Anna Kournikova vs Mary Pierce by bbb4 25-Jul-2000

Anna and Mary stare at each other across the ring. Anna runs her eyes up and down the taller, heavier blonde, her ample bust straining at the white spandex top trying its best to hold back the tide. A white tennis skirt with panties below doesn't hide her French opponent's thick, muscular thighs and butt either. A dark shudder passes over Anna like a dark cloud as she envisions Mary's crushing chest scissor, her set up move for the breast smother. 'The French Kiss' they call it, because Mary makes you kiss her oblong nipples before putting you down. Mary smiles, seeing Anna's troubled face. She slowly adjusts her top, and cups her large breasts. On a lark, she blows Anna a menacing kiss.

Mary stares jealously across the ring at the younger Russian. Even though she has yet to win a major title, the photographers and the crowd are solidly behind the teenager. Her wonderful little body has graced the covers of every magazine from Sports Illustrated to Forbes. Mary eyes her opponent, wearing an identical white sport bra, and white tennis skirt with briefs below. Mary has watched what little tape there is of Anna fighting, mainly in tag matches with Martina Hingis before their split at the beginning of the year.

Kournikova is known for doing what ever it takes to win in a catfight, even if she always seems to come up short on the tennis court. Mary continue her assessment of Anna. The teenagers breasts are small, but firm and well shaped, jutting from her smaller frame. Each tit is about a handful ...perfect for squeezing. Her small nipples are standing proudly... perfect for pinching and twisting. Mary keeps trolling her eyes down the teenager, noting her trim, well shaped abdominals leading down to her trim hips and girlish thighs. As she moved her eyes back up the Russian, she notes that Anna is eyeing her too, staring at her....fearfully?

Mary casually adjusts her bra, which was beginning to pinch her ribs. She caresses each sensitive mound of flesh, passing her palms over her own jutting nipples, and winks at Anna, blowing her a kiss.

"God, I can't wait to smother that smiling little face," she thinks to her self, already seeing Anna's eyes disappear into her cleavage.

She is rudely awakened by the tin clang of the ring side bell.

Mary crosses the ring quickly, meeting Anna near her corner. They tie up, but Anna quickly slips away, slapping Mary across the boobs as she glides away. Frustrated, Mary chases her again, locking up closer to the center of the ring, but Anna slides under the attempt to lock up, delivering an open handed slap to Mary's belly. Pierce bends over in pain, but quickly turns to face the slippery Russian. Looking down, she sees a red imprint of a hand across her belly button, further infuriating her.

"To Hell with this hide and seek," announces Mary.

She plants herself in the center of the canvas and demands that Anna meet her and lock up. Kournikova looks around the ring uncomfortably, wishing now that she hadn't teased the bigger girl. She steps up to the larger blonde and locks up. Mary dispenses with the niceties and grabs a handful of Anna's ponytail and drags her backward into the corner where she administers and quick avalanche, crushing Anna into the corner with her body. Her huge chest engulfs Anna as she presses her attack, using her bulk to squash Anna's tiny frame into the corner, crushing her.

"This is how we crush little blonde grapes in France...", says Mary as she slams a forearm into Anna's chest.

Kournikova is shocked at the power behind the blow. Mary hauls back and delivers another devastating forearm smash to the tits before lowering her shoulder and ramming it into Anna's belly. Both feet leave the ground as Anna is mashed into the corner a second time. Mary steps back to admire her work before pounding a kick into Anna's taut belly. Kournikova slumps uselessly into the corner buckles, staring at her feet, her hands covering her belly. As Anna finally looks up, Mary's crushing grip squeezes Anna's little handfuls, threatening to burst her tits.

"I've been waiting to get a hold of these little gems...."

As she squeezes each breast, digging her four fingers into the underside if each tit, she uses her thumb to rub Anna's nipples.

"These...", Mary begins, "look like little raisins, on a little girl."

She grabs the youngster's bra and lifts it up over Anna's head with little resistance, revealing two quarter sized strawberries swimming a pool of cream white flesh. Now that Anna has been laid bare, Mary's tit twisting is twice as effective. Her sharp nails slice through the soft undersides of Anna's bare breasts like warm butter. Anna's stiff nipples are equally decimated by Mary's nipple twisting.

"I learned this on American TV...the three stooges..."

She uses the middle knuckle of both her index and middle finger to pinch Anna's nipple, sending the Russian to her knees, scratching at Mary's forearms in agony.

Mary looks into Anna's eyes, "Are you ready for this?" Smiling, she adds, "This is the best part."

With that, she pulls back her free hand and slaps her nipple twisting hand, ripping it away from Anna's breast, just like the three stooges. Now on her knees, Anna has tears streaming from her watery eyes. She covers her tits hoping to avoid further breast punishment, but Mary pries her hands away and beings to maul her again. Anna desperately fires a quick shot between Mary's thighs, catching her with an unexpected low blow. Mary gasps in pain, but the blow is weak, and she is more shocked than hurt.

Anna's second crotch shot finds the mark too, but Anna leaves her hand wedged under Mary's skirt. She rakes her hand across Mary's privates, sending the French girl lumbering away, moaning in agony. Anna barely has the strength to climb to her feet when she sees Mary charging across the ring at her. Mary's eyes are filled with hate and her teeth are clenched in a evil grin as she sprints toward Anna. At the last moment, Mary turns around and jumps slightly, ramming her powerful ass into Anna's breadbasket.

Although Anna's abs are tanned and toned, the momentum behind Mary's muscular butt wins the battle, crushing Anna into the corner again, driving any hope of winning out of her dilapidated body. Mary enjoys the moment, and rubs her rump against Anna's belly. Even as stunned as she is, Anna quickly jabs an extended thumb between Mary's legs again, sending her skittering across the ring with her hands between her legs a second time.

"You wanna play with the big girls? You touch my crotch again and I am going to rip you in half."

Mary walks up to the Russian, still trapped in the corner and begins to beat her with fists to the head, belly and breasts. She spices up the old fashion beat down with a crushing headbutt that sends Anna to La-La land. After asking the crowd, Mary finishes her flurry of punches with a punch to Anna's furry...crotch that is.

Anna bends over at the waist and steps out of the corner, and into Mary's grasp. The blonde to blonde, tit to tit bear hug really displays the size difference between the girls as Anna looks like a limp rag doll in Mary's brutally squeezing arms. Pierce's biceps bulge as she flexes and releases, mashing her breasts into Anna's smaller globes. The fun is short lived as Pierce drives forward, smashing Anna into the corner like a tackling dummy. Anna takes a stumbling step out of the corner and lands flat on her face.

"Finally made it out of the corner, huh? Look at're no Sport Illustrated cover girl now."

Mary nods her head knowingly and the crowd tenses for the finish of the match. Mary takes a seat behind the struggling teenager and wraps her thighs around Anna's ribs, under her arms. Flexing her powerful thighs, Mary makes Anna scream in agony. Mary slaps her thighs, emphasizing the power in her lower body, punishing Anna's ribs. She adds to the pain by reaching forward and squeezing Anna's breasts, playing with the nipples before pinching them too.

Kournikova slaps weakly at Mary thighs, scratching her and trying to escape, but Mary's legs are steel. Pierce finally breaks the scissors and rolls Anna to her side, this time going for the breast scissors. Again Mary crushes the teenager between her rock hard thighs, mashing her tits back into her chest and squeezing the air out of the blonde. Anna desperately grabs at Mary's hair, pulling weakly at the blonde locks, but Mary answers in kind, yanking Anna's ponytail until she releases her hold on Mary's hair. Nearing unconsciousness, Anna again blindly runs her hand up Mary's belly and grabs one of her luscious spandex covered tits, squeezing the melon with all her remaining strength. Mary winces in pain and curses in French, breaking the hold, letting Anna slide out from between her legs.

Mary's wince turns to a grin as she asks, "You wanna feel my tits? How about on your face?"

Mary leans back and lifts her soaked athletic bra, letting it fall on the mat beside her. The twin mountains explode out of the confining bra, dancing from side to side, shedding droplets of dew. The cream white of her tremendous tits is a stark contrast to her wide, tanned shoulders. Mary lovingly rubs each supple, white breast, circling her palms over the soft nipples until they harden.

"Oh yeah, Anna, they're ready for you."

Anna lies on the mat in agony, panting and wheezing, each breath an explosion of pain in her tortured ribs and tits. Her pain fogged brain barely registers the huge sweaty tits as the come closer to her face.

Mary pushes Anna over onto her back, so that she can straddle the teenager and grape vine her legs. Mary grabs both of the smaller girls hands in her own and pins them to the mat, spread eagle. Mary first allows her melons to hang over Anna's face, lightly brushing her nipples on the Russian's face. As Anna comes around, her face is slowly engulfed by the twin spheres of Mary's breast flesh. Kournikova panics immediately, squirming and fighting all the way, but Mary patiently waits her out, letting her burn up all of her precious oxygen struggling under the sweaty smothering flesh. After Anna's battles slowly begin to taper off, Mary lifts her chest off Anna's face. Anna sputters and gags as she gratefully fills her lungs with air for the first time in nearly a minute.

"Feeling a little better?" Anna's eyes finally focus on Mary's huge boobs hanging centimeters from her face, dripping sweat on her.

Jiggling her large breasts slightly, "Kiss'em and then I'll let you go."

"Fuck you, biiiuuuuuuummmmmmpppp....," answers Anna as Mary's tits are again applied to her face, cutting off any response.

"Funny, that's what I thought you were going to say."

Mary smiles and lovingly rubs her damp breasts slowly back and forth against Anna's struggling face. The small Russian writhes under Mary's mammaries, struggling to breath in the dark, smelly, sweaty cavern that is Mary's cleavage. Finally, Mary lifts her breasts again, allowing Anna to fill her collapsed lungs.

"How about now? If you kiss'em both, I'll let you go."

The pinned blonde leans forward under Mary's watchful eye. Anna's trembling lips touch the flesh of Mary's breast and she falls back.

"On the nipple...kiss'em. Both," Mary instructs as she watches Anna lean forward again and plant her lips on Mary's erect nipple.

Anna gently sucks the large stiff circle for a few seconds, rubbing her tongue over the upright teat and the sensitive areola. For her expertise, Anna earns a base moan from Mary as she enjoys the attention. Anna's head flops back on the mat, and Mary smiles broadly.

"That was great...." Mary pants. "Now the other, just like before."

Anna lifts her head under Mary's watchful eye again, and begins to tease the large nipple with the tip of her tongue. Chasing the droplets of sweat around Mary's tit with her tongue, she finally begins to suck the large nipple. Mary responds, throwing her head back and letting out a huge groaning sigh. The sigh quickly turns to a scream as Mary looks down to find Anna's teeth sunk into her tender breast. Anna jerks her head side to side, tearing at the soft flesh, trying to toss Mary's weight off of her. With Mary's dominating grapevine broken, Anna quickly resumes her attacks on Mary groin, ramming two knees between the French woman's thighs to finish her first offensive moves.

Anna climbs out from under the rubble of Mary's devastated body in a panic, pushing the bigger blonde away to finally free herself. As the adrenaline rush wears off, she grabs at her crushed ribs, wincing in pain. She knows she must finish Mary quickly, while she has the chance. She claws blindly, trying to free herself from Mary's weight and finds her opponent's soaked athletic bra, damp and cool with Mary sweat. Anna's evil eyes glow with mischief as she finally frees her lower body and forgetting her pain, pounces onto Mary's back. Mary is still face down on the canvas and offers little resistance until Anna slowly drags her fingernails down Mary's sweaty back, leaving a long series of angry red welts on the bigger girl's tanned shoulders and back. Mary blindly reaches back with both hands, grabbing a hold of Anna's skirt. Kournikova snatches up the athletic bra off the mat and puts it her own mouth.

With both hands free, she grabs Mary's arms and bends them toward each other. She quickly lassos the discarded spandex bra around Mary's wrists, binding them tightly to each to each other. Mary struggles vehemently against the stretchy spandex, but cannot free herself. Mary begins to curse in French, loud enough to make a Parisian cab driver blush. Anna simply watches as Mary's struggles grow less determined and more panicked. Anna giggles as she backs away from Pierce's upper body, sliding her way backward so that she is sitting across the back of Mary's knees. Even the small act of laughing sends hot blades of pain through her tortured ribcage. After a few seconds to regain her breath, Anna slowly lifts the back of Mary's skirt like the hood on a car.

"What's under here, I wonder?"

Feeling the breeze across her legs, Mary again begins to struggle, trying to kick Anna off of her legs.

Anna playfully slaps Mary's wide, firm buns, asking, "What's the matter little girl?"

Anna's playful side ends though as she peels down the back of Mary's briefs and inserts her hand into the warm pocket inside. Knowing she can't win a battle of power, Anna resorts to the holds and skills that she knows best.

Growing up in the crushing poverty of Russia, Anna knew all along that tennis was her only way out. Anna's mom had always told that only half of the battles she fought would be on the tennis court. In her climb to the top, Anna had stepped on several bodies, earning lots of enemies along the way. She had won several locker room fights with girls jealous of her skills, her success and later jealous of her body.

Anna had learned a lot from the victories she had won wrestling and catfighting in the dilapidated training gyms and locker rooms, but she had learned more from the spats she had lost. Nothing had been as humiliating as the time three older girls had jumped her after practice, dragging her out of the shower soaking wet and taken their turns on her, spreading her legs and working her over. After the beating, Anna had been left face down on the cold tile, numb from the waist down, to be found by her mother. Ever since that day, Anna had decided to do whatever it takes to keep what she had.

Threading her fingers past Mary's clenched cheeks, Anna's deft fingers fail to find even a small opening between Mary's clenched thighs. Pulling her hand out a bit she explores Mary's behind, running her fingers up and down her crack before ramming her thumb between the firm cheeks and ripping downward. Mary lets out a scream and Anna quickly finds the opening that she was seeking earlier.

Kournikova rakes her opponent's thick bush several times, pulling out clumps of pubic hair. Mary trashes wildly screaming and cursing in pain and anger, but with her hands tied behind her, she can do little as Anna repeatedly penetrates her from behind. Anna quickly lowers Mary's briefs, peeling them down over Pierce's powerful thighs and pulling them over her ankles and shoes. Sitting across Mary legs again to keep her under control, Anna scoots forward onto Mary's back. She rakes her fingernails down Mary's back again and as the French woman screams in pain, Anna jams the sweaty underthings into her mouth, gagging Mary.

Although she is able to spit the foul, sweaty briefs out after a few seconds, Mary seems to realize that Anna can have her way with her, and her struggles lessen. Feeling Mary calm down, Anna rolls the bare breasted blonde over onto her back and straddles her once again, sitting her wonderful ass across her opponent's lower belly. Mary's large breasts wobble from side to side as Mary again tries to free herself from the spandex holding her hands together.

She quickly realizes that her bindings are just as tight now as they were before. Anna playfully slaps the large sweaty globes of flesh, teasing the nipples before pinching them. With her hands tied behind her, Mary can only grind her teeth and grunt in agony, as Anna has her way with her already destroyed tits.

Anna leans forward to whisper so that only Mary can hear her, "I'm gonna sit on your face......" She leans back again, so the crowd can hear her and adds, "....but not yet."

Anna sits Mary up and takes a seat behind her. She reaches around, groping underneath Mary's short skirt until she finds what she wants. Mary's shocked gasp lets Anna know that her fingers are indeed, right where she wants them.

Anna whispers in Mary's ear, "You said that if I touched you....right here...." Mary again sucks in a huge breath as Anna probes her, "... you were going to tear me in half."

Anna flips up the front of Mary's skirt so that the crowd can watch the teenager's index finger seek and then penetrate Mary's unprotected muff, disappearing up to the final knuckle. Mary's eyes clench shut as the teenager enters her, but she lets out a long sighing moan, not entirely without a bit of pleasure.

"How about now? Still wanna tear me in half?"

Anna slides her finger back and unzips the back of Mary's skirt, tossing it aside, leaving the French woman's athletic build completely nude. Running her fingers slowly down Mary's sweat drenched belly, Anna finally finds her way to Mary's womanhood and inserts both her middle and index finger this time, showing an expertise that belies her age. Mary's head falls backward with a whimper as Anna begins to slowly stroke back and forth between Mary's legs.

"How about now? Does that feel a little better?"

Mary continues to moan as Anna's pace quickens a bit.

Anna continues whispering into Mary's ear, "Should I try three?"

Mary's only answer is another weak moan as she joins Anna in a slow grinding rhythm, her eyes still clenched shut.

"I didn't think so."

Still behind Mary, Anna feels her opponent's hips begin to pump, and feels Mary's bare, tight buns slap lightly against her abs.

"I give," Mary grunts between clenched teeth.

Anna continues as though she didn't hear the French tennis star.

"Please, Anna, leave.... me..... uuuhhhhhhhhh. I .....Just.....I....ahhhhh..."

"Not quite yet. You don't want me to quit.... do you?" Anna asks in the Russian accented English.

While Mary's mind is begging Anna to quit the humiliating fingering, her body is in control, thrusting and pumping with Anna's slippery fingers, sweat coursing down her bare breasts. Mary shakes her head negatively.

"I didn't think so," Anna adds softly.

She smiles broadly as she continues working Mary's twat, feeling the warmth and wetness increase with each short, plunging strokes. As slowly and quietly as it began, Mary's hip thrusting orgasm pours out of her in a wild, screaming, cursing torrent. Her juices flood over Anna's hand as her bumping, and grinding slow their way down to a last few exaggerated lunges. Mary's eyes pop open, and she looks down to Anna slipping her fingers out from between her thighs. She briefly struggles against the spandex binding her, but just as quickly realizes the futility and begins to wonder what Anna has in store for her.

"Wasn't that fun?"

Mary slowly nods her head affirmatively, not knowing what Anna will do to her if she disagrees. Anna wipes her drenched hand off on Mary's wet breast, making sure to press against Mary's torn nipple. She pushes Mary down onto her bottom and then rolls her over onto her back. Anna stands over her, and slowly lowers her briefs. The blonde tuft leading into the cleft of her tight thighs is exposed first, but soon the rest of her amazing ass and buns are open for the world to see.

Patting herself on the butt, she asks, "Which one do you want? Front or back?"

Mary gives her a perplexed look, and then gives a shudder.

Anna asks her again, "Front or back? I'm gonna sit on your face....which one do you want?"

Mary shakes her head and tries one last time in vain to free herself, but Anna kicks her in the ribs, quickly ending her struggles.

"You want my butt on your nose or on your mouth?"

After waiting a seconds Anna kicks her again, this time much harder.


Mary quietly squeaks, "Nose."

Anna answers, "Good choice," and maneuvers herself for a reverse facesit.

Crouching down at Mary's head, Anna places Mary's sweat soaked head between her legs. Mary looks up at her, silently. Straddling her once more, Anna lowers her white butt onto Mary's face.

Scooting forward and freeing up her tennis skirt she mutters, "Now it's my turn."

Anna begins the gentle rocking, running her hips in small, tight circles. She flips some loose hair out of her face as she smiles for the crowd, knowing every photographer in the arena is burning up film. Anna's bare breasts dance as she works her way toward an orgasm on her opponent's face. She reaches forward and gently grabs Pierce's breasts as they two sway and rock with Anna's growing gyrations. Anna's lips part soundlessly, and her eyes flutter closed as she nears the peak of her performance on Mary's mug, her hips rolling in smaller, ever quicker circles, until at last Anna's throws her head back and screams at the top of her lungs, finishing the ride with a flourish.

Clearly exhausted both by her grinding facesit and the beating she took earlier in the match, Anna climbs to her knees then to her feet. Looking down on her opponent's nude form, Anna chuckles. Were it not for her rosy complexion and the smear of Anna's love juices, Mary would appear to be sleeping lightly. Kournikova steps off the bigger blonde, chuckles once again and limps toward the ropes - the tired victor.

Final vote tally: Kournikova 225, Pierce 165.