Three Way: Kristin Kreuk vs. Allison Mack vs. Billie Piper by The Walkin’ Dude

The fans at the Gray Toad Inn in were waiting for the last match of the evening to start when the speakers at the top of the ramp coughed up a burst of static and kicked in with Velvet Revolver’s ‘Slither.’ A collective cheer rose from several hundred mouths and every head in the arena turned towards the entry way just in time to see Jessica Biel push through the curtain. Clad simply in an old pair of low-rise jeans and a black version of her ‘Un-Biel-evable’ tee-shirt (which had been flying off the merchandise table in spectacular fashion by the way) the toned blonde gladiator offers the crowd a raised fist before striding quickly to the ring. Eschewing the steps, Jess rolls under the bottom rope, pops to her feet and heads to the corner nearest the Time Keeper’s table. Gesturing for a mic, her request is granted and after a quick tap check, she brings the mic to her lips.

When the music fades out she begins, “For those of you who may not know me, my name is Jessica Biel and I’ve worked for this promotion for the last three years. During that time I’ve had my ups and downs with the fans, management and my fellow wrestlers but in the last year or so I’ve finally started to come into my own and I want to thank all of you who’ve supported me along the way.” She pauses for a moment as the crowd gives itself a pat on the back. “That said, I know there’s a certain stigma attached to my name. There’s whispers in the locker room, mumbling in the front office and scoffing on the message boards that ‘Jessica Biel is a pretty good wrestler and she wins most of her matches, but she still hasn’t had that one BIG match where she shows the world that she deserves a full-time spot in the Main Event scene.’ Ya know what really bugs me about that statement?”

“WHAT?” asked the crowd.

“They’re right!” she answered. “I’ve worked my way up the ladder to a spot where I’m in the Main Event a couple of times a month and that’s pretty good by every standard except mine. I KNOW I’m good enough to fight and win against the biggest names in this company. I’m sure all of you know that Jennifer Garner made her return at the beginning of this month and it looks like she wants a piece of me. Well Jen, I want a piece of you too, but not right now. Right now, fighting a FORMER World Champion isn’t good enough.”

She stopped as the audience ‘ooohhhheed’ at the blonde’s implication.

Turning to face the entry way, Biel said, “That’s right. I want a shot at the Slayer, a Champion that I know won’t bring an army with her to ringside. So earlier tonight I went to Richard Fannin and asked him to declare me the number one contender. Right after that discussion, I came out here to tell you all that I’m not the number one contender.... yet. See, Rich said he’d declare me the first in line to fight Sarah IF I named one other woman I thought was worthy of a title shot and beat her in the center of this ring next week. I knew right away who I needed to challenge. If I’m going to be facing the World Champion, I need to prove that I can beat the Uncrowned Champ first. So Neve Campbell... please come out here and accept my challenge.”

She lowered the mic and waited for an answer…for almost thirty seconds…then ‘Black Hole Sun’ warbled to life. As the fans sang, ‘Call my name through the cream and I’ll hear you SCREAM again’ Neve pushed through the curtain presented herself to the faithful. Clad much like the blonde in a pair of black jeans and a dark blue ‘Scream Queen’ tank-top, the pale brunette breaks her reverie and strolls down the ramp to slide under the bottom rope. Rolling to her feet, she accepts a mic from the Time Keeper and turns to face Biel.

Smiling a bit, Neve said, “What are your terms Jessica?”

“Nothing fancy. Sixty minute time limit, one fall to a finish. Do you accept?”

Campbell thought about it for a moment. “I’ve said time and time again that holding a Championship doesn’t interest me in the least. BUT, if you can pin me or make me tap out, there’s no doubt you deserve to contend for one. You’re on.” The Scream Queen extended her hand and Biel shook it without hesitation.

Still locked in the handshake, Jessica added, “The last time we were in the ring together, you pinned me with one boot on my face. I probably deserved it given the circumstances, but I’m not anyone’s lackey any more Neve. I PROMISE you’ll need everything in your arsenal to put me down this time out. And even that won’t be enough. Because I want this too badly.”

The subtle threat didn’t go unnoticed by the brunette. Dark eyes flashing, she replied, “Don’t think this match doesn’t mean a lot to me too Jessica. The fact that it was you who made the challenge is a bit serendipitous because I was on the verge of challenging you, albeit for a different purpose. And after our match next week, win or lose, I’ll have an announcement to make.”

She pulled her hand away from the blonde and addressed the mob. “I hope you’ll tune in. Aside from an amazing fight, I’ve got something important to tell you all and I want everyone to hear it.” Glancing back to Biel she finished by saying, “See you in the ring Jess.” Dropping the mic to the canvas, the Scream Queen spun around on her heel and exited the ring as quickly as she’d entered it.

Watching the brunette take her leave, Jessica couldn’t help but be curious as to what Campbell was going to reveal. But her curiosity paled next to her elation at being in the match. After she’d put Neve down with the Biel Bomb, Campbell could say anything she wanted, because Jess would be the number one contender. And with the Uncrowned Champ battered into the canvas, it wouldn’t be long before she did the same to the genuine article.

Handing her mic to the Time Keeper, Jessica saluted her fans one more time with the classic ‘belt around the waist’ motion. Smiling fiercely, the blonde shouted, “That belt looks GOOD on your waist Sarah; but it’s gonna look UNBELIEVABLE around mine!” Coasting on a wave of applause, Jessica slipped out of the ring and made way up the ramp, already calculating just how many minutes and seconds she’d have to wait through before it was time for next week’s Main Event.


The crowd was still buzzing over the Biel-Campbell encounter when the Announcer stepped into the spotlight and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for our Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Title! It will be fought under Triple Threat rules with the first participant to score a Pin-Fall or Submission will be the winner and the Champion. Introducing first, she stands at 5’4”...she is the Hellcat... allow me to bring to you... Kristin Kreuk!”

The subdued, melancholy strains of ‘Beautiful Disaster’ roll through arena speakers as Kristin slinks through the curtain. The reaction to the brunette Hellcat would politely be called ‘mixed’ as some fans have embraced her for her spectacular wrestling ability while others have condemned her for her use of questionable tactics and sometime downright savage treatment of her opponents.. For her battle this evening Kristin was sporting her trademark red bikini with black pads and boots while her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders Approaching the ring without a lot of fanfare, she paused to survey a ‘TEAR ‘EM UP HELLCAT’ sign in the front row before sliding under the bottom rope. In the squared circle, the lithe brunette slides gracefully to her full height and walks to her corner to await the arrival of the two blondes that stand between her and the IC title.

Catching his breath, the Announcer continued, “And her opponent standing 5’5”… ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ... Allison MACK!” The speakers kick on and ‘Heroes’ grinds into life, but the blonde doesn’t make her appearance until the crowd sings along with the opening line, ‘Stare in wonder, who’s here to bring ya down?’ As the line concludes, Mack blows through the curtain and offers her fans what she hopes will be the last view of her without the Intercontinental Title around her waist. For her war with Kristin and Billie, Allison deviated from her typical lavender attire and instead chose a simple but by no means unflattering black bikini showing off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are a smoky gray, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience before settling down and heading to her corner.

When the chaos for Mack had died down, the Announcer brought the mic up and finished, “And their opponent, she stands at 5’6”; she is the ‘One Woman British Invasion’ and YOUR Intercontinental Champion, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, Billie Piper!” The distinctive guitar riff of AFI’s ‘Miss Murder’ burst into life and the crowd was on it’s feet as the One Woman British Invasion breezed through the curtain. For her stiffest challenge to date, Billie is wearing her typical ring gear with a slight chromatic change. Instead of black, she’s wearing a simple blue bikini with a small Union Jack insignia emblazoned on the right hip. Taking the time to slap hands with the fans on the aisle, Billie sauntered up the steel steps, leapt over the top rope and landed in a confident little pose all in a single graceful motion. As her music began to fade, she climbed onto the middle rope and raised the title high overhead, a slightly more golden version of the sign she always threw up before the start of a match. Grinning back at the fans mimicking her movements, the blonde stepped down from the ropes and turned her gaze towards the blonde watching her from the corner. After handing the strap over to the zebra, Billie sauntered to her corner and awaited final instructions.


When the bell rang to signal the beginning of the match, Kristin Kreuk barely heard it over the pounding of blood in her ears. The brunette Hellcat had never started a match so righteously pissed off before, but then again, she’d never been totally ignored by her opponents before either. From the moment Piper and Mack had come through the curtains, the two blondes had kept their gazes locked on one another and no matter how intently she sneered in their direction, neither would do so much as acknowledge her existence Closing her eyes, the brunette summoned up the image of Billie’s taunting smile after she’d attacked Scarlett and handed the match to Kristin, or even worse, the coldly dismissive way Allison had stepped over her battered form a week or so later. Nails digging deep into the meat of her palms, Kristin opened her eyes and whispered “Ignore me at your peril ladies. You never hear the one with your name on it.”

In the corner beside Kreuk’s, Allison Mack was aware of the brunette’s rancor, she just chose to ignore it. She knew Kristin was a dangerous adversary, but she’d beaten the Hellcat before, and if Kris insisted on getting in her way tonight, she’d do it again. But no matter how much it might infuriate the Hellcat, Mack wasn’t the least bit interested in her. Tonight was all about Billie Piper and proving once and for all that she was the Briton’s superior in this ring. Thinking back to that loud, cacophonous night in Black Swan Hall, Mack couldn’t help but smile when she remembered Billie’s cheek slumping limply on her shoulder. It was one of the greatest moments of her entire career and she wanted it again. Only this time, she’d make sure the Brit gasped, “I give...’ before she went under.

Licking her lips, Allison said softly, “You’ve been walking around with something that belongs to me Billie. That ends tonight!”

In the corner diagonally opposite Allison, Billie was recalling the last two times she’d been in the ring with the American. While the record said they were 1-1, Billie had yet to actually beat Mack; and in HER eyes that meant she was 0-1. That galled the Briton to her very core! As much as she hated to admit it, she still woke up in the middle of the night, swearing that she could feel the last lingering traces of that fucking Bear Hug around her waist. Something like that had NEVER happened to her before and she’d be damned if she spent another second enduring that indignity. And tonight she was going to make all that go away. She was gonna bury the memory of the loss in England with a brand new recollection, one of her standing tall over Allison after she had U.K.O’d the other blonde into oblivion.

Rolling her shoulders, Piper smiled at Allison and whispered, “C’mon Alli, let’s make some memories.”

The One-Woman British Invasion stepped out of her corner and strode forward to meet her challengers. Moments later, the three beauties met in the center of the ring and if Kristin had hoped for a change in the demeanor of her opponents she was to be sorely disappointed. Even with the Hellcat only steps away, Piper and Mack continued to stare each other down, either blonde seemingly daring the other to make the first move. This tense silence continued for the better part of ten seconds until Kristin couldn’t take it any more. Hands curled into white-knuckled fists, the brunette snarled, “Would you dumb cunts at least LOOK at me?”

Allison and Billie finally turned their heads in the direction of Kreuk’s demand. The silence reigned for a moment longer and then THWOCK! Both blondes lashed out with simultaneous right hands that dropped the Hellcat flat on her back. Moving as one, Piper and Mack pounced on Kreuk, each grabbing a wrist to hoist her to her feet. Pointing the Hellcat towards the ropes, they whipped Kreuk away and after nothing more than a glance, Allison sprinted in the opposite direction while Billie bounded after the stunned brunette. With Allison in front and Billie at her heels, Kristin loped back into center ring. The severity of her situation had JUST started to dawn on her when Mack went high with a Clothesline and Piper went low with a Chopblock. The dual strikes caught her at almost exactly the same time and poor Kristin was turned inside out before landing HARD on face, chest and belly.

Immediately setting her sights on the other blonde, Billie got to her feet, dusted off her hands and asked, “Now... Where were we?”

Snapping her trunks into place across her hips, Allison replied, “I was just about to tell you to bring it on.... Champ.”

That last word was tinged with just the slightest bit of mockery and Piper had no doubt that it was intentional. Nodding once, she said, “Ask and ye shall receive Alli.”

Without another word she lunged forward and THWAP drove her right forearm into the side of Mack’s face. The American grunted and stumbled back, but it didn’t take long for her to clear her head and respond with TWHAP a shot of her own. Fighting off the stars exploding behind her eyes, Billie delivered a second Forearm Smash only to have Allison reciprocate. Understanding that this was already turning into a war of attrition, the British Bombshell calmed her nerves and settled into a steady rhythm of give and take with her nemesis. For the next fifteen seconds or so, the capacity crowd was rendered silent as the air was filled with a wickedly dull THWAP, THWAP, THWAP.

Eventually Piper got tired of not making Mack work for the hit, so the next time the American stepped into the breach, Billie torqued her hips, shot up her left arm and snapped a crisp little European Uppercut off her foe’s chin. Mack let out a breathy grunt and staggered back, but didn’t go down. Taking that as a sign of personal failure, Billie squared her shoulders and muttered, “Get back ‘ere Alli, I’m not done with ya just yet.”

Bearing down on the other blonde, Piper dropped into her stance and fired off a second Uppercut only to have Allison pluck her hand from the air in an iron grip. Slipping her fingers between Billie’s, Allison squeezed down hard and chided, “You got one hand left English. Sure ya wanna risk it?”

Grimacing, the Champion replied, “One’s all I need girl.” She snapped off a straight Jab this time but it still didn’t stop Mack from catching her fist in mid-strike.

Completing the second half of her hastily applied Knuckle-Lock, Allison said, “No more running Billie. Time to see how strong you really are.” Before Piper could even formulate words, Allison rose up on her toes and PUSHED down, bending Billie’s wrists back at a terrible angle. The sudden flare of pain in her wrists put a waver in Piper’s curvy gams and she was disgusted to see just how fast Allison had forced her one knee. Looking down at her opponent, Allison poured all the considerable power of her shoulders into the Test of Strength and asked, “Got anything to say Billie?”

A voice replied, “How about, over here bitch!” Startled, Allison looked up just in time to THWACK take both soles of Kristin’s boots right upside her chin. The Hellcat had recovered from the vicious High-Low assault several seconds ago and had been biding her time ever since. When Mack had exposed her head, the Dropkick was just too perfect to ignore. Popping to her feet, the brunette hopped over Allison’s prone form and whirled around to face Billie.

Jerking the taller girl to her feet, Kreuk slapped her HARD across the face and sneered, “Still wanna ignore me Piper?” With the Briton’s eyes crossed, Kristin left her feet in a vertical leap, scissored her legs open and then snapped them shut around the Champ’s neck. Crossing her ankles, she twisted back and pulled forward with her legs, ripping Billie from the canvas to dump her on her back compliments of the Hurricanrana. Still moving in a blur, Kristin regained her feet and roared at the audience, “ONE GOOD BRUNETTE WILL BEAT TWO LAME ASS BLONDES ANY DAY! AND HERE’S WHY!”

Helping Allison to her feet with a nasty tug of hair, Kristin quickly took hold of her foe’s wrist and hurled her into the buckles. Waiting just long enough for Mack to connect with the steel (the meaty sounding BWOOONG confirmed her arrival) Kreuk tore off after her victim, left her feet in a high leap and WHAM used all her body weight to deliver a Clothesline-Avalanche Splash hybrid that tore all the air from the blonde’s lungs. Allison gaped and started to sink but the Hellcat buried her hands in the blonde’s hair, pulled her to her feet and slapped on a tight Side Headlock.

Facing the center of the squared circle, she waited for Billie to push to her feet and then took off at a dead run with Allison trailing awkwardly behind her. As the distance between her and the Champion shrank, Kristin left her feet in a high floaty arc that brought her to within inches of Billie. The second before she could pass by her target, Kreuk released one half of her grip on Mack’s head and stuck out her arm. There was a nasty WHAP followed by an equally nasty THUD as Billie was taken off her feet by the Clothesline and Allison’s face was driven into the mat compliments of the Bulldog. Pleased with her sudden and violent flattening of the two other grapplers, Kristin rolled Allison onto her back and went for the first pin of the match.

Careful not to step on Billie, the ref swooped in and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Allison got her hands under Kristin and pushed up hard, sending the brunette rolling off her. Undeterred, Kreuk shifted her focus and pounced across Billie’s waist, making sure to hook the far leg when she did. Not even bothering to get up, the official just swung around and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Billie bucked free of the cradle, breaking the count.

Slapping the mat, Kristin taunted, “All right, ya big lumpy sacks of shit don’t want to go quietly? Then I’ll tear you to fucking pieces!”

Digging her hands into Billie’s hair, Kristin hauled the Briton to her feet only to release her grasp and leap into the air again. At the height of her leap, she snaked her thighs around Piper’s throat for a second Hurricanrana, but when she tried to pull back, Kristin found herself suspended upside-down in Billie’s clutches. Her situation didn’t get any better when Piper jerked her back up into the stall position for a Powerbomb.

Fighting desperately to escape the predicament, Kreuk received another surprise when Billie pushed up and back on her thighs, sending the Hellcat into a short back-flip. Just when she was expecting to feel the canvas beneath her, Kristin landed comfortably on Allison’s shoulders. Facing the same direction as the blonde beneath her, the Hellcat tried to wriggle her way free, but she was too disoriented from all her flipping and spinning to do anything too effective. Mack on the other hand acted with frightening rapidity as she strode towards the edge of the ring and tossed Kreuk from her perch, dropping her throat-first across the top rope with a modified Hot Shot.

Breathing hard as she watched Kreuk writhe, Allison muttered, “Keep out of our way Kristin. Otherwise we might actually start to pay attention to you, and TRUST ME when I say you don’t want that.”

From behind the American, a familiar voice said, “Speaking of payin’ attention...”

Mack spun around, lunged towards Piper... and promptly ate a mouthful of the British Bombshell’s right foot. In most circumstances, Billie’s Super Kick was enough to put just about anyone on their back, but Allison wasn’t ‘just anyone’ and she only dropped to one knee. Flipping hair out of her eyes, Piper told her foe, “God Alli, I swear there are times when I think ya WANT me to keep hittin ya in the ‘ead.”

Putting that theory to the test, the Champ pulled Allison to her feet and cinched on a rough Front Facelock. Grabbing a handful of the other blonde’s black tights, Billie bent her knees, then lifted up and dropped down, pinning Mack’s forehead to the unforgiving canvas with an Implant DDT. Scrambling to her knees, Billie checked to make sure Kristin was still a non-issue (she was) before she rolled the shuddering blonde onto her back and went for the cover. Making sure Allison’s shoulders were down, the official ticked off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Instead of kicking out, Mack lifted her right leg and draped it along the bottom rope.

Seeing the move, the zebra tapped Piper on the shoulder and said, “Break it up Billie, she’s in the ropes.”

More than a little aggravated that she hadn’t remembered to pull Allison clear, the curvy English vixen grabbed her foe by the shoulder-straps and lifted her to her feet. Leading Mack well away from the ropes, Billie swung around behind her adversary and deftly slipped her left arm across Allison’s throat. Nuzzling the other blonde’s chin into the crook of her elbow, Piper laid her other arm across the top of the American’s head and clamped down tight to apply the Sleeper. Pushing up on her toes, Billie jerked left, then right, then left again as she tried to put as much pressure on Mack’s neck as humanly possible. Ignoring the scratching of the other girl’s fingers against her forearm and bicep, the Briton smiled, placed her lips against Allison’s ear and told her, “Ya made me go ta sleep in front of my friends and family the first time we met Alli. Now I get ta return the favURRRHHHHKKK!”

The Champion’s words were cut off abruptly when Kristin Kreuk pounced onto her back and slapped on a Sleeper of her own. Wrapping her thighs around Billie’s waist for extra leverage, the Hellcat squeezed down tight and purred, “Thanks for making my job that much easier bitch. You put the first loser to sleep and I’ll finish you off at the same time. Now be a good bitch and PASS THE HELL OUT!” Kristin shrieked the last few words even as she was jerking the Brit’s head back and forth.

Between the buffer that was Billie Piper, Allison Mack was doing her best to not pass out under the combined weight of both her adversaries, but it wasn’t easy. Knowing that she’d never forgive herself if she lost this match by knockout, Allison drew in the deepest breath she could and then twisted hard into the pressure of the Sleeper. Usually Billie would have been strong enough to prevent this sort of counter, but the Champ had her own problems to deal with and so Allison was able to turn the potentially match-ending Sleeper into a run-of-the-mill Side Headlock. Intent on showing everyone just why she deserved to wear that belt around her waist, Allison wrapped both arms around Billie’s midsection and locked her hands. Displaying the strength that had made her a star, Mack dipped her knees, then pushed up and fell back, effectively dropping both Billie AND Kristin with a Belly-to Back Suplex.

Resting on her back for a moment, Mack heard the crowd start to chant ‘ALL-I-SON, ALL-I-SON!’ and that got her on her feet.

Stalking around her fallen foes in a tight circle, the first IC Champ turned to her fans and asked, “WHO’S THE CHAMP?”

“YOU ARE!” came the thunderous reply.

Rewarding the faithful with her trademark grin, Allison yanked Billie to her feet, then doubled over and forced her head between the other blonde’s thighs as if she were setting herself up for a Piledriver. Instead, she wrapped her arms around the Brit’s thighs and straightened up, hoisting the Champion off her feet and onto her shoulder with Piper’s face in rudely close proximity to the challenger’s butt. Holding Billie prone, Mack said, “Bet you aren’t used to getting your ass tossed around like this are you Billie? Don’t worry, when it’s over, this will all seem VERY familiar.”

The American started to spin in a circle. Picking up speed with every rotation, the blonde finally rose up on her toes and SLAMMED Billie forward and down, nearly breaking the blonde in half with a hard-hearted variant of the Sidewalk Slam.

Leaving Piper starfished on the canvas, Allison stalked over to Kristin and pulled her to her feet by the left wrist and whispered, “You should have stayed out of this Kris. But since you wanted my attention so badly, I guess there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it.”

Giving the Hellcat what she wanted, Mack whipped her smaller foe into the ropes and waited patiently for her to return. When Kreuk was almost on top of her, Allison shot out both hands, one around Kristin’s throat, the other into the fork of her crotch. With no discernable effort, Allison lifted Kristin off her feet and high overhead with a gorgeous demonstration of the Military Press. Holding the Hellcat firmly in place, Mack did a few reps with her flailing adversary before telling the mob, “I think she wants to come down now!”

Even as they started to cheer her on, the curvy blonde dynamo shifted her grip and tossed Kristin down directly across Billie’s defenseless chest in a jury-rigged Splash. Pleased with the way she was able to use her opponents against one another, Allison stepped into position across the squirming pile of ladies and thought about what she was going to do next. Realizing she only had a moment before the referee would drop in to start counting Piper down, Allison put a stop to the impromptu cover she had created by leaving her feet to come down chest-first across Kristin’s exposed back with a Standing Splash that was even more painful for Billie. Sinking her hands into the brunette’s damp locks, Allison pushed to her feet and scraped Kristin off Billie.

Marching the Hellcat into the center of the squared circle, Mack spun her old training partner around to face her and wrapped both arms around Kreuk’s waist. In the blink of an eye, the muscles in the blonde’s shoulders and arms shredded into stark relief as she went about crushing Kristin out with the Bear Hug. Having made sure to trap Kreuk’s arms at her sides, Mack encountered minimal resistance when she hauled Kristin off her feet and leaned back, bending the Hellcat into an agonized C shape. Shaking her victim from side to side, the Blonde Bulldozer demanded through clenched teeth, “Give it up Kristin. Before I crush something small and delicate.” She added to the veracity of this threat by squeezing even harder.

Shaking her head ‘no’ Kristin gaped, “Squeeze all you want slut, you’ll never make me quiUNNNGHHH!”

Allison tightened her grip again, cutting off Kristin’s reply. Laying her cheek against the brunette’s chest, Allison sighed and asked, “Why is it that the smallest girls always have the biggest ERRRGGHH!”

Billie dug her left hand into Allison’s hair and yanked backwards. Holding the American blonde prone, Piper asked a question of her own. “You wouldn’t be tryin’ ta take my title by submittin’ Kris would ya? Cuz that would be pretty cowardly if ya ask me.”

The words were still leaving her mouth when she twisted into Mack and brought her right forearm slicing up to administer a European Uppercut right to the back of her rival’s skull. Allison groaned and released her grip on Kristin which made Piper’s next move that much easier. Bending Allison back, Billie looped her left arm over the blonde’s chin, forcing Mack’s chin into the crook of her armpit. Locking her hands, Billie completed the Inverted Facelock and immediately dropped to the canvas with Allison on top of her.

Making sure to keep her shoulders off the mat, Piper snaked her legs around Allison’s waist and locked her ankles, adding the pressure of a Body Scissors to the already considerable pain of the Facelock. This combination of Inverted Facelock and Bodyscissors was known as a Beast Choker in some circles and judging by Mack’s frantic wriggling and twisting, it more than deserved the name. Alternately relaxing and increasing the pressure on both holds, Billie worked the Scissors especially hard as she claimed, “I’ve got ya locked up tight in the middle of the ring Alli Mack, so unless yer of the mind ta be sportin’ a neck brace for the rest of the summer, I’d suggest ya tap out. No shame in losin’ ta the better woman ya know?”

Fighting desperately to free herself from the Briton’s grasp, Allison growled, “You’ll tell me when she shows up won’t you Billie?”

Annoyed at the blonde’s zinger, Piper cranked back on Allison’s neck and replied, “In case ya ‘adn’t noticed luv, the better woman is stretchin yer neck as we spea…”

THUD! From out of nowhere, Kristin charged the exposed blondes and went low, driving the soles of both boots into the side of Billie’s head with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. The surprise attack got Billie to release Allison which relieved Kreuk immensely. She had been afraid that Mack might submit before she could break up the Beast Choker, but the stubborn slut had held out just long enough. Glancing back and forth between the blondes, it was hard for Kristin to decide who to go after. It would probably be easier to go after Mack, but she could clearly remember Billie taking her out in the Sixth Circle oh Hell not to mention the smarmy ‘Lesser of two evils’ line the Brit had used on her during her match with Scarlett. Leaving Allison alone for the moment, Kreuk grabbed a handful of Billie’s blue tights and tugged her to her feet.

Staying close against blonde’s right side, Kristin bent Billie over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling down. In one fluid motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Piper’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over Billie’s torso and hooked her prey’s right arm with her left arm. Then she swung her left leg up and slung it over Piper’s neck, so that the back of the brunette’s knee rested comfortably against the side of her victim’s face. With ‘Kreul Intentions’ locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on the blonde’s ribs and neck.

Bouncing and jerking to increase the pressure of the sadistic hold, Kristin’s face was a portrait of sadistic satisfaction as Billie started to wither in her grasp. Pressing down the Champion’s neck with every ounce of her weight, Kristin used her free hand to grope and claw at Piper’s breasts; not because she believed it would hasten the submission, but just because she wanted to embarrass the smug bitch. Forcing her thigh down across Billie’s neck over and over again, Kristin sneered, “Give it up Piper! Give it up or I’ll break your neck and then the next place you invade will the fucking ICU!”

In incredible pain, Billie still couldn’t force herself to treat Kristin with any respect. Finding her voice, the trapped blonde muttered, “Who said that?”

Mouth gaping wide in incredulous disbelief, Kristin shook her head and whispered, “Okay slut, you’ve just bought yourself a…”

THUD! Allison’s boot caught Kristin flush across the mouth and the oblivious Hellcat was knocked away from Billie without another word of protest.

Regaining her balance, Allison cast a glance over her shoulder at Piper and said, “I’ll be back for you in a little bit Billie. Right now I’ve got a Hellcat that needs skinning.”

Returning to the task at hand, Mack stalked over to Kristin, dropped to one knee and then hauled her to her feet. Not bothering with theatrics, the blonde led her victim over to the corner and threw her back-first against the steel. Standing close to the brunette, Allison lifted Kristin into a sitting position on the tope rope. Making sure Kreuk was secured, Allison climbed up onto the second rope and trapped the Hellcat in a Front Facelock; apparently she was gonna Superplex the brunette through the center of the ring. Fighting through the soupy fog that had taken hold in her skull, Kristin understood what was going on and wanted no part of it. Summoning up her reserves, she balled her right hand into a fist and drove it into the front of Mack’s trunks. The unsuspecting blonde let out a pained howl as Kreuk’s dastardly Low Blow stole all the strength from her powerful frame. Tearing free of Allison’s grip, Kristin shoved the blonde off her perch and was mildly irked to see her land on her feet, albeit doubled over and not doing much else.

Kreuk’s mood brightened considerably when she noticed that Billie was just beginning to get to her feet as well. Standing up on the turnbuckles, the brunette snapped her tights into place and whispered, “This is gonna be so cool...”

Springing into action, she jumped out of the corner only to land with both feet on Allison’s exposed back. Before Mack could collapse under her weight, Kreuk pushed off in another jump that put her on a collision course with Piper. As she closed in, the Hellcat shot out her left arm and wrapped it around Billie’s skull in a loose Front Facelock. The instant her grip was secure she used her momentum to swing around 180-degrees and drop to the mat, yanking the IC Champ off her feet only to spike her skull into the mat with a Tornado DDT delivered in a most unconventional manner.

Getting her feet under her, Kristin dismissed Billie with a glance and turned her attention to Allison. Noting that the other blonde was still woozy from the low blow and the stomping, Kristin took off towards her at a high rate of speed and once again left her feet. Swinging her body around in mid-air, Kreuk locked her arms around Mack’s left arm while her legs swung up to engage Allison’s right arm. She held this loose crucifix for only a second before she continued her swing, landing on the blonde’s right with her left arm cinched across Mack’s neck in a Front Facelock. Treating Allison to a taste of what Billie had received, Kreuk sat out hard, drilling the crown of Mack’s head into the mat to complete the Float-Over DDT.

Running on an intoxicating blend of adrenaline, vengeance and exhilaration, Kristin exploded to her feet, grabbed Mack by the hair and dragged her over to where Piper was sprawled out. Rolling Allison and then Billie over onto their backs, Kreuk positioned the two insensate beauties end to end with the tops of their heads only a foot or so from the others. Straightening up, Kristin blew them a condescending kiss and said, “Now you two stay right there. I’ll be joining you in just a moment...” Jogging over to the nearest corner, Kristin hopped onto the top buckle and turned to face the ring all in one sinuous motion. Standing tall over her fallen opponents, Kreuk roared, “THAT TITLE IS MINE!”

Her words had not yet begun to fade when she soared out into the void, pulled her legs up out in front of her and came crashing down with each sleek thigh landing hard across her victim’s faces in a Guillotine Leg Drop. Absolutely loving the pair of electric shivers that ran through her downed opponents, Kristin got up, took Billie by the hair and dragged her towards the edge of the ring.

Tossing the stunned Briton out onto the floor, Kristin taunted, “Single elimination Triple Threats suck for the Champion don’t they Billie? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a match after I beat Allison, that is if I don’t forget about you.” Chuckling under her breath, Kreuk strolled back to the other blonde and said, “Get your fat ass up Allison, you and I have a score to settle.”

When Mack’s reply wasn’t fast enough for her liking, Kristin pulled her up with a savage double handful of hair and lifted her onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Parading her victim around the ring, Kristin told the folks in the audience, “YOU SEE THIS? BOTH OF THESE SLUTS HAVE HELD IC GOLD AND I’M KICKING THEIR ASSES!”

The Hellcat suddenly shoved Allison up and off her shoulders. As the blonde started to descend, Kreuk dropped to one knee and allowed the taller girl to land belly-first across her recently posted joint. After the Gutbuster, the brunette shoved Allison off her knee and smacked her gulping paunch. “Looks like that nasty gut of yours isn’t doing too well Alli baby. Let’s see if I can’t make it better.”

Pushing up, Kristin once again went to the corner and hopped into position on the top rope. Settling into a crouch, she waited just long enough to catch her breath before she leapt out into void. Getting more height than just about anyone else in the promotion (debate continued to rage as to whether Kreuk or Bell could fly farthest and highest) the Hellcat folded herself in half at the apex of her momentum, only to spread out full length right before she SLAMMED down across Allison’s defenseless chest in a ring-shaking Frog Splash. Ignoring the pain in her own ribs, Kreuk hooked the far leg and nodded in time as the ref counted off, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Mack rolled her shoulder free, ending the count.

Irritated but not discouraged, the brunette sneered, “Go ahead and kick out Allison. I can Splash you all night long if I have to.”

More than happy to do just that, Kristin popped up and once again went to the high rent district. She was only seconds away from pouncing on Allison again when she noticed the Billie had almost made it to her feet on the outside of the ring. Knowing full well that Piper would do anything in her power to break up a pin attempt, Kristin shifted her footing and aimed herself towards the Briton. Without a word the Hellcat dove off the turnbuckles and streaked towards Piper like a 5’4” missile.

Unfortunately for Kreuk, missiles don’t always hit their intended targets! Billie, having seen the brunette’s shadow descending on her, stepped out of the way at the last possible second, leaving Kristin to WHAP chest and belly-first against the thinly padded concrete. Smirking down at the sobbing Hellcat, Billie chided, “Ya just stay right there and cry as long as ya need to kitty. The Champ’s got to deal with some business in the ring.”

Noting that Allison was still flat on her back from Kristin’s Frog Splash, Piper climbed up onto the apron and made her way over to the corner Kreuk had perched on only seconds ago. Climbing up to the top buckle, Billie glared down at Allison and whispered, “I see ya kicked out of the lightweight’s Splash Alli. Let’s see you kick out of mine.”

Leaping out into the void, Billie mimicked Kristin’s movements perfectly; doubling up at the tip of the arc only to unfold just before she came down on Mack’s abdomen. Already wounded from Kreuk’s attack, the second Frog Splash did nothing for Allison’s well being as the pained flopping would seem to indicate. Not even pausing to consider that she might have broken the other blonde’s ribs (Billie could apologize once she’d retained the title) Piper hooked Allison’s far leg and waited impatiently as the ref counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THR…NO!’ Allison shoved Billie off her. It wasn’t the prettiest escape she’d ever pulled but it was more than enough to continue to the match.

Shaking her head, Billie told her nemesis, “Glad ya did that Alli, this isn’t the way I wanted ta beat ya anyway.” Pulling the other blonde to her feet, Billie wasted no time in Hammerlocking Mack’s left arm up between her shoulders. Leaning in close to her foe, Billie added, “THIS is ‘ow I wanted ta beat ya.”

She bent down to hook Allison’s knee and that’s when the former Champ drove her knee up and slammed it against Piper’s forehead. Caught off guard by the counter, Billie released the Hammerlock and staggered back with her injured face in both hands. She had only made it a few steps when she felt the terribly familiar feeling of Allison’s arms wrapping around her waist. Moving just fast enough to keep her arms free of the American’s grip, Piper still couldn’t keep herself from sobbing as Allison lifted her off her feet and SQUEEZED down with the Bear Hug. Over the raging inferno that had suddenly ignited in her ribcage, Billie heard Allison reply, “And THIS is how I want to beat you Billie. Now give me MY title back.”

Infuriated beyond all measure, Billie opened her eyes, dug her hands into Allison’s hair and pulled her face to within inches of her tormentor’s. Breath coming in great tearing gasps, Piper snarled, “’Ow many times do I ‘ave ta fuckin’ tell ya Allison, that belt belongs ta ME!”

Forehead-to-forehead with her foe, Allison panted, “Not until you beat me.”

Knowing it would be madness to sit here and debate with the woman that was trying to crush her out, Billie simply darted her head forward and sank her teeth into Allison’s forehead. It wasn’t technically sound by any means, but it would get her out and that’s all she needed right now. Indeed, Allison didn’t enjoy the sensation of Piper’s teeth cutting into her flesh, so she released the Hug and shoved the Brit away before she could open up anything worse than a minor gash. Checking her forehead for blood, Mack’s fingers came away clean and that meant she was free to go after Billie again. She had just started to stalk forward when Billie lashed out with her right foot and caught her directly in her ribs.

Doubling over, Allison was helpless to stop Billie from pulling her in close and applying a Standing Headscissors. With Mack’s head locked in place Billie lifted the other blonde upside down, putting her in position for a Piledriver. Working as fast as her various aches and pains would allow her, Billie unclasped her hands, leaving her right arm to hold the American inverted while she snaked her left arm between Allison’s thighs, reaching downward and rejoining her right hand to reapply the Waistlock. With her grip locked, Piper leapt up and sat out, spiking the top of Mack’s skull into the mat with a vile THUD!

Billie shoved Allison over onto her back and was about to go for the cover when a pair of hands reached down over her face and raaaakkkked her eyes. Grinning sadistically as Billie shrieked, Kristin pulled the Champ to her feet and said, “You keep forgetting about me Piper. That’s a really, really stupid thing to do.”

Spinning the Briton around to face her, the Hellcat leapt into the air and lashed her right foot out at Billie’s head in a beautiful Enziguri. It continued to be beautiful even when Billie ducked out of the way and Kristin’s foot went sailing harmlessly overhead. The brunette landed roughly on her belly but that was only the least of her worries as Piper grabbed hold of her kicking ankle and pulled it up off the canvas.

Before Kreuk could roll onto her back, the Champion scissored both legs around Kristin’s leg and dropped to the mat. With Kreuk’s gam helplessly tied up, Billie took the brunette’s ankle in both hands and started to twist, threatening to snap the joint with a brutally simple Ankle Lock. Cursing the fact that she was facing the center of the ring and not the edge, Kreuk tore frantically at the canvas as she tried to pull herself around and get to the ropes, but with Billie’s weight holding her back, there wasn’t much she could do about it. The Hellcat was about to demand that Piper release her when the blonde beat her to the punch. “Does this feel like I forgot ya Kristin? Ya sure ya don’t just want to walk away now while ya still can?”


Billie twisted her ankle even harder and despite the sureness of her words, Kristin wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. Billie on the other hand really didn’t care how much Kristin could take. With the Ankle Lock cinched on this tight in the middle of the ring, there were only two ways this could end. Either Kreuk would give up and tap her surrender or she’d spend so much time in the hold that her ankle would be worse than useless when Billie decided to release her. Unfortunately, there was a third possibility that forgotten about and it was that possibility which presented itself in the form of a strong, crushing hand latching down on her face. Understanding what had happened, Piper jerked and twisted her head around, trying to extricate herself from the Iron Claw, but attacker remained stubbornly clamped onto her face. Moaning as her foe’s palm pressed wickedly against her nose, Billie tightened her own grip on Kristin’s ankle and growled, “Dammit Alli, leggo a my fuckin’ face!”

Flipping hair out of her eyes, Allison continued to grind her fingers into Billie’s skull as she replied, “Not gonna happen Billie. I wanna see which one of you can last longer.”

From her place a few feet away, Kristin continued to pull at her own hair as she spat, “Screw you Allison! That Brit slut will never make me TAPPPHEERRGGHH!”

Piper jerked Kreuk’s ankle again and taunted, “What was that Kris? I couldn’t ‘ear ya over all the AARRGGHHH!”

Mack put even more pressure on the Briton’s face, causing her to howl in pain. Sighing, Allison smiled and said, “God this is fun.”

Unable or unwilling to give up her grasp on Kristin’s boot, Billie continued to fight as she hissed, “I’m tellin’ ya Mack, if ya don’t let go of this bloody claw I’ll...”

“You’ll give?” Allison interrupted. “All right fine, I’ll let go of your face, but I’m not letting go of you entirely.”

Mack pulled her hand away from Piper’s head only to SLAP both hands down onto the Briton’s abdomen and dig in deep with a Belly Claw. Howling in fresh agony, Billie tried to maintain the Ankle Lock for as long as she could, but with Allison attempting to burrow through her she knew she had to face the more immediate threat. Tossing the Hellcat’s boot away, Billie pushed up on one elbow and slammed her forearm into the side of Mack’s head.

“LEMME GO YA STUPID SLAG!” she roared. Allison grimaced as she absorbed the blow but it wasn’t enough to make her release Billie.

Locking gazes with the trapped Brit, she slowly turned her hands in opposite directions to maximize the discomfort of the Claw. Voice calm and cold, the American answered, “Submit to me; THEN I’ll let go.”

Rejecting the demand with every fiber of her being, Piper spat, “I’ll never concede to you Alli.”

“Yes... you will.” Mack replied as she dug even deeper into the other blonde’s tummy. Nearly numb with the pain, Billie reached out grabbed hold of Allison’s hair and pulled the challenger in as close as she could. Fighting the churning in her gut, Piper used her free hand to start hammering short, sharp Punches just over her tormentor’s right eye. She had to deliver more than a dozen before Allison finally released her Claw and, as much as Billie wanted to celebrate, she wasn’t afforded he luxury because Mack quickly scraped her off the mat and pulled her to her feet. Wrapping the Champ up in a loose Bear Hug, Allison rose up on her toes, held the position for a moment and then dropped to one knee, torching Piper’s womanhood with a vicious Inverted Atomic Drop.

Ignoring the silent scream Billie wheezed into her face, Allison scooped the taller blonde across her chest and marched her over to the nearest corner. Shifting her grip slightly, she forced Piper between the top and middle ropes, trapping her squirming form in the ropes with her wounded abs pointing towards the ceiling. Stepping away to admire her handiwork, Allison patted Billie’s abused midriff and told her, “I’m gonna pay you back for that Frog Splash before the bell rings again Billie.”

The British babe might have responded, but Allison wasn’t listening. She’d already turned her back on Piper to make her way toward a slowly recovering Kristin Kreuk. Stalking to within a few feet of her prey, Mack dropped into a tense crouch and let out a low whistle. When Kreuk turned around toward the noise, Allison exploded forward and extended her arm. The Clothesline caught the Hellcat across the chin and damn near decapitated her on her way to the canvas. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure Billie was still tied up in the corner (she was) Allison pulled Kristin to her feet and doubled her over. Trapping the brunette in a Standing Headscissors, Mack looped her arms around her foe’s slender waist and locked her hands. Taking a deep breath, Allison chided, “You’re about to make your first meaningful contribution to the match Kristin. I hope you enjoy it.”

Not giving Kreuk the time to respond, Allison lifted Kristin up into the stall position for a Powerbomb and then started making her way towards Billie’s corner of the ring. When instinct and the fans told her she was in the right place, Mack rose up on her toes and then DROVE Kristin down and forward, dropping her full-force across Billie’s exposed midsection. Blonde and brunette both let out tormented groans as they collapsed on top of one another in a sullen heap. Allison didn’t hear this though, she just heard the mob chanting ‘HOLY SHIT!’ and that made her feel much better. Hands on her hips, Mack regarded the wreckage of her adversaries with a wry smile and said, “Ya know Billie, it just occurred to me that I’ve been slamming Kristin onto you this whole time. To be fair, I really should slam you onto Kristin a few times.”

Acting on this bit of bad good-will, Allison grabbed Kristin by the ankles and dragged her into the center of the ring. When the Hellcat was in the proper position, Mack went back to the corner and pulled Billie to her feet. Leading the breathless Brit to the same destination, Allison spun around behind her and locked up both of Piper’s arms with a Double Chicken-Wing. Bending her knees, Allison lifted up fast, jerking Billie off the mat to put tremendous pressure on her shoulders. Shaking the Champ as hard as she dared, Allison asked, “You ready to surrender yet Billie?”

Ignoring similar inquiries from the official, Billie roared, “GO TA ‘ELL ALLI!”

Licking her lips, the former champ replied, “I was hoping you’d say that.” The words had barely left her mouth when she sat out hard and fast, dropping her foe down across her other foe to complete an Inverted Sit-Out Powerbomb for Billie and a Splash for Kristin.

Yanking Billie off of Kristin’s chest, Allison jerked Piper to her feet and spun the Brit around to face her. Holding the other blonde at arms length, Mack demanded, “Give up.”

Billie’s face twisted in a sneer, “Make me.”

Happy to oblige her nemesis, Allison went back to work on Piper’s gut with a simple Toe Kick. As the Briton doubled over, Allison stepped forward and slapped on another Standing Headscissors. With Billie almost limp in her grasp, Allison couldn’t resist giving her fans a snapshot moment by offering them a brawny double bicep flex and beaming smile. Getting back to work a few seconds later, Mack wrapped her arms around Piper’s middle and hauled her into the air, holding the One Woman British Invasion up for a Powerbomb. She leapt Billie in this position for only a moment before slamming her down with such force the ring trembled under the impact. As Piper quivered beneath her, Allison tightened her grip on the blonde’s thighs, steadied her nerves and then, then hauled Billie off the canvas into position for a second Powerbomb.

Turning to her right so that another side of the audience could get a great view, Allison rose up on her toes and slammed Billie down again, noting the terrible way Piper’s head bounced off the canvas with no small amount of satisfaction. Ready to complete her trifecta, Allison peeled Billie off the mat a third time and had just lifted her into the stall position when a sharp blow against the back of her knees.

THWAP!! The surprise attack knocked Mack off balance and she went tumbling onto her back only to have Billie land ass-first across her chest in an entirely accidental Senton. Fighting through the pain in her right ankle, Kristin Kreuk limped over to Billie, grabbed a double handful of hair and pulled her to her feet.

Leading the blonde away from Allison, Kristin drove a knee into Billie’s gut and cooed, “Thanks for helping me take out Allison. I’ll return the favor by beating you quick and clean.”

Bending her opponent over, Kreuk applied a Front Facelock, flung the Briton’s near arm over her shoulders and used her free hand to hook Piper’s togs. Unsure of how wise this move actually was, the little nagging voice didn’t stop Kristin from lifting Billie off the mat in a smooth arc. When the blonde was inverted directly over her head, the Hellcat sat-out fast, fusing the top of Piper’s head with the canvas with a skull-smashing Brainbuster. Rolling the Brit over onto her back, Kristin flung herself across Billie’s chest and hooked both legs in a tight cradle. Unable to believe just how fast control of this contest shifted back and forth between the three ladies, the exhausted ref happily dropped to both knees and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THR-NO!’ Billie kicked free of the cradle, saving her title run with less than a half second to spare.

Shaking her head, Kristin muttered, “OK slut, if that’s the way you want it, we’ll keep fighting. I certainly won’t mind having the opportunity to pay you back for that Ankle Lock a few minutes ago.”

Lifting Billie up by the shoulder-straps, Kreuk switched her grip to Piper’s left wrist and whipped her into the corner. Putting weight on her right ankle to make sure she could still move as fast as she needed to, Kristin was apparently satisfied after a few seconds and sprinted towards the hapless Briton. When the distance between them was almost nil, she left her feet in a high leap that ended with her planting both feet on Billie’s upper thighs. Clasping in her hands behind Billie’s neck, Kreuk leaned back and fell to the canvas, tossing Billie up and over her with a Monkey Flip.

As this was unfolding, on the other side of the ring, Allison was just getting her feet under her again. Watching carefully as Kristin tossed Billie in her direction, Allison whispered, “There’s no way I can pass this up.”

Waiting for just the right moment, Allison didn’t move until Piper started to come down out of her arc. In the split second that the Champ’s midsection was open, Allison EXPLODED forward and drove her left shoulder into Billie’s ribs, nearly ripping her in half with the Spear. Laying heavily across the other blonde’s chest, Allison hooked the far leg and waited for the ref to count, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!’ Not knowing what Allison had done didn’t stop Kristin from charging in and breaking up the pin at the last possible second.

Digging her hands into Allison’s damp hair, Kreuk hauled her up and sneered, “Don’t you EVER try to steal from me agu…UNUNNGHH!” Allison drove a hook into Kristin’s belly, cutting her off.

Taking the brunette by the wrist, Allison growled, “You’re the only thief in this ring tonight Kristin.” Saving her breath, Mack stepped away from her opponent and whipped her towards the corner. When Kreuk went BWONNNG against the turnbuckles, Allison charged after her intent on crushing the Hellcat’s ribcage into a sticky paste compliments of an Avalanche Splash which would have worked perfectly if Kristin hadn’t shot out of the corner and gone low at the last second!

Scissoring her legs out, Kreuk tripped up her incoming foe with a Drop Toe Hold that sent Allison’s forehead into the bottom turnbuckle! Scrambling to her feet, Kristin climbed onto the middle turnbuckle and started to bounce up and up and down. When she’d gained enough momentum, the Hellcat pushed up and swung out in a beautiful Headstand. She held this pose for just a moment before swinging herself back down to land with both feet across Allison’s shoulders in a vicious Double Stomp.

Savoring Allison’s muffled ‘UNNNGHHH!’ and the sympathetic groans of the crowd, Kristin repeated the heinous stomping twice more before hopping nimbly out of the corner. Not even close to done with the blonde yet, Kristin grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her out of the corner only to tug her around by about ninety degrees. Having set Allison up perfectly for what she was about to do, Kreuk backed into the center of the ring, making sure to avoid Billie’s twitching form.

Satisfied with her preparations, Kristin dropped into a low crouch and sprinted towards the turnbuckles. When she was within reaching distance the Hellcat thrust both arms out, grabbed the top rope on either side of the buckle and pushed up into another perfect Headstand. Holding the pose for several seconds, Kreuk finally swung back down and let go of the buckle only to come down with the point of her elbow mashing into the small of Allison’s back. Ignoring the cheers of the audience as well as her opponents sobs, Kreuk pushed Mack over onto her back and hooked the leg. Moments later the ref was beside them and counting, ‘ONE... TWO....TH-NO!” For the second time in the match, Allison saved herself by getting a foot onto the bottom rope.

Glowering at her mistake, Kreuk hissed, “That’s not gonna save you next time cunt.”

Pulling Allison up with a handful of hair, Kristin backed into the center of the ring and this time she made a point to step down HARD on Billie’s aching ribs as she passed by. Holding Allison doubled over with Billie in-between them, Kristin taunted, “You’re not the only one who knows how to use their opponent as a weapon Allison. Check this out!”

Falling silent, the Hellcat bent her knees, leapt into the air and sat out, driving Allison’s face into the mat with the X-Factor while simultaneously using the blonde to Splash down on Billie’s ribs. Having had her fill of Mack for the moment, Kreuk shoved her off the other blonde and settled her hands in Billie’s hair. Forcing the wounded blonde to her hands and knees, Kristin lead Billie over to the edge of the ring and rudely shoved her throat across the middle rope. Pressing her knee into the back of Billie’s neck, Kristin purred, “Don’t worry pasty, I’ll be back to see you very soon.”

Pulling away from her adversary, Kristin took off towards the ropes at her back only to come bounding towards the prone Brit. When she was almost on top of Billie, the brunette left her feet in a low jump and slipped through the top and middle ropes. Grabbing onto the cables for balance, Kristin swung her whole body around in a tight arc, apparently going for the Tiger Feint Kick commonly known as the 619 in the states. Interestingly enough, while the kick did connect with Billie, it wasn’t the right part of her!

As Kreuk began her dive, Piper got her arms up and when the Hellcat’s legs came swinging at her face, Billie grabbed her around the upper thighs, stopping the move cold. Holding a struggling and furious Kristin, Billie got to her feet and sneered, “Shouldn’t ‘ave told me what ya were gonna do Kris. Now yer gonna ‘ave ta wait and see what I’ve got planned for ya!”

Looking over her shoulder, Billie saw Allison getting to her feet and she knew what she was going to do. Planting her feet against the mat, Piper tore Kreuk out of the ropes and swung the Hellcat around almost 180-degrees to SMECK her into Allison’s chest with all the force of a battering ram. The innovative maneuver knocked Mack off her feet and sent a serious tremble through the slender brunette.

Tossing her makeshift bat aside, Billie paused to snap her tights back into place and said, “I gotta tell ya ladies, I’m absolutely fuckin’ SICK of both of ya droppin the other onta me. I think you need to learn ‘ow disturbin’ that can be.”

Pulling Kristin up, Piper forced her head between the brunette’s torso and right arm. Then she bent her knees in a deep crouch and lifted up and backwards, taking Kreuk off her feet and hauling her into position for a Belly to Back Suplex. But instead of falling back to complete the move, Billie stayed on her feet for a few seconds and then sat out, driving Kristin forward as she did so. The challenger didn’t even have time to cry out as she was driven down across Allison’s chest in the most innovative application of ‘Anarchy in the UK’ the fans had ever seen.

Shoving Kristin off of Allison, Billie asked, “See? None too pleasant is it Alli?”

When no response came, Billie helped herself to a handful of Allison’s tights and pulled her to her feet. Looking to introduce Allison to one of her signature maneuvers, Billie spun her foe around and went to work. Snuggling in close, she locked the American girl’s arms up in a strength-draining Full Nelson and bore down tight. Letting her lips brush lightly against Allison’s ear, Billie purred, “I know ya don’t believe it Alli, but I’m a better wrestler than ye’ll ever be. And it’s moves like this that make it so...”

Billie bent her knees and exploded straight up, lifting Allison off her feet in what looked to be the beginning of a Full Nelson Slam but at the apex, Piper released her grip and with a nimble twist of her hands, spun Mack around so that the blonde was facing her. Taking hold of Allison’s shoulders just as gravity started to take over again, Piper dropped straight back, taking Mack for a ride until she hit face-and-chest-first with a Reverse STO from several feet higher than usual. The ‘Empty Child’ had just connected perfectly in the center of the ring and Billie knew it was almost time to end this fight. Just a few more minutes and she’d be able to prove her superiority over Kristin AND Allison.

Taking a moment to collect her senses, Billie thought about what she was going to next and when it came to her, she just smiled. Coming into this fight, she knew she wanted to give herself something special; an iconic image that would forever erase the ignominious end of the match in England. Up until now, Piper had thought that image would be her standing over a UKO’ed Allison, but this new idea... this was even better. Flipping hair out of her eyes, the blonde turned to the audience and yelled, “GET THOSE CAMERA’S READY LADS! I WANT SHOTS OF THIS FROM EVERY ANGLE!”

Having voiced her request, the Briton pulled Mack to her feet and gripped her by the throat. She planted her free hand in the other blonde’s crotch, bent her knees and then liifffted Allison up over her head, treating the Blonde Bulldozer to her very first stint in a Military Press. Beaming into the sea of cheering faces and flashing cameras, Piper added, “YA SEE THIS? THIS ‘ERE IS WHY I’M THE FUCKIN’ CHAM…PUNNNGHHH!”

Billie’s boast was short-circuited mid-word when Kristin zoomed in behind her, went low and Chopblocked the blonde’s knees. Billie’s legs flew out from under her as she landed on the mat with a wet THUD. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Allison came smashing down across her chest in what was quite possibly the most painful inadvertent Splash of the evening.

Savoring the sight of the two blondes heaped on top of one another, Kristin quickly pulled Allison clear of the wreckage and slapped a Standing Headscissors Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s sturdy waist, Kristin cooed, “Sorry to let you down Allison, but neither of you losers is going to walk out of here with the title.” Making sure her hands were tightly clasped, the Hellcat bent her knees, lifted up and.... nothing happened. Well, Mack’s feet remained firmly rooted to the mat, but other than that, nothing happened. Infuriated by the blonde’s resistance, Kristin squeezed down even harder and hissed, “I’m gonna kill you Allis…AAAHHHHUUGGH!”

Her captive straightened up at frightening speed and Kristin was flung up and over Mack’s head, soaring into the lights for a moment before coming down flat on her back with a ring-shaking BWAM!

Whirling to face her stunned adversary, Allison asked, “What were you gonna do Kristin? Kill me? Are you sure you weren’t about to say ‘beg for mercy?’” When the Hellcat didn’t or couldn’t answer her, Allison tugged her to her feet and went about forcing a reply out of her. Standing to her opponent’s right, Allison slipped an arm between Kreuk’s legs and the other across her chin before muscling the brunette up across her shoulders in the murderous Torture Rack. Lurching around the ring with Kristin suspended helplessly above her, Mack told the audience, “THIS HELLCAT JUST USED THE LAST OF HER NINE LIVES!”

Bending her knees she surged upward releasing her grip on Kristin’s chin while shifting her hold on the brunette’s legs As Kreuk fell, Allison wrapped both arms around the Hellcat’s thighs and sat down, landing hard on the canvas. Allison had turned the Torture Rack into a Sit-Out Powerbomb and judging by how little Kristin was currently twitching, the move very may well have used up the last of her reserves. Seeing the brunette’s shoulders go down and stay down, the zebra slid in and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!!!’

Kreuk didn’t kick out of the move, but Billie threw herself against the other blonde in a loose tackle that was more than enough to stop the count. Grumbling as she shoved Billie off of her, Allison got to her feet and said, “That was a cheap shot Billie. I had her and you know it.”

Piper was incredulous! “Cheap shot? Ya were tryin’ ta win my title without pinnin’ me, whaddaya call that Alli?”

Settling into her crouch, Allison fired back, “Hey, it worked for you didn’t it?”

The Briton’s face flashed stunned hurt for just a moment, only to be replaced with a seething fury. Pointing her claws towards the American, she hissed, “I’m gonna knock ya the shit outta ya for that Alli.”

Mack’s answer was equally cold, “Bring it on babe. Bring EVERYTHING you got!”

Piper lunged for her nemesis only to receive a stiff Boot to the Gut. Fighting for air, she couldn’t resist when Mack scooped her up and held her perpendicular across the challenger’s chest. Turning to every side of the ring, Allison clapped Billie’s butt and said, “I own your ass Billie. And pretty soon, I’ll own the rest of you.” Piper started to sneer a response, but Allison rose up on her toes and dropped forward and down, flattening the Champ between her body and the mat with a Front Powerslam.

Maintaining her perch across the Briton’s chest, Mack hooked the far leg and nodded in time as the ref ticked off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE--NO!’

This time it was Kristin who saved Billie in the form of a vicious Stomp just behind the oblivious blonde’s ear. Stunned from the blow, Allison fought through the fog in her head just as Kristin was yanking her up and she paid the brunette with a heartless Double Chop to the kidney’s. Kreuk groaned and dropped to her knees which gave Allison all the time she needed to get her feet under her and slip around behind the crippled Hellcat.

Working in silence she reached her right arm between Kristin’s legs and grabbed the brunette’s dangling left wrist then pulled it back tightly between the woozy grappler’s thighs. In the same breath, Mack hooked Kreuk’s right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held this position for just a moment, giving the impression that she was about to apply some bizarre variation on the Abdominal Stretch. Instead, she pulled up with both hands, lifted Kristin off her feet to position her stomach-down on Allison’s shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm was looped across the Hellcat’s back while the other held the brunette’s head in place. But just as Allison was rising up on her toes to complete the Pumphandle Slam, Kristin shot both hands up and raaaaked them across the blonde’s eyes, engineering a brutally simple escape.

Landing directly behind her foe, Kristin snaked both arms around Allison’s waist and locked her hands. Bending her knees, the Hellcat taunted, “Time to go for a ride bitch.”

Imagine then the brunette’s surprise when a strong pair of arms encircled her waist and an equally taunting voiced added, “No fair kitty, I was gonna say that.”

Before Kristin could think of a counter, Billie Piper bridged up and back, dropping Kristin on the back of her head and shoulders with a German Suplex. And because Allison was in Kristin’s grasp at the time, the other blonde found herself on the receiving end of a German Suplex as well! All in all it was a phenomenal testament to the British wrestler’s strength and if the crowd reaction was any indication, Billie had just created that iconic moment she craved.

Burning white-hot on the adrenaline surging through her system, Piper pushed to her feet and screamed “IT’S OVER!” Not waiting to see how the crowd reacted (it was absurdly favorable if you must know) Billie grabbed a handful of Kristin’s tights and jerked her to her feet. Leading the semi-coherent Hellcat to the edge of the ring, Billie dumped her to the floor in an unceremonious pile and demanded, “Ya can stay out there and sniff the mats while the wrestlers are finishin’ up in ‘ere Kreuk.”

Spinning to face the other blonde, Billie jogged over to Allison and peeled her off the canvas. Holding the American close to her, Billie took possession of Mack’s left wrist and Hammerlocked the arm up behind her foe’s back. Going nose-to-nose with Allison, Billie whispered, “Payback time Alli.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, Piper released the Hammerlock only to immediately wrap her arms around the shorter girl’s waist and clamp on a Bear Hug of her own. Feasting on the surprised bulge in the other blonde’s eyes, Billie reefed down on the hold as she attempted to wring every drop of resistance from her nemesis. Grinding foreheads with the American, the British Bombshell added, “Tell me ya quit Alli. There’s nothin’ else ya can do so tell me ya quit!”

Gasping and clawing for every breath, Allison lifted her head (which suddenly felt like it weighed a thousand pounds) and mumbled, “You’re wrong Billie... I can tell you to go to hell... go to hell by the way... and I can do THIS!” She snapped her head forward, mashing Billie’s nose with a desperation Head-butt. The blow loosened Piper’s grip and gave Mack just enough breathing room to shove the Briton away from her.

Hands clasped over her face, Billie stumbled away from Allison trying to clear her head. Lurching drunkenly towards the ropes, the Champ saw a wavery form that she THOUGHT might be Kristin leaping from the apron onto the top rope. Acting on instinct instead of conscious thought, Piper dropped flat to the mat just as the shadowy form took flight towards her. Indeed, this was Kristin soaring through the air over Billie and towards Allison in a beautiful Springboard Flying Crossbody Press.

Guided by the same instinct that had lead Piper to safety, Allison extended her arms wide and caught the Hellcat across her chest. The SECOND she had her brunette, the Blonde Bulldozer spun around 180-degrees, wrapped her arms around Kristin’s torso and dropped flat to the mat, absolutely FLATTENING Kreuk with the Deadline. Knowing full well that Kristin was out of it, Mack stayed smeared across her chest as she hooked the far leg and prayed for the ref’s count. She didn’t have to wait long as the official dropped into position and counted off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRENOOOO!” Billie flung herself onto Allison, knocking the other blonde free of the cover to break the count.

Running on fumes now, the Brit hauled Allison up and went about the business of finishing her off. Standing in front of her gut-shot opposition Piper reached out and snagged her foe’s left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, she pinned Allison’s behind her back in a Hammerlock. Holding the limb in place, she reached around Allison’s back with her left arm and took Allison’s wrist in her left hand. Billie then used her recently freed right arm to reach down and grab the blonde’s left leg, just behind the knee.

Not even stopping to breathe, Piper bent her knees and picked Allison up off the mat, lifting the American until her crotch rested against Billie’s navel with her legs loose around the other blonde’s hips. Almost there now, Billie let go of Allison’s knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Mack’s neck, pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock. Finally done, Piper rose onto her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing on her butt with Allison still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Mack as her Hammerlocked arm was damn near dislocated and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage.

Releasing her hold on Allison’s head and arm, Billie allowed the other blonde to go sprawling onto her back even as she was wrapping her arms around Allison’s legs and leaning forward. Unable to hear his own thoughts over the cheers for the U.K.O. the ref sank to his knees and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO... THRE NOOOOO!”

Still laying on her side, Kristin was able to snap a kick into Billie’s face that broke the count at the last possible second.

Energized by the feeling of her boot cracking off the Champ’s cheek, Kristin pushed to her feet and hair-yanked Billie to hers. Taking the blonde’s wrist in a manacle-like grip, Kreuk growled, “That was the LAST time you’ll ever forget about me Billie.”

She whipped the Briton towards a far corner only to have Piper reverse it and send her instead. Keeping her wits about her, Kristin braced for the impact as best she could and actually did a pretty good job of it until Billie SMASHED into her, completely pulverizing the Hellcat’s slender frame with an Avalanche Splash.

Refusing to let the brunette worm her way out of another predicament, Billie quickly climbed to the second rope and buried her left hand in the Hellcat’s ebony mane. Jerking Kristin’s head back at an awkward angle, Piper balled her right hand into a fist and roared, “COUNT FOR ME LADS!”

Obeying the Champ’s command, the capacity crowd counted off “ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVE...”

Right about the halfway point they had to stop when Kristin shot her arms up, wrapped them around Billie’s thighs and lurched out of the corner with the frantic blonde wriggling in the stall position for a Powerbomb. Before fatigue could steal the moment from her, Kristin pushed up and out on the blonde’s legs, sending them trailing out behind the rest of her, leaving Piper’s head dangerously close to Kreuk’s talons. As gravity began to pull the blonde down, Kristin caught Billie’s head and sat out hard. Piper hit the mat face-and-chest first with an ungodly CRASH that always followed the successful application of the Hellcat’s ‘Beautiful Letdown’ finisher. Rolling Billie onto her back, Kreuk straddled the Briton’s waist, leaned back, hooked her legs behind the knees and then leaned forward in a tight Matchbook Pin.

Hanging on for dear life, Kristin imagined the Announcer proclaiming, ‘Your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion...’ even as the zebra was counting off, ‘ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!’ Allison charged into the picture and kicked Kristin in the ribs, halting the count and the brunette’s intoxicating fantasy.

Howling in frustration as she felt Allison dig her fingers into her hair as she was hauled off of Billie, Kristin curled her left hand into a fist and DRILLED it into the center of Allison’s trunks. Mack let out an agonized shriek and her grip fell away so she could collapse onto her side and clutch feebly at her wounded crotch.

Brushing hair out of her face, Kristin spat, “Keep out of my way bitch. I’ve got a Championship to win.”

Trudging to her feet, the Hellcat turned her back on Allison and set her sights on Billie. Knowing there was no way for the Brit slut to have recovered from her finisher that quickly, Kristin surmised that it would only take one more move to end the fight and she knew just which one it would be. Peeling Billie off the canvas, Kreuk bulled her into corner and hoisted her into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Climbing up after her prey, Kristin trapped Billie in a Front Facelock and slung the Champ’s near arm over her shoulders.

Using her free hand to hook Piper’s togs, the Hellcat purred, “I’m gonna give you a Brainbuster right off the top Billie. And after it hits your nasty English ass will never be the sameeuunghhh! What the hell…?”

Billie hadn’t pushed her away, but Kristin still felt herself being lead away from the corner, probably because Allison had recovered and wormed her way up under the brunette. With Kristin trapped on her shoulders, Allison stumbled to the center of the ring and implored, “C’MON BILLIE! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LEVEL THIS BITCH!”

Allison’s words were like a dose of smelling salts and Piper settled into a tense crouch on the top buckle. Figuring there was only one move that would suffice in this situation, Billie leapt off the top rope and extended her right arm full length, catching Kristin across the chest with a Flying Clothesline. Right when Billie’s strike connected, Mack flung Kreuk off her shoulders, sending the brunette crashing belly and chest-first to the canvas compliments of the legendary Doomsday Device.

Picking herself up off the mat a few seconds later, Billie smirked at the wreckage of Kristin before turning to address Allison, “That was actually pretty good AlliUNNNNGGHHHH!” Mack had dropped into a crouch of her own and the instant Billie turned to face her, Allison exploded forward and almost turned the taller blonde inside out with another Spear.

Resting on her knees over a doubled up Billie Piper, Allison wanted to say something, but nothing sounded right. Instead, she pulled the blonde to her feet, marched her to the edge of the ring and dumped her out onto the floor. Hurrying back to Kristin, Allison hauled the brunette to her feet, tossed her into the corner and lifted her into a seated position on the top buckle.

Taking a moment to look into the Hellcat’s glazed eyes, Allison said, “Just so you know, this isn’t because I can’t pin Billie, it’s because you wouldn’t shut your fucking mouth!”

Falling silent, Allison stepped back only to BLAST a hard Palm Strike into the brunette’s face, guaranteeing she would be docile for what came next. With Kristin offering no resistance, Mack moved in, grabbed the brunette’s head and forced her to bend forward. Placing the back of Kreuk’s neck against her right shoulder, Allison reached forward and hooked both of her legs behind the knees. Locking her hands in an inescapable loop, the blonde grappler pulled away from the corner and took Kristin with her, only now the Hellcat was upside down with the back of her neck resting on the point of Mack’s shoulders.

Pretty face set in a determined grimace, Allison spun around on her heel to face towards the rest of the ring and sprinted towards the opposite corner. After nearly half a dozen steps, she leapt into the air and dropped to the mat, spiking Kristin’s shoulders against the canvas and nearly breaking her neck against Allison’s own shoulder. Feeling Kreuk go limp, Allison tossed the brunette’s legs aside and went for the cover.

On the outside of the ring, Billie had just pulled herself up when she saw Allison connect with the Muscle Buster. Seeing Mack go into the cover, panic welled up in the blonde’s heart, she had to get in there now!


Billie slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet.


She charged across the canvas and FLUNG herself towards the...


The ref’s hand came down for the final time a microsecond before Billie shoved Allison out of the cover. But by then it was too late. The bell was ringing and the Announcer was roaring, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER BY PINFALL AND THE NEEEEEEEEEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ALLISON MACK!”

Suddenly unable to move, Billie stayed on her knees as the official helped the American blonde to her feet. It wasn’t until she saw him take HER belt from the Time Keeper and turn to Allison did she get her feet under her. Intercepting the referee at center ring, Billie snatched the IC strap from him and shoved the dope away. Turning to face Allison, the British Bombshell took a long, hard look at the gold before locking gazes with the new Champ (‘same as the old Champ’ a sick part of her mind murmured) Working very hard to fight back the tears she felt building, Billie took a deep breath and then said two words. “Turn around.”

For a moment, Allison didn’t do anything and Billie thought she’d have to repeat herself, but then the other blonde did as she had been asked. Remembering the promise she and Allison had exchanged in the parking lot of the Yellow Sign several weeks prior, Billie stepped forward, unsnapped the belt and wrapped it around Allison’s waist. Cinching it into position, Billie added, “I want ya ta know somethin’ Alli. This is the LAST time I’ll ever ‘ave ta do this for ya.”

Mack limped around to face her and when she spoke, her voice wasn’t subtly taunting or falsely sympathetic, it was just earnest. “This thing with us isn’t over Billie, I promise you that. Everything we’ve been through so far? That’s just prologue. You and I have an issue to settle and the next time we go, there won’t be anyone else to get in the way. But until then.... still friends?”

Billie smiled wanly. “I’d be a remarkably poor loser if I said no Alli Mack. So yeah, we’re still mates, but that’s not gonna stop me from beatin’ ya senseless the next time we cross swords. Now get outta ‘ere. You’ve got a victory party ta attend and I’ve got some tape ta watch.”

Done talking, Billie turned away from Allison, climbed out of the ring and trudged her way up the ramp. Watching the former Champ disappear through the curtain, Allison slapped the faceplate of her belt and thought, ‘You got one thing right Billie. You won’t ever have to put another belt around my waist. Because as far as I’m concerned, this title isn’t going anywhere until I want it to.’

Overjoyed to feel the belt around her waist, Mack rolled out of the ring and made her way up the ramp. Despite all her aches and pains, she was a Champion again and that meant everything was right with the world.


Later... Offering her friend a wry smile, Kristen Bell said, “Looks pretty good on your shoulder Allison. Of course I have to ask when you’re gonna give me a shot at it.”

Still coming down from her match, Mack grinned and replied, “You want a shot at this tiny, you just say the word.”

Bell thought about it for a moment. “I may take you up on that... eventually. But right now I’ve got something else I need to deal with.”

Allison nodded. She knew what was running through Kristen’s head these days, even if she didn’t really believe it. “You sure you wanna do that Kris? I’m not doubting your skills here but this is a big step your talking about. She may be the best in the promotion right now. Hell, she may be the best in the world.”

Arms across her chest, Bell was uncharacteristically somber as she said, “I know Allison, but that’s exactly what I want to be someday. And I can’t be the best without beating her. I need to prove that I can. Not knowing is killing me...”

Before Allison could answer, a voice from down the hall cut in, “What’s killin’ ya KBell?”

Spying Richard Fannin coming down the hall, the petite blonde thought fast and shot back, “The price of midnight blackberry lip gloss. It’s just ridiculous.”

Fixing her with puzzled look, the promoter said, “Ohhh...kay.” Shifting his gaze in the direction of Allison he asked, “How’s it goin there Ms. First ever two time IC Champ?”

She let out a happy laugh and wrapped her arms around his neck in a tight hug. “It’s going great Rich. Thanks for believing in me.”

Choking a little, Fannin hugged her back and gasped, “Alli remember that talk we had about you not knowing your own strength? Please let go of my neck.”

She let him go. “Sorry Rich. You ready to go paint this quiet little town red? Kristen promised us karaoke.”

He winced. “Tell me you don’t do karaoke.”

Bell shot him a snarky grin. “I resent that Richard. Just wait til you hear my cover of Wind Beneath My Wings. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.”

“Thrilling. Despite massive reservations, yes, I’m ready. But gimme a couple of minutes. I gotta talk to somebody.” He gestured over his shoulder towards Billie Piper’s locker room.

Allison nodded. “I understand.”

Heading the direction of the Briton’s door, Fannin added, “Just do me a favor and keep Kristen from busting out with the show tunes.”

“I’ll try.”

“She’ll fail.”

Leaving the two blondes in the hall, Fannin opened the door a crack and called, “Billie? You decent?”

From somewhere near the back of the room, “Come in Rich.”

He wandered towards the sound of her voice and found the former Champ sitting on a on a low wooden bench. Taking a seat across from her, the promoter was about to offer his condolences when Piper murmured, “I was so close Rich. So close ta provin’ ta everyone that I wasn’t a fluke Champion, wasn’t an accident. But now... no one’s ever gonna remember I ‘ad the title. It’ll just be a footnote in the glorious reign of Allison Mack.”

“That’s not even close to true Billie. I’ll remember. So will Archer, he remembers everything. So will all your fans and I’m betting Kristin, Scarlett and Michelle will remember too. You did get hosed tonight, Triple Threat rules never favor the Champion, but you didn’t get pinned and you didn’t tap out. As it stands, you’ve got no pin or submission losses and you’ve only got one knockout loss. And you’ve been here over a year now. That’s damned impressive by any standard, so I think your place in the history book is safe.”

She smiled slightly, then frowned again. “Do ya think I can beat ‘er?”

“I don’t believe in Kryptonite Billie Piper. You’ve taken Allison to the limit like no one I’ve ever seen. It’s only a matter of time before you put her down for the count.”

“Maybe. But it still sucks not ‘avin the title to prove it.”

Fannin chuckled. “I’m sure it does. But you don’t have to be without gold for long. We do have another singles title after all.” Billie looked up, her dark eyes narrowed in surprise. “What’re ya sayin Richard Fannin?”

“I’m saying that someone with only one singles loss in more than a year is welcome to a World Title shot anytime she wants one. The Gellar-Piper possibility has a lot of our fans buzzing, not to mention us suits in the front office. Of course Jessica or Neve will officially be first in line after next week, but that’s the good thing about number one contenders. We always need new ones.”

“Yer offer is appreciated Fannin, but I don’t want ta pick a fight with the Slayer just yet. I’ll cross ‘er path eventually, right now I want to focus on putting Alli on ‘er back.”

“That sounds more like the Billie Piper I know. You gonna be okay by yourself? I’ve got karaoke to suffer through.”

She stood up and punched him on the shoulder. “I’ll be fine. But when I win MY belt back, I expect ya ta take me out ta dinner. There’s gotta be a place that ‘as decent chips in this country. “

The promoter laughed. “I’ll mark my calendar. See ya round Billie.”

As Fannin left her sanctum, Billie caught the sound of Allison’s voice in the hall and an anticipatory shiver ran down her spine. Because like the American has said, this story wasn’t over yet. And even is she ‘ad ta sell ‘er soul ta the devil, the next chapter would ‘ave a MUCH different ending.