Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Lopez by Interac

Angelina Jolie had just thrown down the newspaper, another tabloid with pictures of the fight she and Denise Richards had recently gotten into. Under the headline WHO IS THE TOUGHEST AROUND was a list with quite a few names. Many actresses were listed but instead of being at the top of the list, Angelina was all the way down in the latter part of the top ten.

Angrily, she threw down the paper. It was clear that most respondents to the poll felt Jennifer Lopez was 'numero uno' and while Angelina really couldn't argue with the inclusion of most of the top ten names, women like Catherine Bell and Charlize Theron (for example) didn't deserve to be ranked AHEAD of herself.

Angelina said, "I'm going out for a while Billy, don't wait up."

Billy Bob asked, "Where you going?"

"For a walk. I need to clear my head."

Billy had seen the paper too, and he'd also read the article that said Jennifer Lopez was in town for the week The same article mentioned that J-Lo likes to take long walks in the park to clear her head.

Before J-Lo left for her walk in the park she showed Kris Judd, her new husband, the same article.

"See this, Kris? I am going to prove how right they are at the very first chance I get."

Kris rolled his eyes the way weak men married to powerful women often do.

"Why even bother, the list says it all, you don't have to prove nuttin' honey."

J-Lo grinned, "Oh yes. I have to prove it's not only justified but that it's unquestioned. Especially since it says Angelina would of been number 1 except for her losses to Rose and Denise."

"So, where're you going? "

"Gonna walk and try to clear my head."

As J-Lo was walking, avoiding talking to her adoring fans saying sorry, she was stopped by one fan who wouldn't let her go. She wanted her to sign an autograph for her little girl. J-Lo had a problem but snatched the paper out of the little girl's hand, saying she can't believe the stuff she has to deal with. When she heard a voice behind her.

"What the hell's your problem, bitch? She just wants an autograph."

It was Angelina Jolie. She was wearing a loose pair of white pants and a white muscle shirt in contrast to J-Lo who was wearing a J-Lo shirt with sparkles spelling out, "J-Lo" and designer jeans with J-Lo on the back across her ass.

"Well lookie who it is, number 7 wasn't it? Right between Bell and Theron. You better watch that mouth or number one might get upset and do something you don't want her to do."

Angelina stepped up to J-Lo and sneered, "You know what, just sign the damn autograph and then we can find out just who is the real number one, awright?"

A crowd of people started to gather, so J-Lo turned around to the fans and made a big show of signing the autograph. All of a sudden with one quick, fluid, motion she spun and nailed a knee right into Angelina's stomach. Jolie doubled over and J-Lo grabbed her shirt, pulling it over hr head blinding her, then she nailed her with uppercut. As Angelina started to go down, J-lo finished pulling the shirt completely off over her head, nailing her with a right cross to the side of the jaw that sent Angelina sprawling on the ground flat on her back.

The people around were chanting "J-Lo! J-Lo!" and she was loving it. She kicked the fallen Jolie in the stomach every one of the three times she got to her hands and knees, knocking her back down again.

"Straight up ass kicking this time Angelina. You shouldn't of bothered," J-Lo said as she picked up Angelina and drove her knee into Angelina's head leaving her stumbled and staggering around in a daze.

J-Lo followed Jolie, pushing her into a tree and driving a couple of belly punches to Jolie's firm stomach. When she stopped punching, J-Lo let Angelina's body slide down the tree and fall on the ground, J-Lo stood at Angelina's head and looked around at all the people who staring in shock at how easily J-Lo had whipped Angelina. J-Lo dropped her money maker on Angelina's perfect face and did a little grind for her fans.

J-Lo made the most of her position since she was positive the fight was over but Angelina refused to give in. The Oscar winner fought and struggled against J-Lo's suffocation but she was starting to fade fast. In a last attempt to break free and get some badly needed oxygen, Angelina put both hands under J-Lo's ass and using every bit of strength she had from her workouts on 'Tomb Raider' shoved up.

Angelina threw J-Lo off her seated position and dumped her on the ground. J-Lo was still in better shape though and she sprang up, grabbing Jolie by the hair and hauling her to her feet.

"You still want to fuck with J-Lo, eh?" she muttered.

J-Lo slammed another punch into Angelina's face and blood started to flow from her lower lip.

"Oh yeah," Angelina mumbled as she licked the blood with her long tongue. "I want to fuck with J-Lo alright!"

Angelina pushed J-Lo's hands away from her and brought her knee up right into J-Lo's pussy. J-Lo doubled over with her mouth open and Angelina grabbed her by her dirty blonde hair and swung her around several times. When she let go J-Lo was so dizzy she looked drunk, stumbling over her own feet as she staggered around.

Angelina jumped up and nailed a jumping side kick that knocked J-Lo for a loop. J-Lo tried to get up but Angelina jumped on her back slamming her body to the ground again. Angelina like a wild woman as she hit J-Lo over and over in the back of the head, while J-Lo's hand was tapping out.

When Angelina lifted J-Lo's head up she was screaming, "Please enough! Leave me alone, OK? You won."

Before J-Lo could finish, Angelina turned her over and pressed her breasts down on her face for a second. Then Angelina sat up and nailed J-Lo with a vicious punch that knocked her out cold.

Only then did Angelina get off of J-Lo and look around at the people.

"I'll give you all a treat after the rotten way she treated you," Angelina then as she started to remove J-Lo's clothes, tying her up using her own clothing to bind her wrists and ankles.

"Now you all can sign your autograph on her," Angelina said laughing.

Angelina even signed a few autographs of her own before going to recover her shirt. She reached for her shirt but someone had her foot on it.

"Scuse me," Angelina said. "But this is my shirt."

Angelina tried to sound as sincere as she could, hiding her own true feelings of being pissed off that someone would do this.

"And so....,"

Angelina looked up and recognized the woman who had embarrassed her on the streets... Rose McGowan. Before Angelina could react, Rose grabbed her by the hair and rammed her knee to Angelina's face - three times; then picked her up and whipping her into a tree. Angelina hit the tree hard, and muttered, "Not again."

Rose was quick to follow in with a knee to Angelina's stomach.

"Oh yes, again, I'm going to keep paying you back for taking that role from me," Rose said. "I know I can take you, and I'll just keep proving it."

Angelina tried to do something and she lunged forward, grabbing Rose's tight shirt and ripping it down Rose's body. Rose stood there with no bra on to the delight of many of the on-lookers. Angelina tried body blows but she couldn't get any strength into them. Rose picked Angelina up by the back of her bra and threw her against the tree again, snapping the bra and pulling it off all at the same time.

Rose bellied up to Angelina and pressed her breasts into Angelina's bring a scream from the compression. Rose reached around Angelina, grabbing the tree trunk and locking her hands, increasing the pressure onto Angelina's chest. Angelina kept screaming until Rose let go and allowed Angelina's body to crumple to the ground.

Rose lay down on the ground next to Angelina, begging her to get up. Then she rolled Angelina over and asked for a marker which one of the people who had wanted J-Lo's autograph gave her. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Rose scribbled across Angelina's heaving bosom in large letters and underlined it.


Rose left Angelina flat on her back, beaten once again. She even took Angelina's shirt and put it on so the humiliated Angelina would have to walk home topless with her bare chest inscribed for everyone to see..

After a few minutes, J-Lo was getting herself untied, but she was untying her feet, Angelina had also gotten up and she came back after her beat down from Rose and jumped J-Lo, taking out her frustration by punching her out all over again and ramming her knee into her pussy.

Angelina grabbed J-Lo's hair and pulled her face into her bosom, suffocating her as she rocked her back and forth, then faster until J-Lo passed out. Then Angelina got off of her, put on J-Lo's top and went home by the long route where she wouldn't be seen by anyone.

When she got back home, Angelina bragged to Billy Bob about her meeting with J-Lo. When he asked her about her boobs, she looked in the mirror and went ballistic!

"That backbiting whore Rose McGowan did this to me!? Sooner or later, it'll be me and her in a fair fight. Then she'll find out just who is the top bitch is and I guarantee it won't be her!