Anna Kournikova vs. Maria Sharapova by AZERTY

When Anna heard Maria Sharapova had not only won a competition she could never dream of winning, but then (according to some Internet poll) was also considered sexier than her, Anna determined she would give the teenage Russian a lesson she'd never forget! Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when Maria mentioned she, "...didn't want to be another Kournikova" in an interview. Anna took it personally and intended to make Maria pay for that as well! It took Anna little time to find out where Maria lived and then she set out to find the right moment - when the younger, taller tennis player was home alone. Anna walked up and banged her fists on Maria's front door.

"Anna? Hello, how are you?" said the clueless Maria in Russian when she saw her older, shorter rival.

"Step inside Maria," Anna growled, putting her hand on the tall teen's chest and pushing her back. "I am NOT here to talk!"

Maria was surprised as she was forced backward, "What is it?"

"Letting me in was a BIG mistake, you stupid excuse for a tennis player!" Anna snarled.

Maria was shocked by her aggressive attitude, "What's wrong Anna?"

"What's wrong? YOU are! I expect an apology for you insulting me in public. You're going to tell everyone that I am the better woman and that you are just a wanna-be teenage brat."

Maria chuckled, "Oh, now I understand Anna; you are jealous of me!"

Anna fumed, clenching her fists, "Never say that again!"


"Or I am gonna blow you out!"

"OH? Really?" Maria sneered, unable to disguise her disdain for the well-built blonde who'd seemingly squandered so much talent.

It was getting nasty although Anna had already been furious when she arrived. Without warning, Anna turned her hips and sent a hard slap across Maria's cheek. CRACK! The younger player's knees buckled and she put her hands back on the wall behind her to brace herself. She was stunned, but she was far from being hurt!

"OK Anna, you asked for it!" she grunted, pushing off the wall with her ass and slapping her rival even harder!

Anna's head was twisted to one side by the cuffing slap, and she dropped to one knee, her hand on the floor as she shook her head, her long, golden blonde hair coming undone and falling in a cascade over her reddening face.

"You will pay for that!" fumed Anna, springing off the floor and ripping a punch to Maria's hard abs. THUD! To no avail! Maria's body was so much more toned than Anna expected and Anna almost sprained her wrist when her fist smacked the abs which took the solid blow without giving way!

Suddenly, Anna lost some of her confidence but things got even worse for her when Maria's fist slammed into Anna's exposed abs. Anna grunted, doubled over but then lowered her shoulder and charged into Maria! The big teenager had enough! Taking advantage of her height and strong arms, she grabbed Anna by her long tresses while she was bent over and still moving forward, side-stepped and flung Anna headfirst against the wall.

The blonde's skull hit the concrete wall with a nasty THONK and she slumped to her knees dazed. Still holding Anna by her hair, Maria slammed Anna's face into the wall a couple of more times. BONK! THONK! When she stopped, Anna's forehead was black and blue and blood was running from her nose and cuts on her face.

"I am going to teach you a good lesson, bitch!" yelled Maria, her confidence growing with the ease she was handling the tennis 'legend'!

Anna was dazed and confused after hitting her head so hard and before she could react, Maria had pulled her top down around her waist, tangling her arms in the shredded clothing. She pulled Anna to her feet, turned her around with her back to the wall and began pounding her guts with a fusillade of fists, trying to smash her abs to jelly! Held by the hair, her head dazed by the blows it had taken, Anna tried to protect her midsection with her arms but Maria was very fast at changing targets and punching straight in her breasts. Anna was soon worn out and tears were appearing in her eyes. It was really humiliating to be crushed so easily by a mere teenager.

In an attempt to break free, Anna tried to drive her knee up and slam it into Maria's womanhood but Maria was very attentive and she slammed her hand down on Anna's knee, stopping her assault in mid-air.

"What were you trying to do, bitch, THIS?" yelled Maria, hammering her own knee up between Anna's and punishing her pubic mound with a vengeance.

Anna screamed in excruciating pain and dropped both hands to her battered womanhood….much to Maria's great pleasure, since with Anna's hands otherwise occupied, she could return to crushing Anna's abs with punch after punch! Anna was now gagging loudly and her abs were giving way under so many powerful blows. Her belly was red from the blows and her abs just couldn't take it any more!

Maria slammed Anna against the wall and held her there with her forearm across the older woman’s throat. Anna gasped for air as she tried with all her remaining energies to pull Maria's arm down, but her efforts were unavailing and the teenager was slowly choking her out. Still, Maria kept pounding on Anna’s belly which was much softer after a couple of minutes of ‘tenderizing. Anna could feel her guts being pounded into jelly and wasn’t until Anna's gaping mouth spit blood that Maria finally stopped punching and let her rival blonde slump to the floor! Anna curled up in a ball and sobbed like a baby.

"What is it, bitch? Can't take a few belly blows?" chuckled Maria, kicking Anna in the ass for added humiliation.

"STOP!!" whined Anna as she was slammed back against the wall by Maria's foot between her heaving breasts.

"Shut up!" growled Maria, forcing her training shoe into Anna's mouth, making the blonde gurgle in her attempts to breathe. "I am soooooo tired of you!! If you don't admit I’m the better girl, I’ll destroy that body you’re so proud of!" yelled Maria, taking her shoe from off Anna's lips.

Anna wasn't answering, so Maria slammed her heel down into Anna's womanhood and the pain hit Anna like a bolt of lightning! She screamed and yelped as she tried to protect her already hurting body. Maria pulled her up onto her hands and knees by the hair, then pushed her ass against the wall. Holding Anna's head down, the blood from her split lip dribbled onto the concrete between Maria's feet, Maria inched forward and clamped her powerful thighs on Anna's head, then slowly began to crush her with a standing headscissors..

"Stop! Please!!" whimpered Anna, her open hands slapping ineffectually at the back of Maria's muscular thighs.

"Say it!"

Anna was in tears but she couldn't take more; she surrendered, "Yes I will say whatever you want, just stop!!"

"Admit I'm the better girl and say that you're a stupid skank with no idea of how to play tennis!"

"Yes, are the better girl and I am a stupid skank who cannot play tennis!"

"Well done bitch! Now get out of here!" yelled Maria, kicking Anna in the ass as she pushed out onto the street.

"Wait! My top!!" screamed Anna.

"Oh right! Thanks for reminding me..." laughed Maria, grabbing Anna's bra and ripping it away as well! Shocked and terrified, Anna frantically tried to cover her bouncing boobs as she stood topless on the street; her guts destroyed; her face black and blue and dripping blood. She fell to her knees and spent the next half-hour sobbing like a baby as uncaring passers-by stepped over her or walked around her, ignoring her as if her fifteen minutes of fame had just expired!

Final Vote Tally: Maria Sharapova (305); Anna Kournikova (283)