Keira Knightley vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by Jackflash

Nothing, it seems, can ever be easy! After a suitable period of recovery following her apocalyptic fight with Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Trachtenberg boarded a plane and winged her way to England, where she immediately demanded a rematch with her other bête noire, Natalie Dormer. Unfortunately, she was told she’d have to wait in line because Keira Knightley had been pursuing a match against Natalie for months and they were on the verge of a contract.

But Michelle, who had just emerged from the crucible that is Johansson, felt herself to be at her absolute peak as a fighter and wouldn’t relent in her demands. Keira, not surprisingly, was equally adamant; she had been pursuing Natalie far too long to relinquish the chase to some American who had already lost twice to the imperious Natalie. Finally, both actresses agreed to meet to try and resolve the impasse. The “summit” took place in a London hotel suite, and was mediated by a corporate executive who hosted many of the elite catfights in his mansion outside of the city.

Keira and Michelle arrived within moments of each other. The British blond looked her American competitor over, gauged the way Michelle’s body moved, took the measure of the glint in her eye, and silently concluded that the brunette was indeed a formidable warrior. She respected Michelle for that, and for what she had accomplished in the past. But she still wasn’t going to stand aside for her.

But as events played out, neither young woman would have to make that choice...unless she wanted to. Even as the meeting began, the executive’s cell phone rang. Embarrassed at the interruption, he apologized and excused himself. Three minutes later, he returned, sat down in the chair facing the two actresses, and said, “Ladies, it would appear that a potential solution has presented itself. I have just spoken with none other than Natalie herself, and she has suggested, and I quote: ‘If those two darlings would simply settle this between them with a match, I’ll be more than happy to then face the winner.’ And if I may add, I think that is an eminently sensible solution to this issue.”

Natalie’s suggestion is so simple, it seems to make perfect sense. At least it does to those who don’t know “Nastily Dormer” - who never makes a move without first factoring in the best benefit for herself. In this instance, it would seem that she is hoping Keira and Michelle would injure and eliminate one another, at least for the time being, and thus spare Natalie the trouble of having to wrestle either one for now.

Neither Keira nor Michelle liked playing to Natalie’s tune, but they knew it nevertheless provided the easiest solution to the impasse, as neither was yet prepared to back down and allow the other the honor of taking Natalie down a peg or two. After several moments, both women silently nodded their agreement. “When and where?” Michelle soberly asked.

“Why, here and, more or less, now.” said the mediator. “In fact, it seems Ms. Dormer has already sent out the invitations for your match. It will begin in just under…” he paused to glance at his wristwatch. “…ninety minutes. There are two bedrooms attached to this suite, both with full washrooms. If you’d like, I can make arrangements for suitable attire for the two of you...”

“I’ll manage fine myself,” Keira said in a clipped, unamused voice.

“Same with me,” added Michelle, equally displeased. So, they were both being played by Natalie. And now they had to fight one another...a fight neither beauty was prepared for. Oh, how Natalie must be laughing herself delirious over this even now!

Now, however, was not the time to dwell on Natalie and her cunning mechanizations; Keira and Michelle both had a fight on their hands, and that must now receive the full focus of their attentions. Silently, each young woman assessed their impending battlefield. It was designed to comfortably host gatherings of fifty or so, giving them ample room for movement. The carpet was luxurious without being overly plush, which meant that while they would have better traction, they would feel it a bit more when they fell down to the floor.

The mediator-turned-host, meanwhile, was on the phone with the hotel’s front desk, arranging for enough stuffed chairs to accommodate the expected assemblage...Natalie intimated it would be in the realm of twenty or champagne and spirits. For a man of his stature, it was inevitable that he, too, didn’t particularly care to be manipulated by Natalie this way. And yet, he could hardly be too upset with her, given what the result of her scheming would now be. A Knightley/Trachtenberg match promised to be well worth viewing, after all.

Without sharing a word between them, the two unexpected combatants went their own ways. Michelle headed toward one of the suite’s bedrooms and shut the door behind her. Keira left the suite and rode the elevator downstairs. In the hotel’s boutique, she picked out a horizontal red and white striped ‘candy cane’ bikini, and grabbed a couple of bottles of sports ade drinks to hydrate herself. She was glad she had only had a small salad for lunch; a heavy meal in her stomach wouldn’t do very well in the midst of a fight. Rather than take the lift back up, she opted to sprint up the eleven flights of stairs back to the suite’s floor. Reaching the top, she had broken a light sweat and loosened up her muscles nicely, yet she was barely breathing hard. That was a good sign. In anticipation for facing Natalie soon, she’d been working on her stamina and conditioning, and against an opponent like Michelle - from what she had heard - that could prove crucial to victory.

Back in the suite, she went to the unoccupied bedroom and donned her new bikini. Before doing some light calisthenics further loosen up, she got on her mobile and made a few phone calls to some friendly acquaintances in America who could give her some insights into Michelle’s fighting style. What she learned only confirmed what the British blond already knew...that Michelle was, much like her, a highly skilled technician. It would certainly make for a challenging match, Keira mused.

Thinking about her opponent, Keira realized she couldn’t muster up any animosity toward her. She respected Trachtenberg, and under other circumstances, they might very well become the friends. Neither she nor Michelle had wanted this match, and they had a mutual enemy in Natalie.

“Stop it!” the blond muttered to herself. Happy thoughts about Michelle right now were the last thing she needed. She needed to get her blood boiling, and sharpen her fighter’s instincts. “Typical American!” Keira said in an effort to get herself riled up. “Comes charging in her and demands whatever she wants! Who does she bloody well think she is? She already got her arse kicked by Natty twice now. Well, I deserve Dormer! I’ve been chasing her for months. Trachtenberg can have what’s left of her when I’m done!”

By the time the knock came on the door to request her presence, Keira was good and ready for a fight. She emerged to find her adversary already awaiting her. Unlike the blond, Michelle had opted to simply strip down to her underwear. Keira was a bit amused to see that she favored a black lace bra and black thong panties beneath her wholesome exterior. But the look on Michelle’s face was neither wholesome nor amusing. Her visage was a mask of stony intensity. Yet its gaze was not trained upon her. Following the brunette’s line of sight, Keira saw just what was absorbing her opponent’s attention: sitting in a chair at ringside, looking for all the world like a queen presiding over her court, sat Natalie Dormer.

But of course she was here. The minx wouldn’t dare miss enjoying this spectacle with her own two eyes. Well, Keira was intent on giving her a show she won’t soon forget. As if she had read the blonde’s mind, Natalie suddenly looked directly at her, pursed her lips into a condescending smile - and winked. The anticipatory glint in her eyes gave proof entire exhibition was just too delicious for words.

The afternoon sun streamed through the suite’s windows as the two beauties faced one another, causing the tiny beads of perspiration on their alabaster skin to glisten. The ombudsman gave his final instructions, and then said, simply, “Ladies, you may begin.”

There was no rush to battle, no banshee cries. These were two highly skilled grapplers, and they both cautiously began to circle one another. Slowly, the distance between them shrank, and hands began to flick out to probe for openings, only to be swatted away. From her vantage point, Natalie gave an exaggerated yawn to signify her boredom with the lack of action thus far. Finally, the two young women locked up, their bodies straining against one another. Keira gauged the situation and opted to go for a Wristlock...but Michelle had the same thought, and she was just a shade quicker; it was the Brit who suddenly found her left arm twisted most painfully. Keira suffered in it for several moments, and then suddenly somersaulted forward, spun around on her back, and sprang back up to her feet...and now the leverage had been reversed, and it was Michelle who winced from the discomfort of a twisted limb.

But the American responded just as deftly with a counter move of her own, and she was quickly free. Both women carefully circled each other once again, until the blond ducked low and made a grab for her opponent’s legs. Michelle countered by wrapping her arms around Keira’s abdomen from above, using her own weight to keep the Englishwoman from rising up and toppling the brunette to the floor. They remained stalemated for several seconds, but then Keira released her own hold around her rival’s legs and let gravity drop her down toward the carpeted floor.

The motion caused Michelle’s upper body to lurch forward a bit, and with a blur of motion, Keira suddenly executed a handstand and managed to snare the brunette around the head with her legs! With a sudden jerk, she flipped the American over but even as the blond scrambled back up to her feet, Michelle executed a Russian Leg Sweep, sending her adversary back down to the floor with a THUD!

Moving with viper speed, the brunette got behind her startled foe and caught her in a hammerlock, forcing Keira face down into the carpet. Michelle was too good a grappler to expect a hold such as this to incapacitate Keira for long. Indeed, she could already feel the blonde’s body tensing in preparation for a counter move. Not willing to give her the opportunity to execute it, the brunette suddenly releases her hammerlock, and in a blur of motion, she snaked one arm around the Brit’s throat, while the other grabbed her legs, all the while placing her knees upon the small of Keira’s back. Rolling backward, Michelle lifted the blond into the air, trapping her in a Bow and Arrow Backbreaker.

“Bloody hell!” Keira roared, as her spine was painfully stretched in a most unnatural way. Against a less experienced wrestler, the move might very well signal the end of the match. But the Englishwoman had been here before, and she knew what to do. Planting her feet upon the floor and doing likewise with her hands, she was able to momentarily bridge up, and in that briefest of spans, weaken Michelle’s leverage enough so that Keira could flip to her side, breaking the hold.

Undaunted, Michelle immediately began to scramble to her feet...but this time, it was her opponent who managed to lash out with her foot, sweeping the American’s legs out from under her and sending her toppling forward. In a flash of movement, Keira was on her, folding her legs back at the knees, using her own knees to keep them pinned there, and then cupping her hands under Michelle’s head to apply a Cross Knee Chinlock.

Wasting no time, Michelle moved to escape: slipping her arms up between Keira’s, she struggled to pry the blonde’s hands loose. Keira, meantime, strained to keep her hold locked on. The audience, taking this duel of technical skills in, found itself growing more and more fascinated by the struggle. More used to knockdown drag-out catfights, this was something altogether different - something more refined - like the difference between a football scrum and a ballet; it was amazing to watch! Even Natalie, for all of her practiced indifference, had the glint of fascination in her eyes as, with a grunt, Michelle finally managed to break free. Both beauties rolled away from one another, then cautiously got to their feet.

Locking eyes with her opponent, Keira thought she detected a glimmer of respect...but there was also frustration. The blond shared that frustration; after all, this entire match was not the fight either one wanted. But as the two warriors battled it out, they could not help but be conscious of the fact that they were unveiling much of their arsenal of holds before the very discerning Dormer. Worse still, they were each exposing how those holds could be countered. In short, they were giving Natalie a exhibition on how she could better beat either of them.

Michelle surely realized this as well, for she suddenly decided to try and finish the match with a show of force. Moving like a viper, her ballerina’s legs began to flash out. Her first Kick connected with the blonde’s jaw, the second hard into her chest, and the third with such power to Keira’s left thigh, she nearly crumpled to the carpet.

However, Michelle was not the only trained dancer in this battle. Gathering her wits, Keira struck back with kicks of her own; the first buried itself deep into the brunette’s lower belly, while the next three snapped with quick precision squarely into her face. The two women continued to trade kicks, but it was becoming readily apparent that for all of the damage they were inflicting, they were suffering just as much in return. It was Keira who shifted tactics first, catching Michelle by the left ankle when she unleashed another Kick, and swiftly forcing her down to the carpet.

Still holding her ankle, Keira used her left foot to pin Michelle’s right leg to the floor as she lifted her left leg up and bent it back, forcing it beyond its normal range of motion. Michelle whimpered and bit her lower lip against the pain. Were it not for the superb conditioning of her legs, it’s entirely possible that the maneuver would have torn a hamstring muscle.

But after much effort, she managed to pull her right leg free of Keira’s foot, and without wasting a moment’s time, she drew it back and then lashed it out, the heel of her foot smashing into the inside of Keira’s left knee with such force, it dropped her to the floor, wailing.

Both young Amazons needed nearly a full minute to compose themselves. Then, they struggled wearily to their feet, each displaying a heavy limp. As if on signal, they each suddenly rushed at one another with twins roars, and their sweat-soaked bodies collided together with a sharp SMACK!

For the next several minutes, they twisted and turned upon the carpet, looking like some two-headed, eight-limbed beast trying to destroy itself. Each was skilled in the sinister arts of subjecting a woman’s body to cruel agonies, reducing them to vessels of pain. This may have begun as a reluctant battle, but it had evolved into a fierce struggle. Perhaps it was necessity...perhaps it was pride...perhaps it was transference of the hatred they each felt for Natalie onto the other...or maybe Keira and Michelle had simply concluded that the other had to be destroyed. Whatever the reason, they held nothing back now, even as they passed their points of physical exhaustion. And from her perch, Natalie watched in utter fascination and in absolute, utter delight.

And then, an ending!

It all occurred so quickly, no one was entirely sure what happened. Keira saw an opening to go for a Camel Clutch, which she hoped would drive Michelle to submit. To apply it, she had to move fast, without a second’s hesitation. To get into position, she had to steady herself...only briefly, for the barest of placing her hand on Michelle’s back. But the American’s skin was so slick with perspiration, Keira’s hand slipped out from under her, and she lurched forward...and her jaw slammed into the top of the brunette’s skull, even as the thrashing Yank had blindly snapped her head back, inadvertently maximizing the impact. Eyes glassy and unfocused, the blond fell backward to the floor like a marionette whose strings had been cut. Michelle didn’t need an engraved invitation to take advantage of this boon.

Rolling Keira over onto her belly, Michelle climbed onto her back and wrapped her arms around the Brit’s head, cinching in a Sleeper Hold. The pressure on her carotid artery restricted the blood flow to Keira’s brain, and rapidly robbed her of whatever wits she still retained. The blond thrashed a bit, but within moments her body grew sluggish.

Michelle could have kept the hold in place until her foe was knocked out completely. But she seemed satisfied that Keira was out of the fight for good now regardless. Besides, whatever fury she may have felt for her opponent had seemingly passed, and she had no desire to drive her into complete unconsciousness.

“That’s it,” the brunette said in a raspy voice, and no one in the crowd would deny her that she had earned her victory.

Releasing her hold, Michelle sat back to catch her breath and pull herself together. The battle had taken a great deal out of it had Keira as well, to be certain. She couldn’t remember being this tired and sore after a match before. And, so focused was she on her own condition, she failed to take notice of much of anything else...unfortunately for her!

Without a word, Natalie stood up, kicked out of her heels, undid her skirt and let it drop, revealing her black sleeveless top was actually a unitard. Stalking over toward the unwary Michelle, Natalie mischievously took her right foot and stepped on Michelle’s left hand, smashing the brunette’s fingers underthe ball of her foot. Michelle yowled and tried to pull her hand free, and after several tugs, managed to do so.

“What...” is all the American managed to spit out before a knee slammed into her jaw, knocking her onto her back, badly stunned.

“Oh, do be quiet,” Natalie imperiously said. “I did promise the winner a match with me, didn’t I? Can I help it that you’re too dense to realize that I meant immediately?” she chuckled at her own cleverness.

Natalie grabbed her nemesis up by her matted brown mane into a seated position. Still holding her foe’s hair, Natalie managed to tilt her head back...which exposed Michelle’s throat to a Karate Chop! Michelle gurgles for breath as she is hauled bodily up to her feet.

Standing behind her, Natalie pulls the brunette’s left arm back behind her head. Then, the Brit slips her own right arm up under Michelle’s right armpit, then snakes it behind her head. The end result is a very effective Figure Four Half-Nelson Armlock. With both of her limbs trapped, the brunette is quite thoroughly trapped, even as the pressure to her shoulders causes her to whine in pain. Then more pain is added as Natalie takes her left hand...not busy doing anything else…and grinds her thumb into her victim’s neck in a cruel Asiatic Spike!

These were not the tactics one employs to win a match; they are what you use when you want to hurt your opponent, both in body and in pride, as you demonstrate just how truly helpless she is. With pure condescension dripping from her every word, Natalie says to the hapless woman squirming in her grasp, “And I’ve outwitted you yet again, haven’t I? I imagine that’s what hurts the most, doesn’t it? Not only that I am every bit your superior as a woman and as a wrestler, but that I am so much smarter than you. Frankly, darling, I don’t know how you can live with the shame.”

Yet even as she speaks, out of the corner of her eye Natalie spots movement: Keira stirs at last. She’s not certain just what has transpired, but just seeing the hated Natalie before her is enough to boil her blood and get her adrenalin pumping. Ignoring the ache in her muscles, the haze in her skull, and the exhaustion which laps like waves across her entire body, the blond struggles to her feet, then staggers toward Natalie.

“Let her alone, you slag!” Keira snarls as she hurls herself at Natalie. And Natalie, without breaking her hold on Michelle, meets the charge by lashing out her right leg, driving a kick deep into the pit of Keira’s belly. With a wheeze, the blond drops to her knees, doubling over and clutching her abdomen...the sudden burst of power she conjured mere moments ago instantly melting away.

At last releasing her grip on Michelle...whose legs buckle, but she does not collapse to the floor...Natalie grabs Keira by the hair and drags her back up to her feet. Then, likewise getting a firm hold on Michelle’s roots, Natalie gives an ominous grin and slams both beauties’ foreheads together! Their collision is met with an appalling thud, and then both are flung backward by the impact to the carpet; their rolling, unfocused eyes betray the fact that neither is capable of fighting back any longer. Which means, of course, that now is the perfect moment for Natalie to execute the coup de grâce!

Lying on her back, arms and legs splayed out, Michelle was already in perfect position. Therefore, Natalie turned her attention to Keira; rolling the blond over onto her stomach, Natalie dragged her by the hair toward Michelle, pulling her up between the American’s legs, until Keira’s face was directly over the brunette’s crotch.

What unfolded next was as audacious as it was devastatingly brilliant!

Placing Keira’s face squarely into Michelle’s groin, Natalie then grabs Michelle’s legs and lifts them up and together, executing a forced scissorhold on Keira’s head, even as her features were smothered into the brunette’s womanhood! But that was only half of it!

Still holding tight to Michelle’s legs and keeping Keira trapped, Natalie then settled her near-perfect derriere upon the face of Michelle, smothering her with a Facesit! Suffocated, each beauty was jarred from her stupor by her battle instincts, and despite their tremendous fatigue, they frantically flailed with their hands...precisely as Natalie had wanted. Keira’s fingers dug deep into the thighs of her supposed tormentor, Michelle, and was she...? Yes, Natalie surmised from the muffled squeals beneath her posterior, it would seem that the blond had managed to clamp her teeth down upon Michelle’s mound, and was biting for all she was worth. Her upper arms pinned by Natalie’s knees, Michelle could only grab blindly at Keira’s hair, tearing flaxen strands from her head. Quite pleased with herself, Natalie gave out a laugh both girlish and soul-chilling.

This wicked, ghastly tableau continued for far longer than any in the crowd of privileged spectators could have guessed, but even such magnificent beings as Keira and Michelle could only hold out for so long…then their bodies surrendered to the inevitable, going limp.

With a tremendous sense of self-satisfaction, Natalie released the holds upon her victims; rolling Keira onto her back, she dragged her up until her body lay across the unmoving figure of Michelle. And there the two unconscious warriors remained as Natalie pompously planted a foot upon the living heap beneath her. The spectators were appalled, and rightly so. And yet...there was no denying the savage genius of Natalie, nor the sadistic grace with which she dispatched her two leading challengers. Against their own better judgments, the audience rose as one and gave Natalie an ovation.

Yet despite the apparent victory she may have engineered on this day, none could help but wonder if Natalie had in fact now unleashed a terrible, inexorable fury that would be visited upon her, and perhaps sooner than she might expect...