Milla Jovovich vs. Rhona Mitra by Mr. Chris

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a Special Challenge Match. Introducing first, the challenger from London, England; this sturdy English lass stands 5’8” tall, weighs 130 pounds and sports measurements of 34DD-23-35…RHONA MITRA!”

Rhona steps forward and with an angry frown on her face raises a fist into the air. The Englishwoman is clothed in a magenta bikini that shows off that impressively large DD-cup bra-size and a buff hardbody that reflects time in the gym, particularly in the shoulders and arms.

“And the challenged party, from Kiev, Ukraine; a super-model turned actress, she is also 5’8” tall and weighs in at a toned, taut 122 pounds…her measurements are 34B-22-33…MILLA JOVOVICH!”

The lean action film star raises her arms in acknowledgement. Milla is dressed in a sky-blue colored bikini. She, too, is very fit and well-toned, her thighs in particular have a strong, nicely-rounded appearance. Her breasts are smaller than those of her opponent. But she makes up for it with a more classically beautiful facial visage and overall sexier appearance. Age difference is not a factor: Milla and Rhona are not only of equal height, they are also the same age. Rhona threw down the gauntlet and challenged Milla and she quickly accepted.

Rhona’s reasons were simple:
· Milla is world famous; Rhona isn’t;
· Milla has become an action star icon getting the plum starring roles in worldwide blockbuster film hits like “Resident Evil” and “Ultraviolet.” Rhona - famous for posing as a model for the Lara Croft cartoon character - had aspirations for similar action parts, but instead has she’s gotten only forgettable roles in even more forgettable movies. She’s currently on her way to being thought of as “…just a television celebrity, at best.”
· Rhona is an actress brought up speaking the Queen’s English - in a nation renown for acting. In her view Milla is just another Euro-trash model from Eastern Europe.

Rhona sees nothing but injustice in all this, and feels that this opportunity to publicly crush the Ukrainian upstart before an assemblage of witnesses may reverse the trend. For her part, Milla enjoys meeting all challenges that come her way, and she is confident she will have no problem smacking down Rhona Mitra just as she has previously handled all the other “wannabe Millas”

DING! DONG! DELL! The bell rings and two beauties step out to confront each other. After rotating with arms raised a few times, they come together in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up.

“Oh my God,” Milla gasps at Rhona. “You’re even uglier close-up! Why are all you English women horse-faced?”

As Rhona’s eyes widen and her face purples with rage, Milla adroitly spins behind her, grabs Rhona’s left arm with both hands and puts her in a Hammerlock. Rhona grimaces in pain; but she’s still steaming about that horse-face remark - especially since it applies to MANY English women, but not HER!!! The Ukrainian beauty jerks up on the Hammerlock forcing Rhona up onto her toes. Then with a roar of rage, Rhona twists out of the hold and in one continuous movement, spins around and sweeps her right arm out to Face Rake Milla’s eyes. Milla lets out a scream and the crowd is shocked, murmurs are heard registering disapproval of Rhona’s dirty tactics. As she holds her hands to her face, Milla seeks refuge somewhere in the ring to recover.

Rhona yells at her in that clipped British-accent, “If you don’t like seeing my face, dearie, I’ve solved the problem. Of course, now you can’t see anything at all!”

The English bitch follows with a Side Arm Judo Chop to Milla’s throat causing her to bend over gagging and hacking as more tears involuntarily fill her scratched eyes. Without pause, Rhona turned into Milla grabbed her head and snap-mared her to the mat. Milla lay on her back, staring upward, trying hard to get her bearings back. Rhona approaches, grabs Milla’s ankles and lifts them up, Wishboning her legs.

Next, Rhona smashes a Kneedrop onto Milla’s crotch which causes the supine Euro to cry out in pain. Rhona next drops a second Kneedrop on Milla’s womanhood - equally, if not more, painful. A third Kneedrop to the same spot leaves Milla is on the verge of passing out from pain! But Rhona jumps in the air and comes down with a fourth Kneedrop to that same, super-sensitive area. Milla screams and the audience begins to get restless; booing and disapproving hisses are heard.

Angrily reacting to the audience response, Rhona drops Milla’s legs and goes to the ropes where she starts yelling at the audience. “You don’t like what I’m doing to her? You dolts! This is nothing compared to what I have in store for her later on.” The boo’s get louder. “You like her so much? Fine, I’ll toss her body out to you when I’m through with it up here.”

Rhona goes back to Milla still on her back and snarls, “Righto; nappie time’s over, sweetcakes!” She bends down to grab Milla, but the Ukrainian uber-woman snaps her powerful legs back to her chest, then kicks out, driving her feet squarely into Mitra’s Double D delights!

“Uhnnnh…” both Rhona’s mouth and her eyes go wide as Milla’s powerful legs send her flying backward!

Milla charges in, launching a Spin Kick that takes Rhona flush in the jaw, torqueing her around and leaving her with her back to Milla. The ‘Kiev Kewtie’ quickly clamps a Full Nelson on her, bending Rhona’s head down while her arms flop upward uselessly.

Milla speaks into Rhona’s ear, “You don’t play nice, do you? Someone is going to have to teach you manners.”

Keeping her Full Nelson secured, Milla muscles Rhona forward, stumbling her into the corner where Milla slams her into the corner and uses the Full Nelson to pound Rhona’s face into the thinly padded turnbuckle. With Rhona dazed, Milla releases the Full Nelson and proceeds to drive her fist into the Englishwoman’s kidneys and back as Rhona cries out while her internal organs take a pounding.

Milla wraps her arm around Rhona’s neck and drags her to mid-ring where the Ukrainian Uber-Woman Irish Whips Rhona hard to the ropes. Rhona came rebounding off, careening full speed back toward Milla who promptly unleashed a devastating Clothesline that took her off of her feet and sent Rhona crashing to the mat on her back. Milla dropped to the mat and wrapped her luscious thighs around the taut 23” waist of the winded English wonderwoman.

The squeezing started as Milla’s Leg Scissors nearly cut Rhona in two! She let out a strangled gasp as she experienced the vice-like pressure as the fashion model’s wiry legs tightened their grip on Rhona’s waist. Rhona began to frantically struggle for release, first trying to wedge her hands between Milla’s legs and her waist to pry the Scissors apart. Such was the Englishwoman’s strength that she nearly succeeded, but to her dismay Milla just clamped them back down even harder!

“ARRRRGH!” Letting out a scream Rhona bared her talons and dug her nails into the milky smooth thighs of Milla’s luscious legs. When Milla started screaming even louder than Rhona had, Rhona kept digging into the constricting thigh-flesh until blood began to run and Milla was forced to release her Scissors.

Eyes flashing hatefully, Milla dragged Rhona up by the hair and THWAP smashed a Fist to the Stomach. As Rhona doubled over in breathless reflex, Milla gave her a Backfist to the head that sent Rhona flying into the ropes. Milla caught her on the rebound, lifted her and then dropped her over her knee with a Stomach Buster.

Milla kept her balanced on her knee, and snarled, “You really DO need to be taught some manners, don’t you?”

The Ukrainian beauty proceeded to bring her open palm down on Rhona’s butt SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She struck again, and again, spanking her like a naughty infant. Milla began to smile and it was clear she relished every minute as flashbulbs popped to capture the scene and Rhona had to struggle to hold back tears of pain and humiliation.

Milla kept spanking with a slow methodical cadence as the audience counted along. She got in twelve, heavy-handed spanks before she stopped and rose to her feet, dragging Rhona’s head up along with her. She wrapped an arm around Rhona’s head, then ran forward and brutally Bulldogged the English actress’s skull into the mat. Rhona lay on her belly moaning as Milla stood straddling her, facing Rhona’s feet. Milla leaned over, grabbed Rhona’s legs and pulled them up. Rhona tried to resist but Milla was eventually able to get Rhona’s legs tucked under her arms, then planted her feet and firmly pulled back on Rhona’s legs, lifting them off the mat as she twisted Rhona’s already tortured body into a back-wrenching Boston Crab!

Rhona howled and beat the mat with her fists while, with a half-demented look on her face, Milla pulled back even harder, practically hanging off of Rhona’s legs so that her full weight was pulling them down into an unnatural, back-breaking S-curve of the spine.

The ref asked Rhona if she would submit, but despite the pain she was in, Rhona gasped, “Fuck…off!”

Rhona wouldn’t submit, and Milla couldn’t put much more into the Boston Crab so she released it. Although Milla didn’t get a submission, Rhona was in a world of hurt; moving slowly and mewling in pain and unable to rise.

“She’s too stubborn to submit,” Milla said to the ref. “I’ve got to finish her another way.”

She sashayed her sexy body as she slowly removed her sky-blue bikini top, then like a stripper tossed it into the audience. She took her bikini bottom next, slowly rolling it down her long legs. The mighty model was displayed in her natural beauty. She kicked Rhona in the side and rolled her English victim onto her back, then Milla theatrically lowered her delectable ass right on Rhona’s face.

“I’m gonna take a ride on this horse face,” Milla proclaimed as she lowered her hindquarters on Rhona’s face. “We Cossacks are known for our horse-riding ability!”

Milla proceeded to push her ass tight down, covering Rhona’s nose and mouth, cutting her off from her air. Rhona’s body began violently bucking and flailing like a fish out of water but Milla rode out her struggles with her hands on her hips as she sat perched proudly on Rhona’s head; smiling at the plight of her victim; knowing it was just a matter of time.

But suddenly Milla’s smile vanished and her eyes got large as saucers; a shrill scream erupted from her trembling lips and she tried to rise from her victim, but she was having a hard time doing so. The cause was soon obvious as Rhona had clamped her teeth down on Milla’s ass cheek and wasn‘t letting go! The skin stretched as Milla tried to stand but not until the Ukrainian reached back and punched Rhona in the face did she release her bite. Milla staggered to the ropes, leaned against them and clapped her hand hard on the bloody holes in her punctured skin.

Rhona stood up and struggled to catch her breath; standing slightly bent; hands on knees. She needed to regain her energy and, after a few seconds of rest, she shuffled over to Milla who still leaned on the ropes. Rhona grabbed Milla and pulled her into a Standing Headlock. Still panting, Rhona used the Headlock as a rest hold while she recovered her strength. The headlock meant Milla’s face was pressed into the side of one of Rhona’s big DD boobs which practically enveloped her head!

After a few moments, Rhona kept the Headlock in place, but took her free hand and, with fingers splayed out, slapped her hand over Milla’s face and began working her fingers in some unknown fashion on the face of the beautiful model/actress. It wasn’t clear whether it was a Claw or what, but Rhona really worked it and Milla started emitting shrill, unholy, shrieks of terrified agony.

The ref wasn’t sure what Rhona was doing, but after a few seconds of Milla’s agonized screams, he told her to stop. Not wanting to get disqualified, the mean-spirited Brit stopped whatever torture she was meting out and let Milla drop like a stone to the mat where she landed flat on her belly and lay quietly sobbing. The audience started booing Rhona again and it only got louder when Rhona stomped her foot down on the small of Milla’s back, then reached down and grabbed an arm and a leg of the Ukrainian and began pulling upward. The Surfboard hold bent Milla’s back into an unnatural ‘U’ curve. She gamely struggled to fight back the pain to avoid passing out and somehow escape.

Rhona gritted her teeth as she pulled harder, the muscles in her perspiring arms bulging with her effort. The referee asked Milla if she wanted to submit, but she croaked out a weak, “nuh…no.”

The savagely applied Surfboard was suddenly released by Rhona, and Milla’s arm and leg flopped on the mat. The English actress grabbed Milla’s head and pulled her up, but when she was halfway to her feet, Rhona repositioned Milla’s head and delivered one of the most brutal Kneelifts anyone had ever seen, sending Milla flying up and backward with a rainbow of spittle flying from her mouth. She landed heavily on her back and it wasn’t clear to ringsiders if she were even conscious!

“Don’t worry, I can bring her around!” said Rhona. She reached into Milla’s crotch, grabbed a healthy handful of Ukrainian pubic hair and slowly began to pull up. Sure enough, Milla snapped back to full, panicked, alertness, then a blood-curdling scream escaped her lips. Rhona pulled pubic hair until Milla’s body rose off the mat, then suddenly a big clump of wiry hair tore free. Milla let out a final, bloodcurdling shriek, and passed out!

Milla’s unconscious body flopped back to the mat and Rhona placed a foot triumphantly on her motionless form while the referee raise her hand in victory. The audience booed and harangued the winning wrestler so Rhona decided to make good on her earlier promise. She lifted the dead weight of Milla’s body in her arms, moved it to her shoulders, then – with a grunt of effort – Gorilla Pressed Milla’s limp body overhead to full arm extension. This momentarily silenced the hecklers as the entire audience sat awestruck by her demonstration of strength. Rhona walked to the ropes, glared at the knot of the most vocal spectators and tossed Milla’s unconscious body into their laps.

“When she wakes up,” Rhona shouted, “Tell her that if she ever shows up for any acting audition I’m at, she better clear out and go home. Elsewise, she’ll get even worse next time!”