Mimi Rogers vs. Heather Kozar: Experience and Nasty vs. Skill and Ability by Black Mamba

"What you need is a good butt kicking!"

Mimi had been taken captivated by Heather ever since she won the PMOY Reality Survival Tournament and having heard through the grapevine of Heather's training workouts which she incorporated a lot of the grappling into them. So Ms. Rogers decided one night while at a party to challenge the blonde to a little informal session to see just how good Heather really was - and maybe teach the young blonde a lesson in the process. The next week Mimi invited Heather to her spacious house - where she had a full gym - for a little workout and a training session...or at least that's what Heather thought. Mimi, however, had other plans! Heather arrived at Mimi's lovely house and walked up to the door, cheerfully ringing the bell.

Mimi opened the door in her bath robe and an said, "Oh hi! Come in Heather!"

"Thank you, you have a very beautiful home. Um... did I come too early, or catch you at a bad time or something, you're still in your bath robe?" asked Heather.

"Thank you! And no, you didn't. In fact, you arrived at the perfect time," replied Mimi "Let me show you to the gym."

As the two walked toward the work out room As the two talked and got further acquainted.

"So, Heather; you knew I was in Playboy, right?" said Mimi

"Oh yeah, '93 correct?" answered Heather.

"Yes, right, Oh by the, way very nice win in the tournament," complimented Mimi.

Heather sighed...."You mean that Reality Survival Tournament PMOY I unfortunately got tangled up in? Yeah, thanks; I guess...."

"Thanks you guess?" queried Mimi.

"Well..." began Heather.

"A) I thought I was helping a friend out and,

B) I thought it was a tournament sponsored by those wrestling people that you see on TV. I did some work with them five years ago. I didn't think I'd be some would-be participant. It was the last thing I was looking to do," answered Heather.

"I see..." purred Mimi. "...but the money was great. Right?"

"You mean the blood money? Well It should've been. I mean, for the needless blows and the pain everyone suffered - including me! But I'm thinking of donating most of the proceeds to charity."

"Charity?" Mimi gasped, looking amazed.

"Yep. I lost friends or people I thought were friends over that money. People like Jodi who I loved; Jenny; even Vicki! Boy, I was really mad with myself and everyone connected at the Reality TV show Tournament melee."

"I can see you're very upset with the arrangement or what you were put through," said Mimi.

"Yes. Upset and sad. I still can't believe they did that to me; tricked me into competing. And to think a company I used to work for sponsored something like that. Oh, don't worry, I'm through with that! I can't let myself be manipulated any more. I felt like such a fool afterward, fighting like that for someone's perverse enjoyment," Heather sternly replied.

"Hmm I see. You have a reluctance to participate that's surprising. I mean, you certainly handled yourself very well...and you won!" said Mimi.

"I guess you could call it that," Heather shrugged. "But did anyone really win? It wasn't what I had in mind. I'm not some kind of streetfighter thug. I grapple mainly to train and condition myself and to keep physically, mentally and spiritually fit. That's all that matters to me; that and competition for me is a belt ranking at best," she continued.

"Oh really? That's it? So you think you were pushed into the sport with your back against the wall?" Mimi said with a slight surprise in her voice.

"Yes! That's not a sport! That was barbaric! I don't want to go round hurting people for no reason. I really abhor senseless violence. I'm not that kind of person....never have been," Heather said firmly.

"Hmm...but if you do have a reason, you can do it! That much was certainly evident in the way you performed," Mimi slyly stated as Heather hung her head and her body slumped just a bit as they continued to their destination.

"Here we are... you can change in there if you like," said Mimi, gesturing toward a door.

"Thanks, but no need. All I have to do is take off my sweatshirt and jeans," replied Heather who started to disrobe.

Mimi disrobes in front of blonde displaying a voluptuous and very athletic, firm figure in a black sports bikini top and shorts.

Heather eyed Mimi shaking her head and said with thumbs up, "Wow, Ms. Rogers; you certainly are in great shape!"

Now, it was Heather's turn as the sexy blonde shed her sweatshirt revealing a busty svelte and sexy wiry body in a red sports top. Mimi's eyes pop and she rubbed her own body, nodding her head as she said, "I'll say the centerfold spread didnt' do you justice now that I'm seeing you in person."

Mimi removed her shorts revealing a pair of skimpy black bikini panties.

"Oh well, it's gonna be THAT kind of workout! I can do that, I actually worked nude in my video," said Heather as she followed suit and removed her shorts, exposing her well-defined abs, hard round gluts right down to her extremely well-toned taunt legs. She posed in red bikini panties and Mimi licked her lips and purred, raising an eyebrow as she said, "Well, we can certainly do nude!"

Heather frowned, "Umm....lets quit while we're ahead, OK?"

Mimi thought, "I'd get those clothes offa you somehow!" Then aloud, "So you think you can take me?"

Mimi flexed, posing her athletic frame as the blonde smiles shrugs with surprise, "Take you? But I thought we were gonna just hit the gym, train a little and stuff.??"

"Let me say I was impressed with the way you handled yourself against those others; now lets see how you do against a hardened pro like me," said a cocky Mimi.

"Oh boy right out of the box! Well, it goes against my better judgment but I'll give it my best," Heather replied as she secretly hoped this wouldn't get too far out of hand.

Mimi just snickered, "You know I've beaten errr ...out-wrestled Playmates in the past since before you were born and just about every Playmate since in your era; greats like Stacy Sanches, Carrie Stevens and Karen McDougal - now SHE was tough. Petra what's-'er-name and that bitch Victoria Silvstedt! More tits than you can count plus most of the Hollywood Elite hon! Oh, you may have great body but just maybe you know nothing about hard fighting," Mimi said boasting of her past accomplishment in an effort to psyche out Heather as much as to reassure herself she still had 'it'..

"Well, you've certainly had quite a successful track record there," Heather said. "Some VERY impressive names. But I'm not looking for a beatdown like that, no please, not that! Just a little competitive workout, and a light one at that. OK?"

"Alright, hon, I'll go easy on ya," smiled Mimi.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," said Heather somewhat reluctantly.
First Match-up.
Mimi and Heather move toward each other arms entwine as each tries to gain control.

"You're pretty strong," snorted Mimi.

"You're not to bad yourself" Heather grunted.

The more experience Mimi gets a headlock on Heather and starts to grind away as she prepares for a takedown but the svelte and busty blonde twists and turns the hold in to a hammerlock, driving Mimi's arm halfway up her back as the voluptuous older and sexy brunette lets out an audible gasp.

"Aahh....ohh...pretty slick blondie," moaned Mimi as she squirmed trying to free herself from the younger blonde's grip.

Heather sensing she had control of the situation and, with nothing more to prove, lets Mimi go. As they tie up once again Mimi shows the blonde she knows hold or two as well! The aggressive brunette slips around Heather and clamps her in a full nelson.

"Ah-hah! Now, I got you! You're not going anywhere in this," said Mimi in the struggling Heather's ear.

But Heather curled her lip in a little smile, made her body go limp and her arms loose, then stiffened her fingers and jabbed at Mimi's oblique sides, causing the brunette to twitch just enought that it allowed Heather to slip out of her grasp. Heather bent down and grabbed one Mimi's shapely legs, pulling it up between her very sexy limbs and dumping Mimi on the mat rather hard! Heather working quickly into a small package cradle of the brunette, hooking Mimi's left leg with her arm and wrapping her left arm around the back of Mimi's head - topping it all off entwining her legs around Mimi's free leg in scissor grapevine fashion and stretching it from the other limb.

Mimi struggled, grunted and groaned, panting her hot breath on Heather's ample chest and shoulder/neck joint. Heather looked down at her smiling a sexy, confident smile and said, "Now it looks the great Mimi's not going anywhere, doesn't it!"

Mimi showed her teeth as she harshly snarled, "No, you little bitch ... ahhh...it doesn't....let me uhhh go!"

Heather, a little surprised at the salty tone, teased, "Oh, you mean 'let me up please', don't you Ms Rogers? Hopefully this means you had enough?"

"Yesss....y...you b...," Mimi said, catching herself as she thought better of using the 'b word'. "Uumm Yess..Please let me go!"

Heather gave Mimi a little final playful squeeze, then let her trapped prey go. Heather sat back and rested on her knees as Mimi grabbed her leg and sat up, messaging her shapely limb where Heather had applied her scissors. Mimi noticed a red mark left behind by the blondes taut and sinewy, sexy legs.

"Damn! Your legs are hard as surf boards!"

Heather smiled, "Thanks."

"Yeah, don't mention it," grumbled Mimi with a hint of contempt in her voice.

"Well, I guess that enough for one day huh?" Heather yawned and stretched as she began to rise.

"Oh, am I boring you Heather?" snapped Mimi.

"Oh no, Ms. Rogers; not at all. It's been great!" Heather said cheerfully, angering Mimi further by calling her Ms. Rogers but she said nothing.

"You know, I've beaten girls your age and younger?" said Mimi quickly, perhaps sounding a trifle defensive.

"I don't doubt it, you're quite formidable," Heather respectfully said, walking on egg shells.

"And I can take you too!" added Mimi.

"Well....I don't' doubt it at all" said Heather, which sounded to Mimi as if she were being condescending to the older woman.
Second Match-up
"Lets find out shall we?" Mimi said as she sprung into action, tackling and grabbing the surprised a Heather around the chest.

As the two wrestled around on the floor, Mimi got the advantage, rolling Heather facedown, then she grabbed the blonde's arm while entwining her legs around Heather's, stretching the struggling blonde as they roll side by side. Heather managed to slip out at one point, but was caught by Mimi's long, strong legs as she wrapped the blonde in a scissors of her own and started to squeeze. Mimi grabbed Heather under the chin and forced her arm under the blonde's armpit, clutching Heather's supple and huge boob with one hand as she pulled her close and squeezed and kneaded the prone blonde even further.

"You got a healthy chest my dear let see how tough it is," Mimi said as she squeezed both Heather's waist with a pumping scissor hold and kneaded the blonde's ample boob with her strong fingers as she leaned back to apply some more pressure to the scissors, adding to Heather's rapidly growing discomfort. As the beautiful older brunette took control, she looked to add even more pain to Heather. Mimi slipped from a chin lock to a choke as the sexy blondes face grew red and her eyes looked at Mimi with concern.

"Don't flash me those baby blues," Mimi hissed. "We're fighting...unless you give up, that is!"

Heather began to gyrate her magnificent body back and forth; round and round, rubbing against the powerful Mimi's fine and shapely torso trying to lessen the pressure. She whimpered and sighed a bit as she struggled against the very strong brunette. "You're pretty amazing," Mimi whispered. "You can take punishment kid; lets see just how much you can stand!"

Mimi studied Heather's grimacing face as she continued to test the sexy blonde's threshold limits, squeezing her breast and her waist still further. Heather, having suffered enough of the torture, grabbed Mimi's strong hands and wrapped her index and thumb around Mimi's pinky, prying them apart to Mimi's shock. Heather quickly grabbed the brunette's wrist and jerked her head back, slamming it into Mimi well-upholstered chest, loosing and breaking Mimi's scissors.

Heather worked her way free, paying no attention to the throbbing in her breast as she warded off the brunette's further advances until she could grab Mimi's left leg, trapping it between her own as she clasped tightly on Mimi's foot and twisted her leg. Mimi was forced onto her side at an angle, locking her hands around her arms in place as Heather stretches her, hyper-extending Mimi's left leg as she applies downward twisting pressure on the ankle and knee until Mimi begins groan in agony and starts pounding the floor with her fists.

"Give!" ordered Heather calmy as Mimi shrieked in agony from pain like she'd never felt before.

"Ahhhhhhhh....alllllright yesss....I give!" gasped Mimi.

Heather released the ankle lock with a sigh, then immediately pulled down her bra to look at the fingernail marks as she rubbed her exposed boob.

Looking at Mimi, Heather said, "You had enough? I sure have!"

Mimi didn't reply verbally, but her eyes displayed her contempt for Heather as she was evolved in making sure her leg was alright. After, a few seconds of flexing her leg and trying to restore her breathing, Mimi said softly, "I'm not through with you yet!"

Surprised, Heather shrugged and suggested, "Look, lets call it a day, huh? What do you say, OK! You won, I lost. It's that simple. I don't wanna play anymore, alright?"

Heather heldg up her hands showing her palms, trying to back off Mimi's verbal advances.

"Don't you dare patronize me, you little punk!" Mimi said angrily.

"Punk? No please, don't Ms. Rogers. I'm not patronizing you. You really are too much for me! You're very strong! I'm not patronizing you at all, I just want to go home; you wore me out!" As Heather thinks to herself, "Yeah, that's it tell her I'm too tired." "Look I'm just tired right now" Heather said with respect.

"Get up right now, young lady!" said Mimi, feeling her strength return.

"No don't do this please, Ms. Rogers," said Heather backing away. "Let me get my things and leave! Please Ms. Rogers...OOPS!"

Mimi rushed toward the blonde lunging as Heather side-stepped and deflected the brunette's advances.

"Stand still damn it unless you're afraid!" snapped Mimi angrily.

The word 'afraid' got the attention of the young blonde!

"Oh alright! I can't believe I'm doing this, but not so rough this time, OK?" pleaded Heather reluctantly.

"Oh don't worry I'll take it easy this time, baby" Mimi said with a sly voice.

Heather mumbled to herself "I'm in trouble...again!!"
Third Match-up
Heather and Mimi come together collar elbow tie-up, grunting, each trying to gain the advantage. Mimi suddenly goes back on her word and knees Heather in the groin! The lovely blondes mouth drops open and eyes grew big with surprise as Mimi overwhelms her wheezing opponent and wrestles the young blonde to the floor, trapping and mounting Heather.

As the sexy blonde raised her head and shoulders a bit, she said, "Hey, hold it! That was a pretty low blow, don't you think? C'mon, you promised!" Heather whimpered then was cut off in mid-plea.

Mimi yells, "SHUT UP!" and slaps the daylights out of Heather.

The blonde grunts, "Ohhh....OWW!" and purses her lips in a little 'o' as her head whips to one side, then the other.

Heather slumps back to the floor with a red flush covering the gorgeous blonde's face as Mimi is off on the fast domination track, driving a knee to Heather's taut abs.

"Ooof...." groans the blonde as Mimi pins Heather's arms down and grinds her knee deep into the blondes mid-section.

Mimi gets really vicious and turns up the heat in all out catfight. Heather's bikini is top is quickly pulled off exposing her amazing mounds of joy - then the brunette begins to choke the blonde with her new weapon, Heather's own bikini top!! Heather desperately flexing her neck muscles trying to avoid the lethal choke out chops Mimi in her oblique's, stunning the voluptuous brunette whose grip slackens somewhat, allowing the svelte busty blonde to upend Mimi and escape. Heather tries to clear the cob webs while breaking free, however, she doesn't get too far as Mimi's powerful legs whip out and ensnare the magnificent blonde in their vice-like clutch. Heather finds herself trapped once more in Mimi's shapely legs crushing grip as Heather flexes her exquisite body as she grimaces and mumbles, "No....unnhhhh...."

Mimi grabs Heather by the wrist and snarls, "Yes! Again you little brat! I'm gonna grind you into submission this time."

Heather twists and jerks her left arm, managing to wiggle her hand free while Mimi tries to recapture the lost limb but Heather keeps it away from Mimi's grasping hands. Unable to recapture Heather's hand, Mimi slaps the blonde again.

"Oohhhooo," Heather gasps as Mimi grabs her by the hair and slams her face into the floor repeatedly.

Mimi then pulls down her own bra, baring one huge boob as she grabs the young blondes hair and pulls her face violently to breast, molding the huge mound of soft flesh over Heather's nose and mouth as she commands, "Lick it bitch!"

"Nummmmmphfffff...." Heather utters in a muffled protest.

While Mimi forces Heather to do her bidding, the sexy blonde begins to grind as she works her free hand down between Mimi's awesome legs where her fingers start to slip and pinch the nerve points, loosening Mimi legs grip on her and finally breaking free of her scissors. But the experienced catfighting Mimi holds on and pulls the weakened Heather back over to her, then mounts the sexy blondes stomach, straddles her and gives Heather a vicious crack across the face with her backhand before inching up and folding Heather's legs in a matchbook pin as Mimi puts tremendous pressure on the centerfold's beautiful face, crushing it between her powerful thighs.

"OHHHH You tricky little witch, what did you do to my leg?" Mimi demanded.

"I just ahh. gave it a little twist....mmmffffff....that's all," grunted Heather between gulps of air.

"Oh a smart mouth, huh? I oughta tear your blonde hair out by its dark roots," growled Mimi as she slapped Heather's face. "Feel that ya young punk?" Mimi quips.

Heather grunts, "Aaaahh" and Mimi cracks a little smile.

In the on-going struggle, Mimi begins to feel Heather's hot breath between her legs and while she tries to fight Heather she's also struggling with own passionate feelings beginning to surface toward the sexy blonde she holds captive.

"I was worried there for a moment, but beating you is easy," Mimi gasps as Heather struggles. "You did have me worried for a second there, but now your sweet blond ass is mine. Beating you will be easy now."

"Ahh good," Heather grunted. "I'm glad to know that."

"Look, you're not bad kid," Mimi purrs. "You can take a beating well, but you're not in my class. Give up now and I'll be gentle this time."

Heather, straining against the mighty brunette, stubbornly shakes her head, "You weren't last time....ahh....so, no!"

"Then suffer and taste this!" cries Mimi as Heather shakes her head in all directions trying to resist the impending humiliation.

"No..don't! Please," Heather cries as Mimi inches grinding her crotch up into Heather neck and presses it under her chin, moving closer to covering the struggling blonde's mouth with her pussy to smother her helpless victim and muffle her protesting cries.

Heather, squirming for air and freedom, gives a Mimi a wicked thought about how she might help Heather reach a decision. She reaches back and rips off the blondes bottom - taking a few tufts of golden 'fleece' from her pelt as well.

"Mmmmmphhh!" comes the sound from down under Mimi's crotch as Heather begans to violently jerk and buck as she groans a muffled, "No....no!" Heather is in pain as her wry hard body of twisted steel trembles.

"Oh I know that hurt good," said Mimi, sliding back a bit off the blonde's face. "Now, have you had enough?"

"Ohhhh, what are you doing to me?" Heather sobbed.

"Bzzzt! Wrong answer!" snapped Mimi as the sadistic brunette began to dig her fingernails into Heather pubic mound and the blonde's mouth shot open in a shocked freeze-frame as her whole body stiffened, her back arched as she moaned when the experienced brunette's fingers disappeared into her slit. Mimi, vixen that she was, had turned this contest into a sex battle, something she not only knew well but rarely lost!

"What about NOW, baby," purred Mimi, grinning down at the squirming, bucking blonde.

Heather's muffled groan came out a weak, "Nooooo....."

"How much can you take?" grumped Mimi as she increased the pain level another notch.

Heather wiggles her hips and swings her legs up, wrapping them around Mimi's head Using sheer will power and skill, she topples the big brunette off of her ending her humiliation. Heather rolls over and begins trying to massage the ache out of her crotch while Mimi recovers quickly and goes after Heather again, treating her to a couple of quick, hard, back and forehand slaps before pinning her back on the floor once more where Mimi instinctively grinds her hot body on Heathers, womanhood to womanhood and breast to breast to prove who is the best.

Mimi moans "ohhh…" as she’s impressed with the blondes' ample and supple attributes as she humps the super sexy centerfold and Heather cinches up, bear hugging Mimi and grinding the ultra fine brunette's body hard into her own busty svelte hard torso, trying hard to reverse the situation and slowly, Heather methodically starts to take control of the grinding and her flushed face wears a look of determination as the blonde is all business.

"That does it; no more Mr. nice guy," the super sexy blonde says as she briefly lets her anger get the best of her.

Unfortunately for Mimi, she had incurred Heather's wrath as the battling blonde now buried a straight hard right down into Mimi’s solar plexus and the sexy brunette melted into the floor groaning. That punch was followed by lighting quick left hook Mimi's face and her eyes glazed over as drool started to run from the corner of her open mouth.

"Never been hit like that…." Mimi said faintly.

"You wanna street fight or whatever you call it so bad; I'll give you a goddam street fight!" said Heather as she followed up with a series of leg and knee cranks that slowed the older brunette down as Heather took control of Mimi’s body and began to dominate the match; aiming to exact a measure of satisfaction after her earlier violation and humiliation.

Finally, the sexy blonde gets Mimi in a neck cradle leg grapevinem splitting her legs wide as she pins the squirming, groaning Mimi to the floor, leaving Mimi nowhere to go.

"Planning on going somewhere Ms. Rogers, or do you give?"

Mimi struggled and strained against Heather’s steel grip but the blonde had donw a text book job breaking the brunette down and Mimi was trapped; nearly out of energy as she turned her head toward Heather and began to drool on the blondes nude breast as Heather applied increasing pressure on Mimi’s constricted limbs.

Mimi’s last ounce of energy went into her murmuring softly, "I give witch. I hate your fff..guu…."

Mimi’s voice grew weak and faded out into the void...as her mouth fell open and her eyes closed, leaving her a broken, beaten - but still very sexy, woman.

"Such a mouth!" Heather muttered as she unwrapped her package and began to rise, leaving Mimi’s now naked body displayed rather gracefully on the floor, her arms flung out, her long legs spread wide….such a pretty mess.

Heather sneered sardonically, mainly in disgust at the entire situation as she bitterly released her hold, stood up and planted one foot on Mimi’s breast, flattening the huge mound of flesh as her toes pinched Mimi's nipple.

"You! You just couldn’t let well enough alone could you?” Heather hissed. “I thought at first you wanted a workout, a little competitive wrestling at most. Not some back alley whatever brawl. Well, Ms. Rogers, you got your wish. Hopefully, this is the last time; because the next time you try somethign with me, I'm liable to not be so sweet about it. I hope I'm making myself clear!" Then as she stretched Mimi’s nipple and let it snap back on her chest, Heather added, "Oh, and please lose my number I've already forgotten yours!"

Mimi, a sexy, strong and beautiful woman had given a good accounting for herself while teaching the super-sexy blonde a lesson, but Ms. Rogers simply ran into too much Heather - and an angry one at that in the end!!
Epilog: Heather gathered her things and quickly left, leaving Mimi sprawled on her back after the failed lessons. The busty brunette slow got up, rubbing her breasts as she made a phone call.

Mimi: "Hi she just left."

Voice: "How'd it go?"

Mimi: "Well, let's say I did a number on her...and she did a real professional job on me!"

Voice: "So she kicked your....”

Mimi quickly interrupted: "Yes!"

Voice: "Then it looks like I was right??"

Mimi: "As right as the aches and pains I feel right now...yeah!"

Voice: "Physically? Mentally? Skill set?"

Mimi: "Physically she's built like a brick house. Mentally, she's no dummy; should learn to trust her instincts a bit more which is probably why she's a little naïve. She wants to believe that 'there's good in all people' crap, but when you strip her of that - and it takes some doing - she's hard as they come. Highly skilled and with amazing ability. Too bad all of that untapped potential's just going to waste. She's not even interested from the way she talks. She told me she was thinking of giving the money she won to charity. Oh brother..."

Voice: "That's her make-up. Can she be molded into something else? Something 'better' for our purposes?"

Mimi: "Don't know! My guess would be no - not unless she has something to fight for or is defending someone dear to her."

Voice: "Noted...." (Click!) The line went dead.

Mimi pounds the phone in her hand and mutters, "I need a shower...and a drink!"