Stacy Kumano vs. Jennifer O'Dell by 2xifpkd

Stacey Kumano waited in the gentle light of dawn. The first rays from the sun accented the contrast between her yellow one piece swimsuit and her bronze skin. The waves crashing on the shore soothed her as she slowly paced the beach. She glanced to the west. “Where is that bitch?" she muttered. Soon her muscles tensed as an approaching jogger in a pink bikini splashed water as she came along the beach. As the jogger neared, Stacey edged into the water to cut off her path.

"Excuse me??" Jennifer O'Dell chirped as she swerved to miss the woman in her path, she was happy to have work again and was excited to be appearing on “Hotlines.” She hadn’t recognized the yellow-clad beauty in her way.

"Fucking whore! I'll rip your tits off if you even think about coming on the show. I’m the star and I say you're not talented enough to polish my toenails!" Stacey bellowed as she grabbed the unsuspecting jogger's shoulders and drove her knee into Jenn’s back.

“OOOF!" groaned Jenn on her way down to the water. Stacey quickly dropped a knee in the stunned blonde's back.

“How’s the water today bitch?" she giggled as her foe tried to draw air in, but wound up only getting a mouthful of surf as the downed girl lay gagging in the waves.

Stacey knelt down and fulfilling her pledge grabbed a handful of tit and twisted, "Are you gonna be on the show, bitch? OOOH!" Stacey’s taunt was cut off by Jenn latching onto her long dark tresses.

“You betcha, bitch!” Jenn exclaimed as she pulled her attacker down with her.

Rising up from the waves, the big blonde yanked Stacey up by the hair ,then snapmared her into the crashing tide. As Jenn tried to slam her foot into Stacey's crotch a wave swept her off her feet and pulled them both to shore. The ebony-haired beauty reached out and yanked down on Jenn's ear drawing a fierce scream of pain.

"Come on, I’m giving you a burial at sea!” Stacey ordered as she forced the beefy blonde into the surf.

A big wave approached and Stacey shoved Jenn backward into it. She tried to hold the blonde ,but the force of the wave separated them. Jenn came coughing up out of the wave and looked for her foe. As Jenn tried to get her bearings she heard a splash behind her. Stacey shot out of the water behind her victim and hip-tossed Jenn back into the waves. Steadying herself, Stacey waited until the wave brought her prey back to her. The Hawaiian beauty lunged up and dropped her weight onto the stunned girl the wave was carrying.

“Now this is surfing!” Stacey squealed as she rode the buxom gal to shore.

“OOH!" Jenn cried as Stacey's foot lashed out against her ribs.

“Shut up cunt!" Stacey demanded as she pulled Jenn up to her knees, arms held behind her back as the next wave approached and the groaning blonde was forced into it face first. “Let’s do a little slutboarding! Do you want to be on my show? Just kidding, we all know you can't act!” Stacey taunted as she pulled the gagging blonde from the water. The Hawaiian dragged Jenn out to waist deep water where, as the next big wave neared, Stacey scissored her legs around the blonde's waist and grabbed a tit in each hand as she forced Jenn into the wave and rode her to shore. “Water in the lungs? Let me help bitch!" Stacey quipped as she pulled the buxom girl up with a bearhug. “Ready to quit, dear?” Stacey mocked as she slammed her prey to the sand. “Tell me I've got better tits and I'll let you go,” Stacey whispered in the gasping woman's ear.

Jenn replied with one finger. The exasperated bronze beauty pulled the big blonde back to the water by her aching tits. Forcing Jenn to sit in a lotus position, Stacey wrapped her tanned legs around the helpless girls waist. As the water rose Stacey forced Jenn's face down over her own breast.

"Bite it hard and I'll let you go!" Stacey giggled at her victim. The wave came and went. Jenn gagged and squirmed for her life. “Bite your tit and you're free bimbo!” Stacey laughed as she held Jenn in the surf.

"AAAuummphhaah!” Jenn yelped as she bit her own breast with her own canines.

“Good! Now tear and pull when you bite the other; you stupid blonde bimbo!" Stacey beamed as she heard the pitiful sob of the vanquished blonde's compliance.

"Hey, you in the surf! What's going on out there?" barked the lifeguard as she neared the fight scene.

Stacey let Jenn's head up and raked her fingers across the beaten blonde's battered bare breasts.

"Stop that out there! Hey, wait a minute!! Aren't you from, ‘Baywatch Hawaii’?"

"I was. Now I have a better show. This slut won't be appearing on it though. I'm the star and this is my assistant. We’re practicing my fight scene. Any moves you wanna see?"

"Didn't I see you and Krista Allen out here practicing once before. What was that move she showed you. Coolest thing I've ever seen!"

"That bitch is next!"

"Excuse me?"

"I meant I'm going to practice with her again first chance I get, so I can show her THIS move!”Stacey pushed the barely coherent blonde to her back. “This is the hard part," Stacey grunted as she balanced herself in a handstand with her hands crushing the fallen blonde's melons. “And this is the rewarding part!" she yelled as she dropped and drove her knee down into Jenn's unprotected crotch.

"Cool, but she looks pretty beat up to me. Are you sure you're just acting."

"Yes ma'am, now we're going to practice my love scene, we’d appreciate a little privacy."

"Alright, have a good day girls," the lifeguard said with a knowing leer.

"Oh, I will!” Stacey gloated as she pinned Jenn's arms in the sand and began rubbing her body over the blonde's heaving torso. “Are my tits better bitch?" Stacey whispered in the sobbing blonde's ear. A slight nod from Jenn brought a grin to Stacey's face. "Damn right they are!" the Hawaiian screamed as she pulled the top of her swimsuit down. “Now say ‘Good Night’ blondie,” Stacey uttered as she slapped her breasts down and covered the vanquished blondes face as she wrapped her arms around the back of Jenn’s head and held on until the blondes feeble struggles stopped..