Kelly Monaco vs. Jordan by Technetium 6/20/01

Kelly finally left the group of people she was talking to at about 3am. The party had been going on since 6pm, and, even if a discrete number of people were still there, it was getting boring. The night was pleasantly warm, if not pretty hot, and she decided to take a walk through the trees to a small building she'd seen when the party was still lively.

She opened the door of the small wooden shelter and entered, breathing deeply the aromatic air inside. She pushed a red button and the water in the big Jacuzzi started bubbling and swirling, making a comforting sound. Kelly undressed down to her white stockings, then entered the water. She stayed fifteen minutes, almost sleeping, wrapped in pleasure and relaxing herself. Then, she heard a noise and opened her eyes. She was reassured on seeing it was a blonde girl entering.

"Hi, can I come in?" asked the blonde.

"Yeah, sure.. I'm just glad you're a woman," Kelly began. Then realizing she may be misunderstood, the curvy Playmate quickly added, "It would have been embarrassing if you'd been a male."

"Hmmm.... you sure about that?" the blonde asked with a smug grin. " 'Cause, if it'd been a guy you'd have something to show him. But since it's me..... well, I've got by far the best body here!"

The blonde peeled down her dress to reveal an explosive, tall, extremely busty tight body. Kelly couldn't believe what was going on: the topless blonde skinned off her white panties and then ran her tongue over her lips in a very provocative way.

"I'm Jordan, the famous model," said the blonde entering the Jacuzzi still wearing her black stockings. "I'm sure you've heard of me. What's your name by the way?"

"K...Kelly," Kelly said.

"Kelly what?" Jordan said, sliding down and extending her long legs toward Kelly. "I don't remember seeing you on any of the catwalks. Why are you at this party? This is for MODELS! Y'know, for the real people!"

Kelly fumed. She was very proud of her body, especially her tits. Now, this British bitch had tits bigger than hers, but clearly Jordan's were fake.

"This is why we're so underestimated," Kelly bristled. "Bitches like you go to a plastic surgeon, get a breast enhancement and everyone looks at them in awe. Regardless the fact that you've cheated, everyone remembers you and not people with a real nice NATURAL body. That's like so unfair!"

"Oh, poor darling," said Jordan, pouting to tease the smaller girl. "Your titties are so small that they may disappear in the bubbles. Maybe you should get out before you lose them somewhere. You wouldn't be able to find them, then!"

With that, Jordan started rubbing her palms on her XXL melons, hardening her nipples which grew and lengthened dramatically as they became aroused.

Kelly stared at them a while before replying, "You think those tits are better than mine? You think you're better than me just because you're taller and a stupid model? Well, now, let's have a fight and we can prove whose tits are better!"

Excited, Jordan quickly agreed.

"Well good, let's do it! You'll be sorry afterward, after I destroy your small stuff!"

"Fuck off, whore!" Kelly hissed. "I'll be demolishing your fake melons shortly, then you'll beg me to bring 'em back to their original B-cup size!"

The two girls stood facing each other. Their tits touched, giving both a pleasant sensation. Kelly pressed her jugs hard into Jordan's and began rubbing them quite effectively. Jordan started moaning in pleasure, happy with Kelly's action. While Kelly was busy rubbing her hard nipples on Jordan's, the blonde grabbed Kelly's head form behind with both hands and pulled it toward her.

As Kelly opened her mouth to protest, Jordan covered her lips with her own and pushed her tongue deep into Kelly's mouth. Kelly responded to Jordan's kiss with equal fervor and the two girls were wrapped for some seconds in pure animal passion. When Kelly reached down with her left hand to Jordan's nicely shaved bush, the blonde suddenly thrust her breasts forward and her enormous jugs collided hard with Kelly's softer ones. Kelly realized that Jordan's tits were too big for her.

Even if she had fought with passion, Kelly knew she would have been defeated by them. She had to do something to stop Jordan, so she brought both hands up and shoved them between their tits. First, Kelly started rubbing Jordan's erect nipples as she kissed the big blonde even more passionately. Jordan couldn't believe this little brunette was turning her on so effectively.

Jordan was seeking out Kelly's tongue, completely lost in pleasure. Kelly rubbed her palms faster and faster, pinching and pressing Jordan's nipples in the extremely sensuous way Playmates have perfected through years of practice.

Jordan moaned aloud and Kelly immediately broke her kiss and moved her lips to Jordan's deeply tanned neck. Jordan's head fell back as Kelly's tongue slid down her neck and over her chest until it finished its journey at her right tit.

Kelly sucked the blondes nipple into her mouth as deep as she could, then went to work on the sensitive tip with the tip of her rough tongue, provoking in the blonde model to several shivers of pleasure. While taking care of the big silicone tit on her left side, Kelly brought her right hand up between Jordan's legs and clapped it roughly onto Jordan's pussy. The blonde spread her legs wider and moaned 'yesssss' as Kelly slipped her middle finger and started fingering her.

"It's not the way I wanted to fight!" Jordan exclaimed as she rotated her hips, still wrapped in pleasure.

Jordan knew Kelly was getting the better on her and she wanted to change her tactics. However, her mind was confused and she was thinking only of the pleasure she was getting from Kelly's fantastic fingering and her talented tongue. In a moment, Jordan's legs buckled and she was held up only by Kelly's powerful hand between her legs. Soon, however, Jordan's weight became was too much and Kelly let her slide into the water.

Kelly had to give up her fingering in order to remain standing. Kelly pushed the dazed blonde down on all fours and pulled her neck between her thighs. Jordan's tits were hanging straight down, completely surrounded by the bubbling water. Kelly gently reached down and took them in her fingers, then started rubbing Jordan's hard nipples as the water surged and bubbled around the sensitive flesh. Jordan moaned in complete pleasure. Kelly's hands and the bubbling water gave an explosive sensation to the oversized blonde's sensitive jugs.

After a minute, Kelly's right hand left Jordan's melon as she leaned over Jordan's back and reached to her blonde pussy. As soon as she touched it, Jordan groaned and when Kelly started caressing it Jordan could only sigh and tremble with excitement. Kelly inserted two fingers into Jordan's love box, finding an extremely wet environment, the blonde spasmed and cried out in pleasure as she climaxed.

Jubilant because of Jordan's first orgasm, Kelly started spanking Jordan's big bronzed ass. The plastic babe, still dazed from the previous action, could only whine and squirm for some seconds. However, as her golden ass cheeks started turning red, she knew she had to do something. Jordan moved her body backwards, unbalancing Kelly momentarily. Repeating the action several times while Kelly was scratching her ass and shouting her to stop, Jordan managed to upset the Playmate.

When Kelly fell on her ass in front of her, Jordan wasted no time and jumped on her, forcing Kelly further down into the roiling water. Kelly tried to fight back, but Jordan was heavier, stronger. In the end, Kelly sat down as Jordan wrapped her legs around Kelly's waist underwater. As Jordan started squeezing, Kelly leaned forward and sucked Jordan's right nipple in her mouth. Then she bit down, making the blonde yelp. Jordan immediately tried to retreat, opening her legs and punching Kelly's head.

Jordan managed to scramble to her feet, but Kelly drove her right hand up between Jordan's legs, grabbing her crotch. Jordan grabbed a handful of Kelly's black hair, and the two remained locked in this position for several moments.

Jordan's hold was more effective than Kelly's and the Playmate had to rise painfully, releasing her crotch claw to grab the sides of the Jacuzzi. Jordan pulled Kelly's face between her tits to smother her but despite Jordan's grip, Kelly had some energy left and she used it.

While Jordan was holding her head, Kelly closed her hands on the outside of Jordan's globes and started scratching. Jordan's expression turned from one of extreme pleasure to deep terror. Her sore tits were easy targets for the Playmate, but as long as she held Kelly with both hands she couldn't do anything about it. She tried to push Kelly away, but she managed to remain close enough to grab Jordan's hard nipples. Pulling, Kelly brought Jordan close and then started kissing her once again. Her tongue surged deep into Jordan's mouth, finding her tongue and giving pleasure to the lusty model.

This time, however, Jordan was clever and got her right hand down between Kelly's legs. Kelly moaned, trapped in Jordan's love grip. Kelly wouldn't stop rubbing and pulling on Jordan's nipples, but Jordan's double attack with her hand and tongue were weakening Kelly as well as giving her pleasure. Then Jordan' left hand wrapped around to Kelly's perfect ass cheeks and started caressing them softly. Kelly couldn't resist anymore and she screamed in pleasure as her body shivered from a huge orgasm. One of Kelly's hands went to Jordan hair to caress her as she thrust her crotch against Jordan's long, strong finger and demanded more.

Jordan didn't stop. She wanted to prove to Kelly that her tits were best. Despite the pain from Kelly's previous attacks, Jordan resumed slamming her jugs on Kelly's. She found Kelly's hands and pulled them to her, interlacing their fingers so nothing would interfere or distract them from the contest ahead.

"It's only a matter of tits, now!" screamed Jordan, her breast bumping reviving Kelly a bit.

The brunette replied to each Jordan blow fiercely. The blonde was getting frustrated as her hard silicone jugs couldn't beat down Kelly's smaller natural ones. Kelly, on the other side, had an evil grin on her face. Knowing Jordan's tits weren't in perfect conditions, she started slamming her jugs harder and faster into the blondes chest and Jordan screamed in terror. Soon, Jordan completely unable to attack, she could only hand on and suffer with each blow from the enraged brunettes bosom.

Jordan wanted to scream out her submission several times but her pride was still stronger than the pain and she managed to keep her mouth shut for a while longer. Kelly continued thrusting her softer tits into Jordan's ones for a several more minutes, screaming at her to give up. Then, seeing the blonde was dazed and reeling, Kelly went for the final humiliation.

"Now, I'll show you whose tits are the best!" she yelled.

Kelly shoved Jordan away, and she slumped down on the Jacuzzis' seat. Kelly took Jordan's head from behind and wedged it in between her tits. Jordan wasn't finished, though, and she put her hands on Kelly's stomach and pushed her away. Kelly fell back and sat down in the water with a loud splash. She too was exhausted, dazed, and the ease with which Jordan had thrown her off combined with the blondes continued resistance caused Kelly's confidence to began to wane.

Jordan grabbed Kelly's right foot below the water and stood up, dragging the Playmate out of the Jacuzzi by one leg. Jordan slammed her right heel down onto Kelly's crotch several times, forcing her to scream in anguish. Then, still holding Kelly's foot at shoulder height, Jordan slid her stockinged foot sensually up and down on Kelly's injured crotch. When Jordan's nylon clad toes forced their way into her love box, Kelly moaned in pleasure. She feebly tried to remove Jordan's foot, but was too weak and too aroused. Jordan wiggled her toes until she forced Kelly to her second orgasm.

With Kelly flat on her back, dazed, breathing heavily and confused by her bodies reaction to Jordan, the blonde sat on Kelly's belly and began to massage her boobs. Kelly moaned loudly, shaking her head 'no' even as she begged Jordan for more. Jordan continued her massage, eventually putting her index finger in Kelly's mouth and stimulating her tongue and lips as well. Kelly lay with her legs spread and her hands on Jordan's hips, unable to resist any longer. She knew what Jordan knew, that the blonde had already won. When Jordan had enough of that game, she reached back and put her right hand on Kelly's crotch, easily pushing two fingers between her swollen labia and stroking her engorged clit. Kelly cried out loud as Jordan easily got her off with a third orgasm.

"So, whose tits are the best?" taunted Jordan

"Yours!" gasped Kelly immediately between breaths, almost whining at the indignity of the admission.

"So, you want to taste them?" asked Jordan.

Kelly nodded and ran her tongue over her lips, licking them sensually. Jordan leaned her enormous boobs down and pressed them to Kelly's lips, allowing Kelly to start a long licking session. Kelly was like a kitten, pleasuring Jordan by lovingly laving her sore, aching tits. Jordan's reaction wasn't only in her huge nipples. Kelly also licked the outer curve of Jordan's tits, then the cleavage and then the outside again.

Jordan had to admit Kelly was extremely good at her job, a tribute to the skills passed on from one generation of Playmates to the next. Even though Jordan had started in the dominant position, soon it was hard to guess which was the woman in control. Kelly went on and on and Jordan couldn't, or wouldn't, stop her. Breathing hard, Jordan pushed her tits harder on Kelly's lips, desperate for more. As Kelly softly kissed her right nipple, Jordan couldn't resist any longer. She started fingering herself, reaching down and curling all four fingers into her pussy. Kelly stopped licking a while and waited until Jordan gasped and asked her for more.

"Kelly, please, don't stop, don't stop! Please!"

"You like it, don't you? You like having those big tits worshipped," asked Kelly, taunting the model. "Ask me for more, now!"

"Yeah, please Kelly, please, more!!! MORE!!!"

Jordan was losing her mind and Kelly knew it. She continued licking Jordan's dripping boobs until the blonde model exploded in a shaking, quivering orgasm. Kelly rolled Jordan over on her right side and reached down to caress Jordan's hand whose fingers were still inside her. After another moment, Kelly rolled Jordan again, this time onto her back. Before Jordan realized what was happening, Kelly quickly sat on her knees with her ass to Jordan facing her feet. Then, she leaned on Jordan's nylon clad feet and started licking and sucking. Jordan cried in pleasure, resuming fingering herself. She couldn't stop and didn't want to. Kelly licked Jordan's feet as expertly as she had her tits. Jordan went completely crazy when Kelly licked her soles, bringing her to her third orgasm. Now they were even.

Kelly grinned and turned around to face the limp, panting and exhausted blonde. Jordan was moaning, feebly, asking Kelly to continue. However, Kelly was no longer interested in satisfying Jordan..

"Now that we're even, we can resume fighting!" whispered Kelly.

Kelly grabbed Jordan's tits in both hands and started squeezing and twisting. Jordan tried to use her hands, but discovered they were securely pinned under the small Playmate's knees. Kelly continued her attack, squeezing, pinching and slapping the big boobs, then pulling on Jordan's nipples. The blonde could only kick, thrash and squirm as she cried in pain, totally confused by the turn of events. Kelly laughed as Jordan's face became red and her eyes filled with tears.

"Kelly, Kelly. Please stop!!! Please...pleaseeeee!" sobbed the blonde.

"Now, do you still think that models can fight?"

"No, please Kelly. No.. Playmates are tough, models are weak bimbos... please leave my boobs alone, please...."

"Jordan, do you like my tits?" Kelly asked as she stopped mauling Jordan's chest long enough to caress her own.

"Yes, Kelly, yeah.. they're the best tits I've ever seen...please?"

"Would you like to taste them?" Kelly teased.

"Yes, please... I would..."

Jordan opened her mouth, seeing her last opportunity to reverse the outcome of their contest. She thought she could bite them, get Kelly off of her and beat her soundly. But Kelly wasn't as stupid as Jordan had been. She pushed her breasts over Jordan's mouth, trapping it between her globes. Jordan gasped and tried to get free, but to no avail. Kelly pushed harder, smiling as she smothered the blonde until, soon, Jordan passed out from lack of air.

But Kelly still wasn't satisfied. She got dressed and then went back to check on Jordan. Finding the blonde model was still out cold, Kelly sat between her knees and rested her nylon-clad feet on Jordan's tits. A few minutes later, Jordan moaned awakening in pain.

When she realized Kelly was squashing her destroyed tits, Jordan whined, "Ahhhhaa, Kelly, noooo, stop! Stop! You already won, please leave my tits alone! My tits! NOOOOOOOO!"

Jordan's face was a mess, her make-up was smeared all over her face. and she could only carry on crying as Kelly resumed her destruction.

After a couple of minutes, Kelly asked, "Had enough yet bitch?"

"Yes, Kelly, please stop...please"

"Will you agree to be my slave for the rest of the night?" Kelly asked as she pinched Jordan's nipples between her toes.

Jordan gasped and muttered a feeble, "Gawd, no!"

"Well then," Kelly giggled. "I guess it'll be a long night for these tits."

Kelly continued pushing her feet and rasping her nylons over Jordan's red, raw melons, until the blonde screamed in pain.

"Nooo, Kelly, please. Please, no more. I'll do everything... I'll be your slave! Just stop!!"

Satisfied, Kelly rose up, smiling.

"Alright now. On all fours and follow me!"

Reluctantly, Jordan obeyed Kelly's orders, following her out of the spa on her hands and knees. Kelly led Jordan back to the party and forced her to crawl into the room in front of the remaining guests. A couple of other Playmates were there and they gaped at Kelly in astonishment.

"Well, girls," smirked Kelly. "Take a look at this big bad blonde I whupped! Come on you fat cow," she snapped, spanking Jordan's raised ass, "Tell 'em what you think of the Playmates now as compared to you models!"

With tears rolling down her flushed cheeks, Jordan bowed her head and whimpered, "Yes, models are weak.. Playmates are the real tough girls.... they're underrated."

She looked up at Kelly as if hoping that were enough, but Kelly raised her foot and jabbed Jordan in one of her free swinging breasts bringing a grunt from the flinching blonde.

"Go on cow, what else?" Kelly demanded.

Weeping, Jordan continued, "Being a model is simple, you just have to show off your body that's all. B....but a Playmate is much different. Kelly taught me that ...tonight..."

As Jordan slumped down on her haunches and covered her face with her hands, her Playmate friends gathered around to hug and kiss Kelly, congratulating her on her victory.

"It's time for us to go, cow!" snapped Kelly, her eyes flashing. "Come Jordan," she said, snapping her fingers.

Instantly, Jordan rose up on all fours and Kelly swung a leg over her back. Sitting astride Jordan, Kelly reached behind her and slapped Jordan's butt with her bare hand.

"Giddy-yap! Giddy-yap you fat cow. Take me to the parking lot!"

They left the party with the rest of the Playmates, but Kelly didn't drive off until after she'd spanking Jordan's ass again and mauled her tits while her friends cheered her on. Looking back, Kelly's only regret was she didn't have a cowboy hat to wear while she was riding Jordan around the room at the party.