Julia Schultz vs. Heather Kozar by John J. 07-Nov-99

Julia had been waiting anxiously for word about who would be named Playmate of the Year. She was livid when she heard that Heather Kozar had been given the honor.

Julia immediately called her agent. She said, "Set up a catfight with that bitch! I want her!! Call Hef and set it the hell up, as soon as fucking possible!"

Her agent Tom said, "Julia, calm down. Who are we talking about? Tell me what's going on?"

Julia said, "Playmate of the Year. Heather Kozar got it, and I'm gonna wring the little bitch's neck!"

Tom replied, "Ok, Julia. I'll talk to Hef's people about setting up a Playmate catfight for you and Heather. But, Julia, don't get your hopes up that Hef will reverse his decision and name you Playmate of the Year, if you win."

Julia fumed, "I know. I just want the bitch! And I want to show Hef and everybody else, that she is a worthless bitch!"

Tom said, "OK."

Tom made the phone calls, and within a few hours the match had been set.

Heather was not all that pleased about Julia's derogatory comments, and now wanted to put Julia in her place.

Heather had said, "That little two bit tramp thinks she can take me? I'll put that trailer trash bitch in her place!"
The following Friday afternoon, the Playmate catfight crew assembled at the Playboy mansion and got everything ready for the fight.

Julia arrived at 4 PM, and quickly changed into the royal blue thong and matching high heels that she would wear to fight in. The fight entourage fixed her hair, makeup and nails perfectly, and Julia just waited nervously for the fight to begin.

In another part of the mansion, the same thing was happening with Heather, except that Heather wore a white thong and matching white heels.

About six thirty in the evening, the ladies were called down to the main fight auditorium. First Heather was introduced and then Julia. The ladies waited nervously as Hef went over the minimal rules with them.

He said, "Ladies, this is a no-holds-barred catfight to the finish. There are no pinfalls or points. The fight is won by submission or knockout only. Ladies, shake hands, and then lets FIGHT!"

Heather and Julia cautiously shook hands, and then backed away from each other. Hef rang the bell with a huge "DING" than filled the auditorium.

Heather sprang at Julia and rushed toward her adversary. Julia sidestepped the charge with ease, and tried to trip up Heather as she passed, but Heather was watching and avoided the counterattack. Julia spun around toward Heather, just as Heather turned. The women were once again facing off, ready to attack. Heather took the lead again, and sprang at Julia. Julia backed up, and let Heather come at her. At the last instant, Julia grabbed Heather by the hair and spun around hard.

Heather's own momentum sent her crashing hard into the wall. While Heather was dazed, after her impact into the wall, Julia charged at her and slammed her into the wall a second time. Julia pinned Heather against the wall and just battered her abs with a flurry of punches.

Heather had to do something. She reached out and latched onto Julia's full, round breasts and raked her long, hard, sharp nails down the soft tit flesh. Julia screamed out in pain as she immediately released Heather and backed away to check her wounded tits. Julia was relieved to see that Heather hadn't broken the skin and left scratches, and it was just pain. Julia looked up, just in time to see Heather's right high heeled foot come up and smash into the side of her jaw. Julia's head spun to the side and her whole body lurched over and down, as she crashed to the floor.

Julia was momentarily stunned, and there was a flow of blood oozing out of the corner of her mouth, but it would take a lot more than that one kick to take her out of the fight and Heather knew that. As Julia cleared her head from the kick, she started to get up, first getting on her knees. She didn't get past her knees, as she was met with a solid kick to the gut from Heather that sent her down to the floor again.

Julia went to her knees again, and Heather went for her kick again, but Julia was ready this time. Julia rolled and pivoted as the kick came up at her. As the high heel sailed past her midriff, Julia grabbed Heather's leg and wrenched it around in the wrong direction. Heather didn't have to react as her legs went out from under her and she came crashing face down in a heap to the floor, with Julia holding her leg. Julia smirked as she saw her plan worked. She grabbed Heather's other leg and straddled her back. Julia securely grabbed both legs and then squatted down while bending back and up.

Heather yelped in pain, as Julia applied the Boston Crab expertly. Heather hollered in pain as Julia kept up the pressure. Julia kept bending a little further back to apply a little more pressure and Heather took advantage and latched onto the girl's long blonde hair and wrenched her opponent back even further, breaking Julia's hold. Neither girl was in a good position to continue any attacks.

They both scrambled to get to their feet first. With her back still hurt from that vicious Boston Crab, Heather was a little slower than Julia. But Heather wasn't hurt that badly. As Julia approached to attack, Heather swept her high heeled leg out in a circle. Julia wasn't expecting that and she went down hard.

Heather lunged at her downed adversary. She pinned the other playmate down with a body press pin. Heather smirked as Julia expended energy, and she worked to force the other blonde off her. Heather held Julia's arms securely over the girl's own head and pinned them there. Julia made some half-hearted bucks and bridges, as she tried to force Heather off, but she wasn't really trying that hard. Julia was conserving her strength, for what she figured would be a better chance to escape.

Heather thought Julia was done and nearly exhausted. Heather slid up her adversary's body, as she attempted to secure Julia in a schoolgirl pin and force a submission. But Julia was ready and expected that. Before Heather got the pin secured, Julia bucked hard and Heather went up and over as she lost her balance and went face first into the floor.

Julia bounced up to her feet, quickly and confidently. She taunted Heather, "Come on bitch. Get up! Show me what ya got!"

Heather wasn't hurting that much yet either, though her back was still in pain from that Boston Crab. Heather got up cautiously, and she expected Julia to come at her with that same rib kick move, she used. But Julia didn't do that. Heather got up a little more and nearly was standing. She looked toward Julia and only saw a blue high heel as it slammed into the side of her face. Heather felt the blood on her lips as she forced herself up to her feet. Heather got up again, only to be met by Julia's high heel again, this time in her rib cage. Heather didn't go down though, much to Julia's annoyance.

Julia backed up and with a sadistic smirk, launched herself at her wobbly adversary. She jumped up and kicked out as she approached. The tips of her two royal blue high heels impacted solidly against Heather's cleavage, and the girl went sailing across half the auditorium. Julia got up easily and went over to her downed rival. The welts from the punishing dropkick were already clearly visible on the girl's bustline. Julia grabbed Heather by the hair, and hauled the hurt girl to her feet that way.

Heather still had a lot of fight left in her and she proved it by staggering Julia with a series of jabs and uppercuts aimed at the tits. After the first blow, Julia released Heather's hair and tried to back away, but Heather kept after her, and she fired blow after blow into Julia's boobs. Heather winded Julia with a sudden sharp blow to the gut. Heather followed that up with a big right fist to the jaw that downed Julia.

Julia tried to get up, but was met with a big high heel kick to the face that bloodied her nose. Julia fell back down and rolled over, as she fought the pain. Heather grabbed Julia by her long blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. Heather whipped Julia into the wall by her arm, and held her there with a forearm across the throat. While she held Julia, Heather proceeded to work over her already previously damaged tits, giving her deeper bruises and more pronounced black and blue marks on the tits. Julia had enough and though hurt, she was ready to fight back. Julia watched for her opening and when Heather wound up a punch, Julia jabbed her in the cleavage, right on the welts from the dropkick. Heather staggered back in pain. Julia followed and put several more jabs into the same spot, as Heather's boobs seared with pain.

Julia continued on the offensive as she plowed punch after punch into Heather's cleavage and then right into her full, round tits. Heather went down after a dozen or more unanswered blows to the tits. Julia reached down and dugs her nails in the tender, damaged tit flesh and dragged Heather to her feet. She held Heather by the tits, and carefully aimed her knee Heather's gut. She lurched forward and Julia followed up with a double-fisted blow to the back. Heather went down in a heap.

Julia straddled the downed girls back and rained punch after punch to the kidneys, while Heather could do nothing more than lie there and take it. Julia hauled Heather back up to her feet by the tits again. Julia aimed carefully and landed two huge kicks to the ovaries. Heather gasped in pain. She could barely even cry, she was so hurt and battered.

Julia hoisted Heather up and slammed her down to the floor hard. Heather groaned in pain. Julia snaked her legs around Heather's midriff, right across her ribs and squeezed hard. Pain surged through Heather's ribs, as Julia compressed them with her thighs. Julia suddenly released the pressure and wiggled her body up Heather's a little higher. Heather didn't have the time or energy to try to fight and free herself before Julia poured on the pressure again, this time across the tits.

Heather weakly cried out, "Please stop. You win."

Julia sneered, "Not yet, sweetie. I'm not done with you yet."

Heather sobbed, "Please. No!"

Julia hauled Heather back up to her feet and shoved her against the wall. With Heather firmly in place against the wall, Julia kneed her in the pussy repeatedly. Though the pain was clear on Heather's face, Julia still wasn't happy. Julia grabbed Heather in a bearhug and planted her own knee and dropped Heather's wounded pussy onto her knee. Heather couldn't even scream, it hurt so bad.

Julia let Heather fall. Heather just rolled up in a ball and tried to protect herself. Julia pried her legs apart though and punched her repeatedly in the tits and crotch.

One final crotch drop across the knee finished off Heather. Heather passed out from the pain and fell in a heap, while a large red spot was visible and growing on her thong bikini bottom.

Julia was hurt and battered, but she was the victor.

She looked down at the bloody mess that was Heather and turned to Hef and said, "Well, Hef, what do you think of your Playmate of the Year now? She can't fight worth shit!"

Hef had a photo shoot for the Playmate of the Year set up for two weeks from the date of the fight. He promised Julia that if Heather couldn't attend or she wasn't photographable due to fight injuries, that Julia could do the shoot.

Two weeks later came, and by some miracle, Heather managed to pull herself together enough to make the photo shoot. Julia was again furious and vowed to get Heather yet again.

Heather was furious as well. It was only through sheer determination that she got herself prettied up and well enough to make the photo shoot. Rage at Julia added to the mix as well. Heather knew that she had to admit that Julia outfought her that night, but she was furious that Julia didn't stop when she surrendered, and Heather was determined to repay Julia for that behavior. Both women contacted Hef and their agents to set up a rematch.
Julia Schultz vs. Heather Kozar - the Rematch (c) by John J. 19-Nov-99

Heather was furious at Julia for the beating she had taken. Heather knew that it was through sheer willpower and a minor miracle that she got herself well enough to take nude pictures for the photo shoot that Hef lined up for her. She made the miracle happen because she had no intention of letting Julia have the photo shoot.

About a week after the photo shoot, Heather felt physically much better. Her rage at Julia hadn't simmered at all, and if anything her desire to destroy Julia had increased. Julia hadn't cooled down any either. She still fumed that somehow Heather managed to make it to that photo shoot and took away the photo shoot that should have been hers.

Heather sat down in her living room and called Hef.

She said, "Hef, I want her. Set up a rematch with that little slut."

Hef didn't have to ask who she meant. He knew that Julia and Heather wanted to fight each other again badly.

Hef said, "Hold on, while I conference call Julia and get her in on this."

He dialed the phone and it rang.

Julia answered, "Hello."

Hef said, "Julia, I have Heather here on a conference. We need to talk..."

Heather interrupted and said, "What he's trying to say tactfully is that I want to kick your ass, slut!"

Julia said, "Oh, really! You mean you didn't get your scrawny ass kicked bad enough last time, huh?"

"Girls," Hef said into the phone.

Heather snorted, "Ha! You got lucky. I'm gonna show you what a real beating is this time. I remember that you didn't stop when I surrendered last time, and you're going to pay for that, whore!"

Julia sneered, "I'm just petrified! You really have me scared."

Hef said louder this time, "OK, girls! Enough!"

They just ignored him and went on. Heather said, "You just get your sorry butt here on Saturday, and we'll settle this."

Julia hissed, "You don't set schedules, bitch! I don't take orders from you! Only Hef can tell me what time to be anywhere. Besides, I want some guarantees this time. WHEN I kick your ass, I want a guarantee of some photo shoots."

Hef yelled, "GIRLS! STOP IT!"

They both quieted down at that point. Hef said, "Heather you don't set schedules, I do! You are right though. Saturday is available for the arena, and that way we can get this settled. So, Saturday is fine. As for you, Julia, you can't make demands about guarantees. IF, you win the rematch, and get a convincing victory, I promise that we'll talk about more photo shoots for you."

Julia said, "That's fair."

Heather yelled, "Hey! I'm the Playmate of the Year! I am the one that gets the big photo shoots. Not that bimbo!"

Hef said angrily, "And if she beats you twice in a row, she's entitled to some spoils for her victory. Now, that's the end of the subject. I'll see you both on Saturday at five o'clock for the fight."

Hef hung up and disconnected the conference call at that point, not allowing the girls to get into it again.


Saturday afternoon arrived and the two Playmates arrived at the mansion on time. Heather arrived first and was directed to one bedroom where her fight entourage waited for her. Julia arrived twenty minutes later and she was directed to a bedroom in a different part of the mansion where her entourage waited for her.

Outfits were pre-selected and laid out on the bed for each lady. The outfits consisted of a spaghetti string crop top, short shorts, g-string panties, and heels, all a matched set. The only difference was the color. Julia's outfit was black, while Heather's was royal blue. The entourage fixed the girl's hair, makeup and nails. They helped them with their outfits and by then it was time to fight.

Karen McDougal, the referee for the fight called up to the two bedrooms and called the ladies down to start. Karen waited until the two ladies had come down from their bedrooms and were positioned at their respective doors, ready to enter the arena.

Karen picked up the microphone and said, "Ladies and gentleman, we have a grudge match for this evening between Julia Schultz and the current Playmate of the Year, Heather Kozar. Julia beat Heather in their first fight, and they are here again to fight it out once again. This will be a no-holds-barred catfight to a submission or knockout conclusion."

Karen paused a moment and then said, "And now, here are the ladies. In blue, we have Miss February 1998, Julia Schultz!"

Julia's door opened and she stepped out to the apartment arena. She wiggled her gorgeous hips and ass as she strutted to her corner. She bent over seductively, and gave everyone a great view of her cleavage as she stretched.

Karen went on, "And in black, we have the current Playmate of the Year, Heather Kozar!"

Heather's door opened and she stepped into the apartment arena. She strutted and wiggled for her fans as well. She showed off her great body as she danced and modeled for the audience.

When both ladies had settled down and were in position, Karen announced, "All right ladies, FIGHT!"

Heather charged at Julia immediately. Julia waited and hiptossed the other blonde down to the floor with ease. Julia grabbed Heather by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Julia clamped on a headlock and put her rival right back on the floor with a bulldog. Julia followed up with an elbowdrop to the kidney. Heather groaned as the elbow found its mark.

Julia quickly bounced to her feet, ready to continue her attack. She charged in and went for Heather. Heather did a leg sweep and took Julia down hard. Heather got up carefully as she grabbed Julia's legs and applied a step-over toe hold. Julia yelped as Heather bent her leg over the wrong way. Heather twisted and cranked the leg for a while. Julia worked her free leg into position and kicked Heather away with a solid blow to the thigh. Heather backed off momentarily, but quickly came back and went on the attack again. Heather grabbed Julia's legs and twisted her enemy over into a Boston Crab hold. Julia yelped in pain, with Heather bending her lower back at an angle it wasn't intended to go.

Julia screamed in pain, and Heather pulled and wrenched back even harder as she hissed, "How's that feel, bitch!"

Julia just moaned in pain and waited for her chance. Heather grunted and pulled back harder. Julia saw her chance and latched onto Heather's short hair and yanked her to the side. Heather squeaked in pain and shock as she found herself twisted over onto the floor by Julia. Julia maintained her hair hold as she rolled and straddled her enemy's back. Heather tried to buck and bridge Julia off her back, but Julia knocked her back down with a couple butt bounces to her lower back. Julia locked on a full nelson hold and pinned down Heather. Julia inched forward and concentrated the pressure of the hold and her weight onto Heather's neck. Heather moaned in pain as Julia's tactic worked.

In a sudden move, Heather bucked and Julia nearly lost her hold. Heather twisted and flipped as she grabbed Nicole's legs and she reversed the positions. Heather was now on top of Julia, but facing up. Heather lifted up and bounced her ass down in Julia's gut twice. Julia released her holds on Heather as she gasped in pain. Now free, Heather got up and splashed down on to Julia. Julia tore at Heather's flimsy crop top and ripped it off as Heather worked to secure a headlock on Julia. Heather secured a headlock at the same time that Julia grabbed hold of Heather's nipples. Julia twisted the nipples and flipped her adversary over. Heather groaned as Julia flipped her, losing her headlock on her rival.

Julia latched on to Heather's tits solidly now that she had a better position. She roughly squeezed and mauled Heather's big round globes. Heather howled in pain, and Julia showed no compassion as she squeezed her opponent's boobs. Julia went a step further and dug her nails into the tender tit flesh. Julia left a row of deep bloody scratches across her tits and cleavage, as Heather kicked her tormentor away and yelled in pain. Heather tore at Julia's top as she rolled away and it ripped off in her hand.

Julia grabbed Heather's top and scrambled to her feet, while Heather scrambled up as well. The two beauties faced off again, each holding the other's tattered top in her hands. They both suddenly lunged at each other and wrapped the other woman's top around her neck. They each tugged, pulled, and twisted on the top as each tried to strangle her opponent, while she attempted to relieve the pressure on her own neck. Julia started to force Heather towards the wall as she tugged on the destroyed crop top around her foe's neck. Heather sensed the wall behind her, and with burst of strength she pivoted and wrenched Julia around. With a hard shove, she forced Julia into the wall with her back. Julia hit with a smack and released her strangle hold on Heather.

Heather maintained her hold. With a violent tug, she pulled Julia's head down, while she lifted her own knee and whacked Julia in the face with a kneelift. Julia rolled and yelped in pain as Heather busted her nose. Julia clutched her face and touched her nose to check the severity of the damage. Julia quickly found out that her nose wasn't broken. Her nose bled steadily as tried to stop the flow.

Heather showed no compassion as she strutted around her adversary and nailed her with two brutal pussy stomps. Julia shrieked in pain as her pussy took the blows. Heather hauled her up to her feet and whipped her into the wall face first. Julia started to slide down the wall and left a smear of blood as a trail. Heather held her up as she roughly grabbed her hair.

Heather took careful aim and fired a powerful jab into Julia's kidney. Julia groaned in pain and would have dropped to the floor if not for Heather's hair hold. Heather wound up again and fired another blow to the same spot, and another. After eight shots to the kidney, Julia prepared herself and quickly spun and backfisted Heather in the mouth. Heather's head snapped to the side and she staggered back, her mouth now bloody. Julia grabbed Heather's arm and whipped her into the wall.

Julia concentrated her attack on Heather's previously bruised and scratched boobs. She nailed the tender orbs with a flurry of lefts and rights, uppercuts and hooks. Julia took aim for the bruises and scratches as much as possible, which she knew would add tremendously to the pain of the blows. Heather grunted and moaned in pain as Julia landed the punches to her tits. After taking almost a dozen blows to her tits, several of which she managed to partially block, Heather set herself.

Heather grabbed Julia's fist in mid-punch and wrenched her arm around in a hammerlock. With her free hand she grabbed a fistful of Julia's hair and then pounded Julia's head into the wall twice. Julia staggered a little and Heather released her. As Julia turned to attack, Heather spun and kicked. She nailed Julia perfectly across the throat with her leg. Julia gasped as she struggled to catch her breath as she got knocked back into the wall. Heather lunged and rammed her knee into Julia's pussy. Julia yelped in pain again as her battered pussy took more abuse.

Heather reached out and latched onto Julia's full round breasts. She squeezed and mauled the tender boobs. Julia grunted in pain, and responded in kind quickly. Four hands latched onto four feminine mounds, as both women struggled to destroy the other's tits. Julia dug her nails in hard and raked them savagely in the partially closed, but still bloody, scratches that she left earlier. Heather shrieked in pain as Julia reopened and enlarged all of the scratches on her tits. Heather forgot her attack and grabbed at Julia's hands. She wrenched the other woman's hands off her sore and re-scratched tits. Heather pulled and twisted on Julia's hands as tried to get a solid hold on her adversary. Julia surprised her as she slammed her tits into Heather's bruised melons.

Heather yelped and stepped back, surprised. Julia grabbed at Heather in a bearhug and slammed her tits again. Heather tucked her head down as Julia slammed her boobs once again. Heather gave Julia a wicked headbutt that staggered her and made her see stars. Julia staggered back wobbly. Heather twisted free and took a fast glance at her injured tits. She couldn't tell how bad the damage was through the blood. All she knew was that they throbbed every time she moved.

Heather set her defense and watched Julia. Julia cleared her head and charged at her enemy. Julia rushed right into an ambush as Heather pounded her with a huge spin kick to the head. Julia's head cranked to the side, her eye clearly blackened by the blow. She staggered but didn't drop. Heather moved in and fired a straight job to Julia's damaged nose. Julia went down in a heap. Heather started to haul Julia to her feet by the hair, but Julia nailed her with a hard pussy punch and Heather went down hard with an anguished scream. Heather struggled to her knees, as Julia watched. Julia nailed Heather again with a kick to the pussy. Heather dropped.

Julia backed off and Karen moved in for a count.

Karen counted, "1... 2... 3... 4...."

Heather struggled to her knees.

"5... 6... 7...."

Heather made it to her feet.

Karen yelled, "Fight!"

Julia hissed, "You should have stayed down, stupid bitch! Now you're really gonna get the shit kicked out of you!"

Heather replied cockily, "Screw you."

She lunged at Julia and swung a haymaker at her head. Julia ducked under the clumsy punch and plowed a hard left into Heather's battered boobs. Heather backed off with a moan, and Julia gave chase. Julia swung a couple of hooks Heather's head and body, but she evaded the punches. Heather suddenly stopped and set herself. Julia walked right into a blistering left-right combination to her head. Julia staggered. Heather dropped Julia with a follow-up uppercut to her chin.

Heather backed off as Karen moved in and counted, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5...."

Heather complained, "Come on, count! You're giving that slut too much time."

Julia started to struggle to her knees. Karen continued, "6... 7... 8... 9...." Julia made it to her feet.

Heather got into Karen's face and started in on her, "What's your problem? You gave her too much time. She should have been out."

While Heather argued with Karen, Julia somewhat got herself together and moved in behind Heather. Heather turned to check where Julia had gone and got blasted with a hard left that all but took her off her feet. Heather staggered. Julia ripped a flurry of punches into Heather's destroyed boobs, opening the semi-closed scratches once again. Julia measured Heather carefully, and put her down with a left hook to the face that swelled her eye and almost closed it.

Karen moved in and started to count, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5...."

Heather showed no indication of moving any time soon.

Karen continued, "6... 7... 8... 9...."

In a shocking move, Julia grabbed Heather by the hair and yanked her up at the nine count, stopping the count.

Julia hissed, "I'm not through with you yet, whore!"

Heather was barely conscious, and unable to defend herself. Julia yanked her up and slammed her down hard across one of the tables in the apartment arena. Heather didn't even cry out in pain. Julia charged in and splashed her adversary, adding to the damage. Julia draped her body over Heather's and pinned her down in a grapevine hold. Heather didn't resist at all. Julia moved forward a little and lowered her tits down onto Heather's face and smothered her. Heather offered no resistance as Julia continued her assault.

Julia flipped Heather down again and dug her nails savagely into Heather's tits, opening the wounds even further. She tore off Heather's short shorts and thong bottom and dug her nails into Heather's tender and damaged pussy. Heather started to come around as she screamed in pain. Julia dug her nails in and raked Heather across the pussy with her nails. Heather sobbed in pain and passed out again.

Julia got up and stood up. She dug her high heel into Heather's tit as Karen made her count. Karen counted and she gave Julia the win with a knockout.

Karen hissed at Julia, "You're no winner. That was unnecessary and you know it, bitch! You and I will meet alone and 'discuss' this."

Julia glared back, "I'm real worried. Give it your best shot, little schoolteacher. I'll break you in half, just like I did her."

Hef shook his head at Julia and said, "You had a good win, but you couldn't let it go. That was unnecessary and uncalled-for, to batter Heather like that, after the fight. She still keeps all her photo shoots."

Julia fumed, "HEY! That's not fair! I beat her! I deserve something."

Hef gave her an evil grin and said, "Oh don't worry. You're gonna get what you deserve all right."

Julia got nervous as she wondered what that meant.