Angelina Jolie vs. Liv Tyler by Jeremy (12/16/00)

The day had finally come, Liv Tyler thought to herself as she approached the trailer on the set of "Girl Interrupted." It was the day she was going to teach Angelina Jolie a lesson. This fight stated innocently enough. Liv Tyler was auditioning for a role in the movie a couple of weeks before but it was filled by her close friend Winona Ryder.

As Liv left, Angelina made the comment that she couldn't get her daddy to help her. Liv responded by attacking Angie until security broke them up, each girl getting their licks in. Now Liv was standing outside Angie's trailer with a letter in her hand.

The note simply said, "Bitch we finish what we started tonight. Meet me at my trailer on the set to settle this. Come prepared."

It was signed Angelina Jolie.

As Liv approached the trailer she was having second thoughts until Angelina appeared at the door and said, "I don't care if you come in or not, I'll kick your ass out there just as well."

Liv sighed but went on in. She removed her coat to showcase a blue bikini. Her brown hair flowed down her back. Angie took off a white robe she was wearing to reveal a red bikini, her hair (red at the time) also hung down.

"I see you came prepared," she said

"Always," Liv hissed back.

"Well let's do this."

They then begin circling each other claws raised, each exchanging catty comments toward each other.

Liv finally thought she saw an opening and charged in trying to tackle the redhead to the floor. Liv knocked her down and immediately tried taking a dominating position by straddling Angie and pounding her face hard.

Angelina offered little screams and tried bucking Liv off, but to no avail. Fed up, she clasps onto Liv's left tit and twists hard. Liv screamed at the pain but continued punching for a few seconds longer. Finally she stops and tries to pry Angelina's hand away. But with that change in pace Angie was able to buck Liv away. Liv got to her feet holding her aching breast. Angie shook away the cobwebs and charged in. Liv side-stepped the charge and delivered a devastating knee lift to Angie's belly. Angie doubled over and Liv nailed a double ax-handle across the back to knock her to the floor.

Like a shark smelling blood Liv straddled Angie's back and begin pulling her head back into a camel clutch. Angie screamed and bucked but all it accomplished was Liv pulling back even harder.

"Bitch, I'll break your skanky ass in half," Liv hissed.

However Angelina showed no signs of giving up right away as she snaked her arms up to Liv's bikini bottom and yanked up hard. Liv immediately jumped off as the material shirred into her pussy. Angie tried to get to all fours but Liv helped her up with a handful of hair.

The brunette then went wild and began slamming lefts and rights into her foe's face. Angie blocked most of them but found herself back on the floor when Liv started scoring hits to her nose and mouth.

"That's right bitch, get back up," Liv taunted. "I'm not through ruining your date with Billy Bob, you cunt."

Angie fought back her tears and brushed her hand across her nose and mouth where a small trickle of blood flowed. Seeing the blood, fire brewed in her eyes.

"You fucking cunt," she yelled and drove an uppercut right between her brunette rival's legs.

Liv dropped to her knees and instantly was crying. Angie sprang to her feet almost revived. Hauling the brunette to her feet by the mane, Angie fired kicks into Liv's belly. With Liv doubled over, Angie grabbed her robe and threw it over Liv's face. From there she punched and kicked Liv like a cat toying with a mouse before flinging her over the back of a nearby couch.

Angie stood on the couch doing a victory pose, then jumped down with a legdrop across Liv's belly. Liv groaned on impact. Angie finally stripped her of her bikini and Liv was too weak to put up any resistance.

Angie then schoolgirl pinned Liv and asked if she had enough. Liv was beaten badly, her nose and mouth bleeding and her right eye was swollen shut but she managed to flip Angie off which just made Angie happier.

"I'm so glad you did that bitch," she grinned as she undid her bra.

She began smothering her victim with her breasts. It didn't take long for Liv's body to go limp but Angie still remained with the hold, until Winona Ryder stumbled in. Winona pulled Angie off of Liv and punched her a few times then went to tend to the very beaten Liv Tyler.

Angie dressed and left whispering, "That's right baby girl. Tend to your friend. Next time we meet I won't be so easy on her. And as for you, you're next my little bitch!"

The End for now