Kristin Kreuk vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by The Walkin’ Dude

July was winding down towards the inevitability of August but things in the small northern California town of Antonio Bay were doing OK all thing considered. The unseasonable heat wave that had been plaguing the rest of the state had left their little hamlet alone and the influx of typical tourists hadn’t been as obnoxious as they often were. Yes things in Antonio Bay were pretty good at the moment and there really wasn’t anything worth complaining about. Of course, just because there was nothing complaint worthy didn’t mean that the denizens of the town would say no to a little more excitement were it to come calling, thusly the male citizenry was thrilled to learn that Women’s Wrestling was coming back to the town for the first time in several months. And it was mainly for this reason that Rich Fannin’s “Black 13 Club and Restaurant” was jammed to capacity this evening, not just with folks from Antonio Bay, but from several of the other small towns in the area as well.

The Main Event was a match that fans of the promotion had been salivating over for a good long while. Tonight, the green-eyed Hellcat Kristin Kreuk would take on the undefeated rookie Michelle Trachtenberg in a match that promised to be not only technically brilliant but also brutally contested. Everyone was well aware of Kristin’s capacity for violence and in her short stint with Fannin’s league, Michelle had proved herself more than capable of dishing out the catfight punishment to those opponents who thought they could out-vicious the slender beauty. Yes this battle was being looked forward to with much anticipation and your narrator would be lying if he told you he wasn’t among the contingent eager to see the two brunettes lock up. But you’ve heard enough from me at this point. Let’s take a seat at ringside and listen to what our erstwhile Announcer friend has to say…

Bringing the mic up, he called out, “Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall, I give to you…. Michelle Trachtenberg!”

The distinctive opening to ‘Little Sister’ pulses into Black 13 and the rookie phenom breezes through the curtain shortly thereafter, allowing the capacity crowd their first look at her. Standing atop the ramp, Michelle was a sight to behold. Her lean form was clad in a simple 2-piece teal bikini that stood out in wonderful contrast to her pale complexion and her gear was rounded out with matching knee and elbow pads and short white boots. Giving the folks a quick pose, Michelle flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and started towards the ring, moving with a competitive bounce in her step as she slapped hands with the folks at ringside. Reaching the apron, she slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, flashing that perfect grin once more before heading to her corner.

Resuming his speech, the Announcer says, “And introducing her opponent, she stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, she’s called the Hellcat, ladies and gentlemen, she is… Kristin Kreuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristen’s arrival as the brunette strides through the curtain. There is a mixed reaction to the ex-Darkness member as she appears at the top of the ramp, some folks can’t stand her vicious style, but others can’t help but cheer her innovative offense in the ring. Regardless of how you feel about her tactics, she cuts a stunning figure, wearing her trademark two piece red bikini with black pads and boots while her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders. Ignoring the fans, she strutted to the edge of the ring and slid slowly inside. In the squared circle, Kris gracefully assumes her full height, and walks to her corner, green eyes never once looking at Michelle.

DING! DING!! DING!!! The clang of the bell echoed through the confines of the club and the match officially began. Both girls moved quickly out of their corners, eager to get down to the business of dismantling the other. Stopping a few feet in front of her taller opponent, Kris looked Michelle up and down with a small, condescending smile.

Bringing her gaze to rest on Michelle’s face she said, “So you’re what passes as a great rookie these days? I guess Rich has really let the quality of his talent scouts slide if he’s letting a nothing like you wrestle for him.”

The barb riled the taller girl but she held her anger in check, at least temporarily. A mean smirk on her face, she replied, “You’re nothing to write home about either Kris. To me you’re nothing but a spoiled little bitch that thinks she’s better than she is. I hate to deny anyone else the chance to take you out, but I’ll gladly be the one that puts your pathetic ass in the hospital.”

Kristin did not care for the uppity tone in the auburn-haired girl’s voice one bit. Stepping in close, her voice dropped to a cold whisper and she replied, “It’s possible that one of these days, someone will succeed in taking me down. But if that day comes, it will be at the hands of someone great. Not a nobody like Michelle Trachtenberg.”

The ‘nobody’ comment really boiled Michelle’s blood and she pressed in as close as she could before hissing back, “You call me a nobody now, but I’ll definitely be a somebody after beat ya and ride your face into the sunset.”

That jab threw Kris over the line and with a feral snarl she slapped her foe across the face, sending the lithe girl backpedaling across the ring. Michelle quickly recovered her balance though and responded in kind, snapping Kristin’s head to the side with a nasty forehand that watered the Hellcat’s eyes. Regaining her balance as Michelle moved in on her, Kris darted forward and snagged hold of Michelle’s left arm. Before the pale brunette could stop her, Kristin fell to the side and flung her foe across her body with a simple Arm Drag. Michelle was caught off guard by the quickness of the attack, but she recovered in mid air and tucked her shoulders, landing in a graceful roll before springing to her feet. As Kristin lunged at her, Michelle returned the favor tossing Kris across the ring with an Arm Drag of her own. but much to her chagrin, Kristin also rolled out of the maneuver and was on her feet in seconds, ready to continue grappling. Going for a more direct approach this time, the two beauty’s surge towards one another, meeting in a tight clinch with a Collar and Elbow tie-up. After a few seconds of useless pushing and shoving, Kris grabbed a hold of Michelle’s right wrist and pulled back before twisting the limb in a fast, hard circle. Michelle cringed and slapped at her shoulder as the Arm Wringer did its work, but the pretty rookie wasn’t one to lose her cool that easily and quicker than you might expect, she bent down and placed her free hand on the mat before executing a graceful one handed Cartwheel to escape the joint lock. As soon as she was on her feet again, Michelle grabbed Kristin by the wrist and twisted the brunette’s arm, letting her have a taste of the Arm Wringer.

Enduring the pain in her shoulder, Kris smiled meanly and said, “You’re pretty quick, but lemme show you how it’s done.”

Faster than lightning, Kris ducked low and placed her head on the mat, and in an impressive display, somersaulted forward, flipping to her feet to alleviate the pressure of the Wringer. On her feet right next to Michelle, Kristin cocked her free arm back before rocking the other brunette back on her heels with a series of Forearms to the jaw. Pulling free of her opponent’s grip, Kristin grabbed hold of Michelle’s wrist again and whipped her into the ropes, the green-eyed brunette waiting impatiently as her prey sped back towards her. When the time was right, Kristin fell backwards and pushed her legs out, meaning to toss Michelle up and over with a Monkey Flip, But Michelle saw the move coming and she adjusted accordingly, leaping into the air and soaring easily over Kristin’s outstretched legs.

Cursing under her breath, Kris hopped to her feet right as Michelle was doing the same. Each hoped to catch the other off guard and they simultaneously left the mat in impressive vertical leaps before shooting both feet forward in tandem Standing Drop-kicks. As cool as this looked, the two girls were just a bit too far away from one another and the soles of their boots only grazed off one another as they fell back to the canvas. Kristin slapped the mat in anger as she pushed up, unable to believe Michelle had matched her move for move so far.

Deciding that continuing to attack at a high speed was the best bet, Kristin wasted no time in lunging forward and springing up into the air again, this time wrapping her legs around Michelle’s head for a Hurricanrana but Kris was in for an unpleasant surprise when she tried to complete the move. When she pulled back, Michelle held her thighs in a death grip, keeping the hellcat trapped in what was basically the Powerbomb position. Grunting with exertion as Kristin’s strong thighs pressed against her head, Michelle tossed her foe’s bulk up and back, sending Kristin off of her, the more experienced brunette rolling with the back-flip to land easily on her feet. Hoping the brief second Kristin needed to recover would be enough for her purposes Michelle sprang into the air and pounced, wrapping her legs around Kristin’s head in a ‘Rana of her own. But great minds often think alike, and Michelle and Kris were on the same wavelength tonight. Digging her claws into Michelle’s pale thighs, Kris gripped her for dear life before flipping her off her shoulders.

Unfortunately for Michelle, the principal difference between the two was made abundantly clear in the next few seconds. As Michelle descended from her flip, Kris shot forward and lashed her boot up, catching the rookie flush between the thighs even before her feet hit the canvas. Michelle let out a loud shriek and fell to the mat, guarding her damaged center as best she could. Pleased to have finally put Michelle on the canvas, Kris brushed her hair back and sauntered over to the downed brunette’s sides.

Hands on her hips, Kris sniffed haughtily, “That’s the difference between you and I bitch. I’ll do whatever it takes to win and you’re a goody two shoes candyass. I’m gonna enjoy breaking you in front of these people.” Michelle only groaned and Kris went back to work, driving a wicked series of stomps into the vulnerable spots of her anatomy. Thighs, knees, belly, breasts and face, nothing was safe from the sole of the Hellcat’s boot as she kicked away mercilessly at the writhing rookie. Eventually, Kristin decided Michelle had been softened up enough to go for something a bit more impressive, so she changed tactics. Moving to Michelle’s feet, Kristin grabbed hold of her foe’s ankles and pulled them off the canvas, spreading the rookie’s legs wide in the process. Keeping her grip tight, Kristin smiled nastily as she looked out at the crowd. Speaking in a mockingly pleasant voice she cooed, “Heinous low blow or legal shot to the abdomen? You decide.”

Then she leapt into the air and extended both legs, coming down with both limbs smashing into Michelle’s thighs, belly and crotch. It actually was kind of hard to determine the legality of the move, but judging from Michelle’s pained flopping, it couldn’t have been entirely legit. Getting to her feet, Kristin knew she was in control and she had no plans to relinquish it any time soon. Grabbing a handful of auburn hair, she pulled Michelle off the canvas and pulled her close; wrapping both arms around the rookie’s slim waist and taking a deep breath, Kristin lifted her into the air and held her for a moment before driving her crotch first down onto her bent knee with a dangerously perfect Inverted Atomic Drop. Michelle’s cry of pain was even more piercing this time around and it probably would have gone on a lot longer than it did had Kristin not cut it off by driving both feet into Michelle’s jaw, her Drop-kick finally connecting. Kneeling by her foe, Kris sank a Claw into Michelle’s auburn mane and yanked her torso off the canvas, forcing the taller girl to look into her face.

Nose to nose with her injured rival, Kris sneered, “Told ya I wasn’t going to be taken down by the likes of you. Now lets finish you off. I’ve got more important things to worry about!”

Pulling Michelle to her feet, Kris threw the woozy girl into the corner and took off after her. About halfway across the ring, Kristin ducked low and flipped into a perfect handspring, then a second and finally a third which ended with her leaping chest first into the dazed rookie with a wonderfully modified Body Splash. Offering Michelle no reprieve, the Hellcat grabbed the other brunette from behind and secured a tight Side Headlock. Setting her grip, Kristin charged forward and leapt into the air before coming down on her butt, driving Michelle face first into the canvas with the Running Bulldog. Getting to her feet, Kris sneered down at her moaning rival and said, “Time to end this pathetic joke.” Moving quickly towards the corner, she was on the top rope in one easy motion, waiting for Michelle to regain her feet so she could strike. A few moments later, the rookie obliged her and turned to face the crouching brunette. As soon as Kristin saw the whites of her foe’s eyes, she pounced off the top, hurling herself at Michelle with a glorious Cross Body Splash.

But Kristin had been operating under the assumption that Michelle was almost done for and that proved to be faulty. As Kristin flew at her, Michelle crouched low and then sprang upwards, driving both feet forward into Kristin’s belly with a well-timed Drop-kick. The crowd ‘oohhhed’ as Kris fell out of the sky, hands clutching tightly at her injured stomach. Getting to her feet, Michelle knew she couldn’t give Kristin any time to recover, but she couldn’t resist taunting the downed girl. “ Looks like this pathetic joke actually had a pretty good punch line. Wouldn’t you agree bitch?” Not receiving a cogent response, Michelle pressed her attack. Dropping to her knees, she placed both hands on Kristin’s back and used them for balance as she drove a fast series of Knee Drops into the small of her opponent's back. Never one to wear out the same tactic, Michelle abandoned the Knee Drops and got to her feet before leaving them; smashing one Elbow Drop after another into the injured expanse of Kristin’s back. Pausing momentarily to catch her breath, Michelle wanted to heap some more visually impressive damage on her arrogant foe. Pulling Kristin to her feet, Michelle scooped the smaller brunette up and held her across her body at chest level. Striding around the ring, she made a show of what she was going to do next and what side of the arena would get to have the best view of the action. Picking the side that gave her the loudest response, Michelle smiled smugly as she said, “It’s gonna be pretty humiliating when you go the hospital and tell them a nobody broke your back. Hope you can live it down.” Then she rose up on her heels before dropping Kris down, smashing the small of the Hellcat’s back across her bent knee.

Kristin screamed loudly and spasmed a bit as Michelle shoved her off her knee, leaving the green-eyed girl to roll limply across the canvas. Feeling much better about the pace of the match now, Michelle was determined to show everyone that she was just as acrobatically inclined as her moaning rival. Pulling Kristin to her feet, Michelle whipped her into the ropes before bouncing off the opposite side, heading back at her foe with a good head of steam behind her. Calming her nerves, Michelle left her feet again soaring through the air before nearly decapitating Kristin with a Flying Forearm Smash. The smaller brunette’s head snapped back upon impact and she collapsed to the canvas in a heap, holding her throbbing skull. Popping to her feet, Michelle took a moment to adjust her teal bottoms before stalking over to where Kris was laying. Pulling the other brunette to her feet, Michelle got in her face and sneered, “ I’m gonna make my name by beating you Kristin. And if you’re a good bitch and stay down easy, I may decide to not break your nose when I’m sitting on your face.”

Before Kristin could respond, Michelle left her feet yet again, wrapping both legs around Kristin’s head. Holding herself on the brunette’s shoulders for just a second (she wanted Kris to realize there was a crotch in her face) Michelle twisted back, taking Kristin over with the Hurricanrana and holding her position when she completed it, pinning Kristin to the mat with a makeshift schoolgirl pin. The ref’s hand was coming down for the third and final time when Kristin managed to kick free. Perturbed, Michelle fought the urge to argue with the ref and kept her attention focused on Kristin. Pulling the limp-kneed girl to her feet, Michelle bent Kris over and leapt into the air. At the apex of her jump Michelle extended the leg nearest to Kristin’s, head, intending to dive her opponent face first into the mat with the infamous Rocker Dropper (a move that followers of the federation would also know as The Crisis of Faith, the finisher of one Eliza Dushku).

All digression aside, Michelle was just beginning to descend when Kristin pulled back, leaving the auburn-haired girl to slam tailbone first into the canvas. Wincing at the pain in her rear, she was easy pickings for Kris as the brunette slipped behind her and cinched on a tight Waist Lock.

Sneering at her dazed rival, Kris whispered in a voice that radiated malevolence, “That’s the last time you will EVER lay a hand on me.”

The she tucked her head under Michelle’s arm and pulled up and back, trying to take Michelle over with a Back Drop Suplex. But the moment taken for the taunt had allowed Michelle to regain her wits and she rolled with the move, flipping free and landing daintily behind her foe. As Kristin whirled to greet her, Michelle snarled into the brunette’s face and grabbed her wrist, hurling her towards the corner. She was in the process of releasing Kristin’s wrist when the Hellcat clamped down and reversed the whip, sending Michelle hard into the buckles. Michelle winched as she was slammed against the steel and her situation did not improve any when Kristin charged her, slamming both boots into the rookie’s defenseless chest with a high-powered Drop-kick.

Michelle groaned as the air was forced from her lungs and she hobbled out of the corner, trying to separate herself from Kristin’s mean spirited attacks. She had made it a few steps when her world exploded in agony, Kristin’s vicious low blow catching her squarely in the groin. Michelle wailed openly and was trying to sink to her knees when Kristin caught her by the hair and tossed her back into the corner. Maneuvering herself behind Michelle, Kristin climbed to the top rope, sitting carefully behind her rival.

Grabbing a handful of Michelle’s damp locks, Kris whirled her prey around to face her, so she could look into Michelle’s eyes right before she finished her off. Tightening her grip on Michelle’s head she spat, “Enjoy your stint in the neck brace slut.” before flipping over the rookie and falling to the mat, completing a nasty combination Neckbreaker / Neck Snap from the top rope. Judging from the way Michelle’s frame jerked and shuddered when she hit the mat, Kristin figured she could pin her foe right there and that’s what she did, casually hooking one leg as the ref made his count. She was more than a little angry when Michelle managed to get her shoulder up off the canvas prior to ‘THREE!’ Standing over her injured adversary, Kristin snapped her crimson trunks back into place before returning her ire to the downed girl.

“You’re tougher than you look, I’ll give you that much,” she said. “But I’ve beaten far tougher and made them live to regret ever fucking with me. You just get to be the latest bitch to earn that dubious distinction.”

Speaking no more, she bent down and grabbed hold of Michelle’s wrists before pulling the rookie’s abused bulk to the center of the ring to position her for what Kristin hoped would be the final attack. Strutting confidently toward the corner, Kristin hopped up to the top turnbuckle and stood up, looking out over the ring much like a Queen surveying her court. Bringing her emerald gaze to rest on the shallowly breathing form of Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristin raised her arms and posed regally, drawing an eclectic mix of boos and cheers from the audience. Knowing the time for preening was over, she crouched low and then sprang off the top, folding her whole body in half in midair before unfolding it as she descended, slamming the full force of her taut midsection down on Michelle with a Textbook Frog Splash.

The impact of the splash jackknifed Michelle’s body, all the air driven from her lungs in one titanic blow. But the landing wasn’t the best for Kristin either, the emerald eyed beauty peeling herself off her rival in order to cradle her tender ribs. A few seconds passed before she felt up to making the cover and when she did, Kristin hooked both legs, but it was all in vain as Michelle still managed to kick out right before the 3. Unable to believe that this newcomer had survived the Neck Snap AND the Frog Splash, Kristin got to her feet and paced angrily around the ring, trying to decide on a course of action. Her fury overcoming her usual methodical pace, Kristin stalked over to Michelle and snapped several light, taunting kicks into the rookie’s face.

Grinding the heel of her boot into Michelle’s forehead, Kristin sneered, “So you wanna prove yourself huh? Wanna try and tangle with me? Make yourself the big heroine who finally ends the vicious bitch’s ‘Reign of Terror? Newsflash dipshit, I’m better than you. And perhaps more importantly, I’m meaner than you. Your pretty little girl next door self is gonna find that out the hard way.”

Finishing her rant, she backed up a few paces, before running the ropes. She had just bounced off the cables when she dropped into a low, tumbling somersault that brought her to her feet right next to Michelle. She had been on her feet less than half a second when she dropped down, smashing one toned thigh across the bridge of Michelle’s nose. Her showy version of the Leg Drop connecting, Kris stayed on the mat, straddling her foe at the waist.

Facing Michelle’s head, Kris rubbed her claws together and cooed, “Unfortunately I didn’t bring my little black bag this time, but I shouldn’t need any augmentation to finish you off.”

Cracking her knuckles, Kris extended her hands and laid them palms down on Michelle’s chest. Smiling as she saw the panicked realization in Michelle’s eyes, Kris dug her claws in cruelly, ripping and tearing at Michelle’s assets with a torturous Breast Claw.

Her features contorted into a menacing leer, Kris chided, “What’s the matter rookie, never been in a catfight before? Allow to introduce you to one of its most amusing tactics.”

She finished with another vile twist of Michelle’s tits, drawing an agonized wail from the rookie. Biting her tongue to silence any more cries, Michelle knew she had to break this hold before Kristin could force a submission. Getting both hands on the mat, the determined newcomer pulled back with all her strength, slowly dragging both ladies across the mat and to the safety of the ropes. Kristin was so preoccupied with her Clawing that she almost didn’t realize what Michelle had planned. In fact, the taller brunette had drawn within inches of freedom when Kristin looked up and figured it out. Eyes widening in surprise and anger she hissed, “Nice try slut but it won’t save you.” Releasing the claw, Kris scrambled to her feet and grabbed hold of Michelle’s ankle. Yanking with all her strength, Kristin pulled her rival back into the center of the ring, well out of the reach of the ropes. With Michelle’s long leg still in her grip, Kris said, “I wonder if I’ll be able to hear your leg snap over all this noise? Well, only one way to find out.”

Then she threaded both her legs around Michelle’s and fell back, stretching the limb to the snapping point with a brutally basic Leg Bar. Michelle thrashed and slapped at the mat as it felt like her leg was being ripped apart, but she wouldn’t concede the match. Using the pain to steady her nerves, the auburn haired beauty got her hands on the mat and pushed up, getting her torso high enough off the canvas to get a good look at Kristin and the damage she was doing.

A virulent rage twisting her pretty features, Michelle pulled her free leg back and then rammed it forward, kicking Kris in the ribs. Michelle actually smiled when she heard Kristin’s groan of pain and she repeated the tactic several more times until finally Kristin released the hold and rolled away, checking on the damage done to her midsection. Glad to be free of the submission, Michelle got slowly to her feet, moving a bit gingerly as she tried to get the kink out of her twisted knee. She was feeling a bit better when Kristin grabbed a handful of chestnut hair from behind and whirled her around.

“You just DON’T learn, do you?” she hissed before lashing her face with a disrespectful bitch slap.

Michelle’s eyes watered, but not so much that they couldn’t see Kristin’s boot flying toward her crotch and at the last possible moment, she twisted aside, leaving the Hellcat to hit nothing. Acting more on instinct than anything else, Michelle blasted her own foot up and smiled in twisted satisfaction when she felt her foot slam into Kristin’s womanhood.

An almost comical look of surprise blossomed on Kristin’s face and the slender brunette just stood there, hands cupping her injured center as Michelle shook off the previous attacks. Feeling much better, Michelle looked up and saw Kristin still standing paralyzed before her. A nasty grin appeared on her face and she wasted no time in getting a little payback. Bouncing off the ropes, she hurtled back at the frozen brunette before leaving her feet and crashing her good leg thigh first across Kristin’s face, a kind of leaping Leg Lariat. Getting to her feet, Michelle tucked an errant lock of hair behind her ears before pulling Kristin off the canvas. Bending the smaller brunette double, Michelle said to herself, “If at first you don’t succeed…” Then she jumped up and extended her leg before bringing it down across the back of Kristin’s neck.

The Rocker Dropper connected this time and Kristin was driven face first into the mat, the force of the slam flipping the Hellcat from her stomach to her back in one awkward flop. Knowing that she was close to finishing Kristin off, Michelle was determined to prove that not only was she Kristin’s equal, but that she was her better as well. Leaving Kris sprawled on the canvas; Michelle went to the corner and quickly ascended the buckles. Standing up straight, she rewarded her fans with a confidant smile before returning her gaze to the recovering Kristin. Waiting for the other brunette to turn and face her, Michelle whispered, “Come on Kris. Come on and turn around you mean cunt.” Kris probably didn’t hear her, but it sure seemed like she did because she stumbled around to face Michelle’s way almost simultaneous with the brunette’s plea.

And by that time it was already too late for her because Michelle was in the air and pointing both boots directly at Kristin’s chest. The Missile Drop-kick hit its target dead on and Kristin let out a horrible groan as she was knocked off her feet and sent sprawling all the way across the ring, only coming to a stop when she encountered the ropes. Regaining her footing, Michelle made a beeline for her downed prey and went for the cover. Hooking a leg, she was confident of victory only to have her joy shattered when Kristin was able to get her foot on the bottom rope moments before the 3. Cursing the sloppy mistake, Michelle hauled Kris to her feet and pulled the dazed Hellcat in close.

Going nose to nose with the more experienced grapplerette, Michelle cooed, “I don’t need any fancy gimmicks or foreign objects to make an example outta you Kristin. I’m just going to beat ya down and then humiliate ya. I don’t think you’ve ever had your face sat on, but that’s all going to change by the time I’m done with you.” Michelle whipped Kristin into the corner and took off after her. Kristin’s back had just made contact with the turnbuckles when Michelle’s body slammed into her, crushing the smaller girl against the steel with a vicious Body Splash. Kristin’s knees failed her and she was in the process of falling to her butt when Michelle caught her by the hair and yanked her upright. Marching the Hellcat out of the corner, Michelle stood behind her opponent and chided, “Let’s pin you and give everyone a really great view of your ass at the same time shall we?” Not waiting for a reply, the rookie leapt up and landed on Kristin’s shoulders, her crotch resting against the back of Kristin’s head. In the same motion, she leaned forward and rolled, taking Kris off her feet while Michelle landed easily on the canvas in a makeshift somersault. With her legs still wrapped around Kristin’s arms, Michelle pulled the captive brunette over with her and hooked the brunette’s legs to complete the Victory Roll.

True to Michelle’s word, Kristin was pinned to the mat and the audience did have a great view of her upturned butt as Michelle clamped her grip tight and held on for dear life while the ref counted but the wily brunette was still able to thrash free before the ‘THREE’. Frustrated at her inability to put Kristin down, Michelle bent down and hooked her rival’s leg under her armpit. Using her free hand, she sank a claw into the back of Kristin’s knee before pulling up and turning the other brunette over onto her stomach. Hold almost complete, Michelle sat down heavily, bouncing her ass against Kristin’s as she locked in the Single Leg Crab. Bouncing up and down as she wrenched the hold, Michelle looked over her shoulder at her wailing captive and said, “You ready to give it up slut?”

Slapping her hands against the mat in helpless fury, Kris turned her anger full force on her tormentor, “FUCK YOU MICHELLE; I WOULDN’T TAP TO YOU IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!”

“It very well could.” Michelle hissed as she leaned back hard, trying her damnedest to snap Kristin’s leg off.

Pulling back so that she was sitting on Kristin’s lower back, Michelle released half of her grip on Kristin’s leg, only to spank and pinch at her rival’s butt. Giving Kris a taunting half wedgie, Michelle spanked her rival briskly before adding a derisive, flesh jiggling pinch to the mix. Her face going a furious red when she realized what Michelle was up to, Kristin drove everything but escape from her mind. Calming herself, she tensed her free leg and waited for just the right moment before firing it up and back, smacking the heel of her boot off Michelle’s forehead. The teal clad rookie let out a groan and released her grip, scooting off Kris as she tried to shake her head clear. Glad to be out of the Crab, Kristin rolled to her side, flexing her injured leg to get it working again. She was just about to get to her feet, when Michelle accosted her, jerking her up with a double handful of hair.

Staring into her foe’s angry face, Kris remembered the spanking and exploded, roaring with fury as she raked violently at Michelle’s face. Caught off guard by the outburst, Michelle was temporarily blinded and she staggered back, trying to clear her vision. Kris wasn’t about to allow this though and she pursued the retreating rookie with hate in her eyes. Grabbing both sides of Michelle’s head, Kristin tucked her head and placed it under Michelle’s chin. Not bothering with a taunt, Kris jumped and fell to her knees spiking the rookie with a painful Jawbreaker. Michelle was snapped back and driven to the canvas by the force of the blow, the talented newcomer reduced to a moaning heap as she caressed her busted face. Angrier than she could recall being in quite some time, Kristin kept up the attack, bouncing off the ropes before going into a handspring that ended with her landing belly first across Michelle’s chest in an variation on the Moonsault. Rising to her knees, Kris positioned herself so that she was sitting on Michelle’s thighs, facing her head.

Breathing heavily, Kristin said, “You picked the wrong bitch to try and make your name on slut. I am gonna fuck your day up.”

Watching coldly as Michelle tried to dislodge her, Kristin curled her right hand into a claw before she brought it whistling down, latching it nastily onto the front of Michelle’s teal briefs. The pain of the Crotch Claw brought Michelle back immediately and she screamed piercingly, all the while thrashing and bucking as she tried to escape the barbaric hold. Grinning as her victim thrashed, Kristin twisted her claw tighter. “Go ahead and surrender ya bitch. If you beg me right now maybe I’ll sit on your face and not break your neck.” Ignoring the other brunette’s sinister implications, Michelle stretched to her limits and was rewarded with a tantalizing brush of the bottom ropes. Moaning in pain and desperation, she willed herself to go a bit further and her tortured form obeyed, allowing her to get both hands on the bottom ropes. Knowing Kris had to break the Claw, Michelle screamed at the ref to get the Hellcat off her. Kris did as she was told, but not before milking the count for all it was worth. Finally releasing her grip, he traced a nonsense pattern over Michelle’s groin as she got up, making sure Michelle wouldn’t forget that pain any time soon. With Michelle in the ropes and nursing at her crotch, Kristin went back on the attack. Marching over to her opponent, Kris grabbed a handful of hair and hauled the rookie to her feet. Slapping a Front Face Lock on Michelle, Kristin slipped her prey’s near arm over her shoulders before marching her to the center of the ring.

Grabbing a handful of teal bottoms, Kristin yanked up as hard as she could, pulling the material into Michelle’s backside. Willing to pander to the idiots if only to embarrass Michelle further, Kris turned in a slow circle, making sure everyone in the club got a good long look at the pretty rookie’s nearly bare bottom. Tiring of the display, Kristin finally completed her move with a sadistic pop of her hips, taking Michelle up and over with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. Kristin thought about going for the cover and then thought better of it. She was determined to best Michelle in every aspect of this fight and that included the aerialists duel they were embroiled in. Reaching the corner, she went up top again and waited for the auburn-tressed warrior to reach her feet. Several seconds later, Michelle did just that and when she turned around Kris was there to greet her, driving a pair of boots directly into her face with a Missile Drop-kick in return for the one Michelle had tagged her with earlier.

The slender girl was knocked off her feet, landing on her back in the middle of the ring. Getting easily to her feet, Kristin saw an opportunity to end the fight with a flourish and she went for it. Sprinting forward, she hopped over the prone form of her opponent only to leap into the air again before coming to rest with both feet balanced precariously on the top rope. Before she’d even stopped moving, Kristin flipped backwards in a beautiful arc that culminated with her dropping full force onto Michelle’s exposed midsection, a picture perfect Springboard Moonsault. Not moving from where she landed, Kristin hooked both legs and waited for the THREE only to be disappointed when Michelle still managed to break the count. Exasperated with the rookie’s tenacity, Kris grabbed hold of a wrist and an ankle before pulling Michelle’s bulk toward one corner.

Standing over the downed girl she sneered, “Let’s see you break the count after I’ve broken every one of your ribs.”

She hopped to the top rope once again facing towards her prey. Steadying herself, Kris straightened to her full height and then flipped forward, executing a Shooting Star Press that would indeed turn Michelle into little more than a mat smear if it connected. Fortunately for Michelle’s torso, the splash connected, but it connected with the wrong thing. At the very last moment, Michelle got both knees up, letting Kris impale herself on the bony joints. The air exploded from the Hellcat’s lungs in a vile gasp and she flopped on her side, retching violently as she tried to recover from her disastrous mistake.

Getting up slowly, Michelle saw Kristin at her feet and knew it was getting to be time to finish the other brunette off. Fighting off the myriad aches and pains that were settling into her, Michelle pulled Kristin to her feet before hoisting the smaller girl onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Walking to the center of the ring, Michelle displayed her trophy for everyone to see, whirling around in what was almost an Airplane Spin before she shoved Kristin forward and off her shoulders. As the emerald-eyed warrior descended in front of her, Michelle dropped to one knee, allowing Kris to land on the joint, driving even more air from lungs.

Pushing the gasping brunette off her knees with a scathing mixture of hate and disdain, Michelle purred, “How do you like having your ribs cracked Kristin? Betcha don’t like it too much. Well I’ve got something you’re going to like even less.” Getting to her feet, Michelle kicked Kristin onto her back and stood over her with hands on hips as she told the crowd, “I’m about to twist this bitch, but first I wanna get rid of that slutty top she’s wearing.”

Over the roar the mob, Michelle bent down and grabbed a hold of Kris’ top. In one deft jerk, she snapped the band and yanked the garment free, leaving Kristin naked to the waist. Ready to end the fight, Michelle went to work locking in one of her finishers. Shifting her footing, Michelle stood on her victim’s thighs, just above the knee. Reaching down, she bent Kris’ calves upward before tucking them inside her own. The Hellcat’s legs secure, Michelle reached forward and grabbed hold of both of Kristin’s wrists. Locking her grip, Michelle leaned back and sat down, pulling Kristin up off her stomach and onto her knees, twisted in a diabolical variation on the Mexican Surfboard. But Michelle had one final stage to add to this hold. Releasing her grip on Kristin’s wrists, she latched her claws onto Kristin’s exposed assets, adding a Double Breast Claw to the pain of the surfboard. With the Trachtenberg Twist finally locked in, Michelle put everything into the hold, grinning with savage delight as Kristin squirmed and writhed in her grip.

Leaning back on the Surfboard and twisting the Claw as hard as she could, Michelle demanded, “GIVE IT UP TWAT OR I’LL RIP THESE PATHETIC TITS RIGHTS OFF YOUR FUCKIN’ CHEST!”

In an indescribable combination of pain and rage, Kris heard Michelle’s threat and something inside her snapped. Getting her hands up, she wrapped her fingers around Michelle’s wrists and clamped down, sinking her talons into the soft meat of her tormentor’s hands. The sudden pain in her hands caused Michelle to loosen her grip ever so slightly and that was all Kris needed to pull free of the hold. Scrambling away from the recovering rookie, Kristin was on her feet and facing the other brunette when it first dawned on her that she was topless.

Looking down, she focused a narrow eyed gaze on Michelle and said in a flat, dead voice, “I’ll kill you for that!”

Michelle was unfazed by the brunette’s threats at this point. Dropping into a crouch she hissed, “Bring anything you got left bitch. You’ll need it.” Snarling in fury, the two lunged forward, locking up in the center of the ring for several seconds before Michelle seized the advantage and whipped Kristin into the ropes. She was setting to Back Drop Kristin into the lights when the Hellcat went low, driving the point of both boots into Michelle’s right knee with a Low Drop-kick. Michelle groaned and dropped to her hands and knees, trying to get back to her feet as Kristin stalked her. But Kristin wasn’t going to let Michelle off that easily and she proved as such by whipping out a new hold she’s been working on. Standing behind Michelle, Kris jumped in her nemesis’s back, cinching on a tight Body Scissors as the both collapsed to the canvas. Before Michelle could struggle too much, Kris looped her arms around and across Michelle’s face and pulled back, locking in a basic but very painful Crossface.

The combined might of both holds would have been more than enough to finish off anyone in Michelle’s condition in relatively short order, but luckily for the rookie she was able to open her mouth and then bite down on Kristin’s intruding hand, drawing a pained scream from her foe and a release of the innovative hold. Shaking off the pain in her hand, Kris pulled Michelle to her feet and tagged her across the jaw with a hard cross. Stumbling back from the blow, Michelle regained her senses and let Kristin have one of her own, belting the Hellcat across the mouth as hard as she could. Snarling her fury, Kristin opened up on her foe as did Michelle, and for the next thirty seconds or so, the two slender brunette’s hammered away on each other as hard as they could, great clubbing blows that had sweat and spit flying off both ladies.

After an especially hard shot rocked Michelle back on her heels, Kris shook her head and said, “Is this what’s it’s come down to? A mindless barroom brawl? I feel almost cheated.”

Shaking off her aches, Michelle responded with, “Well, whatever works.”

Michelle charged forward with an Uppercut, but Kristin dodged the blow and grabbed hold of her wrist. In the same breath, she planted her feet and hurled Michelle full force towards the corner, not bothering to move until she saw and heard Michelle slam against the buckles. Steeling herself for her next move, Kristin roared forward and was just about to leave her feet when Michelle shot out of the corner to greet her. Before Kristin could put the brakes on, Michelle fired her boot up, punting Kristin right in the groin. The Hellcat’s face froze in a wordless cry of anguish and before she could fall back, Michelle scooped her up as if going for a basic Body Slam. Holding her foe inverted, Michelle positioned Kristin’s head between her legs and sat out, dropping Kristin skull first into the mat with the Trachtenberg Special, her other finisher. The crowd was on their feet as Michelle had caught Kristin dead to rights with the lethal move.

Sitting with Kristin’s face squeezed between her thighs, Michelle looked down and taunted, “I know it’s pretty unoriginal but….kiss my ass Kristin.”

Michelle scooted forward and sat down, enveloping Kris’ upturned face in her perfect rump. Grinding her hips on Kristin’s face, Michelle nodded her head in time with the count. Her head was going down for the last time when Kristin shoved up with a freakish burst of energy, breaking the count. Unable to believe that someone had kicked out of her finish (up to this point, no one had been able to do so) Michelle couldn’t decide what to do. Blinking frustrated tears from her eyes, the rookie watched her enemy getting very slowly to her feet. Knowing in her heart that one more move would make Kristin hers, Michelle ascended the turnbuckles and crouched, waiting for Kristin to turn around. Moments later it happened and Michelle was airborne, speeding at Kristin with both legs spread in position for a Top Rope Hurricanrana. Michelle’s legs clasped around Kristin’s head and she tried to twist backwards, but that’s when tragedy struck. Somehow, Kris was able to keep her feet and hold Michelle aloft, trapping the rookie in the Powerbomb position.

Keeping her grip on Michelle’s locked, Kristin waited just long enough to taunt, “You were so close bitch. But now you’re in for a Letdown.”

Michelle’s eyes widened in fear but it was too late for her to do anything as Kristin was already in motion, tossing the brunette’s legs up and out, sending them trailing out behind Michelle, her head now much closer to Kristin’s hands. As gravity began to pull Michelle down, Kristin snatched Michelle’s head in both hands and sat down hard, driving Michelle face first into the mat with her devastating Beautiful Letdown finisher. Michelle jerked spasmodically for a few seconds after she hit the mat but Kris knew that was to be expected. Knowing the war was hers; she draped herself over the rookie, too tired to even hook a leg. The referee’s hand was coming down for the third time when something heavy and flat came whistling out of nowhere and smashed into Kristin’s back, breaking the count.

Groaning in agony, Kris tried to get off her knees and found herself being pulled up. The hazy figure in front of her materialized and she found herself staring into the dark brown eyes of Neve Campbell. Seeing the realization creep across Kristin’s face, Neve purred, “Did you miss me?” before driving a knee lift into Kristin’s crotch. The Hellcat doubled over and Neve stepped up, trapping her in Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Kristin’s waist, Neve inverted her foe and moved forward a bit, positioning the brunette so that she was directly over the Steel Chair Neve had clocked her with.

Holding the Hellcat aloft for another moment, Neve simply sat out, nailing the Silent Scream on top of the steel chair. Neve felt Kris flop in her grip and she shoved the semi conscious woman away from her as she got up. Turning to face the ref she said, “You talked to Fannin so you know what to do. Now get the hell out of here.” The ref looked uncertain but he did have his orders. Giving Neve a small nod, he turned his back on the action and slipped through the ropes, heading back towards the locker room. Turning her attention away from Kristin for a moment, Neve strode over to the corner and retrieved the other object she had brought to the ring; a tiny black drawstring bag identical to the one Kristin carried with her on certain special occasions.

The crowd cheered in anticipation of Neve’s revenge and they waited eagerly as the pale brunette sauntered over to her victim and straddled her, one long leg on either side of Kristin’s waist. Reaching into the bag, Neve pulled out a pair of objects and stretched them to their full length. The mob went nuts when they saw she was holding two pair of handcuffs. Smiling slightly, Neve dropped the bag and bent over, then without a word, she rolled Kris onto her stomach, pinning her arms behind her and locking the first pair of cuffs in place. Twirling the other pain on one finger, Neve went to Kris’ feet and quickly unlaced Kristin’s boots. Peeling the footwear off, Neve tossed the boots aside then slapped the cuffs around her ankles, ensuring the brunette wasn’t going anywhere. Dusting her hands off, Neve stood up and glared down at her captive. She was just about to say something when a hand grazed her shoulder. Whirling around, Neve found herself face-to-face with Michelle Trachtenberg!

Before Neve could get a word in, Michelle said breathlessly, “I know what she did to you and you deserve your revenge. But this is MY match. I did the damage to her and if anyone gets to humiliate her tonight, it’s me!”

Neve took this statement calmly and replied, “This WAS your match. She had you beat and everyone knows it. Now I’m not looking for a fight with you Michelle, so I’d advise you to leave. If there’s anything left of her when I’m done, have at it, I don’t care. But right now she’s mine.”

Neve went to turn around and Michelle grabbed her by the arm. The Scream Queen froze in mid-turn, fixing Michelle with a glare that could best be described as chilling, but Michelle maintained her grip.

“For someone who’s not looking for a fight, you do a good job of finding one,” Michelle grumbled.

Neve answered, “Your spirit is admirable, but your intentions are misguided. If you don’t get out of this ring in the next 30 seconds, I will go through you before I finish up with this bitch… Of course I could be bluffing. But do you really have enough left in your tank to stop me if I’m telling the truth?”

Michelle thought about it for a second. Reluctantly, she released Neve’s arm and backed away. Never letting her gaze drop from Campbell’s she said, “I’ll finish with Kristin on my own terms. And after I’ve put her away, I just might come looking for YOU.”

“I just might be waiting.” Neve responded coolly.

Michelle kept her eyes locked with Neve’s for another second before turning on her heel and exiting the ring, moving up the ramp with her head held high. She had done much to be proud of tonight. Alone with her nemesis at last, Neve turned back to Kristin as she reached into the bag for the last object. Kneeling beside her, Neve slapped the brunette several times, waking her up. Kristin struggled against her bonds momentarily then realized it was hopeless.

Swiveling her head around to glare at Neve, she sneered, “Handcuffs? A little kinky aren’t we bitch?”

“And rubbing alcohol isn’t?” Neve shot back. “Of course the cuffs aren’t the only things in this bag!” she sneered as she pulled out a third object, a very short, but very sharp pair of scissors.

When Kristin saw the shears, her eyes widened for just a moment before resuming her cool façade. “Scissors have been sooooo done before Neve. Elisha chopped my hair off and all it did was motivate me to beat her ass. You sure that’s a path you want to travel?”

Neve chucked quietly. “These aren’t for your hair Kristin. In fact, I only need them for two little snips. Let’s get that out of the way right now.” Before Kris could utter a word, Neve slipped the shears down to Kristin’s tights and snipped the waistband apart, first on the left and then on the right. Dropping the scissors, Neve grabbed Kristin’s severed briefs and pulled them free, holding one half in each hand. Leaving Kristin fuming on the mat, Neve grabbed the bag and stood up, holding her trophies aloft; strutting around the ring. Neve tossed each half to different sides of the arena before walking over to the corner opposite Kristin and balancing the little bag precariously on the top buckle. Walking back over to her captive, Neve knelt down in front of her and smiled. “Being helpless is a bitch isn’t it?”

Kristin was fuming inwardly about being stripped by her foe, but she refused to let Neve see her anger. Speaking as plainly as she could, she replied, “Big deal slut. So you leave me naked and cuffed in the ring. That idiot Fannin will have a horde of refs out here as soon as you’re gone to get me loose and cover me up. My plan was much better.”

“That’s where you’re wrong cunt!” Neve grinned evilly. “I called in my Darkfall favor. The refs have taken the night off and so has everyone else. No one’s coming to get you out of this.”

This pronouncement shook the normally unflappable Kristin who gasped before fixing her gaze back on Neve as she spat, “You’re lying!”

“I’ve never lied to you before slut; why would I start now? The only way out is the one I’m offering. Ready to hear it?”

“Do I have a choice?” asked Kris.

Neve shook her head, “None at all.” Pointing to the bag on the other side of the ring, she said, “The keys to the cuffs are in the bag over there. All you have to do is go get them. Of course, in the process of crawling over there, everyone in this place will get a better look at you than you’re probably comfortable with, but the alternative is to just lie here and wait for everyone to leave. And knowing our fan base, they won’t go anywhere as long as there’s a naked girl in the ring,” she concluded as she stood up. Staring down at Kristin she added, “Well, the choice is yours to make. What will it be?”

Kristin was beyond incensed or infuriated. It would be hard to find a word in the English language that adequately described her level of anger at the inevitable embarrassment of having all those idiots ogling her as she crawled across the ring in nothing but the cuffs. Raising her head she hissed at Neve, “I’ll get you for this, trust me. I’ll make you suffer for this… this indignity.”

Her face twisting into a sneer, Neve spat, “I’m sure you’ll try. But that’s enough talk. I don’t want you to have to hang around the floor all night. Enjoy the crawl bitch!”

Neve turned and exited the ring then, retreating up the ramp to watch Kristin make the agonizingly slow journey across the canvas. Summoning all her concentration to block out the catcalls and leers of the mob, Kristin struggled awkwardly for a few seconds before being able to get her arms around in front of her. That problem solved, she decided it would be better to crawl than attempt to stand and hop to the corner. It might be slower, but it would keep the rabble from seeing any more of her than was absolutely necessary. Kristin closed her eyes and thought of nothing but how she was going to make Neve pay for this, what heinous mental torture could she devise that would be fitting enough retribution for this insult. She was still thinking about this when her head bumped into the steel post. Opening her eyes, she looked up and saw the bag only a few tantalizing feet above her Steeling herself for the impending tidal wave of salacious cheers when she stood up, Kris got her feet under her and pushed up, pressing as close to the corner as possible.

Steadying herself for a second, she reached into the bag and felt around for the keys. But instead of a key, she found a folded piece of paper. Her anger morphed from surprise and then to back to fury as she pulled out the note and laboriously unfolded it. Written in simple cursive, the note was only 2 sentences long but it was enough.


Kristin’s mind flooded with a hate blacker than anything she had ever known. Whirling to face the ramp, she saw Neve standing there watching her. Meeting the Scream Queen’s gaze even from this distance, Kristin opened her mouth and screamed, “THIS CHANGES NOTHING YOU SLUT! YOU CAN’T BREAK ME DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? I’M THE ONE WHO’S GONNA BREAK YOU AND I’M GONNA SAVOR EVERY SECOND OF IT!”

Neve listened to Kristin’s outburst silently, letting the other girl finish before reaching slowly into her tights and pulling out two small keys. Holding them so Kristin could see what she had, Neve roared back, “COME AND GET ME BITCH! I’LL BE WAITING AND I’M NOT HARD TO FIND!”

She tossed the keys into the audience and turned her back, heading through the curtain. Having proved her point, Neve nodded to the refs Fannin had waiting in the back, telling them, “Wait 5 minutes, then go let her out.” The zebras nodded their assent, but then as Neve walked away she called back, “On second thought, make it 10 minutes.”
If the ending to this fight has done anything to convince you I haven't gone completely crazy and forsaken clean endings to my matches; contrary to appearances that is NOT the case. I promise the next fight I pen will have a decisive winner but I needed these past two finishes to build heat for Neve and Kristin's initial 1 on 1 battle. My apologies to any of you who feel cheated by the 'no decision' ending. If it's any comfort, I plan to throw Kris and Michelle in the ring together again down the line so they get to settle their issues once this current arc has run its course.