Amanda Bynes vs. Emma Watson by nightprowler

Amanda stepped into the padded, oil-slick, square; a ring with no ropes but padded and having a two foot high padded wall that was nearly three feet thick around the edges to prevent the girls from rolling out onto the cement floor.

‘Wow, always thinking of safety,’ Amanda thought to herself.

Amanda was wearing a black and white bikini; her bottled blond hair loose to her shoulders. The crowd responded to her appearance with cheers and, waving to them, she tried to hide her nervousness. Her 0-1 record in the catfight league was nothing to brag about, still her opponent, Emma, had the same record. Both had fought in other leagues and had their share of victories - but this was the big time; here they had to prove themselves all over again! She stepped over the wall and carefully tip-toed to the far corner and sat on the wall, waiting while Emma was announced.

Emma came out at a run, waving at the crowd. She stopped at the edge of the ring and began to dance, whipping the crowd into a frenzy as she slinked out of her black lace see-thru dress and stepped into the ring in a black bikini. She’d dyed her hair blond for her latest movie and it spilled down to her shoulders as she danced for the crowd. Her smug grin belied a butterfly-ridden stomach, however. Emma knew she had to win this match. The day before, she’d almost boarded a plane to go back home, then she decided she wasn’t going to let some Yank run her off. She’d worked herself back into this game and hoped, one day soon, to face Hayden in a rematch.

The bell sounded as the girls came at each other in a rush. Amanda tackled Emma and they went down, rolling over and over in the tepid oil. Bynes rolled on top, grabbed Emma’s hair and slammed her head on the thinly padded mat. The Brit arched her back, making Amanda lose her balance and slip off to the side. The two beauties rolled to their knees facing each other, then grabbed each other and swayed back and forth until Bynes slipped in the oil, falling on her side.

Emma slithered on top of her and slammed Amanda’s head on the mat in payback. Amanda screamed as she reached up, grabbing Emma’s hair and pulling her to the side; knocking the smaller girl off of her. Amanda rolled, scrambled to her knees and pulled the young British beauty into a Scissors; wrapping her long, strong, tan legs around Emma’s waist.

Emma screamed as the tall American leaned back, pulling Emma’s hair and tightening her Scissors; effectively pulling Emma’s body down. Emma reached back over her to grab Amanda’s boobs and now it was Amanda screaming as Emma’s sharp talons dug into the soft flesh. Emma felt Amanda’s Scissors loosen, then she broke the hold; rolling away and scrambling to her feet. She charged the still kneeling Bynes and slammed into her, landing on top as they both slipped and dropped in the oil.


They rolled over and over with neither getting the upper hand. Amanda used her feet to kick Emma away and as Emma again got to her feet, Amanda braced herself. Emma charged but she couldn’t get her footing in the slick oil and fell forward over the back of the kneeling Yank Amanda felt her falling and used Emma’s own momentum to flip her to the mat; turned quickly as Emma trying to get to her knees and grabbed the blond from behind, wrapping her arms around her head.

Amanda shoved off the side of the ring with her feet, plowing Emma facefirst into the mat. Emma began to panic as the weight of the girl on her back held her face in the oil. She couldn’t breathe and couldn’t get her footing to heave the Yank off her. Amanda was trying to get a choke on Emma, but the Brit finally managed to get her knees under her, lifting to create a ramp the let Amanda slide off her, then flipped over onto her back. Emma saw this and immediately lunged on Amanda, landing in a classic 69 position!

The crowd erupted in applause and Emma, who had almost forgot they were there, turned to look in the direction of the camera flashes; her stern face breaking into a grin. Emma, keeping Amanda secured to the mat, ground her hips a few times, then sat up on Amanda’s breasts and slammed her fist into her unprotected belly. Amanda was furious at the humping but when the Brit sat up and drove her fist into her belly she let out a huffed grunt, “Ahhhh,” as the wind was driven from her.

Emma slammed a second fist into her stomach, then saw Amanda raise her long legs to try and catch her. She captured Amanda’s legs, clamping them under her arms, then sat back on Amanda’s face and leaned; increasing the pressure and weight on Amanda’s face. Amanda’s screams were muffled as she began slapping Emma’s thighs and the British beauty smiled into the sea of cameras for a second - just before she screamed!

Amanda had stopped fighting the urge to pull Emma off and rolled with her. Emma suddenly found herself under the American as Amanda began to wiggle her ass up Emma’s body. Emma quickly raised her legs, hooked the blonde’s shoulders before Amanda could get into position and pulled.

Amanda’s body made a THUD sound as she slammed forward onto the oil-soaked mat.

Emma shoved the blond off of her before Amanda regained her hold, Emma getting to her knees beside her opponent before Amanda could get up, Bynes screamed as Emma slammed a Double Ax-handle Chop to Amanda’s back.

Amanda was flattened by the impact, but her pain wasn’t done. Emma grabbed a hand and a leg, slamming her foot in to the American’s ribs as she pulled on the Bow and Arrow. The blood-thirsty crowd cheered as Amanda screamed when Emma leaned back further, smiling up at the ceiling lights.

The Brit let go of Amanda’s leg, but kept her grip on her hand and pulled Amanda into a Scissors of her own! Amanda was face down in the oil and the crowd couldn’t see her face until Emma - being the thoughtful person she was - rolled herself and Amanda over so everyone could see the anguish on her face as Emma’s muscular legs crushed her ribs, robbing her of her breath.

Emma pulled Amanda’s arm into an Arm Bar while crushing her ribs with the Scissors. Amanda moaned as the pain continued. In desperation, she reached up and grabbed Emma’s breast. She felt the sting of Amanda’s claws digging into her skin and she tightened the scissors until her legs began to tremble with the effort.

Finally, Emma released her Scissors and kicked the panting blond away. Climbing to her feet, Emma grabbed Amanda’s long hair and pulled her to her feet, then slammed a Forearm Smash to her jaw. Amanda flew backward onto the padded wall and dropped on her butt! Emma jumped on her knees first and Amanda screamed as Emma’s knees flattened her breasts!

Emma grabbed her hair again and hair hauled the blond to her feet and slammed a knee into her stomach. Amanda went to her knees and Emma pulled her face into her crotch, then as the crowd cried for more; Emma yanked her hair, tilting her face up so she could drive a fist down into Amanda’s face.

Amanda collapsed in the oil and Emma lay beside her, wrapping a Scissors around her ribs - but this time facing her legs. Amanda tried to grab Emma’s hair, but every time she got too close, Emma would lean forward and manage to just stay out of her reach. This went on until Amanda’s struggles grew less - which was when Emma reached between Amanda’s legs and began to massage her sex.

At first, Amanda protested and tried to close her legs, but then as her body responded to Emma’s sly manipulation, she relaxed, gave in to the sensation and slowly - much to her humiliation - felt her legs open wide. Emma smiled at the crowd who grew quiet as they sat in stunned silence - broken only by Amanda’s moans of pleasure. Amanda hated the English woman - and herself for not being stronger.

Then, just as Amanda was nearing that forbidding kingdom of pleasure, she screamed when Emma raised her hand, clinched it in a fist, and drove he fist down into her crotch.

“We’re not here for you to get off, my dear!” Emma growled, smiling to the crowd. “If anyone’s getting off tonight, it’ll be me!”

Emma pulled the blond to her feet and shoved her back onto the padded wall. Amanda lay draped over the wall, half in and half out of the ring, she expected another knee drop but instead Emma laid on top of her pinning her on the wall, Emma looked up at the audience as she pinned Amanda face between her breast and smiled.

Amanda found it hard to breath as Emma would lock in a Smother, then release it. Her oil slick chest, while small, formed and effective seal and Amanda had to deal with it for a couple of long minutes. Emma raised up off of Amanda, framing the blonde’s face, then raised one leg high into the air and drove her knee down into Amanda’s still-sensitive crotch.

She slipped off the wall, landing on her butt in the ring with her back against the wall. Emma raised her foot, planting it on the wall and forced her crotch onto Amanda’s face. The crowd cheered as Emma seductively rotated her hips, rubbing herself on the downed girl’s face. Emma held the padded wall as she pulled herself against Amanda’s face; rocking her hips as she worked both the crowd and herself into a frenzy.

Amanda almost slipped out with the oil acting as almost too much of a lubricant. Emma screamed with rage as she grabbed a handful of Amanda’s oily blonde locks and tossed the girl into the center of the ring. There, she pounced, pinning Amanda’s arms to the mat. She grabbed her hair and slammed her head on the mat several times, then quickly slid up.

Emma wasn’t going to drag it out for the crowd, but lost in her own thoughts of lust, she straddled the blonde’s face; pulling Amanda’s face into her muzzle to grind herself to a climax on the beaten girl.

The crowd didn’t have to wait long. The stirring of her climax came rushing at Emma who out a scream of Ecstasy as she threw her head back and came to a complete stop, pulling Amanda’s face into her crotch and holding on tight until the throbbing began to fade. Then Emma dropped Amanda’s head on the mat.

But Emma had other ideas and as Amanda began to take in air, Emma lowered herself back onto the girl; this time leaning forward on her hands and spreading her knees for more contact she began to grind again. Amanda’s screams where muffled as the crowd leaped to their feet - this was going to be a rare ‘double header.’

Amanda hoped to be lost to unconsciousness, but Emma’s wild ride was so fast, so furious, that air was getting in and Amanda couldn’t stop the natural instinct to breathe. With each inhale she took, she had a taste of Emma’s dripping sex from her approaching second climax. There was nothing Emma could do nothing to stop it - even if she’d wanted to. Her eyes stayed squeezed shut she tossed her hair back and started, open-mouthed, at the ceiling; letting out a satisfied moan as her juices laid a second coat on poor Amanda’s face.

The taller girl hacked, coughed and gagged on the juices filling her mouth and oozing from her nose. Emma sat back on the beaten girls neck, framing her love-slathered face with her thighs as she smiled into the cameras as she posed for victory shots for a full two minutes before climbing off Amanda and retreating to the locker room; leaving Amanda on the mat. THE END