Britney Spears vs. Lil Kim by nat 3/5/01

Britney Spears and Lil Kim were both scheduled to perform at the MTV Awards show. Due to a scheduling mix-up, they were both assigned to the same dressing room. Britney arrived first and when told of the mix-up, just shook her head ad went on into the dressing room. Kim came shortly after her, and was pissed when she learned she had to share.

"I don't wanna have to share with that Barbie doll looking bitch."

Britney was just inside the door and heard Kim's tantrum.

"That talentless bitch can't sing or dance, I deserve a private dressing room."

Then Britney came out of her dressing room and pretended she hadn't heard Kim's comments. She politely invited her in, telling everyone else to leave, that they'll work it out between them.

When they were alone in the room, Britney say, " I heard you mouthing off out there!"

Kim goes "Yeah? So what are you gonna do 'bout it you stuck up, little white trash, teen bitch?"

Britney's face flushed red as she got in Kim's face, looked down at her and said, "You better watch that trash mouth of yours, LITTLE girl!"

Kim pushed her chest into Britney's stomach, raised up on her tip-toes and said, "Just 'cus I'm short don't mean I cain't whip your tight white ass Missy. Don't start sumthin' you cain't finish!"

Kim raised her hands to Britney's bionic bosom and pushed her away. Britney took a step back, then leaned into Kim and pushed her back. Rising to the challenge, Kim slapped Britney hard enough to turn her head. Britney stopped to rub her cheek, then she slapped Kim back.

Smiling, Kim stepped back and slipped out of her bright red leather jacket. Then, wearing a red miniskirt and red tanktop, Kim dove at Britney and tackled her. Britney, still wearing her black leather pants and a black tanktop, was surprised by the strength of the small rapper and quickly found herself flat on her back with Lil Kim on top of her. Kim rammed Britney's head to the floor to stun her, then slapped her face.

When Kim reached back to slap her again, however, Britney caught her hand. While locking hands, Britney struggled to her knees, and then her feet as she slowly forced Kim back against the wall. Britney grabbed one of Kim's arms and flipped her across the floor, a move she'd learned watching pro wrestling on TV during her recent concert tour.

Kim looked up, astounded at the way the young diva had overpowered her so easily. Britney walked over to Kim and kicked her in the stomach. As Kim held her belly, Britney reached down to haul Kim by the hair. But Kim was wearing her blonde wig and when Britney grabbed and turned her back to pull, the wig came off in her hand.

With Britney off balance and with her back turned, Kim seized her opportunity. She grabbed Britney's leg and tripped her down. Britney twisted her body as she fell, landing on her back. Kim jumped up and, holding both of Britney's legs, spread her feet apart and kicked the teen diva right in the crotch.

Britney's eyes widened in pain and shock and her body jerked upright as she reached down to grab herself.

Kim too a handful of Britney's hair and snarled her best ghetto snarl, "You think you're cute, tearing off my wig like that, bitch?"

Kim slammed Britney's face into the wall before she could answer.

Then next thing Britney knew, Kim was behind her with an arm wrapped around her neck, choking her. With her other hand, Kim ripped off Britney's shirt. Britney wasn't wearing a bra so it was no problem when Kim reached around and started pinching and twisting the big, exposed breasts.

"Oww, Kim you bitch! Stop!"

Britney elbowed Kim in the stomach, but just when she turned around, Kim punched her in the mouth. Britney's knees buckled and she fell with Kim following her to the floor and sitting on her chest. Smiling, Kim started slapping Britney and bouncing up and down on her. Kim trapped Britney's arms beneath her knees and it took Britney a while before she finally rolled Kim off to the side.

Britney swung her legs around and trapped Kim around the waist with a leg scissors from behind.

With them both sitting on their butts, and her legs wrapped tightly around Kim waist, Britney whispered, "So you wanna rip my top off? Well, two can play that game!"

Britney reached over Kim's shoulders and pulled her shirt off over her head. When she saw Kim wasn't wearing a bra either, she clawed Kim's bare breasts with her nails.

"How's that feel on your fake tits, you bitch!" Britney asked as Kim screamed.

Britney let Kim out of he scissors only to roll her over on her back and climb up her body until she was sitting on her chest. Holding Kim's wrists pinned to the floor, Britney said, "Why don't you get a close look at a real woman's boobs.'

She shook her tits in Kim's face until Kim bit her tit and as Britney looked down in shock at her injured boob, Kim bucked and threw her off. Britney landed on her stomach and before she could roll over or get to her knees, Kim was on top of her and pulled her tight black leather pants down around her knees and, after a brief struggle, off entirely leaving Britney in only a little black thong.

Kim pulled Britney up to her hands and knees by grabbing the waistband of her thong, giving Britney a hell of a wedgie in the process , then she dragged Britney across the floor and flung her toward the door.

But Britney recovered quickly and got right up. Kim was already running toward her, not expecting Britney to get up that fast, and Britney tackled a startled Kim and slammed her onto her back knocking the breath out of the petite rapper. Britney whipped off Kim's miniskirt so Kim too was down to only a red thong. But when Britney bent over to grab Kim's thong, Kim kicked her in the face. Kim got up and immediately put Britney down on her back. Kim gave a little hop in the air and dropped on Britney's chest with her ass right up in Britney's face. Kim had Britney's arms trapped under her legs so she reached down and pinched Britney's pussy through the thin fabric of her thong.

Kim wiggled her ass on Britney's face as she laughed and told her to, "Kiss my sexy Ebony ass bitch!"

Instead of kissing it, Britney bit Kim right on the left cheek. Kim jumped right up screaming and kicked Britney in the stomach. Britney tried crawling away on her hands and knees but Kim leaped on her back facing Britney's rear.

As she rubbed Britney's raised ass Kim mused aloud, "Oh, I bet this pretty little white ass has never been spanked has it? Well hon, things are about to change. I'm gonna spank and ride you like a pony, you bitch."

Lil Kim reached back and gave Britney a stinging slap on the ass. She did it again but Britney had had enough! Despite Kim's weight on her back, Britney managed to stand up as Kim reached around her waist and held on. hanging upside down! With all her might, Britney ran backward and slammed Kim into the wall. Kim was completely out of breath and dazed as she lost her grip and fell on her head. Britney picked Kim up, grabbed her arm and twisted it up behind her back.

Kim screamed, "Owww,yur breakin' my fucking arm!"

Holding Kim with the hammerlock, Britney walked her across the room to a large easy chair.

"You were right about one thing Kim, my white ass HASN'T ever been spanked. But guess what, your Black ass is going to be and right now too!"

With that, she pulled Kim across her knee. Britney pulled Kim's thong down to her knees, making it almost impossible for her to get up and run away. Still holding Kim's arm against her back with her left hand, Britney started spanking Kim's ass with her right. Kim was humiliated, being spanked by someone almost 10 years younger, but she was helpless to prevent it. Britney would not let up, she spanked Kim until she was crying like a baby and begging her to stop but she kept on spanking. With every smack Kim's weeping and begging got louder until Britney finally paused and rested her hand on the hot flesh of Lil Kim's bottom. While Kim squirmed, Britney laid out the conditions of her release.

"You address me as Miss Diva Spears from now on, both in public and private. Understand, little girl?"

With tears rolling down her face Kim mumbled, "OK!"

Britney spanked her again, as hard as she could.

"How did I tell you to address me?"

"Yes Miss Diva Spears," Kim blurted out quickly.

Britney pushed Kim of her lap onto the floor and told her, "Oh yes, one more thing. In your songs you like to brag how you like to take it up the ass. Well, your gonna lick mine now."

Britney pushed Kim down and sat on her face, forcing her to lick her ass. Britney loved it so much, she orgasmed right on Kim's face. As a final condition, Britney told Kim that when she performed for the ceremony that evening, she'd do it wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt.

Meekly, Kim replied, "Yes Miss Diva Spears."

When they were leaving the dressing room, Britney warned Kim not to say or do anything disrespectful or she'd spank her again. Just then, Kim's hated arch-rival Foxxy Brown walked by and overheard the conversation. Kim was devastated, but too afraid to say anything.

Foxxy eyed Britney who got her back up and sneered, "Well, you got somethin' to say to me, Brown?"

Foxxy just walked up to Britney and hugged her, saying, "Thanks for doin' what somebody shoulda done a long time ago, hon. You my new favorite singer, girl!"

"Thanks Foxxy," Britney gushed.

Then Britney turned to Lil Kim, shook her finger under the tiny girl's nose and warned her, "Don't you ever disrespect Foxxy either, understand little girl?"

"Yes Miss Diva Spears," Kim said, bowing her head so the two women wouldn't see the tears of shame welling up in her eyes.

Seeing her rival humbled and submissive, Foxxy smiled, hugged Britney again and then walked away happily humming one of Kim's melodies. Kim's humiliation was complete - at least for tonight.