Anna Kournikova vs. Stacy Keibler by Raccoon
* * *
It was a busy, but quite typical day at the reception desk of Hotel Babylon; Anna Thornton-Wilton ( and Ben Trueman ( had been hard at work since their shift started. The hotel was full, as was every other hotel in the London area.

"I need a break!" Anna whined during a momentary lull. She slumped down on a chair removing her shoes, "I have been on my feet since the morning," she continued to complain while massaging her aching feet. But there was a reason why both Anna and Ben had been at the desk the whole day...

"Oh my..." Ben whispered excitedly looking towards the doors, "you better get up. Now!"

"What is it?"

"They're here - both of them!"

That was enough to get Anna up and smiling at the desk.

At the door, surrounded by bellboys were two extraordinary beautiful blond women. The taller one, a total of 180 cm tall and with legs that just kept going on forever, was dressed in bright red, elegant heels, a red miniskirt and a matching tight shirt. Her long blond hair was hanging freely, framing her pretty face. The shorter one, 7 cm + heels shorter, was dressed more mundanely: Adidas sneakers, jeans and a white buttoned blouse. Even her hair was less flamboyant as it was tied into a ponytail. Someone might consider her attire less sexy but the woman knew that she didn't need to flaunt her athletic, sexy body. Besides, Anna Kournikova had spent hours in a plane and she had intentionally dressed in something sensible and comfortable. The other woman, Stacy Keibler, had spent even more hours on a plane, flying all the way from the US. She loved attention and her long, beautiful legs attracted a lot of attention - there was no way she would cover them up.

Tony Casemore ( the concierge, was doing his best to keep the bellboys out of the way as he led the women to the reception desk. Every eye in the room was on the blond duo as they walked through the foyer.

Despite their different attire they got equal attention. Stacy's long, muscular legs made most men (and some women) drool like idiots, and her wonderful smile made them weak in the knees. Anna might have had her body mostly covered but the clothes could hardly hide her hot physique; the jeans fit perfectly hinting at the beautiful and obviously strong legs underneath, the shirt allowed the viewer's imagination run wild at what unearthly wonders it covered. And when she turned her head the ponytail swung playfully around. A quick poll indicated that 76.4% of the people in the lobby fell instantly in love with one of them...and strangely enough 84% fell in love with both of them; 0.1% responded 'Canada'. This anomaly calls for a review of the polling techniques used. Even the blonds couldn't keep their eyes off each other...but at least they did it more surreptitiously than the openly gawking bellboys and hotel guests. Whether or not either of them fell in love just then has not yet been revealed.

Anna's eyes wandered up and down Stacy's long athletic legs with a hint of jealousy. By no means did she think that Stacy's legs were more beautiful than her own, far from it, she was convinced that her own legs were more beautiful was the length that she envied.

Stacy was also stealing glances of the other woman. "Why on earth does she keep her body covered like that?" she thought. Before reaching the desk Stacy, to her own surprise, had in her mind's eye seen how she tore the jeans and shirt off the beautiful tennis woman.

Anna and Stacy knew each other - they had met once before, but only in passing. So it would be wrong to call them friends... especially when Stacy knew that she had once lost a lucrative promotion deal with a large sporting apparel manufacturer to Anna. It was a few years since that but she still didn't want to have anything to do with the Russian as she didn't know if she could control herself if she came face to face with Ms. Kournikova. And here they were, walking side-by-side through the lobby of a hotel. "Why is she here? Now?" Stacy had restrained herself, smiled neutrally and nodded in acknowledgement when they had almost bumped into each other outside the hotel. They didn't speak a word as they walked up to the reception desk

Anna, Thornton-Wilton that is, was all smiles, enamored by the beauteous celebrity guests. Even Ben, who preferred more...masculine partners was also excited by the guests ...and had to admit that the beauty of the two women did affect a strange way.
* * * "That can't be..."

"You're right - it can't! Give me that!"

"NO!" the two receptionists began fumbling around trying to get control of the key.

"Is there a problem," an annoyed Stacy asked.

"Uhm, no ma'am, it's just that…"

"Never mind, just take me to my room," she interrupted curtly.

"Just a moment, please," Anna turned to the computer and began typing. Ben leaned over her shoulder looking at the screen. "There: 'Kournikova, Anna' blah-blah-blah...'room 516' " she said triumphantly.

"But..." Ben said taking control of the keyboard, " 'Keibler, Stacy blah-blah-blah...'room 516'."

"We have a problem!" Anna and Ben looked at each other.

On the other side of the desk Anna and Stacy were getting restless. "What's the hold up? I want to get to my room," Anna said.

"I agree," Stacy said, "Get me my room!"

"Ladies...we seem to have a double booking-" Ben began explaining

"No, it's not a double booking," Anna interrupted, "your reservations are one and the same."

"That's not possible, I'm here for a photo shoot for Adidas," Anna said, "They have made the reservation."

Stacy furrowed her brow "So am I!" she stared at Anna, "Those cheap bastards - do they think I will share a room with her?"

"It would seem that way..."

The two blonds glared at each other and it was clear that they would not be able to share a room. "I don't think so," Stacy said, "get me another room!"

"That is the problem-" Anna Thornton-Wilton said.

"-we only have one room - your room. We're fully booked," Ben finished the sentence.

"Are you serious?"

"We really are fully booked," Anna the receptionist said, horrified that her encounter with the celebrities had suddenly gone all wrong.

"Well then, get me a room in some other hotel. Anywhere!"

"It is a suite," Ben tried, "you could share..."

"No," Stacy replied.

"I will try to find you something," Anna the receptionist said feeling a bit desperate, "but I doubt there are any free rooms within 200 km of London. You see there is a major EU conv-".

"I don't care - just get me a room," Stacy intoned, "Correction: get her a room!"

"The only thing I've found is a B&B in Baldock," the receptionist said after a moment.

"Where's that?"

"35 miles north of-"

"I'm not going there - Ms. Kournikova can go to Bullocks-"

"Baldock," Ben interrupted.

"Whatever," Stacy said rolling her eyes, "I don't care what you do as long as I get to stretch my legs on my bed within five minutes!"

"Is there a problem?" Charlie Edwards,

the general manager asked, having materialized out of nowhere (as it appeared) next to the women. As the GM Charlie had been informed in advance of the celebrity guests that would be staying at the hotel.

Anna and Ben quickly explained the problem. "I'm sure we can sort this out," Charlie assured Anna and Stacy.

"I hope so," Stacy said while Anna remained silent.

Anna was thoughtfully looking at Stacy. Her eyes moved from her feet up her long athletic legs, passing her body and ending at her pretty face. She had had a specific fantasy for several years now...she tried to hide the smile that appeared on her face when she recalled the specifics of it. "Hold on," she said putting her hand on Stacy's arm, "Maybe-" she stopped for a second marveling at the firmness of the muscles in Stacy's arm, "...we should just take the room and sort this out later-"

"I don't think so..."

"It is one of our largest suites...and we can arrange an extra bed," Anna the head-receptionist said even though the thought of Anna K. in the same bed with Stacy seemed strangely intriguing.

"We'll take the room," Anna said, "won't we?" she asked looking into Stacy's eyes and squeezing her arm. "We can sort this out later..."

Stacy looked at the tennis star with a questioning look, "What's on your mind?"

"I suggest that we go up to the room and decide who will stay here while they," she nodded at the still smiling receptionists, "find one of us a free room. Within the city. Ok?"

"Sounds like a plan, I'd rather wait in the room than stand here in the lobby. Take our bags to the room."

"So you are going to share?" Ben asked

"NO!" they replied in unison.
* * *
"Did you see those legs?" Ben asked in disbelief when the women had disappeared into the elevator.

"I think...I think I'm in love," Anna said with a dreamy voice, her eyes closed, "I'm not gay or anything this case I could do an exception..." a wide smile spread on her face. "Oh no! I forgot to take pictures!" She grabbed the camera she had been hiding behind the counter and ran towards the stairs.
* * *
Five minutes later Tony closed the door to room 516 and bumped into Anna and Jackie Clunes

who had been eavesdropping at the door.

"What are they going to do?" Anna whispered.

"I'm not sure...they said that they are going to decide who is going to stay-"

"Sssh! I can't hear them" Jackie, who had already pressed her ear against the door, whispered.

"Back to work," the general manager, who like Batman had just appeared behind the trio, said. "I suppose that the head of housekeeping, the head receptionist and the concierge have more important things to do than this!" He waited until the three had disappeared into the elevator... before putting his ear to the door.
* * *
"So..." Anna began, "It looks like we are going to be in the same photo shoot..."

"I wish they would had told us that beforehand," Stacy replied, "Not that I have anything against to be working with you-" She didn't finish the sentence when she realized that such a comment was completely out of character...she had a reason for not liking Anna...right?

"Neither do I mind working with you but...I can't believe that the cheapskates thought we would share a room," Anna continued.

"You said you had an idea how to solve the situation," Stacy said stretching her arms.

"Yes...I do," Anna said smiling mischievously.

"I think I know what you have in mind..." Stacy said, "You want to...fight me, right?" Stacy wasn't new to bedroom wrestling so Anna wouldn't be the first one to scream for mercy between her thighs. Since she lost the deal to Anna she had once or twice entertained the idea of making Anna Kournikova pay...yes, things started to look better all of a sudden.

"Great," Anna said with an excited smile, "I was afraid that you wouldn't be woman enough to fight me. So the winner gets the room. Agreed?"

"Sure," Stacy laughed, "I'm sure you will enjoy Bullocks!" To put a bit of intimidation to her words she flexed her right arm letting Anna see what she was getting into.

"We'll see..." Anna said staring at Stacy's nicely bulging arm. Stacy was slightly disappointed that Anna didn't surrender right away but then again, that wouldn't have been any fun.

They began moving around the big room...slowly...looking at each first they admired each other but then they began looking for signs of weakness...something to exploit. They both knew that there was more at stake than the room - who knew what the loser would look like tomorrow in front of the cameras.

Anna broke the silence, "I apologize in advance if I mess up that pretty face of yours."

"Hah! I think you're afraid of what I will do to your face?" Stacy replied.

Stacy was right, Anna was afraid, not of losing to Stacy but of losing the deal. A few small bruises on the body could be hidden but on the face...that wouldn't be acceptable. "We both have much to would it be ok if we agreed not to do any visible damage to each other? Especially the face?"

Stacy looked at the tennis girl's hands knowing that her nails could do nasty marks on her skin. "Sounds reasonable," she said then.

"Excellent," Anna said and moved closer, "I'll try to be gentle!" She raised her hand to slap Stacy but the taller woman was ready and ducked just in time.

"Oh, little girl, you have to do better than that!" Stacy said and shoved Anna easily back. The smaller woman stumbled several steps and only barely managed to remain standing. "I'm just too big and strong for you, little girl," Stacy laughed.

"In your dreams," Anna snarled, "tall you might be...but that's the only advantage you have!"
* * *
Several minutes later Stacy and Anna were locked in a test of strength. After an initial phase of pushing and pulling the women had finally moved closer and began grappling. It wasn't clear which one had been more surprised by the others power. Neither Stacy nor Anna had managed to take the other one down and after a while they had disengaged. Stacy, who was very familiar with tests of strength, had then initiated one. Now they had fought for supremacy for several minutes and both were starting to feel fatigued.

"You're nothing but as has-been," Stacy spat angry at herself for not being able to overpower the smaller woman.

"At least being a 'has been' is better than being a 'never been anything'," Anna retorted, "Besides, I'm a real athlete," Anna grunted through clenched teeth, "not an actress..." she suddenly forced Stacy's arms to her side, "...who plays one..." She began pushing Stacy back.

Anna's sudden burst of strength took Stacy by surprise, "You wouldn't survive a day…UNGH!!" Stacy grunted as her back hit the wall.

"Really?" Anna gloated as she had pinned the taller woman against the wall, "You think I wouldn't survive in your wrestling theater? I think I would be the 'champion' within one week! ...And I think I've just prov…AAAGH!"

Stacy had just thrust her knee into Anna's crotch. She did it again and now Anna let go of her hands to protect her own nether region. Stacy pushed Anna back and with punch to her chest almost toppled the smaller woman. Anna was reeling and when Stacy proved that her combat skills were for real and executed perfectly one of her signature moves, the spinning heel kick, the tennis star smashed into a small table, that just like on TV broke into thousands of pieces with a loud crash.

Lying among the debris, Anna hadn't regained her bearings before Stacy was on top of her. There was no denying that most of the moves Stacy had learned during her wrestling career might be exaggerated and flamboyant, but that didn't mean that they couldn't be useful! She knew very well how to hurt someone...if needed. And right now Anna needed to be hurt! Her miniskirt and heels didn't hinder her a bit when she jumped into the air and landed knee first on poor Anna, forcing the air from her lungs.

"You were saying?" Stacy huffed as she straddled the smaller woman. She slapped Anna's cheeks a few times turning them bright red. "I've waited so long for this..." she gloated. Stacy grabbed the front of Anna's white blouse with both hands and tore at it, sending the buttons flying. "Beautiful," Stacy gasped. Anna was still wheezing for air, her chest rising with every deep breath, her taut abdomen begging to be caressed. Of course Stacy had seen pictures of Anna and even met her once, but she had been fully clothed then...and the pictures hadn't done her justice.

However, catching a glimpse Anna's fabulous body wasn't enough, Stacy wanted to see all of Anna. She slapped Anna's cheeks again before, with a wicked grin completely shredded Anna's white shirt. Her jaw dropped at the sight of what was revealed. Anna's strong upper body looked incredible; lean muscles everywhere - on her shoulders...arms, chest... with pert breasts straining the tight white bra...and that wonderful abdomen that Stacy just had to... Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door.

Stacy cursed. "WHAT? Who is it?"

"It's Mr. Edwards, the general manager."

"Damn! Have they already found another room?" Stacy punched Anna's abdomen before getting up. She gave Anna's ribs a kick for good measure stunning the tennis player. She checked that her hair was ok before hurrying to the door. She opened the door just enough to be able to put her head through, "Yes?" she asked making sure that Anna couldn't be seen.

"A loud crash was heard from this room," Charlie said, "we're just checking that everything's ok."

"We're fine," Stacy said starting to close the door.

"Are you sure, it sounded like-"

"Everything's fine, I just...dropped something," Stacy said and closed the door. She leaned against the door and exhaled. She grinned when she saw Anna moan on the floor, "Yeah, I dropped something...and I'm going to drop her again," she said and walked up to Anna, ...and again."

She admired Anna's lithe, muscular body for a moment. "As nice as you look in jeans I think you look even better without them." She was fully intent on undressing the girl completely. Stacy sat down on Anna's abdomen with all her weight forcing, once again, the air from Anna's lungs. She opened the top button on Anna's jeans, "Oh Anna, why can't you just have a zipper," she grimaced and opened the rest of the buttons. She stood up and grabbed the pant legs and began tugging at the jeans trying to pull them off Anna. Unfortunately the jeans sat tight (...and she hadn't removed her Anna's sneakers yet) and at this point Anna had regained some of her wits and she began kicking wildly with her legs, even trying to wrap them around Stacy's legs.

Stacy jumped back avoiding the flailing legs. Moving quickly forward she stomped hard between Anna's legs. The sound that escaped Anna's lips was strange indeed and cannot be reproduced here. With Anna stunned once again from the pain Stacy straddled the Russian girl. "Don't you know when you're outclassed, silly?" She slapped Anna's face several times, "You will lose the jeans but first..." she grabbed Anna's breasts with both hands and gave them a good squeeze. Anna moaned with both pain and joy. "...I'm going to remove these!" Stacy relieved Anna from her bra - even Joey from Friends would have been impressed at how easily the bra came off. "Oh my. What beautiful things we have here...not too small and not too large...just the right size for me to squeeeeeeze!" And that is what she did with the moderately sized orbs.

Suddenly Stacy felt Anna's legs wrap around her torso and she discovered that she should have taken more care in how to position herself on someone as athletic and flexible as Anna. Before the surprised Stacy could do a thing, Anna's powerful legs had pulled her back down to the floor. Stacy was now in a very awkward position, partly on Anna but bent backwards...and worst of all Anna's legs wrapped around her neck.

To Anna's delight Stacy crotch was right there in front of her, "A little payback," she said and hit Stacy between her legs with a fist. Stacy howled and began struggling but Anna's legs were more than able to keep her down.

"Sssh!" Anna hushed, "keep it down; we don't want to disturb our neighbors!" She pulled her upper body into a sitting position to get a better view and to reach her opponent better. "Dreams do come true," she murmured and threw her fist a few times at Stacy's abdomen. Each blow brought a cry from Stacy. "This is fun," Anna giggled and continued to bombard Stacy's abs of steel with blows. Stacy's hands tried vainly to protect her stomach but as she could not see the blows coming there wasn't much she could do. Surprised at how hard Stacy's abs felt Anna stopped pummeling and pulled up Stacy's shirt to reveal the woman's magnificent abdominals. "Stacy my love, you pride your legs but your best assets are here," Anna said and punched her abs again, "Absolutely beautiful!" Anna continued to pummel Stacy's abdomen while her legs kept the larger woman pinned on her back.

Meanwhile, Stacy was getting desperate. She was doing her best get away while trying to protect herself at the same time. She tried to separate Anna's legs from around her neck but she made no progress there; neither did she have much success in protecting her abs from the almost constant pummeling.

Soon Stacy was whimpering with tears running down her cheeks. She had already taken a considerably amount of punishment but so far her steel hard stomach muscles had absorbed most of damage. Now her ridged midriff was getting softer and softer and soon every punch forced a grunt of pain from Stacy.

Stacy's legs were pinned below herself and her upper body was held in place by Anna's powerful legs so all she could move was her arms and they were more or less useless right now. Stacy was a strong woman, surprisingly so, but her arms were no match for Anna's legs - she could not pry them open. Neither could her arms protect her from Anna's fists. She was no longer desperate...she was beginning to lose hope.

Anna had also noticed that Stacy had stopped fighting and almost become docile, "Surrender anytime you want!" she said pausing her torment of Stacy. "No? I thought you were used to tapping out." She caressed Stacy's abs. "Oh, I just remembered what you tried to do to me..." she said and began pulling Stacy's skirt down...which proved to be impossible due to how Stacy was positioned.

Anna felt that she had Stacy beaten so she decided to take a chance - she detached her legs from around Stacy's neck and got up on her knees. She quickly straightened Stacy's legs without much effort and with a swift pull removed her skirt. The bright, lime-green thong that Stacy was wearing was a nice contrast to her well-tanned skin.

Finally able to move, Stacy rolled into a ball holding her sore midriff. Amidst the moans Anna could hear her own name mixed with a series of obscure curses. Anna stood up and giggled as she spun the skirt above her head, "I think I've seen you in similar predicament on TV," she said and let the skirt fly and land on the floor next the door.
* * *
Meanwhile outside room 516...



The head-barman turned slowly around; he was holding a tray with a bottle and two glasses. Next to him was a housekeeping trolley.

"You're a long way from the bar! What on earth are you doing here?" Of course Charlie knew exactly why the half-Italian half-Spanish barman was outside room 516, so he didn't wait for a reply, "May I remind you that we guarantee our guests complete privacy?" Charlie said firmly.

"I'm just deliv ...Would it be out of place for me to ask why you are here...sir?" Gino asked.

"I'm the general manager; you're the barman," Charlie replied giving a stern look. Only now did she notice Anna hiding behind the trolley. "And you, your shift ended almost an hour ago!"

Anna looked sheepishly at her own feet trying to hide the camera behind her back. "I...we thought that a complimentary wine bottle would be appropriate. We want to make our guests feel..." her voice trailed off avoiding Charlie's gaze.

"Your task was to locate a hotel room for Ms. Kournikova or Ms. Keibler; not to deliver wine to them." He then became aware of trolley, "And what is this trolley doing here in the middle of the corridor? You were on your way to make their beds?"

"That's mine," Jackie said stepping from behind a corner, "I was just passing..." Avoiding Charlie's gaze she took the trolley and began pushing it down the corridor. Chino followed quickly suit taking the wine and the glasses with him. Anna stayed, looking at Charlie with pleading eyes.

"Do I have to camp here myself to keep you away?" Charlie asked.

"Oh, but it's not every day we have guests like this...I just wanted to-"

"The camera! Hand it over!"

"Ohh! Please no!"

"Thank you. And now off you go!" Charlie escorted the pouting woman to the elevators. As the elevator door closed he sighed, "Looks like this will be a long night." He quickly returned to the door and pressed his ear again against it.
* * *
In room 516 Anna had pulled Stacy up on her knees. The wrestling babe still seemed to be in pain from Anna's pummeling and unable to act properly. Anna grabbed the hem of Stacy's shirt and pulled it over her head. The shirt effectively tied Stacy's hands over her head and blindsided her. Under the shirt Stacy had a simple, yet elegant lime-green bra, matching the thong she was wearing. Anna laughed and decided to have some fun with Stacy handicapped like this. She pulled the taller woman up on her feet and began dancing around Stacy, slapping her buttcheeks, groping her breasts and punching her. Muffled grunts and moans could be heard from under the wasn't entirely clear whether the sounds were due to pain and discomfort or something else...

Eventually Stacy screamed in frustration and began trashing around, trying to get rid of the shirt. Anna, of course made that impossible. Not even Stacy's wild kicks helped as Anna just nimbly moved out of their reach.

"Enough of this," Anna said finally, "It's getting late and I want to be fresh in the morning so it's time to end this!" Using her powerful leg she tripped Stacy who fell to the floor - and with her hands tied above her head she crashed hard. Anna was immediately on her; since Stacy had fallen on her front Anna straddled her back. Stacy didn't fight back when Anna finally removed the shirt that had been hampering her.

When Stacy felt Anna reposition herself and starting to move her arms and legs around her body Stacy finally reactivated, "I'm going to beat you to pulp!" Stacy roared as she tried to get away from the Russian girl. Unfortunately Anna's prolonged beating on her midsection had taken its toll and she just didn't have the energy left - her movements were weak and slow.

Anna on the other hand seemed to have lot of energy, maybe it was because she was fulfilling a fantasy of hers that gave her that extra oomph, or maybe she just was that much tougher than her victim. Anna seemed to have no trouble restraining her larger, now almost naked, opponent. From behind, she wrapped her legs around Stacy's longer ones, and her arms around her upper body. She intentionally left Stacy's arms free; she wanted Stacy to try to get away.

Stacy could feel Anna's bare breasts press against her back; she could feel her crotch rub against her excited her. Even the incredibly powerful legs and arms that crushed her in their viselike grip sent sensuous feelings through her. But this pleasurable moment didn't last for long.

Anna's body pressed hard against Stacy's as she began squeezing her captive with all her might. Stacy was screaming and crying as she desperately tried to pry Anna's arms and legs apart. She couldn't believe the strength of the Russian girl. No matter what she did, how hard she tried Anna's arms and legs didn't budge, on the contrary with each passing second they squeezed harder and harder. Soon the pain became too much and Stacy's struggles abated and her screams became muffled moans.

When Stacy's struggles had all but ended Anna retained her hold with her legs, but her hands began caressing Stacy's front side. Anna's fingers stroked Stacy's ridged abs, that despite having taken a severe beating moments before were still hard as stone; she cupped Stacy's firm breasts squeezing them hard but gently. Her hands even slid under the tiny bra to get a better feel.

Stacy was too tired to resist this softer assault and became very compliable. Stacy let Anna grope her without restriction which the Russian girl did. That's why it came as a complete surprise when Anna suddenly wrapped her arm around Stacy's throat making Stacy almost unable to breathe.

"Now all you have to do is to submit," Anna whispered sweetly into Stacy's ear. "I'll give you five seconds..."

Stacy tried to pull Anna's arm away from her throat but she was too tired and Anna was simply too strong for her. Her tired brain could not comprehend how the situation had turned out like this.

She gasped when she felt Anna’s lips gently kiss her neck as she whispered, "One..."

How had this shorter, lighter, younger, girl defeated her this easily?


No one treated Stacy Keibler like this! No one! Stacy felt Anna's bicep press into her throat.


Except, it seemed, Anna Kournikova! It did feel nice though...

Anna gently nibbled Stacy's ear and whispered "...four..."

Maybe this was what Stacy had been looking for...someone who could dominate her(?).

* * *

Neither Anna nor Ben had been able to find a hotel with free rooms and it had fallen to concierge to make some calls. Tony had eventually managed to acquire a suitable room not far from Babylon but when knocking on room 516, he got only an angry "GO AWAY!" in reply. The staff concluded that Kournikova and Keibler had decided to share the room.

Around 4:30 in the morning, their conclusion was found to be wrong when a naked and disoriented Stacy Keibler was found wandering the hallway on the fifth floor...