Angelina Jolie vs. Denise Richards by Interac

Note if you haven't read Eliza Dushku vs. Jessica Alba you should read it first. This continues the story after that.

At a big Hollywood premier post party, Angelina Jolie showed up with her husband Billy Bob Thornton and Eliza Dushku. This was the first time all three were seen in public together since Eliza destroyed Jessica Alba with Angelina's help. Angelina had done some press interviews with others, and a lot of the correspondents were searching for Eliza who they were touting as the next "big thing."

Angelina entered with Eliza at her side and Joan Rivers, an avid femfight fan, called them over to her camera.

Rivers: First off, it's a great pleasure to see two of the most beautiful women here together. A question for you both. When Eliza here beat (said sarcastically) Jessica Alba...

Eliza interrupted with, "No need for that tone Joan. I beat that whore all around and everyone seen me do it."

Rivers, "OK, whatever. Angelina, there's been recent talk in Hollywood about what it would take to beat you. Is there anyone you think would give you a hard time in a fight?"

Angelina looks at Eliza, tosses her hair and says emphatically, "NO!!!"

Denise Richards is walking by and hears Joan's question and Angelina's answer. She gets excited and tries to elbow her way to the microphone but is whisked away by Joan's daughter Melissa Rivers before she can say something.

Denise screams over her shoulder as she's dragged away, "I can take that bitch, I know it!"

"Which bitch?," a voice asks.

Denise hissed, "That Angelina Jolie whore. The only difference between us is the movies she gets because of her connections. I damn sure have a better body and if I ever get the chance, I'd rip every hair out of her greasy head, blacken her eyes and, God, I'd make those collagen lips even fatter. Hell, I'd split them wide open."

The face behind the voice appears on camera and is recognized as Jessica Alba.

"Well if you want the chance," Jessica purrs, "you'll probably get one. I'm going after Eliza and I wanna make sure Angelina don't stop me from hurting her bad."

Eliza and Angelina stared making their way into the party when the hostess stops them, looks at Eliza and whispers, "Listen, we don't want any trouble tonight. There was a mix up and....."

Eliza looks surprised as she sees Jessica for the first time and asks, "What the Hell's SHE doing here?"

Jessica was smiling at Eliza as she made her way through a group of guest who were trying to get in her way. Eliza got past a few until one stopped her by grabbing her arm. Eliza jerked her arm away from the interfering guest only to be punched in the face. After Eliza tumbled to the floor on her ass, she sat up holding her face with a stunned expression.

She looked up and recognized Jessica Alba shaking her fist and motioning for her to get up, saying, "Well, let's see how tough you really are."

Eliza leg whipped Jessica and as she fell, Eliza flew into her. Jessica got her feet up into Eliza and the two ended up rolling back on around the floor as people scattered while others moved forward to separate them. Still, they fought on and crashed into each other grabbing at the others hair.

The two hellcats rolled on the red carpet ripping at anything and everything they got their hands on until Eliza stopped the rolling on top of Jessica. Just when Eliza thought she had things under control, Jessica reached up and ripped down her blouse, scratching Eliza's slightly larger breasts in the process. Eliza screamed and Jessica bucked her hips, throwing Eliza off and gaining some room between them.

Angelina was cheering for Eliza to get up but just as she was getting up Jessica grabbed her by the back of the hair and threw her into the wall. Eliza smacked it hard and groaned. but as Jessica came at her, Eliza ignored her pain and grabbed Jessica's shirt, pulling her forward and slamming her face into the wall. Ripping off Jessica's shirt, Eliza held Jessica by the hair and was about to ram the Dark Angel star's head against the wall when Jessica drove an elbow back to nail her in the stomach.

Jessica turned to face Eliza and both women's eyes were filled with hatred. Their ripped blouses hung in tatters around their waists displaying their hard bodies as they were about to resume their battle, Joan and Melissa Rivers stepped in to try and restore order to the chaotic situation.

"If this was any other two women," Joan crowed, "we'd let them fight. But we've all seen the effects of your last fight."

"Yeah, neither could work for months," Melissa said. "If this fight goes on, one of your careers could end because Jessica wants to end yours Eliza and you want to end hers."

When it looked like reason might rule, however, Angelina interceded, "Fuck that! Let Eliza kick her ass or else!"

That was when Denise Richards spoke up, "Or else what, you crazy whore?"

Angelina spun around and found herself eye to eye with Denise. Angelina realized she was outmatched in boobs for one of the few times as Denise thrust her chest out in a silent challenge.

Angelina balled her fists and asked, "You wanna find out what?"

Denise pushed Angelina's face knocking her down and bringing a chorus of 'ooohs' and 'ahhs' came from the crowd. It had only been a short years ago that Denise had been the main stream celeb other actresses with fighting reputations feared. Among those that didn't feel intimidated by Denise was someone standing there watching. Heather Graham was watching the confrontation with more than a little interest. A few years ago, Heather and Denise fought for the starring role in "Boogie Nights" a role Heather won by breast smothering Denise at the end of a hard-fought back and forth battle.

A year later they fought again, this time for a role in a James Bond movie. Heather had been winning again, going for another breast smother when Denise bit her boob. Denise wouldn't let go and ended up almost ripping Heather's boob before she was stopped. After a long recuperation, Heather had to settle for a part in the Austin Powers movie but she'd sworn to get revenge on Denise sooner or later.

Angelina looked up at the crowd of people staring at her sitting on her ass and saw the only other actress who never showed fear around her, Rose McGowan, and she was laughing at Angelina. They'd fought for the Oscar-winning role of Lisa in "Girl Interrupted" and, after they couldn't settle it by fighting, the producer had them fight sexually. After multiple orgasms by each, Rose had finally been forced to concede. Rose had claimed she'd won by making Angelina orgasm first, but Angelina goaded the producer into making it a submission only contest and, in the end, Rose had been the one over-matched.

Angelina got up and said, "Alright, since you want this, we're gonna to do it!"

She shoved Denise knocking her down, then told Joan and Melissa Rivers, "Keep the two of them apart so they can watch."

She pointed at Eliza and Jessica. Angelina stepped back and whipped her top off, exposing her perfect breasts and rock hard abs from Tomb Raider. All the men just stared at her and BBT had a big, proud smile on his face seeing everyone lusting after his bride. Denise, not to be outdone, got up and took off her shirt revealing a sheer bra molding her firm boobs and a body the equal of Angelina's.

The two women started to circle each other and the people watched very closely, making sure there would be no interference as both Alba and Dushku were surrounded so they wouldn't jump in to help either one.

"Well, this is it bitch, you got nowhere to go. I'm gonna make you pay for that comment that you're the toughest around," said Denise. "Because the toughest one is ME!"

Denise snapped a jab that clacked off of Angelina's jaw. She handled the punch well and snapped off one of her own.

"Is that what this is all about? You and Jessica was all a big set up for this, wasn't it?"

Denise suddenly lunged at Angelina's hair but Angelina caught her hands and the two twisted around. Angelina tried to trip Denise, but both stayed on their feet until Denise twisted Jolie around and threw her down. Denise pinned Angelina's hands and, as her hair was hanging down onto Angelina's face, Denise started to shake her head, slapping Angelina's face with her hair. Every time Angelina tried to twist away, Denise managed to power her back and slam her hands down on the floor.

"No, it wasn't," Denise huffed. "But look around if you think everybody believes you're still the toughest now."

Denise punctuated her comment by rubbing her barely covered breasts in Angelina's face. But in her eagerness to taunt, Denise leaned too far forward and Angelina saw the opening she needed. She twisted one way and when Denise over compensated, she turned the other and threw Denise off of her.

Angelina scrambled up first, grabbed Denise by her long hair and dragged her through the crowd and banged her head into the wall. Angelina held Denise's head on the wall as she grabbed the back of her bra and pulled. Denise's boobs were mashed together as her face was being pressed into the wall by her tormentor. Angelina put her head on Denise's shoulder and licked her ear, then snapped the bra on her back. Denise screamed as Angelina put her in a full nelson. Angelina slammed her face into the wall and was about to drive her face into the wall a second time when Denise got a foot up on the wall and kicked off, sending them both to the floor.

Angelina still had the full nelson and wasn't letting up. Her muscles rippled and Denise screamed in pain as she tried to pull her arms down to break the hold. But Angelina was too strong. Denise had one more option though as she bowed her head forward and then slammed it back into Angelina's nose and mouth with a loud CRACK!

Angelina lost the full nelson and Denise, not wanting to waste a moment, turned on Angelina, grabbed her hair and slammed her head down to the floor. As everyone gasped, Eliza had to turn away from the sight. Denise hauled Angelina up and dragged her stumbling and staggering to the bar, stopping every now and then to punch Angelina in her firm abs to soften her up and weaken her.

But after Denise's second belly punch, Angelina hit Denise with a belly punch of her own. Both women stood in the middle of the room, their chests heaving as they struggled for breath. Angelina grabbed Denise by the hair and Denise retaliated grabbing Angelina by the hair. They spun around and crashed into the bar going around it with each other's hair in their hands. Both were ripping handfuls of hair from the others head, but Angelina stopped it from going any further. Denise was to first to scream in pain as Angelina dug deep into her scalp and hauled back. Denise let go of Angelina's hair and tried to pry Angelina's hands away from her scalp.

Angelina let go with one hand, jumped in the air and slammed her in the side of the face with a punch. Denise's legs just gave out on her as she went out on her feet. Angelina brought one hand down to Denise's body, cupping a large breast from the underside, then pushing her hand under the cup, squeezing and pinching the soft flesh. Angelina cruelly twisted the flesh she had in her hand, pulling it one way as far as it could go, then stretching it outward while Eliza in the back of crowd was yelling at her to keep it up.

"See how tough I am. You bit off more than you could chew tonight," Angelina hissed as she used both hands and ripped Denise's bra off so all could see her bountiful bosom. She latched onto her boobs slamming them together and pressing them into Denise's ribcage. Denise wasn't used to this because in most of her fights, she was the one doing this kind of thing. Twisting more until the titflesh oozed out between her fingers, Angelina wrung a scream from Denise who, out of desperation, reached behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of Pepsi and threw it in Angelina's eyes, blinding her.

Angelina let go Denise who, instead of collapsing as expected, grabbed Angelina's hair and rammed her knee into the pit of Angelina's stomach. She swung Angelina up onto the counter, grabbed her breasts and dug her nails in deep then scratched downward, opening them up. Denise kept her fingernails latched onto Angelina's breasts as she slid her body along the top of the bar. Just as they reached the end of the bar, Angelina reached up and raked Denise's eyes. Rather than just let go, Denise shoved Angelina off the bar onto the floor then took a moment to wipe her eyes.

Denise, feeling that was enough, jumped up on the counter top ready to pounce on Angelina, but she was already up and sent a uppercut to Denise's pussy that knocked her legs out from under her dropping Denise stomach-first on the bar. Angelina grabbed Denise by the hair and slid her down the bar until her head smacked into the end wall. Denise hit the wall and went limp.

Angelina was ready to end the fight, so she took off her bra and standing astride Denise's body, she rolled her over, lifted her head a little off the counter and bent down breast smothering her. Denise went crazy kicking and pummeling Angelina trying to push her off, but Angelina had too much leverage.

"No, No! You wanted the fight, now you got it. Now it's nightie-night for you," Angelina laughed.

Denise brought her knee up kicking Angelina not just once, but twice in the head getting her to release her hold. Angelina fell back and Denise quickly turned and jumped at her, driving her shoulder into Angelina's belly. As Angelina held her stomach Denise grabbed her by the hair at the front of her head and pounded her knee into her face twice, then threw her on the floor. Angelina was holding her bleeding nose as she got to her hands and knees. Denise kicked Angelina in the ass, reached down, grabbed the back of the hair and tore open the clasp of Angelina's bra.

As Angelina's bra slid down her arms and hit the floor, Denise was starting to haul her up. But Angelina swung an elbow to Denise's midsection that almost got her free. Denise let out a grunt but instead of letting go, she tossed Angelina over the bar once again, over the counter behind it and onto the floor.

Denise went around the bar and caught Angelina just getting to her feet with her disheveled hair hanging down in front of her face. Both were sweating and panting and the fight had taken a toll on both women. They just looked at each other trying to get some strength back as they each made tentative swipes at the other's hands. Then, as if by mutual agreement, they just lunged at each other's hair and started reeling around the room once more, kneeing and trying to trip the other to fall.

Heather Graham was watching intensely, but she looked away long enough to check out Rose McGowan who hadn't taken her eyes off of Angelina during the entire fight. Eliza Dushku and Jessica Alba were both cheering their respective friend on.

Angelina let go of Denise's hair and grabbed at her boobs. Denise screamed but, not to be outdone, grabbed hold of Angelina's breasts and a power struggle ensued. They both twisted and mauled the other's tits for over a minute until, almost imperceptibly at first, Angelina started getting the better of Denise.

Angelina pulled and stretched Denise's boobs, pulling them upward so she had to stand on her toes, then stretching them out to the sides. Denise screamed with each pull, but she soon changed her own tactics to focus solely on Angelina's hard nipples, digging long fingernails into the sensitive nubs. Angelina tried to keep up her attack but she could feel Denise's fingers cutting into her flesh and the pain weakened her resolve. Denise slowly forced Angelina back against the bar and, knowing the fight was just about over, Denise bent Angelina back then leaned on her and kissed her - a form of humiliation that was usually Angelina's forte as she had shown in her epic battle with Charlize Theron.

Denise twisted Angelina's nipples some more and Angelina slapped at her back in unfocused reaction to the pain. Eliza had seen enough! She broke away from Melissa Rivers grasp and was about to jump in when Joan Rivers let go of Jessica Alba who intercepted Eliza, picking her up and driving her through the popcorn stand's glass case on her shoulder.

The two went to the floor in a spray of popcorn but Eliza was on the bottom and she was stunned when her head hit the floor. Jessica picked up the hot butter dispenser and poured the steaming yellow liquid all over Eliza's boobs as she screamed in pain. Jessica then hit her with the metal dispenser, then threw it away and stood up holding Eliza's legs. She continually booted her in the crotch as she hauled her out from behind the concession counter. Eliza tried to fight back, but Jessica soccer kicked Eliza in the legs again, then started kicking her body all over. Recalling what Eliza had done to her earlier, she grabbed a broom and started choking Eliza with it across her throat.

Denise headed over to check out what Jessica was up to, but she was tackled from behind by Angelina who turned her over and started punching her face while holding her by the hair and slamming her head on the floor over and over. Angelina repeated what had been done to her, twisting and digging into Denise's nipples with her fingernails. Angelina went down for a breast smother and Denise was screaming but Angelina's boobs were too badly injured and she couldn't make the smother.

Denise was crying as she looked up at Angelina whose breasts were bloody from her own blood and Denise's after Angelina's punches to her face. Incensed, Denise reached up and scratched Angelina's already damaged boobs, then got her long hair and pulled Angelina off of her to the side.

As Angelina stumbled away, Denise got to her hands and knees and lunged, landing a vicious right to Angelina. Denise put all her power in the blow and it rocked Angelina. But Denise could not capitalize and both women went down on their knees taking a much-deserved breather.

On the other side of the room, Jessica had Eliza on top of the concession counter working her over with elbows to the face. Jessica took off her bra and climbed up on the counter on top of Eliza. She started breast smothering her and as Eliza tried to roll her off, they both fell off the counter top. Jessica landed on top and hit a knee lift to Eliza's stomach.

Finally, after a few minutes of chaos, Jessica was hauled off of Eliza and hustled out of the theater as Eliza lay sprawled in a pool of her blood, her body wrecked with bruises and her amazing bosom slathered in hot butter.

Angelina looked over at the commotion surrounding Jessica and Eliza and lost her focus on Denise. She started to crawl toward Eliza to help her. Just then, Denise jumped her again and drove a knees to Angelina's kidney. Angelina grunted and collapsed on her belly. Denise got on top of her back and landed two quick punches to the back of Angelina's head, jerked her head up by the hair and slammed her face into the floor three times.

After a fourth, Denise knew the fight was over and dropped Angelina's head, letting her face hit the floor with a squishy SPLAT. Denise, completely exhausted, fell over backward, her body showing the toll the fight had taken on her. Still, she had enough strength to sit up and raise her hands as her supporters applauded.

"I'm unbeatable," she sighed.

"Oh Really, now?"

Denise eyes snapped open and she saw Heather Graham's foot coming down onto her battered belly. Denise's torso jerked up from the blow and Heather grabbed her by the hair and sat her up. Heather started driving a series of belly punches into Denise's reddening belly, then lifted her head up by the hair and slapped her.

Denise couldn't believe what was happening and looked toward Angelina, but she wasn't there. Then as Denise looked back, she got kneed in the pussy. But Heather didn't allow her to fall, just kneed her in the pussy again. When Heather finally let her fall, Heather took off her shirt to display her own incomparable bosom. Then, as Denise gasped for air, Heather straddled her and dropped her boobs down covering Denise's flushed face. In a minute, Denise was out. Not two minutes after winning the most vicious fight of her life, she had been smothered unconscious and humiliated by her hated rival.

Meanwhile, outside the theater, Rose McGowan had caught up to Angelina. Rose was destroying Angelina, biting down on her already abused nipples. Rose was topless, grinding her boobs into Angelina's to prove whose were best. After smothering Angelina unconscious, Rose threw her limp body into a trash dumpster, pulled her head up by the hair and slammed her head into the lid over and over.

Rose started to walk away, then stopped, scratched her head a moment and dragged Angelina out of the dumpster. She brought her out in the street and when a car stopped, Rose threw Angelina onto the car's hood. Angelina tried futilely to fight back but Rose just lifted her head up again and slammed it off of another car.

Rose looked at the guy who was driving and realized how many people were watching the two of them. Rose just started beating on Angelina's body like a wild animal, bringing her arms up in the air and crashing them down on all parts of Angelina's torso. Before Rose left Angelina, she stripped her, lifted her off the car, held Angelina up by the pussy and then threw her off the car into the middle of the street.

With Rose standing over her unconscious body, the omni-present paparazzi snapped numerous pictures of Rose victorious.


Inside, there were several photos of Rose standing over the beaten Jolie and of Heather smothering out Denise.