Katrina Kaif vs. Milla Jovovich (Audition Smother) by hinvader

Katrina opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a cigarette butt in the dust on the floor. The next thing she saw was a high heeled boot; leather, with really high stiletto heels. She tried to pick herself up, but felt a stinging pain in the back of her head. She reached up and felt shards of something in her hair. Slow realization dawned on her that she must’ve been lured to wherever she was and knocked out - yet again. She was scared as she rolled over onto her back moaning in pain.

"Aah! The bitch is up," said the voice belonging to the stilettos.

The black-haired captive tried to clear her eyes and look around. She recognized the voice but it took her a few minutes to place exactly why she was there.

"Listen to me, tits! I want you to back out of tomorrow's modeling auditions," the voice said, then she kicked Katrina in the stomach.

Katrina had no idea what was going on as she staggered to her knees and grabbed the woman attacking her around the hips. The attacker simply pulled out a blackjack and gave the Indian beauty a dazzler on the nape of her neck. Katrina’s eyes widened as she fell limp between her attackers legs, but as she fell, she managed to pull something from her captor's pocket. She moaned in an almost sexual tone as the blackjack made contact again, then her captor laughed and let her drop to the floor face down. Her captor then kicked Katrina in her chest to see if she was really out and the beauty just shuddered as her captor laughed, "Dumb fucking bitch! You're a piece of shit!" and walked away.

Katrina held the nape of her neck and groaned as she awoke a few hours later. She looked at her hand and saw she’d pulled the wallet out of the pocket of the person who knocked her out. Now, she was going to get revenge! She opened the wallet to look for clues as to who the mystery woman was. The driver's license in the wallet read; Milla Jovovich.

Katrina memorized the address and threw the wallet away on her way out of wherever she was. As she stumbled down the dark stairs looking for the front door, she realized she was in an abandoned hotel in the run-down part of the old city. She tried to remember how she’d gotten there but couldn't. When she finally reached the street she hailed a cab. Getting in, Katrina remembered she'd gotten a call from her friend Aishwarya Rai saying she was in trouble at that address. Katrina had reached the hotel as soon as she could and called out to "Ash" but before she could turn on the lights, an earthen pot was broken over her head. As she fell to the floor, she heard her attacker laughing maniacally.

"Fucking Jovovich!" muttered Katrina, then told the cabbie to take her to the address from Milla's driver’s license.

Suddenly, a purple gas began to fill the back seat of the cab. She beat her fists on the closed plexiglas divider between her and the drivers compartment, frantically trying to get his attention. But when the driver turned around, it was a smiling Milla. Katrina banged on the window violently as her struggles slowly subsided until she slumped into the arms of Morpheus once again.

Milla looked at her from the rear view mirror almost angrily, grinning as she muttered, "Bitch won't back off; bitch faces my wrath!"

A short time later, Milla dragged her sleeping beauty out of the back seat and tossed her over the shoulder, then carried her to her apartment and tossed the limp body on the couch. Milla went into her bedroom to change, determined to beat the crap out of Kaif if it came to that.

A half hour later, Katrina woke up, sat up and slowly rose unsteadily to her feet. She was awake earlier than Milla expected and she could hear Milla stirring in the bedroom. This, Katrina decided, was her golden opportunity as she tip-toed to the bedroom door and peeked inside. 'Perfect,' she thought as she saw Milla's back was to her.

She ran into the room and knocked her down. But as Milla fell to the floor, she realized what happened and smiled. She turned around and grabbed Katrina by her hair but Katrina punched Milla hard in the stomach and Milla buckled on the floor. Katrina crawled up Milla’s body and punched her in the jaw. Milla was caught by surprise and howled in pain as Katrina grabbed her hair and banged her head on the floor several times.

Milla's eyes turned glassy and she looked close to having lost the fight but she wasn’t out yet! Milla pulled Katrina's hair and rolled her to the floor, then quickly gained her feet and stomped Katrina’s crotch. Katrina groaned in pain as she curled up in a ball, her hands wedged between her tightly squeezing thighs.

"You bitch!" Katrina moaned to Milla who was up and shaking her head to recover.

The Ukrainian beauty kicked Katrina's butt hard as she lay curled up. Now the Indian was trying to shake off the pain. Milla pulled up Katrina by the hair and laid a rough house punch on her beautiful jaw. She groaned and her knees buckled…she was stunned as Milla pulled her over to the bed and threw her onto it.

"You Indian slut, The Kama Sutra say anything about smothering?" Milla screamed at the stunned Katrina.

Milla took her top off and pulled Katrina's sexy nose into the middle of her cleavage and began grinding. Katrina's struggles slowly began to slow, but Katrina certainly did NOT want to go to sleep trapped under the Ukrainian's breasts! Katrina made a fist of her right hand and rammed it up Milla's butt. But instead of jumping off her, Milla cried out in pleasure. When Katrina heard her moans of pleasure, she was confused.

"Will nothing stop this sick bitch?" Katrina thought as Milla got off her.

Milla smiled at the Indian and said, "I love your idea bitch....but I need my rest tonight. Tomorrow's the modeling assignment, the one you're not going to make and I'm going to win."

She then turned around and reached the armoire for a cigarette and surprisingly, offered Katrina a smoke.

"Fuck you!" said Katrina.

"OK, have it your way," chuckled Milla as she put the cigarette between her lips.

She ran toward Katrina and drove a punch to Katrina's jaw that knocked her out cold. Katrina's eyeballs rolled up and her eyes shut. As Milla blew a jet of smoke into Katrina's limp face, she didn't want to let this opportunity pass. She quickly handcuffed Katrina's wrists to the bedposts, then took off her pants and decided to ride Katrina's beautiful features till she came…and she did exactly that; orgasming like never before! Poor Katrina slept through her whole ordeal, but Milla enjoyed her none-the-less. Milla smoked another cigarette, then slept like a queen through the night.

The next morning Milla got up and saw Katrina was awake. She didn't want the bitch awake, so she pulled off her top again and smothered Katrina back to sleep with her breasts. Once Katrina was unconscious, Milla uncuffed the limp beauty, carried her outside to the nearest rubbish dumpster and dumped the limp supermodel in headfirst.

Laughing, Milla called Aishwarya Rai and told her where to find Katrina, "She's all yours, thanks for your help! I have an audition!"