Bollywood Tussle: Aishwarya Rai (w/Yana Gupta) vs. Katrina Kaif (w/Sushmita Sen) by 19hrs

The Bombay sun beat down on the Bollywood film set! Aishwarya Rai was exhausted after a hard day. She finished wrapping up a brilliant shoot and then immediately rushed to her car. As she relaxed in the rear of her limousine, her eyes fell on the days tabloid. She couldn't believe that her ex-boyfriend had fallen for another girl. She looked at the girl's pictures. A sexy model? She scanned through the article and found her name. It was the one and only Katrina Kaif.

As her heart sank, there was a little insult to injury. She read a sound bite from the cocky Katrina..."well, he could only go up from after dating her."

Aishwarya was respected through out the world and she was offended by this cheeky upstart mocking her so she called her agent and got Katrina's address. With the help of a private detective, Aishwarya developed the pattern of the lithe beauty's party habits, then she decided to confront the young model at a time and place of her own choosing! She had her people send Katrina a message to meet her in a hotel suite at the same establishment as a nightclub Katrina frequented. Katrina laughed at the message. She trained everyday and she was certain she could take care of herself! She went up to the suite that was mentioned but, rather foolishly, she went alone! She looked around, and then opened the door. Ash was sitting on a couch facing the door sipping on a drink. The room was awfully smoky.

"Welcome Katrina...would you like a drink?" Ash asked her guest.

Katrina was a bit startled, but she smiled as she quickly took stock of the room. She was startled when she noticed another woman sitting in the room.

"Sure, pour me a martini," Katrina told Aishwarya, leveling her gaze on her and looking her straight in the eye.

Ash nodded to the other woman, who stood up and walked toward Katrina, then past her her to the bar as Katrina cautiously stepped aside to let her pass.

"Have a seat?" said Ash.

"I'll stand...what do you have to say for yourself?" responded Katrina.

"Well...I think we need to make a few things clear...I'm going to be humiliating you very soon if you don't retract your statement in the press," said Ash.

Katrina heard the woman behind her make a sound and she quickly spun around to see a somewhat familiar face trying to light a cigarette. She didn't have the presence of mind to place the face because she had just processed what the former Miss World had said.

"Statement...hahahah...listen you prissy bitch; I was misquoted, but let me make a few things clear....I still think you're a cheap tart," laughed Katrina proudly as she planted her fists on her hips and assumed a superheroine-esque pose.

Aishwarya smiled as she watched the woman behind Katrina stop trying to light her smoke and pick up a bottle. Without missing a beat, she smashed it into the back of the model's head without a second's hesitation.

"Bitch...unnnh..." groaned Katrina as her knees unhinged and she slammed tits down on the floor.

The attacker just looked down at Katrina as the limp model's body stopped jiggling and lay still. The attacker blew smoke into the already heavy suspension of smoke in the room and looked at Aishwarya who gestured to the woman. She prodded Katrina's body with her foot. It moved from the prod but otherwise lay limp without showing any resistance.

"Take the bitch to the bedroom, let's see what the piece of shit can do!" said a grinning Aishwarya.

The second woman headed toward the bathroom, then stopped and kicked Katrina over onto her back before she lifted her up, thew her over her shoulder and carried the sleeping model to the bed in the suite. She was mesmerized by Katrina's beauty and slowly ran the fingers of the hand holding her cigarette along Katrina's jaw line. Her eyes were quick to notice the model's beautiful breasts and she'd just begun feeling her up when Aishwarya walked in wearing only a sheer robe.

"Oh no you don't..." Ash screamed. "Back away from her!" she said in a firm, commanding tone.

Aishwarya had saved Sushmita Sen from being thumped by Katrina and thus the former Miss Universe had been drawn into her twisted scheme of humiliating the exquisite beauty Katrina. Aishwarya wasted no time as she quickly disrobed and sat on the bed beside the unconscious Katrina. She pulled Katrina's dress down, exposing one nipple, then licked it until her talented tongue slowly brought their captive awake. Katrina moaned as she returned to the land of the aware and when she opened her eyes, the first sight she saw was Aishwarya leaning over her and Sushmita smoking a cigarette as she looked on with a lecherous grin.

Aishwarya decided she was going to go all the way and she reached under the mattress and pulled out a long, thick dildo. When she saw it, Katrina's face had a look of terror which only increased when Aishwarya put the dildo in her mouth and, simulating a blow job, smiled as if she was going to make Katrina do it. Laying on the bed, Katrina was frightened stiff until she suddenly heard a loud THUMP!

When Aishwarya turned around, she saw Sushmita sprawled on the floor holding her jaw and Yana Gupta was standing over her! As Aishwarya rose to confront this new threat, Yana punched her in the nose, then threw her off the bed. Katrina remained confused as she had no idea why her arch enemy Yana had come to her rescue. Still, she wanted to take advantage of the situation none-the-less and she sprang off the bed and leaped on Sushmita. Aishwarya punched Sushmita in the jaw and knocked her out cold, then she looked around to see where the other two women were. She didn't see them anywhere but at this point, she didn't care! She decided to make her exit and come back another time when she could take them on one at a time!

Aishwarya got up off the former Miss Universe and ran out the door. As she rounded the corner into the lobby and stopped to lean on the wall to catch her breath. She stood with her back toward the corner she’d just rounded as she look at the door she’d run away from to see if anyone was pursuing her. That's when she felt cold, steel make contact with the back of her head and the floor came rushing up toward her face at an alarming rate...then all went black!

Yana laughed as she dropped the frying pan she'd used on Katrina's skull, "Stupid bitch!"

Yana grabbed Katrina’s ankles and dragged her into her room where she hung her from a low-slung bar attached to the ceiling using a pair of handcuffs....she hung her beside Aishwarya whose unconscious body was already tied to a chair!

As Aishwarya slowly drifted back to consciousness, she tried to move her hands but finally realized they were tied behind her back. She was confused and dazed.

"What the hell!" she said to herself, then she looked up and saw Katrina's limp, naked body suspended in front of her.

As she was trying to figure out what had happened, Yana walked into her view.

"OK Ash, you gonna fuck with me again?” Yana laughed. “You gonna come to MY set and beat ME up again? You stupid bitch!" growled Yana!

"Untie me and I'll show you who's the boss!" said Ash.

Yana spread her legs and straddled Ash's lap facing her, their firm breasts pressed together as she leaned in and licked Ash's lips. Ash moaned in ecstasy as Yana started butterfly kissing along her neck. All Ash could do in protest was to tilt her head back and stare up at the ceiling. She didn't really want to protest, it felt too good as Yana kissed her neck as she slowly worked her way down to Ash's breasts.

Yana kissed Ash’s left breast, then smiled up at her, "You have such luscious full breasts; they're awesome!"

Ash was in heaven and she continued to moan with great excitement as her rubbery nipples grew stiff and almost pushed their hard tips right through her sheer bra.

"Unnnhh…untie me,” Ash gasped. “I… I duh…don't want to…uhhhhh….fight you! I want to….ohhhhhh… fuck you!"

Yana was way too hot to refuse, so she walked around behind Ash and and quickly untied her. Aishwarya stood up and jumped on Yana, knocking her backward onto the bed. They kissed passionately as Ash pulled off Yana's shirt….then she suddenly stopped.

"Wait! we have a mission here!" Ash said, pointing to the unconscious Katrina Kaif.

"That bitch is so fucking dumb!" laughed Yana.

They slapped Kaif awake and, after punching her hard in the kidney, Yana uncuffed her and let her drop her to the floor. Ash pulled Katrina’s hair and punched her in the jaw but Katrina suddenly grabbed Yana’s legs and tackled her to the floor. She punched Yana in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her, then turned to attack Aishwarya. But Ash punched Katrina in the jaw once more and stunned her. Katrina wavered and staggered around on her feet as she tried to punch Aishwarya again but Ash easily moved out of the way of the punch. She grabbed Katrina’s wrist and pulled her off balance, then reached for the cuffs and wrapped them around her fist! She swung her fist in an arc toward Katrina's jaw and just as Yana looked up she heard a CRACK and a grunt then saw a silhouette fall to the ground.

She looked up to see Ash standing over and laughing at the undone Katrina sprawled on the floor at her feet.

"Well, she bit off a lot more than she could chew!" said Yana as she stood up.

"Where's Sen?" asked Ash.

"I guess she got away in the commotion," responded Yana as she stepped over the limp body of Katrina.

"Well, more to enjoy for the two of us then," sighed Ash as she picked up the lithe model and carried her to the bed where she dropped the Londoner on her back and handcuffed her wrists and ankles to the four posts of the bed, leaving her spread-eagled, exposed and vulnerable!

Yana brought out her dildo, turned it on and ran it slowly over Katrina's nipples. The vibration quickly aroused the captive and Katrina moaned as she awakened. When she opened her eyes, she saw the two ladies bending over her and drifted in and out of consciousness as more humiliation was doled out to her over the course of the long night. When Yana and Ash got off the debauched model, she was awake after more than three grueling hours of sexual domination and debauchery.

Yana was too tired to even knock Katrina out again, so she reached into the nightstand and pulled out a tazer which she used to shock Katrina back into the land of nod again.

Aishwarya called her friends the tabloid reporters and when the newshounds showed up they got dozens of pictures of Katrina, naked and humiliated once again. What was worse this time, poor Katrina didn't even know the pictures were being snapped since she was unconscious. All the better for her as she would've taken great offense to the photographers calling her derogatory names and feeling her up to their heart's content between pictures.

The photographers left Katrina spread-eagled on the bed, but at least they uncuffed her before they left. She wasn't sure how long she was out, but after she came too it took her only a short time to get dressed and rush out of the hotel to her car. As she was driving away, she checked her cellphone voice mail and found messages from just about every producer who had called laughing, saying she was no longer needed for any of their projects, modeling or otherwise!

Her career (for now, it seemed) was over! She vowed she’d get revenge!

Across town, Yana woke up bed beside Aishwarya to begin her new career with the former Miss World!