Part I: Anna Kournikova vs. The Spice Girls by Frenchidom 06-Aug-99

The Spice Girls always on tour, snowed under, irritated, arrive in the evening at the reception of the Miami Majestic hotel where they have reserved a room. They underwent many contrarieties throughout this day and are at the side of the attack of nerves. If they keep at less their smile, they have the desire to let off steam on something or someone… and there is no squash at the Majestic Hotel ! The reception staff praises to them the interest of this places, always attended by many celebrities.

"We have in this moment Nikki Cox, which you perhaps know, and Anna Kournikova that you certainly know… "

Immediately Victoria gives Geri a nudge who answers her by a wink while Emma burst out laughing and that the two Melanie raise their eyes to the sky.

"Of course we know them !" say Geri " The first one have large breast and the other a small bottom: With these two girls we could have obtained a beautiful woman but nature makes sometimes errors… "

They hoots of laughter in front of the distinguished and rigid staff which doesn't believe to hear such vulgarity.

"You will climb up our suitcases as fast as possible. We are quite able to find our rooms all alone, thank you !"

The Spice Girls, always unverifiable, are thrown without more waiting in the first elevator which opens, directly assembling garage to go to the floor… and this elevator is not empty. Anna Kournikova is there, who rolls her eyes of surprise.

"Oh ! " she says " The Spice Girls! Ho, I know you well !"

"Oh ! Anna Kournikova ! But we know you well ! " they answers by imitating her voice and mimicry to make fun of her.

"I do not manage to believe that you are so dynamic !" continue Anna.

"And me" says Geri " I do not manage to believe that you are so ridiculous!"

"Ho!" says Emma, "I am Anna Kournikova ! Look at my small panties when I collect a ball!"

Emma bends down then in front of her, making pretence collect a ball by showing her buttock and all the Spice Girls laughs in front of Anna very embarrassed…

"You are not very nice… " says Anna."

"Indeed ! We are tigress !" answers Melanie Brown by mimicking a cat which would launch his leg ahead to scratch her. Anna, surprised by this fast gesture, has a light movement of retreat immediately perceived by the Spice Girls.

"But 'small panties' is afraid of us!" tells then Emma.

"It's possible… " continues Victoria.

"Well… " says Geri "…ask an autograph, we are not going to eat you…"

"I do not know if I want an autograph, I did not imagine you like that…"

" There is something in us that you don't like ? " ask Melanie Brown using a dry tone.

Anna does not answer and snort again, "I believed you were more nice… "

"What ? Speak loudly ! I do not understand!" ask Geri.

"What does she have?" ask Emma

"She seeks problems?"

"Yes," answers Victoria " She seeks problems !"

"Say it if you seek problems!" let out Geri.

"No, no, I do not seek problems…" answers Anna.

"OK…" says Geri while pressing on the elevator stop button "We have all the time…"

"So… " ask again Victoria " You seek problems ? Say it if you seek problems !"

Melanie Chisholm take hold of her arm to shake it a little while Emma plants herself in front of her and, of a haughty air, say to her, " If you do not seek problems, whereas I am sure, it is that you take us for idiots ! You take to us for idiots? "

"No, no !" answers Anna who starts to take fear.

"Then what ? " asks Melanie Brown "You make fun of us ? You want we leaves you quiet or do you seek problems?"

Anna, frightened, panic a little under this flood of questions and answer "Yes, no, listen : it's enough !" "What ?! But she give us orders now ! " exclaim Geri her hands on her hips. At once the two Melanie places themselves at Anna left and right side to hold each one firmly her an arm. Anna tries to struggle but Geri is stuck against her and plates her against the wall.

Emma and Victoria exclaim "Break her mouth Geri ! She sought us, she found us ! Let's give her a good correction !".

"My small Anna, you will learn that Spice Girls are very, very unpleasant girls… " says Geri by holding her face of her left hand to oblige her to look at her in the eyes while she threatens her.

The two Emma tighten of all their forces Anna arms by inserting their nails.

"You hurt me ! Release me ! " try to say Anna

"Oh… you have pain… you say that you have pain… you do not know what is to have pain ! But with us you will learn it!" answers Geri by catching her plait with her right hand and by drawing Anna's head backwards.

"OOOH " says Melanie Brown " I do not know what I have desire to making her ! "

"I know!" says Emma, " Lengthen her on the ground ! "

Straight away Victoria and Geri bend down to catch her by her legs and the two Melanie gradually descends her towards the ground, belly ahead, with many precautions bus Anna struggles hopelessly to release herself with all these hands which clutch her. Anna now has her two isolated arms on each side and the two legs tended towards the back by four Spice Girls.

Emma remains free and indicates the procedure: "If Miss Chisholm wants to sit down on her kidneys and hold her two arms back … Well… now Miss Brown, sit you back to back against Miss Chisholm…"

Anna howls of pain and of fear crushed by the weight of the two women sitting on her back which makes it impossible to breath due to the crushing weight which causes sharp pain. Victoria takes then the initiative to use her two legs, to fold up them to her and to take them along towards Melanie Brown who seizes them, carrying out a cruel Boston Crab. Anna redoubles her howls and shakes her head in all directions

"Stop! You are insane ! Stop!"

"Shut your mouth!" answer Geri. "It is only our small aperitif, then shut your mouth!"

Immediately Anna starts to beg them, " Stop ! Stop!" but Melanie Chisholm has just passed to a Camel Clutch, tending and blocking to extreme to the top Anna's head who grimace awfully.

"AAAAAHHHH Stop ! No !"

"Never!" answers Victoria who ride up in front of her Anna small black little skirt and starts to give her a spanking first for amuses… but quickly more and more stronger…

"No need to yell, nobody can hear you!" says Emma

"She will low for something in a few minute … " continue Geri while kneeling on Anna right side seeking in her V neck Anna adorable small breast which she brings back over the notch and starts to mix by increasing the pressure gradually.

"AAAAAAARRRGGGG ! NOOOO !" howl Anna "Pity bitches ! Pity ! OOOOOOH… bitches!"

"But she insults us !" exclaim Geri. "Wait to see small whore!"

Geri then places her nails on the top of external contour of each Anna breast and goes down while leaving deep scratches to the nipples.

"I will mark you for the rest of your life!" shout Geri to Anna's face who howls like a wounded female while Geri continues her work methodically, imitated by Victoria who draws bloody stripes on Anna's buttocks.

Traversed of pain convulsions, crushed, choked, Anna howls, howls, howls, as she never has… Emma looks at her with an amused air which reinforces Anna's deep despair.

"She breaks me ears!" says suddenly Emma. Delicately, whereas all the Spice Girl break out each one of all their vice against poor Anna, Emma in balance settle Anna's face between her thick thighs to choke her cries. But by doing this Anna misses air and Emma knows it well…

"Not too quickly ! Not too quickly!" ask Melanie Chisholm. " It is necessary that she learns to know us, she must understands who we are ! "

And Emma let breathe Anna before trapped again her face, this time playing with her panties to touch Anna's face.

Anna can not endure any more and burst into tears, "Stop ! Stop! Pity…. Noooo…. "

"No!" howls Geri by twisting her two breast now torn "No pity for you!" finishes Geri in twisting them this time to the extreme.

At the same time, Victoria, who reddened the Anna buttocks with her nails so much that there is no more no free face to scratch, goes down along her thighs to begin the same treatment there. Anna is now totally in tears, cries, hiccup.

" I will comfort you … " says Emma. And she again tightens Anna face between her thighs by slipping her hand between her legs to grip her captive nose and to cut her air flow with effectiveness. Anna groans then in a tearing way while the Spice Girls are to the maximum of their efforts to make her undergo the torments of hell…

It is only at the end of three minutes that Anna faint… three long minutes whose each second will have appeared an eternity to her.

"Well… " says Emma "These sporting girls are definitely quite resistant !"

"Yes" answers Geri " It is really treat to have one sometime !"

Spice Girls then comment the event " …It's really great to have drawn up this small bitch…this small tease will remember us… ".

They restart the elevator, arrives on their floor and return it at once towards under ground with Anna unconscious lengthened on the belly, really in a bad way. Their bags await them kept by the staff.

"I was waiting you… my god, this elevator is so long ! I do not understand… enter, I am going to make you visit your room… By the way do you know that Miss Nikki Cox is in the next room?"

"But that is excellent news!" exclaim Melanie "Really excellent news… "

Part II : Nikki Cox vs. the Spice Girls… later but in an harder way guys, in an harder way…