Anna Kournikova vs. Mary Pierce (boxing) by simguy (from the FCBA forum) 20-Feb-99

Before: Maybe the marquee glamour match up in tennis sells out Wembley Stadium in 12 hours. Reprise of earlier bout in which Pierce's looming power decided the issue - what's changed? Nothing - Anna still has the movement and unorthodox style to give robotic Pierce fits although Mary still hits like a freight train.

Both blondes wear long blonde braids, Mary wearing corporate sponsor Nike's black two piece suit, white sneakers, white gloves; Anna, apparently dropping Adidas, wears a Reebok two piece pink aerobics suit into the fray.

Round 1

Both girls able to execute, with Anna circling, changing direction, and landing looping shots from her ankles, and Pierce cutting off the ring, jabbing with single telephone pole shots to Anna's chest. Mary looks to pull the trigger on the straight right, but Anna's constant movement negates it. Final minute is all Anna as Pierce walks into flurries in an effort to gain punching position.

Round 2

Anna turns southpaw, and backhands Mary's gut, drawing the big blonde forward. Kournikova catches Pierce coming in with a slick southpaw left hand from the knees, bending in to the punch and Pierce is hurt. Anna stays on her, lifting a lanky right uppercut into the breasts of Pierce, shoving her back to the ropes. Pierce, bawling, leans sideways over the ropes as Anna caves in her jaw with brawling lefts over Pierce's shoulder. The fight loses all semblance of boxing skill as Anna holds the top rope, anchoring her Neanderthal lefts, and Pierce's legs go wonky as she takes a stream of blows to her head.


Pierce looks stunned, out of it, as Anna leaps for joy!

TKO2 for Kournikova and sudden, sweet revenge.

After: Pierce vehemently denies being hurt, dismissing the stoppage as 'Politics.' But ringside observers saw her give it up to Anna, and Kournikova redeems herself in a hurry with a convincing knockout win.

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