Liv Tyler vs. Angelina Jolie by Stranger (first story) 6/12/01

It was at a party showcasing Liv Tyler's new movie, "Lord of the Rings." Liv and Drew Barrymore were standing next to each other talking. Liv was wearing a long evening gown, showing off some cleavage. Her long black hair hung loose around her shoulders and across back. Suddenly, Liv spotted Angelina Jolie who was alone in the corner of the room.
"What is SHE doing here?!" Liv asked Drew.

"Who?" asked Drew, looking around in her usual quandary.
"That arrogant bitch Angelina Jolie!" replied Liv.
"Oh....her...I have no idea...," Drew said shrugging.
"Look at her! Trying to look all tough and scary. I bet she's just another wimp!" Liv hissed, her lip curling in contempt.
"I'm not so sure about that....," said Drew.
"Uh...I wish I could just kick her ass right out of here!" Liv said, looking pissed for some unexplained reason.
"Don't do anything stupid Liv," Drew cautioned, touching her friends arm. "Let's just enjoy the party!"
Drew quickly left Liv and went to refill her drink. Liv stayed there alone, but she kept staring at Angelina who stood off by herself, all alone, in a dark corner of the room. Suddenly, Angelina turned around and caught Liv staring at her. Their eyes met and, after a moment of hesitation, Angelina gave Liv a cold, hard stare.

Liv quickly lowered her eyes in dismay and gasped, "Oh no...," to herself.
When she looked up a few seconds later, Angelina was gone! Liv became nervous. She looked for Angelina, scanning the room with her eyes, but couldn't see her. After a while Drew returned with her drink. Drew's hand was trembling and she had an expression close to fear on her face.
"What's wrong?" asked Liv, putting an arm around Drew's quivering shoulders.
"When we talked a few minutes ago," Drew whispered. "I noticed Cate Blanchett was standing next to us. I think she was listening...."
Liv gasped and, like Drew, fear and shock appeared on her face.
" do you know??" Liv asked. "Are you sure?"
"Wait...this is the scary part...a few seconds ago I saw Cate and Angelina talking outside..."
"WHAT?!" Liv was so scared she dropped her drink.
"D..Do you think she told her about what I said???" Liv asked, her voice trembling.
"I don't know..." said Drew.
"What should I do?" Liv gasped. "I can't stay here!!"
It seemed like Liv was about to cry.
"Don't worry! it was probably nothing...They probably were just talking about the movie!" Drew said trying to calm Liv.
Liv had a look of helplessness on her face as she looked at Drew, not satisfied with her answer.
"OK, I have to get out of here fast...but I have to use the bathroom first...Then I'm leaving !"

"Fine, do as you wish...I'll be here if you need me. Bye," replied Drew.
"Bye," said Liv.
Liv went as fast as she could to the bathroom. She entered the bathroom and stood there, looking in the mirror, thinking about her situation. Suddenly, she heard a noise. She turned look towards the door and when it opened Angelina Jolie was standing there, smiling a vicious smile.
Angelina took a few more steps forward, then closed the door behind her. Liv was now so frightened, she started shaking. She stopped staring at Angelina and instead tried to keep herself busy with the mirror, trying to make it look like nothing is unusual was happening. Angelina walked towards her, staring at her all the time, then stopped 5 feet away from Liv.
"So," spoke Angelina in a calm tone. "I heard what you were saying about me!"
Liv's worst fears came true. She was terrified...she turned around and faced Angelina.
"Excuse me?" Liv said, trying to hide her fear.
"I HEARD WHAT YOU WERE SAYING ABOUT ME!" said Angelina, speaking a lot louder.
Liv took a step backward, bumping into the sink.
"Wh..what do you mean..?" she said in a low shaky voice.
"I heard you said I'm a wimp. That you want to kick my ass," said Angelina.
Liv didn't move. She just stared at Angelina's pissed face, her heart beating faster and faster.
"No....I..I didn' must have been a misunderstanding," Liv said, praying Angelina will let her go and forget all about it.
But Angelina kept standing there, her hands on her hips.
Angelina said, "Yeah, right, you are so pathetic! I'll teach you a lesson, show you exactly who's a wimp!"
"Please ! I don't know what you're talking about....let me go!" Liv begged.

"NO WAY! bitch!" said Angelina.
She slapped Liv really hard on her cheek. Liv was not ready for this, her head spun left from the power of the slap. She started
massaging her red cheek, while whimpering.
"Owwww.... Leave me alone! What have I ever done to you?" cried Liv.

"Nothing much. But you said you wanted to kick my ass. Well, here's your chance!"
Angelina caught Liv's hair and pulled it backward, forcing her to look up at her. Liv was terrified. She looked at Angelina's eyes with huge fear.
"PLEASE!!! I'm sorry!!! don't hurt me, pleeeeaaassse," Liv whimpered.
Angelina laughed, "God, you won't even fight back? This is way too easy!"

Liv couldn't move. Angelina had a strong grip on her hair, and she was too afraid to make any offensive move of her own.
Suddenly, Angelina released Liv's hair, and she fell backwards, landing on her ass. Liv felt momentary relief, and kept sitting on her ass, afraid to anger Angelina.
"So here's the deal" said Angelina, "I'm gonna give you a chance to fight me!"

Liv didn't know what to do, she didn't want to fight Angelina, she knew Angelina could beat her easily. Liv never had a fight in her life, and Angelina looked too tough.
"No....I don't wanna fight you!!! Pleaaase! I wont say anything about you ever again! Please let me go!" Liv begged as tears started falling from her eyes. She felt so helpless.

"NO WAY WIMP! GET UP !!!!" Angelina screamed at her.
Liv obeyed immediately. She stood on her shaky legs. She stood for a moment looking at Angelina with pleading eyes, waiting for her next move. Suddenly Angelina punched Liv straight in her belly, just as hard as she could.

Liv doubled over, went down on her knees, and started coughing.
"I'm going to destroy you bitch! you are the biggest wimp I ever had to beat up!"
Liv could barely breath, she was sobbing on her knees. then Angelina turned to the mirror and started fixing her makeup; ignoring the sobbing Liv. Liv saw her opportunity and started crawling as fast as she could, on her hands and knees, toward the door. She almost reached the knob, but then she felt a sharp pain in her head. Angelina was pulling hard on her hair, dragging her away from the door

"Ahhhh noooooo....let me go please!!!!" she screamed.
Angelina picked her up by her hair, and delivered a knee to her gut. Liv doubled over again, and Angelina shoved her against the wall, Liv held her belly and slumped to the floor. Angelina laughed, leaned towards her and started ripping off Liv's dress.
"Please don't do this to me! I don't want people to see me like this! Have mercy....pleeease! Liv pleaded.
But Angelina didn't care. Besides, Liv was too weak and afraid to do anything. She ripped of Liv's entire dress, while Liv is crying in protest, but nothing more. When she was done, Angelina threw Liv's dress into the toilet and flushed it.
Liv heard this, and realized what Angelina was doing, she was hopeless, and kept crying. She was now lying on the floor, in her bra and underwear, waiting for her tormentor to return. Then Angelina was back. Liv was still on her hands and knees, begging.
"Please, Angelina, I've learned my lesson, I'm sorry!! Please, please let me go! I wont bother you ever again!"
"Not good enough, you flat-chested bitch!! The lesson isn't over yet!"
Suddenly, the door opened and Drew Barrymore was standing there, in complete shock.

"What the....?" Drew gasped.
"Drew!!!! Please help me Drew!!!! She's destroying me!!! Make her stop !!!! Puleeease!" Liv begged.

Drew didn't know what to do. She hesitated to interfere, but Liv was her friend.
"Don't even think about it!" commanded Angelina. "Get the fuck outta here Drew, and keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you!"

Drew was too afraid to do anything to help Liv. She quickly turned around and scampered out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her.
"Nooooooo............," wailed Liv, all hope gone now.

"And now....," said Angelina. "You have to do a few things for me; you know, to show me how sorry you are."
Liv knew she had no choice, she swallowed hard and nodded.
"OK. Wha....What kind of things..?" she asked.
"First, take off your bra and panties," Angelina smiled.
"No....please....don't do.."
"TAKE THEM OFF !!!!" Angelina screamed in rage.

Liv was so terrified she quickly took of her bra, baring her small chest.
Angelina laughed, "Jeez, I had bigger boobs when I was 12, you little twirp!!!"
Liv was crying.
"Now....your panties. MAKE IT FAST!"
Liv obeyed. Now she was completely naked.
"Good girl," said Angelina, playfully mussing Liv's hair.
"And now, I'll show you some real tits!" Angelina said.

She whipped off her shirt and bra, exposing her larger, rounder boobs.
"Now, tell me," said Angelina. "Who's the flat-chested wimp here??"
"I...I am....please stop this!" begged Liv.
"You are WHAT?" asked Angelina again.
"I am a....flat-chested wimp...," said Liv meekly.
"Good! I'm glad you understand that. Now, if you want to get out of here alive..."
Angelina removed her right shoe.

Liv looked at her, fearing the worst.
"Lick my foot!!!" commanded Angelina.
"Please. Don't do this to me," Liv whined. "I can't...can't do this!! I'll give you money!!! Anything, just stop this! Please!"
"I don't need your stupid money," Angelina laughed. "I got more than you anyway. Start licking or I'll beat you to death!"
Liv had no choice. She bent down and licked Angelina's toe, just once; a quick flick of her tongue.
"Not good enough wimp! do it better or......"
Angelina didn't have to finish her sentence. Liv started licking her feet over and over. Angelina smiled, and after a few minutes got tired of this, so she told Liv to stop.
Liv stopped, and looked at Angelina, "Can I go now? I did what you told me! Please let me go now..."

"Not yet," fired back Angelina.
"First, one final lesson. Get down on your hands and knees like a dog. You're going to carry me on your back, outside to the middle of the party room!"
Liv was in shock, she didn't expect this kind of humiliation, even from someone as twisted as Angelina Jolie. Liv had no choice except to plead with Angelina for mercy.

"PLEASE NO ! That's too much !!! Please don't make me do this!! I'm naked!!! Please, at least let me wear by bra and panties. Have mercy!"
"Hmm....I have a better idea," said Angelina.
She picked up Liv's underwear from the floor and stuffed it in the mouth of the squirming young actress.
"Mpphhh...uuuuuuu....," Liv whimpered.

"And now, on you hands and knees like a dog!!!" she pointed at Liv.
Liv was too afraid to resist. She did as she was told. Then, Angelina sat on her back, and slapped her hard on her butt cheek.

Liv collapsed to the floor, crying uncontrollably.
"Get up you wimp!!! Now!!!!" Angelina screamed as she dug her heels into Liv's ribs.
Liv struggled back up to her hands and knees, tears covering her red face; her underwear in her mouth not even allowing her to beg again. She started crawling on her hands and knees, slowly. Angelina's weight on her back was making it hard.
Angelina opened the bathroom door, and slapped Liv's ass again, "Faster!!!"
Liv sobbed and whimpered but her cries were muffled by her underwear. They entered the party again. All the people turned around in shock.
"That's right!! look at her," shouted Angelina. "This is your big star! Whatta fuckin' wimp!!"
While some of the people laughed at Liv's embarrassment, others like Charlize Theron and Ashley Judd, definitely looked worried and even appeared to sympathize with Ms. Tyler's predicament.
Suddenly, Liv managed to spit out her underwear and started screaming, "PLEASE HELP ME! GET HER OFF ME!! SOMEBODY, PLEEEEASE HELP!"
Several man came forward to help her but the other women were too afraid to get anywhere near Angelina. The men pried the laughing Angelina off of Liv's back and Liv collapsed to the floor crying. She covered her chest and crotch with her hands, her whole body was shaking.

Angelina pulled away from the men holding her, leaned over and spat in Liv's face, then turned on her heel, stuck her haughty nose in the air and left the party. Since then, Liv has never mentioned Angelina's name and avoids being around her at all costs.