Catfight With the Ex: Tina Jordan vs. Christine Smith by kit

Christine was fit to be tied when her husband, Brad, came home and told her that Tina was throwing a celebration party on his behalf for being named law partner in the big firm where her husband John practiced. Brad and John had gone to law school together and when they got out, Brad met Tina and started dating her. They dated for two years and were going to get married, but Tina cheated on him and they broke up. Crushed and hurt, Brad moved away and met Christine and they started dating. He and Tina always stayed in touch a little bit and sometimes got together whenever he returned home for a visit. Brad still cared for Tina very much, and Tina still loved him and tried to get him back but couldn't because he just couldn't forgive or trust her. But their sex had always been the hottest, and they still enjoyed that together on occasion.

By the time that Brad and Christine had married, Tina and John had wed, and John talked him into moving back and working at the big law firm where he was. Christine wasn't thrilled at being in the same town as this woman she'd heard so much about, but the money and opportunity was just too good not to take.

On the surface Christine and Tina's relationship was friendly at-best. They could get along and 'play nice' together when they had too, but deep down where it really counts, a rage of hate and jealousy brewed that would one day have to be quenched with no less than an all-out catfight. Tina was jealous that she wasn't married to Brad, and also very upset that he had married a woman that rivaled her beauty and bust size. Christine was just flat jealous all around. She hated the fact that Brad had been engaged to such a beautiful woman, and she always wondered if she stacked up to Tina between the sheets. She had the classic rebound-girl syndrome.

"But it's my place to throw you a party," Christina said when she was told about Tina's party for him.

"Hey, John's my best friend and he's part of it too."

"Yeah, but still, I know who's behind it and I don't like it one bit," she protested.

"Baby, I wish you didn't think like that. You know I love you, and what happened between me and Tina was a long time ago. It doesn't bother John that his wife and I slept together."

Fact was, Brad and Tina still snuck off slept together. Not regularly, but every now and then one of them would get the urge to make love to the other. After all, it was just sex and they were still each other's hottest.

"Well that's different," she purred and pouted. "Sex and our bodies are all we have to compete each other with and I don't like competing with her, especially in the bed."

Brad hoped that she'd never find out he was still sleeping with Tina or that she was still his first choice in the sack.

"Honey, there's no competition with her. You're more beautiful, smarter, funnier and definitely sexier and hotter in bed," he lied without choice.

"Really?" she asked, stepping up to him.

"Really!" he said, putting his arms around her waist as they kissed. As they made love, Brad thought of Tina while Christine wondered if he was thinking of her.

Christine didn't sleep well that night. She had nightmares of Brad and Tina making love and running off together. She tossed and turned and was up by 4 a.m. thinking about this whole thing and wondering if Tina hadn't tried to seduce him already. She knew Brad loved her (Christine), but he was still a man and if Tina snared him in her web, could he resist her moves?

She made breakfast and when Brad left for work she decided that she must confront Tina and stop her from throwing this party and upstaging her.

"Tina, this is Christine."

"Oh hi, how ya doin'?" said Tina in a sugar and spice voice.

"Not bad. Are you busy this afternoon?"

"No. Why?"

"I thought I'd come over. We need to talk?"

Never had either called the other to talk or get together. Tina knew something really big was up and she wondered if Christine knew about her and Brad's little thing.

"About the party I'll bet? Sure."

"Yeah, it's about the party, and some other things."

Other things? Tina wondered.

"A little girl-talk?" said Tina, slyly.

"Uh-huh, girl-talk," said Christine.

Tina felt her nipples start to swell. Girl-talk was sometimes what two girls did before they start to catfight each other. "Ya know, I think it's high-time we did have a little girl-talk together."

"Yes, it's probably long overdue."

"Oh definitely overdue," twinged Tina's voice. "Why don't you bring your bikini and we can talk out by the pool."

"Okay, that sounds good," agreed Christine, thinking that Tina might be wise to her intentions.

"Come around 1 p.m.," said Tina. "That should give us plenty of time to girl-talk and get to know each other much better."

"Yes, that should give us plenty of time to settle, I mean get to know each other," mumbled Christine.

Hanging up the phone the women prepared to meet each other alone for the very first time. Hair, make-up, perfume, nails all had to be done. A bubble bath with close shaving and plenty of body lotion afterwards. There was a lot at stake and they wanted to look and feel their best.

Christine and Tina had a lot to fight over other than the Brad thing. Both were very beautiful and busty and built to a jealous 'T'. Tina was a long-haired platinum-blonde with a great tan and an even greater body. She was lean and tone and measured a hardbody 34DD-24-34 and was 5’5” and 115 pounds of pure, slutty sin. Christine was equally hot and sinful as she stood 5’5” and also weighed 115 pounds. She had medium-long strawberry-blonde to almost red hair. Her body was hard and tan and her measurements mirrored Tina's. The only real difference between them was their age, Tina 29 and Christine 26. When Tina opened her front door they stood in envious awe of each other's tiny, bikini clad bodies. Christine had chosen a little maroon bikini as Tina wore a skimpy bright-blue bikini.

"I see you came prepared," said Tina, stepping aside.

"And I see you're ready," smiled Christina, curtly.

"Look your best, I always say," said Tina, closing the door.

"I agree completely."

They locked eyes for a second, then Tina suggested they go out to the pool. "I wondered if we were ever gonna meet alone like this," said Tina, leading the way thru the house.

"Yes, me too. I should've phone you sooner," said Christina.

"I've chilled some wine. Thought we might need it," said Tina, stepping out on the patio.

Tina poured and handed Christine a glass. The two women looked at each other and knew that if this was going to turn into the catfight they thought and hoped it would, it would be very nasty and hard to win.

"So, to the big party," said Tina, holding up her glass.

"Yes," said Christine, toasting back. “But to the one I'm throwin', not you."

Tina sipped then said, "Is there a problem with the one I'm throwin'."

"No," said Christine. “Because you're not throwin' one."

Tina sat her glass on the table and cocked her hands on her hips. "And just what makes you think I'm not gonna throw one."

"Because I'm askin' you not too," said Christine, setting down her glass and cocking her hands on her hips as well. The two women gazed hard at each other. They could clearly see each other's erect nipples straining behind their tiny bikini tops.

"And if I do?" asked Tina, taking a small step.

"Then you'll find out," said Christine, stepping to meet her. Almost breast to breast now, the blonde and strawberry-blonde started a slow circle and traded places.

"Sounds like you wanna get into a catfight with me," said Tina.

"I thought we might settle this like mature women, but if you wanna fight like a couple of schoolgirls then I can do that too," said Christine, almost licking her lips.

Tina threw back her hair, "Mature? Yes, let's be mature about this. You've been jealous of me since the start because of Brad and me."

Christine chuckled a little, "And like you're not jealous of me because I have him? Please."

"Well, honey, you should know that I'd have him if I hadn't cheated on him," Tina stated.

"And, sweetie, perhaps if you weren't such a little slut, you would have him and not me," smiled Christine.

"And perhaps if you were better in bed, he wouldn't be fuckin' me on the side," blurted Tina.

"What!" shouted Christine, slapping the living the shit out of Tina's slut-face.

SLAP! It was all palm and fingerprints as Tina was slapped so hard that it spun her halfway around.

"You fuckin' cunt! I'll fuckin' kill you!" yelled Christine, grabbing Tina's hair in the back and yanking like hell.

"Ooowww!" screamed the blonde, staggering as she was dragged backwards and shaken like a rag doll.

Christine cut thru Tina's hair like a scythe cuts wheat. Twice she ripped out long wads of bleached white hair as Tina cried out and clawed like mad on her hands, wrists and forearms as she was dragged and whipped around on the patio.

"Ssshhit!" winced Christine as her forearms were clawed and she let go. Wheeling quickly around to face her attacker, Tina drove her knee into the side of Christine's waist. Christina groaned and then cried out as Tina went right for her snatch and squeezed.

"Oooww!" cried Christine, trying to pull Tina's right hand out of her crotch. Tina used her left hand to yank off Christine's tiny thong bikini as she worked her fingernails against her vagina. Christine pushed Tina in the chest, freeing herself, but was punched across the jaw as a result. The strawberry-blonde stumbled off the patio and onto the plush lawn with Tina right in tow.

"Fuckin' cunt!" shouted Tina, going back for Christine's sex. Their bodies collided together as Christine went for Tina's sex just as well. As she tore off Tina's thong, she thought about her man's cock being inside the blonde as both women got a good hold on each other and squeezed.

"Uuuunngggg!" cried Tina.

"Aaaarrrgggg!" Christine screamed. Falling into each other, Tina and Christine went weak at the knees as both women turned their sharp, clear-coated false nails into each other's sweet, ripe pussy lips.

"Ooooowww!" screamed the blonde, her legs buckling.

"Fuuuuck!" swore the strawberry-blonde, her knees knocking.

They dropped to their knees where Christine shoved Tina over onto her back and straddled her. "Slut!" yelled Christine, slapping Tina and ripping down her top.

"Ooowww!" cried the blonde as her full DD’s were ripped open by the sharp talons.

"Oh, bitch! I hate you! I hate you so much!" shouted the jealous jilted woman, digging all ten nails into her hated rival's firm, busty chest. Tina cried out as she bucked and was able to dislodge Christine from her position. Christine fell off sideways, but instantly dove back on top and pinned Tina's arms over her head. Tina tried to get her legs around the strawberry-blonde, but Christine used her legs to tie Tina's up with as the blonde struggled to break her arms free.

"You fuckin' bitch," snarled Christine, laying flat down as they were lined up boob to boob and snatch to snatch. "I should've known you were fuckin' him."

"Bitch," huffed Tina as her breasts oozed out beneath Christine's bikini covered breasts, "you're not woman enough for him."

"I'm more of a woman than you'll ever be, you cheap cunt," said Christine, grinding hips with the blonde.

"More of a slut, maybe," grunted Tina, pushing her sex up into her rival's.

"You're the slut, bitch," said Christine, feeling their cunts starting to bump and rub on each other. The two women swore and degraded each other as Tina broke one of her legs free and wrapped it around Christine's hip. Snarling hateful remarks, they both banged their red pussies together and groaned as their pelvic bones bruised together.

"Cunt," huffed Tina, working Christine into a roll and reversing the position until she came out on top.

Now it was the strawberry-blonde pinned and getting her tits smashed out as the blonde bounced her sex up and down on her.

"Ung...ung...ung," groaned Christine, her sex getting hammered.

"Uuummm, aaahhh," moaned Tina as her tits were able to work down Christine's top so that their nipples could now fight in the flesh. Nipple-to-nipple, Christine started to make a comeback as her hard pebbles dueled evenly with Tina's stiff bullets.

"Oommph," grunted the blonde as the strawberry-blonde broke her right hand free and punched her in the ribs.

"Bitch! Get off!" shouted Christine, hooking that same right fist across Tina's jaw.

The blonde's head snapped sideways as Christine was able to grab her by the tits and pull her off.

"I'm gonna tear these fuckin' sacks of silicone off," growled the strawberry-blonde, scratching her sharp nails thru the blonde's big tits. Tina bawled as she went over onto her back with Christine rolling over with her and mauling her fun bags. Grabbing Christine's hair with both hands, Tina jerked her off. Christine grabbed Tina's hair as they coiled up their legs and lay next to each other stretching out big globs of hair.

"Oooww! My h-a-i-r!" cried Tina, tears smearing her heavy black eye liner.

"Uuunnggg!" groaned Christine, gritting her teeth together and trying to pull out Tina's tresses.

"Ooohhh lee' gggooo!" cried out Tina, slapping Christine's cheek.

"Ouch! You whore!" shouted the stung strawberry-blonde, letting go of a handful only to go for the blonde's pussy. "How's this feel, slut?"

"Ooowww! Mmmyyy puuuuussy!" bucked Tina as Christine stabbed her nails into her sex. Tina rolled over on her shoulders as Christine rolled a bit on top, turning and twisting her fingernails into the blonde's smooth, soft vagina. Tina roared as her sex spilled over Christine's nails.

"Rip out your..." Tina blasted two hard, hooking rights quickly into Christine's face, cutting open the skin on her cheekbone and jarring her senses with a blow in the back of the jaw. Christine was knocked off, but as they both started to get to their knees, Christine threw Tina into a headlock and fisted her in the cheek. Tina broke loose and shoved Christine to the side. The women fell over head-to-toe, and Tina trapped Christine's head between her knees as the strawberry-blonde wrapped her legs around the blonde's shoulders. Trying to snap each other in half, they also tried to break free by mauling the other's full, hearty ass. The blistering swats and flesh gathering nails quickly made them unscissor each other as neither could take the beating that her foxy ass was receiving.

Now on their backs several feet apart, Tina and Christine lay still except for the tender rubbing they were doing and the soft sobbing that they were breathing. They were both swore and tired and damaged in several different areas. For each it had been a number of years since their last catfight, and both were feeling the effects of what two jealous women can do when they get to fighting it out.

"We're not done...I'm not, bitch," panted Christine a minute or two later.

"Well I'm not givin' up if that's what you're hopin', bitch," Tina puffed. The two women sat up and looked over at each other. Christine removed what was left of her bikini top and threw it at Tina. They both cussed each other and got ready to fight on.

"What 'bout Brad?" asked Tina as they caught their last breath.

"You can have his ass. I'm divorcing the cheatin' bastard," said Christine.

Tina nodded. "Good. We love each other. The only reason we're not together now is 'cause he didn't want to divorce you and hurt you." Christine was deeply hurt by that remark because she knew is was probably very much a fact,

"We'll see how much the fucker loves you after I rip off your tits an' claw out your cunt."

"Get up, bitch and let's end this," said Tina, starting to stand.

Christine rose up with her and they clinched their fists in rage.

"You fuckin', cheatin' cunt!" swore the strawberry-blonde, stepping in to fist fight her rival.

"Fuck you, slut!" swore Tina as they looked to knock each other's fuckin' ass out.

Blocking Christine's punch, Tina slammed a right across her mouth. Christine's head spun as the corner of her mouth was cracked open. Christine fought back with a right of her own that busted Tina across the jawbone. Tina's tight, left fist pulped Christine's upper lip as it smashed against her teeth. Christine's left did some lip pulping of its own as her knuckles peeled away the hide of Tina's bottom lip. But Tina's right uppercut did the most damage of all the punches as it rocked the strawberry-blonde and dropped her hard on her ass (backside) as her teeth rattled in her head.

"You fuckin' cunt!" grumbled Tina, dropping her knee into Christine's stomach and nearly causing her to vomit.

"Aaaarrrmmpphhh!!" grunted the strawberry-blonde, knifing over as the blonde's knee sank all the way into her spine.

Throwing Christine down by the hair, Tina landed a lip-splattering backhand as she straddled over the strawberry-blonde and trapped her arms between her legs. Groggy and windless, Christine was now defenseless as Tina began to tear up her face and body. She started off with the tits, clawing and scratching them until they were red and meat-raw. She also put teeth marks around both areolas as Christine passed out screaming under this attack. Turning to Christine's face, Tina didn't stop until she packed her nails with soft, cheek flesh. And finally, turning around and sitting on Christine's bleeding breasts, Tina mauled her rival's pussy with both hands until she was bleeding.

"And you were gonna do this to me, huh, bitch," hissed Tina, grinding her fist as deep as she could in her swollen, bleeding crotch.

In the end, all four lives were suddenly and dramatically changed. For Christine and John, it was for the worse. Christine never got over her jealousy of Tina, and John never trusted another woman in his life. Tina and Brad were finally together and having that same great hot sex that they always wanted from one another.