Lil' Kim (4'11") vs. Darva Conger (5'7") by Ginny

Diana Lee smiled, took another sip of her Sherry and put her feet up on the desk in Christy Hefner's office. Everything was going according to plan. Now, all she had to do was wait for her "girls" to report back and tell her the final parts of her plan had been put in place. Just then, the door opened and Cady Cantrell appeared. Right behind her, with a hand on Cady's shoulder and the other holding a short leather leash attached to the collar around Cady's neck, was a beaming Neriah Davis.

"How'd it go?" Diana asked, swinging around and putting her muscular legs down so her feet touched the floor as she turned to face Cady. "Did our girl do as we instructed?"

"Oh yeah," Neriah laughed as she gave Cady's bottom a 'friendly' squeeze, then jerked the leash and forced Cady to her knees in front of Diana. "She finally learned her lesson it looks like. She ran the script just like you wrote it, didn't ya bitch?"

"Yes'm," Cady mumbled, her eyes downcast.

Diana grinned. It had been a long and difficult process, but finally Cady had been broken just as she and her minions had broken Hope Marie Carlton before her. It seemed "C" might become Diana's favorite letter of the alphabet. She reminded herself to check the list of Playmates in Christy's desk to see whose name was next on the list of "lucky ladies" to get her attention.

Diana's mental musing was interrupted by the door opening as Renee Tenison and her twin sister Rosie burst in all excited. She looked up and gave a sigh of relief. It was clear from the expression on Renee's face their task, like Neriah's, had met with success.


A month ago, Playboy Magazine appeared on the newsstands in a flurry of media attention. Hef and his devious daughter Christy managed to land the "Marry a Millionaire" girl herself, Darva Conger, for a pictorial. Needless to say, the news was greeted with less than full enthusiasm by the Playmates most of whom had worked their asses off to win the right to appear in Playboy. That this "dimbo" as one called her, could just waltz in and get a pictorial spread simply because she was too dumb to know what she was getting herself into, was more than many of them could stand. That's when Diana Lee stepped in.

Diana had insinuated herself into the confidence of the naïve Christy Hefner soon after she took over the editorial reins of the magazine. Diana quickly proved herself to be a "good friend" on numerous occasions, offering suggestions on articles, helping to select girls for pictorials and - more than once - a couple of steamy sessions in Christy's mansion bedroom when the editor needed a 'pick me up'."

So it was no surprise when Diana heard that rapper Lil' Kim was to appear at the mansion in July for a concert that she suggested an idea to Christy (one night in bed) that seemed like a great way to get a 'kinky' pictorial about one of the mansion's parties. It helped a lot that Christy herself didn't have any fondness toward Darva, but Diana knew Christy wasn't the one she needed to convince. That's why she enlisted her friends Renee and Rosie and had Neriah bring the now-docile Cady along. Cady was the key, Diana knew that, but she also knew that after their last fight Cady would do whatever Neriah told her. Events proved her correct.

Diana dispatched Renee and Rosie Tenison to welcome Lil' Kim when she arrived at the mansion and show her to her dressing room. Then they went to work on preparing her for Diana's surprise. Meanwhile, Diana used her wiles to convince Christy that - despite her antipathy toward the 'blonde bimbo' - she should invite Darva to attend Lil Kim's concert. Diana even arranged for a date for Darva, one with sufficient cache (and cash) to ensure blond would have to show up. Sure enough, that part of the plan worked too. Diana was on a roll!

While Lil' Kim was changing for her show, Renee and Rosie were giving her the "sell" as instructed by Diana. At the same time, Neriah and Cady were working on Darva. At a signal from Neriah, Cady slipped in and diverted Darva's date's attention - something she wasn't just good at, she was outstanding - while Neriah pulled Darva aside to have a quiet chat with her.

Following Diana's instructions, Neriah first inflated Darva's ego by telling her how excited all the girls were to, "have somebody famous like you here," then conspiratorially gushed about how excited they were at the prospect of, "seeing you in the ring."

"Huh," Darva doh'ed dimly.

"Oh," Neriah said with feigned disappointment, "didn't they ask you to do an exhibition? They usually have all the celebrities from the magazine do a little show, you know, in private for the rich and powerful men that hang out here."

"No, what exhibition?" Darva asked scratching her head as if trying dimly to remember if someone had said something about an 'exhibition'. "What are you talking about? Christy never said anything about ..."

"Oh, never mind," Neriah said patting Darva's arm solicitously. "Maybe they found someone a little, what can I say, more marketable. But it's usually someone from a recent issue and I don't think Roseanne's spread has published yet."

"Roseanne!" Darva gasped. "My God, they can't ignore me for that bloated blimpo. Who can I talk to so I can get in one of those exhibitions?"

"You're one lucky girl," Neriah said as she winked over Darva's shoulder to Diana who had been watching their conversation. "See that woman over there?" she pointed to Diana Lee who pretended to be in deep conversation with Christy but was keeping an eye on Neriah's progress. "She's in charge of the entertainment tonight. Let her know you're interested and I'm sure she'll move heaven and earth to give someone of your stature the exposure you deserve. Good luck."

Darva thanked Neriah and hurried across the room to chat up Diana about her chances of getting into an "exhibition" although she still had no clue what they were or what it was about. When Darva came panting up to her, Diana gave Christy a peck on the cheek to establish her place in the mansion's pecking order and turned her dazzling eyes on Darva. After a gushing babble of meaningless drivel about how excited she was to be at the mansion, Darva asked Diana if, "...there's anyway you can get me some exposure in an exhibition tonight?"

"As a matter of fact," Diana said, "you're in luck. Christy was just telling me someone had to cancel out tonight and we're looking for someone to go on with Lil Kim after her performance. How's that sound to you?"

Darva squealed, "Lil Kim, you're NOT serious! But I'm no singer. I mean, I dance a little, but nothing professional. I don't know..."

Diana jerked the line to set the hook, "Oh, OK. I guess maybe another time, if you're invited back to the mansion, maybe we'll find something for you. Too bad, though. That stud you're with tonight mentioned to Cady how much he liked our shows. Seeing you in one might really land him, but if you have doubts I understand."

Then Diana shut up and let Darva do the rest for herself. It didn't take more than about 30 seconds. As Diana turned around as if to go, Darva suddenly grabbed her arm.

"No, wait! I'll do it. Just tell me what I have to do."

Diana sighed as if her having to explain things to Darva was a task. However, she quickly briefed Darva on what was involved in doing "an exhibition."

"You see," she said as if she were explaining nuclear fission to a third grader, "when the rich, famous and powerful come to the mansion they expect to see certain, eh, 'things' and one of the most popular is a women's wrestling match."

"Wrestling?" Darva whined, "I can't wrestle. I might as well try to sing as to wrestle."

"Oh, you silly goose," Diana reassured her pigeon, "it's not real wrestling. Usually, a couple of the playmates just get in the ring and roll around, play slap and tickle and then one pins the other. It's more about selling the 'aura' of sexuality than about wrestling. It's really pretty much like that 'Millionaire' show you did. I mean, nobody really believed you two were really getting married. It's the same with the wrestling, it's just a show for the audience."

"I don't know," Darva waffled, "I'm not sure I can appear in front of an audience nude. If it was..."

"Nude? Who said anything about nude," Diana quickly corrected. "You'll be wearing a bikini, and a modest one at that. So will Lil Kim, you don't think an artist of her reputation would appear naked do you? Even at the Playboy mansion she's adamant about keeping her clothes on. It's just a show for goodness sakes."

Darva visibly relaxed and Diana even heard the willowy blonde sigh with relief.

"OK," she said, "I'll do it. You just be sure my date has a front row seat. I'm not going to get all sweaty for nothing. I expect him to have the best seat in the house for my performance. Now, when do Kim and I get to meet. I want to go over a few things with her."

"Oh," Diana said, pursing her lips seriously. "But Lil Kim is just getting ready to go on stage. But don't worry, all you have to do is go out to the ring, the two of you grab each other and roll around a little. Once one of you has the other pinned where she can't escape, the referee will slap the mat and you both get a standing ovation. Just be sure you both work up a nice sexy sweat so the guys get to see you lathered up before you end it. You're a lot bigger than Lil Kim, so I'm counting on you to carry her until we've given them a good show. OK?"

Darva fairly beamed as she eagerly nodded, "Sure. But where's my suit?"

"Don't worry about a suit. The mansion has a full wardrobe of sizes and styles. I'll even help you pick out a real hot number. Now, why don't you rejoin that handsome guy of yours before Cady steals him. I'll call you about a half hour before Kim's show is over. You'll have plenty of time to change while they set up the ring."

And so the stage was set for the epic battle.


After Lil Kim finished her performance, the petite and toned rapper leaped off the stage. Her costume left little to the imagination and she wouldn't have had it any other way. She was proud of her tightly muscled, mocha-cream body and showed it off at any possible opportunity. Tonight, with a crowd of "invitation only" VIPs in the crowd, she'd taken advantage of the venue and gone with her preferred, "less is more" costume. A pair of pasties at the tips of her full, firm little breasts and thong panties with an open- mesh dress that gave the White folks a good look at a body sculpted by many hours of working out in gyms.

As Kim bounded off the stage, she flung the sheer wrap to the floor and ran up to Renee Tenison, her eyes blazing with competitive fire.

"Well, where's that honky bitch they say wants a piece'a me? Watta's the matta, she scare to show herself?"

"She'll be here soon," Renee said, putting a hand lightly on Kim's shoulder. "Just remember what I said. Whitey love to see a sister get her ass beat. These 'limousine liberals' get off on seeing one of their own do a sister. Tonight, they got a real prize piece in you. A rich bitch sista from the hood who don't know 'her place'. I warned you this is no place for you, but you insist on doin' it."

Kim scoffed, "Ain't no skinny White whore can handle THIS sista, girlfriend. I seen dat bitches pitcher in that rag-zine. That Conga's all skin and bones, she ain't nothin'. I'm gonna rip her a new asshole with all her lily White friends watchin' me do it."

Then, the lights dimmed and Diana Lee picked up the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a rare treat for those of you used to watching a couple of our lovely playmates in action. We have a woman who's fame is worldwide, a rare beauty who has endured a lot of nasty talk but came through it with her pride intact, Miss Darva Conger."

Darva came jogging down the aisle from her dressing room to loud applause. The modest blonde wore a demure white bikini that made her tanned flesh and gold-blonde hair fairly glow in the spotlight that shown on her. Diana had chosen Darva's costume well. The top had large, slightly padded cups to make her small-but-firm-and-perky breasts look larger than anyone who saw the magazine knew they really were. The lower half covered her both front and rear but the sides were laced and drew the eye to her sinewy thighs and firm, round bottom. It was an ideal outfit for someone with Darva's "limitations."

Lil Kim waited for her in the ring, her nearly bare breasts, cleavage and, indeed her entire body, glistening with sweat after her strenuous routines during her show. Her little round belly rose and fell rapidly just above the line of her thong panties. Both women were in their bare feet.

"Her opponent tonight, the woman you've all just had the pleasure of watching on stage, the Gotham Tiger herself, Lil Kim!"

The audience stood and cheered loudly and Kim looked surprised at receiving a louder "pop" than the blonde. Renee quickly whispered to her it was more about her performance and their own social unease than any real affection for her. Then Diana called for quiet and made a second announcement that stirred everyone to murmuring and whispering excitedly among themselves, even the Playmates seated among the guests.

"Tonight's match will be a special rules contest. As seconds for the match, Renee Tenison for Lil Kim and for Darva, her second will be Cady Cantrell!"

"NOOO!" wailed Cady when she heard her name. "I won't! This isn't fair!"

"Hey, what's the big fuss about?" Kim asked Renee. "You're smiling like you just swallowed something sweet. What's going on with her? What's a special rules match anyway? Am I getting screwed here?"

"Oh relax. I don't think you have anything to worry about," Renee assured her new friend, patting her on one of her bare bottom cheeks. "The fight's basically no rules, anything goes, just the way you want. Afterwards, the winner gets the losers 'second' for the night and the winners 'second' gets the loser. If you're half as good as I think, you're gonna enjoy Cady Cantrell while my sister Rosie and I have to figure out how to 'pick the bones' of that bird's carcass." She motioned toward Darva who looked even more confused than Kim since no one was telling her what was going.

Cady was beside herself - or more accurately, she was beside Neriah who had a firm grip on Cady's leash as the busty blonde strained to get to Christy Hefner. Cady protest having to be 'second' for Darva, realizing both of them were being set up by Diana. She had no intention of going down with the skinny blonde former emergency room nurse, ex-multimillionairess and current Playmate pictorial subject.

After a whispered discussion with Diana Lee, Christy Hefner took the microphone, smiled and pointed at Cady as she said seriously, "If you refuse to be Darva's second, and fulfill all the obligation the role implies, I'm afraid we have no choice but to invoke clause 36(d) of your Playmate Standard Contract. You won't like that Cady my dear, because Diana and Neriah will be the ones who act for me if you force my hand."

Cady's body sagged as she realized she had been trapped. She swallowed and nodded to Christy, indicating her surrender to the terms the publisher's twisted daughter demanded. Neriah led Cady to Darva's corner and unsnapped the leash.

"What's going on?" Darva whined in that annoyingly nasal voice of hers as she looked at Cady and shivered when she saw the tears welling in the buxom blonde's beautiful eyes.

"Just win the fight, Darva. No matter what, you have to win this fight," Cady gushed quickly.

Before Darva could respond, the bell rang! Cady quickly shoved Darva out into the ring but as the tall, willowy blonde turned to confront Kim, the dark little rap performer slammed into the blondes stomach with her shoulder. The impact knocked Darva back into the ropes where she sat on the middle strand holding her belly and gasping for air. But just for a moment.

Kim threw herself at Darva, grabbed two handfuls of her long, straw-colored hair and with a loud grunt, swung the slender celebrity around in a semi-circle and then flung her halfway across the ring. Darva's lanky body stretched out parallel to the mat as she sailed until she crashed to the mat on her chest and stomach with her long legs extended and lay still. Only a soft, "oooooooh!" from the crowd broke the silence of the exhibition hall.

Kim ran over and kicked Darva in the ribs as she lay gasping on the mat. If she'd been wearing shoes or boots, she'd likely have snapped a couple but she did make Darva twist her body into a ball which satisfied her almost as much. Kim slammed her heel over and over into Darva's ribs, back and legs as Darva whimpered and tried to crawl to the ropes to escape the madwoman she was trapped in the ring with. The only thing Darva wanted at that moment OUT of there, just as fast and as far as her long, spindly legs could take her. But others had different ideas.

Darva crawled out under the ropes but Renee Tenison and her sister Rosie grabbed her by the wrists and ankles, swung her a couple of times, then tossed her back into the ring at Kim's feet. Darva looked up, her eyes wide with terror, just in time to see Kim descending with her knee extended. Kim buried her knee in Darva's belly and a couple of the women in the audience gasped as the long, lean body jackknifed upward at both ends before it collapsed back to the mat. Darva gagged and started to vomit, but Kim showed no pity for the pain she was inflicting on this spoiled White woman.

When Darva rolled over holding her stomach retching, Kim dropped to one knee behind her and pulled at the tie on the back of Darva's bikini top. She never realized what was happening until she felt the top slipping down her chest and then it was too late! Darva grabbed the cups with both hands to protect her modesty, but it just left her unable to defend herself from Kim's unrelenting attack.

Kim held Darva's left ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring, then dropped and kneed the blonde in the back of the thigh. Instantly, Darva's leg cramped up and she forgot about her top as she grabbed her leg and writhed in pain. As Darva tried to sit up, Kim took a stride forward and kicked her in the middle of the chest, knocking her flat onto her back and sending the unrestrained top of her bikini flying into the crowd. Now topless, Darva rolled on the mat clutching her leg and weeping unabashedly.

Kim strutted around the fallen blondes body, stopping every few seconds to kick her downed opponent or even disdainfully spit on her. She'd stop, strike a pose for the audience, flex her biceps or show off her rippled abs, then she'd kick Darva again, making it impossible for the gasping blonde to catch her breath or even get to her feet. A few fans shifted restlessly in their seats and one boorish lout booed Kim but he was quickly shouted into embarrassed silence by a half-dozen others.

Darva managed to get to her knees as Kim displayed her pretty, petite and perky body to the crowd, but just when it looked like she was about to get back into the fight, Kim spun around, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her 3/4ths of the way across the ring and slammed her face-first into the corner turnbuckle. Darva's long body telescoped and she would have fallen if Kim hadn't quickly caught her under her limp arms and pushed her head and shoulders through the gap between the middle and top ropes. Darva's torso lay draped over the cables supporting the ropes with her long, limp legs stretched out inside the ring.

Kim laughed as she straddled Darva's sinewy thighs and grasped her bikini bottom at the hips, paused dramatically, then with a couple of easy pulls, untied the laces holding the front and back halves of the suit together. A quick pull and the two halves - attached only by the thin strip of cloth between Darva's legs - came off in Kim's hands. She waved it triumphantly over her head as she paraded around the ring, then tossed it aside and walked back to Darva who was trying to extricate herself from the corner.

Kim ran and kicked her foot up between Darva's legs so hard the blonde's hips lifted several inches. Her pained cry turned to strangled sobs as her long body slid down off the turnbuckle and curled into a tight ball at Kim's feet. The dark warrior lifted Darva's head using a fistful of her bedraggled blonde hair and peered deep into her tortured soul. She knew Darva had given up, that there was no resistance left in her. Now it was time for some fun. Reaching back to her shoulder, Kim swung as hard as she could and slammed her fist down into the side of Darva's jaw. The tall blonde was driven flat on her face where she lay without moving. It was a cruel and yet overwhelmingly dominant display of the tiny woman's power!

With Darva unconscious in the ring, Kim did a little dancing for the White folks, swiveling her hips and caressing her bosom provocatively. She even rolled Darva over and did a lewd little bit of business on the unwary woman's face, much to the delight of most of the crowd. She even got a microphone and did an impromptu rap.

Some say da man gonna hold us down,

I know dat's bull - lookit dis here clown;

she think she tough - she ain't got da stuff,

now dis here sista's gonna do her tuff

Renee and Rosie Tenison at ringside joined in on the chorus.




Kim tossed the microphone to Renee and took something that Rosie had been carrying in her bag. She held it up to show the crowd and everyone gasped at the sight. It was a large, thick, black strap-on dildo - an anatomically accurate model of Kim's former lover and her music mentor's member, the late and lamented "Notorious B.I.G." Kim walked around the entire circumference of the ring to give everyone a good look at it, leaving no doubt he'd earned the sobriquet, "Biggie." In fact, Kim had named her dildo 'Biggie' in his honor! An older White woman in the front row fanned herself rapidly - but whether it was to keep from fainting at the grotesque sight or cool her arousal at the thought of the huge black object being forcibly imbedded in her was impossible to know.

Kim slapped Darva awake and pulled her to her hands and knees by the hair, then dragged her over to the ropes right in front of where Christy Hefner and Diana Lee were sitting together and draped her over the middle ropes so her bare bottom was sticking up in the air. Kim made a show of buckling on the massive dildo and once it was firmly in place, she kicked Darva's quivering legs wider apart and moved in behind her. She grabbed Darva by the hair with one hand and reached down between their bodies with the other. She gave Darva's pussy a little massage to get her ready, then slapped her bottom a couple of times just for fun.

Darva red-faced, still half-conscious, felt her body respond to Kim's skilled fingering, however, she was still totally unprepared when Kim slowly spread her labia, inserted the tip of the dildo and leaned into her butt, sliding the thick, dark shaft deep inside her. Darva lifted her head, her red-rimmed eyes wide, and screamed as Kim put her full 100 pounds behind the thick dildo and wedged it deep inside the weak blonde. Darva's feet kicked, her hands clawed at the edge of the ring and her lips curled wantonly as she felt herself impaled on the prick of the dusky dominatrix rapper.

The audience sat in rapt silence as, with a soft, "slap, slap, slap" Kim's rounded little belly beat a tattoo against the tight bottom of the up-ended blonde. Despite her revulsion at what was happening to her, Darva felt the heat building in her loins as Kim hauled back on her hair with one hand and reached around to tweak and tug at her hard, erect little nipples until - denying her wishes and surrendering to her desire, Darva exploded in a screaming, thrashing, orgasm that brought the crowd to their feet applauding the efforts of the mocha-toned rap artist.

Kim leaned over Darva's sweat-slick back, her bulbous breasts flattening on the bony white back and gave her partner a little kiss on the back of the neck. Straightening, Kim pulled back with a wet sound and watched Darva's pale body slip down from between the ropes until it puddled at her feet. She turned slowly, letting the lights above the ring sparkle and glitter from the fluids that coated "Biggie." Then she unfastened the massive member and looped it over her shoulder, letting the thick, wet, sticky rod hang beneath her armpit.

"You enjoyed that didn't you, you haughty bitch," Kim whispered to Darva as she slowly raised herself on her elbows, hoping her ordeal was at last over, yet knowing there was more humiliation yet to come.

"Noooooo," Darva gasped, shaking her head. "Please, no more..."

Kim laughed and jerked Darva up to her knees, then reached down and whipped off her panties to expose the thick, deep, dark thicket of wiry black hair covering her moist pussy. As Darva struggled against Kim's grip on her hair and tried to shake her head no, even put her hands on the thick thighs of the young Black artist, Kim pulled her face closer and closer until her mouth was pressed against the swollen thick lips of her aroused sex.

"Now," Kim whispered, "it's your turn to pleasure me."

Darva pushed against Kim's thighs, tried to squirm and crawl away, but Kim held her tightly by the hair. Then Kim bent Darva's head back, slid the dildo down her arm, grasped it by the base and smacked the cringing blonde across the face with the wet end of it. Then she brought it back and smacked her again.

Holding the wet dildo over Darva's head Kim told her, "I can keep this up all day. I'll slap you until your lips are too swollen to kiss and your eyes too blind to see. But your tongue will still be in shape to lick me dearie. I'll beat you within an inch of your worthless life, but sooner or later you'll do what I want. Come on, make it easy on yourself and do it."

Darva whimpered, tears rolled down her pink cheeks and she stuck her tongue in Kim's pussy. It didn't take much talent on Darva's part, Kim was so aroused by what had already happened she climaxed in no time. Then she pushed Darva to the mat, kicked her in the stomach and threw back her head, puffed out her chest and, like the proud Black woman she was, walked over to the corner where Cady was cowering. Kim climbed through the ropes, took Cady's leash and jumped off the ring apron. She yanking Cady off her perch and she fell at Kim's feet. Cady scrambled to her feet and meekly allowed Kim to lead her down the aisle toward her dressing room to begin her night of terror.

Renee and Rosie Tenison laughed as they leaned into the ring and pulled a limp and unresisting Darva out under the bottom ropes. The blonde's body was limp as they supported her between them and half-carried and half-dragged her off to the dressing room she had left full of eager confidence not 30 minutes before. It would be a long night for Darva and Cady, but one that Diana would enjoy equally as much as that was the night she cemented her dominance over Christy Hefner and gained control of all the Playmates in the Playboy Empire.

Lil Kim won the vote over Darva Conger 162-141
(NOTE: We haven't seen the last of Cady Cantrell, Neriah Davis, Diana Lee or Renee Tenison. Trust us!)