Beach Fight: Scarlett Johansson vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by longtime lurker

Michelle and Scarlett were heading out towards the beach behind their hotel room. The two were shooting a movie together and some tension had recently arisen over the two women when they had a disagreement over how a scene should be played. It was evening and the beach was deserted.

Michelle had suggested they go for this walk together. She thought it might be a good opportunity to clear the air between them. Michelle was a naturally sweet girl and didn't like the idea of anyone holding a grudge against her. She was wearing a green bikini top and green camouflage shorts that were rolled up tightly. She had discarded her running shoes and was walking barefoot.

Scarlett had other plans however. No way was she going to let this wimpy brunette mess with the script she had worked on with the headwriter for weeks. She had agreed to go out to the beach so she could get Michelle alone and beat the snot out of her. Scarlett was just that kind of girl. Scarlett wore a black t-shirt that exposed her midriff and black bikini bottoms. She was also barefoot.

When the two women arrived at the beach, Michelle broke the silence between them, "Scarlett, I just wanted to talk about the disagreement we had over the script…"

"What a coincidence so did I" said Scarlett, she then proceeded to fire a punch directly into Michelle's solar plexus.

"Ooooffff!" exhaled Michelle. She lost her balance folding in half and ended up falling in the water.

"Ha! That should teach you, but just in case here's some remedial lessons,” said Scarlett as she followed Michelle into the water. They weren’t very far out so the water only reached up to about their hips. Scarlett wrapped her arms behind Michelle's neck, trapping her in a full nelson. "Don't you EVER challenge my authority!" said Scarlett through clenched teeth as she tightened up the full nelson, provoking moans from Michelle.

It took the stunned Michelle several moments to gather her wits. One minute she had been talking to Scarlett, next thing she knew the blonde had pounded her in the stomach. The blow had caught her completely off guard and now Scarlett was swinging her from side to side in a full nelson, straining her neck and taunting her. Michelle reached back and grabbed a handful of Scarlett's long golden hair and flipped her over. She immediately clamped on a wristlock, jamming Scarlett' arm up in a chickenwing and wringing the blonde's wrist like a wet tea towel.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhh…" Scarlett whimpered, as she felt her wrist twisted sharply and a sharp stabbing pain shoot all the way up from her arm to her shoulder blade.

"Guess, we're going to find out who's the more skilled wrestler, huh Scarlett?" said a smiling Michelle. Her wristlock had immediately neutralized Scarlett as the beautiful blonde bent forward in a fruitless attempt to lesson the pain she was in. Michelle simply cranked on the hold tighter, lowering Scarlett 'til her face was almost submerged in the muddy water they were struggling in. "Should I give you a bath?" Michelle giggled.

"Screw you!" Scarlett screamed in frustration.

"Now that wasn't very nice Scarlett," hissed the brunette as she leaned into the wrist lock, forcing Scarlett's face down into the water. Scarlett thrashed in protest but had very little leverage with her arm painfully pinned. Michelle kept her submerged for a few minutes then shifted the wristlock so she had to use only one hand to keep it pinned on. She used her other hand to grab Scarlett's wet hair and pulled her face up out of the water. The sputtering blonde gasped and panted, eagerly sucking air into her burning lungs.

"Alright," said an in-control Michelle. “Are you ready to talk about this like two civilized people or do I have to hurt you some more?"

"Ok, Ok" said Scarlett. "I'm sorry. Leggo already."

"Fine," said Michelle. She released the wristlock and a relieved Scarlett shook her arm trying to wring out the pain, and then cradled it. She wiped at the tears that had formed in the corners of her eyes. "I'm sorry," said a concerned Michelle, as she tenderly touched Scarlett's shoulders from behind. “Did I hurt you bad?"

"Not as bad as I'm going to hurt YOU!" snarled Scarlett as she spun around quickly and fired a knee directly into Michelle's cunt. Her mouth dropped open in shock and she immediately folded in half like a cheap accordion, covering up her pussy.

"Ooh…Gawwwwd…" Michelle squeaked.

The devious Scarlett wasted no time and immediately clamped a side headlock on the immobilized brunette, cranking on the hold and grinding Michelle's head against her hip. "Tried to drown me huh, you bitch? Lets see how YOU like it!" Scarlett dropped to her knees, plunging herself chest deep into the water. But she kept the side headlock on Michelle and the brunette was submerged by Scarlett's maneuver. Michelle's arms flailed wildly in panic and eventually a flailing hand grabbed Scarlett's hair and she pulled on the long golden locks, bending Scarlett's head backward; trying to force her to release the headlock.

But Scarlett just sucked it up and gritted her teeth as she ignored the burning pain of the hair pull. A few more minutes keeping Michelle underwater and the brunette would be her limp plaything to toy with. She was looking forward to dragging her up on onto the beach and repeatedly breast smothering her, waking her up between smothers only to plunge her back into unconsciousness again. She smiled at the thought but her smile disappeared when she felt a stabbing pain deep in her gut! Michelle had abandoned her fruitless hair pull and was firing elbows into Scarlett's taut tummy, over and over and over, with all her strength.

"Unghh..Unghhhh…UNGHHHH!....OOOOFFFFFFFFF!" Scarlett grunted as the shots kept coming; aimed directly into her yielding gut. The situation was untenable and after a few more blows, Scarlett released Michelle from the headlock and pushed the brunette away a she clutched at her wounded belly. Michelle broke the surface of the water and eagerly gulped in air. Her chest swelled as she filled her lungs with precious oxygen. Both girls were now soaking wet from head to toe; their clinging clothing molded to their wet bodies.

Michelle was PISSED! She’d graciously offered Scarlett a chance to end the fight but the blonde had pearl harbored her again and almost drowned her. Now she was finished being nice. She was going to use some of her favourite wrestling moves to give Scarlett nice long beatdown that the blonde would not soon forget. She charged forward and wrapped her arm around Scarlett in a frontal bearhug, lifting up the leggy blonde in a spine snapping hold.

"Ungggghhhh…" Scarlett immediately started moaning as the pressure built around her midsection and in the small of her back but she grabbed Michelle's face in both hands and started shaking her head back and forth trying to get her to release the painful bearhug but Michelle wouldn't yield.

"Unghh…I'm…gonna…SQUEEZE…you…like….a…toothpaste…tube,” Michelle gasped between grunts, as she determinedly pressured Scarlett's midsection more and more.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh…" Scarlett moaned, long and low. Her head drooped forward, her chin on Michelle's shoulder as she started going limp in the brunette's arms. Her predicament called for desperate measures so Scarlett stuck her fingers in Michelle's eyes, gouging the pretty brunette.

"No! No!" Michelle cried in protest as she released Scarlett from the bearhug. The weakened blonde slipped out of her arms, almost plunging below the surface of the water since her legs were now so wobbly. But Michelle was far from finished with her. Although she’d released the bearhug, she quickly reapplied it even tighter than before. Only this time, Michelle made sure to wrap up Scarlett's arms as well. Now the blonde's arms were trapped against her body and there would be no eye gouging or face clawing.

"Ooh…god…" Scarlett said in a weak, little girl voice as once again Michelle was squeezing her into submission. Her legs kicked the water ineffectually, splashing about. Now her head rolled back and her eyes shut tight as she felt almost unbearable pressure around her wait and back. "E…nough…'nuff…please…” Scarlett whimpered weakly.

"Oh no!" said a laughing Michelle, "Not this time. This time you're going out princess." Scarlett shook her head in protest but now couldn't even find the strength to say anything in response. She was indeed quickly going under thanks to the crushing power of Michelle's devastatingly applied bearhug. It felt sooooooo good for Michelle to have Scarlett under control like this. The blonde had tried cheating but now she was getting her just rewards. She could feel the strength draining more and more from Scarlett's lithe body. "See what cheaters get Scarlett? They get SQUEEZED baby." Michelle laughed as she periodically shifted her footing, and adjusted her grip so she could exert the maximum pressure on the small of Scarlett's back.

"Uunghhhhh…." Scarlett moaned softly. Her head had flopped forward again so that it was resting against Michelle's bare shoulder, drool dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

"See. Skill always wins out over cheating Scarlett. Didn't anyone ever teach you that?" Michelle said.

Scarlett used all of her strength to lift her head so she was staring eye-to-eye with Michelle; then she snapped her head forward into the bridge of Michelle's nose.

"Aagghhh!" Michelle cried out, as much in surprise as in pain. She had to release her killer bearhug as she grabbed her nose, checking to see if it was broken.

Scarlett for her part immediately waded for the beach, and pushed herself out of the water with what little strength she had left. She started crawling away on her hands and knees on the muddy ground. All she wanted to do was get away before Michelle trapped her again in that bearhug. She couldn't bear the thought of that squeezing again… had to get away.

Michelle quickly ascertained that her nose was not broken. It had just been the shock of the sudden headbutt that had rattled her. She glimpsed Scarlett trying to crawl away and she immediately pursued her. She was going to get her in the bearhug again, this time on the ground and then talk some reason into the sneaky blonde, get her to apologize. She pushed herself up out of the water and grabbed Scarlett by the foot pulling her back. Scarlett used her fee leg to kick Michelle in the face. The blow rattled Michelle but she shook it off and again tried pulling Scarlett towards her waiting arms. Scarlett again lashed out, striking Michelle in the face with her foot. Michelle shook her head back and forth trying to clear the cobwebs and released Scarlett's foot. The blonde crawled away a few feet while Michelle rose to her feet and strode over to the prone Scarlett before dropping down onto the small of her back straddling her from behind.

"Ride's over cowgirl" Michelle said, as she flipped the blonde over onto her back and prepared to trap her again in the bearhug. Scarlett had grabbed a clump of mud however and, pulling Michelle's face forward with one hand, used the other hand to rub the mud into her eyes. "Aaacccckkk" Michelle cried as the mud stung her eyes blinding her. Her arms flailed wildly as she tried to pull away from Scarlett who wasn’t so eager to let her go now. Instead, Scarlett reversed the straddle Michelle had on her so she was now on top of the pretty brunette.

"You won't leave me alone Michelle. So I think you have this coming,” Scarlett said. Then she used her secret weapons and plunged her full round breasts down over Michelle's pretty, girl-next-door face.

"Mmmmfffff!!!! Mmmffffff!!!!" Michelle protested as she tried pushing Scarlett away from her so she could breathe. Scarlett grapevined her legs though so that Michelle could not get any footing underneath her and she simply rode out the wild bucking of Michelle's hips, keeping her breasts firmly over Michelle's face at all times.

“Not…going…anywhere,” said a sweaty, tired Scarlett, as she kept the breast smother on. "How do you like my tits in your face huh bitch? Who's got the skill NOW, eh? Gonna try your bear hug now Michelle? Or are you gonna go to sleep? I think you're going to sleep baby. I don't think you can get out of this. What do you say Michelle? Oh that's right," giggled Scarlett. "I guess you can't say to much with a face full of my tits knocking you out?"

Michelle stamped her feet in protest, rather pathetically. She pushed at Scarlett's shoulders as hard as she could trying to get a little daylight between the blonde's big beautiful jugs and her face but it was no use Scarlett was too determined and she made it worse now by wrapping both of her arms behind Michelle's head, plunging her face even more tightly, impossible tightly, against Scarlett's bosom. She couldn't believe how quickly things had turned around. She needed to breathe. God! She needed to breathe but Scarlett wouldn't let her. She just kept smothering her with her big breasts, denying her air, sapping her strength…. sapping… sapping… Michelle's mind started drifting, and her sense of acute panic was gradually replaced as a warm darkness overwhelming her.

A delighted Scarlett beamed a great big smile as she felt the last fight draining out of Michelle's body. The brunette was hers now. To do with as she pleased. "Hey little baby are you till awake? Eh Michelle baby? Can you hear me? Or are you out now? Are you gonna show me your skills baby? C'mon Michelle, say something. Wave your arm if you can still hear me? No? Not with us anymore?" Scarlett laughed.

Scarlett kept her breast smother for another minute though she knew she’d already knocked Michelle out. After all to the victim go the spoils….


It was about a half an hour later that Michelle came to; Scarlett's firm but not too hard slaps waking her out of her reverie.

"Wha…?' mumbled a disoriented Michelle.

"Shhhh," said Scarlett sweetly, like she was talking to a good girlfriend. "I figure it'll be another hour or so til anyone comes looking for us and I wanna see how many more times I can smother you out between now an’ then!"

"NO!" Michelle cried out, but it was too late, Scarlett had already reapplied her devastating breast smother. Scarlett was about to experience her fantasy of knocking out Michelle over and over and over again and there was nothing the pretty brunette could do about it.