Boxing After Dark: Jewel Kilcher vs Liv Tyler (I) by simguy 5/7/2001

Big hitters bragging rights on the line in this one - Tyler looking to step up in class against a girl with proven sock - someone's getting hurt tonight. Tyler still a one-punch at a time slugger - Kilcher's evolved from a similar place to where she's now one of the busiest light/welterweights around. If there's no KO - Jewel has to be favoured to win a decision as a result. Tyler in french maid red velvet push up and panties, white lace trim - Jewel in black French maid push up and panties, white lace trim, tight ponytail.

Round 1: Kilcher stomping across the ring, getting her shoulders rolling, bobbing her head - she steps to Liv with a pawing left and KILCHER GOES DOWN!! Tyler timing a short right hand counter on the offered chin - sends Jewel sprawling to her face seconds in as the crowd gasps in shock. Brutal, brutal shot - somehow Jewel gets to her feet but she is glazed, reeling as the ref wipes her gloves and pronounces her fit for duty. Tyler cold, expressionless as she walks Jewel down - taps her jab to Jewel's lips then drives in on that golden belly with a plunging straight right - Kilcher gut-shot, gurgles to the ropes. Forlorn hope on the perimeter - blonde swooning out on her feet - Tyler taking her time, putting sick leverage onto left hooks under the elbow or blistering short right hands on the chops. Kilcher unable to defend herself - this is her legs and heart making a stand as Tyler takes her apart with awful single shot bombs.

Beating slides mercilessly to Jewel's corner - Tyler palming the blondes' shiny shoulders then going to work - pumping straight punches to the body, propping Jewel up to drift right hands to the face, then back downstairs. Finally, a battered Jewel can take no more, folding forward as Liv jerks short left uppercuts into the overhanging ledge of Kilcher's bra until she spreads out on the canvas, face down and out.
KO1 Liv Tyler and her lips curl into a cruel grin as she plants her foot on Jewel's backside and stares down on the loser.
Words can't describe the shock - Jewel Kilcher absolutely destroyed by Liv Tyler in one of the most violent rounds on record. Jewel horribly hurt by the first freakish right hand Tyler threw, catching the blonde perfectly and all but winning the fight - only Kilcher's pride and puncher's hope kept her around to take the most savage beating of her career. Tyler a nice kid, but overwhelmed by her own destructive potential, took the time to pose on Kilcher - that's the kind of thing that comes back to haunt a fighter. Still, if this game's all about hurting a girl, then finishing her - Tyler's one quick study.
B.A.D: Jewel Kilcher vs Liv Tyler (II) by simguy 5/21/2001

Tyler rampaging through the welterweights, visiting and revisiting the same stomping grounds in humiliating victories over Farrell and Kilcher, returns to double up on Jewel in a fight that has become a classic grudge match.

"It ends here," says Jewel of Liv's reign of terror. "She put her foot on me last time out and she's got to pay for that."

Liv in burgundy velvet French Maids bra and panties, white lace trim - Jewel in teal tankini, tight ponytail.

Round 1: Jewel obviously adjusting to her KO at Liv's hands last time out. Kilcher going mouth-on-shoulder early, staying close, not throwing her combinations just yet, giving Tyler fewer chances to counter. Girls leaning in on one another, taking turns tying up the opponent's right arm to deliver thick right hands to the waist. Heavy, heavy body punching - arms shivering to a halt upon impact - Tyler also curling in some short right uppercuts on the chin. Jewel taking the punches well, but she finds her back against the ropes late - probably loses the round as a result. Bodies wetly pried apart by the ref at the bell.

Round 2: Second verse same as the first - struggling cheek to cheek, giving it to each other hard in the belly, tying up one another's right arms to get off. Midway through the punishing action, Jewel steps back, keeping her head on Liv, and suddenly driving back in with a set up hook on Tyler's ear, then a savage hook to the solar plexus that lands with a leathery crack. Tyler straightens and pulls away, actually turning her back on Jewel, then crumbling to her hands and knees in delayed reaction. Ref kneeling beside the sobbing Tyler - Liv spitting out her mouthpiece and trying to get off her knees as the count is shouted into her ear - IT'S OVER!

KO2 Jewel Kilcher as she leaves Tyler paralyzed on all fours with a wicked body shot.

Sweet revenge for Jewel ends Tyler's remarkable run - Liv bitter and inconsolable in defeat, remains to be seen how she'll come back from a stoppage like this. Jewel's been up, she's been down - she's philosophical about the win, "Liv's got to realize that there's not much difference between the top girl and the 10th girl - especially in this division. She came in here thinking she was invulnerable and that's a bad space to be in. Hopefully she'll learn from this and be a more respectful fighter in the future. Otherwise, I just might have to take her to school again! Be good, Liv."
B.A.D. Liv Tyler vs Jewel Kilcher (III) by simguy 6/9/2002

Girls anxious, but excited at the prospect of going up 2-1 lifetime against the other. Match up features one of the purest style contrasts in boxing. "Jewel needs to keep her hands free, stay busy and come forward," notes one long time scribe and Krusher Kamp follower. "Liv's the exact opposite - she needs to slow things down, place her shots - she'll be looking to pole-ax Jewel with a timing punch."

Jewel's lack of recent activity not a factor - Liv's been even more incognito since they last met. Liv in red bikini, hair back, Jewel in teal bandeau bikini, slick ponytail.

Rounds 1-2: Jewel has her way - she's got Liv leaning against the ropes. Blonde working out of her crouch, ripping explosive combinations up and down brunette's sides and cashing in on chin with wide lefts or rights at the end of brisk sequences. Tyler selective, standing up tall, pushing and palming, pulling on Jewel's head and turning over the odd cuffing counter, but she's outworked and banged up in these opening stanzas.

Rounds 3-4: Liv gets her agenda across. Tyler fading to the ropes, then tying up head and right arm on Jewel, walking the blonde back, making her feel her weight. Liv slowing the fight down, pushing Jewel off mid-ring, then touching her a forget-me-not jab, bending in with a sucker right hand as Jewel tries to get back inside, then clinching up to walk the blonde around some more. Punch n' clutch effective for Tyler, she's slowing the pace, landing some choice right hands on Jewel's sturdy chin in between waltzes.

Rounds 5-6: Jewel back in control. Fifth sees ripping punches, especially to the body as Kilcher backs Liv to the ropes, hunkers down and gets her hips in behind slamming right/lefts on the waist. Tyler open mouthed, hurting - she's palming on Jewel's shoulders, trying to control the blonde's head, but Kilcher won't be bound. Jewel slugging through the defense, jamming Liv strong into the ropes whenever the brunette tries to tie up and walk off. 6th goes as a hard working shutout for Kilcher as she camps out on Liv's chest and scrubs her up with constant punching to the bell.

Round 7: Jewel taking a breather - Liv has some room to operate. Tyler comfortable starting out with her back to the ropes, but always looking to clinch, walk, then shove, getting Jewel moving backwards and taking punches again. Kilcher out of her rhythm, trying to bob in close, but she's getting picked up and rejected as Tyler stays calm, shoots a flat footed jab, a driving right cross and a sweet right uppercut to send Jewel back outside time and again. After 7, both girls are lumping up nicely - Jewel's done yeoman work to the body however - Tyler's looking worse for wear on her stool.

Round 8: Jewel deploying the jab from the crouch, flicking it up at Liv's face, diving in with the spearing right to the ribcage, then chop-chop-chopping her way up the torso with those rattling wide combinations. Liv lounging on the ropes, standing up tall - she's getting her face spanked as Jewel is able to punish the midriff, then clout across the pouting mouth of her foe. Tyler taking a great punch, but she's not offering back, and she's not all that hard to hit when Kilcher gets it going.

Round 9: Jewel with another strong first minute, getting her head under Liv's chin, crouching out of Tyler's clinch, then bringing it back hard with bushels of banging punches. Liv lands a shocking right uppercut counter off the ropes at the end of the first minute to back Jewel up - blonde wanders back inside again, but elects to clinch with the delayed effects of the shot. Tyler walking her girl back, slowing the action. Tyler pushing off, pawing the jab - all sultry, flat footed stuff from Liv as she measures, shuffles, walks away then DRILLS Jewel a crashing right hand clean on the chin. Blonde never sees it - big head snap Kilcher and she SPRAWLS to her back OUT COLD!
KO9 Liv Tyler in SENSATIONAL fashion!

After: Wha' hoppen? Jewel banging out a points lead in this back and forth scrap, ready to apply the final mop up when it's over in a thunderclap. Tyler erasing Kilcher with a single stroke of that right mitt. Liv letting her hair loose, getting watered down by her attendants, laughing, chatting it up. Then, soon as Jewel is ready - Liv Tyler bundles her up for display. Hardhearted walk of shame that Kilcher doesn't deserve - Tyler guiding her woozy foe with a hand around her waist, pinching soft flesh as she stuffs her in each corner in turn like so much blonde luggage as she engages in extended 'kiss 'n' wave' photo ops.

The press eats it up, but it's uncalled-for! Jewel sick as Liv takes cruel advantage of her in all four corners before steering her back to her corner where Liv turns Jewel around to face her, puts her hands on her shoulders and then slams her butt down on her stool with a wet SLAP! Jewel slumps, head bowed, as Liv dances back across the ring to her own corner after putting an emphatic exclamation mark at the end of this fight!