Kristin Kreuk vs. Misty Mundae by Oberon

The rival hellcats tore into each other the instant the signal was given for the match to begin. Both were equally determined to get the lead female role in the upcoming movie, Kristin to maintain her rising aboveground status, Misty to get her foot in the door and graduate from the world of cult films she came from. And both were as determined to uproot the other from her hopes of getting the part. Kristin lunged at Misty, grabbing a clump of her hair and twirling it tightly around her fingers while her free hand lashed across her face. Misty's head was knocked to the side, pulled further down as Kristin sharply yanked her tresses, reaching to slap her face a second time.

Misty might have been built like a waif, but she was a tough customer, as Kristin was nanoseconds from discovering. As Kristin's open hand was sailing through the air, Misty batted it down and belted Kristin across the face before the taller woman saw it coming. The blow dazed Kristin for long enough that Misty could get a firm grip on her hair with both hands. Shaking the cobwebs out, Kristin tried landing a punch to Misty's face, but Misty was quick as she was strong, yanking Kristin forward and delivering a knee shot to her lower abdomen.

Mocking Kristin as she doubled over, Misty rammed her knee into Kristin's face. Stunned from the hard knee shot, the younger and taller brunette lifted her knee, aiming it between Misty's legs to her crotch. The blow connected, forcing a sudden huff of pain from the thinner starlet, then Misty returned the favor, doubling Kristin over with a knee to her crotch, and another, harder, knee to her groin.

Incensed, Kristin stood back up, seized double handfuls of Misty's hair and yanked her head down, slamming her knee to her opponent's face in a rapid succession of three knee shots. Releasing Kristin's hair with one hand, Misty threw an uppercut at Kristin's chin, but Kristin dodged the blow at the last second, keeping hold of Misty's hair with her left as her right connected with Misty's stomach, plowing its way into her belly. Grunting, Misty rammed a knee hard into Kristin's body, stunning the brunette who responded a few seconds later with a hard shot to her left breast. Misty answered this with a fist to Kristin's right breast, and in an instant they were trading brutal blows and knee shots while keeping at least one hand in the other's hair.

Misty pressed an advantage by suddenly whirling to one side, wrapping a headlock around her opponent and trying to trip her to the floor. Wrenching her way loose, Kristin moved to trap the dirty blonde in a headlock of her own, but Misty slugged her in the stomach with such force the blow reverberated throughout the room. Making another attempt to take Kristen to the floor, Misty swung her arm through the air as Kristin dodged it, then she had to duck fast to avoid being caught in what would have been a tight headlock. Slugging Kristin in the gut again as they continued pulling hair, Misty succeeded in bringing Kristin to the floor and locking a firm chokehold on her. Immediately the brunette began whaling Misty's, stomach, ribs and breasts with her free hand, yanking Misty's head by her hair as Misty did the same.

Pulling herself free, Kristin made an effort to drag Misty into a body scissors; Misty evaded the brunette's legs and returned with another attempt to secure a chokehold on her. Ducking and twisting, Kristin reopened her legs, still meaning to wrap Misty in a scissor lock; again Misty darted aside and lunged at her rival. Kicking Misty in the stomach at the last second, Kristin wrapped her legs around Misty's soft midriff and squeezed for all she was worth, yanking Misty's dirty-blonde hair to and fro while Misty gritted her teeth and screeched in protest. A series of grunts came from Kristin a moment later as Misty slammed a fist into her chest, forcing her to release the leglock.

Taking Misty down to the floor again, Kristin tried rolling her into a headscissors, but Misty used the inertia Kristin created to roll out from between her legs before she could secure the submission. Following up by trying to roll Kristin into a bodyscissors, Misty was frustrated as Kristin kicked her in the lower abdomen. Still keeping a firm grip on Misty's hair as Misty did the same with hers, Kristin roiled the slim starlet between her legs again, but Misty thwarted the attempt again by kneeing her opponent in the groin, moving forward to pin the taller brunette under her and grapevine her legs. Kicking her legs away, Kristin attempted a bodyscissors, but Misty was still too agile to be caught in the submission and squirmed away before she could get her legs all the way around her.

Aiming a kick to Kristin's rib cage, Misty was frustrated again as Kristin dodged out of the way and her foot whizzed through the air past its intended target. Whirling around, Kristin aimed a kick to Misty's pert breasts, but Misty backed away before her opponent's foot could connect and aimed another kick at Kristin's ribs. Kicking the extended leg as it sailed past her, Kristin grabbed for it; Misty released her hair with one hand, wrapped her arm around her ankle and drove the heel of a foot to Kristin's crotch. Grunting, Kristin withdrew one hand from Misty's hair, connecting with a fist to Misty's left breast. Misty returned the favor with a hard shot to Kristin's right breast, and then they reestablished their grips on each other's hair with both hands and returned to rolling around on the soft carpet.

Twisting and turning as they released their grips on each other's hair and established new ones, Misty managed to flip Kristin and get her legs around her Kristin's neck from behind, pulling Kristin's head into her crotch with her hands buried in Kristin's hair. Fighting the rising panic, Kristin threw elbow shots behind her, aiming for the woman in back of her, until one connected solidly with Misty's ribs, weakening her legs enough so Kristin could slide free. Moving to snare Misty in another bodyscissors, Kristin dodged a sudden kick to her stomach. Still trying to pull Misty between her legs by the hair, Kristin winced as Misty kicked her fiercely in the chest, then turned the tables by dragging Kristin between her legs, applying an agonizing bodyscissors. Kristin groaned as Misty's legs squeezed with surprising strength.

Corkscrewing her body to wriggle out from between Misty's scissors, Kristin spun and drove her heel into Misty's groin, pulling her into a bodyscissors by the hair again. Misty struggled valiantly, squirming against the thighs pressing into her ribs, hurling punches at Kristin's unguarded chest until Kristin's focus on maintaining the scissors slipped to the pain of Misty's fists. Wriggling free, Misty wrapped a firm headlock around Kristin, bucking and rolling along the floor while they wrenched, released and grabbed fresh grips on each other's hair.

Kristin attempted a knee kick to Misty's midsection; Misty dodged aside and landed a kick to Kristin's ribs from the left side. Groaning as her foot connected, Kristin yanked Misty's head forward, slamming a fusillade of knee shots to Misty's face that continued until Misty's foot sailed through the air and connected with the side of her head, knocking her sharply to the side. Releasing Misty's hair with one hand, she delivered a vicious elbow shot to Misty's head. Dazed, Misty regained her senses, flipping Kristin head over heels to the carpet and rolled her into a position where she could apply a headscissors from behind. Kristin kicked her legs and flipped her way out of position at the last instant before she would have been caught between her legs.

Yanking Misty's hair with both hands, Kristin rammed a knee into Misty's stomach and chest as she fought her way out of the headlock. Catching her breath, Misty aimed a knee at Kristin's head, missing by an inch or two. Kristin retaliated with a kick to Misty's chest, Misty was not to be outdone as she landed a better-aimed kick to the brunette's head. They continued rolling on the floor, trading harder and more vicious kicks and knee shots. Misty lashed out with an uppercut to Kristin's chin that knocked her head back, then went after the brunette's eyes in a swift motion, clawing them harshly as Kristin screamed and slammed a fist repeatedly into Misty's left breast. Misty returned the favor, then Kristin, then Misty, as blow after blow was traded between their boobs as they rolled around and yanked at each other's hair.

Catching Misty in a bodyscissors, Kristin suppressed Misty's fervent struggles to escape by stretching her legs as far as they would go, crushing her thinner rival in her thighs as Misty grunted and squirmed. Arching her back, Kristin increased the pressure on Misty's midriff, yanking her hair viciously backward as she squeezed harder and harder. Slamming her fists into Kristin's thighs as the scissors persisted in forcing the breath from her body, Misty steeled herself as the scissors tightened more with each passing second, refusing to concede as she fought to maintain her breathing. Releasing the scissors, Kristin tried to coil one arm around her throat while keeping a firm grip on her hair with her other hand, but Misty leaned forward and sank her teeth into Kristin's forearm before it could coil all the way around.

Attempting to driver her heel into Kristin's crotch, Misty groaned as Kristin tightened the bodyscissors around her, reaching for her hair as if meaning to yank it from its roots. Misty screeched as Kristin yanked her head back and forth, constricting Misty's waist with renewed vigor. Pounding Kristin's thighs with both fists, Misty kicked her leg in the air, slamming the heel on Kristin's crotch as she intended to do earlier, forcing the bodyscissors to spring open. Spinning around to face Kristin, Misty kicked Kristin's leg away when Kristin tried to knee her in the chest, sliding her legs forward and slamming them around Kristin's waist. Crossing her ankles behind Kristin's back, the starlet squeezed her legs tightly, groaning with clenched teeth as Kristin yanked her back by the hair and landing fierce punches to her breasts.

Pulling Misty's head forward, Kristin slapped both sides of her face as she writhed to break free of the tight scissors. Misty returned this with a series of slaps and punches to Kristin's face and head as she squeezed tighter, arching her back and lifting her backside in the air to apply more pressure. Kristin persisted in slapping both sides of Misty's face as Misty responded in kind, landing punches to her boobs as she refused to withdraw the scissors. Releasing Misty's hair, Kristin finally broke Misty's scissors by wrapping her legs around Misty's thighs and applying pressure until she was forced to uncoil her legs. Grabbing Misty's hair with one hand, Kristin kneed Misty in the back and pulled the slimmer hellcat over her knee as she kept her grip on Kristin's hair, bending her backward and slugging her in the stomach.

Misty screeched from the agony, but she refused to yield to her opponent, kicking a leg and slamming the knee into the side of Kristin's head. Grunting, Kristin slammed an elbow into Misty's stomach, pushing Misty off her knee and to the carpet. Fighting to keep her head, Misty managed to kick her heel into Kristin's crotch as the brunette lifted her leg to slam her foot into Misty's stomach. Fighting her way to her feet, she grabbed Kristin's hair and flipped her to the carpet, wrapping a bodyscissors around the taller brunette and compressing her waist as Kristin squirmed wildly to escape. Holding her in the submission for a while, Misty switched from a bodyscissors to a figure four headscissors, holding Kristin's head in place with one hand as she clawed and scratched at Kristin's face with the other.

Kristin screamed as Misty jerked her head as far as the figure four would allow, digging her fingernails into Kristin's eyes as she poured pressure through her legs, choking off the screams with tight compressions of her thighs. Clawing her thighs with increasing desperation, Kristin kicked her legs to escape Misty's clutches, but Misty was bent on getting some payback for Kristin's brutal treatment of her, and wasn't about to relent until she was satisfied. Again the figure four around Kristin's neck kicked tighter, causing the brunette to choke and gag from the relentless compressions. Eventually, Kristin managed to tun her head and sink her teeth deep into Misty's thigh, forcing the scissors to spring open. Forcing herself to her knees, Kristin grabbed Misty's hair with both hands and took her rolling along the floor with her.

In a matter of moments, Kristin and Misty traded kicks and knee shots to each other's ribs in addition to yanking at each other's tresses. Their grunts and screams grew steadily louder each time a foot or knee connected. By now it looked relatively even between the two of them, but Misty gained an advantage by flipping Kristin down to the floor with resounding impact. Dragging Kristin back to her feet, Misty repeated the movement again; a third time, a fourth, and a fifth, before she laid down on the carpet and dragged Kristin's squirming body over to her, slamming her legs as hard as she could around her waist, keeping one hand buried in her hair as her other returned to clawing Kristin's eyes. Howling in pain and rage, Kristin writhed and squirmed, trying to pull her fingernails away from her eyesockets. Somehow pulling her way from between Misty's legs, Kristin whirled and grabbed Misty's breasts with both hands, punching and clawing.

Raking the nails of both hands downward along Kristin's eyes, Misty grabbed two more handfuls of her hair as she struggled to wrap Kristin in another bodyscissors. Kristin kept moving out of the way at first, punching and slapping Misty's breasts each time she moved to apply a leglock, but Misty eventually locked one on, squeezing tight as Kristin continued assaulting her chest. Tightening the scissors, Misty suddenly reeled as Kristin landed three shots to her face. Squirming her way out, Kristin screamed as Misty grabbed her hair with both hands, repeatedly slamming knee shots into Kristin's chest and stomach until Kristin was almost too dazed to attempt escape.

Whaling Kristin in the back as the brunette was doubled over, Misty suddenly grabbed her hair and yanked her backward, slamming her back over one knee and holding her in place. Kristin squirmed in pain and kicked her legs to escape, but Misty persisted in bending her backward, pulling her head as far as possible, adding to this assault with open handed slaps and punches to her unguarded midsection. Eventually pushing Kristin to her stomach on the floor, Misty straddled her, draping her arms over her thighs and bearing down with her weight on Kristin's back. Grabbing her hair, Misty fiercely yanked Kristin's head back, bouncing up and down on Kristin's back as she buried her fingers in Kristin's hair, wrenching and twisting until Kristin's scalp felt like it was on fire. The agony in her scalp, arms and back became unbearable, and Kristin screamed profanities at Misty, demanding to be released. Misty stood after a time, pulling Kristin up with her. But instead of releasing her, she continued to pull her hair and proceeded to rain vicious kicks to her ribs, forcing louder grunts from her foe.

Misty was pressing her advantage again when Kristin grabbed a large clump of her hair and whaled her with an unprecedented series of blows. Misty was dazed and shaken from this assault, but she managed to clear her mind, swinging her arm across her opponent's when she was moving to deck her again, coming back with an elbow in the face. This gave her the time she needed to extricate herself from Kristen's grip. Kristen rushed Misty with her remaining strength, knocking her down and applying a crushing bodyscissors while grabbing hold of her hair, yanking her head left and right. Misty squirmed as the crushing legs around her forced more air from her lungs; raking her nails along Kristen's eyes again, Misty grabbed Kristin's hair, slamming three brutal headbutts into Kristin's forehead. This dazed her more than Misty hoped it would, as she squirmed out of Kristin's scissors and moved in for the kill, rising quickly and pulling her into a standing headscissors.

Kristen clawed the tight legs pressing either side of her head, but Misty just gripped harder, pulling her further into the standing scissors until the back of her head was resting just above Misty's sweat-damp crotch. Sensing that she had the advantage now, Misty wrenched Kristin's hair and squeezing her legs closed as if it was the end of the world. Kristin struggled against the submission, but Misty held on with both hands and legs until she was certain she had sapped most of her energy. Shifting position while keeping her grasp on Kristin's hair, Misty nailed her with a few more knee shots, then dropped to the floor, burying her face in her crotch with a front headscissors.

Kristin screamed as Misty squeezed her head without mercy, arching her back and rolling her body to apply greater pressure each time her rival attempted to free herself. Rolling her body in progressively quicker motions, Misty shook her legs and squeezed, pressing her rival's face deeper into her crotch, severely hindering her ability to breathe. Increasingly desperate, Kristin tried biting Misty's crotch; Misty responded to this by pulling Kristin's head out of range and kicking her legs as tight as she could, working Kristin's head and neck in endless waves of agony, occasionally kicking Kristin in the back for good measure. Misty maintained the hold indefinitely, enjoying her position as she had complete control over her opponent, yanking her hair and inexorably tightening the scissors around her head.

Enraged by her inability to free herself, Kristin took to clawing at the encircling legs squeezing the air from her, crying in frustration as Misty maintained the hold, pulling and yanking her generous tresses and arching her back to apply maximum pressure to her neck, dead set on making her pass out. No matter how much she struggles, Misty holds on to her foe, maintaining the pressure on her neck and hair until her scalp feels like it's on fire, and her lungs are about to burst from the loss of air. When she was satisfied that she had squeezed the fight from Kristin, Misty released her, sitting on Kristin's face and giving her an up close and personal view of her ass. The screams that came from the downed brunette were muffled by the round ass cheeks sapping the last of the breath fro her, and Kristin struggled fruitlessly until all the remaining oxygen was drained from her and she drifted off to sleep. Elated, Misty stood up and planted a foot on Kristin's back, smiling and raising her arm in triumph, then departed to finalize the film deal and brag about her victory to Darian Caine.