Angelina Jolie vs. Leah Remini (adapted w/authors permission by Shanahan) 2-18-02

Leah Remini smiled and whipped open her raincoat to reveal her tanned, shapely, stark naked form underneath. She tossed the coat over the back of a chair and kicked her heels off to the side, standing to face the less-tanned but equally-naked Angelina Jolie.

They grinned gleeful, wicked smiles at one another - totally insincere - before they began to circle in the small carpeted area of the luxury hotel suite, hands upraised in front of them. All the letters, phone calls and e-mails of the last few months between the two celebs to set up this confrontation were finally coming to fruition.

"I'm going to squeeze the breath out of you, bitch!" growled Leah circling warily.

"Careful what you wish for, girl," chided Angelina. "It might just happen to you!

Leah needed no further goading. Growling as she lunged forward with both hands outstretched, she seized Angelina by the throat and squeezed, thumbs pressing down hard. Angelina gasped as she felt herself being strangled, but the brunette quickly struck out with a right to Leah's cheek, followed by an elbow to the chin that had Leah's mind reeling. Angelina quickly wrenched free of her foe's crushing choke, then brought her interlocked hands down hard to Leah's back, bringing a yelp from the older woman as she toppled to the floor.

Leah lay there stunned on her elbows and knees, trying to shake herself back to fighting strength, totally unaware of where her adversary was. A moment later and Leah didn't need to wonder, as she felt 120-plus pounds land on her naked back as two hands reached around in front of her face to cover her mouth and pinch her nostrils shut.

Jogged back to reality, Leah grabbed frantically at Angelina's wrists trying to pull free as her opponent began to smother the life out of her. Leah continued to smother as Angelina's relentless two-handed grip with palms and fingers expertly sealed off the older woman's nose and mouth. Leah tugged futilely at Angelina's wrists, freeing herself only after she bit Angelina's hand, eliciting a shriek from the younger woman as she let go and backed off a few feet.

Leah gulped air into her ample lungs as Angelina stood aside rubbing her pinched flesh. The bite hadn't drawn blood, but Angelina's palm was bright red and throbbed like mad. Now able to use only her one good hand for the moment, Angelina was unable to deflect Leah's attack. The TV brunette charging in hard, burying her right shoulder in Angelina's chest, just above her alabaster breasts, knocking her backward.

The impact sent both brunettes tumbling to the white carpeted floor with Leah on top. She straddled Angelina's waist, fastened her strong hands about her adversary's throat once again and squeezed mercilessly. Angelina gasped, beating her fists on Leah's shoulders and elbows, but her foe held fast, her thumbs making deep, ugly depressions in Angelina's windpipe as Leah tried to choke the life from her lovely opponent.

Leah slammed Angelina's head against the carpet several times as she yanked her head up and shoved it down like a yo-yo. "Told you I'd squeeze you breathless!" mocked Leah, heady with her impending triumph.

Her two-handed assault continued for several moments, the older beauty squeezing with all her considerable strength in hopes of ending the affair quickly. But her hopes disintegrated when the coughing Angelina reached up, shoved her index fingers in the corners of Leah's mouth and pulled out hard as hell. Leah shrieked at the agony, feeling Angelina would pull her entire mouth apart. Leah reluctantly ended her choke to backhand Angelina across the face.

Angelina's attack paused long enough for Leah to wrench Angelina's spittle-drenched digits from her mouth, but seconds later she again saw stars when Angelina uncorked a solid right hook that clacked off her jaw and sent her tumbling to her right. Leah rolled over on her back, exhausted by her efforts in so short a time. She was only vaguely aware as Angelina rolled on top of her, crotch-to-crotch; their soft, round breasts mashing together as the young brunette arranged her body atop her older foe.

"Now let's see if you can handle what you dish out - bitch ...," cooed Angelina confidently as she reached out with both hands and secured a grip about Leah's throat, squeezing like there was no tomorrow. Leah's gasps began to permeate the suite even as the TV actress reached up and buried her greedy hands in Angelina's long dark hair, pulling like mad. Angelina's pained cries mingled with Leah's hoarse coughs as the two women bucked and wrestled on the carpeted floor, shapely legs entangling, sensitive crotches and firm breasts rubbing sensuously as their struggle continued with Angelina on top, tightening her hands about her victim's throat and strangling her and Leah on the bottom struggling to break free.

Angelina continued squeezing her hands on Leah's throat as she used her body to keep the TV brunette pinned, Leah pulling hard at Angelina's hair until she remedied the problem by slamming Leah's head on the carpet; once, twice, three times! Stunned by the impacts, Leah's fingers lost their grip on Angelina's hair and slipped down limp on the floor. Angelina grinned mischievously as she tightened her grip about Leah's slender neck, her thumbs pressing down harder, making deep depressions in Leah's exposed tan throat. Leah twisted her head slowly from side to side, trying to shake herself back into the fight, but still she lay there, her limp arms spread uselessly out to the sides as Angelina squeezed the air from her lithe, prone body.

Leah's coughs filled the air as her face began to turn red, her sweet breasts heaved up and down against Angelina's fleshy mounds as she struggled to draw breath into her tortured lungs without success. Knowing she probably only had a few minutes left before she went under for good, Leah summoned her remaining strength and suddenly swung upwards with both hands.

Leah smashed her balled-up fists hard into Angelina's cheeks and Angelina cried out in pain and loosened her hold on Leah's throat. She rolled off of the older brunette, gingerly massaging her aching cheeks, the skin red where Leah's knuckles had struck her. Leah lay there flat on her back, both hands clutching and kneading her raw, sore throat, as she coughed precious air back into her oxygen-starved lungs.

The two women lay side by side for long minutes, each trying to regain her strength before they renewed hostilities. Rolling over, they glowered at one another and then struck! They wrapped themselves around one another, sleek arms entwining about heads and shoulders, shapely legs wrapping together - then they began squeezing! Each woman intent on crushing the fight and the life from the other as the pressure they brought to bear on the other's upper body and legs was tremendous. Both woman squeezing with all her strength yet the two wrestlers were stalemated; neither able to wring a submission from her equally-lovely opponent.

They groaned and sighed under the strain they inflicted upon each other, their efforts canceling each other's out as they struggled for supremacy; both weakening under the other's assault even as she tried to maintain her own attack. They rolled over and over on the carpeted ground, squeezing one another senseless, neither able to withstand much more. The deadlock was finally broken when Leah relinquished her bearhug to squeeze her hands on the sides of Angelina's face. The older brunette inflicted brutal pressure on Angelina's cheeks, jaws and eye sockets as, gritting her teeth, she squeezed with all her strength.

Inwardly, Leah reveled at Angelina's moans of agony, and felt her own headache subsiding as her adversary broke off her own hold to instead grab Leah's wrists and try to pry her crushing hands from her head. Angelina tugged and pulled and squirmed, desperate for relief, but was unable to break Leah's tenacious grip. Feeling as if her eyes were about to burst from their sockets, Angelina launched a counterattack, grabbing Leah's face with both hands, her thumbs pressing down hard on either side of Leah's nose.

Leah cried out at this new agony, her wails echoing with Angelina's from the suite walls until neither women could take any more. They broke their grip and began to pound at one another with their fists. They rained blows on each other's heads, collarbones and shoulders; the two fighters again canceling one another out until Leah lashed out and seized Angelina by the throat with both hands yet again.

Her hold re-established, Leah began strangling Angelina once more, her thumbs stabbing down mercilessly, just as a gagging Angelina twisted to the side and managed to roll over atop Leah. Still gasping for air as she fumbled at Leah's wrists, Angelina reached down further and pressed a hand over Leah's open mouth, using the fingers of her other hand to pinch shut Leah's nose. With both women's breathing curtailed, it became a question of who could hold out - and who would succumb.

They struggled, smothered and strangled for long moments, Angelina on top suffocating Leah with both hands over the other woman's nose and mouth; Leah on the bottom, reaching up with her hands to squeeze closed her enemy's throat in an effort to choke Angelina lifeless. Neither was getting anywhere quickly, but Angelina was beginning to win as the minutes passed. She had leverage on her side and didn't have to expend as much energy - just simply hang on.

Leah was getting the worst of the affair. The effort of reaching up to strangle Angelina was putting a terrible strain on her arms so her grip was less effective, plus the fact that Angelina could lean back, partially offsetting Leah's hands about her throat. But the worst of all was that Leah couldn't breathe at all with Angelina's delicate, but strong hands expertly closed over her mouth and nose. Leah's arms quivered as she tried to strangle Angelina who just smiled in her grasp as she continued to suffocate the older woman beneath her.

Angelina's cocky grin turned to a shriek, however, when Leah sacrificed her choke to reach down, grab Angelina's hand and bite down on her palm that was covering her mouth. Angelina tried to pull free, pounding Leah's head and face with the hand that had been pinching Leah's nostrils closed, but the TV brunette held on and bit away until Angelina smashed her left fist hard into her nose. A small trickle of blood came from one nostril as the older woman released her bite and fell back on the floor.

Angelina collapsed on the floor a few feet away, whimpering and shaking her aching hand, her palm displaying a ring of teeth marks but thankfully there was no blood. She rubbed her reddened skin as Leah lay gasping and sucking sweet, life-giving air into her burning lungs. The older woman was grateful to breathe once more after Angelina had nearly suffocated her with her bare hands.

It wasn't long before they were back up and at it again; crawling toward one another on all fours and meeting on their knees, again trying to determine the outcome of this all-nude encounter. They wrapped their arms about the other's upper body and began bear-hugging; breasts flattened together, moans filling the room as they poured on the pressure. Agony and effort were carved on their pretty faces as the two brunettes struggled and strained against one another, pitting strength against strength. They brought their long legs into the fray as well, tangling them together as they tried to encircle the other's waist, even as they wrapped their long arms more and more about the other's torso and tried to squeeze the life from her.

Angelina was less tired than her foe and she began to dominate again, getting her arms all the way round Leah's upper body, just below her armpits. Grabbing one wrist with her other hand, Angelina compressed Leah's ample chest against her own, the pressure intensifying as the movie brunette began to crush her TV adversary. Leah grunted and cried out as she squeezed back with her own upper-body strength, but she could feel the pressure building in her chest and torso. Angelina held on and squeezed and squeezed, hoping to crack one of Leah's ribs, collapse a lung, or even stop her heart.

Moments later, Leah reluctantly released her own hug to try to break free of Angelina's crushing grasp. She pounded Angelina's head and face with her balled-up fists, slammed them against her shoulders in desperation, but she only felt the pressure increase on her shapely nude body, curtailing her already labored breathing.

Leah could also feel Angelina's long legs snaking around her own trim waist, her waist being constricted beyond belief as Angelina locked her ankles and began crushing Leah between her strong thighs. Angelina had already drained so much of the fight from her, it was all Leah could do to stay awake and not succumb to the pain. Leah just hung there in Angelina's dual grips, gasping painfully for much-needed air as Angelina's arms wrapped tighter and tighter around her chest while Angelina's legs compressed her waist mercilessly. Through the haze of agony and exhaustion, Leah began to wonder if this was what it felt like to be squeezed to death.

Angelina continued to crush Leah at both ends, her arms wrapping tighter about the older woman's upper body; her thighs compressing the TV brunette's waist. Leah offered no more resistance despite her agony, the exhaustion clear on her face as her foe squeezed the very life out of her. Leah's body slumped in Angelina's grasp, barely able to lift her head as Angelina smiled sinisterly and continued to squeeze. She held her victim in her python-like grasp for the next minute or two, never letting up, until finally she unfolded her arms from about Leah's torso - but just so Leah could suffer a few more moments later.

Leah's breasts spilled forward as Angelina's arms unclasped from about her, but it was scant seconds later that Angelina resumed her attack, refastening her strong hands about Leah's vulnerable neck once again in a steely grip. Angelina's thumbs pressed down hard into the visitor's throat as she began strangling her while her legs still constricted Leah's waist to prevent her escape. Angelina grinned as Leah offered no resistance, her pretty head bobbing back and forth in a sickly fashion as Angelina shook her to and fro, her thumbs making deep depressions in Leah's alabaster windpipe as she choked her senseless.

Angelina's attack began to grow more savage, her hands coiling like a vise about Leah's neck, the TV brunette still making no move to defend herself or break free, just sitting there limp as Angelina crushed her in a body scissors and squeezed the breath from her throat.

Moments later Angelina bent Leah over at the waist and dropped her to the rug. Then the younger woman unwrapped her long legs from about her prey before she straddled Leah's waist and began to choke her once more, lifting Leah's head and shoulders up and pushing them back down again as she enjoyed her supremacy over the older brunette. Angelina twisted Leah's head and neck from side to side, up and down, she bent Leah's head back and watched her thumbs sink into the soft flesh further and further, the strain shooting through Angelina's thumbs and up into her arms.

Finally, even Angelina Jolie got tired. She detached her fingers from Leah's reddened throat, and dropped her, Leah just lying there, barely breathing as Angelina brushed long strands of her own dark hair our of her face, then planted her hands on her hips and smiled down at her handiwork. Angelina straddled Leah, watching the TV brunette barely breathing after being brutally strangled; she watched Leah's chest barely rise and fall, then Angelina smiled as a wicked thought crossed her mind.

Reaching down with both hands, she latched onto Leah's bare breasts, one in each hand, and began squeezing pitilessly. Leah moaned slightly under the intense pressure, her soft breasts caving in under the crushing force of Angelina's greedy fingers, Angelina's knuckles whitening as she squeezed with all her strength. Soon she began rolling Leah's nipples between her fingertips, stretching them out painfully and pinching them mercilessly as Leah whimpered under the brutal pressure.

Leah twisted weakly from side to side beneath her vanquisher, conscious of where she was but too beaten, tired and exhausted to resist. Angelina had her way with Leah for many long minutes, squeezing her soft breasts like ripe melons, alternately relaxing and flexing her fingers to make Leah's agony last as long as possible before she finally dismounted the older woman's body and rose to her feet. Angelina paused to stand over Leah, pleased with her performance. Then she stepped over her foe and went into the kitchen for a drink or two.

"She's not going anywhere for a while," said Angelina gleefully as she picked through the contents of the fridge, eager for a break after such a strenuous workout. She found an unopened plastic bottle of spring water, then sat back in a chair at the small kitchen table before slinging her long legs and bare feet over an adjoining chair and putting the bottle to her dried-out lips. She rested for at least five minutes, taking it easy as she wondered how to punish Leah some more. She wanted to squeeze her opponent once more in a back-breaking bearhug, then perhaps clamp a deadly legs scissors around her neck before hand-smothering and strangling her once again and putting an end to this affair.

Finishing off the water bottle, Angelina got to her feet and turned around to make her way back into the living room to renew pleasantries ... only to find Leah was gone!

A small nervous jolt shot through Angelina when she realized Leah's body wasn't where it had been inutes before. Where could she have gone? Angelina got the answer when she entered the living room. Leah, not as out of it as expected, yelled and lunged at her from the side; her bare hands outstretched ready to do major damage. Angelina was ready, though, and backhanded Leah across the face, stunning her just long enough for Angelina to get her arms about her waist and start squeezing the life out of her again. Leah cried out at the pressure as they struggled back to the middle of the room, their bare feet shuffling as Angelina tightening her grip on Leah even tighter than before. Angelina grinned at Leah's predicament, ready to punish her even more fiercely until she felt a shift in their combined weight.

Suddenly, Angelina felt a sharp, searing pain in her throat, a new pressure about her waist and no air coming into her lungs - all within a few seconds. While Angelina was reveling in daydreams of destroying her, Leah had leaped up in her foe's crushing bearhug and wrapped her long legs around Angelina's waist. Leah seized Angelina by the throat with both hands and began choking her as hard as she could. Now it was Leah's turn to smile, she was on the offensive for the first time in a long while.

"Gotcha!" cackled Leah who had a grin as big as the moon.

Then, just as quickly as it appeared, the smile was gone - replaced by a clenched-tooth mask of determination and hate as she poured on the pressure and began squeezing the life from Angelina. Her sleek legs wrapped tighter, her thumbs pressed harder. Angelina gasped and gurgled in Leah's grasp, staggering as she suffered in her hold as Leah crushed her throat in her vise-like hands. Angelina swayed under Leah's weight, feet shuffling uncertainly on the floor until finally Leah shifted her weight and sent Angelina tumbling over backward with herself on top of the movie actress.

Angelina hit hard on her back, the impact knocking the remaining air from her lungs with a strangled whoosh. Now she was flat on her back, her arms still clinched about Leah's waist with Leah's hands at her throat. Leah had unwrapped her legs from Angelina's body during the fall and now she was straddling her waist, bearing down on Angelina with both hands as she choked her with all her might.

Leah had been exhausted before, but playing possum helped her regain her strength although she had suffered in doing so. Now it was her turn - and she could feel the fight was nearly over. She could fell Angelina's consciousness ebbing away between her fingers, so she squeezed and squeezed as hard as she could as Angelina gasped and clutched weakly at her wrists.

"Urrkkk," was all Angelina utter in her agony. Her alabaster throat was being compressed beyond belief. Now she was feeling what it was like to be on the other end of a choke and she couldn't believe how it hurt when applied by a skilled pair of hands like Leah's. Angelina wondered hazily if she'd been overmatched from the start, whether Leah had just been toying with her.

The attack took only minutes, but to Angelina it seemed she suffered in Leah's vicious two-handed stranglehold forever. Leah was only too happy to indulge herself; she shook Angelina up and down, slammed her head against the carpeted floor once, twice, three times and only let her body fall back to the floor when she was nearly out cold.

"Hold on, bitch," growled Leah through clenched teeth. "I'm not done with you yet!"

With an evil smile, she slammed the back of Angelina's skull on the floor one last time, then clenched her throat in a final, savage squeeze before breaking off her attack. Leah stood up over her as Angelina took in weak gasps of air as soon as her throat was released. Too soon she was moaning out loud in pain again as Leah bent over and squeezed her hands ruthlessly on Angelina's breasts, paying her back in kind as she crushed them like wet sponges. The assault continued for the next few moments, again the time seeming like hours to Angelina who cried in pain while Leah smiled wickedly at her anguish.

Harder and harder Leah squeezed, without mercy, until her hands hurt almost as much as Angelina's chest. Satisfied, she took Angelina underneath the arms and dragged her to her feet, then hip-tossed her out into the center of the living room. Angelina crashed face-down on the carpeted surface. Leah smiled at her crash-landing and prepared for the fight's grand finale.

Flexing her hands in front of her, Leah strode over to Angelina, who was on one knee clutching her throat with one hand and gasping for air.

Seconds later, the sounds of Angelina gasping filled the entire room as Leah lunged and wrapped her hands around her neck from behind. Fingers tightened on Angelina's windpipe, thumbs anchored themselves in the back of her slender neck as Leah planted her bare feet firmly against the floor and squeezed with all her remaining strength.

Angelina gurgled and clawed futilely at Leah's fingers, but with no leverage her effort was doomed. Desperate sucking, gasping sounds issued from Angelina's gaping mouth as Leah strangled the life from her. Leah shook her back and forth from behind as she squeezed her hands on Angelina's neck, harder and harder as she paid Angelina back in full plus interest for the agony she'd inflicted on her earlier. Angelina's hands flailed and clawed the air in front of her, trying to pull herself free - but the end was near for the younger woman.

Angelina gurgled two or three times as Leah shook her to and fro, the last vestiges of Angelina's consciousness fading from her agonized form and fuzzy mind. Then her arms slowly dropped useless at her sides, her shoulders slumped and her head tipped forward on chest and her eyes closed in defeat.

At long last, Angelina fell unconscious. It was over. They'd gone after each other tooth and nail, back and forth, each giving as good as she got for what seemed like an eternity. In the end, the visitor had rebounded from what seemed like certain defeat to triumph over her hostess. Leah held Angelina a few more breathless moments, reveling in her win, then opened her powerful hands and let Angelina's limp body topple over and crash face first to the floor at her feet.

Leah took a step forward, put her foot on Angelina's soft butt, flexing her leg as she rolled the unconscious woman's body over onto her back. Angelina lay totally limp and unconscious, her eyes closed, her dry mouth open, her arms and legs stretched out in defeat.

Leah smiled as she placed her bare foot between Angelina's naked breasts. Then, as if playing up to a sold-out arena throng, she raised her arms and flexed her biceps in a nude victory pose, wiggling her foot to make Angelina's soft breasts jiggle as she celebrated a glorious nude catfight victory over her fallen, equally naked foe in the still, small space of the suite.