pure venom dripping from her voice.

Perhaps suddenly realizing the pain her own battered toes still feel, Scarlett grabs Michelle's right leg and applies an ankle lock, while simultaneously driving finger thrusts into the soft, vulnerable arch of the brunette's foot. Tears now come freely to Michelle as she screams from the pain. Thrashing wildly, Michelle manages to land a kick to the side of Scarlett's knee that causes the blond to stumble, loosening her grip enough for the brunette to jerk her foot free.

Michelle needed time to regroup and gather her strength, and she began to scamper on all fours towards the far corner, intent on putting distance between herself and Scarlett. But the blond wasn't about to be so accommodating, and with a growl, Scarlett flung herself through the air, crashing down squarely on the brunette's back, knocking Michelle face-first into the carpet.

Once again, Scarlett sought to put her recent wrestling training to work. Hooking Michelle's feet under her arms in something of an inverted Boston Crab, Scarlett then cupped her hands under her opponent's chin and jerked her head up. The result was a hold that made the screaming Michelle's body look as if it had been twisted into a square. This was the kind of hold that could cause irreparable damage to the neck and spine; at least, Scarlett was certainly hoping it was.

The pain was rapidly depleting Michelle's strength, but the blond didn't want her foe out of the fight just yet. Now that she firmly held the upper hand, she intended to savor it. Luckily, Michelle's stubborn nature all but promised that she would endure a great deal of torture before finally succumbing.

Scarlett released her hold and let the brunette's head and legs flop to the carpeting with a thud. The only sign of life from Michelle was a low groan of pain; finally, she began to stir, but she offered virtually no resistance as her rival methodically removed her stocking and garters, throwing them to the crowd as a queen bestows the spoils of war upon her subjects. She then tore off Michelle's halter, revealing her modest but firm breasts in all their glory, and likewise tossed the garment to the appreciative spectators.

For the first time, Scarlett took note of her own state of dress, and realized that in the struggle, her left bra strap had fallen down her shoulder, and her cup had loosened enough for her own breast to fall free. She pulled the strap up and returned her breast to its cradle, then swept a lock of hair from her forehead. For all of the scratches and bruises which marred her skin, for all of the perspiration which glistened across every inch of her body, she knew full well that in this moment of triumph, she looked every inch the goddess.

Michelle's last vestige of modesty was stolen as her panties were unceremoniously ripped from her body, leaving her nude. By this point, the brunette had recovered enough to try and fight back, struggling to push her tormentor away. But she lacked the strength, and a sharp crack of an open slap to the face stunned her again.

Now the blond slipped her own toned legs around the head of her opponent. "You want to see how a scissors should be properly done?" Scarlett asked with mocking tones to Michelle, whose only reply was a gurgle and whimper as the powerful thighs locked around her, squeezing so tight as to drive Michelle into near-unconsciousness.

The time had come at long last to draw the curtain on this violent tableau. Scarlett knew precisely how she would end it, how she would not only destroy her rival, but humiliate her for all time. But first, the blond would do something far more devious...she would give her foe hope.

Somewhere deep in the recesses of her befuddled brain, Michelle realized that the pain had stopped. She didn't know how and she didn't know why, all she knew was that perhaps there was still a chance to turn the fight around. But she needed to get away from Scarlett and to gather her wits. And so, some instinct deep within her drove Michelle to get to her hands and knees and, without being quite sure where she was or where she was headed, to begin to slowly crawl away. Which was exactly what Scarlett had hoped for.

With a predator's smile and the cool detachment of an assassin, Scarlett walked up to Michelle and straddled her crawling body, then lowered herself down until she was sitting atop her foe. The brunette grunted, and her body buckled a bit, but she did not fall. That instinct deep inside of her kept her moving forward, towards some unknowable El Dorado of hope, towards the dream of plucking victory from the jaws of defeat.

The crowd was in awe of Scarlett, riding her naked rival like a conquering Amazon, while Michelle was still too dazed to understand how humiliating the spectacle was. But the onlookers were also amazed by Michelle who was displaying a 'Never Say Die' attitude that was astounding. But not even her magnificent will could withstand the odds for so long, and finally, Michelle's body simply gave out; collapsing to the floor. The moment of her final destruction had tolled.

Rolling the brunette over onto her back, Scarlett sat atop her foe's chest, looking down at her face. Michelle's eyes were half-open, but her vision was unfocussed. Scarlett gifted her foe with the few moments she needed to begin to regain her senses; Scarlett wanted Michelle to have at least some idea of what she was enduring.

Then, just as the light of recognition flickered in Michelle's moist eyes, the blond slid herself forward, covering Michelle's mouth and nose with her crotch. The brunette's eyes grew wide and her body thrashed, but there was not enough power left within her to escape. Scarlett felt Michelle beneath her, within her, as the brunette's hot breath gasped through the thin filter of the blonde's satin panties. But Michelle could not fill her lungs, and her face reddened as she was slowly suffocated. When her body all but ceased movement, when Michelle's eyes again revealed that she was on the verge of unconsciousness, Scarlett rose up. The brunette gulped in precious air, but her foe wasn't being merciful...she was merely changing positions.

Now Scarlett turned herself around so that she was facing her opponent's body, then she lowered her derriere down on Michelle's face. This time, here wasn't even the slightest wisp of air for the brunette to find. She was knocked out within the span of heartbeats.

The spectators jumped from their seats and burst into cheers and applause as Scarlett rose to her feet to acknowledge them. She first planted her foot on her fallen rival's heaving chest, then placed it on Michelle's face to further symbolize how much she had humbled the brunette. "Who is your queen?" the blond imperiously asked the throng. "Scarlett! Scarlett! Scarlett!" came the cheers in unison. Even Michelle's own partisans were swept up in the fervor. Indeed, one of them reached into her purse and produced a surprise which Michelle had intended to introduce should she have won...a studded dog collar. But the brunette's former friend, who was now firmly in the Scarlett camp, knew that Scarlett had earned the right to this.

The blond wrapped the leather collar around the throat of her fallen foe and cinched it up, clicking the small gold padlock that it came with into place. Removing this collar would be no easy feat for the brunette, and every moment she was forced to endure wearing it was one more moment that would vividly remind her of who the better woman ultimately proved to be.

Both Scarlett and Michelle would continue to wrestle in the elite Hollywood catfight circles, but if they ever face one another again it must have been in private for (as far as we know) no record of it exists. For Scarlett, there was no need to prove herself against the brunette again while Michelle, there was perhaps a tinge of wariness (and more than a little fear) for the blond to stay her hand. Michelle often spoke of facing Scarlett again and avenging herself...but no one knows if she never leveled a challenge - and she never bragged of getting 'payback'. Deep within herself, Michelle knew the spectators who'd been lucky enough to witness the apocalyptic battle knew; that Scarlett was the better woman and would be for years to come.

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