Ashley Judd vs. Jamie Pressly by Interac 5/10/01

Jamie Pressly was at the multiplex to relax, have a good time and gauge the audience reaction to 'Tomcats' her latest movie. She was surprised to see Ashley Judd was there too. Ashley's movies never did that well, but they did better than Jamie's and that upset her. Ashley noticed Jamie checking her out. Jamie was someone she never really liked very much. Ashley knew if Jamie didn't take off her shirt at the drop of a hat she'd never get work - at least, not at a 'major' studio.

Jamie had ducked out to get a popcorn and a Pepsi with Britney Spears picture on the cup. She spent a few minutes chatting up the clerk, a young man who, no surprise, admitted he had a topless poster of her in his bedroom. As they chatted, he suddenly stopped and his mouth dropped open. He was staring past Jamie at someone behind her. When she looked up in the mirror behind the concession stand she saw Ashley in line behind her, smiling at the guy.

"She's flirting with the popcorn boy," Jamie thought. "What a little slut!"

Jamie spun around and threw her Pepsi in Ashley's face; trying to make it appear like an accident.

"Oh, Ashley I am so...*snicker* sorry," Jamie giggled as she took in Ashley's bedraggled hair and her wet blouse that clung to her soft breasts like a second skin.

"Just because more people pay to see my movie, doesn't give you the right to do this," Ashley sneered, motioning with her hands at her bosom while she thrust her bosom toward the gaping counter boy. "What are you doing here anyway, I thought YOUR movies all went straight to video," she added snidely.

Then Ashley brushed Jamie off and headed for the ladies room to clean up. For the second time, Jamie had people standing around staring at her . This was even worse than the Jennifer O'Dell situation. Angry by the unexpected turn of events, Jamie followed Ashley to the ladies room. She locked the door behind her (so they wouldn't be interrupted.) Ashley turned around at the sound of someone entering, only to get Jamie's bag of popcorn flung in her face.

"You trying to embarrass me in public?" Jamie screamed, her face red. "The only reason a guy would go to YOUR movie is because his girlfriend dragged him or with Hugh Jackman in it, he hopes to see 'Wolverine' kill you."

"You should watch your mouth, bitch! This isn't a trailer park, which is where you belong, Miss Trash Movie Queen," Ashley chirped cattily.

"You're one to talk! With your fat-ass sister and that useless moth..."

Ashley interrupted Jamie's slander with a hard, roundhouse slap to the face. Then she grabbed Jamie's hair, threw her onto the floor and mounted her - or rather she tried to mount her. Jamie got a foot up between their bodies and kicked Ashley off her. Ashley hit the floor and slid several feet on the tile floor. Both women got up and ran at each other, grabbing for hair. Jamie hauled Ashley's head down and punched in the side of the head, knocking her to one knee. When Ashley looked up, Jamie sent another fist straight down into Ashley's beautiful face, driving her to the floor flat on her stomach.

But when Jamie bent over to grab Ashley by the hair, Ashley tripped her feet from underneath her, dropping Jamie on her butt. Ashley grabbed Jamie's legs and scrambled up, holding the blondes legs wide apart. Ashley dropped her knee into Jamie's pussy and smiled at Jamie's strangled cry of pain.

Jamie clutched her pussy and moaned even as she felt herself being dragged up on unsteady legs by Ashley who swung her around and threw her against the wall. Holding her by the back of the head, Ashley began to bang Jamie's head into the hand dryer. Ashley turned on the dryer, aimed it at Jamie's breast and then pushed her breast into the nozzle so all the heat and the hot metal were on the perky mound of pale flesh.

"Ahhhiiiiiiieee! My tit! It's burning me. Leggo, Ashley," Jamie whimpered

Jamie drove her elbow backward and luckily it caught Ashley flush in the side of the head. Ashley reeled backward, windmilling her arms to maintain balance. Jamie, looked down at her reddening breast, her eyes tearing in pain. Distracted, she didn't see Ashley come up behind her to continue her attack. Ashley grabbed Jamie's hair and ran her across the room straight toward a bathroom stall door.

But Jamie reversed the momentum on Ashley, and it was Ashley who crashed through the stall door and fell to her knees on the cold, hard, tiles. As Ashley tried to turn and get to her feet, Jamie threw herself on her and pinned her with her back against the toilet. Jamie sat on Ashley's legs and started punching her face, then choking her with both hands!

Ashley grabbed Jamie's wrists, twisting one way then went the other. After a few seconds of struggling, Ashley pushed Jamie off her and kicked Jamie's body under the partition into the next stall. Ashley pulled herself up and staggered out of the stall, breathing hared and trying to catch her breath. Jamie burst out of the other stall and dove on Ashley. They fell to the floor and rolled over, spitting, cursing and tearing at one another as they resumed their bitter battle.

Just then, someone from the theater unlocked the door. A petite female security guard peered in, took one look at the two women rolling on the floor, turned around and closed - then re-locked - the door behind her.

Jamie rolled on top of Ashley briefly, then Ashley rolled her back off. But Jamie rolled back on top again, pulled Ashley's head up by the hair then slammed it on the floor. Ashley's eyes glazed over for a second which gave Jamie a chance to pull her to her feet by the hair - and run her face-first into the wall!

Jamie turned Ashley's slumping body around and punched her in the belly hard enough so Ashley's left foot lifted off the floor. Ashley started to slide down the wall, but Jamie held her up with a hand under her chin.

"Yeah, just as I thought," Jamie hissed in Ashley's ear. "You wanted a fight, but you just don't have it in you to take me."

Then Jamie's eyes opened wide and bulged out of her head as she gasped in pain!

Ashley had kneed her square in the pussy. Ashley spun Jamie around, slammed her back against the wall and ripped down the front of her shirt. Grinning, Ashley pressed her hands down into the flesh of Jamie's firm young breasts. Jamie started to scream in pain as Ashley ripped her bra off, raking her tender flesh with her nails in the process. Ashley started to grind and twist Jamie's breasts as, slowly, Jamie started to fall to her knees. Ashley went down with her, still torturing her bosom.

Desperately, Jamie reached up and raked her nails on Ashley's face, causing Ashley to release her boobs to cover her face and stopping Jamie's punishment momentarily.

Ashley looked in the mirror to check out her face. It had an angry red welt running down from her forehead to her left cheek. She turned around and hair-hauled Jamie to her feet but Jamie grabbed Ashley's shirt and pulled her forward, ripping the shirt and sending Ashley crashing to the floor. Jamie jumped on Ashley's back, riding her like a pony as she pulled her hair and screamed "Bitch" while shaking her head violently from side to side.

Ashley reached back got a handful of Jamie's hair and jerked her forward over her head, flipping her onto her back. The two of them once more tumbled and rolled on the floor until Jamie broke free. She dragged Ashley up by her shirt, pulling it over her head to blind her, then began pummeling Ashley's body and head with her free hand while she held the shirt to prevent Ashley from seeing the punches coming.

Ashley eventually pulled free, sliding out of her shirt and leaving it behind in Jamie's hand. She backed away but came charging back, punching Jamie back down on her butt. When Ashley told her to get up, Jamie stood slowly. Sweat was running down both women's bodies. Both were topless, Jamie having lost her blouse and bra while Ashley had been braless under her shirt. All four nipples stood at attention, hard and erect. Neither seemed ready to give in to the other yet.

"Not bad, slut," Jamie said as she eyed Ashley's firm boobs. "Wanna see what they can do against these?" Jamie cupped her breasts and shook them at Ashley.

As they started to move in closer, Ashley almost blushed as she asked, "Um, how do we do this, exactly?"

"Well, it's kinda like THIS!" Jamie said as she slammed her knee right up into Ashley's crotch.

Ashley's mouth opened as she bent over at the waist. Jamie grabbed Ashley's hair and slammed her face down on the sink counter. She shoved Ashley to the floor and started to stomp tits; mashing them with her heel as hard as she could. Then Jamie straddled Ashley's thighs, leaned over and started grinding her tits into Ashley's.

"THIS is how you do it! You like this? HEY!" Jamie screamed as she slapped Ashley. "Wake up you whore! I asked if you like this?"

Ashley arched her back as she pushed her hands up under Jamie's chin with all the energy and fight she had left. Then she let go with one hand for a second and swung her other arm up, cracking the side of Jamie's jaw with her elbow, knocking her off to the side.

Ashley rolled over and threw herself on top of Jamie where she started to grind her own tits into Jamie's.

"This how, it's done Jamie?" Ashley asked, rhetorically, her face red and twisted in hate.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Jamie screamed in breast pain; but Ashley was screaming in pain too.

They broke apart and got to their knees, then slowly rose to their feet; their tits red and raw, covered with welts and bruises, tears streaming down their flushed cheeks. They each took a deep breath, then rushed together and grabbed the other by the hair. They pulled and tugged and went round and round on their feet, sending knees to crotches and stomachs. They stumbled around the room, banging the others head into anything handy while trying to trip her up.

In the end, Jamie stepped back a bit to create some space between them and got a punch in that rocked Ashley who, nevertheless, quickly answered back and pushed forward again. At the same time, three security guards opened the door and the now near naked women, off balance, crashed through them out of the washroom into the theater lobby.

When they came sprawling out the door, people were just coming out of the movie and they saw Jamie flip Ashley over her hip onto a chair. She punched Ashley in the face, hauled her a little forward and then bent her head and shoulders back down onto the chair seat, mounting her in a devastating facesit!

The people looking on were in shock at the sight of Jamie seated astride Ashley's face, screaming, "I kicked your ass, bitch!"

Ashley flailed her legs, lifting her hips with her feet on the floor, slapping Jamie's thighs and hips with her partly trapped hands. She struggled desperately, trying to throw Jamie off of her but Ashley's struggle proved unavailing. Finally, after several minutes, Ashley's legs slid out stretched and fell to the floor. As her bridge collapsed, Ashley's hips dropped and her butt hit the floor. Jamie held the smother for several more moments, making sure Ashley was out.

Then Jamie got off of Ashley's face and stood with her legs straddling Ashley's limp body as she lifted her arms in victory while Ashley's body slid down off the seat and folded up with her head under the chair. She was out cold! In a prideful show of her dominance over Ashley, Jamie planted her foot on Ashley's chest and posed.

"OK," Jamie yelled, looking around as if expecting someone else to step forward. "Who's next?"

After Jamie had gathered up her clothes and left, the security guards picked Ashley up and threw some water in her face to wake her up.

When they told her what had happened after she passed out and about Jamie's comment, Ashley muttered, "That slut'll find out who's 'next' alright. I'll kick her ass the next time I see her."