Ashley Judd vs. Leah Lail by Bob

Two University of Kentucky Wildcat alumnae and former calendar girls, Ashley Judd and Leah Lail were arguing hot and heavy. Both Ashley and Leah were kick boxers and both had been quite good at it. The two often frequented the same nightspots and always seemed to find some form of competition. Leah always seemed to get the best of Ashley and Leah’s popularity irritated Ashley. Although Ashley was a movie star and a leading lady, Ashley didn’t like the fact that Leah seemed to be more recognizable because of her role on the television series “VIP.” Although Ashley was prettier than the blonde, Leah had the better body and seemed to enjoy flaunting her large chest, which also irritated the taller brunette. The argument started after Leah won a wet tee-shirt contest and Ashley had finally had enough. The two argued loudly until they were told to continue their argument outside.

The two stepped outside and continued arguing about who the better woman was until Leah finally said, “You think you’re a better woman than me, but you’ve never beaten me in anything! Well, you’re a kick boxer and so am I. I beat you in a wet tee-shirt contest. I’ve beaten you in everything we’ve done: arm-wrestling, darts, and I always get the men. Face it, you’re second rate.”

Ashley’s face had turned redder than a strawberry. “Maybe you have beaten me in all competitions, but I’m prettier and I’d kick your ass in a fight.”

The blonde laughed, “So you think you can kick my ass?”

Ashley put her hands on her hips and stared defiantly into Leah’s eyes, “I don’t THINK I can kick your ass, I KNOW it!”

Leah laughed and said, “If you think you can kick my ass, you’re dumber’n I thought you were!”

“I could kick you ass with no sweat,” Ashley said.

“Just like you’ve kicked my ass in everything else?” Leah mocked.

Ashley had had enough of Leah and said, “Ready when you are tough girl. We’ll see who the better woman is!”

Leah smiled and said, “How about if we make it interesting, loser never shows her face in any of the nightspots we go to ever again.”

Ashley laughed and said, “Too bad, some of the men are going to miss you, but I won’t. Agreed!”

Ashley then pushed Leah. Leah, who was taken by surprise, stumbled, but quickly recovered, slapped Ashley in the mouth and then quickly grabbed Ashley’s tight black dress, ripped it off, and threw it into the crowd of spectators. Several men reached for the dress and started fighting for the interesting trophy. Ashley had been caught by surprise. She stood for a second or two, staring at her body, as if she wasn’t sure what had happened. Her inactivity was all that Leah needed; and the blonde grabbed Ashley’s bra and quickly ripped it off.

Suddenly, Ashley threw a left-right combination. Much to Ashley’s surprise, Leah was exceptionally quick and easily blocked both punches. Leah then leaped high in the air and kicked Ashley in the face with a left-right combination. Ashley’s legs buckled, blood trickled out of her mouth, and she fell backwards to the ground. Not only was Leah good, but she was incredibly good. Ashley had never seen anyone land a combination with their feet before, especially while they were in the air, and the fact that Leah was wearing heels made the right-left combination kick even more incredible. With Ashley stunned and lying on the ground, Leah grabbed Ashley’s black panties and ripped them off. She then stuffed them into the brunette's mouth. Ashley couldn’t believe how quickly Leah had stripped her. All she was wearing was her stockings and heels. Because of how quickly Ashley had lost her clothes, she vowed she was going to strip Leah to the bone within the next 30 seconds.

Ashley quickly got to her knees. However, not wanting to let the brunette get back into the fight, Leah grabbed Ashley’s hair and lifted her to her feet. Once Ashley was standing, the blonde kicked her in the stomach, causing Ashley’s panties to fly out of her mouth. Although Ashley felt the kick, the shorter blonde was not finished. She quickly followed by planting her right fist on Ashley’s jaw. Ashley again tumbled backwards and crashed into the wall behind the bar.

As Leah went towards Ashley, she grabbed Ashley’s hair again and pulled it hard, jerking the brunette’s head forwards. The muscular blonde then started swinging the brunette beauty around by her hair. Round and round they went: five, ten, fifteen times, before the blonde let her brunette opponent go. Ashley flew through the air until she was on the ground once again. Leah was unaffected by spinning Ashley around and around and started to talk to the men in the crowd. “How am I doing so far?” When the men started to chant, Leah wiggled for the men, causing them to cheer loudly. “Looks like the tougher Kentucky Wildcat is the blonde chick! Do you want me to finish her off, or torture the little whore for a little while? It doesn’t look like she has much fight left.”

The spectators started chanting. “Torture! Torture!”

Leah walked over to the brunette and stood over the brunette’s prone body. She did another wiggle to turn the men on. She then stomped down on Ashley’s back twice. After stomping on Ashley’s back, Leah kicked her foe in the ribs. Ashley groaned from the hard kick and rolled over so that she was on her back. The blonde looked down at her opponent and said, “Looks like you may have to find a few new bars.”

She then put one foot across Ashley’s throat and pushed down as hard as she could. Ashley gasped for air. After standing on the brunette’s throat for several minutes, Leah suddenly dropped, landing heavily on Ashley's chest and causing the brunette’s body to start shaking.

“What’s the matter Ashley? Can’t back up your words? You’re not giving me much competition.”

“Fuck you!” Ashley screamed.

“Mustn’t curse dear,” Leah mocked. She then moved up so that she was sitting on Ashley’s face.

Once she was sitting on Ashley’s face, the muscular blonde started to bounce, causing Ashley’s body to shake more rapidly. With Leah sitting on her face and bounce, the brunette realized she was in trouble and had to do something quickly to change the course of the fight. Thinking quickly, Ashley reached out and dug her nails into Leah’s shapely legs. Ashley’s nails were sharp and Leah immediately felt a sharp pain in her muscular gams. Reacting instinctively, she reached down and grabbed Ashley’s wrists. She tried to pry Ashley’s nails out of her legs. However, Ashley’s nails were dug deep into Leah’s legs and despite her superior strength she was unable to remove Ashley’s talons from her legs. As Leah continued to try and pry Ashley’s nails out of her legs, Ashley managed to arch her back and swing her legs high into the air until she was able to plant them in Leah’s back and dig her stiletto heels into Leah’s back. The blonde suddenly flew forwards landing on her stomach. The next thing she knew, Ashley was on top of her and pushing her face into the pavement. Leah started screaming as Ashley continued to grind her face into the pavement.

With Ashley sitting firmly on top of her opponent, she suddenly let go of the back of Leah’s head and scratched both sides of the blonde’s face. Ashley’s nails were like an eagle’s talons and she had done a lot of damage to Leah’s legs and face. Leah’s face was now bleeding and the once dominant blonde was now sobbing. Despite the fact that she had been taking a beating Ashley sensed her tough opponent was not going to last much longer. Ashley shifted her position so that she was sitting on the small of Ashley’s back and stretched her legs out so they covered Leah’s shoulders. She then started kicking her legs so that she was kicking Leah in the back of the head. She continued kicking her opponent’s head until she sensed that Leah was defenseless. Ashley ripped the blonde’s dress off and, much to Ashley’s surprise, found that Leah wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Thinking quickly, Ashley easily shredded Leah’s dress and used one of the strands of Leah’s torn dress as she pulled Leah’s wrists together and tied them tight. Once she had Leah’s hands tied behind her back, Ashley reached for another strand of the shredded dress and used it to tie Leah’s ankles.

“So Leah, do you still think you’re kicking my ass?”

Leah had been totally humiliated, however, she still wasn’t ready to quit. She was sure that she would somehow manage to untie herself. While Leah planned to free herself and resume the fight, Ashley had far different plans. She got off the blonde and put her foot on Leah’s back, then started to grind her heel in.

“Arrrrrgggghhh….oh, you fucking cunt!” Leah groaned.

Mocking Leah, Ashley said, “Mustn’t curse dear; it’s not ladylike. So how does it feel to fight a real woman?

“Untie me you cunt and I’ll show you what it’s like to fight a REAL woman.”

“If you’re so tough, untie yourself!” Ashley laughed.

She removed her foot, grabbed Leah’s blonde hair and yanked her up off the ground. Once Leah was upright, the Kentucky wildcat started swinging her opponent around, just as Leah had done to her. Leah began to scream from the pain of being swung around by her hair. Ashley was having a great time as she continued to swing her opponent around and around and around. When she finally let Leah go, Leah flew through the air until gravity pulled her to the ground. Ashley could hear everyone cheering for her and she was loving every second of what she was hearing and what was happening.

Wasting no time, Ashley ran towards where Leah was lying and kicked her in her ribs. She then dropped down on the small of her back, making sure that her knees hit the blonde first. The brunette quickly shifted so that she was sitting on the blonde’s head. She turned and started running her nails down Leah’s back drawing more blood. Leah had had enough. Despite the fact that knew she was tougher, she had taken quite a beating. Her face, legs, and back were bleeding and as long as she was tied up she had no chance of winning.

Despite the fact that Ashley was sitting on her head and her face was being pushed into the ground, Leah managed to say, “I give up, you win.”

Ashley continued to sit on her prey. “But, I thought you could kick my ass.”

“I can,” Leah said. “But not with my hands and ankles tied. Untie me and I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Ashley laughed and said, “If you were so tough I wouldn’t have been able to tie you up.”

She got up and put her foot on Leah’s back. She began to flex her muscles. While flexing her muscles, she watched her blonde foe out of the corner of her eyes. She saw Leah role onto her back. As soon as Leah was on her back, Ashley dropped, crashing onto Leah’s stomach. She then slapped the blonde across the face.

“I fucking said ‘I give up’!” Leah screamed. “Now get the hell offa me!”

“For someone who just got their ass kicked, you’re not being very respectful,” Ashley taunted. She then grabbed Leah’s hair and smashed the blonde’s head against the pavement.

“You bitch!” Leah cried.

Ashley laughed and got off the beaten blonde. She then looked down at her conquered foe and said, “Looks like I won this time and now your act is over. It’s too bad that you’re not gonna be hanging around any of the bars we usually go to, I’m going to miss you. Every time I see you I’ll think of which Kentucky Wildcat got her ass kicked.”

Leah started kicking the ground. Besides getting her ass kicked, Ashley’s words were a bitter pill to swallow and hurt almost as much as the beating she had just taken. Ashley watched Leah kicking and was amused that the beaten blonde was now having a major temper tantrum. The victorious brunette turned towards the large crowd that had watched her tear the blonde apart and asked, “I need a drink, who’s buying?”

Several men volunteered to buy the victorious brunette a drink. As they all started walking towards the bar, Leah screamed, “Ashley, wait!”

Ashley stopped and turned. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Please...untie me,” Leah pleaded.

“I’d love to,” Ashley replied. “But what fun would THAT be?” she giggled as she turned and headed to the bar with her fans.