Nicole Kidman vs. Sharon Stone by Doug Haig 01-Jul-99

Without a word Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone began to circle one another, Nicole clad only in her white bra and panties, Sharon in red. Sharon plowed into an unprepared Nicole, driving her backwards as she ripped her bra off with one hand and punched her in the mouth with other. As her back slammed into the wall, the dazed redhead took a knee to the stomach that doubled her over in pain and she was tossed sideways by her hair to slam into the other wall and crumple to the floor in a heap of limbs. Sharon looked at her with contempt as she walked briskly across the room towards her downed opponent, reaching down and grabbing at Nicole's breasts and as her strong fingers started to crush the flesh, she tugged on them and began dragging the redhead across the mat screeching out in pain.

Coming to the corner she suddenly found her hurting foes legs wrapped around her neck, choking her . Now grabbing at both her foe's legs instead if her breasts, Sharon tried to pry them apart just as Nicole sent a right fist upwards and socked her right breast so hard it flew up and out of the cup, causing Sharon to wince in pain. Using her legs, Nicole sent Sharon flying head first to the mat, adding some stomach punches before grabbing at Sharon's red bra and ripping it free from the blonde's body, releasing the other small breast.

Sharon knew this fight would be more vicious than her others when Nicole grabbed both of her breasts and started pushing and crushing them together, driving her fingers in as deeply as she could, enjoying the small moans of pain that start to slip past Sharon's lips, she could not believe the power of her grip. The scissors around her head holding her in place, Sharon cannot manage to escape and starts to concentrate on getting her own legs around Nicole's head as she winces in pain, her left breast grinded into the right one savagely again and again by her smaller foe.

Nicole soon starts to sweat profusely, as she tries to rip Sharon's breasts off her body. Nicole shifts her scissors down, but that's all the break Sharon needs, unable to secure any kind of scissors, needs, wedging her hand in and working it in deeper and deeper till finally she manages to pry open her foes powerful legs and free her head. Sharon kneeling now, screams out as Nicole enraged and upset at loosing a possible submission hold, begins an all out assault on her foe's small chest.

A fist burrows into the front of the right breast flattening the soft tit painfully against her ribcage as Sharon's eyes flash with pain, followed by a gut punch and as she bends over form the blow, as an ecstatic Nicole drives her right forearm upwards to crash into the blonde beauty's chest, sending her back in pain. Stunned from the stinging assault, Sharon is defenseless as a gleeful looking Nicole rips at her breasts. She grabs the sides and begins pulling them around like taffy as her rival's face twists in pain. The tight breast flesh stretches out from between her hands, a grin of superiority on her face as she controls the fight now , mashing together the mammaries painfully and smiling as she gets a loud moan of agony from Sharon and driving her backwards onto her back, straddling her stomach.

Sharon's breasts are getting torn apart, so the aching and desperate woman reaches out and targets Nicole's left breast, grabbing it in both hands and twisting it as she drives her fingers into the soft tender underside. At first Nicole just looks annoyed, but a half minute later you can see the pain etched in her face as Sharon concentrates all her effort on the left breast, adding some hard nipple pinching that soon has Nicole bellowing in pain. Her breast getting ravaged, Nicole becomes desperate and begins sending punch after punch into each of her foe's breasts, an uppercut to each followed by some right and left crosses soon have Sharon wincing in pain with each blow, the flesh of each sweaty, swollen breast knocking the droplets of sweat flying, shaking like jello with each shot.

Suddenly Nicole lets out a scream as Sharon's right hand finds her pussy and she jams her fingers in roughly. Sharon lets out a loud yell as another of Nicole's punches find their mark, plowing into the side of her now swollen and over punched left breast, then driving upwards into the tender underside of each . Her breasts are getting pounded beyond her endurance, but she smiles through the pain as the redhead shudders in agony, Sharon's fingers finding her foe's clit, twisting it with her long red fingernails, then screams pour from Nicole's mouth as Sharon rakes her nails along the walls of her pussy for good measure. In agony Nicole tries to unsuccessfully to continue her mauling, dropping her head down instead onto Sharon's breast and biting at it, bringing a wail of pain from the blonde's mouth, but is forced to abandon her assault when Sharon tugs her head up and back by her hair before she can secure an good hold with her teeth.

Sharon claws over and over at her ravaged left breast bringing yells from her foe, then while she is distracted she clasps her fingers tightly around the right one and manages to rip a hurting Nicole to the floor next to her. She twists and pulls at the small breasts of her foe, her powerful fingers crushing the flesh painfully as Nicole bellows in pain with each squeeze, then Sharon drops her breasts down on Nicole's face. Nicole starts going crazy as she begins to suffocate, grabbing at Sharon's short blonde hair and tearing like a wildcat. Nicole's legs beat a staccato beat on the mat, slowly getting slower as she runs out of air. But before her taller foe can put her out for the count, Nicole manages to twist her head slightly and sink her teeth into her right breast forcing Sharon, with a scream of pain, to abandon that course of action and pull away, blood dripping down from Nicole's visible teeth marks.

Nicole cocked back her fist and smashed Sharon in the mouth as hard as she possibly could, and the already-wounded blonde soared backwards before crashing in a heap on the floor by the couch. Nicole walks over to Sharon, as the taller blonde lies on the floor, moaning in pain. Nicole gives Sharon some rib-cracking kicks to her side before she pulls her over to the couch yelling and struggling.

"C'mon you bitch," Nicole snarls, "This time I'm really gonna make your tits explode!!!"

Sharon reached back and tries to release her hair from Nicole's strong grip as the redhead smashes her head into the arm of the couch till she is bleeding from an open cut on her forehead. Seeing Sharon stunned and bleeding, her confidence soars as she drapes the blonde's body over the arm of the couch, Sharon's small red breasts separated by the arm, each hanging down the side. With a savage smile Nicole sends her knee crashing into the right breast trapping it between her knee and the side of the couch, her face lighting up as Sharon's face turns stark white and a

second later her anguished screams fills the room.

Nicole slams her knee in again, sinking it into the flesh and then keeping it there, grinding the bone of her knee into the flesh as the breast was smashed against the arm of the couch, as Sharon's screams again fill the room, rattling the windows in their panes from the volume. Bringing her sharp nails to bear she starts to scratch at the blonde's well shaped ass cheeks adding a few scratches to them as well as the back of her well muscled thighs.

Nicole drags a moaning and now sobbing Sharon off the couch by her hair, completely unprepared for the blonde's sudden fistic attack, as the tear streaked and still crying blonde's fists pound on her face, driving her back a step as she releases her handhold of blonde locks. Sharon digs a left hook deeply into Nicole's right breast from the side,

burying her fist in, but the small-breasted Nicole fights back, throwing a haymaker into Sharon's chest that impacts squarely on her left tit, splattering the breast against her body as the older blonde cried out in total pain.

Nicole fired another shot, and Sharon clutched her right breast as it comes crashing back down after a hard uppercut sends it flying. Sharon hooks to the blonde's face, then to her stomach, straightening her out with a knee that slams into her breasts and sends her flying backwards just as she starts to bend over from the blow to her stomach. Sharon comes right after her as the redhead backpedals, but she gets a little too close as Nicole slashes her nails down her chest, clawing Sharon's already throbbing breasts. Sharon drops down to her knee in pain as Nicole moves herself out of range.

Getting to her feet quickly, rubbing her wounded mammaries for a second, an angry Sharon stands on the still dazed and agonized Nicole's hair, as she faces her feet and reaching down she grabs the nipple on each breast and with a mighty tug pulls upwards on them. Nicole is pulled right off the floor screeching in agony, then slammed back, as Sharon drives the nipples into her breasts hard. Twice more Sharon pulls then pushes, but still her now aching foe refuses to give up.

Turning around Sharon comes crashing down ass first on top of Nicole's breasts, crushing them under her shapely behind, Nicole bellowing out in pain. Sliding back onto her stomach Sharon grabs at both nipples and starts twisting and pulling them like taffy as her foe's face turns red with agony. She pulls the left one up as far as it will go and then sends a chop right to the base of the breast again and again till it's bruised and swollen, repeats it on the left breast. Still her foe refuses to give. Sharon shifts her position and drives her knee savagely into Nicole's pussy, which brings a shriek from the blonde's swollen lips, then she returns to ripping the swollen breasts around by the nipples.

The blonde, rears back her arms and slaps both breasts hard enough to leave hand prints, eliciting some more moans of anguish from under her. She sends both hands flying at the same time, this time smashing her fists into the titflesh from the sides, grinding her knuckles deeply into each one for a few added seconds as Nicole face twists in agony as she strikes out at Sharon's face weakly then She relishes her position of superiority taunting the loser and adding

some more slaps to her breasts as she beams with confidence, her hands grabbing the flesh and twisting it again, the breast sending waves of pain through Nicole as Sharon's manicured hand continues to abuse the round breast and then leaning down she begins biting at the right nipple. Pulling the right breast upwards with her teeth by it's nipple,

Sharon starts swinging her head back and forth like a dog playing with a bone, her opponent struggling frantically to free herself, the breast being ripped around by the now swollen nipple as a small droplet of blood slides down the left cheek of Sharon's face.

Sharon brings her nails downward, ripping them across the left breast, then adding two sideways swipes. Small cuts start appearing as she uses her nails like little swords, cutting slowly, but painfully at the areola, smiling as she watches Nicole's pain-filled face get even redder and twist back and forth as she lets loose a bloodcurdling scream. A punch to the jaw shuts her up mid scream, cutting her tongue slightly as blood starts streaming from the side of her mouth, dazed she is defenseless as Sharon pulls her up to sitting position and stands in front of her, adding a knee to each breast for good measure, she then drags Nicole over to the wall and stands her up against it.

The redhead still tries to attack Sharon, who slaps away her feeble attempt at a little mauling and cocking back her left fist she slams it into the right breast, then left one. Grabbing Nicole's hair she holds her up so that her breasts are hanging down her chest mid-air and sends them flying around from blow after blow as they crash into each other, more bruises appearing as she goes. Nicole has one hand resting on Sharon's wrist as it tugs at her hair, the other she uses rather uselessly to try and block some of Sharon's devastating blows. Sharon starts a fast paced punching bonanza, sending upper cut after uppercut burrowing into each breast from the bottom. Nicole moans in agony with each and every blow.

Sharon sends some punches to her foes gut then grabbing her by both breasts she swings her around for a few seconds before flinging her into a couch located just a few feet from the end of one of the mats. Nicole lands in a heap falling to the floor still cupping her ravaged breasts. The smile on Sharon's face as she stalks forward chills her to the bone. She tries to run, but as she goes for the door, she is tugged by her hair backwards onto her shapely ass. Sharon berates her for thinking it was time to go, sending her leg slamming across Nicole's chest, crushing her already badly mauled breasts, and sending her back smashing into the couch. Grabbing both breasts in hand, Nicole pulls a screaming Nicole forward by them and slams her knee into her face.

Sitting on the couch now, Sharon positions the now out of it Nicole and wraps her long powerful legs around her torso. Nicole immediately begins a renewed struggle to escape, having guessed what's next. Grabbing each swollen battered breast in her hands she digs her nails in and starts to pull them up and down with all her might. She alternately pulls one down while ripping the other one upwards. Nicole' s breasts are torn to their limits and beyond, as she bellows and sobs in utter agony, droplets of blood starting to drip from where Sharon's nails have pierced the skin. Her well toned leg muscles crush what little fight the redhead has left and soon she is shrieking and sobbing. The blonde slaps, then punches, each breast, enjoying more of Nicole's pleas for mercy, adding some fierce knuckle grinding to the punches that prove too much for Nicole who nearly screams out her surrender to the vicious blonde, as she cupping her blood-streaked breasts as they burn and throb in pain, crying out in utter agony.

Now Sharon grabs Nicole's swollen blood-stained nipples and rips them upwards bringing Nicole screeching to her feet, tears flowing down her cheeks in waves, sending her knee into her gut driving her back then pulling her back into her knee by her nipples. Nicole's bellows fill the room as again and again Sharon repeats the move, wallowing in her foes anguished cries. Letting her drop to the mat the redhead drops heavily on her stomach and resumes her torturous nipple holds, tearing the besieged mammaries all around the clock, then she lowers her head and starts to bite down on the right nipple then mouths more of Nicole's small tit as Nicole screams in ultimate pain.

Both women are soaked in sweat and blood, and an exhausted Nicole is nearly finished, as Sharon hair-hauls her to her feet and smashes her hard against the wall. Sharon winds up for a powerful forearm smash to Nicole's pendulous breasts, but suddenly, with strength she didn't know she possessed, Nicole brought her right leg up in a spectacular kick that connected with Sharon's pussy.

"OOOOooooooohhhhh Myyyyy GOD!!! My CUUUUNNNNNTT!!!" Sharon screams out as Nicole slams her in the crotch with a devastating kick.

Nicole then grabs a handful of Sharon's hair and tosses her into the wall, sending Sharon crashing down onto her back. Nicole then leaps into the air and drops her fists forcefully onto Sharon's full round breasts. Nicole straddles Sharon, grabs her hair with her left hand, and sends her right fist into Sharon's face several times. But Sharon manages to wriggle her right arm free, as she swipes her fingernails into Nicole's eyes, causing Nicole to roll off of her, holding her eyes and screeching from the pain. Nicole is reeling on the mat from having her eyes raked by Sharon.

Sharon lifts her up by her hair, bends her over, and slams a knee into Nicole's gut. Nicole clutches her abused tummy and shuts her eyes from the pain, as Sharon follows up with an uppercut to the chin. Nicole falls back to the mat. Sharon now gets on her knees, wraps both of her hands around Nicole's neck, and begins to choke her with all of her strength, leaving marks on Nicole's neck from her sharp nails digging into it.

"You like this, you fucking bitch? I'm going to break your goddamn neck, you miserable whore," Sharon taunts as she continues to squeeze.

Nicole escapes the choke by sliding her hand into Sharon's bikini bottom and grabbing her twat. Sharon shrieks and immediately reaches down to pry Nicole's fingers from her privates, but Nicole has a good grip on Sharon's clit and she refuses to release it.

"I'm going to yank your clit right off, you fucking CUNT!", Nicole now taunts.

Nicole grinds Sharon's clit between her fingers as Sharon howls in agony from the clit torture. Sharon is desperate now and, as she tries to pry Nicole's hand loose with her right hand, she reaches out with her left hand and tugs on Nicole's breast. Sharon begins to use her nails, which she made sure were sharp so they'd be an asset to her in the match, to scratch Nicole's right nipple and areola.

Now Nicole screams from the pain, but she continues to grind Sharon's clit. Sharon can't stand it much longer, so she releases her right hand from the feeble attempt at prying Nicole's hand off her clit, and she furiously punches Nicole in the mouth several times. Nicole is stunned enough by this for Sharon to get Nicole's hand off of her clit and out of her bikini bottom. Now both women take time to get up and recuperate on opposite sides of the ring, before they charge one another. They grapple in the center of the room and Nicole manages to toss Sharon into the wall, meeting her on the rebound with a powerful dropkick, her heels crunching into Sharon's throbbing breasts.

Nicole now scoops her off the floor by her hair and she sets her up for a bodyslam, which she executes perfectly. Sharon is now flat on her back, moaning. Nicole kicks her in the side, and follows that with a few stomps to the breasts. Sharon clutches her breasts and rolls onto her side, curled into a ball. Nicole lifts the hurting blonde off the mat again by her hair, and gets her into a headlock. She then charges into a corner, driving her head hard into the hard wall. Sharon is hurt badly by the move.

Sharon is laying on her back, clutching her head, when Nicole picks her up again. When Sharon gets to her feet Nicole knees her in the cunt four times in succession, as Sharon shrieks wildly from the agonizing blows.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHhhhhhhh!!!" Sharon screams as Nicole winds up and smashes her fist hard into her abused left breast.

By this time, Nicole knew she was in complete control of her opponent, and was brutally punishing her. A right fist uppercutted into Sharon's cunt, painfully parting her pussy lips as Sharon moaned in pain.

"I hate you so much, you piece of shit whore, and I'm going to beat your pussy so bad you'll never be able to fuck again!", Nicole shouts in Sharon's face before picking her up and bodyslamming her to the floor. Sharon's eyes are glazed over and she almost looks out of it.

Nicole begins to pull Sharon off the mat yet again by her hair but Sharon, despite her pain and grogginess, anticipates the move and is able to grab Nicole's nipples and throw her to the floor, ripping her hands away at the last moment before letting go. Nicole screams in pain, her tits feeling like Sharon just tore her nipples off. Sharon stomps down on Nicole's small right breast, and then kicks her in the gut.

Sharon pulls her foe off the floor by her thick red hair, and with Nicole facing her she wraps her arms around her waist, and then runs her back into the ring apron. Nicole cries out from the pain, as Sharon begins to smash her in the belly with a succession of powerful punches. Sharon punches Nicole in her taut stomach over and over again until she falls to her knees, clutching her wounded middle. Sharon goes over to her and sends a knee right to the side of her head. Sharon then picks up the dazed woman and drives Nicole crotch first onto her knee in an atomic drop. Nicole feels like she's just been split in half from the crotch up. The move devastates Nicole - her eyes close as she opens her mouth wide and moans from the agony.

Sharon stands over her, as Nicole is lies flat on her back with her red hair in a wild mess around her. Both women look tantalizingly sexy with their bodies drenched in sweat. Sharon steps on Nicole's hair, grabs her wrists, and

yanks her up off the floor by her wrists, causing her hair to almost get torn out of her head. Nicole shrieks like mad from the pain. After continuing this torment for about two minutes, Sharon smiles as she reaches down and tears into Nicole's sweaty breasts, pulling Nicole off the floor by her breasts, causing her back to arch. Nicole's breasts are being pulled, and her hair is being pulled too because Sharon is still standing on it. Nicole begins to sob in agony but she refuses to submit because she knows what will happen to the loser of this match.

Sharon pulls on Nicole's breasts for a few minutes, relishing every one of Nicole's cries and sobs. Sharon finally releases her foe's breasts, and Nicole curls into a ball on her side and continues to sob uncontrollably, clutching her severely wounded mammaries. Sharon doesn't allow Nicole to recuperate as she winds up and kicks her in the face.

Sharon reaches down and slowly lifts the battered girl to her knees by her hair, when Nicole makes a desperate bid for a comeback with a blow to Sharon's gut. Nicole is weakened at this point of the fight, though, and Sharon barely feels the blow. Sharon stops her attempt at a comeback by raking her nails across Nicole's eyes. Sharon proceeds to drag Nicole over to the corner and put her back against the wall. She then brings her right fist back and punches her hard in her bare tummy. She continues to rain blow after blow after blow into Nicole's belly, which begins to turn red from the punishment.

Nicole is hurt so bad she can't even scream, she just leans her head back with her eyes closed and her mouth open. After the belly punching session, Sharon sends a kick directly into Nicole's crotch. She then leads Nicole by the hair out to the center of the ring, knees her in the twat a few more times, and punches her in the stomach again, doubling her over. When Nicole is bent over, Sharon puts her head between her legs in preparation for a pile driver. Nicole offers no resistance whatsoever as Sharon lifts her legs up in the air, holds her up for a few moments and then slams her head to the mat to finish off the move. Nicole's body crumples to the mat, and she lays on the mat face first and motionless.

Sharon rolls her onto her back, stomps her in the belly and in the bare breasts. Sharon triumphantly stands over, raising her arms over her head. She then leaps into the air and l ands perfectly, splashing down on Nicole's body as hard as she could, landing on Nicole's belly with a loud SMACK.

The ordeal is far from over for both women, however. Nicole is in a pool of her own sweat, tears staining her face and blood visible around her lip and nose. Sharon pulls Nicole's legs apart, gripping her ankles hard, and slams her heel down in a bush-bursting cunt stomp, and she proceeds to smash her pussy over and over again, pulling with all her might. After slamming Nicole's crotch many times, Sharon pulled apart her legs so hard it looked as if she were trying to split her rival in half. Nicole sobs uncontrollably from the pain. Sharon releases her legs and comes around to Nicole's head.

Sharon stands on Nicole's red hair and once again grabs Nicole's bare breasts with her sharp nails. She scratches and twists her nipples until they're raw and bright red. After this torment, Sharon pulls Nicole's breasts off the floor, causing her back to arch.

"Does this feel good, bitch?", Sharon taunts, "Now I'm gonna rip your breasts off." Nicole moaned in pain and shook her head defiantly.

In the most blinding pain she ever felt, Nicole gripped Sharon's wrists and slowly pulled the blonde's hands off her sweaty breasts. Sharon tried to regain her grasp but Nicole was struggling to her feet, still holding Sharon's arms tightly. Nicole swung her leg up hard into Sharon's wounded cunt, making the younger woman cry out in pain and fall to her knees. Nicole maneuvered behind her and wrapped her strong arms around Sharon's midsection, digging her clenched fists right in under the blonde's small breasts. Gasping and fighting for air, Sharon tries to turn round, but Nicole has her. Nicole slides her small tits across Sharon's sweaty back, while her hands grope for Sharon's breasts. Finding one of the sweat-slickened mounds, Nicole pinches and twists her nipple, as Sharon moans out in pain.

"Give it up, you bitch," she breathes into Sharon's ear, "I'm gonna work your titty till it falls off."

Her breast getting torn apart, Sharon screams back, "I'm gonna kill you!!! I'm gonna KILL you, you bitch!!!!"

Sharon stomps her heel down onto Nicole's foot, breaking the strong woman's hold. Turning around quickly, Sharon cracks a backhand across Nicole's face, the large diamond ring on Sharon's left hand slicing open Nicole's cheek. Nicole stumbles back, her hand over the bloody cut on her face.

"Come on, bitch!" Nicole screams as she charges Sharon. Nicole lashes out with her fist, and plants it square into Sharon's bare, unflexed belly.

"OOOOOOhhhhfffuu!" is the only thing that escapes Sharon's lips as she bends over double from the blow, all the wind knocked out of her.

"My turn now, you blonde bitch!", screams Nicole, and hits Sharon's jaw with another hammering right.

Sharon goes down on her back hard, her mind reeling, her stomach and her jaw nerves screaming in pain, her eyes rolling back.

"You can't get a hold of my breasts now, bitch!", screams Nicole as she grabs Sharon's ankles. Nicole pushes Sharon's ankles toward her head, and kicks Sharon's ass that is just off the floor. Sharon screams as Nicole's feet hammer her butt cheeks, each kick leaving a bruise.

"Not so tough now, are you bitch?", Nicole says, and she drives her foot toe into Sharon's crotch.

Sharon sits up, screaming, her cunt red and swollen in agony from Nicole's vicious kicks, the older blonde's foot ramming into her groin and her toes driven into her vagina.

"Liked that, huh?," Nicole asks. "Have some more, bitch!"

Nicole again drives her toe into Sharon's sore cunt, bringing screamed curses from the now crying blonde.

"Cry all you want, you fuckin' slut!," says Nicole. "But I have a long way to go before I am through with you!"

Nicole starts kicking Sharon's ass again, and Sharon's hands try to cover her bruised bottom. This only gets her fingers painfully kicked and Nicole's attention back on her crotch, which receives a hard kick again.......

Sharon's mind is just starting to get in gear when Nicole drives her foot into her sore crotch again, sending fresh waves of pain coursing through her body like a fire having gasoline tossed on it. Nicole kicks her again, bringing more screams and tears, then drives her toe into Sharon's cunt, again bringing Sharon's upper body toward her outstretched legs. But this time, Sharon hooks her left hand into the waistband of Nicole's white panties, smashing her pussy with a powerful uppercut. Nicole staggers back, both hands clutching her groin, with Sharon now on her feet and in full pursuit. Sharon cocks back her fist and sends a straight right punch into Nicole's nose. Blood spurted out of Kidman's nose, as she staggered backward.

Nicole, meanwhile, has sank to her knees, screaming, the rings on Sharon's right hand had broken her nose. Seeing

where Nicole is, Sharon tries to stand, thinking of a round house kick to her head, that could end the fight, but her legs will not hold her up, and she also sinks to her knees, holding her tortured crotch. Nicole manages to stand despite the pain, and rushes at Sharon, trying to drive her foot into Sharon's cunt again, but Sharon blocks the blow, and drives a hammering fist up into Nicole's cunt. Nicole screams at the explosion of pain, and again sinks to her knees, holding her crotch. Sharon sends an uppercut into Nicole's jaw, knocking Nicole over to her right side, almost knocked out.

Sharon, seeing Nicole fighting just to stay consciousness, fights her way through her intense pain to her feet. She almost loses her balance, and she staggers against the wall. She puts her back against the wall, and tries to catch her breath. Nicole, meanwhile, also struggles to her feet.

"Blonde bitch!", she says, seeing Sharon. "You broke my fucking nose!"

Nicole strikes out with her right foot, but, again, Sharon knocks the blow aside, and drives her own heel into Nicole's crotch. Nicole screams, and sinks to the floor holding her cunt. Sharon steps toward her, about to deliver another punch to her face, when Nicole, desperate not to get hit with Sharon's ringed fists again, drives her own fist deep into Sharon's bleeding cunt.

Sharon hits the floor screaming, and curls herself into a fetal position, her brain trying not to think of the pussy ripping she is about to get. But Nicole is hurting too much to take advantage, and is simply struggling to her feet when she just falls against the wall. She decides to give herself a break, as Sharon did not seem inclined to go anywhere.

Nicole screams at Sharon, "When I'm finished with you, you won't be having sex for months!!!"

Nicole walks over to Sharon, and drives her foot into her right kidney.

"OOOHHHHH GOD!!!" screams Sharon, her back arching.

Nicole sends another kick into Sharon's left kidney, causing more screams. Sharon, rolling on her back to protect her lower back, looking up and seeing Nicole smiling, kicks out with her long right leg.

"Come on, you flat-chested blonde whore!", Nicole says. "You sorry bitch. Now you're ufffff!!!!!"

Sharon's foot slams into the side of Nicole's knee, bucking her entire leg. Nicole collapses onto the floor on her other knee, as Sharon struggles to her feet. into Nicole's chin, not only sending a wave of pain to her brain, but also causing her to bite her tongue badly, filling her mouth with blood. Nicole bends over, spitting blood, moaning. Sharon again struggles to her feet and raises her bleeding fists. She knows that this has gone too far, and its not just another "better woman" catfight any more with Nicole.

Not wanting to underestimate Nicole's comeback ability again, Sharon grabs Nicole by the windpipe with her left hand, backs Nicole up against the wall, and picks her up off the floor. Nicole's eyes grow huge with terror when she is grabbed by the throat, and almost bulge out as she is lifted off the floor.

"This bitch is strong!" Nicole thinks.

Her thinking is cut off by an explosion of pain as Sharon hammers a fist into her crotch, her scream turning into a moan as her throat is almost closed. Sharon then grabs Nicole by the crotch, raises her over her head, and body slams her to the concrete floor. All the breath is driven out of Nicole's body as she smashes to the floor.

"OK, bitch!", says Sharon. "I'm gonna beat your pussy till it explodes!!!"

Sharon grabs Nicole's ankles, spreads her legs wide, and drives her heel into her cunt. Nicole can not even scream, as she still has not regained her breath. Again Sharon drives her heel into Nicole's cunt, and again. After five blows, Nicole is almost out from the pain, and her white panties are turning dark red with blood as something in her cunt has burst open.

Again Sharon drives her heel into Nicole's cunt, and again. After five blows, Nicole is almost out from the pain, and her white panties are turning dark red with blood as something in her cunt has burst open.

"When I'm through with you, YOU won't be able to have sex for months!!" screams Sharon.

Seeing her pussy ripped open and bleeding drives Nicole into a rage and she flew at Sharon and drove her nails hard into Nicole's red and aching breasts.

"Fucking BITCH!!" howled Sharon as Nicole's nails dug into the firm flesh of her breasts.

"I'm gonna squeeze all the shit outta your breasts, bitch," yelled Nicole.

"Aaaauuggh!!" she cried as Sharon's red nails found her tender white breasts.

The two women were mauling the daylights out of each other. Sharon and Nicole screamed and cried tears of pain as they relentlessly scratched breasts and pulled nipples.

"Damn you, Nicole!" cried Sharon as she rolled on top of the redhead and straddled her waist.

With Sharon's weight upon her stomach, Nicole knew that she had to do something fast. Her larger breasts were flaming red and throbbing like hell, and although Sharon's breasts looked just as bad, those small tits seemed to be able to stand more pain. Doubling up her fist, Nicole cracked it across the blonde's chin. Sharon's head spun on her shoulders, but she fought back with a wicked slap, and then a backhand that made Nicole see stars.

"You CUNT!!" shouted Sharon as she stood to one knee, and once again brought the other home against Nicole's crotch.

With her legs spread wide, Sharon's knee had an open shot. WHACK!!!

"UUUGGGHHhhh..." moaned Nicole from the depths of her lower region.

With blackness engulfing her, Nicole felt Sharon's ass crash down on her tender breasts. Nicole was completely beaten, but Sharon wasn't too far behind her, utterly exhausted from their fight. Sharon slapped at Nicole's breasts over and over till she couldn't raise her arms up any more and fell to the floor exhausted as Nicole sobbed uncontrollably as she held her ravaged breasts cupped in her manicured hands, rocking back and forth. Sharon was not in much better shape, but she had finally out mauled her opponent and had won. But Sharon wasn't finished. Climbing back onto Nicole, Sharon locked her hands around Nicole's wrists, pinning them by her head, slowly spread her legs apart, balanced on one knee and rams the other up into Nicole's dripping cunt.

"Oooooooohhh Shit!!! My PUSSY!!!" Nicole moaned out, as she felt blood leaking from her vagina onto the floor as she writhed in pain.

Sharon smiled down at her with an evil grin. Sharon rammed her knee into Nicole's crotch again. And again, and again, each time harder than the last, relishing each and every moan of pain from Nicole.

"AAAHHGGG!!! OOOOHHHH!!!!! UUUUFFFFFF" Nicole moans, as shockwaves of pain shoot through her groin, reaching her brain and registering as if her vulva is on fire.

Nicole cries out as her pussy stings and bleeds. Sharon reaches don between Nicole's legs, nails ripping into her already savaged cunt. Nicole feels like her sex is being ripped from her body as her beaten body writhes on the floor.

Sharon pulled Nicole's head up with her left hand.

"Oh God, no, no, " Nicole gasped out in pain.

"Screw you" was Sharon's only reply as her right fist went smashing into Nicole's face, Sharon's knuckles splitting open both of Nicole's lips, and with a moan of pain Nicole was knocked out cold. After her knock-out punch Sharon Stone's body crashed down on the floor next to Nicole Kidman's, totally spent and exhausted, both women bloody and drenched in sweat.