Stacy Keibler vs. Anna Kournikova by Interac

Anna Kournikova arrived at a party in Miami. She was there with Enrique, and as usual when she went to a party she had no worries about anything out of sorts happening. These Hollywood type parties always had something break out between two actresses, it was fun to watch them fight and she knew none would ever challenge her.

There was one woman who had not shut up about Anna though, and nothing would have pleased Anna more than if she was here. "Who exactly started it between the two of you?"

"Things were said, that she should have been smart enough not to say. Those divas should know better, of course their only hired to look good, not think. " Anna smiled and continued. "Don't worry hon, she and I will just talk if she's here." Anna started walking again and said to herself 'and if she says something I don't like then we'll have a problem that I'll like solving.

Well away from Anna was the host of the party, the movie star and former WWE wrestler The Rock was with Stacy Keibler. "I just heard Anna Kournikova showed up..." Stacy rolled her eyes hearing that name.

"That bitch has been insulting me and... God she's just a jealous bitch, she tried to break into Hollywood and got nothing, I've already gotten two parts since her last... Sorry Dwayne, but Anna and I have had a few problems."

"Just talk it out with her; you two have a lot in common. Like no other woman here will say boo to you because they don't think they can take you."

"Alright we'll talk, but if she says something I don't like..." Stacy walked away opening and closing her fists.

The two women walked around the party and somehow kept missing each other. They talked to other people at the party. Anna was talking to Tricia Helfer from ‘Battlestar Galactica’ about Stacy and ended with, "We just need to have a... chat" An icy tone came with the word chat.

When Stacy went around and talked, she got into a conversation with one of her favorite actresses, Rebecca Romijn, and asked about Anna she finish that chat with, "She and I started a conversation that never got...finished!" Stacy had that same icy tone in her voice.

Later on they met on the outside of the house; Stacy was heading back in when Anna was going out. There was an icy staredown until, finally, Stacy broke the silence. "I promised Dwayne that you and I would talk about our problems."

Anna gave a fake smile and got one from Stacy, "I was talking to him too. He thought we had a lot in common. I don't see that though, you are just some untalented bitch who said things she should apologize for!"

Stacy laughed, "Apologize for what Anna? Saying the truth about you? I don't respect you and that doesn't put me in the minority in our circle."

Anna stepped up to Stacy and was met with a step by Stacy so now the two were face to face. The five ten Keibler and five eight Kournikova were not backing down from each other. It was something that neither were used to at these types of parties.

"Now you listen close, Diva. You and I don't run in the same circle, you see anybody could do what you do."

"Oh I'd love to get you in the ring!"

"No you wouldn't, you'd get hurt." That just got a sarcastic grin and curt nod from Stacy. "What I do, and the circle I run in is something you can't even fathom in your little diva mind."

"Loser circles aren't exactly unfathomable, Anna. All you got to do is look for the biggest loser in the world and you can find one. I'm looking at that loser right now." Anna was shocked and Stacy walked past her happy about what she said.

Stacy went back into the party, and was looking like Queen of the world when she heard, "That's right bitch walk away, do the smart thing and keep walking." Stacy was pissed and turned around the two women met in the middle of the floor. "You try to turn this around and make it look I fear you. Out there you were begging me not to hurt you, and just leave you alone."

"Now who's living in a dream world, everyone here knows I would not back down from some weak little no body like you. That's why you came in here so happy, because I decided not to hurt you."

"You know what Anna, everyone here thinks your some kind of strong not to be messed with athletic Super Woman Well I know the difference, and it scares you that I'm not afraid of you. That's why when you came in here you tried to embarrass me and not fight me, it's why you never took a shot out there, because you know if you do. Then all these people will know that you're just some pathetic little bitch, who's all bark and no bite."

"If your trying to say you can make that happen it's a big joke. Everyone here knows little Jennifer Aniston put you in your place, imagine what I’d..."

"What you'd do? You'd do nothing to me."

"I'd destroy you, you and your famous matchstick legs."

"If we fought I wouldn't even need to use my legs to beat you Anna. It wouldn't matter anyway, because you don't have the guts to start a fight with me."

Anna nailed Stacy with a hard slap which knocked back a few feet, "I started something but look at you, fear and what's that I smell, it smells like a cowardice bitch put in her place."

Stacy came back and cracked Anna with a hard slap that knocked Anna back. "You started this but I'll finish it!"

Stacy looked right at Anna both holding their cheeks, giving hateful glares to the other. Both women knew what was going on and took a breath each and then they both went after the other's blonde hair. They struggled on their feet, yanking at each others hair until they went to the ground and started rolling around like a scripted WWE catfight. Anna hit Stacy's head to the ground twice before being rolled over and having her own head hit to the floor. They quickly got back to their feet and Stacy pushed forward, slamming Anna back into the wall so hard she had to grunt. But Anna quickly recovered and brought her knee up slamming it into Stacy's stomach. Stacy's hands dropped from Anna's hair and she backed up a step.

Anna slicked her hair back than took two steps and swung a hard punch, and at the same time was screaming, "Bitch!"

Stacy got her arm up and blocked the punch and than hit her own that put Anna back a step. Stacy then twirled around and tried to hit Anna with a kick in the head. The move was ducked and Anna dove at Stacy tackling her to the ground. The two women struggled on the ground; their legs were flailing trying to wiggle free or to stay on top when Anna was able to get enough room between the two and her fist connected with Stacy's jaw. The punch fazed Stacy long enough for Anna to get past Stacy's long legs. Anna was able to sit on Stacy's stomach.

"Guess what happens now?" Anna chuckled.

"You get off…" Stacy snarled as she was able to bring her legs up and underneath Anna’s arms, then powered her legs back down to the ground. Both women rolled backwards and scrambled back on their feet. They ran at each other and collided, both women's right hands went for the other's hair but their left hand blocked each move. Both women spread their arms out and using only their legs were trying to force the other woman back.

All watching started making bets as to whose legs would defeat the others and push the woman back. Neither was moving though and large beads of sweat were running down their faces and they had now been standing there to win the leg battle for close to two minutes. They both fell to one knee at the four minute mark and then when it hit seven minutes both women's knees were on the floor and they were hugging each other in disbelief that the others legs were so strong.

Anna got a grip on the fabric of Stacy's dress and started ripping it off; Keibler started ripping at Anna's shirt in a reply. They both shoved the other to the opposite side and rolled away before getting up to their feet. Stacy removed the rest of her dress remaining in just her bra and panties while Anna unzipped her short skirt and stepped out of it than took off her ripped shirt. Both women had very well defined bodies and it was hard to tell just who was stronger by looking at them.

The spectators there were talking about it; on one side was Rebecca Romijn and next to her was Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica.

"I bet Stacy's going to win this," Rebecca whispered.

"I'll take that bet," Tricia replied

Stacy Keibler and Anna Kournikova circled around each other calling each other names. "You know what Stacy I'm going to punch your face in." Anna put her fists up for a fist fight.

Stacy started nodding her head, "Oh is that a fact Anna, then come on lets see you do it."

Stacy brought her fists up as well and for a moment as they circled and fired jabs at the other it looked like they would fight with actual skills. Each hit a couple of punches to the other and the fists up were no longer and the two blondes were just swinging wildly. Each was hitting punches not all to the other woman's face as some hit the shoulders and arms. Anna ht a hard one to Stacy's face that caused Keibler to back up and Anna followed up coming in with three more hard punches which put Stacy down. Stacy made a grave error as when she went down she fell to her hands and knees.

Anna with a trickle of blood coming down from the corner of her mouth saw Stacy down on all fours. She hauled back and hit a kick that raised Stacy up in the air. She looked down at the fallen Keibler who was gasping for air. Anna stood up over Stacy and then dropped to one knee and lifted Stacy up by the back of the neck and started hitting punches to a spot right above Stacy's eye. After the fifth punch she stopped and was listening to the people watching.

"STRIP HER!" They demanded, chanting in unison.

All except for Rebecca Romijn whose shoulder was constantly being pushed by Tricia Helfer who was happy to be winning their bet.

Rebecca slowly turned around, "Do NOT shove me again or else."

Tricia smiled at Rebecca than shoved her hard. "Threaten someone that might fear you."

Just then, someone quickly stepped in between them, "Just watch this fight OK lady and please just get on opposite sides of the room OK"

“Some other time” they promised in unison before walking apart.

Anna was turning her head listening to the people. "You want me to strip..." She stopped and let out a blood curdling scream as Stacy brought her face in closer to Anna's body and bit down on one of Anna's breasts.

This just went to another level someone said when Stacy slammed Anna down onto her back. Stacy hit three hard punches with her right than three more with her left. She stood up bringing Anna up by the hair and threw her face first into the wall.

Stacy turned around and looked at everyone, "Let me hear you now." The people started chanting Stacy's name. "And since you all wanted to see someone naked, I'll take this bitches clothes off!"

When Stacy turned around though Anna pushed herself off the wall and lifted Keibler up onto her shoulder and the two women went crashing onto the couch. Stacy was on the bottom and Anna was trying to get into a position to do some real damage. Stacy Keibler got her knee in-between the two hard bodies and pushed Anna who hit the ground and rolled backward. She scrambled back to her feet and went after Stacy who ducked low and Back Body Dropped Anna onto the couch.

Stacy fell to her knees for a moment and then turned around to continue attacking Anna only to be kicked in the head by Anna as she rolled off the couch and got onto her feet. Anna grabbed Stacy by the back of the hair and turned her around just to slam a hard punch to Keibler's stomach. Stacy fell to her knees gasping for air and Anna not giving her a moment brought Stacy back up to her feet and hit a Gut Wrench Suplex onto the floor.

Anna had the fight in firm control and it was so satisfying to do it with a wrestling move. Anna got onto her knees and was by Stacy's side and she looked around and then down onto her tit. She felt her own tit; and a look of pure villainy came across Anna's face as she bent down and bit down onto Stacy's boob. Keibler's screams filled the room as she begged Anna to stop.

All Anna did though was stop the bite and hit a thunderous punch to Stacy's face, "It don't feel good does it you lousy slut."

Anna lifted Stacy up to her feet only to hit her with another wrestling move this time a body slam. Anna then dropped to the ground and raised her two arms up into the air and balled her fists together and she slammed a double ax handle to Keibler's six pack stomach. Stacy's body jerked forward and than Anna used the two balled up fists and swung it at Stacy's face. Stacy got her forearm in the way but the move still put her back down on her back.

Anna just sat there on her knees looking down at Stacy. Then she grabbed Stacy by the front of the bra and hauled her body off the ground. Some people could get a clear view of Stacy's breasts. Bets started getting made all around about how much longer Stacy would last. As Stacy sat up right though her fist came up and hit a shocked Anna and put her down. Keibler fell back down and she was in pain. She looked and seen Anna starting to rise and heard her saying something but Anna was in a bad spot. Stacy lifted her long and amazing leg up and slammed it down on the back of Anna’s neck.

Anna lay flat on her stomach, sure Stacy would be a cake walk for her but after their first exchange she realized that Stacy could hold her own. But it was during the test of strength Anna realized she could lose. Now that thought was in her head more than ever.

It had been a while since Stacy had attacked her though and she started to push herself up only to be hit with a double ax handle into the small of the back. Anna Kournikova face pressed to the floor as she refused to scream but the pain in her back was nearly unbearable, it was a lower back injury that forced her to stop playing tennis. Stacy kept her hands pressed down on Anna's back and rested for a second and then she sat onto Anna's back and raised her bum up to slammed it down onto Paris's lower back. Kournikova face came upwards but she gritted her teeth refusing to scream in pain. Stacy slicked her own hair back and then looked at everyone.

"Scream for me Anna, all I want is another scream and maybe I'll get up and leave you alone."

"Go to hell Stacy!"

Stacy's face changed and she brought her nails down onto Anna's trapezes muscle and scratched all the way down to where she was sitting. Anna never screamed the first time but when Stacy repeated the move, she let out a scream.

"See Anna that wasn't so hard!" She scratched Anna's back one more time to get another scream and finished, “WAS IT!!!!"

Stacy grabbed Anna by the back of the hair and pushed her face into the floor and started rubbing the Russian's face into the floor. Rebecca Romijn was watching in great delight and was encouraging Stacy to do more. She looked up and saw an actress she respected goading her on to hurt Anna more and more so Stacy nodded and got to her feet, bringing Anna up as well. Stacy held Anna by the hair and looked her straight in the face and screamed at her, "You want to hit wrestling moves? Fine, let's hit wrestling moves."

Stacy then lifted Anna up for a Body Slam but kept Anna on her shoulder and took a couple of steps and went to Power Slam her but Anna slipped down and pushed Stacy away. Keibler tripped up near the verandah doors and hit the floor hard. Stacy was on the floor and now she was wondering how much more she had to do to get the win. Anna had started this fight and Stacy knew for a fact she would finish it. Anna though was more than Stacy expected and as she started to get up she wondered just who would finish the fight and why Anna wasn't beating on her right now.

She got fully up to her feet and Anna Kournikova was also just getting back to her feet. Anna recognized the look in Stacy's eyes, it was doubt. Anna slowly started walking toward Stacy.

"What's wrong Stacy, are you finally seeing the truth...that YOU WON"T WIN!"

Stacy stayed where she was too and stared hard at an slowly advancing Russian, "Oh I'm going to win; I'm just thinking that we should take this fight outside onto the deck."

Anna got within a few feet of Stacy and looked at the door, "Well I was thinking about throwing you through those doors. Just wait now Stacy."

Everyone was a little surprised when Stacy said, “What, you want to give up now Anna, rather than have me hurt you more."

"Hardly, but Stacy you did better than I expected. You know in the end though that I will win this fight. Look at you Stacy from the time you got up to your feet there was doubt in your eyes about your chances of winning this fight. This is your chance right now to say enough, you have no chance of winning and all that can result of going through with this fight is a lot more pain. You can walk away right now Stacy after giving a very good show to all these people, a better show than you give on a weekly basis on Raw. The other choice is to do some damage to me but receive more of a beating from me. YOU CAN'T WIN STACY SO JUST LEAVE."

Stacy put her head down and started to turn around and wave of relief took over Anna as she watched Stacy turn away. Then something occurred to her and she seen Stacy turning and kicking in one motion and she brought her arm up to block and the impact of the blow that slammed her hard into the verandah doors.

"I think that I'll pass on that Anna," Stacy said as she hauled Anna away from the doors and then ducked low and pushed forward slamming Anna's back through the doors. The two women crashed to the floor of the outside deck after they went through the door and Stacy could not follow up as somehow Anna was able to trap Stacy's head with a front headlock.

Anna was slamming punches to Stacy's back while Keibler was hitting hard punches to Anna's side. All watching could not get over what they were seeing and hearing as the punches were coming at a rapid pace that was not slowing down. All were wondering if this was how it would end, the woman whose punches would do more damage and cause the other to give in. Then Stacy got her other arm up and got her forearm in Anna's face and slammed who everyone thought was the stronger of the two women down to the floor. She looked down at a shocked Anna and smiled. The next thing that happened was a hard punch to Anna's face.

"You know what I think of your offer Anna!" The innocent and likeable Stacy then spit in Anna's face. "THAT’S what I think. Lemme put a stamp on that.”

Stacy went to hit another hard punch but Anna came up and hit her own punch to Stacy's armpit. Stacy fell off and Anna started moving her body around and was able to get her left leg under Stacy's midsection and planted her hands down on the floor to get more impact on what she was going to do. Anna brought her knee up and hit a hard kick to Stacy's stomach. Not as hard as she would like but it did what she wanted. It knocked Stacy flat down and on top of Anna's leg. Anna shifted her body again and started bringing her other leg over Stacy's body.

"HERE IT IS!" people screamed, knowing if Anna locked in a scissors of any kind the fight was certainly over.

Stacy could have been one of them as she tried to stop Anna locking her ankles. She had a hand on each foot and was trying to out power Anna long enough roll out of this precarious position.

"No that is not happening!" Anna screamed as she knew that this was her best chance so far to end the fight.

Anna reached and grabbed Stacy by the back of the hair and brought her in close to her body. The ankles were getting closer and closer to being locked and there was silence from the people watching. Stacy knew she had to do something and turned into the hair pull and slammed a punch into Anna's pussy. All Anna could do was gasp and then roll away. Stacy sat there and had a breath of fresh air as she knew she nearly lost the fight. She turned and looked at Anna who was crawling back toward the house. Stacy got up to her feet and started walking towards Anna while waving her arms like an umpire making a safe call.

"You people want this ended, I'll end it and then I'll let you all see Miss Can't Win at Tennis naked."

Stacy got in front of Anna who seen Stacy's feet. She was still suffering from the low blow when Keibler bent down to get Anna, she was the one now surprised as Anna used her energy she just got back to come up and hit her own Low Blow. Stacy never fell, she just walked backwards until she hit the wall of the house and then slid down. Her eyes stayed closed as she sat on her bum. She knew Anna wouldn't be coming to her anytime soon and she hoped that by the time Anna Kournikova did make it she would be recovered.

Anna was speaking to herself as she crawled toward Stacy, "Get to her, hurt her. Get to her; hurt her... Get to that bitch and hurt the bitch."

Anna was getting closer and the more she repeated her mantra the more energy she got back. She started to go faster and then was up to her feet and as she did, she look over and Stacy was starting to get up as well. Stacy finally opened her eyes and when she did Anna was within two feet of her. Stacy went to take a step forward when Anna lunged at her hair and got two handfuls of Stacy's sweat soaked hair and slammed Stacy back into the wall. Anna brought Stacy's head forward then slammed it hard into the wall again. She brought one leg back and then brought her thigh and knee to Stacy's stomach.

Stacy's body fell forward and the Russian slammed her head into the wall again. The WWE diva moaned. Anna spun her around and slammed her back into the wall and hit a punch she then held Stacy's head up so Keibler was looking at her and spit in her face. Anna went for another Knee Lift but Stacy caught her leg, then reached out and grabbed Anna's hair and turned her around slammed her into the wall. She let Anna's leg go and hit three quick and hard knees. Now Anna was falling forward into Stacy's body.

Keibler pressed Anna's face into her sweat filled chest, "This is what the mighty Kournikova has come down to."

Stacy started to laugh when Anna grabbed at Stacy's panties and tried to haul them down. Stacy went on the defensive trying to keep her panties on, and that was when Anna wrapped her arms beneath Keibler's ass and lifted her up in the air and turned her own body just to slam the WWE diva into the house. She tightened her grip and backed up a step and slammed Stacy into the house one more time. Anna let go and backed up a step, her hands were on her thighs and she was exhausted and beaten. Stacy was barely able to stand and if she wasn't against the wall of the house she would definitely be down on the ground.

Anna looked up somehow was able to find the energy to come across with a backhanded slap that made Stacy Keibler stumble around a few feet before she fell onto a lawn chair. Anna slowly made her way to Stacy and grabbed her by the back of the bra and yanked her back up to her feet. She then put her hand on Stacy Keibler's chest and shoved her back into the wall.

"You bitch, you lousy bitch. Did you like having my face against your chest, how do you like it?" Anna said as she grabbed Stacy by the back of the neck and pulled the taller woman down and scrubbed Stacy's face on her chest. It was only about five seconds before Anna threw her back into the wall and was surprised when Stacy fired off a slap. Anna stepped back and there was a look of shock on her face, certain she had Keibler down for the count. "Why won't you stay down?" Anna screamed as she went for her own slap.

But Stacy got her arm up and blocked it; then she hit another SLAP that rocked Anna back a couple of steps. "Because you won't win, haven't you realized that yet Anna..." Another slap "I can take anything you got, and come back with more." Stacy then hit a straight kick to Anna's stomach that put her down to her knees. "Now Anna, I'm going to give you the same choice you just gave me. I've proved over and over again you can't beat me. Now we can go on with this fight and who knows you might get close to winning but guess what I will still beat you. Now do you want this to go on any further?"

Anna was shaking her head no and Stacy looked around and a smile had come across her face. She was about to shout in joy at how she beat Anna when she was tackled to the ground.

"Bitch there is no way you are going to win this fight!" Anna shouted as she hit a slap.

Stacy somehow was able to grab at Anna's hair and got her foot onto Anna's stomach and flipped her over. Anna quickly rolled onto her knees as did Stacy, but Anna was the first to act hitting a hard slap. Stacy fell forward into Anna's body and shoved a hand into Anna's armpit and threw her down to the ground. Stacy jumped on top of Anna but Anna got a foot up and flipped Stacy over. She was quick to follow up jumping on top of her. The way she jumped on top of Stacy it was to put an end to the fight as she sat up and got a semi perfect reverse face sit.

"You fought well Stacy, but you lost."

Stacy was squirming around, but her face was firmly underneath Anna's perfect ass. "Would you stop moving" Anna said as she hit two punches to Stacy's rock hard stomach... "Now what do I want to take to take off of you first. Your bra" Anna slid her hands down into each bra cup and got some cheers. "Or your panties." She slid her hands down further into Stacy's panties.

Stacy took her last chance to get out and was able to kick both legs and her shins caught Anna on top of the head. The move rocked Anna enough for Stacy to push the Russian off the top.

Stacy took one deep breath than turned and got to her hands and knees and waited for Anna Kournikova to get back to her feet and face her. As Anna did, she had a hand on her head and wasn't prepared for an attack like she was about to get as Stacy jumped into a shoulder block and lifted Anna up on her shoulder and ran with her.

The two women crashed into an outdoor dining gazebo, Stacy threw Anna on top of the table and then grabbed two chairs and threw them to the grass. She heard Anna moaning and walked around the table until she was standing behind Anna's head. She reached to the middle of the table and grabbed Anna by the hair and yanked her upwards and hauled Anna towards her.

Stacy was fuming mad and wasn't saying a word she got up on the table with Anna but before she could do anything her legs were kicked out from under her and everyone sighed as the fight took YET another turn. Stacy landed on top of Anna's body and the Russian brought both hands up to Stacy's hair and turned her over.

Stacy grabbed at Anna's hair and turned Anna back the two blonde beauties struggled atop the table to gain a top position. They scratched at the other's face or hit a short slap, but neither could get the advantage.

The people surrounding the gazebo could not see what was really going on between the two. The two athletes were not only struggling to gain a top position, the dominant position. They had their eyes open and were staring at each other with true hatred; this was a test of wills that neither could seem to win.

Everyone was amazed; the two women were now each on their sides in the direct middle of the table. Each woman's hair was wrapped so tightly in the other woman's hands it shocked people that neither were woman was screaming. There was no talking or at least no one heard them talking.

"Just give it up Stacy, I will pin you down eventually... I'm to strong for you."

"Give it a break Anna; you know that my body is stronger than yours, so you should just scream your surrender now."

Anna just nodded no and tried to sneak her leg over Stacy's but Stacy was trying the same thing. The twos legs got intertwined and they locked each foot around the other's ankle.

Both women believed to have the superior legs and those in attendance were split as to who would win this battle. Or even who would win this fight. Anna would get the advantage but Stacy would battle her way back to a stalemate and a few minutes later, Stacy nearly won the battle bringing Anna's leg down only for Anna to fight with all she had.

She got back to the even point and by the now the two women had been on the table for nearly ten minutes trying to out power the other. Their leg battle was over the five minute mark and the muscles in their perfectly shaped legs were beginning to shake. Through it all though their eyes were locked on the other woman's eyes and they may have blinked but it was a moment, show no pain to the bitch. That was going off in both women's heads.

Then the unexpected and the table could no longer take the battle that was taking place atop of it collapsed with the two women on top.

The shock of the table collapsing finally and the last ten minutes of fighting had taken their toll on the two blondes as they finally broke away from each other and just stayed on their back moaning and groaning. It was two minutes before there was any movement and people were starting to get disappointed; they wanted a winner.

Stacy rolled in one direction and got to one side of the gazebo while Anna had rolled onto the opposite side. They both slowly got their way up to their feet, using the ledges of the gazebo to haul themselves up.

Some people while waiting for the fight to continue ran in and took away the broken table and the remaining chairs. Stacy was almost completely back on her feet and as she looked up and in front of her was Rebecca Romijn. "Come on Stacy you almost got her... Just a little more and you will win."

On the other side Anna Kournikova was getting the same advice from Tricia Helfer. Tricia looked over and seen Rebecca talking to Stacy. So Helfer screamed, "She's only a weak ass bitch like the Slut she's talking to anyway, she's yours."

"Listen to that full of shit bitch, Stacy owns Anna. Just like I'd own you if we fought; Lousy whore."

"That's right Stacy is a whore."

"Russian bitch, your dead meat."

They both turned and threw their whole bodies into a right handed slap and Stacy's longer arms connected and sent Anna reeling. Stacy lost her balance and fell to her hands and knees. While Anna had ended up hitting the ledge of the gazebo with her stomach and doubled over on the ledge.

Stacy got up to her knees and slicked back her sweat soaked hair and got up to her feet. Her entire body was glistened with sweat, but was filling with bruises. Her beautiful face was scratched up, and had some swelling around her lips and eyes.

She got to Anna and grabbed her by the back of the bra and peeled her away from the ledge just to hit a kidney punch. She got a scream from Anna as she let her go and fall back onto the ledge. Stacy looked over at Rebecca and nodded her head yes.

She hauled Anna back again but this time Anna fired her elbow back getting Stacy in the chest. Keibler backed up and Anna turned around and hit a straight kick to Stacy's stomach, it doubled Stacy over and finally Anna Kournikova grabbed Stacy Keibler by the hair and lifted her up than slammed her face first into the ground.

An exhausted Kournikova fell backward and ended up back on the railing, her two arms draped over the ledge. Tricia Helfer started massaging Anna's shoulders like a Boxing trainer getting its fighter relaxed at the end of a round. "She's yours, Anna... That was amazing."

"It was a burst, and that bitch...."Anna took a deep breath and then Tricia said more.

"Burst or not, look at her Anna...She's down and hurting...It's almost over go and finish it."

Stacy was lifting herself up and some people could see that there was more blood coming from somewhere on her beautiful face. Anna came off the ledge and jumped into the air and hit an elbow drop to Stacy's shoulder blades. She sat atop Stacy's smaller back and got her left arm under Stacy's chin and lifted her head.

She started firing off punches onto Stacy's face. The Russian hit 10 punches before she let Stacy drop; and if Keibler's face wasn't bleeding before the punches it sure was now. Anna got up, and like Stacy's body; Anna's was glistened with sweat and she was again slicking her long blonde hair back.

She started kicking Stacy in the bum and looked at Tricia Helfer and nodded she then walked around Stacy's body and stopped at Keibler's side and hit a hard kick. She then just stood there and put one foot on top of Stacy's back and flexed her leg and just nodded as people looked at the well shaped and muscular leg.

She took her foot off and was almost laughed at how the fight turned so much into her favor. She got to Stacy's head and said "I'm going to knock her out right now."

Anna bent down and grabbed Stacy's hair and started bringing her up to her feet. All of a sudden Stacy drove her shoulder forward and ran Anna's back into one of the pillars. She then lifted her entire body up and threw Anna over her shoulder. The retired Tennis player landed hard on her bad back and started flopping all over the place holding her lower back; she looked like a fish out of water.

Stacy's body fell forward onto the railing and all she could do was rest. She knew she had just hurt Anna and was hoping to hurt her more. She pushed herself up straight and turned around and now everyone could see that there was more blood coming from her lower lip and there was a cut above her eye and there was blood slowly coming down the side of Stacy's face.

Anna had her hands up on the ledge thinking she should be able to get back up on her feet and finally finish Stacy off.

Instead Keibler came in and kicked Anna in the chest and flipped her over onto her back. Stacy sat down on Anna's stomach "Look at my face, do you like seeing me bleed. Let's see how you like it."

Stacy got her hand behind Anna's neck and lifted her head and started hitting punch after punch. She wasn't going to stop until she made Anna's face a crimson mask and even that may not stop Stacy. Her face was more determined than ever, but that didn't matter as Anna reached behind and grabbed Stacy's bra straps.

Stacy could not fire any more punches and Anna was actually able to haul Stacy off. Stacy rolled backwards and Anna rolled to one side and now they were both up to their feet for the first time and could see how much damage had been done to the other's face.

There was blood and swelling, not much blood just trickles when they wiped their faces the bleeding had pretty much stopped. They walked around the gazebo, not fighting just looking at each other. Spots of blood were drying on their face, it was a minor irritation but neither woman was paying attention to it.

They stayed a comfortable distance from each other and walked around the gazebo. They assessed the other woman. Anna knew Stacy's biggest strength was in her legs and that Stacy could finish her with any kind of face sit or leg scissors.

Stacy was pretty much telling herself the same thing about Anna, she knew Anna was as strong as her. Would she expect me taking this fight to the ground, not a chance? But it was Anna who shot forward and grabbed Stacy behind the knees and tripped her.

Stacy surprised for a moment quickly grabbed at the back of Anna's head and held it down onto her stomach. Anna reached and hit a couple of slaps while Stacy was fighting to get her legs around Anna's waist to get on a body scissors or at least a guard to stop Anna from advancing onto the dominant schoolgirl position.

She found out quick that Anna wasn't interested in getting into a schoolgirl position. She was worried about Stacy getting on any kind of scissors; body, chest or head there would be no scissor lock. No scissors, but the reason I did this, the reason I brought her down knowing I was going to be near her legs.

Anna got her knee onto the inside of Stacy's leg to block the scissors and she knew Stacy would try to keep her close and press her face down onto Stacy's amazing stomach. Her hands went over Stacy's and she could feel Keibler tense up. She knew what was coming, and then it happened Stacy screamed as Anna's strong hands got onto Stacy's breasts and squeezed with all the power they had in them.

Stacy stopped trying for the scissors and she let go of Anna's head so she could counter the breast claw. Anna though lifted Stacy up by the breasts and slammed her back down to the ground. Kournikova grapevine Stacy's legs and lifted her body up so she had full extension of her arms and continued with the breast torture but now she was able to look down at Stacy; and it brought a devilish smile to Anna's beautiful face.

Stacy's head shook from side to side as she could not stop screaming. Anna started spitting on her besides; this was so humiliating for Stacy Keibler. "Oh tough girl couldn't keep up the pace, too bad." Anna stopped talking and looked up at the people "Its time for everyone to see them."

"NO" Stacy screamed and hit Anna's elbow joints which made Anna release the breast claw. She quickly wrapped her forearm around the back of Anna's neck and screamed as she used all the leg strength she could muster and turned Anna over. Stacy was not interested in returning the favor of the breast claw. Stacy Keibler immediately grabbed at Anna's bra and ripped it clean off.

What happened after that shocked everyone including Stacy as two breast add ins fell from the cups of Anna's bra. Stacy got her legs untangled from Anna's and stood up with the bra in her hand, she had one of the add ins in her other hand. "I didn't think you're boobs were so much bigger than mine."

Stacy dropped the bra and Anna was on the floor trying to cover herself up and avoid the eyes. She couldn't avoid the laughter though; she had never been so embarrassed and then it got worst.

Stacy Keibler put that one adds in she had in her hands into her own bra "Look everyone, my name is Anna and I don't have tits but I'm to embarrassed to admit because I'm supposed to be perfect in every way... Well except for my tennis. Look at my boobs though, really their mine oh wait where did the other one go."

She looked over at Anna who had retreated to one side of the gazebo and had her arms covering her breasts. Keibler stood in the middle of the gazebo, her hands on her shapely hips. She looked at everyone watching, one breast larger than the other. Stacy nodded to everyone and flexed her muscles. "All that and all I had to do was to rip the no talents bra off; that's as pathetic as your tennis career Anna."

Stacy confidently walked towards Anna "Let's let everyone see just how small your boobs are without these." Stacy took the fake breast out of her own bra and threw it at Anna; who was still covering her naked chest.

Soon as Stacy got close enough, Anna came in and grabbed Keibler's panties and then fell backwards. A shocked Keibler hit the ledge with her stomach and Anna was quick to get up to her feet.

She no longer was caring about covering up her chest, right now all she cared about was hurting Keibler. She started clubbing Stacy Keibler's back "You bitch, you whore, you untalented nobody. You embarrassed me, I'm your superior."

She lifted Stacy off the ledge and hit a kidney punch that made Stacy twist her body and face in weird ways. Anna reached around Stacy's arms and put her in a reverse bear hug, she lifted Keibler up and started swinging her around than put her back onto her feet and ripped Stacy's bra clean off.

She finally let Stacy drop to the floor and walked around with Keibler's bra over her head. "Huh, who's laughing now? Why don't you look at her and laugh at me." Anna turned and hit a hard kick that lifted Keibler up in the air.

"Say something funny now Stacy, come on funny girl say something." Anna bent down and lifted Stacy up to her feet by the hair and looked at her straight in the face. "Got something to say Stacy, well do you." Anna then slammed a knee into Stacy's stomach and twisted Keibler around and knelt down on one knee while putting Keibler over her other knee.

Now it was Anna's turn to embarrass Keibler as she licked her hand and slapped Stacy's perfect ass, once and as the crowd cheered Anna looked up and smiled her amazing smile. She licked her hand again and slapped Keibler's ass one more time. Anna's confidence was growing and she slowly started taking Stacy's panties off when she ended up on her own back.

Stacy Keibler grabbed at Anna's ankle and refusing to just give in she hauled it forward tripping the Russian bombshell up. Stacy quickly turned on Anna's body and slammed an elbow to the face of Anna Kournikova.

Both women were nearly out then and there; Anna Kournikova was flat on her back on the ground while Stacy Keibler's shoulders and head were on Anna's stomach. One of Stacy's hands came up and she felt her chest which was still hurting from what Anna had done to it earlier.

Stacy turned her head and looked at Anna's bare boobs and then she turned her body toward them and she got both hands on Anna's breasts and started squeezing.

Her fingers dug into Anna's small but firm breasts and the Russian started screaming. Stacy was able to get her leg over Anna's body and sat on her stomach while still twisting and pulling at Anna's boobs. "Give up Anna, just give up, I won. I finally won."

Stacy lifted Anna once up by her boobs and slammed her down and tried it the second time but Anna Kournikova swung her fist and connected with Stacy's jaw and knocked the diva off and stopped the breast torture.

Both women now started to force themselves up and everyone could now see that if Anna was more than an A cup than it wasn't by much. While Stacy was definitely only an A cup in her bra size.

They both somehow got up to their knees and were facing each other, they swayed back and forth and even though both had tremendous stamina they were running on empty right now. Their breasts were bruised and scratched up; their faces were bloody and swelling.

Anna slapped Stacy and then said "Had enough Keibler." Anna breathed a little hard after the slap but then Stacy came back and hit her own slap.

"Not yet Anna or have you had enough and..." SLAP, Anna hit another and said something in Russian when Stacy came back hit her own slap.

Both women were breathing heavy and barely moving. Stacy hit one more slap only for it to be answered by Anna. "You bitch, why you don't just give in is a mystery to everyone watching."

"Because Anna, I can beat you and I will beat you; everyone here knows it and deep down so... do ... you." Stacy hit one more slap and Anna was rocking back and forth trying not to fall.

Stacy seen that and took the risk and lunged at Anna who was unable to keep upright and fell to a side and Stacy missed her lunge attack. Both women were on their stomachs on the ground. The fight had been long; it had been hard fought by two strong athletic women who hated each other. No one knew what started the hard feeling between them and why they were so determined not to lose to the other woman.

Stacy was cursing to herself for missing that lunge and she was hitting her hand to the floor. Hoping that the action would give her the extra energy like it did in Wrestling. Of course when they did it there, it was all staged and hitting your hand to the mat was to pump up the crowd.

She could hear something else; Anna was hitting her two fists to the ground as well just a few feet away from her.

Anna couldn't believe Stacy out slapped her; she couldn't believe that this fight was still going. She was resigned to the fact that she could not make Stacy give up, and was in this for the long haul and there was no way Stacy Keibler that bitch Stacy Keibler was going to make her give up.

They were both getting up and each woman was rocking back and forth trying to regain some form of balance. Before they could Anna was swinging a punch that hit Stacy and knocked her backwards and into the ledge. Anna nearly fell face first after the punch but was able to stay on her feet.

Knowing that she just rocked Stacy with a punch though was all the motivation she needed to stay on her feet. She threw her head back and her long blonde hair flew back and that move caught the men's attention and it looked like that Anna had reached another gear in this fight.

She came into towards Stacy, who reached up and grabbed the roofing part of the gazebo and hauled herself up and kicked Anna in the chest. When Stacy came back down she was sitting on the gazebo itself praying she wouldn't fall backwards. God that bitch could punch.

Stacy dropped down and walked towards Anna who kicked her own leg up and got Stacy in the stomach as she got closer. Stacy backed up and held her stomach but sucked in the pain as she seen Anna get back on her feet. She almost laughed at the large footprints that were on Anna's chest from where she had kicked her.

Anna was quicker than Stacy gave her credit for and hit a hard right that rocked Stacy. Not like Anna would have liked though as the tired and beaten Keibler was still on her feet and came back with her own right.

The two women stood there in the middle of the gazebo their legs a little more than shoulder width apart and their right fist hitting the other's unprotected face. It was like a WWE match where two warriors were not giving into each other as they stood and traded punches.

What made people watching this wonder other than how in the world is either still standing but just what it was that made them hate each other so much. They realized that all of this was getting them nowhere and that their punches were not hitting with the same impact as they were a few minutes, Anna went for a punch but at the same moment Stacy pushed herself forward.

She slammed into Anna and the two went over the ledge and onto some concrete. She could do nothing to follow up and rolled away from Anna as both were hurt from the impact. Anna was looking for Stacy who was crawling away and towards a duck pond.

Anna started to crawl after her, dove and grabbed Stacy's ankle. "I'm not letting you get away from me you fucking bitch!"

"Who said I was trying to get away?" Stacy growled as she twisted her body and tried to Heel Kick the Russian in the head.

But Anna saw it coming and ducked. Good thing, Stacy’s kick would surely have knocked her out cold. As Stacy's foot hit the ground from the missed kick, Anna dove upwards and slammed a clubbing downward punch that got Stacy in the lower stomach. The Diva gasped for any kind of air, and her body jerked forward. Anna reached up and grabbed Stacy's face with her right hand and squeezed.

Her finger nails digging into Keibler's face eliciting a scream, Anna Kournikova had applied another wrestling maneuver to the WWE diva Stacy Keibler. This time it was Face claw. Anna moved herself to sit onto Stacy's thigh's and she used her free hand and put it on her other wrist for more pressure.

The maniacal look in her eye's made everyone step back as Anna Kournikova finally looked to be putting away Stacy Keibler. It was a long and hard fought battle but it was nearly over.

Or was it, Stacy Keibler who against any other woman may have given up but not to Anna. She reached and grabbed onto Anna's nipples. Using every fingernail she dug in as deep as she could and started twisting at the fully erect nipples. Anna's jaw clenched and her teeth gritted as she refused to scream; even though the pain was excruciating. She had to do something though.

She slammed the back of Stacy's head into the grass and felt Stacy lose a bit of her grip. She now had to make the choice, either keep the claw hold on or make sure Stacy couldn't get at her nipples again. She hated it but if she didn't protect herself than Stacy would get out of the hold because that pain was like nothing she ever felt before.

She let go of Stacy's face which caused a sigh from those watching because they thought the fight was soon over. Anna grabbed at Stacy's wrists, but Keibler knew it was coming and planted her feet to the ground and thrust upward, then pushed to a side throwing Anna off of the top position

Stacy rolled into Anna but her chest got to close to Anna's mouth and the retired Tennis beauty wasted no time in biting down onto one of Stacy's nipples. Keibler's eyes were shut tight and her teeth were grinding against one and another as she refused to scream. Anna's head went from side to side as she got as much as she could into this bite. In her mind all Anna was yelling, "SCREAM BITCH, SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!"

She used both her hands and dug all her fingernails into Stacy other nipple. Keibler knew she was about to scream and realized her position, she had one leg in between Anna's legs. She hauled back her leg and slammed a hard knee into Anna’s pussy. Anna did indeed let go of Stacy's nipples and all Keibler could do was collapse onto Anna.

The two women's' chests touched and they both yelped from that simple little thing. Stacy rolled off of Anna and Anna rolled in the opposite direction holding her chest.

They knew their chests were hurt and hurt badly; they would not how truly badly they were hurt until this fight was over and they could get checked out. Something was stirring in both though as they were forcing themselves up to their feet. Everyone was amazed at how they were able to get up. The women their knew what kind of pain must be going through their bodies and wondered what could possibly make these two women hate each other so much that they were willing to go through all of this just to inflict more pain on the other woman

It was pissing Stacy off that Anna was outwrestling her and she was the one who had to resort the dirtiest of tactics. Sure Anna was doing just as many dirty fighting techniques as she was but Anna was outwrestling her. Stacy knew she was no Trish Stratus when it came to wrestling ability but she knew that even if she somehow pulled this fight out and won, people would still talk about how Anna Kournikova outwrestled the WWE Diva.

Anna was just a few feet away cursing to her, every time she was close to putting Stacy away, the damn bitch did something to claw her way back into the fight. She should have had more stamina than Stacy and that alone should have made sure that she should have won by now. Yet whenever they were fighting it seemed like Stacy still had a lot left yet. It was infuriating to Anna, she was on her back, and her arm's covering her chest as just the air was hurting her badly hurt tits.

They were both finding a way to get back up to their feet when Stacy came in and hit a swinging neck breaker onto the Russian beauty. It was a bit of satisfaction to Stacy to hit a wrestling hold; and one that her best friend Torrie Wilson uses quite often. Anna was on the ground squirming around holding her neck. Stacy got up to her feet and looked down at Anna. So proud of herself, the fight was finally going to be finished.

‘How to finish it though, should I scissor her; nah that's what everyone is expecting. Should I sit on her face and smother her out. A definite option but first let's make sure she's completely naked.’ Stacy thought as she stood over Anna.

Stacy started dancing, shaking her ass and was teasing a face sit. Instead she bent completely over so everyone could have a glorious view of her perfect ass and she spoke "If you all tell me right now; who has the better ass than I will make sure you get to see ALL of this Russian whore."

Everyone was telling Stacy that she had the better ass and it got a smile and she finally reached and grabbed at Anna's panties. Hearing people say that Stacy had the better ass woke her up and pissed her off. She knew what Stacy was trying to do and grabbed at Keibler's hair and fired off two hard punches, it dazed Stacy. Anna than kicked her legs hitting one of Stacy's and tripping her up.

Stacy landed on top of Anna's legs and everyone was amazed at how fast Anna started to move as she again tried to get the Body Scissors. Stacy twisted and rolled and bent her body in all direction even somehow twisting and kicking Anna in the back all to avoid the leg scissors.

Anna got tired of struggling to get Stacy in the move and kicked her away. She got onto her tip-toes and into a catchers position and as soon as she seen Stacy start to get up she pushed off with her strong legs and tackled Stacy hard into the ground.

She couldn't stay on Stacy's back though as Keibler arched her back and knocked Anna off before she could do anything. Stacy dove at Anna and got her into a headlock, but the Russian never panicked as she grabbed Stacy's arm and turned outwards and got a hammerlock onto Stacy.

Again Keibler was outwrestled but Anna didn't want to do that to Stacy and let her go. She stood up and kicked Stacy in the ass instead. "You know Stacy if I knew all it took to beat you was to make this about wrestling than I would have done it right away. It does prove my point though that you are not a real athlete, your just some circus act."

There were people laughing at that and Stacy got up and looked at Anna. She knew that she would have to regain some respect back for being outwrestled by what she now considered her mortal enemy.

"You know what Anna when I pin you down to the ground for five seconds, we'll see just which one of us is the better athlete."

That comment irritated Anna beyond anything else and she rushed at Stacy and tackled her to the ground. Stacy got her arm around the back of Anna's neck and clubbed her twice in the back and then easily flipped Anna over.

She got Anna flat onto her back and before she could start counting Anna bridged upwards and knocked Stacy off. She turned and dove at Stacy's head and got a head lock on Stacy. Keibler grunted as Anna applied more pressure but grabbed at her fingers and started twisting at them to get Anna to let go.

She had to or her fingers would have been broken, but as she felt Stacy go for the hammerlock she turned out of it and dove at Stacy again this time going for a front choke out. Keibler rolled out away though and got up to her feet and dove over Anna's body and locked in a half nelson pin

Anna's shoulders were down on the ground and Stacy counted to five easily then said, "Now admit I'm a better athlete than you and I'll let you up because all I got to do is twist your arm this way and it becomes a submission move.”

Anna Kournikova screamed out loud as her shoulder twisted in ways it wasn't meant too. "OK, you're an athlete Stacy just let me go."

Stacy wrenched at the shoulder again. "NO, that's what I told you to say Anna. Say I'm the better athlete and you say it loud or I will tear this shoulder off."

"FINE, Stacy Keibler is a better athlete than me; now...please let me go. Please."

A smile came across Stacy's face and she kept to her word and let Anna go. She could hear Anna crying and she was holding her shoulder. The tears weren't from pain though, it was from being humiliated! Stacy slapped Anna in the back of the head twice and pressed her face into the ground, rubbing it in the dirt. Finally, she got up and stepped on Anna's back, then started walking around to the crowd slapping high fives.

"What a great night for all of you, see me topless. Watch the greatest cat fight in the history of Hollywood. Get to see me and Anna Kournikova settle our differences and most of all you got to see that Russian Slut get beaten down by me."

Stacy stood there flexing for everyone getting cheers, when Anna got up and grabbed Stacy in a Full Nelson. The moment her fingers locked behind Stacy's neck the taller blonde screamed and tried to power her way out. She stopped that and brought her hips forward than slammed her ass into Anna's stomach and got the Russian to loosen her grip for a moment. Stacy couldn't act fast enough to get out of the hold as Anna got her grip back and straightened her body up.

Anna did it so fast that when she straightened Stacy's body up that she actually lifted Keibler off her feet. Her two long legs kicked straight up in the air and then came back down. Anna started twisting Stacy around. But her shoulder was still hurt from the half nelson and this was killing her and she slowed down and Stacy could hear the sigh. That was when Keibler started to overpower Anna, bringing her arms down especially the arm that was trapped by Anna's weakened arm.

Anna was losing it and suddenly let go of Stacy completely and slammed her other forearm into Keibler's back and put her down. Anna kicked Stacy in the side than backed away massaging her hurt shoulder.

"I'll give you this Stacy; you're a lot tougher than I ever thought you would be."

Stacy slowly got to her feet, one hand behind her neck massaging the aching muscles.

"Anna, I thought you would have given up by now but you haven't. This has to end though and it's going to end now."

Anna's shoulder was healed enough and she nodded her head and thought about how Stacy was someone who was proving to be her equal in to many ways and made her do the most humiliating thing that Anna ever had to do. She wanted to beat Stacy more than ever. All she wanted to do was win the fight but at this point after all she had done to Stacy, how she could end it. Stacy was feeling the same about Anna, she had gone to hell and back in this fight and gave back as good as she got. Yet there she was standing in front of her telling her to bring even more. What more could she do to finally end this hellacious fight.

The two tired women circled each other and Stacy noticed something behind Anna. It was a small downward slope, which Stacy was told earlier led to a little pond. God how far and long had they fought. Keibler suddenly rushed at Anna who braced herself but as they collided, the two went tumbling downward. They went all the way down ripping hair out all the way down. They stopped just short of the pond as it had a small fence by it. That was where the two stopped rolling with Stacy on top she sat up and looked down at Anna, who looked out of it. She grabbed Anna's hair at the top of the Russians head and lifted her up slightly then came down hard with a punch.

The punch took a lot out of Stacy as she put both hands on the ground and rested, her breathing heavy but she opened her eyes and looked at Anna. She had one arm over her face and the other laying limp on her body both arms had grass stains. Her eye lids shut and there was bruising around both eyes but Stacy was convinced she was done. She sat up straight and slicked back her sweat soaked hair and when she looked at her hands, loose hair that Anna had pulled out and longer blonde hair which belonged to Anna. She rubbed both in Anna's face and stood up put her foot between Anna's bare beaten breasts.

"I think you're done Anna... Think of this like a championship, you never had a chance of winning."

Stacy allowed herself a laugh and rubbed her foot into Anna's face. "If you were conscious I'd make you kiss my feet."

Stacy looked at all the people up on top of the hill the half that cheered for her all fight were now chanting her name. While Anna's fans were dead silent, and Stacy knew why. It was because Stacy beat Anna to the point that she was out cold on the damp grass!

Stacy finally took her foot away from Anna and called her a bitch one more time before starting to walk back up the hill. She never even got a step as Anna was not out cold and grabbed Stacy's ankle and hauled with all her might tripping Keibler up. Stacy's head hit the ground hard, and Anna was quick to pounce as Stacy was dazed. She sat on Stacy's back kept one knee up and grabbed at the back of Stacy's hair and lifted Keibler's head up only to slam it to the grass. After slamming Stacy's beautiful face, Anna would rub Stacy's face into the grass. She did this five times until she was convinced Stacy was out of it. Before doing anything else, Anna took Stacy's panties off

She turned Stacy around and held her up as Stacy had done to her. She looked up and told the people, "If you knew how much I despise this woman then you would have know that she can't beat me." She looked at Stacy's face which could barely be seen through the grass and mud on her face. "Time to end this!"

Anna went for a punch but Stacy was somehow able to get her arm to block it and Anna's body went down face first. Stacy tried to escape as Anna was still on top of her, but didn't care as she grabbed at the Russian's panties with both hands and her actions made everyone on top of the hill gasp. She used both hands and gave Anna Kournikova a tremendous wedgie. Anna gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as tight as they could shut trying to not scream. The panties gave way and ripped off. Stacy fell down and knew she couldn't do much more before Anna responded.

Anna pushed herself up and tried to get back on top of Stacy fully but was hit with a punch. Kournikova rolled away from Stacy who could barely stand so she crawled towards Anna only to somehow get hit with a punch. Stacy rolled back near the small fence and just lay there unable to move. She was out of energy and one more thing from Anna she could be out of the fight. Her head tossed in each direction and her vision was blurry but she could see Anna who was face first on the ground.

Anna spent the last of her energy with that punch and now she could barely move. Hell she couldn't move more than her arm and Stacy was out of arms reach so now she couldn't do anything. Through hazy eyes she could see that Stacy was barely able to move herself. How long were they fighting; too long. Could they go any longer; they didn't know. The two beautiful women could not even hear what was being said up above. "Not a draw, someone has to win."

Stacy rolled one way and her arm got caught up on the fence. Anna rolled towards her and somehow was able to see Stacy bringing her body up onto the fence. Anna Kournikova crawled slowly to Stacy Keibler and found her self on Stacy's back. She was dead weight though and Stacy tried to get her off but never had the strength.

Anna started realizing what was going on and grabbed the fence and was able to put actual pressure onto Stacy Keibler. Stacy's legs were kicking as she fought gallantly to get out of this. Anna got her legs grapevine with Stacy's and slammed Keibler's legs to the ground.

As Stacy neared unconsciousness she could hear Anna says, "I proved my legs were better than yours and I won."

Anna loosened her grip, and Stacy with her last bit of will power arched her entire body upwards and Anna's sweat soaked body slid off of Stacy's body which was as equally sweat soaked. Anna ended up in the little pond, and Keibler finally collapsed. She was out cold and people rushed down because now the fight was over. Stacy Keibler was out cold and was carried up to the top of the hill. Those checking on Anna saw her face first in the pond not moving. She was passed out from the fight, they quickly got her out and Enrique rushed her home while talking to a doctor to meet them there. He was told by other actresses that was what he needed to do.

Stacy was taken in by the Rock, whose wife was already preparing a room for her while he was on the phone calling Vince McMahon to see if anyone knew how to get in touch with a doctor at that time of night.

There was still a buzz going outside where one question was being asked, "So who do you think won that?"