Playmates Fight: Wendy Kaye (Miss July 1991)vs. Renee Tenison (Miss November 1989)

Wendy Kaye pirouetted and stopped, her arms held just so as the photographer snapped the picture. She was beaming as usual, but inside she was seething. She hated being sent on this location shoot in the first place, then when the photographer wanted her and the other girl to pose as if they were fighting, she became more angry still. She knew exactly what was happening and she didn't like it one little bit.

It all started a week before when Wendy got a call from her agent. They wanted her for a photo shoot and she was enthusiastic until she found out her "partner" was going to be the 1990 Playmate of the Year, Renee Tenison who had been the first "Black" or "African-American" Playmate of the Year at 22 years old. To Wendy the entire process had reeked of "political correctness" run amok. Unfortunately, she had been outspoken in her comments about the process when she was chosen Playmate of the Month almost 2 years later in July of 1991. Because if that, she had been called a "racist" by some elements of the public who had misunderstood her critical remarks which she had said in a misguided effort calling for reform of the selection process.

Now Wendy found herself posing in a lace bra and panties in the middle of a ring at a toney health club after hours. The photographer she knew only by reputation. He was a middle aged Black man who had worked for the magazine before, but she was sure he got the job solely because Renee Tenison was involved and she'd probably insisted on someone who could "make her look good."

So when she returned to the locker room to change into her next costume, she was already angry and upset. When she couldn't find the jogbra she was supposed to wear for the next set she screamed at the young wardrobe girl who shrugged, "It was here a few minutes ago. Look again." Wendy was digging in her bag for the third time and muttering angrily when Renee walked past wearing Wendy's jogbra.

"Hey! That's MINE!" Wendy yelped as she grabbed Renee by the arm. Renee looked honestly surprised as she looked down at Wendy's hand on her arm. "Excuse me? Yours? I don't think so, it was hanging with the rest of the stuff I'm wearing for this. Maybe yours ran away out of fear of looking bad." Wendy's face turned red and she looked over at the young wardrobe girl who quickly excused herself, giggling into her hand. Wendy grabbed her wardrobe sheet and waved it angrily under Renee's nose. "Look you dumb bitch, it's right here in black and white, 'Kaye, red jogbra; Tenison, white jogbra.' Can't you read? Damn!"

Renee looked at the sheet and then angrily went back to her own cubicle and got her own sheet. She glared at it a moment and then came back and shook it under Wendy's nose. "Look at this! 'Tenison, red jogbra; Kaye, white jogbra.' Somebody screwed up, but it wasn't ME. So you back off girl and calm down so you don't get yourself hurt. I'm about sick up to here with you and that chip on your shoulder." Wendy reached up and started to pull the straps of the bra off of Renee's shoulders, but the Black woman slapped the White girl's hands away. "Keep your fuckin' hands to yourself bitch."

Just then, the wardrobe girl returned accompanied by the photographer and the magazine editor responsible for the overall management of the photo shoot. "What's the trouble you two?" the woman in charge asked brusquely. "She's wearing my jogbra," Wendy blurted out before Renee could open her mouth. "See," she added as she shoved the paper at the executive, crossed her arms over her bare bosom and glanced back at Renee with a little smirking smile. The woman looked at Wendy's sheet and then at Renee who was still wearing the red jogbra. "Renee? What's your story?"

Renee silently handed the woman her wardrobe sheet and smiled, insincerely, back at Wendy. "See, hers is wrong. I'm supposed to have the red one. Besides, you know the red will draw the eye and you certainly want to emphasize your star, not some . . .," she paused dramatically, ". . . racist bimbo." Wendy spun around and would have slapped Renee if the magazine editor hadn't anticipated it and caught her wrist. "Calm down, both of you. This is silly. Look, this is what we'll do. Renee, give the red one to Wendy," Renee started to protest, but the woman hushed her with a quick gesture. "You wear the white one Renee, I think that's what was planned originally because your dark areolas will really be dramatic in that thin white top. Don't worry, everyone will notice your breasts, like they always do."

"Hey, wait a min. . ." Wendy started, but the woman pressed her fingers to Wendy's ruby lips to shut her up. "You got what you wanted, now behave and both of you get dressed." She looked at her watch, "We're already running late and this squabbling isn't helping. Now hurry up." She grabbed the photographer and they went back out to finish setting up for the next series of shots which would be done at some of the exercise equipment. Renee pulled the top off over her head and tossed it to Wendy. "Here bitch, I hope you're happy." She went back to her own dressing area to find the white top she was supposed to wear while Wendy got the red top on.

"Wha. . . ." Wendy muttered as she pulled it on. "This is the wrong size. Hey, Mabel, you got me the wrong size. This one's too big." She got red-faced when she heard Renee cackle from behind the screen where she was dressing. "What's the matter hon? Can't you fill it? I didn't have any trouble." Wendy took it off and checked the size. "Damn, you DID stretch it out. You deliberately trying to make me look bad?"

"It's not as hard as you make it sound," Renee giggled, "I just let you be yourself and it seems to work fine." She came around the corner in her white top and Wendy's heart sank. The editor was right, Renee's dark areola were clearly visible through the thinly stretched white spandex. Wendy angrily threw her red jogbra at Renee who caught it in her left hand and looked down at it. "Something the matter with this? You sure seemed eager to wear it when you saw how hot I looked in it a few minutes ago. What's the matter, you don't have what it takes?"

Wendy drew herself up to her full 5'6" height and glared at Renee. "I'm not going to put up with this you cunt. You think you can sabotage my outfit then prance around showing off your store-bought tits? Well, you got another think coming my dear." Renee's face flushed and she started to shake with anger. "Store bought? Fake? You stupid cunt, these are the real deal. I'm not some pneumatic bimbo like the White cunts that get these jobs." Renee swung from the heels and slapped Wendy upside her head. Before Renee could set herself, Wendy threw herself at the Black girl and powered her to the floor. "You bitch," she screamed as she dug her fingers into Renee's dark hair and started to pull on it as she tried to straddle her lusty opponent. "You cunt, I'll rip your hair out. Let's see how many horny bastards want to look at you bald."

The wardrobe girl takes one look at the two playmates rolling on the floor trying to kill one another and runs screaming out of the dressing room. In a few moments, she is back with the photographer and the editor. They find Wendy straddling Renee's waist, her hands in the Black girl's hair, tugging, shaking her and slamming her head on the floor. Wendy is screaming insults, threats and some things no one seems to understand. She's, in other words, out of her head. "I'm going to kill you bitch," Renee mutters between the times her head "BONKS" on the floor.

Wendy is still sitting astride Renee when the wardrobe girl, the editor and the photographer and his helper come running to break up the fight. They pull Wendy off of Renee and she even tries to kick Renee as she's pulled away. "I'll kill you bitch," Wendy screams, "Leggo me and I'll ruin that bitch."

The photographer's assistant and the editor drag Wendy away while the wardrobe girl and the photographer help Renee to her feet. "Get off of me!" she screams. "I want that skanky white bitch. Bring her back here, I'll rip that cunt's heart out and shove it up her twat." The photographer chuckled as he wrestled to keep Renee under control. The little wardrobe girl looked like she was scared out of her wits as the Black woman ranted and screamed, "Bring her back. I want that little titted bitch." The photographer held her with one arm as he scratched his head, an idea forming. "You want to show up Snow White in front of the whole world?" he asked in a conspiratorial whisper.

Renee stopped struggling and turned her head to look at him. "Whatcha have in mind ol' man?" He smiled and carefully removed his arm from around her. "Dat White bitch is gonna finish this photo shoot, she wone wanna walk out and have you call her a coward." Renee nodded, "Doh, so what's your point?" He grinned as he caressed his camera lovingly. "I'll get you two in the ring, for some 'fight pictures' you just take it from there. It shouldn't be hard for a home girl to teach that one some manners. Should it?" He chuckled as a grin spread across Renee's full lips. "No old man, it won't be hard at all."

Meanwhile, the editor and the photographer's assistant were trying with little success to calm Wendy down. Finally, in her frustration and to try to get Wendy to cooperate, the editor told her, "Listen, relax. You'll get a chance to show that Renee how tough you are, and you won't get fired doing it." Wendy took a deep breath and then relaxed. She looked at the magazine editor for a moment, then asked, "What the Hell are you talking about? You know if I so much as lay a hand on Miss 1990's mocha body Hef will have my ass."

The editor shook her head. "Not if you do it during the shoot. I mean, you're supposed to be fighting. In the pictures, it will look like you 'accidentally' missed when you were faking a punch, or maybe your fingernails got a little too close when you were pretending to scratch her. You don't think you're the only Playmate who's upset with her do you? The other girls will all rally to your defense if Hef tries to do anything, even give you a letter of reprimand. Don't worry, I'll be here as your witness and so will the rest of us. Just act professionally until you two are in the ring and then, let it rip. And I DO mean rip."

Wendy chuckled. "You really think it'll work? I'd love to not only kick that uppity bitches ass but have the pictures to prove it. Aren't you video taping this too?" The editor pointed to the young man with a hand held video cam sitting on a stool by the door. "He's been shooting since you started, but we told him to keep it low key. Now for the fight, he'll be right there at ringside, so you'll have to make it look REAL. A couple of accidental slaps or punches won't seem that out of line. Don't worry, we're all behind you." Wendy felt pretty good when she went back to her dressing cubicle to try to get her stretched out top to fit better. Finally, in desperation, the wardrobe girl convinced her to stuff some Kleenex under her breasts to fill up the empty space and it even gave her a little extra cleavage.

Wendy and Renee both left their dressing areas at the same time, elbowing one another and jostling as they made their way to the ring. Once there, the photographer and the editor explained the set-up, that they were supposed to be in a wrestling match wearing the jog bras and cycle shorts that the sponsoring athletic goods manufacturer had provided for them. "I want you to go through all the motions of a real fight," the photographer said, "because we're videotaping this and it has to look real for the camera. Don't worry about me or the guy taping, we'll be running around to get the best angle, you two just keep pretending to fight and let us get the shots. Any questions?"

Renee growled and shook her head. "I can't wait," she hissed at Wendy. "Me either," Wendy snapped. "Just be ready to say 'Uncle' when I pin your skinny Black ass to the mat. You've been skating free for a while now, but the free ride is over. Starting now, you're going to pay the toll just like every other Playmate has to." Renee just bit her lip nervously as she went to her corner, hoping she hadn't made a mistake letting the photographer talk her into this. While Renee worried, Wendy rubbed her thighs to get the blood flowing, a kind of warm-up routine she'd seen dancers do.

While the two girls readied themselves, the young man who was to be video taping them got his equipment set up. With everyone distracted, no one saw the photographer and the editor exchange winks. Their plan was about to pay off. If everything went as expected, they'd not only get some hot photos for the magazine, but the editors nephew would end up with a great video tape he could sell on the black market for enough to pay a years tuition to the UCLA film school. At least, that was the plan.

The editor called over another Playmate who had been hanging around while Wendy and Renee posed. It was Hope Marie Carlton, Miss July of 1985. The former playmate was doing some consulting for the magazine on several matters and had just dropped by to watch Wendy since they were both members of the "July Sisters" an informal sorority founded by a former Miss July to bind in sisterhood girls who traced their celebrity to the month in which we celebrate the country's birthday.

Hope and the editor huddled together a few minutes, then Hope disappeared into the dressing room to change. Meanwhile, Wendy and Renee posed for a series of "before the fight" pictures in the ring wearing their fight attire. Each preened and posed provocatively, Wendy at one point pulling up her jogbra to flash her bare breasts for the camera. Renee just laughed at her. "You might as well leave that off altogether if you can't fill it like a real woman. Those little titties of yours are a disgrace for a Playmate." She lifted her own jogbra and cupped her breasts, tweaking the nipples to harden them and then thrusting her chest at the photographer. "Maybe you should use a wide angle lens for these beauties," she whispered in her sexiest tone.

Wendy shoved Renee aside and did a "muscle pose" flexing her arms which looked a little stronger than Renee's. Renee did a similar pose, showing her arms as tighter than Wendy's, if not as large. Wendy smirked as she turned her back to the camera and ran her hands over her bottom. "Better by far," she hissed. Renee was getting angry. She was proud of her tight bottom, but she'd been kidded before about it being so much smaller than her sister's "bubble butts" and she was sensitive about it. "I haven't been knocked on mine Missy. I bet you've been on yours several times, and you will be again real soon."

That's where they were when Hope returned wearing a black and white striped sports bra and black shorts. She certainly looked the part of a referee. "Well, well," Renee smirked, "here's another pair of itty-bitty-titties. The four of yours are barely enough to equal two of my 'black beauties'." Wendy looked down at her own impressive bosom. She couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Hope had, however, and she didn't hesitate to speak up. "Don't mess with me sugar, I've been a Playmate for like 10 years and you're just a rookie at it. You have no idea what all it means to hold that title."

"Ten years of wear and tear is more like it," Renee laughs. "Why you're already over the hill old timer. You should step aside and make way for the next generation before one of us pushes you aside. And if it's me, old lady, I don't push gentle. Be careful." Renee shoved her nose at Hope and Wendy quickly stepped beside her "July Sister" to back her up against the uppity Black woman. The three of them stood there, chest to chest to chest. Wendy looked down and saw that her breasts were pressed against one of Renee's and Hope's were against the other. They had her surrounded! "Looks like the four of ours are more than a match for yours," Wendy said as she jabbed Renee's bulging bra.

"You better learn some manners little lady," Hope whispers to Renee, "or I'll have to turn your brown bottom a fiery red after Wendy finishes with you. You're asking for it." Renee stepped back and glared at the two white girls. "Don't start something you can't finish girlies. As for your tits Wendy, you better add Hopie's to yours if you want to make Playmate of the Year like me. It takes more than pearly teeth and frizzy hair, you need a rack to get their attention. I'm afraid you'll always be an also-ran in that department, hon."

Just before Renee, Wendy and Hope got into a fight, the photographer announced that he'd finished getting his pictures and the editor came over to give them some last minute instructions. "I thought the fight should have a referee in the background to lend an air of legitimacy to the shoot. And since I don't want any scratching, Hope will watch to make sure neither of you gets carried away and goes too far. You girls are too expensive to risk any injuries that would keep you from working, so just keep it light, some holds, etc., but no scratching or closed fists, OK? And don't worry about Hope, we'll keep her out of focus if you're worried about being upstaged.

Renee laughed at the thought of "some old white broad" upstaging her but Wendy hugged her "July Sister" and said she'd be "honored to be in any picture with Hopie." Renee just snorted when she heard Wendy's comment and went to her corner where she knelt and bowed her head momentarily. Then she stood up, turned around and leered at Wendy. She rubbed her hands together as if she were eager for combat and when the editor rang a bell, they both moved out toward one another. Renee looked confident and Wendy seemed surprised but her body language was one of confidence and it reflected the way she had gotten Renee down earlier when they scuffled in the dressing room.

They circled warily, the clicking of the camera echoing through the empty health club, punctuated by the whispers of their bare feet on the canvas matting. Wendy struck first, grabbing Renee by the hair with both hands and yanking her forward and forcing her down to her knees. Renee let out a yelp of pain and grabbed Wendy's hands with her own, trying to pry them out of her hair. "Hey," she complained as she struggled trying to get to her feet. Wendy laughed as the twisted her hips and threw Renee over on her side, ripping out a clump of black hair as she did. Renee screamed in protest as she rolled over and over and then got to one knee rubbing her scalp. "Damn! OK, since you want to play like that then you're going to regret it." She stood up and moved toward Wendy.

As they crashed together, belly to belly, Wendy turned slightly to the side and pushing her hand up under Renee's arm, flipped the Black woman over her hip and down on her back on the floor. Both women seemed surprised by the ease with which Wendy put Renee on her back and Renee was surprised still again when Wendy jumped on top of her and grabbed her hair with both hands. Renee wrapped her arms around Wendy's chest, held on to the back of her jogbra and rolled her over. They rolled across the ring, cursing and cussing each other as Wendy used her grip on Renee's hair to shake her head and bang it on the mat whenever she had the chance.

Finally, Renee managed to pull the back of Wendy's jogbra up and over her head, blinding her momentarily. As soon as Wendy's eyes were covered by the stretchy bra, she let go of Renee's hair and reached up to pull it off of her face so she could see her rival. As soon as Wendy let go of her hair, Renee released Wendy's jogbra and grabbed Wendy's wrists with both hands as, at the same time, she wrapped her lithe legs around Wendy's waist and locked her ankles. The look on Wendy's face and the sound she made, brought a grin to Renee's lips as the two women struggled belly to belly on the mat.

Wendy was still on top and she used her position and pushed with her feet, trying to roll Renee's body up onto her shoulders and so put pressure on her back. At the time, it seemed perfectly logical to the young blonde, but her position was making it easier for Renee to increase the pressure on her waist and she soon came to regret it as Renee used her legs to throw Wendy over on her side and continued to squeeze her. Wendy's face was turning red and she was having trouble getting her breath as Renee squeezed her middle. With both wrists held tight, Wendy couldn't do anything to pry Renee's legs off of her waist. Finally, short of breath and starting to see double, she gasped, "Oh God, Lemme go."

Wendy bit her lip as she squirms and struggles against Renee's strength and power. It began to dawn on her that this whole idea of she and Renee wrestling for a photo shoot was silly and wished she'd turned them down when they suggested it in the first place. The blonde kicked her feet and pushed with both hands at Renee's tightly corded thighs, but she was being crushed and couldn't figure out how to escape. Just as she was about to surrender, the editor yelled, "OK, that's enough of that. Break it up and let's move on to another pose." Hope leaned over and tapped Renee on the shoulder, "Let her go."

Renee glared up at the second blonde in the ring and then gave Wendy's ribs a final squeeze. When Wendy grunted, Renee opened her legs and rolled Wendy's limp body from between her legs. As Hope knelt to check on Wendy, Renee got to her feet and walked away smiling.

Wendy rose slowly, her face crimson and her hands trembling. She was angry both at herself and at Renee but she was also out of breath from the crushing pressure on her chest and more than a little scared by her ordeal. During the brief break n the photo shoot for the photographer and the video cameraman to reload their cameras, Wendy was able to walk around and catch her breath. Renee also took advantage to rest her legs which were trembling from the strain of maintaining the pressure on Wendy's torso.

"You alright?" Hope asked Wendy as she stood with her arm around the shoulder of her "July sister." Wendy's body was quivering, but she nodded quickly, too quickly Hope thought. "Look at them. Everyone's laughing at the way she was treating me. You know they're all on her side. That's why they brought in that photographer, they want her to look good. We all know he's the one they always use for the Black girls. I wish I'd never taken this assignment."

"Oh relax," Hope said as she gave Wendy a squeeze. "I don't think everyone's against you. They probably feel as bad about it as you do, maybe worse. Besides, I'm here to watch out for you. I won't let anything bad happen to you." Thus reassured, Wendy seemed in better spirits when the editor called she and Renee back to the ring to resume shooting. But just as they came together, Renee said, "Too bad your friend Hope was here to save you. Without her, you'd be Hopeless and I'd have made you cry. I bet they'd love that down at the magazine, their blonde bimbo Plaything crying her blue eyes out while some big ol' Black bitch crushed her in her strong, black legs. Yummmy, what a great photo."

Wendy's face got even redder than it was already and she threw herself at Renee, flailing away with both hands, slapping the Black Playmate with both hands. Renee leaned back in surprise, set her feet and started to return the volley, slap for slap. Hope was caught off guard and looked at the editor to see what she should do. "Let `em go," she said, "Let's see what happens." Hope stepped back, but ready to rush in to save Wendy from injury if Renee got the upper hand again. At first, Wendy did well, landing several stinging blows that rattled Renee's head, but Renee was using her whole body, leaning into her slaps and they hit with the force of punches, the "smack" sound echoing in the empty gym.

Wendy took a step back, then another. Renee advanced, stepping into each slap and landing it flush on Wendy's cheek. After another hard exchange, Wendy stopped slapping and tried to cover her face with her hands to protect herself from injury. Hope was starting forward to put a stop to Renee's assault when Wendy stumbled and fell on her butt with a loud grunt. Renee quickly bent down and pulled her to her feet by the arm, Wendy's hands were covering her face as she turned her head to the side, cowering from the expected slap.

Renee didn't disappoint, cuffing Wendy so hard she knocked her down again, this time on her stomach. Wendy tried to crawl away as Hope pulled Renee off of Wendy and shoved her toward the opposite side of the ring. But as soon as Hope let go, Renee came after Wendy who was crawling on her hands and knees toward the side of the ring, whether to get some room to get to her feet or to escape was impossible to determine.

Renee chased Wendy down and grabbed her by the hair and arm and pulled her to her feet. Wendy turned on her and slapped her again. Simultaneously, both women grabbed handfuls of hair as they began another hair tearing battle, reeling and spinning around in the ring cussing and spitting as they try to yank each others hair out. They kept it up for several minutes as the camera shutter clicked and the video camera motor whirred.

Wendy was forced back into a corner with her back against the ropes and her head bent back over the top strand. Wendy raised her hands to protect her face as Renee shook her head by the hair. Wendy was screaming for Renee to let go of her hair, but Renee had a better grip and Wendy lost her grip as she was slammed into the corner. As Wendy cried out for Renee to, "Eeeeeeeeowwww, leggo my hair," Renee did just that.

Renee released her grip on Wendy's hair and took a short step back with her right foot. Wendy's body slumped forward when the grip on her hair released and Renee moved forward, her entire weight behind the punch as she drove her fist into the blonde's belly. Hope heard the air whoosh out of Wendy as she doubled over, but before she could figure out what she should do, Renee had lifted Wendy up by the hair and slammed three more punches into her stomach. The final one was a low blow and Wendy collapsed on her knees at Renee's feet as Hope finally got there to pull Renee away.

Wendy topped over clutching herself until her forehead was on the mat. The editor was applauding as the photographer and video cameraman elbowed each other to get into the best position to shoot Wendy's humiliation. Hope shoved Renee into the other corner and screamed at her, "You aren't supposed to be hitting her like that, not with your fists you bitch!" As Renee fumed, Hope went to check on her "July sister" but Wendy was in bad shape. She slowly stretched out on her belly on the canvas, holding her stomach with both hands and moving her legs slowly as if she were doing the breaststroke in a pool.

Renee came up behind Hope and grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around and threw her halfway across the ring, then bent and used two handfuls of Wendy's hair to drag her out into the middle of the ring as Wendy shrieked at the pain in her scalp and tried to pry Renee's fingers from her golden locks. Renee kicks Wendy in her well padded butt and sends Wendy sprawling on her face. Renee grabs Wendy's ankle and lifts the leg up, twisting her foot as she kicks at the inside of her leg with her bare foot.

Hope gets up but the kid with the video camera grabs her arm to prevent her from interfering with his view and the editor hisses, "Let her go Hope, this is great stuff. I want some of you in there later, so just take it easy and don't get all sweaty." Meanwhile, Renee had rolled Wendy over onto her back and was sitting on her chest, bouncing her tight ass on Wendy's tits as she pinned her arms beneath her knees. She slapped Wendy's already bright red face, "Now, tell everyone I'm the best." Wendy shook her head slightly, but instead of getting angry, Renee laughed and slapped her face again, then yanked her hair.

After a couple of slaps and a few hard hanks, Wendy was near hysteria. "Please, OK. You're the best. Anything you want, just stop. You'll ruin my face." Renee sat up and proudly thrust out her chest as she smiled for the camera and turned her upper body to the side, showing her impressive profile to the lens. "Spank her ass," the young kid with the video camera yelled, "Make her ass as red as her face."

Renee stood up and looked at her photographer who nodded in agreement. She looked at the editor and she shrugged. Since no one seemed to mind, Renee grabbed Wendy and flipped her onto her stomach, then pulled her shorts down to her knees. With Wendy covering her face with her hands, it wasn't difficult to bare her smooth pale bottom. Renee sat on Wendy's back and started to spank. Wendy let out a shriek and reached back with both hands, but Renee sitting on the small of her back prevented her from reaching her bottom and as Renee's dark hands kept landing on first one cheek then the other in a slow, rhythm her pale butt slowly turned pink, then rosy.

Despite Wendy's attempts to clench her muscles, Renee rained blows down with such power that as the resistance drained from Wendy's lithe body, her cheeks began to shake and quiver under the dark-haired woman's assault. All the while she was spanking her, Renee called Wendy names and made several insulting comments about her "white girl ass." She particularly took joy in dissing blondes, saying, "Y'all can't fight fur shit." Hope stayed in the corner as long as she could stand it but finally even her ambition wasn't enough to keep her from putting a stop to Renee's humiliation of "July sister."

Hope ran over and pulled Renee off of Wendy, "That's enough. You made your point, now back off if you don't want to get the same yourself." Renee laughed, "Then I'll give you the rest, Hopeless. And don't think I'm afraid of you, because. . . " Renee hauled off and slugged Hope square in the pit of the stomach, ". . . I'm not!" Her fist went deep into the white flesh between the waistband of her black shorts and the bottom of her black and white striped sports bra. Hope gasped and took a step back, then rocked forward and hit her back.

They grabbed each other and started to roll around on the mat, slapping, kneeing, punching and pulling hair. "Oh God, it's getting out of hand," someone said as all three of the spectators scrambled into the ring to pull Renee off of Hope who tried to kick Renee as she was pulled away. "You're not going to get away with doing that to my sister," Hope screamed as they were separated. Renee giggled and said, "OK, Hopeless, but if you want me, bring somebody to save your ass the way you saved Wendy's, cause you'll need it."

The photographer pulled Renee away and took her into the locker room while the editor took Hope aside to try to calm her down. While all that was going on, Wendy was still laying moaning on the mat, holding her churning stomach with one hand and rubbing her burning bottom with the other as the kid with the video camera continued to film her.

The End?

Note: In the balloting by you fans, Renee won handily with 153 votes to 121for Wendy.


fight should be more a catfight, but sorta sensuous - not so much pro moves! have Wendy cocky at first, when they start Wendy is aggressive and dirty and seems to have the advantage but Renee is stronger, a better fighter. they get into a slapping contest and Wendy starts backing down, goes for Renee's hair - then Renee knees her in the tummy.

fast start. little lull as Wendy is hurt and has to stop her offensive, Renee takes a little time to recover, they got back at it ( if there is a test of strength, it might be here) and Renee takes over... soon Wendy is in the run - hair pulling, slapping, limb twisting. maybe a punch or two, maybe by Renee, Wendy might not know how to fight with her fists

don't think Wendy should last long Renee hurts her right off and just runs right over her. Hope has to pull her off a couple of times, but Renee shoves hope away and the photographer keeps saying "we need more pictures"

there is a test of strength in there some where, or Renee might offer one once she has stopped Wendy's aggressiveness and Wendy declines. I do like Renee taking over after she has taken what Wendy can do... I see Renee as being stronger. grabbing hands, Renee shoves her breasts against Wendy's (that's after all the whole point of the fight) and starts to push her around the ring Wendy does OK, but is just not quiet as tough or strong and once she realizes she can't win, she does not fight back as hard and just wants out

I want Renee to dominate Wendy once she takes control, but I do not want her to appear to be so tough that she is unbeatable

Renee to tie? Wendy's arms behind her, to the ropes?, somehow, and slap her breasts..."Maybe if these things got some exercise, they'd swell up a size or two. I think I'll give you a ....(smack) hand."

Renee sitting on Wendy's back knees pinning her arms down... banging her head off the mat, Wendy screaming she want to quit

Wendy looked at Hope and smiled as she walked slowly over to Renee who lay squirming on her side and trying to catch her breath. "Let's try to make this look as real as we can, OK?" Wendy whispered as she pulled Renee up by the hair and threw her into the ropes surrounding the smallish ring. Renee hit chest-first and bounced back, nearly stumbling and falling, but before she did Wendy grabbed her from behind and wrapped her arms around her chest, squeezing her in a reverse bearhug. Renee's eyes widened as Wendy lifted her up and then slammed her ass down on her extended knee. Renee's spine telescoped and her teeth chattered from the impact.

Wendy threw Renee off of her knee and the beautiful young Black woman toppled over and landed on her chest on the mat. She rose slowly to her knees and reached back with both hands trying to ease the pain in her throbbing behind as Wendy pranced around and raised her arms, flexing her "biceps" for the Playboy photographer and striking a pose with her breasts thrust toward the camera. Flashbulbs went off and camera motors ground as she did her thing. Off to the side, the young videographer was getting it all on tape, including the sight of Renee kneeling in the background wiping tears from her eyes as she watched Wendy celebrate.

Renee slowly stood up and walked toward Wendy who turned around and grinned at her rival. "You want some more?" She stopped rubbing her butt and wiped her hands on the front of her shorts. "I was planning on giving you some this time. I didn't like what you just did. I don't want those pictures in the magazine. I guess that I'll have to give them something more interesting to look at." She jabbed her finger between Wendy's firm young breasts. "I think those will make a nice display."

Wendy took a step back and glanced at the editor. "This is just for the pictures, right?" The editor shook her head, "You two go ahead and fight. Don't mind us, we'll just snap the pictures as you go along. It's alright." Wendy looked worried and her expression seemed to get more concerned when Renee stepped closer and shoved her back a few more steps. "Come on and fight bitch, I'm gonna give them some great pictures of you to print."

"I don't think that's going to happen bitch," Wendy snarled as she lowered her shoulder and charged into Renee's chest. Wendy's sudden rush drove Renee back into the corner and she hit the ropes flush, her dark hair flying as her head snapped. As Wendy threw her own body against Renee's however, Renee raised her knee between them and as Wendy's body rammed into the corner, Renee's knee sank deep into Wendy's stomach.

Wendy doubled over clutching her belly and staggered back, giving Renee the perfect opening. She held Wendy's hair with both hands and pulled her head down and forward as she brought her knee up into Wendy's face. There was a sickening "crunch" and Wendy went flying over backward with her feet in the air. She landed flat on her back and grabbed her face with both hands, blood pouring from between her fingers. As she rolls around in pain, Renee pulls herself up and takes a couple of breaths to compose herself.

"Oh come on Windy, get up. You aren't hurt, just got your big ol' nose busted up a lil' bit. Maybe you'll be the first centerfold with a cast on your face." Renee pulled Wendy up by the hair and dragged her around the ring on wobbly legs. Wendy yelped in pain as Renee yanked hair and then threw her face first into the corner. Wendy hit the corner and slumped there with her head and arms folded over the top rope as Renee held her with a knee in the small of her back while she began to try to pull Wendy's jogbra up over her head.

Renee knocks hope out as below, tie/leave her with Wendy

++ at the end, give the vote total: Renee wins 153 votes to 121

NOTE: Renee should refer to Hope as Hopeless somewhere, maybe after she has taken her out

when they come in to see what all the squawking and squealing is about... they find Wendy on top of Renee and pull them apart, and they are screaming and cussing and carrying on, and take them to a ring (not sure why one is so handy, maybe you can help with that too)

maybe the photo shoot is in a gym/health club or maybe there's one next door and the photographer is a fight fan or maybe they were going to pose in boxing gloves so he/she suggests they "take it next door and settle it"

they scuffle and then the others come in and lead them to the ring

trouble is that Renee hits her back

Wendy's tummy looks like and inviting target, Renee is excited about this

I think she's disliked Wendy for a while, been hoping something like this would flare up so she could kick 'whitey's ass'

do you think that Wendy is getting a bit reluctant as she is moved towards the ring

she felt the sting of Renee in the dressing room

I think she may regret starting this but she's angry, that overcomes her natural reluctance

good, can you express that in the story

these are playmates so when they get them to the ring, maybe the audience would get them to do some comparisons before they have them start to strut around, posing and puffing themselves up, showing off arms legs, and the rest

Fight in bra's and panties, but they are pulling their bras down some during the "show-off" phase, the way that Wendy is doing in that picture

motivation = jealousy over position in the mansion or something


yes. that might be right... Renee challenges Wendy to match her tits

throws her bra to Wendy and challenges her to fill it up

once in the ring Renee takes over

after Renee destroys Wendy, she won't stop, keeps after her

hope would try dragging Renee off Wendy and Renee turns on a surprised hope and they go at it too

Renee leaves two battered blondes on the mat

if it's a quick finish, we'll add hope

have it mentioned that hope won the most valuable at the playmate games thing, have her acting superior, maybe that is why Renee decides to teach her a lesson too and that's why she got picked to referee since she's 'toughest' they think that she is at least qualified to keep order

Renee is just so wound up that she can't stop rolls over Hope pretty fast... audience is stunned

I think Renee would turn on Hope while hope is trying to pull her off of Wendy

either slug her in the stomach or punch her in the jaw

sort of knocks her silly with one punch and takes control that way....we leave it unclear as to how good hope really is in case we want a rematch later

one to the stomach and one to her jaw.... hope goes limp or she goes reeling back into the ropes

she rebounds, and Renee knees her in the stomach, then uppercuts her, puts Hope on her back

so quick, many in the audience miss it they are shocked

as they buzz with excitement Renee drags Wendy over and arranges her body on top of Hope?

or does she pick Wendy up over her shoulder and carry her off?

maybe she and hope mentioned breast size before the fight too

we should leave a couple of unanswered questions, if no other reason than to provoke comment on the discussion board


maybe during the match, Hope has to warn Renee several times or pull her off of Wendy.....anything to build tension between

and check on Wendy then tries to stop hope from doing what she wants when Wendy is out

Renee thinks Hope is favoring Wendy

she is the referee, part of her job is to prevent injury and Wendy is in danger of being seriously hurt Wendy is out... everyone knows that she is beaten Renee is trying to pull her up again

but Renee is just getting started, or so she thinks

that is what she says when hope tell her to stop

"I'm going to give this slut a beating she'll feel for a month."

hope goes over and grabs Renee's shoulder from behind... "said that's enough"

that's when Renee spins around and punches her in the belly? Renee drops Wendy whirls and kick hope in her stomach

hope doubles over, Renee knees her in her jaw

hope drops to the mat

hope's cockiness leads to her distruction

she should have seen that something like this might happen but she was relaxed and vulnerable

Renee made quick work of her

but she feels so superior that she is not the least prepared

unless she's just "easy" naturally

well, that is what we will see later

hope will of course say that she was totally surprised and that she could take Renee in a real fight