Nicole Kidman vs. Mira Sorvino by blackcape 10-28-2000

Red-haired beauty Nicole Kidman dragged her tired body up the concrete stairs that led to the mansion she owns with her megastar hubby Tom Cruise. She had just arrived from a 16-hour shoot on the latest Tarantino film and yearned to leave the chilling night behind for the warm sanctity of her home. When she opened the front door, she didn't even realize the living room lights were already inexplicably on. She quickly stripped down to her lace-trimmed pink bra and panties and climbed the stairs toward her bedroom. As she approached her sanctuary however, she noticed that the door was slightly ajar and a bedside lamp was beaming through from the other side.

"Tom?" she called out. "Tom, are you back already? I didn't expect you to return until Sun..."

She swung the door open and the face of Tom Cruise appeared before her...on an 8 by 10 glossy black and white photograph held by none other than actress Mira Sorvino clad only in tight white bikini briefs, who lay breasts up on Nicole's bed.

"Hello, honey! I'm home!" Mira said with an imitative masculine voice, pursing her pouty lips as she shook the photograph back and forth. "I've been waiting for you all night!"

"What the fuck are YOU doing here?" the redhead asked angrily. "This is my house. Get the fuck out!"

"I'm waiting for Tommy, silly," Mira said coyly.

"Well, he's out of town, bimbo," Nicole replied.

"I'm not a bimbo," Mira shot back. "I'm in MENSA and besides that, you didn't even GO to college. Also, I'm smart enough to know that you're cheating on Tommy with my ex-, Quentin. That's why I'm waiting here. When Tommy gets back, he and I are going to go at it like a couple of farm animals and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"Noooo!" Nicole cried and, in a flash, body-splashed onto the stunning brunette.

Mira held up the photo in both hands for momentary protection, but Nicole sent a punch through the center of Tom's picture that landed directly on Sorvino's luscious lips. Tossing the ruined picture aside, Sorvino grabbed the front of Kidman's bra with her left hand and, holding her in place above her; began to rain punches on the redhead's face with her right. Nicole's head snapped back again and again; in retaliation, she grasped both of Sorvino's breasts and began squeezing, tit-flesh oozing through her fingers, but to little effect.

Maneuvering her body slightly, Nicole worked her way between Sorvino's legs, spread them wide and delivered a quick knee-lift to the brunette's pussy. Sorvino grunted, reached behind Kidman's back, undid her bra and, after disposing of it, took a dangling breast in each hand at the base and began to yank up and down as though milking her redheaded adversary.

"Shows what an old cow you are," Sorvino snarled.

"We're the same age, bitch!" Kidman countered. "Besides, if you like my breasts so much, why don't you get a closer look at them!"

Nicole quickly wrapped her hands around Sorvino's throat and began squeezing with all of her strength. Her foe began gasping and writhing beneath her. Reaching up, Sorvino clamped a face claw on Nicole and pushed. Kidman's body arched in retaliation, but she continued her choking assault. Realizing the move was futile, Sorvino removed her hand and instead tried to pry Nicole's fingers from her lily-white throat; but Nicole scooted even farther up Sorvino's body until she was straddling the brunette's midsection.

In one fluid motion, the redhead removed her hands and wrapped her arms around Sorvino's head. Within seconds, Mira's face had disappeared completely within the depths of her lightly-freckled cleavage. Mira's objections were muffled by the heaving breasts of her opponent. Her legs kicked slightly back and forth on the bed sheet while she formulated a plan the only way a MENSA member can.

"If Velocity times Mass divided by Centrifugal Force equals Gravitational Ratio X, then Pi multiplied by...aha!"

Reaching up, Sorvino took Kidman's hair and yanked hard, jerking Nicole's head back. Kidman arched up and at that point, Mira twisted her body to the right so that within seconds, she was on top of the redhead with her face still buried in Nicole's sweating cleavage. Mira took Kidman by the throat with one hand and began pounding down on her face with the other. Immediately, the redhead ended the headlock to protect herself while Mira pulled her sweat-covered face from between the redhead's breasts.

"Let me show you some real breasts, bitch!" Sorvino snarled.

Scooting up Kidman's arching body, she held her foe's arms outstretched at her sides and plopped her perfectly round tits onto Nicole's upturned face.

"Mmmph! Mmpphh!" Kidman exclaimed as she began to twist and kick beneath Sorvino's glistening body.

Mira however, rode it out and two minutes later Nicole's kicks had been reduced to short bursts of spasms. The redhead was floating into unconsciousness.

"I can't have that!" Mira said flatly.

Arching up, she raised her breasts to expose Kidman's flushed face; eyelashes fluttering slightly from to sudden shock of fresh air.

"Wake up," Mira said, and slapped her foe across the face. "The best is yet to come - so to speak."

Sliding smoothly over Nicole Kidman's stomach and heaving breasts, Mira Sorvino placed her full, round ass atop the redhead's face for a forward facesit and began to grind, slowly at first but picking up the pace as her sexual juices began to flow. Kidman reached out and grabbing the ridge of Sorvino's undies, attempted to lift the brunette off of her, but succeeded only in giving her opponent a wedgie. She then grabbed Sorvino's buttocks and tried to pry the ass off of her face, but Mira reacted simply by grabbing Kidman by the back of her head and burying her freckled face even deeper into her womanhood. Kidman's muffled groans were accentuated by each thrust of Sorvino's pulsating pussy as Mira drove herself onward and downward, locking her legs, arching her back and coming at last all over her foe's beautiful face.

Kidman's legs kicked slightly, her arms twitched and her back arched up and down a few times until at last she was still. Sorvino had defeated the redhead in her own house on her own bed. Mira remained seated on Nicole's face for another two minutes to make sure she was out cold. Then she rolled off of the prone redhead and lay still for another minute relishing the pleasure of conquest before shoving her defeated enemy's body from the bed and onto the plush carpet below where she landed tits up. Standing on the bed now, Sorvino leapt high into the air and came down feet first onto Nicole's midsection. Kidman awoke as her body jackknifed in two at the force of Sorvino's landing.

"What? You're up again?" Mira snidely remarked at the groaning woman pinned beneath her feet. "We can remedy this easily enough!"

With that, the brunette placed one foot between the redhead's breasts and the other over Nicole's mouth and nose. Nicole moaned and twisted weakly before falling into unconsciousness again.

Stepping off of her foe, Mira took the redhead by the legs and flipped her onto her stomach. Then she proceeded to drag Kidman out of the bedroom, through the carpeted hallway and down the flight of stairs, Nicole's rug burned breasts and battered face bouncing off of each step. Finally they came to the front door. Sorvino opened it, placed Kidman in a kneeling position, head hung low, drew her leg back and kicked the redhead under the jaw, snapping her head back and sending her body through the door and halfway down the concrete steps.

Shutting and locking the front door, Sorvino ran her fingers through her hair and stomped back upstairs for a much-needed bath. The bathroom was adjacent to the bedroom; Mira re-entered the battleground, passed through the bathroom door, plugged up the tub and began filling it with water. She stopped to admire herself in a mirror above the sink. Mira hadn't had too many fights, but somehow she managed to win them all decisively. Mira pursed her lips and flexed an arm muscle. Stepping back a little, she ran her hands around the soft curve of her breasts, down her silky stomach, around her perfect ass and beneath her bulging womanhood.

"I'm definitely all woman!" Sorvino remarked.

Slightly tired from the fight, the brunette decided to straighten out the bed sheets while awaiting her bath. She stepped out from the bathroom...and was met with a sudden blow to the face! Sorvino's head snapped back and she stumbled into the bathroom in shock. Nicole Kidman stood there bruised, but very much alive.

"" the brunette stammered.

"I always keep an extra house key under the welcome mat," Kidman snarled.

With that, she charged the stunned Sorvino, landing a blurred flurry of punches to her head and stomach. Mira's head snapped back and forth, side to side, her breasts were punched upward and inward and her entire body seemed to be retaliating against the sudden assault. Nicole grabbed Mira by the breasts, pulled her in and drove her knee repeatedly into her foe's crotch. The brunette doubled over in pain while Nicole straddled the back of Mira's head, trapped it between her throbbing thighs and executed a perfect piledriver, smashing Mira's face on the tile floor.

Nicole bounced up and down on the back of Mira's head while the bathtub began to overflow, spilling water out around Sorvino's prone and convulsing body. Slipping slightly, Kidman got to her feet, hauled Sorvino up to a standing position and wrapped her arms around the brunette in a massive bearhug, breasts smashing into each other with the unbridled fury of Nicole's powerful arms. As the two ladies stumbled around together in mutual embrace, Nicole removed one arm, drew the shower curtain back and positioning herself well, bodyslammed Sorvino into the tub as a wave of water rushed up from the impact to cover both women.

With the redhead on top, the brunette was completely submerged beneath the water. Reaching down, Kidman began to beat Sorvino's head against the bottom of the tub. Then, scooting up further, the redhead bounced up and down on her adversary's breasts, sending water splashing to the floor around them. Mira gurgled in pain, her arms trapped beneath her foe's legs, as the space was too cramped for either one to fit comfortably.

The water was still running fast from the spigot so, taking Sorvino by the neck, Kidman pushed the brunette's face directly beneath the rushing water. Then she held the back of Sorvino's head in both hands and forced the spigot down Mira's throat.

"Drown bitch, drown!" Nicole screamed.

Mira thrashed and twisted beneath her, water overflowing from her compliant lips as though she were a fountain bubbling over, eyes wide open and cheeks bulging out from the water pressure.

Mira Sorvino was drowning in Nicole Kidman's bathtub and there was nothing she could do about it; her arms were pinned beneath the redhead's legs and Kidman had shoved the running spigot down her throat. Nicole's eyes blazed in fury - she could kill this intruder right now and it would be considered self-defense. However, the trial and negative publicity wouldn't do much for her career, so...

Removing one hand from the back of Sorvino's head, Nicole turned the water off and let Mira's head drop beneath the water. The redhead stood up and placing one foot on Mira's face and the other between the brunette's legs, pinned her to the bottom of the tub. Mira's legs kicked and splashed, her arms shot up out of the water and latching onto the redhead's leg, tried to pry the foot from her face - but Kidman remained unmoved. After a minute, Sorvino's arms and legs flopped limply out of the tub. Nicole stepped from the water, took her defeated adversary by the hair and dragged her onto the bathroom floor and toward the toilet. Lowering the seat, Kidman slapped Sorvino awake, who after coughing up water, emitted a low moan.

"Unnghh, where am I?" Mira asked in confusion.

"You're in my bathroom, bitch!" Nicole shot back. "Isn't it to die for?"

She took the brunette's head and placed it face up on the toilet seat. With an evil smile, the redhead straddled her foe, slid slowly up and sat her beautiful Australian ass on Mira's upturned face in a forward facesit. Bracing her legs against the sides of the toilet, Kidman began to grind her throbbing womanhood on Mira as the brunette writhed in agony beneath her. Nicole thrust harder and harder, back arched and breasts jutting upward and outward while Sorvino's breasts jiggled and swayed beneath her.

"Ummmm! Ummm! Ummm!" the redhead groaned, and she bit her lower lip in ecstasy.

Mira convulsed and arched up a number of times before falling limp once again. With one final thrust, Nicole came all over Mira's pretty face. Not wanting the orgasm to end, Kidman bounced up and down on Sorvino's nose a few times, but on the fourth bounce, Mira's nose broke.

"Ahhh no!" Kidman groaned, as blood began to run along her legs.

The redhead stood quickly, allowing the brunette's head to fall with a thump to the tile. Taking a towel, Nicole wiped her legs clean of Mira's blood. Then she took the unconscious actress by the throat, dragged her to the second story bedroom window, opened it and with one hand between Mira's legs, shoved her enemy out the window. Sorvino's body landed in the bushes below and flopped onto the grass. Nicole heard Mira groan softly. Looking down, she watched as Sorvino slowly got to all fours and began to crawl away. This infuriated the redhead even more.

"Damn it! She's still conscious!" Nicole cried.

In a rage, she opened the window completely, squatted on the frame and then jumped, landing feet first on Sorvino's back. Nicole's weight smashed her foe spread-eagle into the grass and dirt. The brunette's legs kicked spastically for a moment, then stopped and lays still. Nicole climbed off of her beaten opponent, took Mira by the hair and dragged her across the quarter-mile lawn to the front fence. The gate was locked.

Taking Sorvino by the throat and wedging her other hand between her legs, the angry redhead heaved the brunette over her head and, with almost superhuman strength, threw Mira over the top of the fence to the concrete below. Then, she had an idea. She left briefly, only to return several minutes later. Sorvino was just regaining consciousness, writhing in pain on the sidewalk.

"Here," Nicole said, tossing a brand new 8 by 10 glossy photo of Tom Cruise through the bars of the fence. "Here's a bloody photo. Try to fuck this bitch - if you can."

After those words, Nicole turned abruptly and swaggered back to her house, leaving a battered, defeated and nearly nude Mira Sorvino behind on the sidewalk.