Anna Kournikova vs. Serena Williams Strap Match (Seve's Catfight Message Board) 17-Aug-98

These two tennis players have battled their way through the tournament and will now meet in the finals. Serena Williams seems to be the favorite, especially with her sister always interfering in her matches. She enters the ring for this strap match wearing a black bra and short tight blue jean shorts. She says she can beat Anna on the court and in the ring. "Get blondie out here, so I can whoop up on her", hollers to the crowd, who begin booing her.

At that moment, Anna, the Russian blonde bombshell, enters the arena to a mountain of fans' cheers. She is wearing a blue and white sports bra and very tight white, with blue stripes down the side, shorts. Anna knows that she can beat Serena on the court, but she is a little hesitant in this match because of the chance of being double-teamed by the Williams sisters.

As soon as the straps are placed on the women's wrists, Serena pulls hard on the strap. Anna is catapulted toward the bigger girl, where she is cruelly kneed between the legs! "AAHH", cries the busty blonde, doubling over in pain.

"I thought you were tougher than that, Anna", the African-American tells the young Russian. "I must have caught you in a sensitive spot," she laughs.

With Anna doubled over, Serena goes to work on Anna's exposed back, strapping the sexy area twice! The gorgeous blonde moans in agony and arches her back. Seeing a slight opening, Williams viciously punts the Russian's big pussy with all her might! Anna lets out a horrendous scream as a loud 'THUD' is heard throughout the arena on impact! The blonde falls to her knees, clutching her bruised groin area. Serena smiles at her achievement and grabs Anna's ponytail. As she begins to pull the blonde's tresses, Anna drives her own brutal shot. A devastating forearm between the African-American's legs!

"OH", yells Serena, feeling a little bit of pain for the first time in this tournament.

Serena drops to her knees and now the two tennis rivals are eye to eye. Both go after the other's bra, pulling them completely off. Anna starts to cover up then decides to grab two handfuls of Williams' braided hair. Serena's head is jolted from side to side, but her eyes are able to focus on the blonde's robust tits. Seeing those big targets, the African-American delivers a right to the Russian's left breast, flattening it. Anna lets out a loud grunt and contorts her face, but manages to hold on to the hair pulling.

Serena lets another fist fly. This time Anna's nose is the target, and the bigger girl's right hand makes contact. The blonde falls to the mat face first, covering her nose, which starts to bleed. The African-American rises to her feet and begins strapping Anna's moisture filled back, peeling away the flesh. The Russian rolls onto her back, lifting her hands to try to block the whipping. Serena grabs Anna's right leg and drops her knee over the blonde's ankle, trying to break it. Pain shoots up the blonde's luscious body as she grits her teeth.

Serena then pulls off Anna's tight shorts, exposing her blonde bush! Quickly, Kournikova covers her private area with both hands, trying her best to conceal it. "Move your hands and let everyone see your cunt, bitch!", yells Williams. "Fu-- you", replies the Russian beauty.

"Well then, I'll remove them myself", says Serena, prying Anna's hands away from her pussy.

Flashbulbs are everywhere as fans try their best to get a good picture of the blonde's pubic mound! Anna's face shows embarrassment at this over-exposure.

However, Serena loses her balance and Anna manages to kick her in the stomach with her free leg. The black girl is sent flying through the ropes onto the cement floor. The blonde gets to her feet, even though she is limping a little. She follows Serena out of the ring. Out of nowhere, Venus, Serena's sister runs to ringside and grabs the young Russian's arms from behind before she can get to Serena. Realizing she has help, the African-American rises to her feet and begins to work over Anna's plump tits with punches. Actually, it is the left breast that Serena targets, pounding it with 4 thunderous fists that makes it look like a pancake. Anna screams in terror knowing she is helpless in this position. Serena then rams a brutal knee to the blonde's exposed crack, sending her tumbling onto the hard cement, as Venus lets her out of her grip.

With Anna on her back, Venus pulls her arms over her head so her sister can attack any part of the Russian's naked body. Seeing the blonde's magnificent body stretch out, Serena folds the strap and begins whipping the blonde's magnificent body like a dog. Most of the shots connect with her firm tummy, but a few damage Anna's breasts and shaved legs. After 14 of these strappings, Serena climbs the railings and jumps off landing leg first over the Russian's throat. Anna gags for air as Venus finally lets go of her arms.

Anna rolls into the fetal position, but both Williams sisters grab each a leg a splits them wide open! Noticing the Russian's beautiful blonde bush staring at them, the Williams sisters go to work on the sensitive pubic mound with a number of stomps. Anna yells in horror as she desperately tries to fend of the attack by closing her legs, but the dark haired warriors are to strong and are able to keep her long sleek legs spread. After more than 20 stomps to Anna's battered pussy, Serena throws her back into the ring. The blonde is nearly out of it, but just to make sure, the African-American places her in a devastating Boston Crab. With fans taking pictures of her lovely crotch area, Anna tearfully gives up after 1 minute in the hold.