Milla Jovovich vs. Liv Tyler by Scott

Milla Jovovich has long been one of the most successful models in the world having appeared on the cover of over 100 magazines. She also has enjoyed success as an actress since she was a teenager when she appeared in “Return to the Blue Lagoon”. Best known for her role as Leeloo in “The Fifth Element” with Bruce Willis she has appeared in over 20 films. In recent years she has branched out into music and although her CD received decent reviews Milla had not yet conquered the music business.

Music, however, was her passion. She does modeling gigs only because they pay her well enough to pursue her musical career. After making a boatload of money being the cover girl of r Loreal and completing a couple “Resident Evil” flicks decided to concentrate her efforts on her singing career. In recent weeks she had been performing at a trendy LA nightclub and tonight promised to be a big night as a record company executive was going to be in the audience. Milla was hopeful of snagging a big contract that would vault her music career to the stratosphere.

Being a successful model and actress Milla like most beautiful women is a bit of an egomaniac and has been known to be difficult at times. Her temperament can be described as uneven at best. Being born to a Russian mother and a Serbian father she has had distrust of Americans to the point of disdain. She speaks fluent Russian and even when she speaks English she prefers to use a Russian accent even though she has lived in the United States for many years. She went to high school with Christina Applegate that led to a guest appearance on Married with Children. (Remember Milla was the Foreign Exchange student in MWC that Bud had the hots for.) When things are going well she can be pleasant but when things don’t go her way she won’t hesitate to throw hissy fit until things go her way.

During this evening Milla was nervous. She wanted to make a good impression for the record executive. As the night progressed Milla’s spirits improved. She was in top form and the audience was hooting and howling their approval. When her show was finished she went back to her dressing room full of smiles.

A few minutes later someone knocked at the door. Milla was sure it was the record company VP coming to offer her a contract.

“Come in, door’s open” Milla answered. The door open and it wasn’t the record executive, it was Liv Tyler she saw standing there.

“What are YOU doing here Mia?” Milla asked, mistaking Liv for her “plus size” model sister.

“I’m not Mia, I’m Liv!” she bristled.

“Oh, my mistake,” Milla giggled. “You’re getting to be as big as your sister. You might want to try eating a salad once in a while,” she chided, not caring to be tactful.

Liv was never a thin girl and after having her baby she hasn’t lost all the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy. On the plus side her once small breasts grew a couple of cup sizes. She must have been close to 150 pounds and even on her 5’10” frame, she looked a little frumpy. Milla by contrast had always been thin. At close to 5’9” she was nearly as tall as Liv but at least 20 or perhaps 30 pounds lighter! While she was thin, Milla was very fit and muscular and far stronger than she looked. Unlike actresses who had sudden weight loss, Milla’s slim figure was not an indication she was weak. Although blessed with one of the most beautiful faces, Milla was a tomboy at heart and had done many of her own stunts in the “Resident Evil” films and in her “Joan of Arc” Movie.

“Look Milla, I wanted to talk to you about Mia. She was really upset about what you did to her at that fashion show in New York.”

Liv was a throwback to the hippies of the late 60’s; a flower child, mild mannered by nature. Her dad described her as a ‘gentle old soul’ but today Liv had an agenda she was determined to accomplish. She knew Milla had clout in the modeling world and wanted to use Milla to get Mia a contract.

“You mean when I said, ‘no one as heavy as a cow should be modeling designer clothes’? Then convinced the designer to drop her from the show? You talking about that?” Milla said with not the least sign of being contrite

“Yes, THAT!” Liv huffed. “There was no call for that. I don’t know how Russians behave, but in THIS country we treat each other civilly! Who do you think you are to prevent anyone from pursuing their dream?” Liv said with an uncharacteristic tone of anger

“I know who I am,” Milla scowled. “Who the fuck are YOU?” Then added, “And for your information; I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, I’m NOT Russian. How stupid are you anyway? Are all your brains in those puffed up lips?”

“Yeah and Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii but she’s not Hawaiian,” Liv snarled, angry at Milla’s rebuke. “Ukraine, Russia, what’s the difference. None of you people know how to behave properly anyway.”

For Milla modeling was international affair – Unlike acting or singing where Americans or other English-speaking women dominated the scene. Modeling was a place where the most successful models could come from anywhere. She resented someone like Mia Liv intruding in this exclusive club. She thought someone who looked like Mia (to be kind she was a tad but overweight for your typical model) would not have had a chance to succeed if her daddy were not famous. She felt the same way towards Liv even though Liv was thinner and considered prettier than her half sister.

“Look you are not perfect. Bruce (who played Liv’s father in “Armageddon”) said you were late to the set, that you demanded imported foods and that you didn’t shower when you were filming “The Fifth Element” and I can see, I mean smell, that you still don’t shower on a regular basis. So how about it are you apologizing to my sister and getting her booked with that designer? ”

“It’s not going to happen! Your sister has no business being a model. She doesn’t deserve being in a business with the most beautiful women in the world. Look I am expecting an important visitor so if you don’t mind.”

“Oh yeah I know all about that. That man from the record company produces dad’s (Aerosmith) records. We’ve been friends for years. I convinced him that you would not be a good signing at this time. Better luck next time honey.”

Liv normally not a vindictive person was nonetheless very protective of her family and the wide smile that crossed her face as she told Milla the news attested to the pleasure she felt at that moment. Milla, who had been brushing her hair, suddenly slammed the hair brush down on the table.

“You did vhat?” When she was excited, Milla often fell back into her natural Russian accent when speaking English - especially if it were someone she didn’t care for enough to try to be understood clearly.

“Did I stutter?” Liv smirked.

Milla jumped to her feet and advanced towards Liv unafraid of the weight difference between the two of them. For most women a 30-pound weight advantage would be beneficial in a fight but in Liv’s case her excess weight was concentrated on her midsection and ass and just made her awkward and slow.

“So you think you’re smart?”

“Smarter than you bitch!” Liv proclaimed extending her hands to keep Milla from getting too close. But Milla brushed Liv’s arms aside and then shoved her backward. Liv retaliated and the two began shoving one another.

“You stupid cunt! I’ll kick your fuckin’ ass all over this room for what you did” Milla screamed as she drove Liv back, then slapped her hard across the face.

Liv put her arms up to protect herself but Milla grabbed her by the wrists and forced her arms down to her side. Liv quickly broke free and yelled, “Stop it! I don’t want a fight!” The gentle-hearted girl wasn’t prepared for this reaction. She had hoped Milla would see the light and get her sister her job back. Instead Milla’s reacted in rage and Liv had a look of a deer being stalked by a lion as Milla once again grabbed her arms and pressed her body against the wall. “Look, I am NOT going to fight you Milla! Let me go. And for gosh sakes – take a breath mint!”

Milla went berserk! She let go of Liv’s arms and slapped her again and again. Liv blocked some of the slaps but still began screaming for her to stop. Instead Milla reached for her throat and began choking her. Liv struggled, grabbing Milla’s arms but could not pry them loose. Liv began gagging and her face was turning blue as Milla dug her fingers in deep around Liv’s neck. Liv began to slump but when Milla widened her stance to get more leverage Liv was able to lift a knee between Milla’s legs.

Milla doubled over and let loose of the choke as she stumbled backwards massaging her aching crotch. Liv was slumped over coughing trying to regain air into her lungs. After a moment, Liv regained her composure and decided it would be best if she exited so she turned her back on Milla - who was still slumped over - and headed for the door! But she had trouble getting the door open which gave Milla enough time to grab a scarf and she came up behind and wrapped it around Liv’s neck.

Milla quickly tightened her grip and pulled back forcing Liv to stand on her tip-toes to keep from being pulled down to the floor. Liv put her hands up to her neck but could not loosen the strangle hold. Liv was not strong enough to make a push forward and was fading fast so she change strategy and allowed Milla to pull her backwards without any resistance. That caused both ladies to involuntarily scurry backwards and Milla lost her balance. Liv used the momentum to keep pushing back. Milla could not control Liv’s weight and crashed into the wall with Liv’s bouncing off her. That knocked the air out of the model and she let loose of the scarf going down to one knee. As she check for damage to her ribs and Liv was able to regain her breath.

Once again Liv chose to run instead of fight but before she got two feet Milla leaped on her back and wrapped her arms around Liv’s head and neck choking her. Liv was stumbling around and her knees buckled as Milla had a death grip around her neck. Once again Liv used her brain and just let her feet go out from under her and Milla crashed to the carpet landing on her back with Liv landing on top of her.

With 150 pounds crashing on her, Milla was shaken up but Liv was too much out of breath to attack. When Liv turned around she saw Milla still shaking her head but Liv was not aggressive. She just wanted to leave. She started making her way to her feet when Milla grabbed her blouse. Liv managed to pull away from Milla’s grasp but she fell back on her bottom loosing her blouse in the process. Milla quickly took off her blouse, baring her firm, perky, 35B breasts.

Before Liv could get to her feet Milla lunged at her and got hold of her legs. Liv was on her back trying to pull away. Milla pulled off Liv’s jeans leaving her now in only panties and a bra. Milla who was wearing a skirt took a second to take that off so that she was wearing panties, garters and black stockings. Both ladies were back on their feet. Liv looked afraid while Milla looked liked a woman possessed.

“Who do you think you are?” Liv yelled out. Her eyes already full of tears

“I’m Milla, and I’m you worst nightmare. You’re a spoiled princess who got everything handed to her.
Milla then moved in on Liv and pushed her very hard almost knocking the bigger female to the floor.

Milla came at Liv again and since Milla was between Liv and the door Liv was forced to defend herself.
She tried grabbing Milla by the throat but her hands were quickly slapped away. Liv tried to make a dash to the door and scoot past Milla but the Russian got her in a headlock then placed a leg around Liv’s leg and the women tumbled to the floor. Liv actually landed on top but Milla immediately rolled her over to her back. Milla kept her arm around Liv’s head and her legs were pressing up against between the brunette’s thighs.

“You like being this close to Milla?” Milla asked; having an annoying habit of speaking in the 3rd person.

“Let me go. This isn’t going to help you!” Instead of getting mad like most women - and using that anger to her benefit - Liv was begging Milla to stop her assault.

Liv’s breathing was already becoming sharp and shallow. She thought if she could wrap her legs around Milla’s waist she could gain control of the situation and force Milla to listen to reason. The Russian’s legs were on top of Liv’s right leg and each time the brunette tried putting her left leg around Milla’s waist the model would make an adjustment and get out of harm’s way. Milla pressed Liv’s arms above her head as she pressed her body against the brunette.

“Ignorant American!” Milla hissed, her face against Liv’s, hoping she might show some feistiness. That would make the beatdown she was going to administer all the more enjoyable. Liv was able to bring her arms down to her chest and tried rolling out of Milla’s grasp. She managed to roll over to her stomach which forced Milla to let loose of her hands but allowed her to wrap an arm around her neck. The model rolled backward taking Liv with her trapped in her arms. Milla was on her side now with an arm around Liv’s neck and wrapped her long legs around the brunette’s waist. “Does that hurt?” Milla asked as she put the squeeze around Liv’s soft tummy

Liv did not answer she was busy trying to catch a breath in obvious distress. “Oh I hate you, you bitch!” Liv seethed as she tried to no avail pulling Milla’s arm away from her neck and having the air squeezed out of her lungs by Milla’s legs.

“Not half as much as I despise you,” Milla said with great disdain, reinforcing the scissors and semi-choke hold.

“I’ll get you for this!” Liv said more out of wishful thinking than a real threat. “When I get out of this…I’ll squash you!”

Liv was still thinking her superior size was going to help her out of her predicament but in reality she already knew she’d made a terrible mistake angering the ill-tempered woman. Unable to break the choke she reached down trying to pry Milla’s legs apart. She just did not have the strength to budge the impregnable legs even an inch.

“I’ve got you now!” Milla announced to Liv’s displeasure.

“Ugggh…” Liv screamed in frustration finding it impossible to escape. Liv kept rocking her body back and forth hoping it would get Milla to loosen her hold. She managed to push Milla on her back and Liv was on top of her but the model kept her arms and legs around Liv’s body continuing to squeeze and choke the bigger female. Liv’s kept trying to pull her head up and away from Milla’s choking arms and after several minutes of struggling Milla was no longer able to keep her grip around her neck.

With her head free Liv had more leverage and was able to pry Milla’s legs open also and turned around to face Milla. Liv now had the superior position. The brunette smiled for the first time thinking she had the advantage. She tried to mount Milla but the model bent her knees bringing them up to her waist and kicked the actress off before Liv could gain position. Both women scrambled to their feet locking arms in a battle of strength. Milla lunged for an arm but Liv was quick to slip out.

“Come on, bitch! You wanted a fight? Well, now you’ve got it!” the cocky Liv said as she moved in and slapped Milla who, surprisingly, didn’t seem mad…she was even smiling! Liv’s slap was comparable to the slap Dorothy gave the Cowardly Lion and now Milla was confident she would win this fight easily. She liked that Liv was getting cocky because she SO enjoyed humiliating and teaching a lesson to women who thought they were tough. They locked up in a mutual bearhug and Milla got her arms around Liv’s lower back while Liv had her arms around the model’s upper back. Milla was pushing the brunette around whom was doing all she could just maintain her balance.

Milla slipped around the big girl in a reverse bearhug, then swept Liv up off her feet and dragged her to the carpet. As they rolled around, Milla ended up underneath Liv but with her arms wrapped around Liv’s head and her legs scissoring her waist; preventing Liv from moving. Since her hands were behind Liv’s back, Milla unsnapped Liv’s bra with one hand, leaving her topless, then reached up with the other to pinch Liv’s nipple. She let out a squeal that brought a smirking grin to Milla’s full, sensuous lips.

“You made a big mistake talking to that record producer” Milla seethed as Liv squirmed in her grasp

Liv managed to turn her body around so she was facing Milla but the model kept her arms and legs around the actress. She tried shifting her body up so she could place her fleshy breasts over Milla’s face but could only move a few inches as Milla kept her legs around Liv’s waist. But Liv didn’t give up and she began making slow progress. Eventually, she reached the model’s face. With her breasts being bigger and her heavy weight, it was almost impossible for Milla to buck her off and she knew she could be in trouble if Liv got her in a breast smother.

Milla released her arms around Liv’s head and grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back and keeping Liv’s breasts off her face. Liv jerked backwards when her hair was pulled and Milla was able to force the off balanced woman on her back. Liv was taken by surprise by the quick turn of events and before she could reacted Milla took a seat on her stomach and pressed her arms to her sides

“Dumb ass!” she scowled, slapping Liv. She then tucked the brunette’s arms underneath her legs while moving forward to her chest allowing her time to talk trash to Liv. “You’re going to pay for what you did! You and your sister are nothing more than a couple of fat, no-talent cows!”

That statement angered Liv and she put some extra effort in getting Milla off her. She bucked wildly but the Russian could not be budged. She did however get her arms free and the two continued to grapple until Liv ending up on her stomach with Milla still on her back. Liv lifted her up her upper body and Milla lost her balanced slipping partially off her for a second. Liv only made it to her knees before the tenacious Milla wrap her arms around her neck again. The actress tried reaching up with her hands to break the chokehold but was wrestled down to her side. Milla maintained the grip around the neck and snaked her legs around Liv’s waist establishing a scissors hold.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh” Liv moaned as pained resonated throughout her mid section and her air supply was being limited. Liv reached behind her and began pulling at Milla’s hair. Milla responded in a like manner. “I’m going to get you,” an angry but tiring Liv warned

“Not today you aren’t!” Milla responded knowing Liv couldn’t back up her words.

She rolled Liv to her stomach. With her arms already around the brunette’s neck it was easy for Milla to inch her way up until she was able to interlocked her hands under Liv’s chin and pulled her head and chest up bending Liv’s back executing a perfect Camel Clutch. Liv squealed and was breathing heavily, feeling like her spine would snap as Milla had the camel clutch locked in tight. To add more pressure she clasped her hands around Liv’s head getting a full nelson but still lifting her head up. Milla leaned in to talk some trash in Liv’s ear. The actress then reached backward with her long arms and managed to get them around the back of Milla’s neck

Milla jerked back in reaction but surprisingly Liv and a firm grip around the model’s neck. The pressure around her neck caused Milla to move forward a bit. It was enough so she lost her balance and the camel clutch hold was broken but she still maintained the full nelson and still had Liv trapped on her stomach. Milla was determined to lift Liv’s torso back up and Liv’s hold around Milla’s neck was weakening. In moments she was able to jerked Liv back up into the camel clutch/full nelson combination.

“Ahhhh!” cried Liv as her head was jerked up violently. A crack was heard when Milla flexed her arms tightening her grip around the neck. The bigger girl went limp in Milla’s arms. Fearing her neck might be broken and Milla gently laid her head on the carpet. When Liv was able to move her head Milla smiled. She wanted to inflict more pain and humiliation.

“You were such a beauty once. Now you’re a fat pig - just like your sister,” Milla said as she laid herself on Liv and rolled on her back taking Liv with her in a full nelson and with her legs securely around her mid section.

“I’ll get you Milla; I’ll get you good,” Liv said, sounding almost wishful.

“You might if you get fat Mia to HELP you,” Milla chuckled. “More likely, it’d take me 10 minutes to beat BOTH of you.”

Liv tried to plant her feet on the floor for some leverage but Milla blocked the moved with her legs grapevining the brunettes legs with hers. Having the big girl all tied up made it easy to roll her over to her stomach where she had her in a semi-choke/ chin lock and waist scissors.

“Are you choking?” Milla laughed hearing Liv gurgling as the Russian choked her with one arm and pressed upwards under her chin with the other arm. The model was also rocking Liv back and forth with her arms and legs. Milla was pretty much rubbing her crotch on Liv’s backside and it seem to be giving her more energy and putting her in heat.

Liv kept squirming but she couldn’t break free from the model’s grasp. Milla then rolled to her back still with Liv trapped in her arms and legs. Liv was sighing heavily as she feverishly tried to force her way free. For a while it seemed to be working as Milla’s grip was weakening. Liv was able to break free of Milla’s legs and got to her knees but could not totally escape Milla who still had her arms around her head and re wrapped her legs around Liv’s waist. Finally Liv go a small break as Milla lost her grip around Liv head. She still managed to keep her legs around her waist so while Liv could breathe a bit easier she couldn’t put any distance between her and the Russian.

They were facing each other with Liv on her knees and Milla sitting with her legs around Liv’s waist. Milla wanted to make sure Liv didn’t break free so she grabbed two handfuls of hair and began pulling hair. Liv responded likewise.

“You Euro-trash! I’ll get you!” Liv shouted as the two kept pulling hair.

“I’m going to mess you up. You think you can interfere in my career.” Milla said as she forced the taller woman backwards until Liv was lying on her back. Milla quickly took a sitting position on her stomach pinning her arms to her sides.

“I don’t have to interfere; you’re a lousy singer,” the unapologetic Liv asserted.

“I have lots of talent! I had that contract sewed up.” Milla replied.

“If you say so…”

“Yeah I do say so!”

Liv continued to struggle to push the smaller woman off her but could not budge Milla off her. Liv bent her knees and planted her feet on the floor lifting her pelvis in the air. The maneuver caught Milla by surprise and Liv was able to buck her forward. Milla lost her balance and was forced to let loose of Liv’s hands allowing Liv to push the model on her back. However, Milla was able to keep her legs around Liv’s waist. Before Liv was able to sit up Milla reached forward wrapping her arms around the back of the brunette’s head keeping Liv’s body close to her where she would be unable to make any offensive moves. Even though Liv was on top she was having her waist squeezed and having her already sore neck pulled down to the point where she was mere inches from Milla’s breasts. This combination made it difficult for her to breathe freely.

While Liv was laboring Milla was full of energy and she was able to force Liv on her back. Milla was laying on top of Liv now and grabbed her arms. Liv tried to wrap her legs around the Russian’s waist but Milla blocked it with her legs. Liv resisted but slowly Milla was able to inch herself up Liv’s body. She spread Liv’s legs apart with a grapevine again causing Liv to howl in pain. Liv was trying to push her off but with her arms pinned and legs in check she had little mobility.

“Get…off me…you…whore!” Liv yelled, totally frustrated at her predicament.

“Oh, I’m just getting started.” Milla said angrily. She was a little frustrated about Liv’s close escapes and wanted to make sure she did not get away this time. “Enough play, Now it’s time for you to pay bitch!”

Milla released Liv’s arms only to wrap her arms around Liv’s head and forcing the actress’s head into her breasts. She rubbed Liv’s face roughly back and forth before going for a straight breast smother. She realized her modest breasts weren’t perfect for smothering but humiliating Liv and hearing her muffled cries gave her much pleasure.

Liv couldn’t stand having Milla’s smelly boobs in her face and went hysterical. Screaming loudly, she pulled Milla’s hair trying to force her head back and upper chest out of her face but she just wasn’t strong enough. Milla countered by pressing her breasts down harder covering Liv’s nose and mouth. Liv wasn’t getting much air and in moments her arms soon fell limply by her side. Milla lifted up a bit to see if Liv was out. She wasn’t yet…but she was close! Her eyes were blurry and she was gasping for air. The Russian began rubbing her breasts back and forth on Liv’s face again; at first very lightly - she wanted Liv awake so she would remember this night. After a few minutes she went back to a full breast smother.

Desperate, Liv pulled Milla’s hair as hard as she could with her remaining energy. Milla was caught off guard by Liv’s burst of energy and the actress was able to buck her off to the side. When Liv turned to the other way an alert Milla wrapped her legs around her waist once again. Liv mewed then cried out when Milla gave her tummy a hard squeeze. The heavy actress was getting very tired now.

As the ladies grappled Liv found herself back on top of Milla who responded quickly and got her arm around the actress’s head and was able to power Liv to her backside again. The model laid her body across Liv’s upper chest and neck making it difficult for Liv to catch a full breath of air. A weak slap across Milla’s ass was all the offense Liv could muster. While she was laying on top of Liv, Milla grabbed one of the brunette’s long legs and began rolling her side to side forcing more air out of Liv’s lungs as she thrust her own body down on Liv’s.

Liv was beginning to panic and she reached up and wrapped her arms around Milla’s head but she had little leverage and Milla slipped out with little effort. Once Milla was on top she was able to clamp a Reverse Headlock on Liv and she just kept applying pressure to her neck, forcing Liv’s head up and choking her with her free hand. Liv’s resistance started to diminish rapidly. When she had the actress where she wanted her, Milla decided to try something else. She released Liv and the brunette just didn’t have enough energy to counter or even roll away from the model and Milla was able to scoot behind her and secure her in a Full Nelson.

Ohhhh” Liv sighed when Milla clamped her legs around her waist again to go along with the full nelson once again applying pressure to her sore neck.

Milla began squeezing her legs and arms in a steady rhythm. Liv felt like her neck would break while at the same time she felt her organs would burst from the scissors. She began rocking back and forth adding to the actress’s agony. Liv was totally immobilized except for her legs but they were of no help to her shifting and sliding around aimlessly on the carpet. Her arms were trapped sticking straight up in the air over her head. There was no hope for escape; Milla was grunting in effort as she continued flexing her arms and squeezing her legs while Liv was groaning in pain.

“Ooooh, ohhhh, ahhhh, oooh ohhhh…” pitiful sounds kept coming from Liv’s lips each time Milla flexed her arms and legs. “You’re… (gasp) …evil…” she wheezed between deep breaths.

“And you’re going to find out just how evil?” Milla responded letting loose of the full nelson only to move to her side and shove Liv’s face into the carpet and rubbing it back and forth giving her face a rug burn before going back to the nelson and the pulsating waist scissors. Milla stay on her side with Liv still trapped and began rocking her again and banging Liv’s head down on the carpeted floor. The floor was carpeted but it wasn’t soft and Liv was taking a pounding - and getting extremely light headed.

Convinced Liv could offer no further resistance Milla cackled as she rolled her over to her other side while still keeping the actress locked up and slowing rocking her back and forth with Liv’s noggin still trapped in the full nelson. Liv was completely gassed and only moved when Milla moved her. Milla continued to flex her arms and legs over Liv’s body and working herself up rubbing her crotch against Liv’s fleshy bottom as a form of foreplay. After a few minutes Milla poured the pressure on pressing as hard as she could her arms around Liv’s head. Then it was back to business

“Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhh!” Liv cried out as her head was being pressed down so her chin touched her bosom.

“Ha, Ha, Ha!” Milla roared with a depraved laugh enjoying hearing the big girl suffer. “Give up yet bitch?” Liv couldn’t answer she was just trying to breathe at this point. “Soon you will!” Milla answered for her.

“Yeah you and Mia are to of a kind. A couple of cows trying to hang with the foxes” Milla said easing up on the pressure a bit fearing Liv would pass out too soon. She continued thrusting her body up and down Liv’s and had to slow down, feeling that she herself would run out of breath. Milla’s entire body, especially her loins were overheating. She decided to slow the pace. After a brief pause, Milla calmed down and continued the onslaught. She forced Liv’s head down to the carpet applying tremendous pressure with her arms clamped around the neck and legs around her aching midsection. Liv used what little energy she had left to try to push her legs off the floor but she could not break free and her legs gave out resting on the carpet totally useless to her.

“Ahhhh…” Liv sighed.

Encouraged by Liv’s helplessness Milla step up her efforts. She began grunting, sliding up and down Liv’s long body still squeezing her with all she had, pausing only to shove Liv’s head into the carpet rubbing her face against the unforgiving fibers before returning her attention to the lethal scissors and full -nelson.

“Ahhhh, Ohhhh, Eeeee…” cried the brunette, powerless to escape.

Milla would pause only to taunt the actress before renewing her torture, “You’re a pathetic loser. Hell, Moss (petite model Kate) gave me a better fight than you” Milla roughly lifted Liv’s head up by the hair twisting it painfully sideways so she could look into her eyes as she taunted, “So bitch, are you glad you came by? Are you glad you picked a fight with Milla? Uh? ARE YOU?!” Milla asked with an evil smile as she began slapping Liv’s face.

“You stinking skank, I’ll get you,” Liv barely whispered with no conviction.

Milla laughed at Liv’s empty threats then rolled to her backside with Liv coming with her trapped in her grasp on top of Milla but completely immobile. The model continued to hold her in a full nelson while grapevining her legs. Liv was in excruciating pain as her legs were spread wide apart and her arms were hanging limply above her head. Milla then brought her hands around the brunette’s chin pulling upward stretching Liv’s aching neck.

“Ahhh…” Liv could offer no counter moves so the Russian moved her hands down to around her neck and was choking her now. Liv was close to being choked out when Milla let loose allowing Liv’s head to flop to the side. She gave Liv a couple of seconds to get a few breaths the wrap her arms around her head again. This time she cover her mouth with one hand and pinched her nose shut with her other hand. She did this even as Liv began bucking wildly in her grip. Liv’s body began to spasm without air. It wasn’t until her body movements slowed down to twitches that Milla unlocked her suffocating grip. Liv took a big gasp of air. Milla held her tightly just rubbing her legs up and down Liv’s body and keeping her head secure for a minute or so.

Then the model turned over to her side taking Liv with her and wrapped her arm around Liv’s neck in a reverse chin lock. Liv thrashed about, like a rabbit would that was just hit by a car, trying her best to break free from Milla's inescapable hold. Quickly she realized the hopelessness of the situation and tried going into the fetal position but could not even do this as Milla had her legs interlocked with the brunette’s while pulling her up on her chin. Liv breathing was rapid and shallow. She was laying on one of her arms and Milla grabbed the other preventing Liv from even thinking about making a counter move.

“Ohhh, Ohhhh…” Liv panted as Milla kept squeezing her middle with her legs. Milla started rocking back and forth taking Liv with her.

“I wish I had you and Mia together,” Milla hissed. “I’d make Tyler burgers out of the both of you!” She lowered her arm to under Liv’s neck, not choking her but just keeping her in place so she could talk some more trash to her.

“Hurting people makes you happy doesn’t it?” Liv asked, knowing full well of Milla’s reputation for cruelty.

“Just stupid Americans like you,” Milla scowled.

“You’re a malicious, evil, woman,” Liv said.

“That’s what I like to hear!” Milla responded as she bent the actresses arm so she was pressing on Liv’s throat with her elbow. Liv immediately began choking. Milla could have choked her out right there but instead wanted to prolong the torture. She rolled to her back taking Liv with her hopelessly trapped and brutally pulling Liv’s head back painfully with one arm around her forehead and the other under her chin and squeezing her waist with her legs.

“We’re just getting started Liv. I’m going to have fun playing with this tubby body!”

Liv was wishing she never showed up and things got worse when Milla began sliding her legs up and down rapidly across Liv’s waist and rhythmically pulling up on her chin sending sharp waves of pain through the brunette’s body. Milla added a choke while still pushing her head backwards. She also had control of Liv’s arms so the actress was totally helpless.

“Ahhh, ehhhh,” Liv moaned totally at Milla’s mercy.

Milla intermittently applied extra pressure to the brunette ’s waist and neck. Milla heard some cracks. Liv’s ribs may have been damaged. Her breathing became erratic and she began to feel her body go numb. She could only flutter her fingers and toes. Thinking Liv was nearly finished; Milla eased up on the pressure going for her next move. Liv indeed was in bad shape but upon feeling Milla loosen her hold she got a sudden burst of energy and she almost squirted out of Milla’s grip rolling to her side

“Get back here bitch!” Milla said calmly fully in control of the situation knowing Liv’s reserves were dwindling

Terribly fatigue Liv wasn’t quick enough or strong enough to escape from Milla’s legs. Liv desperately tried to roll away but Milla quickly snapped her legs shut around her waist and was slowly inching her legs up Liv’s body until she reached the actress’s long neck. Liv weakly reached up with her arms trying to prevent Milla from clamping her legs around her neck but Milla effortlessly shove her arms to the side as she slipped her legs around Liv’s neck and shoved her face against her crotch while securing her in the neck scissors.

“Aahhhh, oooh, ahhhh,” Liv moaned knowing the desperateness of her situation. Her only defense was weakly grabbing Milla’s leg and digging her nails into Milla’s skin. Milla immediately slapped her hands away. Liv was too weak to offer any further resistance.

“There, that’s the proper place for your face,” laughed Milla, pressing Liv’s features hard against her pussy.

Liv’s neck was so weak from the all the full nelsons that she could not impede Milla’s attack. Her head was so limp that her it slipped backwards a bit but Milla promptly placed Liv’s head in its proper place. Liv continued to moan at her predicament, her sounds being muffled as Milla continued pushing her head against her crotch while also squeezing her head. Liv was still attempted to fight pushing ineffectually against Milla’s legs trying to keep from being smothered out so Milla redirected her attention to squeezing the remaining resistance out of the actress.

After a few moments of squeezing Liv’s head and neck in her python like grip further softening her up, Milla grabbed the back of the brunette’s head and began pressing it in a circular motion against her crotch.

“Oooooh,” Milla cooed enjoying the simulating contact. Liv had one arm free and was trying to scratch the model’s back so the Russian bent her arm painfully behind Liv’s back. After numbing Liv’s arm to the point where it also was useless to her the model returned to jamming the brunette’s face against her damp, pantied pussy. “There you go bitch. Aren’t you the lucky one? You get to pleasure Milla. Now stick out that tongue and service me!” ordered the delighted Milla as she continued to rub against the woman’s face vigorously against sex thinly covered by her humid panties.

Liv gently mewed like a scared kitten. She was drained of all energy, but she would not give this Russian whore the satisfaction of voluntarily satisfying her sexual deviant desires and still Milla was undeterred. She was going to get her pleasure with or without Liv’s consent, She pressed Liv’s face hard against her cunny and clamped her legs around her head so tight it looked like she was trying to swallow her. Liv’s legs began to shake and her body shivered. She was close to passing out. Milla did not want this so she spread her legs for a moment allowing Liv to catch a quick breath, but only a quick breath. Seconds later she fasten her legs around Liv’s head again. Milla then lifted her legs in the air with Liv’s head trapped and slammed them down to the carpet.

“Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh…” Liv’s neck and entire body jarred each time Milla’s legs made impact with the carpet. Milla did this four times before allowing Liv to lay on the carpet, head still trapped in her legs and squeezing her vulnerable neck with tremendous pressure. She wanted to knock the actress out right now. Liv let out a pitiful cry, as her head felt like it would pop loose from her body!

Liv wasn’t quite out as she rotated her entire body, except for her trapped head from her side until she was on her back. This signaled to Milla that Liv was finally giving up and Milla smiled as she eased off on the pressure once she saw Liv was finished. Still she kept Liv’s face nestled against her moist panties maintaining the scissors hold. Now though she was moving her legs rhythmically pushing Liv’s features against her sex ever so slightly. Liv couldn’t stand having the Russian have her way with her. She went back to her side and raised her hand up to Milla’s shoulder trying to push her off but she could not apply any pressure.

“Get off me bitch!” Milla ordered, pushing the slack arm off then bending it behind Liv’s back painfully.

“Ahhhhh” Liv cried out her breathing labored.

“Don’t you like it Liv?” Milla asked before mauling one of Liv’s tits and slapping her on the ass.

Again after shoving Liv’s face against her sex a few moments Milla stop just before Liv could pass out. Maintaining the headscissors, Milla eased up on the pressure for a moment and grabbed Liv by the hair pushing her throbbing head backward while pushing against her chin. She then maneuvered Liv to her back which allowed Milla to place her legs directly on the around Liv’s neck and soon the brunette was gurgling and her legs were flopping about. Poor Liv just wanted to pass out but Milla would not let her.

“Choking? Choking?” Liv couldn’t answer. Milla let up on the choking a bit but forced Liv’s jaw closed and pinched her nose shut making it nearly impossible for the actress to breathe. Then Milla licked her own hand and placed her entire palm over Liv’s nose and mouth cutting off all air supply.
Liv pathetically beat on Milla’s legs. She weakly kicked her feet and legs in the air then her body began to spasm.
She was making dreadful sounds trying to catch a breath of air. Liv’s hair was soaking wet and matted to her face. Her makeup was all messed up and her face was puffy and her eyes were fluttering open and shut.

Mercifully, or cruelly, Milla stopped before the actress lost consciousness but went back to choking Liv with her legs. She flexed her legs adding pressure to the choke. Liv’s legs bugged out and her face was bright red. Then Milla went back to the hand smother. Liv was almost out by the time Milla removed her hand from her mouth and moved it to her throat. She choked the brunette while continuing to squeeze her neck. She looked like she was attempting to break Liv’s neck with her strong legs that felt like sinewy steel cables to the trapped actress.

“Ohhh, ohhhh…” For Liv, breathing was becoming a serious issue. She was almost finished but Milla wasn’t! She grabbed a handful of hair and twisted Liv’s head back and forth while still was choking the actress with the neck scissors. “Nooooo…” cried Liv, wondering if Milla’s cruelty knew no bounds. She got her answer when Milla started slapping her face back and forth.

“Isn’t this fun? I’m having a ball. So glad you came by Liv?” Milla purred as she continued slapping the brunette playing her face like it was a set of drums. Breathless, Liv didn’t have enough oxygen to protest or even beg forgiveness.

With a sinister smile on her face Milla took Liv’s head and shoved it back into her crotch where she humped away to her hearts content. At first Liv had enough energy to place her hands against Milla’s legs offering a minimal bit of resistance and preventing a complete smother but Milla was relentless and kept squeezing Liv’s neck while shoving her head in her crotch. Minutes later Liv’s arms slipped off Milla’s legs hanging limply off the model’s legs

The tall actress wasn’t quite out but was completely drained. Milla rolled the cataleptic like female on her back, and was sitting on Liv’s upper chest flattening her boobs as she bounced up and down on them, sliding up a little as she did so her crotch was bumping the front of Liv’s chin on the downbeat of her bouncing. Milla felt her panties absorbed a little bit of additional moisture. She noticed that a bit of mother’s milk dribbled from Liv’s heavy breasts.

“I can’t believe you thought you could challenge Milla!” Milla said as she placed her cunny over Liv’s face and rubbed against Liv’s face vigorously. “Stupid girl!” Milla began rubbing sideways and back and forth. Liv was totally helpless, her arms lay prostrate on the floor by her side, and her entire body moved in rhythm to Milla’s movements. “Bitch!”

Milla seemed a lit perturbed that Liv was about to go unconscious so she let up on the facesit and began bouncing up and down her chest again. Poor Liv was now hiccuping “oooh” and “unnnhh” each time Milla’s butt smashed down on her chest, forcing air out of her lungs.

“You stupid, stupid, woman!” Milla scowled scooting up sitting on Liv’s upper chest neck area and squeezing her head between her thighs. Although she didn’t need to, Milla also grabbed Liv’s limp wrists and pinned them to the carpet above her head. Frightened - not knowing what Milla might do to her next - Liv opened her mouth and meekly waggled her tongue as a sign of her complete and total submission. “Ha, ha, ha, ha!” Milla’s evil laugh indicated the submission came too late to expect mercy.

Milla planted the 120 pounds of her slim figure on Liv’s face. Her hot, damp and smelly flesh was suffocating. Liv’s eyes widen in horror as Milla denied her air. But Milla just wanted to scare her. To prolong the brunette’s agony (and to extend her own pleasure) she gyrated up and down on Liv’s face which allowed Liv to get brief small snippets of air and preventing her from prematurely blacking out. Liv’s features pressing against her cunny was bringing Milla to a high level of excitement
Liv’s muffled gasps for air were drowned out by Milla’s moans of pleasure. Liv’s long face was perfect for stimulating Milla’ love button. The actress’s hot breath tickled Milla’s flesh increasing her pleasure.

Fully turned on and wanting to finish Liv Milla placed her feet under Liv’s shoulders and got a full smother going.
Milla let go of Liv’s arms and grabbed a handful of hair pulling her face deeper in her sex as she grind away.
Liv bucked like crazy, flailing her legs in the air and launching wild ineffective punches to Milla’s thighs but could do nothing to stop the determined woman on top of her from having her way.

“Ehh, Ehhh, Ehhh,” Milla sexily and softly moaned working herself to an orgasm as she smothered out her squirming and rapidly weakening foe.

“How dare you challenge Milla!” the model said disdainfully, breathing more rapidly as her own body began heating up.

Liv was in a semi-conscious state and was barely moving at all as Milla slowed her pace down but she did not allow the brunette a chance to breath. She once again grabbed Liv’s arms using them like bike handles riding her face with gusto. Liv tried to move her head side to side trying to find precious air. She found nothing but Milla’s stinky, damp panties full of the model’s scent no matter which way she turned. Her movements only served to arouse Milla’s loins. Feeling herself going under Liv kick her legs in the air a few more times before she lost energy to even to that and they dropped to the carpet. She writhed around a bit then went completely limp. She was unconscious as Milla continued to mop her face. Liv’s lack of resistance delayed Milla’s arrival.

With a comatose foe under her, Milla again pushed Liv’s face up against her crotch, trying hard to get herself off. But hard as she tried, Milla couldn’t recapture the feeling of an orgasm. Half the fun was having Liv awake so she knew what was happening and using her struggling and resistance to stimulate her pussy. Now that Liv was in la-la land, Milla wanted to leave her mark…to make sure Liv got a taste of her. She rested for a moment regaining her composure then peeled off her panties. She then resumed her facesitting. Again using Liv’s arms like bike handles Milla renewed grinding away moving her cunny up and down and side to side.

“Unnnhh, unnnhh, unnnnhhh…” Milla was really smashing the face below her as she tried to stimulate herself again.
“You dumb American!” Milla was perturbed that she hadn’t had an orgasm yet. She was upset that Liv passed out so quickly depriving her of her just reward. Getting nowhere quick, the Russian eased back to Liv’s chest and slapped her a few times until she came around. Liv’s eyes fluttered open she didn’t know where she was. “Welcome back, I’ve missed you!” Milla smiled pleased to see that Liv was awake again.

Liv screamed but in a mini-second Milla turned around and applied the reverse facesit. Liv’s abused body shuddered when Milla’s ass made contact with her face. After a few kicks and flapping of her arms Liv was again placid in a semi-conscious state. Liv’s face seemed to hit the spot. Liv’s nose fit in Milla’s ass perfectly sinking in deep as she eased onto the pretty face giving her the sensation she craved.

“OOOH!” cooed Milla as shivers shot up her spine.

Milla lifted up a second then pressed her ass completely over Liv’s face smothering her all over again. She then gyrated back and forth and up and down using Liv’s face like a penis. Sensing Liv was about to pass out again Milla slither off Liv and took a seat on Liv’s chest. After allowing Liv a few seconds of air she slinked forward placing her suffocating sex over Liv’s mouth and nose. This was the feeling Milla desired, the one she longed for was returning. The model was moaning and groaning loudly as she gyrated on Liv’s face, smothering her with her pussy. The hot steaming sex covering her face was too much for Liv, her struggles to stay awake faded and eventually all movements ceased but this time Milla would not be denied her orgasm. She continued rubbing her sex across the beautiful but placid face.

“Ehh, uhhh, uhhh,” Milla grunted as Liv’s body was flopping about involuntarily like Jell-O while the beauty on top continued to hump and pump her face. Milla felt her orgasm growing and continued humping the captive head ferociously. Finally Milla screamed like a mad woman, her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She threw her head back and howled as she continued thrashing about wildly on her asphyxiated victim. Milla thrust her cunny cruelly up and down Liv’s face until her orgasm subsided. She rested a few seconds slowing rocking back and forth. Squishy sounds being made as Liv was coated in Milla’s nectar.

After a couple of minutes the Russian was grinding away as forcefully as she could making sure to leave her scent on Liv. She was making good on the promise she made to herself to smear Liv’s face with her pussy. Her flesh was oozing over the brunette’s face taking away the actress’s identity. Occasionally, Milla would lift her ass slightly in the air only to slam it down violently on Liv’s face, neck and upper chest even though her victim was unconscious she wanted to denigrate the actress. After using her pussy as a sledgehammer she resumed the pulverizing grinding action across her face again as if she wanted to erase Liv’s features.

After several more minutes of abusing Liv’s face, Milla was again satisfied. She was exhausted herself. For a few additional minutes she massaged her sex against the pretty face spreading her cum across her face like she was waxing a car. Finally she slithered off the beaten woman and lay next to her depleted herself.

A few minutes passed by and while Liv was deep in slumber Milla had recovered. She noticed that Liv’s breasts were still leaking a little. Milla couldn’t let this opportunity pass. She put Liv on her side and interlocked her legs with the brunette’s. Then she placed Liv’s arms over her hear and put her arm over them locking them up. With Liv all tied up Milla started milking Liv’s left breast. When some juice came out she began licking the tit like a popsicle.

Milla wanted Liv awake for this so she reached below and dug her hand into Liv’s soaked panties. When she penetrated Liv’s love hole the actress’s came back to life not knowing what was happening to her but she soon regained enough focus to realize Milla was violating her below and above the waist. Liv was all tangled up and shook her body as much as she could but once she realized she was immobile she began bawling. Milla laughed then renewed her licking while continuing to finger-fuck the actress.

When not enough milk came out Milla began sucking harder and at the same time her slow finger-fuck became a hand fuck, then finally a full fist-fuck. Liv’s arms dangled limp and harmlessly over her head; her flabby midsection and milk-filled tit jiggling as she moaned and groaned with pleasure even though she detested being debase by this foul female. Despite herself, Liv was soaring closer and closer to her own ego-shattering climax!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm…” hummed a blissful Milla enjoying the fruits of her victory. SLURP! SLURP!

Milla was hungrily smacking her lips, licking, sucking and pressing her lips around the nipple and areola of Liv’s soft, jiggling tit. Milla’s hand penetrating in and out Liv’s dripping love hole as steady as a high powered piston also made a rhythmic smacking sound. Keeping time was one of Liv’s feet lifting up in the air a few inches when Milla thrust into her and bounced softly off the carpet when Milla pulled out of her.

Milla’s persistence paid off and she was rewarded with a copiousness supply of tit juice, that darn near choked her, she thrust faster in and out of Liv’s love hole. Liv moaned softly and was gurgling, her open mouth full of saliva and Milla’s vaginal fluids was drooling off to the sides of her face dripping to the carpet like a leaking facet. The fluids inside Liv’s orifice were so bounteous that they were foaming up and bubbles of sticky mixture were forming and bursting out of her mouth, drenching her lower face. Milla knew she was closed and seconds later Liv climaxed her fluids squirting out like water out of a toy gun soaking Milla’s hand and arm. Beaten, battered and abused the brunette body went limp under the model’s control as she passed out.

Even with Liv unconscious, Milla continued to suck and fuck for several minutes until her arm was soaked clear up to her elbow and Liv’s milk was dribbling down her chin. Finally, Milla untangled her arms and legs and sat up. Liv lay still, unconscious on the carpet. Her only movement was the small involuntary spasms her body made when Milla pinched her nipple as she milked and sucked her other tit dry. The actress was completely unaware of what was being done to her. In a few minutes Milla finished her meal then staggered to her feet, turned on the radio and got some clothes then walked over to Liv. She placed a foot on Liv’s chest, looking down at her.

“You stupid bitch! Don’t you ever interfere with my career. You understand what Milla is saying?” She lectured the unaware Liv, gesturing and shaking her finger at the prone body. As she spoke the Beatles “Back In the USSR” was playing and Milla sang along….“Those Ukraine girls really knock me out.”

Liv now knew the words were oh-so-true!