Andie MacDowell vs. Ashley Judd by Doug Haig 09-Jul-99

Ashley Judd stood across from Andie MacDowell as the two women slowly circled one another, hands curled into claws out in front of them. Without a word they charged forward and Andie struck first, her foot lashing out and catching Ashley right in her left breast.

The hefty blonde moaned in pain and stepped back as Andie's red nails lash out and just miss her right breast, striking nothing but air, Ashley recovers from the kick and quickly pulls the off-balance Andie around by her arm and wraps her up from behind in a bear hug. The back of the brunette's head is buried in Ashley's cleavage as Ashley's slender arms crush her breasts painfully, Judd positioning her clenched fists just under Andie's round breasts.

"I'm squeeze the shit outta of these little titties, you damn Bitch!!!" and she sets out to do just that as the helpless actress kicks her legs up and down as she cries out in pain.

"AAARRRRHHHHH.... SHIT!!!........" Andie yells, unable to escape for the moment as Ashley continues to crush her into defeat.

Ashley lets her drop to her feet, and reaches around MacDowell's body, groping for her breasts. Finding one of the sweat-slickened mounds, Judd twists both breasts harshly, smiling as Andie roars out in pain as her strong fingers tear and twist away at Andie's already throbbing titflesh.

"Ohhhhhhh MYGOD!!AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Andie cries out in torment from the savage mauling.

Andie tries to and escape as the blonde's fingers are filled with titflesh, as Andie moans in utter agony with each squeeze.

" I'll finish you off faster than you can believe, CUNT!!!", Ashley yells in her trapped rival's ear.

"Damn You Ashley!!!" screams back Andie.

That seems to set something off in the brunette beauty and she is suddenly frenzied as she tries to escape.

The now enraged brunette goes crazy, trying to elbow her way out, but Ashley lowers her arms around Andie's toned midsection and lifts her off her feet. Andie struggles until she gets the idea to ram her elbows backwards into Ashley's breasts and now its the blonde's turn to roar in pain as Andie's next elbow smash is just too much for her small sensitive breasts to withstand and releasing her bearhug, she plants her foot on Andie's ass cheek's and sends her stumbling forward as she massages her chest. Andie whirls around and dives at Ashley, catching her by surprise, her head slamming hard right into the blonde's belly and took her down to the floor where she straddles the stunned actress and buries her hands in Ashley's breasts. Ashley is beside herself with pain from Andie's savage mauling, the actress mauling her titflesh as she tugs and twists at it.

MacDowell begins smashing her breasts together and mashing them into one another as she taunts," I'll crush these sparrow tits down a size, you dried-up cunt!!!", as the blonde bucks wildly under her, Judd's breasts being badly abused by the dark-haired hellcat. It looks like the beginning of the end for Ashley as Andie cocks her fist back and then slams her knuckles into Ashley's right breast, the sexy actress's voice filling the air as she moans in agony.

Andie cocks her arm back to strike again when suddenly Andie's head in surrounded by Ashley's sexy calf's and she is pulled backwards, loosing her grip on both tits, but not before giving both a hard tug that got a loud cry from Ashley, whose legs then snap open releasing her before she could begin crushing her. Andie gets to her feet first and reaches back down to finish up where she left off on her rival's body, first grabbing Ashley's fiery left nipple and starts twisting it around when Ashley's foot lashes out and strikes Andie hard in the left breast, the brunette crying out in pain as she clutches at the mashed tit.

Ashley sits up and clocks Andie in the mouth, stunning her, and then sends an uppercut flying into the brunette's other breast. Andie is hurt and rears back in pain at the blow, and Ashley follows up with a perfect kick right between the legs, crunching into Andie's pussy so hard that MacDowell is lifted completely off her feet. Andie crashes to the floor like a ton of bricks, her face turning a bright crimson red as she clutches at her wounded cunt.

Ashley climbs on top of her foe and begins to punch each breast at will, her knuckles slamming into each one hard and deep, Andie screaming with each successive blow as her breasts begin to swell and soon turn black and blue from the multitude of blows. Ashley Judd brings her own breasts down and mashes them down hard on top of Andie MacDowell's. Her overmauled breasts extremely sensitive by now, Andie cries out as Ashley's tits engulfs hers and Ashley's rock hard nipples dig in painfully.

"Let me see if I can make them bigger...", taunts Ashley some more as she continues to torture her foe by rising up and slamming her hands palm's down first onto Andie's boob's, mashing them down with all her weight behind them then she crushes them in her hands as the brunette cries out in utter agony. "Your going to need some new tits when I finish with you, BITCH!!!..." , the blonde yells sends punch after punch into the brunette's swollen and bruised breasts till Andie's pain becomes too much for the actress. Ashley hauls her up to her feet, standing her against a wall.

Andie, dizzy from all the hard punches her breasts took, slumps back, while Ashley steps up to her and first uppercuts her right breast then switches to the left one as Andie yells in pain, then smashing her fist into the right nipple driving it into the breast deeply and grinding her knuckles in as Andie's legs turn to jello under her.

Ashley rammed her knee into Andie's unprotected cunt, and then as the beauty slumped down she grabbed her by her tits and pulled her up to her feet again as Andie's screams rattled the window panes. Grabbing a handful of Andie's thick brown hair Ashley proceeded to punch her hard in the mouth till Andie's lips were swollen and bleeding. Judd hammered away at Andie's pretty face, blood spraying from her mouth as Ashley's ringed fists crashed into their mark.

Ashley then she lowered her fists and started to punch Andie's already swollen and bruised breasts, first uppercutting then clawing them with her crimson nails till they were covered with bloody streaks and scratches. Andie's screams reached a new level of loudness. Ashley Judd then ripped her nails into Andie MacDowell's cunt, tearing her pussy until her cunt walls flowed blood, guaranteeing Andie would not have sex for quite awhile. Ashley let Andie fall to the floor sobbing, and then she went down on her and straddled her stomach, slapping her magnificent breasts left and right for a few, leaving her handprints to show red on the swollen and bruised breasts. Judd wrapped her sexy legs around Andie's ravaged globes and chest scissored her, Andie's breasts crushed under Ashley's sexy legs.

Although in desperate pain, her breasts radiating pain outwards, Andie drew back her right fist and started smashing it into Ashley's right breast, Andie's ring clouting Ashley's breast. Judd felt her scissors loosen as Andie clapped her hand full on her tit, ripping the tender globe around before clawing both of Ashley's breasts with abandon, Andie digging in her red nails, mauling Ashley's supersensitve areola, her left nipple almost splitting open. Ashley's slender legs sprang open, as Andie's breasts were released from their knee-grinding. But her respite wasn't to last long, with Ashley gripping her fingers under Andie's breasts and her thumbnails digging into the nipples while Andie in turn crushed her rival's nipples completely in her palms, grabbing what ever more titflesh would fit in hand. The two women started pulling and tugging each other left then right as they fought to get even more painful grips on each other. They started moaning in pain after about half minute of constant, painful abuse, Ashley relishing the fact that Andie was forced to cry out louder than she. Ashley began twisting the left breast clockwise, Andie's face showing more pain from the move.

"OHHH!! OHHH!!! OHHHHH GOD NOOOO!!! MY BREASTS!!!" Andie screamed in pain.

Andie pushed against Ashley's breasts, driving them upwards and started to force her rival back step by step as Ashley struggled to keep from being forced back unsuccessfully, the pain immense and she was pushed right up to the wall as Andie beamed with confidence now, her hands squeezing the tender breasts trapped in them like silly putty.

Andie's smile was short lived, though as Ashley pulled down on Andie's tits and her fingers jammed deeper into the underside's with greater force until she was pressing the globes flat against Andie's body. Blood vessels burst in Andie MacDowell's breasts, and Andie's face twisted in agony as Ashley' s nails dug into the tender flesh trapped there. Now it was Andie who was in trouble as she was very slowly being forced downwards as Ashley's face lit up at the sight of her rival's pain.

Her death grip on Andie's orbs was utterly devastating to the brunette beauty as tears began to form around her eyes. Ashley's thumbnails dug into her nipples painfully as the milk sacs in Andie's breasts threatened to pop under the pressure. Andie's grip on Ashley's breasts was becoming weaker as she was forced onto her knees. Andie tried twisting Ashley's tits left and right as she squeezed for all she was worth, in a last-ditch effort to get some relief, but Ashley ignored the pain, the utterly anguished look on Andie's face giving her an edge over her rival.

"YOUR TITS ARE MINE, ANDIE!!!" Ashley screamed.

Andie was unable to stifle a moan of great pain as Ashley suddenly gave her right boob as tug upwards, pulling at the now swollen breast as she pushed the nipple in with her thumb.

"AUUUGHHHHHH!!!" came the anguished cry from Andie's sexy lips as Ashley switched and pulled the other breast upwards while tearing the other one downwards.

Andie was in complete agony as Ashley now drove her onto her back and straddled her belly, beaming while she ripped her rival's outmauled breasts every which way, tears flowing freely down Andie's tormented face, her hands now clutching Ashley's wrists to try and pry them from her aching boobs, her own titty attack now completely forgotten. Ashley's fingers were full with Andie's swollen titflesh as she crushed each breast alternately in her hands.

"I hope you like your bigger tits when I 'm done with you....." Ashley screamed out.

Andie just screamed. Ashley purrs cattily at her totally outmauled rival as she continues to utterly crush Andie's breasts way past her foe's point of endurance, kneading the flesh between her fingers and rings over and over as her devastated foe cries out in pain.

Ashley Judd stood up, and gripping Andie's hair, stomped down on her firm stomach. Andie was a complete mess by this point, her torn breasts raw and her swollen nipples bloodstained. But Andie managed to grab Ashley's foot and twist it hard, forcing her to crash to the ground or risk a broken ankle. Ashley went back to what worked before, and quickly secured a waist scissors around Andie and started to crush her with all her might as Andie bellowed out at the immense pressure on her sides. Ashley reached around and ripped into Andie's sweaty globes and latched onto each one. Andie screamed out in pain and thrashed around as Ashley expertly crushed her tits in her strong hands.

As a look of agony started to cross her face, and after a minute of this abuse, Andie started to twist like a madwoman till she finally managed to face Ashley and retaliated with a hard punch to Ashley's stomach. Seeing Ashley shake the punch right off she raised her attack upwards, her fist flattening Ashley's right boob as it drove into it, eliciting a cry from Ashley's lips. Another punch to the same tit had the same effect, then Andie ripped into her breasts, gripping both nipples in her hand squeezing them as she turned the tits by them. Ashley was beside herself with pain but continued to squeeze Andie's globes as they each tried to out maul the other.

Andie's face was showing the strain of having her tits attacked while her sides were continually crushed but she refused to give in as she started to drag her foe's tits around by the nipples, pulling the skin taut one way then tugging them hard the opposite way as Ashley's attack on her breasts was becoming unbearable. Ashley Judd could see her foe weakening and she turned on the juice, crushing, squeezing, pulling, and twisting Andie's fuller breasts with everything she had as she slowly bringing Andie MacDowell to the limits of her endurance for tit mauling. Andie released her foe's left tit and reached down, grabbing Ashley's pussy and ripped off some pubic hair. Andie smiled through her pain at the look of anguish that crossed Ashley's face.

Andie cocked her fist back and slammed it repeatedly down onto the pubic bone as Ashley screeched in agony. Finally Ashley's legs sprang open and Andie's sides were released, but Ashley kept up her tit squeezing even as another blow slammed into her already sore cunt. Her pussy on fire Ashley released her tit hold and fell back covering her cunt with her hands to protect it. Andie came right after her, but a hard kick to the stomach had Andie gasping in pain, and drove her back. Ashley was cursing at her for the blows to her cunt and on her knees she screamed at Andie.

"Come on, you Bitch, let's see whose tits are tougher" figuring her breasts could take more punishment then Andie's.

Andie was not eager to comply as her chest had already taken a lot of abuse from Judd's hands, and as they each faced each other, on their knees, and secured grips on the others mammaries, she bellowed out as Ashley repeatedly smashed Andie's tits together with a loud, wet sounding SMACK sound as Andie, her pretty face twisted in pain, pulled hers in opposite directions till the skin was pulled to it's limits and beyond. Andie was being forced backwards as she tried to reduce the pain Ashley was causing her from her titty smashes as Ashley grinned in delight.

She soon had Andie on her back and was twisting savagely as tears began to flow down Andie's cheeks as the pain built up to an unbearable level. Ashley grinned as she thought she had her all but defeated, and she taunted Andie as she mashed her sore tits into one another till Andie, furious, grabbed her by the nipples again. Ashley Judd's already sore right nipple was crushed between Andie's strong manicured fingers as she pulled at the left nipple, twisting it round and round. Ashley continued her mashing attack with all she had, but slowly began to lose ground as Andie's attack on her nipples sapped her strength, her sensitive nipples throbbing, as she was now the one with tears flowing down her face from the torture she was enduring and she finally released her hold to grab at her foes hands. With a barbarous snarl Andie MacDowell gave a mighty tug and pulled Ashley off to her right side by her nipples. As Andie, on her side, continued to pull and twist Ashley managed to wrap her legs around Andie's midsection.

Andie gasped in pain as the powerful legs again crushed her sides, the muscles straining as Ashley squeezed while still trying to free her nipples. They rocked back and forth as they struggled with snarled at each other. Andie's sides were screaming to be released, but she stubbornly refused to give in even as Ashley finally freed her now red and swollen nipples, incredulous at the pain they were causing her, no one had attacked her nipples so extensively before. Andie tried to free her wrists but Ashley was too strong and Andie was weakening by the second. Andie recovered and brought her hand down as hard as she could on the right nipple driving it into the tit as Ashley screamed out again, especially when Andie's rings carved deeply into her breast.

Still she refused to release her scissors so Andie lowered her attack and punched Ashley in the cunt till her legs fell open and Andie rolled away holding her agonised sides as Ashley sobbed and moaned in pain as she rubbed her cunt and ripped nipple.

Recovering, but just barely, Andie dragged her self over to Ashley and struggled to her feet. She stepped on Ashley's thick blonde hair with both feet then reached down and grasped both sweaty nipples securely. She reared back and pulled savagely as Ashley started to arch her back and rise off the floor, till her hair pulled at her scalp hard stopping her rise and her breasts were pulled beyond their normal limits and she screamed in utter agony, but still would not concede. Andie repeated it as Ashley bellowed out in ultimate pain. Andie MacDowell tried to smash Ashley Judd's blazing nipples right through her breasts and body, as Ashley screamed in torment. Finally an exhausted Andie released her and fell back on her ass, her creamy breasts still showing blood red handprints from Ashley's savage mauling, the pain so great, her torso throbbing with pain with every slight movement she took. Ashley still lay on the floor moaning, a sweaty mess as she lay on the floor slowly massaging her red, swollen nipples as she cried out in pain.

Neither woman expected their fight to go on this long, and even though both were totally spent, both Andie and Ashley wanted to destroy their opponent completely. Andie staggered to her feet, and Ashley, still cupping her raw breasts, did the same.

Andie sent a high kick aimed at Judd's face, but Ashley blocked the kick and sent a hard punch into MacDowell's stomach, her fist slamming into Andie's well-toned belly, having only an irritating effect on Andie as she reached out and ripped away at Ashley's small breasts with a hard swipe of her manicured nails.

The brunette tore at Ashley's left breast, as Ashley let loose another gut punch, this one seeming to have a little more effect on Andie, but does not even pause her attack on Ashley's tit. Andie tries to secure a tight grip on Ashley's breast, but MacDowell's face suddenly twisted in pain suddenly as Ashley gets at her breasts first, squeezing Andie's left boob and sinking her finger's into the soft flesh as Andie pinches her nipple between her nails and now has Ashley in trouble as she forces her to her knee's from the pain of her nipple assault.

Andie's boob is released as Ashley rams her fist into Andie's stomach again and again, causing her to arch over in pain, and Ashley lets loose a hard uppercut that slams into the tender underside of Andie's left tit, sending the round tanned breast flying painfully upwards as Andie lets out a terrific moan of pain. Seeing her chance Ashley takes full advantage and bangs another blow into the other breast as Andie, her face contorted in pain, struggles to regain control, ripping and tugging Ashley's left breast around by the nipple.

Blow after tremendous blow crushes Ashley Judd's right breast against her chest as Andie MacDowell hammers her breast flat, alternating between straight punches and uppercuts as tears begin to stream down Ashley's eyes from Andie's attack on her left nipple and tit.

"OHHHHH GOD ANDIE----STOP!!! YOU'RE DESTROYING MY BREASTS!!!!" Ashley wails out in pain.

Andie keeps up the pummeling, whacking Ashley's breasts with her knuckles. Getting tired of punching the small mounds, Andie instead tries to pinch the fiery nipples off of Ashley's swollen breasts. Kneading and corkscrewing Judd's soft breasts, MacDowell twists them around her rings and fingers, bending Ashley's nipples painfully.

Andie's in more trouble now though than Ashley, as her tits are bruised and swollen from Ashley's unexpected attack on her chest and she desperately drive's her knee deeply into Ashley's right tit, grinding her knee in savagely till she drives Ashley onto her back in utter agony as she tries frantically to get the knee off her tit as Andie starts to straddle her, still grinding her knee into the breast for all she's worth.

Ashley's face shows the agony of her predicament as she starts pummeling Andie's face and chest with punches, catching her right in the mouth and sending her off her to the side holding her hand to her now mashed lower and bleeding lip. They crash together in a mutual bearhug on their knees, each starts to gain an advantage only to lose it till they suddenly part, each panting and hurt. Ashley takes a swipe at Andie's left breast, her fingernail slicing the areola as Andie cries out in pain, and retaliates by pulling Ashley forward, into her right fist as it nails Ashley in the nose, making it bleed.

"How's that feel you Bitch!?!" Andie yells.

Ashley comes back with, " Not as bad as this!!!" as she plows her fist into Andie's right nipple with all her strength while with her other hand she tries desperately to keep the bleeding nostril closed.

"OHH SHIT!!! MY FUCKING TIT!!!" screams Andie, her breast turning purple from Ashley's punch.

Abandoning her nose Ashley and Andie each grab a handful of titflesh and it becomes a tug of war as first one pulls the other off balance and almost straddles her, then the other does the same, till Ashley gains a small advantage over Andie, whose tits are much more swollen and battered from Ashley's earlier fistic assault on them, twisting first one way and tugging hard, then the other as now Andie begins to bellow from the pain and tears are beginning to stream down her face.

Glaring down at her, Ashley screams, "You like smashing my tits with your rings, lets see how you feel!!!" and with that Ashley smashed down her ringed fist down on Andie's tender left breast, the tit mushrooming out and expanding painfully outward from the blow.

Andie sobbed in tremendous pain, clutching at her torn breast with both hands.

"Im not finished with you yet, BITCH" Ashley says, bringing her fist up for another punch.

"UUGGHH, NOT THERE!!! NOT AGAIN!!! N...AUUUUGGGHH!" Andie moans out as Judd's fist whams into her tit.

Ashley rips Andie's swollen and bruised breasts around like taffy, till Andie, recovered somewhat from Ashley's breast-bursting punches, shows her catfighting experience and jams her manicured fingers past the panties of her antagonist and begins scratching at the walls of her pussy, till soon blood is flowing past her wrist as Ashley's titty twisting is now completely forgotten, the brunette savagely ripping her nails around as all the just dominant Ashley can do is scream in pain and finally shrieks in utter agony, tears gushing from her pretty eyes as she is totally under Andie's domination now.

The brunette tortures her some more before she seems to tire of it, and suddenly standing up backs away from Ashley, a sobbing mess on the floor. Andie cups her ravaged breasts with both hands, stroking the swollen flesh slowly as she moans in pain. She smiles through her pain at the blood on her fingers and hands from Ashley's burning vagina. Andie MacDowell turns to leave when she is slammed against a wall face-first by Ashley Judd. She cries out as Ashley smashes her sides with punishing blows as she uses her upper body to keep Andie up against the wall, rubbing her small sweaty breasts up and down Andie's glistening back.

Andie uses her ass to slam back at Ashley who takes a further step back just as Andie narrowly misses her jaw with an elbow ,then quickly steps forward and cracks her knee into the small of Andie's back. The brunette moans out in pain, another strike sending her in agony to the floor on her knees. Ashley Judd tugs Andie's MacDowell's head up by the hair and whips her backwards, bringing her forearm down across the brunette's breasts again and again as her foe tries desperately to block the punishing forearms as each one wails into the center of her boobs, driving the nipple in deeply and painfully as the tight mounds of flesh shake and roll around it.

With Andie still trapped on her knees facing the wall, she rams the brunette's head against the wall twice, dazing the beautiful Andie MacDowell, then Ashley yanks her head between her legs in a head scissors and reaches down with both hands and starts to tug upwards on each ravishing breast with all her might, far beyond the point they were designed to withstand. The muscles on her shoulders and arms bulging from the effort she is giving as Andie's muffled and painfilled screams try to escape from between her opponent's well toned and blood stained thighs.

Ashley Judd again buries her hands into Andie MacDowell's luxurious hair, wrenching her neck, head and body around painfully while still keeping up maximum pressure on her head. Andie moans out in extreme pain, as Ashley cocks back her arms and brings the heels of her palms smashing into the sides of Andie's head, boxing her ears hard. Totally beaten, Andie still won't concede to Ashley.

Ashley continues to assault her Andie's mouthwatering breasts until they are extremely red, swollen, and bruised. Andie's cries of pain and movements becoming less and less till she almost passes out between the blonde's blood-streaked legs as the triumphant Ashley Judd adds a final painful tug on each breast before allowing Andie MacDowell to fall to the floor defeated. Stepping back, Ashley jumped into the air and splashed down hard onto Andie, driving her firm breasts into Andie's breasts, flattening them hard against the brunette's toned body. Ashley stood over Andie and turned her body over onto her front, her face-down.

Andie was mumbling incoherently and tried to sit up, but Ashley put a stop to that by climbing on top of Andie and pulled MacDowell's slender arms over her thighs and clasped her manicured hands under Andie's chin in a camel clutch. Ashley turned the rings on both her hands around so that they cut painfully into Andie's neck and chin. Ashley screamed for Andie to surrender, twisting MacDowell's head back and sideways violently, but Andie, slowly coming back to her senses, refused. Ashley sat back, settling her sexy naked ass against Andie's naked ass, hauling Andie's face upwards, bringing Andie's naked creamy breasts off the floor, Andie's body was bent far back, her spine feeling ready to snap from the pressure and Andie's breasts about to explode. Ashley felt Andie start to loose control as drool started coming down her chin into her hands, mixing in with the blood and sweat from Andie's smashed face.

"Arghhhhhhhh!!! OHHH PLEASE GOD!!! ASHLEY!!! STOPPPP!!!" Andie cried as her fingers dug into the thick carpet.

She tried to hold out from the pain until Ashley Judd wrenched her neck back hard, yanking Andie's head back so that all the muscles in the brunette's neck were standing out from exertion. A completely destroyed Andie MacDowell passed out from the pain under Ashley Judd.