Britney Spears vs. Beyonce Knowles by Jackflash 8/2001 - A Hollywood Wrestling Alliance Match

Despite all expectations, Britney Spears became a major player in the HWA. When she debuted as an irritating, precocious rookie it was predicted she'd be quickly and easily mauled by most opponents, that she wasn't long for the sport. Yet she defied the odds, going on to compile one of the most successful records in the league. Although never more than an average talent in the ring, she possessed the mind of a brilliant strategist and she won matches more often than not by out-thinking opponents, not out-wrestling them. She also wasn't adverse to tossing the rule book out of the ring on occasion either.

Everything she did outside of the ring...statements to the press, her clothing, her cockiness...was meticulously calculated to infuriate rivals and distract them in their contempt for her. An opponent with a battle plan is dangerous, but an opponent seething with anger is prone to mistakes - and thus vulnerable. Spears understands this better than anyone in the HWA and she uses it to her advantage, which is why she's consistently ranked in the Top 5 contenders for the crown.

Of course, there's no end to the list of women who'd like nothing better than to knock Britney from her arrogant perch. Yet, despite the odd loss or two, Britney continues to be a dominant force.

But one newcomer to the league believed she held the key to not only beating Britney in the ring, but shattering her carefully crafted facade as an irresistible force in the sport once and for all. Although still a rookie herself, Beyonce Knowles had earned a reputation as a cool, calculated force when she wrestled. She was one woman who wasn't likely to be rattled by Britney's taunts and flaunts.

And Beyonce knew just how to get Spears to agree to a match since Britney was well-known for avoiding potential threats for as long as possible. Britney's (in)famous finishing move, "What You See is What You Get," is as effective as it is humiliating for its victims. Simply, Britney bodysplashes her opponent in the corner, then smothers them in her bosom until they're too weak and breathless to resist being pinned. Hardly the most technical maneuver, it nonetheless drives the spectators wild; and Brit never misses an opportunity to bask in the cheers of a crowd.

However, Beyonce let it be known that she had developed a new finisher of her own which would make Britney's move "look as weak as it is." Sensitive to any threat to her image, and realizing that beating the braggart Beyonce would just enhance her reputation, Britney agreed to a match. After all, Britney reasoned, Beyonce is still a rookie, so it'd be better to break the little tramp now, rather than wait til she gains more experience. The response was exactly what Beyonce expected.

On the night of the match, both girls were briefly interviewed backstage. Britney, as usual, was a maddening combination of menace, seductiveness, and giggly schoolgirl. "Beyonce thinks she's all that," Brit said. "Well, she'll learn to respect me a little better, because she's gonna get more of what she sees than anyone ever has!"

Beyonce, typically, was calm, yet no less seductively menacing than Britney. "We all know where Spears keeps her brains, and she won't have the chance to hit me with them tonight. She's gonna have a front row seat for my new finisher!" When asked what it was, all Beyonce would say was that the commentators would call it "Bootilicious."

As the two wrestlers were introduced, Britney decided to not even wait for the opening bell before attacking. She surprised Beyonce with a double ax-handle to the back of the neck. The bronzed beauty dropped to one knee, stunned and allowed Britney to grab her by the hair and pull her head between her creamy thighs. Britney then did a sharp jump, producing a bell ringer that inflicted even more pain on the dazed Beyonce.

With Beyonce's head still trapped between her milky thighs, Britney grabbed the waist of Beyonce's shorts and yanked her up on her feet. In an impressive display of young strength, Britney hoisted Beyonce's body into the air and delivered a piledriver. The dusky diva was clearly in deep trouble while the Pop Princess had barely broken a sweat yet!

Conventional wisdom would have been for Britney to put Beyonce away then and there, but Britney was feeling particularly vicious this evening and wanted to play with Beyonce some more. She began to kick and stomp the bronze diva who was finally able to escape the onslaught only by rolling under the ropes out of the ring.

Limping around ringside, Beyonce licked her wounds as she marshaled her strength. She saw an opportunity to counterattack arise when Britney haughtily came over to the ropes to taunt her. Grabbing Britney's ankles, Beyonce yanked her down to the canvas. Britney landed hard on her firm young butt and was dragged out of the ring under the bottom rope before she fully realized what was going on. Before Britney could gather her wits, Beyonce grabbed her by the hair and rammed her head-first into the ring post. Britney saw stars! Britney could offer little resistance when Beyonce dragged her back into the ring.

Proving arrogance and overconfidence wasn't limited to blondes, now it was Beyonce who got overconfident with the advantage she'd gained. She didn't realize how rapid Britney's powers of recuperation were so she was unprepared when Brit raked her nails across her eyes, momentarily blinding her. She was wide open and unprepared for Britney's finger thrust to the throat that left Beyonce not only blinded but gagging.

A Spears Stunner put Beyonce once more in dire straits and Britney followed that up with a leg drop to Beyonce's throat. To set her up for her celebrated finisher, Britney Irish-whipped Beyonce into the corner, her back slamming hard into the thinly padded turnbuckles. The roar of approval from the partisan crowd shook the arena to it's rafters. Britney charged across the ring before hurling herself into the air, landing with bone-jarring impact on the body of the young woman draped in the corner. Beyonce let out a groan and her body sagged, held upright only because her arms were draped limp over the top ropes.

"So, you didn't think you'd get some of this tonight, huh?" Britney sneered at her dazed rival as she stood over her.

With a cruel laugh, Britney pressed herself against Beyonce, using a handful of Beyonce's hair to pull her flushed face deep into the cleft between her heaving breasts.

Beyonce thrashed her arms and legs in desperation as her air was instantly shut off, but Britney had the leverage and could keep the hold applied for as long as she wished. In another few moments the match would be all over.

But again Britney decided to have a little fun and humiliate the upstart even further. She wanted to embarrass her even more before finishing her off once and for all. Britney released her finisher and, while Beyonce gulped precious oxygen into her starved lungs, Britney grabbed her by the hair. As the weakened Beyonce collapsed to her hands and knees, Britney pulled her toward the middle of the ring, forcing the young girl to scramble on her hands and knees like Britney's little puppy.

"Get up!" Britney demanded when they reached mid-ring. "Get up so that I can kick your fat ass again, you slut!"

Britney preened and posed for the raucous crowd in the stands, flexing her muscles as she posed over the fallen body of her seemingly beaten opponent. With her eyes on the crowd, Britney never saw the fist. All Britney knew was that she felt a blinding agony explode in her pussy. Her legs waved and Britney collapsed to the canvas like a house of cards as all the strength in her body suddenly drained away.

Unable to get past the pain in her lower body, Britney felt someone grab her by the hair, then throw her into the corner, but she was unable to rally herself to fight back. Her vision was blurred and her body refused to move as she commanded it. Her eyes came back into focus only just in time to see Beyonce's tight derriere hovering mere inches from her face.

"Now, let's see how you like it, bitch!" Beyonce hissed as she settled back and covered Britney's face with her ass.

Britney got her hands up and desperately tried to push her tormentor away, but Beyonce grasped the ropes and held firm. Then Beyonce began to seductively gyrate her hips, while making sure to keep Britney's nose and mouth covered. As she began to grind harder and harder, Britney grew weaker and weaker.

Inevitably, Britney's body went slack. Deprived of air, not even the diva's indomitable will could keep her conscious and in the fight any longer. Realizing Britney was finished, Beyonce grabbed Britney's ankles and dragged the limp blond body to center ring. There, like a Roman gladiatrix, she posed with her right foot planted on Britney's vaunted breasts as the referee counted the pin.

Britney was helpless prey - and a tempting target for retribution. But Beyonce simply left her there. She had what she wanted, anyway...victory and domination. Beyonce no longer cared about Britney Spears, and saw no need to waste any of her time or energy abusing her defeated rival. The waves of applause cascaded down on her for, in this one night, Beyonce Knowles had vaulted herself into the HWA stratosphere.

A short time later, Britney awoke from her stupor. After the referee helped the groggy blond to her feet, Britney staggered out of the ring and back up the aisle as laughter and jeers from the delighted crowd dogged her every step of the way. She hadn't simply been beaten, Britney realized...she had been destroyed.

Back in her dressing room, Britney brooded. But she also schemed. So, she was back to zero again? No matter, she had been there before and, through a show of willpower, had elevated herself to the heights of her sport. And she would do it again, but with an added nugget of wisdom now: her hubris had been the key to her defeat. She wouldn't allow herself to grow so smug, self-satisfied or egotistical in the ring again.

And there was another promise she made to herself that night. That she'd meet Beyonce Knowles in the ring again someday, and make her beg for mercy...!