Angelina Jolie vs. Britney Spears by Blade (based on the FHM ‘Sexiest 100’)

Part One: Villianesses Hideaway

Angelina closed the book on her latest creation. It would only be moments now before she would find out if her hard work had paid off. The last tube was poured in the potion ….then mixed…..then boiled with little to no signs of any reactions. She glared at the boiling liquid and licked her lips in anticipation. Finally she turned off the flame and waited for it to cool before picking up the phone and dialing.

“Max! This is Angelina! Everything is mixed and is now cooling, is there anything else I need to do before taking the potion?”

Mr. Merlin was a wizard friend that was very close to her grandfather. When her grandfather passed away he took a liking to Angelina because she reminded him allot of his daughter. His daughter Danielle was a model that on many occasions was considered to be one of the most extravagant beauties anyone had every seen. She was killed in a car accident 20 years ago, and Merlin was convinced that her car was tampered with. After her death he was inspired to master his wizardry and one day carry out his revenge. He used his scientific knowledge to formulate a way to transpose his body into different locations. It was a discovery that he would keep under wraps until the time was right.

He went through the whole process one more time with Angelina over the phone so she could retrace her steps and check her work. Everything seemed to be in precise order as she shook the vile in front of her. Merlin said! If the substances were mixed correctly it would change colors when she held it up to the light, and to Angelina’s delight, it did. He gave her a couple of more directions and then she hung up the phone! The time has now arrived to consume her new fate.

“Why am I afraid, dammit! I am not supposed to be afraid!”

She raised the vile up again into the light and watched as it fluttered through the spectrum. Merlin told her after it completed it’s rounds it would stop refracting light, and at that time the solution would be at its weakest. She was supposed to drink it right at the beginning of its cycle so that its complete process would facilitate through her body.

When the fluid darkened in tone! Angelina waited for the reaction to begin again. It seemed like an eternity as she stared into the dark vile. Finally the moment arrived and without hesitation she drank the vile in one gulp! The waves rushed through her system as she began to feel her body tingle. It was as good as an orgasm if not better causing her to fall to her knees weakly to the ground. Her eyes began to change colors like the solution did when the light hit them. She could feel in her heart, and most of all in her body that this experiment was going to be a success.

Finally after her body had absorbed all of the solution she passed out. Mr. Merlin knew this would happen and snuck in there to watch over her while she rested. He pulled out a picture of Danielle, and then ran his fingers through Angelina’s hair with a smile. Finally, he had found someone who would help him carry out his sense of justice for his daughter. And with this discovery he would be able to use his own talent in the process. His whole life ambition depended on this one plan that was soon to be set in motion.

Hours later Angelina woke up with Merlin by her side. He offered up a tall glass of water.

“Are you okay Angelina? Here drink this!”

She groggily took the glass into her grasp and began to drink it. Much to her surprise the water in the glass froze when it touched her tongue! Merlin looked at her with relief and smiled!

“Ah, My dear! I believe the potion has worked!”

She twisted her tongue out from the frozen water and looked at him in complete confusion. He promised her she would be able control, that much better in the future, but for now she had to drink warm teas & coffees. His instructions were for her to continue to practice controlling her body temperature on the water until she could maintain consistent temperatures. Only then, would it mark the beginning of a very intense experience.

Part Two: Delusions of A Sorrow

Days went by and Angelina began to feel more and more frustrated. Her sexual energies were uncontrollably on the rise. Merlin said that it was just part of the process and she needed to bare with it until it was time! As the hours passed by Angelina knew he was right! She felt these powerful forces fill her body. Her breasts grew firmer, and her nipples slightly larger. Her urges began to change from desires to thirsts and finally to hungers. Merlin looked into her eyes and seen she was ready for her test.

Max knew just who he could test Angelina on first. Someone who had plenty of chemistry for a nice confrontation. That someone was a little blonde who was getting ready for a wedding in November. With the fact that she was preoccupied with the wedding jitters and that she had just undergone surgery on her knee, he knew she was the perfect target. Angelina would be able to neutralize her quickly if needed by taking out her knee. This would help immensely since he didn’t know how Angelina would react in the situation. He looked back down at a magazine that had been on his lap.

“My Angelina, number two? Never!

The image of Angelina began to blur in his mind. He remembered back to a time when his daughter still had a promising modeling career. His pride for her was not enough, for he believed that her death wasn’t an accident. His anger began to build up inside him as the thoughts reverberated between past and present. Finally, the fury that he kept so well contained preceded him. He looked back down at the magazine and turned the page to the woman who had been voted number one!

“It’s Britney’s fault Angelina didn’t get voted to # 1!”

Mr. Merlin began to lick his lips with an evil smile, and looked down at Britney’s picture. She would not be in Angelina’s way for long, but the thoughts continued to blur in his mind. Even though Britney had nothing to do with his daughters death, Merlin and his loose grip on reality believed she did.

“You hurt Danielle Ms. Spears and you will pay!”

Merlin was now putting the pieces to his puzzle together for the first time, and unfortunately for Britney & Angelina they were the first pieces.

Part Three: Three Way Crossing

The scene fades to Britney in the passenger seat of her Mercedes G500 with her fiancé Kevin at the wheel. She turns and looks over her shoulder out the window noticing the Paparazzi frenzy following them. Her eyes slowly scan down to Kevin’s daughter Kori all safely fastened up and sleeping in the backseat. Britney smiled, but was disrupted by a car that was tailing them.

“Can’t these people live their own lives why do they have to interfere in ours?”

Kevin picked up the pace a little but with little Kori in the car it wasn’t a wise move to start drag racing. He made glances into the back window and then at Britney!

“They just want to get a shot of you when you meet Shar for the first time! Don’t worry I won’t let that happen.” Exclaimed Kevin!

“What’s the big deal? Do they think there’s gonna be a catfight or something?” Questioned Brit

Kevin’s eyes lit up at the thought of Shar & Brit getting tangled up in a hair pulling, clothes ripping brawl. As a smile started to form on his face Britney noticed it, and jokingly slapped him across the shoulder.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you? Who would you??? …..On second thought! We”ll, take this conversation up on the way home. “

Kevin smiled with his guilty conscience all of a sudden dreading the ride home. Still, the three of them continued to travel toward the destination of Orange County, all the while Kevin watched as the same two cars followed close behind.

One of the cars that followed them was a legend in the business, 25 year old Mel Bouzad. He has been keeping Spears under 18 hour a day surveillance at her new Malibu home. He had suspected the Spears / Jackson meeting could happen today because they spied Kevin bringing Kori to Britney’s home a few days earlier for a family weekend. Now it’s Monday, and Kori is due back home with Mama. He attempts to capture that treasured extended family portrait on film, a photo that could net him more than $50,000.

Watching as Kevin makes frequent lane and speed changes, suddenly exiting off the freeway and back on. The little things that they hope will frustrate him off their course. Mel is a professional though, and minor bumps in the road like that won’t stand in the way of him capturing a good buck. In fact, he was so accustomed to this sort of thing that he was able to call ahead to confirm that his men were already inside Ms. Jackson’s gated community. He had sent two of his photographers to sneak through the open gates, piggybacking behind entering cars. So it is his hope that once the caravan arrives, only Federline & Spears will pass through the gates, allowing his inside guys to grab the exclusive shot.

Suddenly at 2 p.m. Kevin gets off the freeway and pulls into a mini mart so Spears can make a pit stop, not an uncommon occurrence for her. Two of the reporters evacuate their car and jump out to follow the bare foot Spears as she walks calmly into the store to request keys for the rest room. Her maroon casual skirt brisked between her thighs, while it skimmed the pavement below. Her thin white sleeveless blouse cut just above her navel left her shoulders bare to accent her string of perils around her neck. Informed that the bathroom was already in use Britney walks out back and patiently waits for the rest room door to open. When it finally did, she signed her autograph for a little girl then gave her a warm smile.

While Britney takes care of business the two guys secure the surrounding area for her return. In one still moment the guys let their guard down enough to allow Angelina & Max to knock them over the head rendering them unconscious. While Britney’s happy little family awaited her to continue their journey, Max knew Britney had to get through Angelina first, and that wasn’t gonna happen. He quickly moved over to the back of the little store finding a wooden door leading to the basement. This would be a perfect place to drag Britney before the Paparazzi fellas wake up. He quickly worked the lock open having it ready for a quick entrance.

Much to Brit’s surprise when she opens the door the first person she sees is Angelina! She recognized her right away, causing her to walk back a step in a state of shock! She slowly began to giggle as she attempted to communicate with her.

“Wow! Angelina! It’s good to see you! Funny place for us to finally meet isn’t it.”

Britney stuttered through her words as she side stepped Angelina. Angelina wanted so bad to say hi to her but something was wrong, she wanted real bad to hurt her. She took two steps back trying to fight her urges, as Britney began to look at her funny.

“Are You OK? What’s wrong? Here’s the key if you need it.”

Britney reached out to hand her the key but Angelina nervously let them fall through her fingers to the ground. She still looked as though she was in shock. Britney didn’t know what to do but pick up the key and open the door for her. When she turned and walked in the direction of the door, Mr. Merlin bashed her over the head with a briefcase.

“I was afraid this was going to happen!”

Britney slumped forward into the wall completely dazed and barely conscious. Max dragged her quickly torward the wood doors in the back of the small shop. Angelina followed close behind, unaware of what they had just done. They stumbled down into the basement and rested Britney down on the ground. Merlin told Angelina to stay there as he went back up the stairs and locked the basement door. He then closed his eyes and transposed himself back into the basement.

“That should buy us enough time, for me to get us out of here”

Mr. Merlin grabbed one of Angelina’s hands, and then one of Britney’s and closed his eyes in an effort to transpose all three of them into a safe location. He was trying to get them back into Angelina’s house but overestimated his strength. Because he was transposing three people they ended up somewhere in the woods in the vicinity of the small store but far enough away that they were safe.

Part Four: The Vanishing

Kevin began to get restless waiting for Britney, and took Kori out back to look for her. As Kevin walked back behind the store, he didn’t notice anything unusual. He knocked on the bathroom door.

“Britney? Hurry Up! What’s taking so long?”

Quickly the door opened and a sixty year old woman darts her way past Kevin. He stood in confusion wondering where Britney was. He then turned and went into the small shop to see if she was buying something. He asked if anyone had seen her return the keys and they said no. In fact they were using their spare key because Britney had never returned it. Kevin began to worry, and the first thing that came to his mind was that the paparazzi freaks had taken her. He looked out the store window to see that the cars were still there. The man in the store realized something was up when Kevin turned around and told him to call the police. Kevin opened the door and carried Kori to their SUV noticing the two paparazzi guys standing outside the others car rubbing their heads. Kevin made sure Kori was okay and then he darted over to Mel’s car to confront them.

“What the hell did you guys do with her? You freaks?”

Mel was just as shocked as Kevin as he explained how he lost communication with his two employees for five minutes. Mel didn’t believe Kevin was telling the truth when he said that Britney was missing, but eventually he was forced to think accordingly when the police arrived. Kevin stayed with Kori as he continually tried to phone Britney on her cell phone but nobody ever answered.

“Something Is Wrong, Oh My God! Something Is Definitely Wrong!”

Part Five: Blindsided

Somewhere in the woods behind the old Mart, Britney slowly begins to gain some awareness. Her eyes open to the older Mr. Merlin looking her straight in the eye.

“What happened? Who are you?”

The cold look of Max Merlin continued to cut right through as Britney began to grow scared. When she realized they were out in the middle of the woods somewhere she made an attempt to get to her feet, but when she got as far as her knees Angelina pushed her back down from behind. Britney almost landed face first into the dirt blemishing her thin white shirt even further. She gained her balance back with her arms as she turned back on all fours to see Angelina behind her.

“What the…Angelina?” Brit could see the fierce look in Angelina’s eyes as Jolie moved in for the kill, belting a sharp kick to Britney’s bare midsection that sent her rolling over onto her back. Britney continued her look of confusion, trying to figure out what this was all about. She was quickly informed as she looked up to see the delusional Mr. Merlin taunting her from above.

“You were afraid of my Danielle weren’t you? Just admit it, you were afraid she was better than you?”

Angelina moved closer to Britney with clearly a different motive than Max, but to Britney it was no different. She began to stutter in her shortness of breath!

“Danielle? Whose Danielle? I Don’t Understand?”

Her eyes bounced back and forth from the silent Angelina whose mouth was watering with some kind of hatred or hunger, to the demented old man accusing her of doing something to some person named Danielle. She had no clue what to do other than try to get out of there, so she made an attempt to get to her feet.

When she regained her footing Angelina backed her up against a large tree. She thought about running but one side of the tree was a large crop of weeds, and on the other loomed the gazing Merlin himself. She looked forward at Angelina who came attacking with a right uppercut into her stomach. Britney leaned forward in pain as her hair loosened from it’s bun to flourish down over her face. Merlin knew the fireworks were just about to begin.

“Now my lovely, now it’s time to take back what’s rightfully ours!!!”

Angelina wasn’t quite ready to finish Britney off as her conscience made an appearance for she was just as shocked as Britney. She explored her confusion as she reached forward grabbing Britney’s shoulders in an attempt to comfort her but Merlin wasn’t gonna let that happen.

“No, finish her! Angelina, what are you doing?”

Britney used this moment of confusion to scamper past the zoned Jolie as she pushed Max to the ground. She ran as fast as she could unaware of what direction led to her safety. She got a big lead on Angelina but Merlin again would take care of that. He used his powers to transpose himself in front of her.

“No! I….I just!”

Britney made a 45 degree turn and kept running as Angelina picked up ground. Once again Merlin appeared in front of her as she quickly tried to change directions again. As she made the quick cut her bad knee almost gave out causing her to begin to stumble forward. Preoccupied by her own pain she didn’t notice Max in front of her again. The blonde all but ran Merlin over but found herself scampering right into Angelina’s grasp!

“No! Please! I didn’t do anything, I don’t know any Danielle, I swear!”

Angelina grabbed Britney by the hair and threw her to the ground. The smaller blonde didn’t have any other choice but to fight back. She got to her feet and dove at Angelina and tackled her to the hard dirt. Angelina’s long gorgeous legs wrapped around Britney’s waist, but Britney weakend the grip by drilling Jolie in the midsection over and over again. Angelina took some hard shots but finally was able to use her legs to roll Britney to the ground beneath her.

Britney now trapped underneath her assailant did the best she could to squirm backward with her elbows. In Brits haste to break free her loose fit Moshino skirt slid halfway down her smooth silky legs. Angelina with a quick thought grabs a hold of Britney’s pearl necklace and some of the thin white blouse beneath it. Lucky for Britney neither of them were strong enough to keep her tied down as the necklace exploded all over Jolie’s grip. The blondes thin white blouse ripped halfway down the middle exposing her lacey white bra.

Britney twisted out from Angelina’s grasp unaware that the waist of her skirt had begun to nestle around her ankles. As she got to her knees and tried to explode to her feet for an escape, the skirt constricted her legs forbidding her from doing so. Britney continued to struggle when Jolie grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. Angelina then proceeded to drive her knee into Britney’s back partially lifting the blonde off the ground and jilting her to the ground. Spears grabbed a hold of her aching back as she tried to kick her skirt off of her ankles. Angelina moved in by sitting on her stomach and driving Brit flat on her back. In her only hope for escape she wedged her right hand up into Angelina’s neck trying to push the bigger woman off of her. Just when it looked like Britney’s choke was weakening Jolie, the brunette rushed a driving right cross to Britney’s face. Instantaneously Spears lost her hold on Angelina’s neck and was further silenced with a snapping right backhand jarring her head the other way. The two punishing blows left Britney barely conscious staring at the dimming blues skies.

Part Six: Undressed for the Occasion

Angelina looked down at her conquered victim and then glanced at Merlin with a smile. She slide her well toned lower body down Britney’s legs and leaned herself forward. She proceeded to sift her tongue through Britney’s lips licking some of the blood away before resculpting the linings of Britney’s inviting tongue. While tongue tying her helpless victim Jolie ran her right hand between the blondes thighs and snapped off her silky blue panties. Angelina then worked her way out of Britney mouth making sure to lick every ounce of spit off her lips, and began to channel herself down the blondes body. Angelina whispered her tongue through Britney’s cleavage and wrestled for a moment with her bra. She then proceeded through her tattered and torn up blouse and down her stomach. When she reached Britney’s belly button she could feel her own tongue start to grow as she explored herself down the blonde’s lightly shaved pubic hairs. The whole time Britney was barely awake and serenading them with a gentle moan. Finally Angelina’s tongue tastefully graduated into Britney’s womanhood. By this time, Merlin had gotten himself back together after his collision with Ms. Spears and witnessed Jolie’s prowl.

“Oh my God! This is going to be good!”

Angelina shifted her lower body into the air as she curled on her knees between Britney’s legs. She could feel Britney’s confusion by the gentle tension in her thighs as they gently opened, and closed around her head. Jolie had contained herself long enough as she strode her hands against the back of Brit’s legs before squeezing them. She slithered her tongue deep inside Britney’s womanhood causing the blonde to twitch involuntarily. Britney slowly came out of her haze as she was feeling the confines of her own extreme pleasure. Jolie crept her lips up against Brit’s body gently stimulating her into a frenzy as her tongue continued to search for the buried treasures of ecstacy. Britney found herself inviting every inch of Angelina’s tongue into her as she felt herself reaching the point of no return faster and stronger than ever before. Her natural reaction was to reach her hands down and push Angelina’s head even closer to her. And when she did, that’s when her body exploded into an orgasm. A gentle flow of cum trickled onto Angelina’s tongue further exciting her into her moment of rage.

Britney, lost in her palace of foreplay didn’t realize that Angelina was consuming everything that her body was dishing out. Her volatile moans of ecstasy translated all confusion into a formidable lust for her own helplessness. It wasn’t until Jolie’s passionate torment led her down a never ending road of multiple, uncontrollable orgasms that Britney would lose the ability to decipher her own fate. Her body convulsed with the deep penetration of Angelina’s powerful lust ridden tongue. Her moans diversified into small screams of feverish delight. Mr. Merlin did all he could to keep her quiet but his own unlawful stimulation kept him sidelined from that challenge.

Britney’s legs continued to drape around Angelina’s head as she not only was submerged into the sea of orgasm but she began to pour out sweat. Her soft blonde hair blemished as she rolled her head from side to side trying to envelope the elements of her pure satisfaction. Her withered white top was soaked to her skin like she had just walked in from a steady rain. She felt herself beginning to weaken and she began to wonder if her orgasms would ever end. She forced her head up off the ground as far as she could to witness what has obliterated any boundaries or limitations to her sexual freedom. She couldn’t see past her bodies dispersed convulsions and twitches to see how Angelina’s eyes were refracting into a rainbow from the sunlight.

Jolie continued to consume every ounce of Britney’s love juice trying to drain Ms. Spears’s every ounce of pleasure. Sweat beaded off of Britney’s chest and stomach as she grew weaker and weaker. After close to 45 minutes of unrelentless orgasm Angelina sensed that Britney had reached the point of exhaustion. Her pleasures had begun to cease even though she continued to slither her tongue through every inch of Britney’s womanhood. Finally when Britney was ever so close to passing out Angelina withdrew her mighty tongue from Britney’s body and moved herself up to a seated position. She looked at Britney’s sexually spent body beneath her before leaning back down to lick Britney’s body one last time. She licked her own lips clean of any signs of Britney’s love juices and the proceeded to whistle a fine white mist over Britney’s sex. Britney who began the moment burning up in sexual exhaustion found herself progressing into a cold sweat. Jolie’s dark breath relinquished Britney into the cold confines of a sexual winter.

Part Seven: Second Cumming

Mr. Merlin was in shock for this was even more pleasurable than anticipated, even for someone his age. He strolled through the woods making sure the coast was still clear, while trying to collect himself from this experience. Yes, he had spent years planning his revenge, but until he actually experienced it, the cards would remain unturned. Everything still seemed clear as he turned and headed back to Angelina & Britney. When he returned he wasn’t surprised to see, Angelina standing over her. Jolie reached down and tore what was left of Britney’s blouse off noticing how Britney’s skin was covered with chills. She reached down and snapped Brit’s bra in two and tore it out from under her.

Ms. Spears was now completely naked and barely moving as she felt her perceptions drift in and out. Angelina reached under her short black mini skirt and slid down her thin black panties, positioning herself over Britney’s head.

“You were delicious Brit! The least I can do is give you something back! “

Angelina lowers her sex over Britney’s face while slowly coming in contact with her facial features. Before lowering herself completely, she made sure she explored Britney’s face some. She slowly ran her woman hood over Britney’s soft lips & haze filled eyes before settling her weight on her nose. Britney’s cold skin sent shivers through Angelina’s body as the brunette slid her knees along side Brit’s head.

“I know just the thing to warm you up again, Britters!”

As Jolie whisked gently across Britney’s face she reached forward and latched on to Britney’s breasts with either hand. Angelina massaged the chill out of Britney’s soft tit flesh enjoying the feeling of her rock hard nipples. She sunk herself a little deeper onto Britney’s face and began to work herself up a little. She knew Britney was barely conscious so it wouldn’t take much to put her out. She wanted to make sure Britney was awake to feel the warm flow of her cum dripping down the sides of her face, so she rode her face for short intervals.

Max watched as his newest weapon smothered out her first victim, knowing he was right about Angelina’s dominatrix abilities. He couldn’t take his eyes off the scene as Angelina slowly pulsated above a helpless Britney. After a short time, Jolie knew the moment was right to work herself a little harder until finally, she exploded all over young Britney’s face. Angelina listened as Britney started to cough up some of her orgasm. She made sure she felt all of Britney’s facial features before dropping herself down completely. The smaller blonde squimmered some weak yet sensuous pleas, but Angelina muffled them with her warm sexual gyrations. Gently caressing Ms. Spear’s face,while using her soft breasts as leverage by compressing them through her fingers. Before long Angelina could feel Britney’s weak resistance abandon her all together for she had been smothered completely out. Angelina went for her final lap as she cherished her moments of pleasure at Britney’s expense.

Faster….Slower….Faster…Slower….and again she exploded on Britney’s face. This time grasping her victims head between her thighs and culminating her with short thin strokes. Angelina wanted so bad for Britney to eat her out at this point, but knew Ms. Spears didn’t have the strength. Instead Jolie slide herself off of her running her public region gently through Brit’s hair. Angelina had relieved herself of her sexual tension for the moment as she stepped back on her hands and knees and watched as Britney’s face was generously dripping with cum. What little make up Britney did have on was smeared into the crevices of her facial features, while some of it settled on her neck.

Angelina made her way to her feet. She had worked up quite a sweat herself as she pulled her cloth black mini skirt back down past her hips. She repositioned herself by standing over Britney’s waist before pulling her tank top above her head and off. Reaching behind her back she snapped her black bra apart, before whisking it off and to the ground. Her huge breasts exploded from their cages now free. She slowly ran her hands through her own breasts while looking down at the fallen blonde.

“Now it’s time for dessert!”

Part Eight: Dessert

A soft whispering wind filtered through the trees of this lost hideaway as the traumatized brunette raised her chin up to the light. A blonde lies beneath her lying naked and consumed by a sexual desire. Angelina has succeeded in voiding Brit of all her sexual urges, but the process doesn’t stop there.

Jolie knelt down onto Britney’s bare waist straddling the soft skin beneath her. Angelina leaned herself forward placing one hand next to Britney’s face, while using the other to playfully her. After awakening Britney from her slumber a bit, Angelina once again ran her tongue through Britney’s cleavage tracing her tongue over and around her soft supple breasts. She then landed her other hand on the opposite side of Britney’s head gently lowering her firm round breasts until they eventually came in contact with Britney’s. Slowly she ran her nipples over and around the blondes gorgeous mounds until her nipples collided with Britney’s. The initial contact between nipples sent a surge through Jolie’s body that was unsurpassed. She proceed to circle her victims nipples with her own arousing every inch and desire within herself until finally she would melt into the thresholds of ambiguity.

Angelina took a deep breath as she lowered herself down like she was doing a push up on Britney’s body. Her breasts crushed Britney’s against her ribcage making them submit to their utter humiliation. Angelina raised her body again so only their nipples were touching. Hers began to soften and submerge themselves around Britney’s until finally they consumed them.
Angelina raised herself to all fours as she threw her head back almost hypnotized by the wind. Her breasts hung low stretching Britney’s from her body as their nipples were now as one. She could feel a fulfillment as her Breasts systematically began to consume Britney’s. She moved both of her hands underneath Britney’s shoulders and slowly raised her up into a seated position.

Britney’s body slowly began to pulsate as her chest was slowly being consumed by this sadistic sexual creature. Her head dangled from side to side as her eyes flickered in anticipation. Was she feeling pleasure or was she too weak to show her pain? Her arms rested lifelessly against the moistened dirt as Angelina drew her closer once more. The pulsations slowly began to increase as Jolie released Brit’s shoulders leaving her hanging heartlessly by her breasts. Jolie’s firm untamed breasts balancing the weight of the blondes body beneath them.

Merlin watches from afar as the distance between Angelina and Britney slowly begins to diminish. The passionate brunette slowly drained the life out of the blondes once beautiful mammaries. The process is long and fulfilling for Angelina as she watches Britney’s body dangle closer and closer beneath until the point where she has rendered Britney’s sexual maturity deep into it’s adolescent stages. As her chest consumes every last ounce of Britney’s once protruding globes, her nipple slowly begins to release Brit’s. Angelina watches as Ms. Spears falls helplessly to the ground expending out a heartening whimper of defeat.

“No more boobs for Britney!”

Part Nine: Baptized by Desire

Finally, for the first time in her life Angelina’s sexual hunger had been satisfied. She runs her hands over her breasts slowly oozing her own tit flesh through them. If this is what it feels like to be in pure ecstacy she definitely can get used to it. She gathers her clothes and dresses as Max tends to Britney.

“Oh Max, you were sooooo right!”

Max who very nearly had a heart attack witnessing the spectacle gathered Britney’s things and transported her back to the small Mart along the side of the highway! He transported himself first to make sure nobody was in the basement, before transporting Britney with him. He left her lying on the basement floor completely naked. She rested on her stomach with her hands pleasantly at her side. Max took one more fulfilling look back, then transported his self back to Angelina and eventually back home.

A lady working at the Mart eventually found Britney, and called the police. The cops were dumbfounded at how Britney suddenly appeared in the basement of the old store when they had thoroughly searched over the territory. Britney was taken to a hospital for her recovery, but the fact of the matter is she will never be the same. The dried sexual substance all over Britney’s face and hair was traced back to Britney herself. Britney’s body was thoroughly depleted, but because she was found so quickly, it wasn’t life threatening. Britney & Kevin’s relationship will truly be put to the test now because of her body’s inability to be stimulated from its sexual winter.

Max had considered their assault on young Britney a complete success. He witnessed with his own eyes, as she was ruthlessly drained of all her sexual urges, thoroughly desexitized, while Angelina was enjoying the benefits of her own sexual fulfillment. The two different goals, both attained by the same mission. It was Max’s job now to keep Angelina satisfied, by plotting the intervals between her feedings. And of course the most important question of all, who her next victims would be. He knew Angelina would still display some weaknesses, but eventually she would grow out of them.

Through a hazy lens, Max was seen sitting on his couch with a picture of Danielle in his grasp. He paged through the magazine stopping so Danielle could look at each woman in turn. After a short time, Max could be seen placing the open magazine on the coffee table with Danielle’s picture guarding over it as the camera zoomed in to a close-up of the face of Angelina’s next victim!