Keira Knightley vs. Lindsay Lohan by Catfight Contributor

This was written WITH another writer for a Yahoo celebfight board but never posted. Here it is with minor changes!


Keira paces her suite, glancing anxiously at the clock every few minutes. Butterflies fill her stomach. Lindsay is overdue and a part of Keira is hoping she won't show at all. But she also knows this must be settled after their recent spat. Lindsay had droppe out of a movie they were supposed to be in together. Keira hasn't seen Lindsay in a while, even though they're scheduled to start shooting together soon. The last time she saw her, she was looking pretty thin. Perhaps this time - unlike previous scraps with other girls - Keira hoped she wouldn't be at a strength disadvantage.

Lindsay, though, is sure to fight dirty and Keira has opted not to leave her body exposed - going with tight jeans and a black tank top that clings to her decidedly modest chest. Eschewing a bra as usual, her nipples poke through rather prominently. But Lindsay will have to get her pants off before she can try any of her really dirty tricks - and Keira doesn't intend to let that happen!

Finally, at long last, comes a rapping on the door. Keira marches over to it, the barefoot actress taking a deep breath as she reaches it and then flings it open. Keira's first impression is that Lindsay has put back some weight - a slightly intimidating observation. But she's not about to give Lindsay the psychological advantage by showing it.

"So, decided to show up, huh?" Keira snarls. "I thought perhaps you'd chickened out..."

Lindsay gives Keira a snarl as she starts the traditional pre-match trash talking. "Please, you skinny cunt. The only thing chicken in here are your chicken legs," she says as the struts into the hotel suite.

LiLo is in street clothes - tight jeans, sandals and a pink tank top with the word "Princess" across a front that strains mightily to contain her massive, braless, breasts.

"THIS is the best you could afford?" Lindsay asks as she gestures at the room when she turns to face her skinny British rival. She’s studied Keira, doing her homework to be completely ready for anything the Brit could throw at her.

"It's more than enough to kick your arse in," Keira replies.

Lindsay gives the Brit a condescending smile, "Feisty, aren't we, Keira? Well, why don't we get this thing started?"

Stepping towards her rival, Lindsay sends a loud smack across the Brit's cheek, then grabs two handfuls of hair and begins yanking back and forth, looking to force Keira to the ground. She lets out a squeal as Lindsay grabs hold, stumbling and almost going down but she manages to stay on her feet long enough to grab Lindsay, both tugging for all they're worth.

But the sturdier American girl's grip is stronger, and with a hard tug she ultimately tosses Keira to the floor, the Brit losing her own hold and crying out as her ass hits the rug. Lindsay immediately follows with a kick to Keira's side, eliciting a grunt and rolling her slender foe onto her stomach. But Keira surprises Lindsay with her tenacity, using the momentum from the kick to scamper up to her knees and then to her feet.

"Is that all you've got?" Keira says, doing her best to feign confidence as she lunges at Lindsay - which gets her into the last situation she wanted, a test of strength! The two women latched onto each other and, quickly outmuscled, Keira is promptly tossed to the floor again. But she scampers to her knees before Lindsay can do any damage - then flings herself at Lindsay's legs, trying to tackle her down. Lindsay struggles to maintain her standing position as Keira wraps her arms around her knees in an attempt to bring her down.

Lindsay is successful for a few moments, but eventually falls on her tight behind. Working quickly, Keira lunges forward, grabbing the redhead by her long red tresses and forcing her on her back, then slamming her head into the floor. Lindsay is dazed a bit when the back of the head hits the floor and Keira straddles her.

"Looks like you’re in a spot of trouble there, Linds, old girl," Keira says.

She reaches down and with some effort manages to rip Lindsay's tank top down the middle, revealing her impressive assets! A cruel smile on her face, Keira looks down and giggles, "Looks like I’ve got every girl’s dream - mauling Lindsay Lohan's tits!" She cruelly takes hold of Lindsay's breasts, clawing her nails into the fleshy mounds.

Lindsay lets out a yell of protest. "YOU FUCKING SLUT!" she screams as Keira continues to maul her breasts. But this is far from the first time Lindsay's tits have been a target, and she’s learned how to get out of such an attack. Kicking her legs upward, Lindsay deftly wraps her legs around the British babe’s neck. Keira's eyes widen in surprise as quite suddenly Lindsay topples her off her perch and onto her head. Keira lies in a daze, having hit the floor hard, as Lindsay pulls herself to her feet. "You ruined my tank you bitch!" Lindsay says as she allows the shirt to fall to the floor, leaving her topless.

Turning her attention back to Keira, who is now on all fours trying to get to her feet, Lindsay slams a kick into the skinny girl’s tiny midsection. Keira lets out an "OOF" as she is lifted in the air a bit and lands on her back, her redheaded rival towering over her, looking for revenge.

Keira stares up at Lindsay - her eyes wide, almost pleading. Her lip quivers, and the young Brit looks as though she might already be broken. But she quickly composes herself, knowing there's too much at stake to give in so easily. And so she surprises Lindsay by suddenly pivoting slightly and launching her leg upward, aiming a kick directly at Lindsay's crotch.
It doesn't quite connect spot-on, but Keira's bare foot comes close enough that Lindsay stumbles back a step and massages the target area, allowing Keira to scramble up once more.

Scampering over to Lindsay before the bigger girl can plot her next move, Keira gets right in her face. "I'll ruin a lot more than your tank top, you trollop!" she yells - then rears back her fist and drives it into the surprised redhead's midsection.
It's an impressively gutsy move, but the problem for Keira is that she doesn't pack all that much of a punch. Lindsay grunts on impact, but she's not moved much - and she's furious. As Keira admires her handiwork, Lindsay grabs her by the hair and returns the favor - landing a much stronger punch to Keira's flat stomach.
Lindsay is rewarded with a loud "OOooofffff" as Keira doubles over.

With Lindsay still clutching Keira’s hair, her arm comes up to try to protect herself, weakly grabbing hold of Lindsay's. But Lindsay easily pushes Keira's head down further, bending her over so that Keira is staring down at the floor as she struggles to get free. Using her free hand, Lindsay reaches down and grabs hold of Keira's tank top, yanking it over her head and off. Lindsay steps back and admires her handiwork for a moment as she twirls around the Brit's tank top.

"Looks like you just don't quite have that killer instinct, hon," she taunts, clearly unintimidated. Moving quickly, she moves behind Keira who’s still badly winded, wraps her tank top around her long neck and, jerking back roughly, forces Keira to fall back onto her cute little rump.

"Take a deep breath babe, 'cause your not going to be able to take another one for a while," Lindsay says, the tank top still securely in her grip around Keira’s neck. She comes down to one knee behind Keira, putting the point of her raised knee against Keira's spine - then cruelly pulls back on the tank top. The move both effectively chokes Keira and painfully stretches her back. Keira’s eyes bulge in fear she suddenly can't take in air. Lindsay digs the hold in for a moment, then releases it and stands, admiring her handwork.

Keira's cheeks huff and puff as she frantically sucks air. She just lies there for a moment, flat on her back - her small, bare chest heaving as she regains her wind. Luckily for her, Lindsay seems in little rush to follow up, the thin Brit having given her little reason to believe she poses much of a threat.

"You...fucking...bitch..." Keira pants. "Are ya tryin’ tuh kill me? You must be afraid ta fight me fair!"

Lindsay just laughs and purrs, "Oh, yeah! I'm just, like, terrified. So terrified, I'm gonna let you get back up and show me what happens if we 'fight fair'!" Keira just lays there for another moment, her breath having returned to more or less normal. She's wary of this being some sort of trick, but Lindsay has legitimately given her plenty of room to get up. So finally Keira stands, turning to face her. "Oh, this is so scary," Lindsay taunts, staring at her contemptuously. "Whatever are you gonna do to me?"

Ignoring the attempts to bait her, Keira knows she can't get locked up in another test of strength. So with the two topless, jean-clad women circling each other, she keeps her distance - leaping back a step every time Lindsay raises her hands. "Ah, you're scared..." Lindsay says mockingly.

"Not ‘ardly," Keira replies. She attempts to use her long legs to her advantage, aiming a kick to Lindsay's midsection. But the American girl had anticipated this, and in a flash manages to grab hold of Keira's foot, the British girl hopping on her other leg for a moment and then tumbling onto her butt. But instead of pressing her advantage, Lindsay again challenges Keira to get up and fight.

Once more Keira does so - but this time she attempts to catch Lindsay off-guard by lowering her head and charging straight into her. Keira succeeds in knocking Lindsay back a step, but that's about it. The sturdier woman quickly plants her feet, grabs hold of Keira in kind, and takes advantage of her superior strength to wrap her arms around her in a chest to chest bearhug - then lift her a few inches off the floor. Keira squirms, scratches and kicks, her toes grazing the floor, but she's unable to escape. Finally, her petite foe gasping and moaning in her clutches, Lindsay releases her and watches her crumble to the floor.

"I'm still waiting for your terrible wrath," Lindsay taunts as Keira lies flat on her stomach. "Come on - get up and fight me."

Keira's only thought is to get some space. And so, once she sits up, she doesn't get up to face Lindsay - she begins scampering away from her, crawling on her back in the other direction. Lindsay watches in disgust as Keira scampers away from her.

"You are such a little wimp!" exclaims the redhead as she stalks Keira, contemplating her next move.

Keira looks up at Lindsay, frightened as she has been unable thus far to fight through the American's sturdy defense. She continues to crawl back until there is nowhere else to crawl to - her back having hit the suite's plush couch. Coming forward with a smile of confidence, Lindsay kicks off her shoes and sends a STOMP into the skinny Brit's midsection, digging the heel of her foot into Keira's stomach as her victim groans. Lindsay grabs her by the hair, pulls up and sits her on the couch. Then she takes a seat in the squirming girl’s lap, straddling her thighs facing Keira.

Flashing Keira a smirk, Lindsay sends a backhand across her left cheek. "A bitch slap for my little bitch!" she explains. Keira is now openly crying, but Lindsay is less than sympathetic. Grabbing her by her hair, she forces her to look her in the eye. "Now, little girl, it's time for you to get an up close and personal introduction to the most amazing tits in all of Hollywood!" Lindsay says she pulls Keira's face into her mammoth cleavage.

The redhead plays with Keira a little at first, shimmying her upper body so that her tits smack against Keira's face, before wrapping her arms full around the Brit's head, trapping Keira in a breathtaking breast smother. Keira is terrified. She doesn't want to take more of a beating, but she really doesn't want to be knocked unconscious around this woman - because who knows what she might have in store for her if she couldn't defend herself at all. She thrashes about, her legs kicking in desperation. She tries to plant her feet on the floor and throw Lindsay off, but she's not nearly strong enough. She grabs hold of Lindsay's hair with her hand, trying to yank her off. When that's not enough, she uses her other hand to reach into the back of Lindsay's pants, grabbing hold of the waistband of her panties and yanking up.

That's enough to elicit a grunt from Lindsay, but little else. "Let go," the dominant girl instructs. “You're just making it worse on yourself."

Keira doesn't let go, but she does realize she needs to do something else in a hurry. At first she tries to bite Lindsay's breast, but the smother is too tight to do anything but nip - and in retaliation, Lindsay just tightens the grip even more. So then Keira tries something else. It comes to her instinctually - partly as a defense, and partly because - in spite of her predicament - there's something about a beautiful, dominant, woman sitting on her lap with her breasts in her face to get her going!

And so, whereas she wasn't able to bite properly, Keira manages to open her mouth just enough to get her tongue out. Hoping to earn a reprieve, or else distract Lindsay enough to allow her to somehow get out of this, Keira begins lapping at her rival's ample breasts. Lindsay's smile turns from sadistic glee to lust as she feels Keira's tongue go to work on her tits.

"So, you think making me feel good will let you off the hook, huh, you little slut?" Lindsay says as she lets out a little moan of pleasure.

Figuring that she has the Brit beat and might as well have a little fun, Lindsay relaxes her hold on Keira's head. Though it doesn't allow Keira to escape Lindsay's cleavage, it gives her more room for her tongue to work. Lindsay lets out another moan and starts gyrating her hips, stimulating her pussy as pleasure wells up inside her. But in all the sexual commotion, Lindsay hasn't noticed that Keira's hand has snuck itself inside of Lindsay's jeans and into her wet, panty covered crotch.

Having unbuttoned Lindsay's jeans and deviously slipped a hand inside, Keira tugs her panties to the side and goes to work. She considers trying to hurt the dominant woman, but realizes that all she'd achieve for now would be to make her more mad while she was still on top of her. So instead she begins to finger Lindsay, the American girl panting, moaning and gyrating even harder as Keira's fingers and tongue continue going to town.

Keira can sense Lindsay is close to losing control. And just as she's hoped, Lindsay grows careless as she nears orgasm - her grip on Keira's head slackening entirely. Just before Lindsay reaches her climax, Keira pulls her head back as far as she can, free from the unconcerned Lindsay's grip, and slams it forward into her chest, directly between her breasts. Shocked and unprepared, her body already barely in control from the stimulation, Lindsay goes toppling backward, slipping off Keira entirely and onto the floor.

The American sits there, stunned for a moment. But Keira isn't in much better shape, sagging into the couch as she tries to recuperate from her beating...Lindsay pants loudly as she sits on the floor, shocked. "You goddam slut!" she screams.

Getting up, Lindsay advances towards a still reeling Keira - only to find the Brit has raised her foot into the air at the last moment. Lindsay impales her stomach on Keira's foot and falls back onto her ass. The near orgasm has left her winded and weakened and - though the kick didn't have much on it - it was enough. Keira flops off the couch onto the floor and comes at the redhead. Grabbing her by her hair, Keira forces Lindsay onto her back and straddles her.

"You know Linds, you should really have your priorities straight when you get in a fight!" Keira says as she mauls Lindsay's tits. The redhead lets out a yell of rage and starts punching upward, her fists finding the skinny Brit's cheek. When Keira shifts her attention from Lindsay's breasts to protecting her face, she leaves herself wide open for Lindsay to throw her off her perch.

Growling with rage, Lindsay quickly stands and sends a stomp into Keira's tiny mid-section, drawing an "OOF" from the Brit.

"You know what slut! If you want to play games with my cunt, I'm going to play games with yours!" Lindsay yells as she reaches down, unbuttoning Keira's jeans and ripping them off her legs.

Lindsay takes an ankle in each hand as spreads Keira’s legs like a V, giving Keira an evil smirk before STOMPING on her panty covered crotch! Keira lets out an agonized groan on impact, partly from pain and partly from the frustration of having so quickly surrendered a rare advantage against this bigger, stronger girl. Lindsay grinds her foot into Keira's panties, and is surprised by what she finds. Although not dripping as much as her own, it’s decidedly moist. This British babe evidently having taken to the session on the couch.

"So you LIKE getting your ass kicked, huh, you little slut?" Lindsay says, rubbing her foot in. "If you'd kept playing nice with me, maybe I'd play nice with you. But that'll have to wait while I turn you on a little more by kicking your ass some more." Lindsay steps off Keira, steps to her side, reaches down and grabs her hair, tugging her upward.

"No...please..." Keira protests.

Lindsay is unmoved, dragging her all the way up to her feet and greeting her with a nasty backhanded slap to the face when she gets there. As she's released, Keira stumbles backwards into the wall and leans against it, now making little attempt to hide the fear in her eyes as Lindsay approaches once more. She comes forward and takes Keira's wrists, using her left hand to pin both of the Brit's arms against the wall over her head.

"This is for touching my perfect tits!" Lindsay yells at Keira as she slams a punch into the Brit's tight stomach. Keira lets out a grunt as the air is driven out of her body.

"Lindsay...please...stop..." she begs as Lindsay winds up.

"This is for being a fucking tease!" Lindsay yells as she hammers another punch into Keira's stomach.

Keira can do nothing now but sob as the redhead has her dominated and beaten.

"And this is for being a dumb-ass for thinking you were anywhere close to being able to beat me!" Lindsay screams, driving a knee into Keira's panty covered crotch.

Keira continues to sob as Lindsay releases her from her predicament. Falling to her knees in front of the redhead, Keira's hands go straight to her aching crotch. But Lindsay, far from done, slaps the Brit's face, knocking her flat on the floor. Taking her time, Lindsay strips out of her own jeans, then her pink thong before she kicks her beaten foe onto her back. "Now, you little slut, you’re gonna use that tongue to finish what your finger started - and if you know what's good for you, you won't fuck around this time!" Lindsay tells her before applying a Reverse Facesit with her pussy conveniently on Keira's mouth.

"mmmmmfffffff…" Keira lets out a muffled moan of protest from underneath Lindsay, stamping her feet on the carpet. But she does indeed know what's good for her at this point, so she unreservedly begins lapping at Lindsay's pussy.

Lindsay lets out a groan of pleasure, and several more follow as Keira continues slurping away. But as she can feel herself getting closer, Lindsay senses Keira slowing down. It's not much, but it's enough to set her off again.

"What did I tell you about teasing me?" Lindsay demands, placing her hand over Keira's perky little breast and tugging hard on her nipple. Taking the hint, Keira picks up the pace. But Lindsay isn't done just yet. Sliding her hand down Keira's stomach, she reaches her panties, tugs them to the side, and begins to finger Keira's moist pussy. Keira lets out another of her muffled moans, her legs kicking into the air. "You know," Lindsay says, quickening her own pace as Keira instinctively begins moving her lower body in rhythm with Lindsay's fingering, "I can be a tease, too."

She pulls her fingers back, eliciting a loud groan from Keira, who pounds her feet into the floor. Already humiliated, she's frustrated now, too. But that's not Lindsay's concern at the moment. "Wait’ll I tell everyone about this," the dominant woman says as she examines her sticky fingers. "Not only are you a wimp, but you actually get OFF on this. Now make me come, you little slut, before I really make you sorry." She lets out another moan of pleasure as Keira continues to work over her clit. Lindsay slowly begins to once again get caught up in her ecstasy and starts rubbing her massive, freckled, breasts with both hands.

Finally, Lindsay lets out a loud "OHHHH YESSSSSSSS!" and shudders to a thundering orgasm. Exhausted, she shifts her position on Keira's face so that her nose is now buried under her ass. "You do good work, hon - now it's time to go nightie-night!" Lindsay says as she puts her full weight on Keira's face and begins to smother her out...

Keira kicks and squirms, completely panicked. But she knows there's no way out of this. Knowing that Lindsay won't stop tormenting her until she's out, she decides to put her acting skills to the test - letting her body go limp before she actually passes out. Satisfied, Lindsay gets off her and gets to her feet.

"Silly little slut," Lindsay laughs, nudging Keira's supine frame with her foot. "I can't believe you thought you could take me. I'm superior to you in every way. Now I'll just take my prize, and be on my way." She bends down, grabs hold of Keira's panties and starts tugging them down her legs. Reflexively, Keira squirms slightly...then grabs her underwear in an attempt to try to stave off this final humiliation. "You're still awake?" Lindsay says in disbelief. "You're a better actress than you are a fighter, not that that's saying much. But now you're really going to get it."

Annoyed that this British slut still feel the need to waste her time, Lindsay decides that perhaps now will be a time to test out a finishing move.

"OK, Keira, if you are going to play possum with me to be merciful, then I'm just going to have to make sure that you admit to me I'm superior verbally!" Lindsay says as she grabs the Brit by the hair and flips her onto her stomach

"'re superior! Just don't hurt me any more, please!" Keira pleads as she offers little resistance.

"Sorry babe, but I want you to learn a little lesson here," says Lindsay as she begins to put Keira into the camel clutch position. Lindsay is on her haunches, with each of Keira's arms being held up by Lindsay’s knees. "I have a new move I'm testing out, and I want to see how you like it!” she informs her. “I call it The Rumor Mill."

Reaching down, Lindsay grips each of Keira's small breasts and begins to pull back, using the Brit’s tits the same way one would normally use the chin in this hold. Keira lets out a long scream of pain as Lindsay both torments her tits and puts incredible pressure on her back.

"Okay bitch! Tell me how it feels!" Lindsay yells, grinning with glee.

"Oh, hurts!" Keira cries; her feet beating the floor in pain and frustration. "Please...stop… stop…hur…hur…hurting me!"

"Well, OK," Lindsay shrugs. "But ONLY because I'm so nice. Still, I'm not quite sure you've learned your lesson..." She releases the hold and pivots around to stradde Keira's back facing her feet. "I think we need to teach silly little girls like you NOT to mess with bigger, stronger, girls…like ME!"

Lindsay commences slamming her palm on Keira's tight, bare behind; the thoroughly overwhelmed woman whimpering and quivering with every SMACK.

"Say you're sorry!” Lindsay demands.

Keira hardly knows what she's apologizing for, but she doesn't much care - she just wants the spanking to end. "I'm sorry," she whimpers. "I'm very, very sorry."

"You sure are!" Lindsay says, climbing to her feet and standing over her. "You are one sorry little wimp. But I'm still not sure you know I'm better than you in every way. Show me you know that, and I'll let you go."

Keira just wants to do whatever it takes to get this deranged bitch to leave her alone. And so she does the most submissive thing she can think of - crawling forward slightly on her hands and knees, bending her head and kissing Lindsay's feet. Gazing up with pleading eyes, she pauses to seek mercy.

"See...I know you're better than me," she pleads. "Now please, just let me be!"

Lindsay looks down at her humbled rival with a hint of disgust. "You are such a little whore." she says. "But I'm afraid that just isn't enough for me." Bending over, the redhead puts her luscious ass in Keira's face. "If you kiss this, whore, then maybe I'll be satisfied."

"Please Lindsay! No, just let me go!" Keira whimpers, not wanting to embarrass herself any further.

"Sorry, Sweetie - it's either this or you go back into ‘The Rumor Mill’," Lindsay replies with an evil grin.

Fearing having to experience more pain, Keira leans forward and plants a big, wet, kiss on Lindsay's ass. Satisfied, Lindsay steps away and Keira falls to the floor, covering her face, sobbing. Lindsay, her business with the Brit done, walks over and takes her prize - Keira's damp underwear.

"This will make a great addition to my collection, Keira. Thank you!" Lindsay says. Then, picking up her own clothes, she retires to the bathroom to make herself look presentable. She emerges as if she hasn't been destroying Keira for the last hour. Looking down at her petite foe, still naked and sobbing, Lindsay offers a word of advice. "Next time dear, pick a fight with somebody in your league; not one of the big girls."

Turning on her heel, Lindsay exits the room, twirling Keira's undies on her finger. Keira lies there for a few more moments, wanting to be sure her antagonist is really gone. As she recuperates on the floor, she replays the beating back in her head. As embarrassed and frustrated as she is, her body tingles at some of the memories: their session on the couch; the mutual fingering on the floor and, of course, the control Lindsay exerted over her body at almost all times!

Keira’s hand snakes down to her pussy, still moist from Lindsay’s earlier efforts. And in spite of herself, she begins working her fingers, finishing the job the other woman started. Before long, she’s writing on the floor, finally reaching a moaning, groaning orgasm. Spent, she lay there, her fingers idly touching herself as she tries to process what it all means. Clearly, fighting other women has benefits! But she’s damned if she’s going to let herself be humiliated like this again!

‘Next time,’ she thinks. ‘I’ll have to find a weaker girl to service ME.’