Anna Kournikova vs. Britney Spears by blackcape 02-Aug-2000

Anticipation was running high at the 4th Annual Celebrity Tennis Invitational, this year to be held in Paris, France. Stepping lightly into the court, Britney Spears took time to reflect upon her initial invitation; the small white card with gold-embossed lettering seemed to have been written for a queen.

"Humphh," Britney thought to herself. "Instead of being treated like a queen, here I am playing for some God-awful charity with some has-been tennis loser named Billy Jean King. Well, at least my fans are here to cheer me on."

Looking about, she realized that the stadium was overwhelmingly packed- not a single seat remained unfilled and the roar of the crowd as she approached court center in her light pink sport bra and short skirt seemed to reverberate in her young ears as a sign of adulation. Gazing through the populace, she was eventually able to find her beloved boyfriend, Jason Timberlake, seated at the fringe of the opposite court.

Flipping her ponytails happily, she smiled and mouthed out the words, "I Love You."

At that moment, the crowd rose to its feet in unison and began a furious applause for the reigning princess of tennis, Anna Kournikova with her partner, Chris Evert. Anna grinned knowingly, waved to her subjects and bowed low, flashing a glance of her underwear to the male fans from beneath her white tennis outfit.

"Bitch!" Britney thought to herself.

Just then, Anna ran over to Jason near the sidelines, pulled him forcefully to her and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Britney could barely contain her confusion; her eyes blurred over with tears and she could hardly focus.

Was he kissing her back?

Was his hand gently caressing her breast?

What the hell was going on?

As the match began, Britney found it difficult to concentrate. Her partner was laughing and making jokes, even though they were losing to Kournikova and Evert.

"What the hell is so damn funny," Britney thought. "Jason's cheering, but is it for me or for Anna? Well one thing's for sure, this old hag they have me paired off with sure isn't cutting it. We're obviously going to lose and how's that going to make me look in front of Jason? I've got to do something!"

But it became abundantly clear to the young singer that what effort she was to put forth would be too little too late. As the match neared its completion, Britney was struck with an idea. She and Anna were staying at the same landmark hotel; in fact, she vaguely recalled Kournikova hauling her luggage into the room next to hers and wouldn't you know it, both rooms were connected by an adjoining door.

"The game may be a washout," Britney thought with a smirk, "but I will have my revenge."

That night, Britney shaved her legs, took her shower and put on her favorite pink cotton underwear and matching bra, both of which highlighted her exquisite assets. The underwear was two sizes too small and was stretched tight around her perfect ass, her pubic area barely contained within. Her large breasts rode high upon her chest, threatening to breach the barriers that held them.

"Damn I'm fine," Britney thought to herself and looked admiringly in the bathroom mirror. Just then, she heard a low groaning emanating from the adjoining room. It was Anna. Tiptoeing to the connecting doorway, Britney could barely decipher what Anna was murmuring...what could it be...was it...was it...

"Jaaaaaasoooon! Jaaaaasoon! Ohhh baby! Ohhhhhh baby!"

"DAMMIT!" Britney cried, gripping the door handle, madly swung it open to reveal Anna spread-eagled and bare breasted on the bed with one hand deep inside the fold of her 'tightie whities.'

"Obviously performing some lewd act," Britney thought in disgust.

Looking quickly about the room, she noticed that it was almost an exact reproduction of her own- one large queen size bed, a set of dresser drawers almost six feet long near the window and an overhead ceiling fan spinning quickly in the dark. The floors, like hers, were wooden, both rooms having been remodeled to resemble their 1800 origins. Anna looked up quickly upon Britney's entrance and a frown graced her beautiful face.

"Oh, it's you," she said, sitting upright on her bed. "What are you doing here? Did you come to watch me?"

"Why are you calling out my boyfriend's name?" Britney demanded, hands firmly on her smooth, rounded hips.

"Isn't it obvious, you stupid bitch?" Anna retaliated, "I stole him from you; didn't you know that? We were kissing at the game today, in case you hadn't noticed. I was hoping you'd catch a hint."

Britney's face flushed bright red and she clenched her fists in anger.

"But why?" she asked.

"It's a part of my profession," Anna replied smugly. "I like to play with balls."

Britney could take it no longer. Reaching out, she grabbed a handful of Anna's long hair and pulling her to her feet, slapped her across the face. Anna winced and grinned sickly.

"Hit me baby, one more time," Anna said.

"You asked for it, bitch," Britney cried and punched her once square in the face. Then again. And again.

Anna remained standing.

"I've got to beat this bitch," Britney thought. But then Anna's silky thigh connected with the singer's crotch and Britney fell to her knees before the tennis pro. Reaching down, Anna grabbed Britney's hair and drove her knee into her opponent's chin, sending the diva sprawling across the wooden floor, her head hitting the opposite wall. Getting Britney to all fours, Anna executed a knee drop to the back, smashing Britney chest first into the floor. Before Britney had a chance to react, Anna leapt into the air and drove her knee once more into the small of the singers back.

"Oops, I did it again," Anna giggled.

Straddling her foe's back, the tennis star took Britney by the head with both hands and beat her face into the floor three consecutive times. The diva was almost unconscious, spread-eagled on the floor, as her enemy blatantly rubbed her crotch against her back.

"Let's see these famous breasts of yours," Anna snarled, and undoing the clasps of Britney's bra to let the heavenly bounty spill free.

Though Britney tried to push her way up, Anna slammed her ass down onto the singer's back, boobs swelling out from underneath the prone girl's body. Anna bounced up and down four or five times, eliciting a series of grunts from her foe, before wrapping the pink bra around Britney's neck and yanking up, choking her opponent into submission.

Britney gurgled and gasped while Anna looked about and noticed the coat hanger on the upper edge of the doorway. Clasping the bra together from behind and dragging Britney to her feet, Anna body slammed her foe against the opposite wall, shut the door, and slid Britney up by the crotch several inches above the ground, where she positioned the clasp just beyond the coat hanger's grasp.

Then she let Britney go, the bra grew taut and the songstress found herself dangling four inches from the floor, being hung by her own apparel. As Britney clawed vainly at the bra around her neck, Anna grabbed her opponent's feet, spread her legs wide and kicked her twice in the crotch. Then she went to work on Brit's stomach and breasts, throwing fist after fist into the body before her.

All Britney could do was hang there and choke while the tennis pro continued her assault. An uppercut to the crotch. A sudden blow to the breast. Britney's lips were turning blue, when the bra snapped and her body fell hard to the floor.

"It's time to finish this, bitch," Anna muttered.

She hauled her foe up in a breast-to-breast bearhug and body slammed her to the bed. Crawling along the singer's body, Anna took Britney's hands, pinned them over her head and lowered her firm round breasts over her opponent's face, cutting off all oxygen. Anna threw her arms around Britney's head, thoroughly burying her face in the depth of her cleavage as Britney bucked and twisted beneath her. Anna could hear Brit's muffled moans.

"Nightie, night, bitch!" was her reply.

Anna remained in this position for almost a minute before lifting her breasts and looking down at the flushed face of her foe. Those lush lips, the tousled hair, so inviting...

"You interrupted me when I was doing something important," Anna stated bluntly. "And I intend to finish. Remember, as I do this I'll be thinking of my new boyfriend, Jason."

"Nooooo," Britney moaned, but by then it was too late.

Anna placed her barely-covered crotch over the singer's mouth and nose.

"So many people have wanted to cover your mouth to stop you from singing," Anna said. "Now it is my pleasure to fulfill their wishes."

Anna began slowly, grinding over Britney's face with imperceptible motion.

"Ohhh," Anna moaned as she began to speed up the process.

Britney's legs kicked slowly- she was obviously still conscious. Anna began to ride her face harder, her foe's body jerking back and forth in motion until the entire bed began to sway and vibrate. Britney tried in vain to pry the tennis star's ass from her face, but to no avail.

Reaching around Anna's thighs, she latched her fingers onto the fringe of Anna's underwear and yanked hard, delivering a brutal wedgie to Kournikova's firm behind, but this seemed to turn the tennis pro on even more.

Anna began banging and thrusting harder and harder onto Britney's face, sending her head further into the mattress until Anna arched her back, locked her thighs and gave one more thrust. Britney's arms stiffened, her legs split in shock. She went limp. Anna remained on Britney's face for another minute or so and then slowly lifted herself up to a squatting position.

"Screw you, bitch," Anna muttered and stood above her beaten opponent to kick her once more in the crotch.

Just then, Britney's right leg shot up and responded in kind, burying itself deep between the shocked tennis star's thighs. Anna fell back to the bed between Britney's legs holding her bruised womanhood, while Britney sent another foot into Anna's face, sending her back to the floor. Anna lay on her back at the foot of the bed as Britney stood up on the mattress, leapt high into the air and came down feet first on Anna's crotch and neck, causing the tennis pro to arch her back in pain.

"So you think you can defeat me," Britney snarled, sending her heel into Anna's crotch. "You may have beaten me in tennis, but I can still kick your ass!"

Keeping one foot on Anna's neck, the singing sensation drove her other knee into the tennis star's face, grabbed both of Anna's breasts and pulled up, eliciting a garbled scream from her opponent.

"Ugh! Ughh!" Britney groaned, as she yanked Anna's breasts like taffy as far as they could go. "So you wanna have some fun?" Britney cried, as she stepped off of Anna's neck, flipped her onto her stomach and slid her knees under the bed. "I want some satisfaction!"

Crawling back up on the bed, Britney reached forward, pulling Anna's head backward onto the mattress, her legs pinned beneath the bed and her body arched over the side like a bow. Encircling Anna's head with her arms, Britney executed a reverse breast smother, pushing Anna's face deep into her sweating cleavage while her foe's arms flailed uselessly about. Britney held on and tightened her lock around the tennis star's head until her struggles subsided. Then, scooting forward, the singing star applied a reverse face sit, Anna's features disappearing beneath Britney's perfect ass.

Grabbing Anna's breasts once more, Britney began bouncing up and down on the trapped blond, riding her like a hobbyhorse for a minute before bouncing off of her head and sending her breathless foe to the floor once again. Anna groaned and attempted to crawl away, but Britney stepped over her body, kicked her to her back and launched herself off of the mattress once again to come crashing down ass first on Anna's swollen breasts.

"We're not through yet!"

Britney grunted and hauling Anna back to her feet, went down low for a crushing bearhug, her arms around Anna's waist. Holding the blond bombshell in midair, she stepped onto the mattress, arched her back and sent Anna's head into the whirring wooden fan blades above.

The tennis star's body convulsed involuntarily as the 'thwack, thwack, thwack' of wood on Anna's head filled the room. Britney looked up, half expecting to see a bloody mess, but to her disappointment, her opponent's beautiful face was bruised, but not bleeding.

"Bitch!" Britney cried.

Holding Anna tightly in her grip, leapt horizontally off of the bed, smacking her foe's head into the opposite doorway. Straddling her semi-conscious enemy, the singing star opened the door, placed the tennis star's neck against the door jam, grabbed the knob and slammed it shut onto the flaxen beauty's voice box. She was rewarded with a low gurgling from her fallen opponent. A small smile crossing her full lips, Britney arched back and pulled on the doorknob with all of her might, sending Anna's body into convulsions once more.

Opening the door again, the singer dragged Anna's body spread-eagled to the center of the room and stepping onto her breasts and crotch, approached the heavy dresser drawers near the window. Grunting hard, the pretty diva used her entire body to heave the dresser vertically onto its side so that it stood six feet tall like a tower awaiting to be toppled.

Anna was moaning weakly, "No, no, no," but Britney took no notice. She dragged the tennis star directly beneath the upright dresser and spread her legs and arms apart.

"Game-Set and Match, you stupid bitch!" Britney cried, then gave the dresser a push. It landed with a crunch on the prone body beneath, wooden floorboards splintering on impact. Anna's arms and legs splayed out from beneath the dresser, but her body and head were sandwiched unseen between two un-moveable forces.

Running her hands over her tight thighs and ass, Britney straddled the upside down dresser and bounced up and down a few times before muttering, "Serve's you right stealing my man, bitch."

Getting off of the dresser, Britney straightened out her underwear and exited Anna's room, shutting the door on her defeated enemy. Now if she could only find that damn Jason, she'd show him who the real winner IS!