Jordan vs. Rebecca Romijn by Technetium

Jordan was so excited. She was doing this photo shot about her, just few days before the next operation to augment her bra size. She was posing nude, showing her already massive breasts, thinking about how they would become bigger, and she was really happy. She stopped for a short pause, and went to the small common room of the studio. She put on a very small thong, but decided to remain topless: she wanted everyone to notice her big bosom.

Rebecca had just finished a photo shot, and was at the bar, drinking from a big mug full of black coffee. Jordan arrived at the bar and positioned herself near to Rebecca, not even noticing the blonde X-girl. She took a glass of Martini on-the-rocks and started drinking. She finished the first drink in a moment and ordered a second one. She kept the ice from the first drink though and used one big cube on her tits. She enjoyed the vision of her nipples becoming bigger and bigger, and then turned on her left. There she saw Rebecca. "Hi Rebecca, how are you?" Jordan asked, still touching her tits.

"Not bad, Jordan, not bad" answered Rebecca, sipping her coffee.

"So, how was your X-men experience?"

"It was OK, I enjoyed a lot and I think that I'm ready for the cinema too...." said Rebecca, wanting to end the conversation as soon as possible.

It was clear, though, that Jordan wasn't of the same idea. She wanted to keep the conversation alive, and to put on the topic she had in mind.

"So, Rebecca, do you think I could be an X-woman? I mean, look at my breasts... you know, in a month time they'll be even bigger!!!! What do you think?"

"I think that you'd better cover them, since you're the only one topless here. Ah! And, by the way, I don't think that big stuff in front of you makes you sexier... I find it extremely sad. I mean, that you have to augment your breasts just to get noticed...."

Jordan was now licking the ice cube, pretending to be interested to Rebecca's sentences. She finished her second Martini and decided it was time to leave Rebecca. But she couldn't leave her without giving a proof of her superiority.

Jordan took one of the empty glasses and, while turning to walk away, said, "Hey, Ms. superiority, I think you need to cool down..."

She quickly poured the ice cube in Rebecca's coffee mug. Jordan didn't take one more step before Rebecca reacted. Instinctively, she threw the mug's content in Jordan's direction. The busty model took a second to realize what happened, and then touched her face, whining.

"You bastard! Look at my face.... my hair... my make-up....GONE!!! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In a thrice, Jordan jumped on Rebecca, bringing her to the ground, where the brawl started. The other models in the room looked on amused, making bets on the winner.

Jordan had the advantage that she was the first one to attack, but she wasted it slapping Rebecca's face in anger. Taking a bit of punishment in the first seconds, indeed, helped Rebecca in setting her first move. She made one of her right leg slide between the ground and Jordan's left side, and a moment later she put her left one on the other side of Jordan's body, scissoring the model.

Jordan's furious slaps ended when Rebecca firmly grabbed the Brit's wrists, preventing her from moving. She cruelly tightened her scissors as Jordan fruitlessly tried to get free. The American managed to roll Jordan on her back, releasing the scissors but still pinning the Brit's arms above the her head.

Rebecca maintained this position for a minute, unaffected by Jordan's weak attempts to get free, and then attacked the Brit again. Jordan's big boobs were undoubtedly an inviting target. Rebecca slid her crotch onto Jordan's tits and started bouncing up and down.

"Hey, they're two nice balloons to jump on! I've never tried this before!" screamed Rebecca, as Jordan cried in agony.

Though, Rebecca induced too much on her bouncing, and despite the pain Jordan manged to displace the actress and rolled away from her. But before she rose up, Rebecca was on her and grabbed a hold on her hair, lifting the model.

"Say you're sorry and I'll let you go!"

"Fuck off!! replied Jordan, driving her right arm on Rebecca's hair, copying her opponent's move. "I say whatever I want. And I'll make you pay for this!!!"

The two girls finally reached an equilibrium position, facing each other, with their hands still in their opponent's hair. But it was Jordan the quicker to lift her leg, and so her knee hit Rebecca right in the crotch. Despite the first blow had no visible effect, the second one made Rebecca lose her hold on Jordan hair, and the third one arrived before the American managed to cover her attacked part. Rebecca stepped backward, but after two trembling steps Jordan's hard slap sent her to the ground.

"Never, never again dare to say something against my beautiful parts!!" said Jordan, grinning and baring her teeth.

Rebecca tried to rise up but Jordan kicked her and as Rebecca collapsed to the ground again, Jordan drove the sharp tip of her right shoe in Rebecca's crotch. The American sank down, crying in desperation.

"Oh, ho, poor girl, where are your X-powers? Is this the best you can do?" taunted Jordan, but Rebecca was far too busy to listen to her.

"OK, let's give you more proof of my superiority!" Jordan said to the whimpering beauty.

Rebecca was on the ground, with her punished crotch on the ground, and Jordan grabbed a hold of the rear part of her slips. Jordan tugged it several times, lifting Rebecca each time. The model-actress just cried louder and louder as her crotch was offended by Jordan's action. She reacted, though, but as she grabbed the panties in the front part she relieved the pain from her pussy, but made the cotton hurt her ass. Jordan laughed and continued her attack for a couple of minutes, giving finally a last tug which made Rebecca's panties break down.

"Oh, poor, poor girl. Look at your pussy. Is it burning... oh, so I'll give you some relief!"

Jordan went to the bar and took some ice cubes from the second Martini glass, and then got on her knees near the writhing Rebecca.

"Here you are, Miss, from your favorite waitress!!!!"

Jordan touched Rebecca's lips with one of her cubes, then slid it up and down, enjoying Rebecca's screams.

"It's cold!!! It's cold!!!"

"Well, I'm just helping you!"

Jordan spread Rebecca's legs, and then inserted one of the cubes inside her pussy. Rebecca's resistance prevented it to go completely inside, but Jordan didn't stop her action. She pushed and pushed, but with no success.

Instead, Rebecca managed to react. As Jordan was trying to push the ice in her intimate parts, the X-model lifted her left leg and hit Jordan's face with the knee. With Jordan stunned, Rebecca positioned herself in front of Jordan and then folded her legs. The moment later, she drove them right on Jordan's breast. Jordan had never experienced something like that. Despite the cushion action made by her big tits, she suffered the blow, and fell backward.

Jordan's crying reverberated in the room.

"Aarrrggghhh, MY TITS!!!! MY TITS!!!!!"

Rebecca sat on Jordan's neck, with her pussy just under Jordan's chin. Her powerful legs prevented Jordan's head to move, as well as crushing her in order to maintain the pressure on the model.

Rebecca's hands went back, and it wasn't difficult for her to find Jordan's naked tits. No matter how much and how desperately Jordan cried, Rebecca crushed them mercilessly.

"Stop, bitch stop!!!!! My tits... oh my tits!!! They hurt!! THEY HURT!!! STOPPPPPPPPP!!!!"

Jordan's lamentations were completely in vain. Rebecca was determined to make the Brit pay for what she did before, and so went on for more than five minutes. After that, Jordan was only a crying wreck.

Rebecca knew she was the winner, but wanted to humiliate Jordan in front of the other models. She leaned her right arm, releasing the hold on one of Jordan's globes, and took the cube Jordan tried to force in her pussy before. She provocatively made it slide on her naked nature again. She inserted it a bit inside, and then stopped.

"So, you wanted to fuck my with this.... Well, here it is! Now, I want you to lick it ... slowly."

Jordan had no choice. She started licking the ice cube as it slowly melted down. Meanwhile, Rebecca slid her crotch up and onto Jordan's mouth until there was nothing between them. Rebecca slammed her crotch on Jordan's face and forced her to lick her pussy. In the meantime, Rebecca was playing with Jordan's fully erected nipples, both tugging and scratching them.

It didn't take too much for Rebecca to come over Jordan's face; to spread her love juices all over the crying face.

Rebecca took Jordan's panties and briefly cleaned her face, before forcing them into Jordan's screaming mouth. She lifted the model by pulling her nipples and then slammed her against the wall. Jordan coughed and spat the panties, and this turned Rebecca angry.

"I've put them in your mouth, bitch!!!!!"

Jordan realized that Rebecca was really fuming and immediately put them back in her mouth, but this didn't stop the American. Rebecca grabbed Jordan by the hair and sent her to one of the empty tables. Jordan hit it and fell on the ground, completely dazed. Rebecca put the heel of her right shoes on one of Jordan's tit and crushed it, making the weak Brit screaming hysterically.

"Say you're sorry for what you've done!!! Say it!!!"

"Yes, Rebecca, I AM SORRY!!! I AM SORRY!!! Please, LET ME GO!!! I AM SORRY!!!"

"Bitch, I'll show you!"

Rebecca removed her bra, showing her well-shaped tits, and then lied down, smothering Jordan's face with her smaller breast. Jordan passed out soon.

Rebecca rose up, and gave one last kick to Jordan's limp body. The models erupted in a long applause. Rebecca smiled and thanked them, but knew she had one last thing to do. She took two large coffeepots full of hot black coffee and poured them on Jordan's big tits. The busty girl woke up in pain, screaming and holding her jugs.

"Hope you'll enjoy your augmentation... when you want, call me. I'll be happy to crush your next pair of tits too!"

Then she left, as did the other models, leaving the sobbing and nude Jordan alone in the empty room.

"I'll have my revenge!!" whispered Jordan before rising and heading to the make-up room to recover.