Eyes Completely Shut: Angelina Jolie vs. Nicole Kidman By Blizzard

The morning sun filtered gloriously through the trees as Angelina Jolie strolled up the fieldstone walkway to her cabin. She loved it here, and always looked forward to the annual film festival, held far away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Numerous film stars and producers stayed at the isolated retreat, designed for high brow vacations and the like and it had become a popular location for people in the movie business at festival time.

Angelina had awoken this morning with the warm spring sunshine warming the bedroom she shared with husband Billy Bob Thornton. She pulled on a black lycra jog bra and matching bike shorts and left him asleep as she headed out for a relaxing morning walk. An hour or so had passed, and Angelina was looking forward to coffee and breakfast when she came upon the next cabin, one occupied by Nicole Kidman. They'd never spoken to one another, and due to the redheads recent break-up with her husband Tom Cruise, Angelina felt it may not be an appropriate time to attempt a conversation. Nicole had arrived unescorted, which naturally had the reporter's buzzing with curiosity.

Inside Nicole's cabin, a gentle breeze whispered through the open window as she lounged in a rattan chair. A young male entertainment reporter was with her, thrilled to be the first to be granted an interview. Nicole wore a long dark blue velour robe, and had specified the interview would be a tape recorded only - no video. The reporter was noted for his blunt questions and had been a little surprised at learning the interview was a go. He didn't plan on pulling any punches.

"So Nicole, are you prepared for some pointed questions, or is this just going to be a fluff interview?" he asked wryly.

The redhead looked confidently at him and responded, "Go ahead. Ask me anything you wish. It's time for me to vent after all the shit I've been through lately."

The reporter smiled and said, "Great - but I was under the impression that you despised the paparazzi."

She scoffed and smoothed the plush front of her robe, "You're confusing me with my ex-."

The reporter raised an eyebrow and shifted in his chair. He pulled a small recording device from his large black shoulder bag and began recording as he asked, "OK Nicole, who's the most overrated actress in your opinion right now?"

Nicole looked him in the eyes, a conniving expression across her face as she didn't answer.

"J-Lo?" he asked.

"Let's just say she should stick to singing," purred the redhead.

"Julia?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes and said, "No comment."

Angelina was just passing in earshot of Nicole's window when she heard a male voice from inside the cabin say, "How about Angelina Jolie - is she overrated as an actress in your opinion?"

Jolie stopped and glanced at the window in obvious interest. She squatted down, pretending to fiddle with her shoe laces as she eavesdropped intently.

Nicole laughed with a hint of disgust and answered, "Angelina got her break because her daddy's in the business. She hasn't impressed me with any form of talent as of yet."

The reporter cleared his throat and said, "Gee, those are kinda harsh words, Nicole."

He was eating this up.

"I don't give a damn if she reads this or not!" snarled the redhead. "And I doubt her goofy husband can read at all."

"Bitch!" Angelina cursed softly as she sprang to her feet and hurried around to the cabin door. She grasped the doorknob and attempted to turn it, finding it locked.

"Shit!" she spat.

Pacing back and forth, anger boiling inside her, Angelina thought about crawling through the open window, but decided against it. She'd wait for the interview to end and when the reporter stepped out the door, she was going to step in and confront the contemptuous bitch. In the ten minutes she waited her anger refused to ebb and in fact, if anything, she was more pissed by the time the door opened and the reporter exited.

"Oh!" he gasped in surprise as she muscled him out of the way and forced her way into the cabin.

Angelina looked at him as she closed the door, saying "I'd like a private moment with Ms. Kidman."

Then she locked the door as the reporter cursed, feeling the mother of all showbiz stories developing. He jiggled the knob in vain, then reached for his wallet.

Nicole was crossing the living room when Angelina came at her, her temper in overdrive.

"Excuse me, but you have the wrong cabin, hon." Nicole said.

Angelina never broke stride as she approached the startled redhead, delivering a swift punch that connected with Nicole's cheek. The Aussie cried out as she was driven stumbling backward, losing her footing and crashing to the floor on her side. She scrambled to a seated position as the blonde converged upon her. In desperation, Nicole lashed out with a leg sweep, dropping Angelina to the floor beside her.

Jolie lunged atop Nicole, her hands reaching for a handful of flowing red hair. The game Aussie snapped a short punch to Angelina's mouth, splitting her full lip and knocking her backward to the floor. Both actresses scrambled to their hands and knees at the same time, pausing as they stared at one another. A trickle of blood flowed from Angelina's lip and as she dabbed at it, Nicole laugh maliciously.

"Have you been eavesdropping on us, sweetie?!" Nicole asked snidely.

"You piece of shit!" growled Angelina as she threw herself at Nicole.

The two women came together on their knees, their hands tangling in the others hair. As they wrestled back and forth across the cabin floor, grunting and shrieking, the reporter turned on his tape recorder as he continued to fumble in his wallet for a credit card to use on the locked door. Inside, Angelina yanked at Nicole's hair, then freed up a hand and buried her fist in the redhead's belly.

"Uuuunnnghhhh!" groaned Nicole and her fingers lost their grip on Angelina's hair as pain wracking her midsection. Jolie tugged at Nicole's robe sash, freeing the bow and letting it fall open. Holding the gasping redhead by the hair, Angelina began mauling Nicole's bare breasts with her free hand. Nicole screamed out in pain as Angelina savagely ripped and tore at her soft breasts, drawing blood. There was a look of absolute rage in Angelina's eyes as she got to her feet, hauling the struggling Australian actress up with her.

Angelina had never been so pissed off. She controlled the bitchy redhead with her hair as she stomped her athletic shoe down onto the top of Nicole's bare foot and the redhead squealed in agony.

"Overrated?!" Angelina hissed.

"Owwwww!" wailed Nicole as Angelina stomped her other foot.

A twisted grimace distorted Nicole's cherubic face as her eyes winced tight in response to the excruciating pain. Her previous cockiness had now been replaced with agonized moans. Angelina held the defenseless redhead in place as she pushed open both sides of her robe, tucking each outside of Nicole's reddening breasts as if framing them. Then she ripped another punch to the wheezing redhead's exposed belly, bringing a heavy groan from her lips as she doubled over gasping for air.

Angelina took a step back and looked down at the stooped woman clutching her belly and wheezing for breath. Then Angelina viciously grabbed the red hair at the back of Nicole's head and swung her leg, delivering a brutal kneelift to Nicole's face. She cried out as her body was flipped backward, slamming to the floor with a thud. Nicole's legs flew into the air upon impact, and then dropped back spread and limp.

"Got my break because of Daddy?!" sneered Angelina.

Nicole weakly moaned as she slowly rolled over onto her belly, tasting her own blood as it flowed from her split lip. She sobbed uncontrollably as she struggled to get to her hands and knees, the room spinning. As she attempted to crawl away from her nemesis, Angelina came up behind her and yanked her up by the hair and pulled her back into a kneeling position. Nicole whimpered as Angelina roughly pulled her robe off her body and tossed it aside. Nicole was left in only a pair of white micro-fiber string bikini panties.

"You fucking...bitch!!!" Nicole mumbled as tears filled her eyes.

Angelina kept a tight grip on her hair as she planted a foot between Nicole's shoulder blades, holding her helplessly in the awkward position.

"I'm a bitch?!" Angelina said incredulously.

She kicked out her foot, sending Nicole sprawling facefirst on the floor. Angelina stood over the whimpering actress, prodding her firm ass cheek with her toe.

"You pitiful little pussy," Angelina spat.

She leaned down and twisted her hand into Nicole's hair, grasping it tightly and slowly forcing her to scramble to her feet.

"When you make vicious statements like I heard, you better make sure you can back them up, wimp."

She pressed her chest against Nicole's back as she reached around her and clamped her hands onto the redhead's perky breasts.

"Nnnooo!" Nicole whimpered, her hands feebly clawing at Angelina's as she squeezed the fleshy mounds. "Please.....no more!" Nicole begged as Angelina tortured her already tenderized tits. "Pleeease....." she moaned.

The reporter had finally slipped the lock open with a credit card and quietly entered the cabin. Pulling a small video camera from his gear bag, he peered around the corner to see the nearly naked redhead being manhandled by Angelina Jolie. He began taping as Angelina continued to grip the sobbing redhead by her breasts.

Nicole moaned, "I promise, I'll make sure none of that ever gets in the press." She whimpered as her foe gave her nipples a sharp twist, "I'm sorry.....please let me go!" Her voice wavered and then, "Aaaaunnghhhh!" as Angelina's knee came up and smashed her crotch.

Angelina continued to hold the battered redhead by her tits as she hissed in her ear, "If you ever insult me or my husband again, I will kick your fucking redheaded twat clear across the festival stage so the whole fucking world sees it."

"Oh, they're gonna see it!" announced the reporter as he stepped out of hiding still filming. Nicole looked up with a horrified expression on her face.

"Stop that, you bastard!" she screamed as her hands instinctively went to hide her exposed breast.

Angelina released her grip on Nicole's breasts and slipped a sleeper hold around the woman's head.

"Shut up you bitch!" she hissed as she tightened her hold.

"Nnooooo!" wailed the redhead as her body weakly struggled from side to side, her hands still covering her breasts.

The reporter moved in for a close-up, his pants beginning to tighten as he filmed the redhead's futile struggle. Angelina had a look of determination on her face as she squeezed the hold tighter, sapping what little strength remained in Nicole's beaten body. Blood continued to drop from the redhead's lip, trailing down her chin and dripping on her bosom as she wearily swayed to and fro, her hands finally leaving her breasts to grab Angelina's arms.

"Fucking.........bitch.......," Nicole moaned softly as her knees began to buckle.

Angelina looked into the camera smugly and announced, "Here's a sneak preview of Nicole's new movie.......Eyes Completely Shut!"

Nicole's legs quivered, she softly moaned and her hands fell limp to her sides. Her mouth gaped open as she uttered a defeated sigh, her eyelids fluttered, then closed. Angelina held the limp redhead for a few more moments, shaking her body from side to side and causing Nicole's hands to swing out and smack back against her hips.

"Now that's talent, isn't it?!" Angelina laughed.

She gently lowered the unconscious woman into a seated position and used her hair to pose her body as she stood over it. The reporter zoomed in on Nicole's limp body, the blood dripping from her chin to her chest. The victorious Jolie tilted Nicole's head back so her sightless eyes looked squarely into the camera.

"Take a bow, bitch." Angelina giggled, then tipped Nicole forward until her forehead touched her knees.

Angelina put a foot on Nicole's upper back and posed with her bloody lips curled in a cocky grin. The reporter was breathing heavily as he filmed; dollar signs flashing before his eyes. This was big. Angelina removed her foot from Nicole's back and let the limp woman flop over on her back on the floor. Then Angelina knelt beside Nicole and lightly slapped the redhead's crotch.

"Oh, you poor pathetic pussy," she said. "You're big ol' blabbermouth is a fucking mess!"

She hooked fingers in the waist of Nicole's thong and worked it down her legs and off, exposing a thick pelt of coppery, auburn hair. Then she balled up Nicole's white panties and dabbed them at Nicole's bloodied mouth, staining the fabric.

"Let me fix you up a little, make you presentable for the world to see," Angelina said matter-of-factly.

The reporter sighed heavily as he filmed the blonde stuffing Nicole's panties in her mouth.

"And that should keep you from talking shit for a while," she said as she rose to her feet.

Angelina looked toward the camera as she began to head toward the door. She approached until her face filled the entire shot, then blew a kiss to the camera by puckering her bloodied lips.

The reporter sighed, "Thanks Angelina, that was spectacular. Was she tough?"

"Thanks," she said. "This was easy compared to most. You should have been there when I fought Charlize Theron or Ashley Judd, you'd have really had some good footage."

The she straightened her back and proudly walked out the door as he filmed her exit. After she was gone, he returned his attention to the cabin, panning across the room to the naked body of the destroyed redhead laying spread on the floor.