Bewitched: Nicole Kidman vs. Reese Witherspoon (w/Tara Reid) by Oberon

ACT ONE: Tara Reid
It was only five o'clock, but dusk was already settling in; promising to drown the city streets in mystery. Rodeo Drive bustled with activity as the working day was done for many. The Beverly Hills evening was marked with tourists and movie stars alike as the activity slowly and then increased until it appeared to assume a life all of its own. People milled around from store to store, seemingly oblivious to one another as they made their way along the sidewalks in search of something they imagined would bring happiness, at least for the time being. For some of the people walking down the street or driving their expensive cars, happiness would be determined by whether or not they could afford whatever it was they sought. For others it would come in other, decidedly more private ways.

Reese had driven home from work feeling somewhat elated although a feeling had gnawed at the back of her mind all day. But anyone who saw her weave her energy efficient car in and out of the heavy traffic couldn't have been able to tell much from watching the expression on her angelic face. Inside, her feelings alternated between anticipation for the up-coming evening's festivities and indignation at having been challenged for a role she really wanted. It was the latter emotion that pushed her on as she sped home, keeping her posture and body language even with surprisingly little effort as her foot pressed just a bit harder on the gas. It wasn't exactly that she needed the role, nor did she expect it simply because of her celebrity status. But she wanted the role because it had a sentimental value to her more than anything else.

She'd spent a full day filming the sequel to "Legally Blonde," but as she continued along the boulevard, the day's events were far from her mind. Reese was blocking out everything, organizing her thoughts around her meeting with Nicole Kidman when they met in her hotel room later that evening, as they'd agreed the day before. Reese had suggested they have their ‘chat’ at the 'Put Up or Shut Up Club' but Nicole had declined. Reese's hands gripped the steering wheel tighter, her eyes narrowing, as her mind projected ahead a few hours imagining her fingers were gripping some strategic part of Nicole's body. The thought of Nicole's tall slim frame squirming under her attack made Reese smile. She'd already been face to face with her and knew the big redhead had a good eight inches on her, but Reese also knew she had the advantage in youth by about nine years or so. That, and her recent experience with Charlize Theron left her confident she'd able to more than hold her own against Nicole.

It would be an interesting contest to say the least, Reese thought to herself as she neared the corner where she was supposed to turn toward the hotel where she was staying while filming "Legally Blonde 2." Reese wanted to make some last minute arrangements before Nicole showed up, one being showering and dressing for the occasion. That and calling husband Ryan at home to see how he was getting along with the kids. She also wanted to phone a friend who was staying in another hotel nearby, one whom Reese had told of the coming fight between she and Nicole. Reese was going to ask if she'd come over to help get the room ready and referee the fight. The friend had been close to Reese for the past few years and she disliked Nicole herself. When Reese called, she said she'd be happy to take her up on her offer and voiced her wishes that Reese would outdo Nicole in the ability department as well as in looks.

The role at stake, one that Reese was angry over being challenged for, was the starring role in the movie ‘Bewitched’ a remake of a TV show Reese had watched through the years and would love to appear in. Reese was well aware other actresses were up for the role of Samantha Stephens, including Alicia Silverstone and Lisa Kudrow. Reese knew like them, she'd have to audition and see if the producers thought she was "right for the part." She'd been to auditions and as time went on, she'd become involved in serious negotiations with those in charge of ‘Bewitched.’ By now, Reese felt sure she'd be able to portray Samantha, a prospect she was quite excited about.

Imagine Reese's shock then, when she learned from the producers that Nicole Kidman had also expressed interest in the role, citing her work on "Practical Magic" with Sandra Bullock as her 'experience'. Nicole seemed to swoop down out of nowhere and tell the producers she was willing to be cast as Samantha Stephens if they wanted her - right in the middle of Reese's negotiation!. If Nicole had joined the other actresses in auditioning and negotiating with the producers for the role, it might have been a different story but she hadn't. From Reese's point of view, Nicole was trying to steal the role right out from under her using her clout. When she heard about it, it took all of Reese's willpower not to hit the roof! The audacity of that redhead, tying to steal a role in the midst of a negotiations! The nerve!!

Needless to say, there was no love lost between the two actresses-turned-rivals when they met face to face a couple days later in the office of the film company licensing the movie. When they ran into each other they were supposed to rendezvous with their publicists to attend a meeting with the producers of "Bewitched" to work out who would get the role. Reese made it a point to attend the meeting and asked exactly what was happening with the movie and why the negotiations she'd been in had been interrupted. They'd met by accident in the hall and agreed that Reese's hotel room would be the place where they met to settle the matter in private - away from the prying eyes of Hollywood.

At first sight, both actresses disliked the other, for their clashing attitudes aside the fact they were competing for the same juicy role. At any rate, Reese had made sure Nicole knew of her anger at having her toes stepped on, resentful of her rival's blasé attitude about snatching up a role they both wanted badly. Their mutual dislike quickly escalated to where they discussed settling things physically. They faced each other down in the hallway, the statuesque Nicole towering over the sturdy but diminutive Reese. But despite Nicole's size advantage, the petite blonde clearly wasn’t intimidated by her tall rival.

"So you just walk in and muscle everyone else out of the way because you think you have carte blanche?" Reese challenged Nicole when they were face to face, arguing over the perceived intrusion of both actresses.

"Everyone, that is, including yourself? Remember I wanted this when you were still a no-name little bitch," Nicole countered. "Playing strippers and trailer trash hookers! Oh, sorry, I meant 'exotic dancers' and the 'culturally challenged,' " Kidman continued sardonically, obviously enjoying the game.

"That was then, honey," Reese snapped back with deliberate patience. "This is now. You think I worked hard to get where I am just to have some spoiled, no-talent bimbo throw her bony ass around?" Reese's expression darkened, her eyes narrowing, "That's exactly what you're doing and you're getting in my way."

"In your way?" Nicole scoffed, her hubris fueled by Reese daring to compare their talent and hard work. "Sweetie, as I said, I've been in this game a lot longer than you. You think I was voted one of the most beautiful people in the world by People magazine, besides being voted as among the most intriguing, for nothing?" she finished, making it a point to let Reese know what she was going up against. "You're a bit out of your league, girl. Or in your case, I'd say you're in over your head!"

"That attitude of yours is supposed to impress me?" Reese scoffed, opting to bring up some of her own achievements in the same regard as Nicole to show she was no slouch in the public appeal department. "Out of my league? I'll have you know I was also voted one of the most beautiful by People AND named 2001's most intriguing actresses AND one of the top entertainers that year."

"Oh, sure," Nicole sneered. "I think I remember you winning the Teen Choice Award for something at some point. What a great job! Obviously you think you've earned the right to appear in the film version of a classic TV show."

"Hon, if they didn't think I had what it takes, they wouldn't have asked me to negotiate with them." Reese's eyes narrowed as she glared at Nicole to add weight to what she said next. "It's my cloud and you're stepping on it."

"And I suppose you'd like to put me in my place, wouldn't you, Reese BABE?" Nicole sneered, picking up on what Reese seemed to be implying, leaning hard on the last word to bait her into what she figured was on Reese's mind. After all, she'd be lying to herself if she didn't admit the same thing had also been on hers.

"That'd be nice, actually," Reese intoned softly, considering where the confrontation was heading, then asked something to see if the taller woman would get all of her wavelength. "Why don't you come visit me in a few days, I'd be happy to give you a lesion in respect. Teach you not to push your nose into someone else's space!"

"Are you sure you mean that? Because I'd hate to tear up your schedule," Nicole answered, again emphasizing all the right words to confirm to Reese the channel was opened between them.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Reese responded sweetly, letting Nicole know she got the message. "In fact, I think I'll go out of my way to clear some time in my schedule...just for you."

Before they returned to their scheduled meetings, they arranged for Nicole to meet Reese in her hotel room later that week. Reese gave her the name of the hotel and her suite number and they agreed they'd fight it out in private and the winner would announce she was accepting the role in ‘Bewitched.’

They agreed on the time and parted company, each giving the other the mental impression the contest would be one in which they went all out to outdo the other. Judging by their exchange, the fight would be psychological as well as physical Reese understood; both using their feminine wiles to intimidate the other as to who looked better and carried herself in the more convincing sexual manner. It meant Nicole might want to fight Reese while showing as much, or more, skin than she does in her publicity shots - flaunting her sexuality as a means of gaining a psychological edge. That aspect of their contest could easily spill over into the fight itself and if so, they'd use their physical attributes to physically dominate the other; such as legs, breasts and other key parts of their bodies. Reese knew she'd have to work hard to beat back Nicole's challenge but she also felt an odd rush of excitement at the prospect.

Reese pulled into the parking lot of her hotel, swinging her car around to pass the front entrance and head for the rear lot. The lower level was almost completely empty but when she looked again she saw another car parked at the strip of spaces near the elevator. Her scowl deepened; she wasn't familiar with the vehicle and thought it may be Nicole making an early entrance to surprise her, and unbalance her; to give herself the psychological edge she needed to win and claim the coveted role they were quarreling over. Tensing a bit, Reese put her car in park and turned the key off. She reached over to the passenger seat, picked up her purse and dark sunglasses which she put on. Leaning to the left and opening the door, she slipped her purse over her right shoulder as one denim clad leg and then the other slid out of the bucket seat. She took a deep breath, then straightened her petite 5'2" frame, turning to the side just slightly as the occupant of the other car noticed her. Reese was thinking if it was Nicole, she'd have to be ready for anything. Nicole might even try to pick a fight right there in the parking lot.

Reese wasn't the slightest bit nervous about the prospect, but she'd expected Nicole to show up later and wasn't ready to begin just yet. She quietly closed the door behind her, her jaw tightening as she peered through her sunglasses trying to see who was in the other car which was about ten spaces away. She watched as the driver's door opened; her mind began to race, taking less time to mentally prepare herself for her coming confrontation as a figure exited the car. Seeing her, the woman smiled and began to walk briskly toward her.

Reese recognized her now and visibly relaxed as she realized the fight wasn't going to begin earlier than scheduled. The two actresses closed the distance between them and a smile broke out on Reese's face despite her consternation of being challenged for the role she wanted so badly. The other woman returned her bright smile as Reese greeted Tara Reid warmly and some of her foul mood diminished although she was still keeping the upcoming fight in mind. Nicole would be answering her invitation soon enough and although she'd asked Tara to be here as well, both know they had responsibilities to take care of.

Still, there was a mutual feeling between them that neither would find easy to ignore as they entered her hotel room to handle their individual responsibilities. They greeted each other with a hug and air kissed beside each other's cheek. Tara must have gotten an impression of the undercurrent of excitement that coursed through Reese's body like waves of electricity, because the hug and kiss they shared struck them as having a deeper and far less violent, meaning. When they parted, their composure seemed intact.

"Ready to trounce ol' Nicole's ass, Reese"? Tara asked, encouraging Reese to keep her thoughts firmly fixed on the spat she and Nicole would have in just a few hours. The look in Tara's eyes told Reese she was eagerly anticipating what was to occur and it excited her!

"You know it, girl! She's gonna get trounced real good," Reese answered. "Just like I trounced Theron's fat ass!"

The wicked gleam that radiated from Reese's eyes said she looked forward to Nicole's arrival with as much enthusiasm as Tara did. Neither verbally acknowledged the vibes they shared while greeting each other, but their eyes locked in an unspoken agreement not to mention their feelings in public. They went into the hotel and headed for Reese's room to prepare for Nicole's arrival. As they walked across the parking lot and down the walkway toward the hotel's double doors, the actresses didn't speak about what had passed between them, at least for now!

Inside, it might be a different story! The walk through the doors and down the hall to the hotel lobby was uneventful. From there it was a short elevator ride and a walk down the empty hall to Reese's suite. It was spacious and comfortable, consisting of a den, bedroom, small kitchenette and bath. The wallpaper was deep maroon, perfect to create the right atmosphere for both the physical contest and the accouterments Reese and Tara planned to decorate it with - one's Reese had bought on Rodeo Drive a day before. But when they walked in that they realized how tired they were from their day's work. Reese needed to rest as part of her preparation for Nicole's arrival. The couch at the far end of the living quarters looked comfortable enough, and the time in which they'd be able to rest was brief, so they decided to take advantage as much as they could before getting the place ready.

Removing their jackets and tossing them on nearby chairs, the actresses discarded their belongings which they left there before crossing the room to the couch against the wall in front of a TV. They had turned the TV on and were channel surfing when they came across something that caught their interest. The hostess of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ was discussing the new ‘Bewitched’ movie; breathlessly reporting that the producers put out the word, “Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are in negotiations for the lead."

Reese and Tara smiled almost conspiratorially, sharing a secret the general public would probably never know about just how private the negotiations really were. But beneath Reese's mirth was a thrumming undercurrent, one of resentment toward Nicole for muscling in to her turf - or so she saw it.

Tara saw Reese's eyes narrow as the smiling Nicole appeared on the screen as Reese gathered herself and focused her energy; storing it up for the night's activity. Watching Reese's scowl deepen and her face grow harder, Tara felt another tingle of the excitement she'd felt in the parking lot. Thinking she'd like to do something to ease Reese's growing tension; fearing it may unbalance her during the fight and lead to a defeat at the hands of the taller Nicole. Besides, the vibrations that passed between them had proven more contagious than she had thought and, as she considered the possibility of what Reese and Nicole could be doing to each other later, she felt growing excitement in another way than just the thrill at the prospect of a good fight. The feeling Tara got looking at Reese's hardening expression could only be described as arousal. She imagined that Reese was feeling the same thing somehow, and decided there was only one way to ease the tension.

Tara leaned over to where Reese sat with her legs curled under her ass as she glared at the TV and whispered, "Looks like a real bitch, doesn't she?"

Reese turned toward Tara, a little shocked at her concentration being broken and asked a bit bewildered, "What?"

"I said, she looks like a real bitch, doesn't she?" Tara repeated, nodding to Nicole's image on the TV.

"She is a bitch," Reese intoned softly, getting the idea. She turned back to the TV with a look that combined a scowl and a snarl. "Just lookit her. Standing there all high and mighty like she's the queen of the world."

"I bet you can't wait to wipe that smirk right off her face tonight," Tara purred in a low voice, edging slowly closer to the shorter blonde on the couch; her eyes crawling up Reese's nubile body from her legs to her shoulders. She locked her eyes firmly with Reese's, the meaning in her mesmerizing hazel orbs obvious.

"If I may be so bold as to level with you about something and ask a personal question," Reese said softly, an inviting smile curling her pretty features. "Does it turn you on, Tara? Do you find it exciting?"

"Yes; on both counts," Tara sighed. "Very much so."

Leaning in closer, she lightly ran her fingers over Reese's soft inner thigh, smiling as she heard the short, tickled laugh her touch drew from the petite actress.

"I bet you'd love to watch Nicole and I rolling around half-naked on the floor, wouldn't ya?" Reese breathed, tilting her head to bring her face closer to Tara's. "To watch our skin rubbing and slapping together; glaring into each other's eyes; calling each other all the foul names we can think of?"

As Reese spoke, the smile never left her lips and she began to caress Tara's hand, guiding her fingers over the leg of Reese's tight jeans, blowing just as lightly in Tara's ear from a distance. The unexpected sensation this caused made Tara squirm with delicious reaction and she shifted her body to turn to face the sexy blonde next to her. Deciding she liked what she saw, Tara continued the impromptu seduction.

"What that does to me..." Tara began, her words trailing cut off as Reese boldly leaned in to cover Tara's lips with hers.

The light kiss sent shivers up and down Tara's spine. Her hand stopped lightly running over the smooth denim and the smoother, softer thigh beneath as she placed her palm flat on Reese's leg, and rubbed harder. Reese turned aside to give Tara better access to the inside of her thigh. Tara chuckled as Reese's hand came up to her hair and began lightly stroking her long blonde tresses, snickering in a mischievous voice as the hair tangled in her fingers. She disentangled them and began to stroke again. Breathing heavily, Tara leaned over to tease Reese's lips as Reese had done hers earlier.

"Oh God, what that does to me," Tara repeated after she had pulled away again, feeling impelled to say what had been on her mind as their bodies moved closer together. "Could make me really wet; that is, if you were to keep it up. Tell me what else you two'll be doing," she gasped as the dual seduction increased a notch in intensity.

As Tara continued rubbing Reese's thigh though her jeans, Tara's other hand ran her fingers just once through Reese's shoulder-length blonde hair, then down to the back of Reese's neck. Her grip growing just a little firmer, Tara chuckled as she pulled Reese closer... closer... closer... within kissing distance. This time they extended their tongues in unison, letting them roll out of their mouths a little longer, as a moan of anticipation came from both women as the tips of their tongues touched, dancing around the other.

"I'd take the bitch by the hair, nice and tight," Reese breathed heavily as she pulled away from the light kiss. "Then, I'd knock her to the floor," she went on as their grinding movements continued. "And sit on the bitches face. Smother her with my sweet, wet pussy," Reese finished with a triumphant intonation, her blue eyes flashing as she stared into Tara's hazel eyes.

By now both women could feel the desire welling up inside them, aroused by the exchange of vibes since they met in the parking lot; fueled by Tara's seductive tone of voice and blatant come-on. Looking deep within herself, Reese became aware that she didn't look forward to the fight with Nicole half as much as Tara did. Now, she wanted Tara to feel the same excitement and sensations that she felt in her own body; to feel Tara's desire welling up as they approached the fight.

"Then," Reese went on. "I'd wrap my legs nice and tight around her head. Hold her there as long as I wanted... squeeze... and squeeze... my hot, wet, pussy grinding down on her face...she'd cry and beg for mercy."

As Reese resumed her graphic description of her plans to dominate Nicole, Tara's hands were causing more friction. She was rubbing Reese's thigh harder; slid her hand around to Reese's ass, pulling her closer until their bodies were beside each other with barely a fraction of an inch between them. Reese's back was to the open window, blocking the fading remnants of twilight outside. Their skin touched through their clothes sending shivers up and down their spines. They were still breathing heavily; their open mouths hovering close in heated answer to the erotic motion of the other. Tara moved her lips to Reese's neck, her hot breath caressing the skin below the jawbone as her wet tongue glided over Reese's skin from neck to earlobe.

That moment, when Tara began nibbling on Reese's earlobe, was when the building tension between them broke! Before either was aware of it, they were face to face kissing passionately; their lips grinding together, their tongues entering eager mouths to initiate a wrestling match of their own. Lost in the moment, Reese and Tara were oblivious to the world around them; their entire universe centered on the expression of mutual passion and desire they shared. Tara's hand gripped Reese's ass firmly to be shortly joined by her other hand as she pulled Reese's hips to hers; her fingers kneading the nether cheeks through the tight denim. Reese responded hungrily, reaching around and wrapping her arms around Tara's waist, her forearms meeting at the small of Tara's back as her palms pressed firmly against the other woman. The kiss seemed to go on forever and when they finally broke apart for lack of oxygen, their breaths came in short, hard gasps as they stared into the other's aroused eyes.

After sitting there gazing at each other for several minutes it was Tara who spoke. "Wouldn't Ryan love to watch right around now?" she giggled, forming a mental picture of Reese's husband standing open-mouthed and staring as they kissed and fondled each other.

"If he's good," Reese giggled after taking time to catch her breath. "I might let him join us sometime, that is, if you're up for it."

She pulled Tara close as she seductively wiggled her diminutive body into Tara's creating more delicious friction.

"You never know," gasped Tara, returning Reese's wicked grin. "But if that works out, it'd be fine with me!"

Tara leaned forward and planted another long, passionate kiss on Reese's welcoming lips, moving closer and draping her leg over Reese's thigh as she moved her hands up Reese's back to the back of her neck while the eager petite blonde did the same. This kiss lasted even longer than the last as Reese and Tara's breathing grew hotter and heavier; their tongues extended farther, probing the deepest recesses of their partner's mouth as each actresses lips alternated between opening wide and working overtime to pleasure the other; their fingers caressed the other's neck and hair; their chests bumped, ground and rubbed through their clothing, soon pressing tightly together as their breasts firmly flattened under their mutual exertion of seduction. Looking down and seeing their tits bunched up against those of the other, they shared a low chuckle as Tara leaned back a little, staring deep into Reese's eyes.

"Ummmmm! Reese, you taste sooo good!" Tara sighed. "But you have a shower to hop in and as wet as I am, I need one, too. We have those preparations to finish before Nicole shows up. We'd better hurry; we've got a lot to do!"

"True enough," Reese conceded, but not before she leaned in and kissed Tara again. "On the other hand, since we both need to shower, we can save time and shower together? I may as well level with you, you've ignited my firecrackers and I think I've lit your fuse too." Kissing Tara's trembling lips again, she added, "Besides, we can save the fucking till after Nicole's finished off...if you prefer."

"If you think we can wait that long," Tara teased as she returned Reese's kiss with one of her own. "But I'll tell you; if you kick Nicole's ass tonight I'll fuck the shit out of you. Love you two times, as the song says, if you make Nicole beg like you told me Theron did," Tara finished, her grin broadening as if to ask Reese what she thought of that.

Reese's answered as they both rose from the couch and headed for the shower, "Then clear your schedule, 'cause you won't be getting over me for a while."

They chuckled as they headed out of the den with their arms around each other's waist heading to the bedroom to disrobe for their double shower, Reese was thrilled that Tara had agreed to her suggestion to shower together; she could imagine Tara wanted another chance to explore her sexually as much as Reese herself wanted to delve into Tara's inner sanctum. Reese knew Ryan would love hearing all about what happened; every single dirty little detail. In time she'd have to discuss a possible three-way involving them sometime but for the present, she was planning to show her gratitude to Tara, giving her something in return for her help with the evening's event; something Tara would find pleasurable. Reese smiled, certain of her own abilities. If Tara anticipated the chance as much as Reese, she had no idea of the pleasure that would rack her slender body once they were alone in the shower with the water running.

As they removed their clothes, Reese and Tara giggled like schoolgirls doing it for the first time, though Reese had no idea while she was at Stanford University that she'd be fighting with one of Hollywood's biggest actresses in the course of her career. Thinking about Nicole fired her resentment again, but Reese kept it in check as there'd be plenty of time to vent once Nicole put in her appearance. There would be little point in allowing it to consume her now; especially when Tara was all revved up and ready to go!

Before long, the two friends were facing each other in the bedroom in nothing but g-string panties that caressed their nubile young bodies in a way that screamed for notice from anyone lucky enough to see them. They stared at each other a few moments, their excitement showing in their eyes, before padding toward each other on bare feet. They moved in close and shared another long, tongue-lashing kiss before turning to leave the bedroom for the shower.

"You're making me want to forget that meeting tonight, curvy," Tara teased as they walked into the bathroom. "I may have to chastise you for being naughty, you know."

"Chastise me?" Reese giggled. "I wouldn't count on it, hon. I think this is gonna be YOUR time to squeal."

Reese stepped into the shower, turning the hot water on and sticking a tentative hand under the streams. Playfully, she pulled her hand out, flicking the water into Tara's face, prompting a teasing exclamation of "Bitch!" as Reese bent to remove her g-string underwear, holding it like a slingshot before 'shooting' it at Tara. Tara turned, bent over and showed Reese her ass as she removed her own g-string, then turned around to display her bare front as she moved forward. She stepped into the shower holding her g-string in her hand as if she meant to tie Reese up with it. Reese grabbed Tara's wrists, holding her arms at bay as her eyes crawled up and down her slender body while Tara's gaze likewise explored every inch of Reese's lush frame from the delectable curve of her hips to the way her knees invitingly turned out as she stood passively waiting for whatever Tara wished to do to her. Reese's full breasts were damp from the water, her sweet angelic face beamed her million-dollar smile as the two lusting girls made eye contact again.

"The water feels great," Reese cooed seductively. "Why don't you join me? I've a special surprise for you..."

Intrigued by Reese's offer, Tara stepped into the shower and joined her under the running water. A few seconds later they were kissing passionately, their tongues entering the other's mouth as they caressed the areas under the jawbone to generate the most pleasure. Their damp bodies slithered and slipped together with a soft, wet smack sound as their hands glided over smooth bare flesh; their mouths exploring and sucking until they were face to face tongue-wrestling Their bodies crushed together in a tight, firm liplock as their tongues plunged as deep as they could go into the passages behind moaning lips. The water of the shower cascaded down onto their naked bodies, building an erotic atmosphere around their kissing and petting. One heavy kiss broke and an aroused Tara threw her head back, letting out a long, deep breath as her hands stole past Reese's waist and hips and covered her ass, patting her cheeks and squeezing them with a hunger that bordered on animal lust!

Tara kissed Reese's again, her hands roughly massaging her ass; pulling the short woman into her body as the petite blonde ground herself into Tara's drenched skin, her pussy urgently seeking out the hairy mound between Tara's legs, finding it and pressing hard into that spot. Reese's grinding elicited a gasp of pleasure from her tall partner and Tara grabbed her butt cheeks tighter, using Reese's own movements to abrade herself against the diminutive sex-kitten. Tara's belly began to move in time with Reese's as if trying to assist in the pleasure Reese was giving her! That was when Reese realized Tara was trying to take their arousal to a new level and she broke the kiss with a loud sucking noise and shoved Tara back against the side of the stall.

Reese stepped back so she could stare deeply into Tara's eyes as she cooed, "You're not the one fighting Nicole tonight, sweetie." A lusty smile crossed her angelic face and her voice sounded like sugar-sweetened honey washing all over Tara like the hot, steaming shower. "Now you just relax," she said breathily. "This's for you."

Holding Tara's arms pinned against the wall, Reese moved in, closing the distance between them until she bowed her head and put her mouth and tongue to work on Tara's soft neck. Tara found it highly erotic, having her arms held against the wall as her neck was subjected to Reese's nimble seduction. She felt herself growing even wetter as Reese continued to pleasure her, rubbing her breasts and belly on Tara's as she worked her way up to her ear; licking the sensitive lobe a few beats before rising up on her toes to plunge her tongue in Tara's sensitive ear canal.

Tara gasped as Reese stepped up her intensity, losing herself in the moment as if she never wanted it to stop. She couldn't believe her body could feel so stimulated by another woman, but it was happening!. Her eyes were squeezed tight shut, her breathing becoming louder, more rapid. Tara barely noticed when Reese released her wrists and dropped to her knees; lifting Tara's left leg over her shoulder as her lips moved to the furry slit between her quivering thighs. At the first touch of Reese's tongue caressing the sensitive folds of her labia, Tara's mouth opened wide and a loud moan escaped as Reese began working her clit with an expert precision only a Hollywood starlet could achieve.

Instinctively, Tara's hands grasped the wet blonde hair at either side of the head that was making her feel so good. She squeezed her eyes closed tight as she thought of Carson Daly pleasing her much the same as Reese was now. The picture shifted to an image of Reese on her back on the bathroom floor, her thickly muscled little legs scissoring Nicole's head, forcing the air from the trapped redhead until sobs of pain and humiliation came from the crevice between Reese's thighs; sobs that vibrated on Reese's pussy and sent waves of ecstasy rocketing up her spine to mushroom and explode in her head like a 1000 megaton warhead as Reese came over Nicole's trapped, flushed, tear-stained face, again and again and again as she cried out in absolute pleasure.

The sounds of Nicole's imagined cries merged with her own cries as Tara felt herself being inexorably pushed over the threshold of her own orgasm, faster and faster. Reese seemed to sense Tara was near the point of exploding as if still on the same wavelength, she licked harder and faster; her thumb scrubbing over the inflamed clitoris to assist her tongue in giving her girlfriend a hell of a climax. Tara's moans had grown so loud she could barely hear herself think and her last coherent thought before she exploded was to wonder how much Carson would have enjoyed watching. Then she screamed as the first waves of her orgasm shook her body, stiffening her muscles as Reese's tongue plowed on, showing no mercy as it plunging deeper still - cruelly and wonderfully sustaining Tara's pleasure as a second wave of the orgasm hit her, then a third, and a fourth, until Tara imagined she couldn't stand without Reese's support.

When it was over they were sitting on the shower stall floor; the water spurting down over their hot, naked bodies, their arms wrapped around one another in affectionate, loving embrace. It was a long time before either could talk, but finally Tara broke the silence.

"So, you think we should get the room ready now?" she asked, adding a mischievous giggle that Reese echoed wholeheartedly before sighing happily as that wicked smile crossing her face again. "I think it can wait just a little longer."

Since they had a moment to kill, they stayed under the shower sharing each other's heavy breathing as Tara slowly came down from her orgasm. The afterglow of the explosions Reese had built to be released in her loins felt to Tara more like ocean waves enveloping her slender body as she lay on the beach rather than a handful of droplets washing down on her from a shower head as her butt flattened on the tiles. But with another soft female body cuddling close, leaning in to kiss her and nibble her earlobe occasionally, Tara imagined her mind could travel, even though her thoughts kept returning to the woman beside her. Reese had pleasured Tara more than any boyfriend could have and being a woman herself, Reese knew exactly how to light a girl's fire! Reese wished this moment would never end but an inner voice kept reminding her time was growing short and of why she'd come. Sighing heavily, Reese began to collect herself.

During their time on the stall floor in the aftermath of Tara's orgasm, Reese was in heaven as well; both from seeing the effect she'd had on her friend and the promise Tara made to her for tonight if she beat Nicole. She was utterly lost in the yielding skin beside her, anticipating the pleasure Tara would bestow on her. Reese's libido was building more and more, fueled by the screams of ecstasy she caused in Tara while going down on her; unaware of how close their thoughts were as she too envisioned herself squeezing Nicole's head in a devastatingly tight head scissors; reveling in her screams as she crushed her while lovely Tara fingered herself as she watched.

Reese was considering the two of them fucking in front of Nicole's bound and gagged, half-conscious body when she suddenly felt Tara shift next to her. Seeing Tara was beginning to stir, Reese started to get up to follow her but then Tara leaned over and planting a soft, lingering, wet kiss on the blonde's lips. After a shocked gasp, the kiss was returned with much enthusiasm and an expression of desire as she stretched like a kitten.

"That was great!" Tara said, the words coming out as a long sigh. Feeling her body relaxing more and working out all the tension of the day's work, Reese started to turn her thoughts to what they had to do next but Tara wanted to close what they'd just shared on a positive note - to tell Reese how good she'd made her feel. "Nobody's ever made me feel that way before," Tara cooed, pulling Reese in to give her a wet kiss with her own tongue as Reese sighed from the feeling it gave her; the memory of her loins exploding in sheer release still fresh in her mind.

"I want to give it all back right now, and then some," Tara intoned as she massaged Reese's curvaceous stomach. "We could stay here as long as we want, to hell with Kidman. Pick up where we left off and the devil with that silly movie." Running her hand over Reese's damp breast, playfully tweaking her nipple, Tara somehow managed to find air in her lungs to continue. "But I guess I'll just have to wait 'til tonight, then I'll have all the time in the world to tongue-lash that pretty pussy." Pulling herself to her feet, she finished, "I guess we should get ready for when that bimbo Kidman gets here?"

As good as Reese felt, she remembered the preparations they had to make before the arrival of her opponent. Reese would have to regain her bearings and suppress her rising libido, saving it for her later encounter with Tara. For now, she had to settle the matter at hand. In a few seconds, she was once again all business; the same focused young rising star Hollywood thought her to be. Still, she gave Tara a little reminder of what she had in mind for later.

"Let's do it. But as soon as this is unpleasantness is over, I'm taking you up on your offer!"

Assuring Reese she couldn't wait either, Tara screwed her head on the right way for their plans for tonight. They dried themselves with a pair of towels; the large terry cloths massaging every inch of their naked bodies, ensuring all the water was wiped from them. The freshness her body felt after a long day of work revitalized Reese and put her in the right frame of mind. Afterward, they placed the towels in a laundry bag, jammed it with their street clothes and tossed the bag in a corner of the bedroom. They'd take care of that and more later on.

The first thing they had to do was to pick out what clothes they'd wear to greet Nicole when she walked in the door. Reese knew it was important to make an impression - a statement as it were. Still nude, they opened the dresser across from the bed, going through Reese's clothes she'd bought for the occasion. They were looking for something that would make a lasting impression for they assumed Nicole didn't know Tara would be there.

After selecting their ensembles, they went to the den to move the furniture out of the way and clear a large space in front of the door so there'd be plenty of room for Reese and Nicole to fight. With most of the chairs and tables packed safely away, they went about decorating each part of the hotel room to create the right atmosphere. They drew every curtain and dimmed the lights until there was only a soft glow to nicely complement the gathering darkness outside. The bedroom and den were only illuminated dimly so they had to strain their eyes to see ten feet in front of them. But as their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they returned to the bedroom and retrieved another bag Reese had brought from home and laid it beside the bed. Tara pulled out two handfuls of candles and holders and arranged them strategically in various places around the bedroom and the den, high enough they wouldn't be knocked over in what they suspected would be frenzied activity once the fight started.

When everything was finished and the room just dim enough to give an erotic mood, they lit every candle and stepped back to take a breather and admire their handiwork. Smiling, they moved into the kitchen area to put on tea, since they still had time before Nicole's arrival time and wanting something to soothe themselves so there'd be no unnecessary tension between them in light of their hard work. The light in the kitchen was dimmed like the rest of the suite, but the actresses found their way easily and filled a pot with water to make tea. They watched until it started to boil, then got tea bags and sugar from a small cupboard and milk from the refrigerator. Pouring the water, they saw there was still water left if they wanted a second cup.

In a few moments they were back on the couch by the window, sipping tea and waiting, Tara eagerly and Reese with just a bit of concern, for Nicole. The hot tea and milk went down their throats nicely and, unlike earlier, they left the TV off and sat in the dark listening to the traffic sounds in the street far below. It was a comfortable feeling as they sat listening to the traffic; the material of their matching miniskirts gently caressing their bare legs; the same for their identical tops brushing lightly across their erect nipples as they breathed. Things became more comfortable when Tara, moved by the atmosphere of the dim lights and the quietude of the room, put her tea down, turned and began to massage Reese's shoulders. Tara could feel the tension in Reese's body and thought she'd be better able to handle Nicole if she worked out a little of it. At the first touch of her hands, Reese mewled like a cat and turned her head as far as she could go to tease her friend about what she was doing; getting the same sense as before, maybe a little stronger from the intimate setting.

"Changed your mind?" Reese asked with a coy sweetness.

"Nope!" Tara teased back as her fingers massaged more firmly. "That's still to come later. Just wanted to work out the kinks before the big fight!"

But Reese definitely had the idea Tara wanted her, and she wanted them to take each other right then and there on the couch. At any rate, she welcomed her masseuse's comforting hands, appreciating the help Tara had been - and would be later - tonight. In a few minutes, Reese felt much more relaxed as she leaned back into Tara's arms. Suddenly, there was a hard series of rapid, insistent knocks at the door. The knocks were hard and confident, even a little haughty. Reese and Tara exchanged a look, knowing who it was! They'd told the front desk they were expecting a visitor and for them to send her straight up. Reese rose from the couch, hardening her angelic face as she strode across the room. At the door, paused a second or two to compose herself, inhaled deeply and opened it with a brisk, confident swing. She smiled as she found herself staring up into the hard face of her rival, Nicole Kidman!

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