Nicole Kidman vs. Elle MacPherson by Scott

The doorbell rang at Nicole's luxury apartment. Nicole opened the door to greet her guest.

"Where's your hubby?" Nicole asked seeing Elle was alone.

Nicole had invited the couple to join her for dinner as she'd been depressed since her recent break-up with Tom and wanted some friends around for company.

"Oh he's been sick and just couldn't make it," Elle responded (Elle never told her husband about the invitation)

"Looks like it's just going to be us gals tonight," Nicole sighed

"Well let's make the best of it," Elle chirped gaily.

Both women had dressed up. Nicole because she was expecting to entertain; while Elle, unbeknownst to Nicole, had dressed hoping to seduce the actress for an evening of deviant pleasure. Each wore designer dresses and expensive shoes. Both were wearing makeup; Nicole a bit more than Elle to make her pale skin appear more colorful. Elle had on silky brown pantyhose while Nicole had worn tan.

The two Aussies had been uneasy friends for several years. Each was a little jealous of the other's career. Elle wished she could be accepted as a serious actress while Nicole wished men would drool over her as they did Elle. Both quickly made themselves comfortable on the couch, kicking off their shoes as they chatted.

"I just loved your work in the Showtime movie with Kate Capshaw," Nicole said referring to 'A Girl Thing, Part 1' the women's movie in which Elle had recently appeared in portraying as a lesbian.

"Thanks! You know, I really enjoyed kissing another woman," Elle said

"Maybe I should try for those parts," Nicole chuckled. "These action films are hard on my body," Nicole sighed, referring to a recent role she'd been forced to drop because of knee problems.

"You want me to show you some of the moves I made on Kate?" Elle asked

Nicole nodded yes. Maybe she could learn a few things from the model, she thought to herself.

Elle suggested they take off their bras and dresses since in most of the scenes they'd be nude. Neither gal was modest. In fact, both thought they had great bodies and wanted to show it off to the other. Nicole gasped when seeing Elle nearly nude except for the silky brown pantyhose.

"No wonder she's nicknamed 'The Body'," Nicole thought to herself.

Tall and a few pounds heavier than usual, but still firm and strong after getting back in shape from her pregnancy a few years earlier, Elle was an inch or two taller than Nicole - no slouch herself in the height department. Nicole was little shorter and not as firm as the model, although she too looked hot in nothing but tan pantyhose. Elle had a nice tan while Nicole was about as white as a human being could be.

The two started kissing. At first, it was very gentle with Elle giving Nicole instructions on how to make it look sensuous. A few minutes went by, however, then Elle started getting more aggressive; forcing her tongue down Nicole's throat. When Nicole tried to push Elle away, the taller Aussie grabbed the back of Nicole's head and forced her against the back of the couch.

"Damn Elle! Take it easy," Nicole shouted as she pushed Elle, breaking the lip lock.

"Oh come on Nic, you know you like it," Elle responded, wanting more.

"Just because Tom and I aren't together doesn't mean I'm into women," Nicole blustered, her face flushed.

"Who're you kidding! Everybody knows you guys never had a physical relationship. Besides, I'm in the mood to be with a woman. Men are pigs!"

Elle moved toward Nicole, trying to kiss her again. Nicole slapped her face, hoping to snap her out of the mood, but Elle looked surprised then became angry and returned the slap. She followed up quickly, moving in again to kiss Nicole who kicked her away. Undeterred, Elle came at her again. Nicole brought her knees up to her chest, then kicked her feet into Elle's chest, knocking the model off the couch onto the carpet.

"I told you NO!" Nicole shouted as she got to her feet moving to retrieve her clothes.

"Oooh," Nicole gasped as her right knee nearly buckles as she put weight on it.

The obvious discomfort didn't go unnoticed by the lusty supermodel.

"I don't think so hon. You are going to be mine tonight, whether you like it or not," Elle hissed as she got to her feet and stood face to face with the actress.

Nicole tried to slap Elle but she saw it coming and caught Nicole's wrist. Nicole brought her right knee up into Elle's crotch doubling the model over. As Nicole shifted her weight back, however, she groaned in pain and immediately slumped against the wall, putting most of her weight on her left leg to relieve the pressure on her injured leg

"What's wrong there Nikki? Does your leg hurt?" Elle taunted.

"Even with a bad knee I can kick YOUR ass," Nicole snorted.

"Well, we'll just have to see about that!"

Elle moved menacingly forward. Nicole couldn't use her legs to fend off the model so she threw punches at Elle when she came close. Elle just lowered her shoulder and charged into Nicole's chest, driving her against the wall where Elle lifted her knee into Nicole's crotch - three times! As Nicole doubled over in pain, Elle interlocked her hands and landed an ax-handle onto her back. Nicole nearly went down from the blow but steadied herself and threw a punch upward o Elle's mid-section, surprising the model and doubling her over. After a few seconds to recover ,the two then traded several punches until Elle changed tactics. She backed off a few inches and kicked Nicole in the side of her bad knee.

"Owwww!" Nicole screeched in pain as she nearly fell to the floor.

Elle now got behind Nicole, put her hands around the back of Nicole's neck and began kicking the back of Nicole's knee. Each time Nicole's leg would buckle and each time she gamely tried to get back up. But each time she did, Elle would kick her behind or to the side of the bad knee again. After several connections, Nicole could no longer put any weight on the leg. Elle lost her grip on Nicole's neck and the actress fell to the carpet where she tried to crawl away from Elle.

But Elle grabbed Nicole's bad leg and kept kicking, then dropping her knees on the injured joint. With Nicole now on her back, Elle dragged her a few feet by the bad leg and dropped an elbow to the side of her knee. Tears flowed from Nicole's eyes as she screamed hysterically in pain.

Elle was a woman possessed and continued stomping, kicking, and dropping knees and elbows. Nicole tried to sit up to punch at Elle, but the model grabbed a handful of her hair and connected with a wicked right under Nicole's eye that sent her back down on her back on the carpet. Elle continued abusing the actress's knee with rights and lefts until Nicole, unable to take any more abuse, finally gave in.

"Please stop, I'll do what you want," she sobbed in shame.

Elle stopped her pounding and a wide smile crossed her face.

"That's better," she said as she placed her knees on either side of Nicole's stomach facing her and ran her fingers through Nicole's hair, then gently caressing her face.

Elle lowered her face to Nicole's and began kissing her. First, on the forehead, then moving down to the cheek, to the side of her face and finally, her lips. Nicole began whimpering. She didn't like another woman having her way with her and Elle was getting aroused, forcing her tongue inside her mouth. Nicole couldn't take it any longer -she pushed Elle away! Elle, still straddling the actresses body, looked hurt and angry. Nicole tried to buck her off but couldn't and when Elle lowered her face again, Nicole slapped her!

"You stupid cunt!" Elle shouted, grabbing Nicole's head and pulling it up toward her while at the same time bringing her head down. CRACK! The head-butt dazed Nicole who sagged moaning to the carpet.

"This could've been a pleasurable experience for both of us," Elle sighed. "Now, it'll still be pleasurable, but only for me. Before the night's done you're gonna service me. I swear you are!"

"Noooo!" Nicole railed in protest at the threat and began bucking her hips.

Elle scooted up until she was straddling the actresses upper chest and neck. Elle wrapped her hands in Nicole's hair and began to shake her head side to side, then banged it on the carpet. The carpet was thick but Nicole knew if she couldn't counter Elle's attack she'd soon be knocked out.

Nicole dug her nails into Elle's legs, scratching at her pantyhose. Elle responded, punching Nicole in the side of the face. She then rolled on her side and pulled Nicole's head between her nylon-clad legs in a head scissors. Nicole thrashed about wildly trying to free herself but her efforts were futile. Elle pulled her head up so Nicole's face was just fractions of an inch away from Elle's silky, hose-covered, wet crotch. She could smell Elle's musky aroma through the nylon. Any man (and some women) would love to be in this position, but not Nicole. She continued squirming and squealing her displeasure. She was having difficulty breathing and was feeling lightheaded from Elle's crushing legs. If she didn't do something quickly, she'd soon be smothered out by Elle's sex.

Elle pulled Nicole's face deeper into her nyloned pussy, grinding herself on Nicole's pale face. The model's nipples were erect with excitement as she humped the actress's face as she continued to squeeze her neck. Elle's legs were toned and strong and the expression on her face was pure sexual satisfaction. Nicole would be out soon if she couldn't do something soon.

"You know, Tommy offered to put me in one of his movies if I'd give him some. Guess you couldn't satisfy him," Elle cruelly teased Nicole.

Her words seem to give Nicole energy. With her full concentration on keeping Nicole's head up in her pussy, Elle neglected to secure Nicole's arms. The actress once again began clawing Elle's legs. She could feel flesh where she'd made runs in Elle's stockings and she dug her nails as hard as she could into Elle's flesh.

Elle shrieked in pain and dropped Nicole, knowing her long nails would do serious damage. As she spread her legs, she gave the actress a quick kick in the head for good measure. While Elle tended to her legs, Nicole struggled to escape. She tried to get to her feet, but couldn't put weight on her right leg. She had to lean on the furniture for support as she slowly limped out of the room. Elle had recovered though and, taking her time, sneaked up behind Nicole and kicked the back of her bad knee.

"OOOOH!" Nicole fell to the floor on her good knee with her right leg stretched out straight and her back to Elle. She was in a vulnerable position now. Elle knelt behind Nicole and wrapped her arms around her head in a sleeper hold. Elle wasn't a wrestler, no expert at the hold, but she'd met some wrestlers who had showed her how to execute it. She was having some success as evidenced by Nicole's panicky reaction. Nicole clawed and scratched Elle's arms, but she wouldn't let her loose this time! Nicole wriggled her body and flailed her arms for a few minutes, but with an injured right leg there was no escape. In minutes her arms dropped limp at her sides and Elle let herself fall back onto her back; pulling Nicole on top of her still trapped in the sleeper. Elle entwined her legs with Nicole's in a grapevine and Nicole's fate was sealed!

Elle let up on the sleeper just enough to keep Nicole awake, but with enough pressure to keep her weak and unable to escape. Then she began to slide her legs up and down Nicole's. The only sounds were the sound of nylon rubbing on nylon. Elle wasn't doing any physical damage now, she just loved the feel of her legs rubbing against Nicole's. She then Elle brought the heels of her feet all the way up Nicole's crotch. Nicole squirmed a little, but was too weak to prevent Elle's sweet torture. After several minutes. Elle had enough of foreplay! She slid her legs back down and tightened her sleeper. Nicole's body began to thrash and squirm in protest but she responded by applying additional pressure on Nicole's head and legs.

As Nicole's squirming became very weak, Elle eased up the pressure on her head slightly but continued riding her legs up and down against Nicole's legs. Finally, she pushed the actress off her onto her stomach and released her. Elle rolled Nicole on her back and went to a reverse facesit - but instead of sitting on Nicole's face she moved down towards Nicole's crotch. Elle put her face between Nicole's legs and started to lick her nylon-swathed pussy. Elle's feet were on either side of Nicole's head and her ass just inches from her face. Nicole's scent was like heaven to Elle and she pinched Nicole's pussy flesh between her thumb and forefinger as she sucked on it through her hosiery.

Being sucked on like a vampire victim awoke the actress within minutes. When she opened her eyes, she had a nice view of Elle's ass, as it was so close to her face. Elle had neglected to secure Nicole's arms and since she didn't want Elle to bring her to an orgasm, she stuck her thumb in Elle's anus! Only her pantyhose and the fact Nicole was still groggy from the sleeper kept Nicole from penetrating deep. Still, it was enough to make the startled supermodel beauty leap forward and tumble off Nicole.

"You stupid bitch!" Elle screamed.

Now thoroughly pissed off, Elle got up and went back to work over Nicole's bad leg some more. With Nicole still on her back, Elle grabbed Nicole's right calf as she stood and dropped an elbow to the side of the knee. Nicole shrieked in pain, but Elle landed several more elbows which she followed with six knee drops to the side of the knee. Nicole was begging her to stop but Elle didn't listen. Instead she wrapped her long legs around Nicole's in a figure-four leg lock and leaned back, applying terrible pressure to the injured leg. Nicole banged the carpet with her fists and tried to sit up to punch Elle; but every time she tried Elle would increase the pressure sending her flopping back to the floor screaming in agony.

Fearing her bones would snap Nicole said she'd do whatever Elle wanted her to.

Elle released the hold and Nicole just lay on the carpet, unable to move, her knee badly swollen. Elle eased herself to a sitting position on Nicole's stomach, bent down and began kissing Nicole's face and lips; then passionately on and in her mouth. Nicole didn't resist as Elle explored her mouth with her talented tongue, sticking it halfway down the actresses throat. Nicole was gagging both because she needed fresh air and because of her strong aversion to having another woman sexually dominate her.

Finally having enough kissing, Elle sat up, resting her butt on Nicole's upper chest and neck. The actress was sobbing. No one had done this to her before - Elle didn't care.

Nicole was having difficulty breathing with Elle's weight on her, so when Elle demanded she stick out her tongue, Nicole did. Elle scooted up and spread her legs, dropping her cunny on Nicole's mouth - but she didn't put her full weight on Nicole, she hovered just inches from her open lips. Nicole began licking Elle's nylon covered cunny as best she could.

Elle loved the feel of Nicole's tongue trying to work its way through the nylon pressed against her sex. Even better, she loved hearing Nicole's crying and the vibrating feel it made against her mound. Elle continued rubbing her cunny against Nicole's face for several minutes. Nicole flicked her tongue like crazy because whenever she slowed down, Elle would cover her nose and mouth and press her weight down - making it nearly impossible to breathe.

Nicole was having trouble breathing and getting weaker; slowing down gradually until, after some time, she was too exhausted to continue to service the model. Her lungs and chest heaved, desperate to replace the stale air scented by supermodel pussy. Her mouth and eyes closed as she slipped into a semi-conscious state. It irritated Elle and she slid back to Nicole's chest and slapped her until she opened her eyes again.

"We're not done, not by a long shot," she told the sleepy woman

Nicole opened her eyes and tried to beg for mercy but Elle pinched her nose shut with one hand as she placed her other over her mouth, silencing and smothering her at the same time. Nicole tried, but was too weak to buck the supermodel off. She tried to pull Elle's hands away, but Elle was too strong for her in her weakened condition. Nicole thrashed about like a fish out of water and Elle rode her like a rodeo champion, not about to give up her seat. Soon Nicole's movements slowed; then they stopped. Her arms fell to her sides and her eyes rolled up in her head. She had lost consciousness - again!

Elle got up off Nicole, licked the side of her face then lightly slapped her a few times to revive her. Nicole eyes fluttered open but she couldn't move because Elle immediately went to a reverse facesit. Again, Elle demanded that Nicole lick her. The actress struggled to comply. Elle's anus was pressed against her nose and when the haughty Aussie beauty was slow to comply, Elle sat back until her shapely ass covered Nicole's face except the top of her forehead.

Elle began moaning as she felt Nicole's hot breath and then her tongue start back to work. Elle loved the way Nicole's legs writhed futility as she licked her - Elle was getting goose bumps. Knowing this beautiful woman was so unwilling to have her face in her private area brought a special sensation to the supermodel. Elle lost herself in the pleasure of the moment as she rubbed faster and put more weight on Nicole's face. The actress became too weak to lick anymore; nor had she the desire to continue her struggles. Nicole's mind spun in circles, unable to concentrate. She was in la-la land.

But it didn't matter anymore to Elle. Feeling Nicole's nose rubbing against her pantyhose covered ass was too much. She ground herself forward and backward on Nicole's face as she felt the nose alternately rub against her anus then her clitoris. Suddenly, Elle reversed to a front facesit again. Nicole didn't even move, save for a slight shift of her head. Elle used her hands to get it back in proper position, then lowered her pussy onto Nicole's nose and humped it for all she was worth.

Elle began to whimper and moan as she continued humping wildly, squashing Nicole's nose. She leaned back and planted her feet on Nicole's outstretched hands while she smothered Nicole's face. With Nicole helpless to defend herself, Elle placed one of her hands inside her own pantyhose, spread her pussy lips and rubbed them vigorously with her other hand. Nicole stared in terror when she saw the slimy pink trench of Elle's slit above her nose. She was well aware of what Elle's intentions were and she was unable to prevent it. Through the brown hose, Nicole could make out the pink slit of Elle's sex, her love lips all crinkled and damp. She shuddered in disgust. It was just horrifying for a heterosexual woman to be violated this way.

Elle was grunting rhythmically as she fingered herself and rubbed her sex on Nicole. She then began to moan loudly in pleasure and then stopped; not wanting to come too soon. She scooted into a normal front facesit position again and used a slow, steady rhythm for several minutes; running her fingers through her hair and quickly regaining that familiar feeling. Elle tossed her head back, grabbed a handful of Nicole's hair and jerked her face deep into in her crotch as she rocked back and forth rapidly.

Panting with pleasure, Elle's pelvic movements were uncontrolled as she humped Nicole's face wildly. She screamed in ecstasy and then she came on Nicole's face! Elle continued for a few more hard thrusts - enjoying every drop of her climax. Nicole's legs kicked a few times then fell limp when Elle's cum flowed through her pantyhose to coat her face. Amazingly, Nicole hadn't passed out. She was gasping tearfully as Elle slowly rocked back and forth on her face until she regained her breath.

Elle reached under her soaked hosed, took some of her girl goo and smeared it all over Nicole's face. Then she stood and looked down at Nicole who lay perfectly still except for an occasional weak cough or her head moving slightly from side to side. Finally, Nicole opened and closed her eyes, too weak to realize where she was. Her eyes grew wide though, when Elle placed a stockinged foot on her throat and applied pressure. Nicole weakly raised her hands to the model's right calf and ankle but couldn't budge it. Nicole's tongue began protruding from her mouth as her face turned blue. She was making awful choking sounds and her legs thrashed, but she had no defense. Her wild thrashing faded into squirming, her hands fell to her sides and then her eyes closed for good.

Only then did Elle let up on the pressure and rested her other foot on Nicole's face. She stood with one foot on Nicole's chest but applied little pressure. With her other foot, she covered Nicole's nose - mashing it. Then she rubbed it against her face and forehead, pressing her weight onto Nicole's head. At times, Elle lost her balance or her foot would slip off, but she quickly put it back on Nicole's face. Elle would force her toes inside Nicole's mouth and demand she lick them. When Nicole didn't satisfy her, Elle forced her foot down Nicole's throat until she gagged. When she took her foot out, she viciously kicked Nicole in the side of her head, then placed a foot on the carpet for stability while she choked Nicole with the other foot. As she stood on Nicole's body, Elle hiked her hose up and the sound of nylon being stretched and popping against the skin could be heard.

After more rubbing, kicking and choking with her feet, Elle placed both feet on Nicole's face, easily covering her breathing passages and eyes. Nicole's only air came from between Elle's feet as they covered her nose. When no response was forthcoming from the beaten actress, Elle stepped off and starting kicking Nicole in the side until she groaned again.

"This could have been fun. But since you gave me such a hard time, I'm going to make you regret it."

The cruel Miss MacPherson went to Nicole's injured leg and dropped both knees onto it. A weak shriek was all Nicole could muster. Elle stood up, lifted the injured leg by the ankle and began stomping it. She followed with a leg drop to the inside of the knee. Nicole was now wide-awake and screaming in agony. Elle took her time, grabbed both of Nicole's legs and secured them in another figure-four leg lock. Elle had a tight hold and Nicole didn't have the energy to break it. Her resistance amounted to screaming and slapping the floor with her hands in protest. Occasionally, cruelly, Elle would ease up on the pressure, giving Nicole hope that she'd let her go, only to lock in the hold once more. After several minutes, Nicole's protests ceased and she just lay on her back grunting every time Elle re-applied the pressure. Elle maintained the figure-four until she heard a popping sound from Nicole's knee and she nearly passed out from the pain.

Elle untangled her legs, making sure to give Nicole a kick in the crotch before she stood up. She twisted Nicole's legs to roll her onto her stomach, then for a few moments, looked at Nicole as she pondered her next move. Elle stood with her legs apart, straddling Nicole's upper back. After several minutes, Nicole tried to push herself up by her arms but Elle buttdropped her, landing on her back. Elle stood up and once again Nicole bravely tried to push herself up. Another buttdrop knocked the breath out of Nicole! While she was sitting on Nicole's upper back, Elle decided to put her in a camel clutch.

Again, Elle had the luxury of taking her time to get maximum pressure from the hold. She slowly draped Nicole's arms over her thighs before lifting Nicole's head. With her arms under Elle's control, Nicole had no leverage and Elle could control her head with one hand. Elle ran her other hand across Nicole's face and forehead, her long nails scratching it until droplets of blood dripped on Nicole's carpet.

Elle could feel a drool of saliva from Nicole's mouth on her hands. Nicole's hair hung down, nearly covering her face; her pretty, bruised, face; makeup smeared and mixed with sweat and blood. In her groggy condition, Nicole's eyes, which were almost swollen shut and filled with tears, soon closed. She had no more fight in her. With Nicole no longer responding, Elle let her flop to the floor, not moving at all. But, that didn't stop Elle from dropping a couple of elbows to the back of her neck, followed by a couple of knees to the same area. Nicole's body spasmed with each impact but lay still after Elle quit.

Elle turned around and sat on Nicole's stomach facing her legs. She poked her fingers through Nicole's hose into her cunny and proceeded to finger her until she heard her moan. Elle's magic fingers worked Nicole's sweet pussy rapidly, then she slowed to prolong the humiliating ritual. She made a fist and shoved it into Nicole's pussy as she screamed in a mixture of both pain and pleasure, but too weak to make any counter moves.

Moments later, blood escaped Nicole's cunny but Elle continued pushing her fingers and thumb into her more rapidly. Seconds later, the actress let go with a primal scream and exploded over Elle's fingers. Elle took her fist out of the actress and punched her pubic mound seven times. Nicole's body spasmed violently after the first three, but was still for the next four except for her legs which jerked on the floor at each punch.

Next Elle went for the final humiliation. She tore a hole in the crotch of her hose. scooted back and positioned Nicole's head so her nose was between her shapely cheeks - making sure she sealed off Nicole's mouth and nose. Then Elle placed her feet on either side of Nicole's' head. Even Elle's ass had a pungent odor, especially after sweating from the fight and experiencing an orgasm. Now Nicole's nose was pressed against Elle's anus and her mouth was covered by her pussy.

Having satisfied herself and caused Nicole to spill her juices, Elle concentrated on smothering Nicole unconscious. Her ass, a little larger since giving birth a few years ago, was more than sufficient for the job. None of Nicole's pretty face was visible beneath the supermodel. Nicole's legs twitched as her world went dark under the full weight of Elle's ass. Elle ground her ass on Nicole's features hard and slow, devouring her entire face in her muff and buttcrack. She played with Nicole's little titties, slapping them and pinching the erect nipples. Cruelly, she raises her ass for a few seconds to let Nicole breathe in a gulp of precious air while taking a moment to examine her helpless victim and admire her work, then she'd sit back on her prize and grind some more. She knew Nicole was hating the musty unclean smells and it added to her pleasure.

After several minutes of punishment, Elle sat on Nicole for good. The actress's nose was forced far up Elle's asshole as the minutes rolled by. Her wide hips and sweet ass were too much for Nicole whose body finally stopped spasming and shut down for good. Elle didn't intend to, but she was on the verge of climaxing yet again. The face under her was well lubricated; feeling her nose flattened beneath her; looking down at her motionless body - the lower half in pantyhose - and seeing Nicole's wet crotch and her stocking feet wiggle when she did, turned Elle on as never before.

Elle's cry of ecstasy penetrated the walls of Nicole's apartment as she exploded on her unconscious victim's visage. Elle rode out her orgasm for another five minutes before deciding she'd better scurry out of there before the building superintendent arrived to see what all the noise was about.

The end