Mila Kunis vs. Parker Posey by Catfight Contributor (adapted from a CWC fight)

Parker Posey had her own idea about how differences should be settled; some of them ones a few folks might call "unique." In light of a recent studio party, the prolific independent film actress - who dabbled in everything from mainstream films to TV to wrestling - took issue with another brunette lovely named Mila Kunis. The Ukrainian-born "That 70's Show" star had been at the party mingling as any rising young actress was expected to. From the time Parker had been Mila's age, struggling to get her foot in the door, she’d believed in attending any function where she could network and get herself a step closer to her next role. It had worked for Parker evidently since she’d been in over 40 films in 15 years. This night, she’d been practicing her oh-so successful technique on a prominent producer... when Mila butted in - or so Parker felt.

Of course, Parker had remained poised about the perceived incident, not about to look undignified around such important people, but that didn't preclude the devilish Party Girl from saying a few unsavory words about Mila in the minutes after the incident. It had seemed like the ultimate blunder when Parker asked a lady friend she was drinking with, “So, who do think Kunis fucked to get invited to this party?” because she asked it within the hearing of the woman in question.

In reality, Parker was dying to apologize to Mila and make up for the faux pas with an invitation to her hotel room at the nearby Hilton. Well aware of her own well-earned reputation for enjoying a lady's tender touch or mauling one with her own hands, Parker assured Mila the invite was “…only for champagne and to talk about the night's events.”

Of course, when it came to revenge, sincerity didn't factor in for Parker and she hoped Mila didn't have the sense to know that as she waited in her room for her would-be victim over a glass of that promised Champagne. Part of Parker's ideology was that when it came to another woman in the biz who could be a challenge, they should be put in their place and taught never to get in her way - especially one as good looking and sensual as Mila whom Parker saw as offering a special pleasure to dominate and break to her will. Oh, how she hoped the dark haired beauty would show up and give her that pleasure!

So when the doorbell rang, her eyes went wide, as did her dark red lips in excitement of the possible fun to come. Parker uncrossed her long, sheer white fully fashioned nylon-clad legs and stood up on red stiletto heeled feet. Not wishing Mila to feel she was special enough for a clothes change, Parker had retained her red blouse and knee-length black skirt she’d worn to the party earlier, though there were lots of nice things on underneath for her to rule over her unsuspecting victim in. It took Parker a moment to contain her enthusiasm for soon making Mila pay for her earlier trespass on a possible movie part and transform herself into an apologetic, humble woman. She was happy that she had every bit the acting skills that critics had praised her for having. Once prepared to greet her vict…er, guest, Parker walked to the door.

As Mila had approached the door, she’d taken a deep breath. Despite Parker's conciliatory words, the older actresses reputation worried her. Maybe Parker really did feel bad, but just as likely she had another agenda - one that wouldn't allow Mila to leave without fighting her way out. That thought had been running thru her mind ever since she got to the hotel, and it froze her for a moment before ringing the suite's doorbell. Then she steeled herself. If Parker really was looking for a fight, then to hell with it - she'd give her one! Come to think of it, Mila kind of enjoyed the thought of putting this uppity indie actress in her place after the way she'd been insulted. So in a quick, confident motion, she rang the bell, stood straight up, and waited for her host to answer.

When Parker opened the door, she was pleased to see her guest looking as delectable as earlier - still in a black dress cut to reveal a bit of bosom and quite a lot of Mila's bare legs, from mid-thigh down to the open-toed shoes displaying girlish pink nail polish.

"Come on in," Parker offered, stepping aside to usher Mila in while handing a glass of Champagne.

"Don't mind if I do," Mila replied, carefully looking her host up and down. Despite Parker's calm demeanor, Mila couldn't shake a sense that something was up. So once she’d retreated to the living room and sat on the sofa, Mila cut to the chase. "Now Parker, it's nice to see you and all," she said, putting down the glass of champagne. "But tell me...why did you REALLY invite me here?"

Parker was supremely confident of her own sex appeal; she knew how sexually desirable she was and she actively worked on both making herself hotter and on using that attraction for her benefit. So when somebody checked out her body the way Mila had clearly done, it meant to Parker they already had lust in their heart and dirty thoughts on their mind! Based on Mila’s first moments in the suite, Parker was confident she had a companion for the evening and she was in such a good mood she was even willing to give Mila a (slight) break on the certifiable ass whipping she deserved…that was, IF she would fulfill certain requirements Parker planned to impose on her!

Before the presentation of those, however, there was the small talk part of the evening. Parker was casual and aloof while pouring herself a glass of bubbly, wishing to make the younger actress work for it. “Why, you sound as though you suspect me of some ulterior motive,” Parker said, feigning injured feelings. “As I clearly stated, I simply want to make up for being a moody bitch and nothing says ‘I'm sorry’ like alcohol!” As she approached the vacant seat next Mila, Parker deftly turned the tables on her guest with a slight smile and plenty of sultriness to her voice, “Now, let's talk about why you'd take the risk of accepting my invitation when you've surely heard about me. There's not many reasons for a person putting themselves in a position for a possible beating!”

As was to be expected, that made Mila a bit nervous and she pulled herself farther to the side, leaning firmly against the sofa as far away from Parker as she could get as Parker began to sit down beside her. Anticipating that she’d be a little uncomfortable and even hoping for it, Parker adjusted herself on the way down so she ended up even closer to Mila as her ass hit the cushion. Comfortable in her seat and angled toward the suspicious young woman, Parker was ready when Mila answered, “So, are you admitting that beating me was the real reason for inviting me?”

Parker didn't wish to answer that at this particular point in time. Instead, she kept her easygoing demeanor, taking a sip of her champagne “Wait a moment, young lady,” she fired back. “You mean you're the only one who gets to answer questions? How about you answering mine?” Parker didn't get anything out of Mila, who was looking at her more suspiciously than ever. Her discomfort was summarily ignored by Parker when she answered for Mila, taking things the direction she wanted to see them go. “Since you're a little tight-lipped, I'll help you until you get more relaxed,” the older woman said. “A couple of reasons I can think of for people taking risks in the face of danger are desire and lust. You know I'm a woman who can hurt you very badly, yet here you are. And I know why; I've already seen it in your eyes.”

Mila was so distracted with Parker's unmistakable inference and that flirtatious smile that she didn't notice the lovely seductress slipping off her high heels. She didn't take notice of anything happening on the floor until she felt a sensation and pleasant one at that in her toes. Finally taking notice of it, she looked down to see that Parker was doing the closest to playing footsie that she could, rubbing the toes and soles of her stocking feet naughtily against her exposed toes.

Parker finally presented that offer she had in mind. ”You know and I know you came up here because you want to play with me - to find out that what girls say about Parker Posey being able to take them to heaven without being saved and dying is true,” she said. “But the fact is you messed up a good thing for me earlier, and that's grounds for me messing YOU up. But, I'm in a forgiving mood and I need someone to serve me tonight. So, how about you fulfill my needs for the night, and I might consider fulfilling yours and let you walk out of here?”

All of a sudden, Parker's nylon encased feet stopped their playful flirting they'd been doing with Mila's toes - so her legs could lift them up and drop her feet in Mila's lap. This was Mila’s clue for where to start and if that weren't enough, Parker told her in stern fashion, “You can start by sucking my toes and worshipping my feet, you bitch!”

Mila's jaw literally dropped in shock. She'd anticipated Parker was up to something, but she'd assumed that if anything it would be aggression - not mere lust. The older woman was fetching, to be sure. But Mila wasn't generally inclined to get it on with actresses in hotel rooms. And she certainly wasn't prepared to be Parker's bitch; if anything, it would be the other way around.

"Take me to heaven, huh?" Mila sneered, staring down at Parker's feet without touching them. "Well, you can go to hell." She shot up off the couch and dropped Parker's legs on it. Standing there looking down at Parker, who barely moved, Mila was unnerved by the coy, nervy, wordless smirk on the face of the indie actress staring up at her with. But she knew she couldn't show fear or she'd be finished; besides, the thought of giving this bitch a taste of her own medicine was growing more appealing by the second. Kicking off her own shoes, Mila lifted her bare foot and rested it on Parker’s stomach. "Listen, you dirty freak," Mila spat as confidently as she could. "If anybody's going to be worshipping anyone's feet - or anything else for that matter - it's gonna be you!"

Mila slowly began increasing the pressure of her foot into Parker's belly, staring down defiantly as the older brunette's smile faded and a more hostile expression clouded her face. Most times, Parker would've found Mila's bare foot, along with her suggestion of what to do with it and "anything else," too appealing to pass up.

She fully realized what an intimidating force she could be, so she admired any woman confident enough to stand up to her. But already tonight, this upstart cunt had - at the very least - delayed her negotiation for a movie role. Now she was doing what nobody would dare do; reject her uncommon generosity. Parker's look of anger grew to one of absolute disdain for Mila as she stewed over the unexpected turn of events.

Finally, Parker offered a hateful reply as she eyeballed the rebellious young woman, “You little fucking idiot! You have no idea the opportunity you’re thowing away.”

There was more than one socially acceptable use for a glass of any alcoholic beverage, at least for a woman. And out of nowhere, Parker took advantage of one of them, throwing the glass of Champagne in Mila's face the way a lady would if a man insulted her - and Mila had insulted her. But Parker was looking to not only express that in a lady-like manner, but gain an advantage over her through surprise. And it worked as the liquid unexpectedly soaked Mila’s grinning face.

Now, Parker had to make use of that lovely foot conveniently resting against her belly. She grabbed it in both hands and lifted up, sending Mila off balance and tumbling to the floor, which fortunately for her was carpeted. Mila’s entire backside felt the hard fall though and she lay on the floor in pain for several seconds while, Parker, with plenty of killer instinct, quickly took advantage of her now-adversary's misfortune. Springing off the sofa, Parker took to the air with her legs ducked under her. The result was her knees driving full force into Mila's belly. Mila forgot all about her back as her stomach was aching after her breath had been knocked out of her.

With her opponent suffering, Parker slightly adjusted her current position so that she was straddling Mila. With Parker's knees off of her stomach, the agonizing woman's hands instantly shot to her belly to rub it and try to provide some relief. That didn't last long, though, as Parker seized her wrists with her hands and pinned her arms to her side. And Parker took advantage of her new position of power over the younger brunette to berate her on her decision.

“I guess I should've expected as much from a dumb little girl who doesn't know her pussy from a hole in the ground!” she ranted. “Now, I'm going to teach you a lesson. It could've been a pleasurable one, now it's going to be a painful one. I'm still going to have my pleasure. Because then you're STILL going to do what I want you too, stupid little bitch...unless you can find more in you than you had when you fought Rachael Leigh Cook and stop me. Come on! Let's see if you can even out from under me, child!”

Taking Parker up on her challenge, Mila tried hard to buck her off. But Parker simply overpowered her, keeping the petite woman's wrists pinned firmly to the floor. Seeing that she wasn't going to get her arms free, Mila tried her legs instead. But Parker was straddling her upper body such that Mila's options were limited. First she tried bringing her legs up and catching Parker's head with them, but they flopped back to the rug when her range proved too limited. Then she drew her legs in and began trying to ram her knees into Parker's back, but the best she could manage were a few glancing blows that weren't sending the older actress anywhere. Eventually, she was reduced to pounding her feet on the floor in frustration. The worst part was that Parker's grin just kept getting bigger - and that, sensing her physical superiority, she resumed her taunting.

"I can't believe you chose to fight me," the older woman cackled. "You're such a little weakling, I'm gonna love making you my play toy..."

"Fuck you, you washed-up old bitch," Mila snarled back.

"Watch your mouth," Parker cautioned. "You're only going to make it worse on yourself."

Furious, Mila didn't respond with words. Instead, the squirming actress suddenly shocked her tormentor by staring right up into her eyes, defiantly, and then spitting right into her face. Parker looked at her in horror for a second, then in anger. For her trouble, Mila was greeted not only with a harsh SLAP but also an opportunity; because in her anger Parker had unthinkingly released one of her wrists. Whipping her arm upward, Mila grabbed Parker's hair and gave a yank with all her might. With a scream, Parker fell to the side just enough for the young woman to squirm out from under her.

With their grips on each other released, Mila sought to put some distance between them so she could regroup - scooting away on her hands and knees. But Parker was still in considerably better shape, and she wasted no time in pursuing her prey. Nobody liked the insult of being spit on - especially a hot-tempered woman like Parker. While she had Mila pinned underneath her so firmly, Parker was in a playful mood. But now, in light of being called a "washed up old bitch" and getting her face soaked in the saliva of her victim, Parker was out for blood again.

First was the matter of clean up. After a groan of disgust and aggravation, Parker wiped dry the wet areas of her face using her fingertips, then looked around for the woman she now so wanted to suffer. She didn't have to look far. As soon as she saw Mila attempting to crawl away to safety, Parker lunged at her feet. Mila's progress was suddenly halted by a pair of hands wrapped around her ankles. She looked behind her to find that Parker's recovery was speedy, and she had a problem to deal with.

Doing what was best for this situation, Mila shook one leg, then another with equal ferocity, trying to break free from Parker yet not lose her balance and fall flat on her face with her arms holding up much of her weight. Parker had other ideas, though, trying to pull Mila toward her and show her what she thought of the spit and the commentary.

“It's on now, bitch,” she told Mila. “You dug this grave yourself, and you're damn sure not crawling out of it.”

Mila kicked even more fiercely and eventually get her right leg free. But of course, it would take more than that to get away from Parker, and Mila knew it. So while Parker moved in to try and regain control of her ankle, Mila made one last kick with her right foot - a mule kick that had her heel smash Parker's nose.

A blow to such a sensitive and vital part of the body was enough to take the aggression out of anybody, and it sure did Parker. She let go of Mila altogether now, so that she might tend to her aching nose. Unconcerned with Mila now, Parker curled up on her side, pinching her nose together with her fingertips and moaning in pain into her cupped hands. Taking a breather, Mila leaned back against the wall to observe the result of her desperation move and they were quite favorable. When Parker pulled her hands away from her face, her nose was bleeding slightly.

Parker removed her blouse and used it to wipe the blood from her face, then discarded it; tossing it to the side like a piece of trash, fully revealing her upper torso in what appeared to be a sheer, lacy white teddy with the lingerie's material not ending at the waist band but continuing down into her skirt. The flimsy, see-through material left her perky little breasts displayed for Mila but Parker wasn't shy about her body - nor did she care that this cunt could or couldn't see it. She was intent on seeing this battle through, as she made clear in bullying fashion.

“So, what did you have in mind?” Parker inquired. “Slipping out the door like a terrified little mouse running from a cat? Allow me to inform your stupid little ass that you WILL stay and fight until I've had my fill of abusing your pathetic fucking body and you use what little of yourself I decide to spare for my pleasure. Otherwise, I will tell everybody who will listen that you were too chicken shit to face me. Or, you can stick around and take what's coming to you like a woman!"

After her crystal-clear threat, Parker went about showing what kind of woman she was, unzipping her skirt at the side and standing up so it fell off her hips. The rest of her teddy was just as sheer as the upper portion, including the crotch, revealing that Parker liked her body to be smooth ALL OVER. This was one naughty girl who was anything but the pure, virginal woman her white teddy, garter tabs and stockings would've painted her to be. Now free of any restrictive clothing and ready for real battle, Parker stood with her hands on her hips.

“Well, what'll it be? Fight or be blackballed?”

It was true - Mila was a bit scared. But she wasn’t about to give her foe the satisfaction of showing it. Instead, she stepped away from the wall and looked Parker square in the eyes. ¨Nobody’s running, you sorry old whore,” she retorted. “If you’re so tough, come and get me!”

With that, in one fell swoop, Mila tugged her dress’ straps off her shoulders, slipped out of it, and threw it in Parker’s face. Clad in a black bra and panty set that revealed her modest breasts and tight butt, Mila was hoping to momentarily blind Parker with the dress, allowing her to make a charge and take her down unprepared. But Parker caught the dress with her hand, sniffed it and nodded approvingly before she tossed it back over her shoulder. Mila just charged...and Parker grabbed her, quickly overpowering her. Before Mila knew it she’d been tossed to the floor on her ass, crying out in pain as she landed. She moaned, but quickly regained her senses and rolled onto her stomach as Parker approached. Hoping to avoid whatever she had in mind, Mila dove for Parker’s ankles, hoping to tackle her, but the older brunette deftly shrugged her off, reached down and grabbed Mila by the waistband of her panties and yanked, making Mila cry out as Parker’s wedgie cut deep.

¨Fuck off, you crazy bitch!” Mila yelped, but words weren’t going to hurt Parker and the Ukrainian beauty's obvious frustration only make Parker’s smile wider. She responded with undisguised joy to the woman she had control of as she scooped her up off the floor and held her in the air.

“Oh, losing your cool already?” Parker grunted. “Well, I'll tell you what; if you think I'm crazy now...just wait. It's my suite and you'll fuck off, not me…that’s if you're not too fucked out to fuck off by the time I'm through with you!”

Mila knew at that moment she was in for a rough ride and if there were any doubt, Parker gave her a glimpse when she executed her current plan, except it wasn't what Mila might've expected. Parker extended her right leg and dropped down to her left knee. It was that right knee Mila had to worry about as Parker stretched out to smash Mila's right side down against. Coming down, Parker held Mila parallel to the floor and slammed her across her knee as hard as she could, a textbook Backbreaker! But she wasn't done. While Mila was suffering from that maneuver, Parker flipped her over, draping her across her thighy.

Usually from a kinky girl like the older brunette sexpot, it would've been expected she’d have Mila's belly on her knee and her butt in the air preparing for a spanking, but it was Mila's back pressed down onto Parker’s white nyloned thigh - but that didn't mean Parker still didn't have naughtiness on the mind. It began innocently enough, with Parker cupping a hand under Mila's chin and the other against her crotch. Then she began pressing down, trying to bend her as if to break her in two like a twig. Realizing the compromising position she was in, Mila thrashed and squirmed with all she had despite the pain in her side and back.

Mila’s legs were especially active and Parker struggled just to hold Mila bent over her knee. But wrestling wasn't Parker’s only way of keeping control of Mila’s wriggling body. In her frantic fight to escape from Parker, Mila noticed the pressure on her was significantly lessened. It was only a short while later that she started to feel something there she couldn't have imagined only moments ago - something that felt very good!

“Wha da helf ah wa duuung?" Mila mumbled when she realized it was Parker's fingertips that were expertly massaging her vaginal lips. There was only the thin layer of the crotch panel of her panties between Parker's fingers and her honey pot but it wasn't even close to being thick enough to provide her any protection - in fact, it actually helped with Parker’s stimulation as the smooth material made her fingers glide effortlessly. With Parker’s hand holding her mouth shut for the most part, Mila’s mumbling was almost impossible to understand, but Parker knew the kind of question most women asked when she started working on their pussy and she grinned with satisfaction. Parker continued her conflicting acts on both ends, pushing down on Mila's head to bring pain to her back while slipping her fingers under and inside her bikini panties to offer pleasure to accompany the pain. While she stroked, Parker talked to the trapped woman with an air of smug superiority while watching her anguished face.

“I don't think you've been listening up to this point, child,” Parker said. “Now you see what I meant about taking a girl to Heaven. And I can also subject her to Hell on Earth! You're putty in my hands. I OWN your body and soul right now and can do anything my little ol’ heart desires. But you know what? That's too easy.”

Then Parker did something even more surprising, which she’d perhaps pay for if Mila had a comeback in her. She stopped doing everything she was doing and shoved Mila off her thigh, letting her drop on her back on the floor. Feeling she'd made her point, Parker stood up, looking down at the freed woman as she raised the moist fingers of her right hand to her mouth and ran her tongue over them.

“Mmmm,” Parker sighed. “Delicious! I sure hope what you've given me so far is only a sample of the goodies you’re hiding!”

Mila stared up at Parker, her eyes wide with some combination of anger and exhilaration. A part of her wondered if she shouldn't take this opening and make a run for it, but if she did, she'd never hear the end of it. And besides, knowing the way Parker was acting, and with her long legs, she'd probably just run her down and punish her. So instead, Mila scampered to her feet, intent on making Parker pay for underestimating her. Her problem was that based on available evidence, the older woman's estimate had been correct. Not helping Mila was that, still stimulated from Parker's handiwork as she was, she was a bit light on her feet and she staggered awkwardly and her breathing was heavier than she'd have liked. Combine that with the fact that Parker had already proven capable of overpowering her, the prospects of success weren't promising.

When Mila aimed a kick at Parker's midsection, she was the one struggling to stay standing as the target easily dodged it. And when she let out a yell and charged at her rival, grabbing her around the midsection, Parker was able to hold her ground...then secure Mila in a headlock she wasn't about to get out of.

"Please...let me go," Mila begged as she was being yanked around the room, having tried unsuccessfully to pry Parker's arms away. "I…I'll make it worth your while..."

With that Parker forced Mila to the floor, such that she was lying on her back, and let her free. For a moment the two brunettes stared silently at each other, contemplating where to go from here. For Mila's part, she had no intention of becoming Parker's sex toy. But she also knew that she needed to find more creative ways out of this. And so before Parker could make the next move, Mila raised her leg in the air, guiding her bare foot toward Parker's barely covered crotch. Massaging her heretofore tormentor's moist womanhood with her toes, Mila was greeted with a loud moan, Parker's body relaxing slightly as she stood there.

That response was just what Mila was hoping for...and when her rival least expected it, she pulled back her leg and drove her leg forward as hard as she could, returning to the same sweet spot with a kick hard enough to drop Parker to her knees with a howl. Not wasting any time, Mila jumped up and grabbed Parker by the hair while the older woman was still tending to her sore crotch. And in a flash, Mila was setting about earning some payback. Drawing her other hand back, she backhanded Parker as hard as could across the face, knocking her onto her stomach. And before Parker could properly react, she found herself flopping on the floor as the petite woman exacted her revenge, kicking her body repeatedly.

"How does it feel on that side, you crazy old whore?" Mila demanded - then, with Parker on her back, Mila dropped down with both knees on the older brunette's stomach, eliciting further gasps and winding her even more.

Mila knew, in the back of her head, that this would probably be a good time to make her exit, having proved her point and not having sustained too much damage. But it was too much fun being in charge for a change, and so the next thing either of them knew she had Parker by the hair again, had pulled her up onto her knees, and was busy using her other hand to tear at her flimsy garb, ripping the upper part such that she had full access to Parker's chest. With her free hand, Mila latched onto Parker's modest breast, then got really ambitious.

"Crawl, bitch! Crawl for me!" she commanded, tugging her hair with one hand and her nipple with the other. "C'mon...I thought you liked kinky."

Mila, though, had pushed her luck too far. With a determined growl, Parker overcame the pain and sprung upwards, all the way to her feet. Mila still had her by the hair, but she'd lost the grip on her breast. And with two free hands, Parker immediately drove one into Mila's flat, soft stomach, then the other - reveling in the little grunts it earned, and even more in the little brunette's grip releasing as she sunk to her knees. Back in charge, Parker reached down and held Mila in place by her bra, clutching it between the cups. Furiously trying to tug herself free, Mila caught a break - the push-up bra, with its snap in the front, giving way. Mila was now reduced only to her panties, her small, perky breasts on full display, but she didn't much care; she was crabbing backward on her butt, trying to put as much distance between her and Parker as possible.

Mila had the look of someone who knew exactly what she was in for and was trying desperately to avoid it. But leering downward at her, Parker clearly wasn't going to make that easy. Mila had played her, tricked her into thinking she'd had enough and was willing to become her sexual servant for the older, beautiful tormentor. The outcome was Mila’s best offense so far, she was able to damage Parker's slender belly and her feminine pleasure center using her previously stimulating bare foot. The cherry on top for fooling Parker was getting to rough up one of her breasts and tear her dainty lingerie.

But now, from the look of things, after having her advantage halted, it was time for Mila to pay for her fun at Parker's expense. The prolific indie queen was angry with not only Mila, but also herself for allowing her hormones to get in the way against an obvious trickster. That meant double trouble for Mila! Try as she did to scoot away, the resistance her butt dragging on the carpet seriously slowed her as Parker started charging after her.

It was with ease that Parker's feet made contact with Mila's face after she took flight with her legs stuck out. Parker's facial drop kick shot Mila’s upper body down hard to the floor. A couple of Parker's strengths as a competitor were her ability to quickly follow up one attack with another - and to have presence of mind of to know what she could accomplish in any given position. In this case, she hastily situated herself to resume her assault on Mila by sliding a little farther up her body and placing her hands on the floor on either side of Mila.

Even in this position, Parker still wasn’t too busy to inform Mila of the deep shit she was in! “Fool me once, shame on you,” Parker sneered. “Fool me twice, shame on you and great fucking pain on you, you ignorant whore! That was the first and last time you pussyfooted me without seeing it through!”

With that, Parker spread her legs wide apart. It wasn't for naughtiness; it was so she could slam them back shut, or particularly her feet slamming against each side of Mila's face. And she wasn't through, again doing the same. After the second unique Scissor Kick battered her face, Parker made a vice grip out of her feet, turning them so her soles were pressed against Mila's cheeks and pushing inward, squeezing her mouth. Parker enjoyed wearing nylons for looks, as well as the pleasure of herself and her sexual partners. But the silk surrounding her size 8s did nothing to comfort Mila with her mouth being compacted, her lips now pushed out in the shape of an oval. Knowing that the deceptive woman trying to survive would try to bite her toe off if she ordered her to worship her feet, Parker resisted the temptation for further pleasure and resorted to further punishment.

With her hand comfortably palming the floor, Parker used some of the plentiful strength she still had in her to lift herself up on top of Mila - only to slam her teddy-thonged ass into Mila’ midsection with all her might. Making it worse for the squashed brunette, it was hard to exhale the breath knocked out of her, as Parker had repositioned her feet over her mouth, keeping it closed.

Parker thrilled in the wide-eyed agony it brought to what little of that lovely face was still visible to her. She was beginning to enjoy herself again, and the feeling of Mila's lips on the soles of her nyloned feet helped bring back that tingling sensation down there. But again she ignored the needs the wet spot in the crotch of her teddy made evident were growing, in order to this time place her left foot on the floor, while her right pulled to the side then came swinging around.

Mila's head was snapped to the side by the momentum Parker was able to get into her kick. As loopy-headed as these kicks were making her, despite an absence of boots or footwear on Parker's tootsies, Mila was aware enough to realize she had to get out of this situation and fast. One advantage she had was Parker's tendency to stop what she was doing to rub in her opponent's misfortune, as she once again did.

“I could stop, but after those other stunts, I won't,” Parker was saying. “I'm not stopping till you're too weak to even THINK of doing anything but taking care of my needs. Like I said, you brought this on yourself! But, don't worry. It'll be over soon!”

Mila hadn't paid as much attention to that big, loud mouth. Of course, her distraction just bought her another right-footed kick to her face, for not paying attention. But she had paid attention to what counted. And when Parker lifted herself up once more to again pounce on her sore belly with her ass, Mila made use of what she had observed – reaching up to grab a leg of the table beside the sofa with both hands. There was no real way to time this, but as Parker was on the way down, Mila pulled herself back with her grip on the table leg.

Parker’s tushy landed on Mila's knees, causing her to roll off her to the side, her mouth and eyes wide open. On the floor and on her belly, she wound up doing a semi-butts up, arching her back slightly so she could rub her newly aching ass cheeks. For several moments, Mila simply lay flat on her back, recuperating. She had taken a thorough beating so far, and despite her good fortune in wounding her tormentor, she wasn't in much shape to immediately capitalize. Lucky for her, though, neither was Parker. With little fear of her overmatched foe, the older woman was taking her sweet time rubbing her injured posterior.

And even when Mila finally rose shakily to her feet, Parker was slow reacting...slow enough that she handed Mila a golden opportunity. Moving surprisingly quickly for someone who'd absorbed so much, Mila suddenly darted around Parker. Just as her tormentor was up on her hands and knees, she pulled back her leg and then swung it forward with the strongest kick she could muster - right onto Parker's aching ass. With a pained grunt the film star fell forward again. Not giving her a chance to recover, Mila dropped down so that her knee dug directly into Parker's back. Reaching forward with one arm, she grabbed hold of a handful of brown hair and tugged upward, pulling Parker's head and shoulders up off the rug as the older woman grunted in pain and frustration.

With her other hand, Mila reached underneath Parker and grabbed hold of one of her breasts, pinching the soft flesh between her fingers. "You like this, you crazy dyke? How 'bout this?" she taunted, pulling her hand away, reaching back and landing a slap across Parker's ass. Unwisely, though, Mila had failed to secure Parker's arms.

Desperately, the older woman managed to pry Mila's hand away from her hair - then, bucking desperately, to throw her just far enough to the side to get some relief. But Mila wasn't about to surrender her rare advantage easily and as Parker tried to get up, she was hit with a knee to her side that knocked her back down. As she rolled onto her back, she looked up to find Mila standing over her...and before she knew it, the petite brunette was pressing her heel into her stomach.

As Parker sat up, her hand clasping at Mila's ankle to pull it away, so Mila placed her other foot directly over Parker's face. "You think I liked having your fucking feet in my face?" she demanded, pressing her toes into Parker's cheeks. "You try it for a while!"

But Mila got a little too ambitious seeking to replicate what had been done to her earlier. She stepped to the side, bent down, and attempted to scoop Parker up so she could slam her back down but she overestimated her own strength. At first, the petite woman failed to get her rival off the floor at all, but then she budged her a few inches, only to drop her. Then, to her eternal frustration, Parker started laughing at her! Determined, Mila tried again - only to achieve much the same effect. And this time, when she dropped her, Parker happily rolled away and got to her feet.

Wary, Mila backed away from her...only to find the back of her knees hitting the couch. Her path blocked, Mila was cornered...and Parker's smile was growing as she approached. "Now, you sorry little thing, I'm going to show you how it's done," Parker purred as the gap between them shrunk.

Mila was getting her shots in on the older, more experienced woman. But Parker was proving that at 38, she was able to take a licking and keep on ticking. Matter of fact, each time Parker came back, she was more determined than ever to break Mila while Parker's own resilience was proving intimidating to Mila - as she showed as she backed away. With her knowledge that she was really getting in Mila’s lovely head, Parker started playing games with her, jumping forward as if to make a move only to stay where she was.

“A little jumpy, are we?” Parker taunted when Mila jumped as well. “I think you're starting to grasp the inevitable, that I am going to conquer you, mind, body, spirit and pussy, and you're not powerful enough to stop me. I'd offer you another chance to give in, but I know you lack the brain power to take me up on it.”

Parker's arrogance, of course, only raised Mila's ire and her eyes took on a new defiance, as did the tone of her voice, “Shut up and bring it on! I’ll show you how wrong you are!”

Parker took Mila up on that offer, charging toward her. Mila was dealing with a very smart woman she knew she had to outsmart to stand a chance of walking out of this room as anything but Parker's newest sex toy. So timing herself, Mila turned to her right side as Parker neared, thinking she'd wind up launching herself head first into the couch. But when Mila made her move, Parker made hers. She put on the breaks and with Mila’s back turned to Parker, expecting the Party Girl to be sprawled all over the couch, there was no way for her to see the cheap shot coming her way. Mila's head was jarred when Parker blasted her two consecutive times, once in the back of her head and once right at neck level.

Mila was left standing in place almost frozen, and Parker followed up by joining her hands together in one big fist and delivering a Double Ax-handle to the back of Mila's neck. The force of Parker's blows made the pain radiating through her neck and head excruciating, Mila tilting her head back and screaming. Parker didn't stop to enjoy this too much. But the manner she went about further punishment would bring with it a sense of satisfaction. Parker dug her long red-painted nails into Mila's back just below her neck and raked downward, bending down to take things as far as she could – bringing Mila to her knees with tears filling her eyes.

Mila reached back with both hands, trying to rub away the pain brought to her body. But Parker herself was kneeling now, and she pulled away those hands attempting to soothe so that she could again use her nails as weapons. This time a top-of-her-lungs scream came from Mila’s mouth. With Mila flat on the wide couch, Parker knew what to do next. Positioning herself to one side of Mila, she looked down hungrily at that delectable pantied ass. This wasn't the time for ass kissing, however and instead she slipped the fingers of her right hand under the back waistband of the little black bikini and whipped it down to Mila’s knees. It was quickly occurring to Mila what was about to go down and she began to try to get up despite the pain wracking her body.

Parker sought to stop this by draping her left arm across Mila's back and pressing down to keep her at least slightly pinned. After another lingering, admiring glance of Mila's tush, Parker sexily informed the dark haired beauty of what was to come, “Now I'll show you how to spank a girl.”

And then, Parker behaved more like someone nearly old enough to be Mila's mother, using her open right hand to SPANK her bare ass. The sound of her hand going WHACK WHACK on Mila’s ass filled the room as she continued spanking Mila’s ass at a vigorous pace, leaving her butt aching and glowling a bright red. The spanking wasn't easy on Parker's hand, but she loved dominating this ass so much and it was making Mila wetter with arousal than ever which made Parker wonder if maybe there was a side to Mila that enjoyed punishment.

A sign that Mila was fighting the pleasure she was deriving was her wild squirming accompanying her light sobbing. The best Parker could do about that was press her arm hard across her back. Following at least a couple dozen open handed shots to her ass, Parker now decided to try and soothe Mila and her own hand by rubbing it sensuously. This new gentleness and the sexy sight of the meaty part of her butt a bright red inspired some softness in the lust-overtaken Parker.

“Mmm, such a beautiful ass,” she said, still massaging her. “I want to do so many things to it. I can't wait to have my mouth and tongue all over it. And my foot long strap on in it!”

Going on stream-of-thought, Parker hadn't thought of what her words could mean to Mila, but that last part had to instill some panic in her. Although Mila had been fighting it as much as she could and was desperate not to let Parker see it, the truth was she was turned on in spite of herself. But Parker's words startled her, and as her eyes widened Mila began thrashing harder than ever; her legs kicking in desperation.

Realizing she needed to subdue her captive a little more before she ceased being a captive, Parker pulled her hand away from Mila's bare buttocks, grabbed her hair at the back and slammed her face down in the cushions of the couch - ramming her face-first a couple of times, then grinding in. Once Mila had been sufficiently subdued, Parker got off her to plan her next move. Mila simply collapsed, sliding off the couch onto the carpet on her stomach. She'd gotten her ass kicked, and she knew it - so she swallowed her pride, got to her knees and commenced crawling toward the door.

Mila didn't get very far. Stalking the younger woman, and showing no mercy as Mila sniveled, Parker again grabbed her by her hair and this time as she pulled her reluctantly to her feet, Mila's panties slithered all the way down to her ankles. Standing in front of Parker, Mila's hair was released - but there was no relief as Parker immediately wrapped both arms around her midsection from behind and squeezed her tight into a Bearhug.

Mila gasped and tried to pull free but it was no use. The same went for her futile attempts to pry Parker's arms away; even clawing them did no good. With a jerk, Parker lifted her off the ground, Mila's toes brushing the carpet as her legs kicked. She set her down and did it again, and by the time she set her down the third time, a thoroughly beaten Mila slumped back into her arms.

Keeping one arm around Mila’s waist to hold her in place, Parker snaked her other hand up to cup Mila's girlish breast. As the dominant woman ran her tongue along Mila's earlobe, she tweaked and pinched Mila's nipple, eliciting a different sort of moan. Moving to the other breast, Parker got the same reaction and when she slid her hand down Mila's flat abs and over the small round curve of her belly to her pussy, she was pleased to find it quite moist. "So you LIKE having your ass spanked, huh?" Parker purred.

Mila didn't answer, but Parker didn't bother waiting. She began to finger her increasingly submissive foe, quickening the pace as Mila's breathing became more rapid and Mila leaned back into Parker's arms. But Parker wasn't through yet and she stopped abruptly, then shoved Mila forward. The smaller woman braced her fall with her hands but wound up on her stomach. Mila gasped as she hit the floor and then she surprised her tormentor. She slid her arm under herself and reached back between her own legs. At first, Parker thought she was trying to comfort some aching part of her body but then she realized what Mila was really doing; perhaps without thinking, trying to finish what Parker had started. Parker had done some very unkind things to Mila on this evening. But, apparently she'd done something right for the aroused young woman to be on the floor, playing with herself.

And it was having an impact on Parker too. Watching this gorgeous girl masturbate made her want to take matters into her own fingers too. She only wished Mila was turned over so she could see the pleasure in her face. What she could do, though, was walk around until she had the best view between Mila's slightly spread legs of the rapidfire fingering she was doing to herself. Parker briefly wondered if this was another trick, until she remembered feeling how wet she was. Nothing like that could be faked.

Pretty soon, Mila wasn't the only one moaning in enjoyment. Parker was as well, enjoying the show, and started finishing the removal of her teddy that Mila had started. “I see you playing with yourself, you naughty little bitch,” Parker purred. “I told you how powerful I am and you doubted me. You actually thought you could beat me. HA! I own you, bitch and you fucking yourself right here in front of me is proof. Now, roll over on your back and spread wide so I can do it right!”

Parker's gloating words of triumph had to rub Mila the wrong way. But as she rubbed herself the right way, she was past the point of caring. As Parker unclipped the last garter tab holding her stockings and let her teddy slip from her body, Mila rolled over on her back for her beautiful tormentor to take care of her growing needs. Seeing Parker completely naked but for her white hose only increased the lust burning inside Mila; but she didn't overlook her mistreatment entirely. She looked up at Parker, her eyelids narrowing in a look of lust and resentment.

“Fuck you, Posey! I won't forget this.” Then in anticipation of the pleasure to come, Mila's hands went to her small breasts, fondling and nipple pinching as her legs spread wider for Parker.

“No, you won't forget this!” Parker said ominously. She dove right in - but not the way Mila wanted! Instead, Parker dropped straight down with her legs together and knees stretched out. Her reaction time impaired by her arousal, Mila had no chance to close the doors in time and Parker's knees smashed hard right into the sweet meat of her crotch! Mila’s eyes and mouth shot wide open, her pain so overwhelming she couldn't even scream. All she got out was a high-pitched squeal - and a few tears.

But Parker's cruelty didn't end there and she pressed her knees on womanhood as she coldly addressed her, “THAT’S for taking advantage of my kindness earlier, you stupid cunt. Surely you didn't think I'd get you off before you served your new Mistresses needs, did you!?”

Thoroughly bested, Mila had no defense when Parker made a Double Ax-handle with her fists and dropped the boom on her belly. Parker stood up, allowing Mila to draw her knees up and roll over on her side. But Parker still wasn’t close to through. She had no sympathy for Mila, despite her whimpering and the misery etched in her face and Parker's short walk ended with her towering above Mila's head, facing her curled up body.

“Listen, and listen closely,” Parker announced. “I'm going to lower myself on you and you're going to eat my cunt out until I'm either tired of cumming or weary of your tongue. I'm not the heartless bitch you think so I'll help you serve me, but if I even THINK your teeth are about to do something they shouldn't, I WILL make you suffer unimaginable torment! You will NOT like what happens, trust me! You could ask any of the others who crossed me.”

Before Mila could agree or disagree to her terms, Parker began squatting down on top of that pretty face until she was in position, her lower lips right above Mila’s upper lips. To make a demonstration of how the good option could turn out for her, Parker pried Mila's legs apart with her hands, with some effort, and completely laid down on top of her. The black haired women were now locked in a classic ‘69’ and Parker took advantage to feed her hunger, taking a long, slow, deep swipe across Mila's vaginal lips with her tongue.

Although she'd been intense pain moments earlier, the first slide of Parker's tongue brought Mila back into pleasure. And the second slide. And then the third. Moaning, Mila's legs relaxed to give easier access. The only problem was, she was enjoying herself so much she forgot to reciprocate - something that didn't go unnoticed.

Parker abruptly lifted her head, prompting a groan. "Listen, my little loser; you can either have more of this or more of me beating your ass around the room. If you don't want the beating, you BETTER get that tongue going!"

Mila didn't need to be told twice. Dutifully lapping Parker's pussy, she was relieved when the favor was returned. Having earlier been worked over by Parker's hand, and then by her own, it wasn’t long before Mila was teetering on the brink, moaning as her body squirmed under Parker's skillful hand. But again, Parker pulled up her head and Mila groaned out loud, beating her feet on the floor in frustration as she was left “hanging.”

"After the way you've behaved,” Parker informed her. “I think you should ask permission to come!"

Long past the point of embarrassment or pride, Mila didn't take long to respond, "…make me…come!"

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood," Parker replied.

She obliged; opting for efficiency, Parker skipped licking in favor of reaching down with her hand. Seated astride the slurping Mila's face, Parker groped Mila's modest breast with one hand, tugging and pinching the nipple, while her other hand rapidly fingered her pussy - sliding in a second finger for good measure. It didn’t take long before Mila lost control - squirming, gasping, her legs flailing in the air; then her entire body tightening and shaking as she came. Mila's legs flopped to the floor and went limp, but as she lay flat she continued to hold up her end of the bargain. Parker put her hands behind her and leaned back on them, thoroughly enjoying herself. But she was still a ways off, and it occurred to her that while she was having her fun she may as well make Mila totally hers in the process!

"Aww what the hell!" Parker said aloud - then resumed fingering her captive. Skilled at this particular service, and with a more than welcoming recipient, the effect was that Mila was reaching her second orgasm just as Parker was reaching her first. At almost exactly the same moment, they came - the two women's bodies tensing at exactly the same moment as they screamed in pleasure, then Parker collapsing back atop her as they lay still. After a few moments, Parker flipped around - repositioning so that she was now flat on top of Mila, their breasts flattened against each other. Lowering her head, she pressed her lips to Mila's; the two women's mouths opening for a passionate kiss.

Even as this was happening, it began to dawn on Mila what had happened - how thoroughly she'd been humiliated and she suddenly pulled her head away. "I fucking hate you!" Mila announced.

"No you don't," Parker replied. "You hate YOURSELF; for getting your ass handed to you and then for enjoying what happened afterward." She pressed her mouth onto Mila's again, forcing her tongue downward."

"Get off me!" Mila whined, again, twisting her head away again.

"Fine!" Parker huffed; then, to Mila's surprise and relief, she did just that, got off and left the beaten brunette on her back. After a few moments, Mila finally sat up, then rose shakily got to her feet. "You can leave now," Parker told her dismissively. “If that's what you REALLY want." Mila quickly pulled on her panties, and looked for the rest of her clothes. Then, to her horror, she turned around to see Parker holding her dress and her bra. "But if you leave, you leave as you are - so everyone can see what happened to you," Parker told the panty-clad actress. "Or you can try to take these clothes from me.” Then she sighed and added, “…but we both know how that'll end."

Mila lunged toward Parker, but the older woman simply yanked the clothes away like a matador taunting a bull – albeit a small, defeated bull. Again Mila tried, but this time Parker dropped the clothes, tied Mila up in her arms, and forced her back into a wall. Staring straight into her eyes, Parker addressed her contemptuously, “You sure you haven’t had enough?”

“No…” Mila gasped, struggling to free herself.

“Fine,” Parker replied – then slugged Mila in the stomach and stepped back, letting the dominated woman slide to the floor. Mila just sat there, her legs outstretched in front of her, tears in her eyes. Then she saw her dress on the floor and before Parker could get there, Mila dove for it, grabbed it and scampered to her feet. She broke into a run for the door; clad only in her panties, clutching her dress and not bothering to slow down to pick up her shoes or bra as Mila hightailed it for the suite's door with Parker in hot pursuit.

But when Mila paused for just a split-second to turn the door handle, Parker gained ground and as Mila bolted out into the hall, Parker launched herself, tackling Mila from behind. The two women landed with a THUMP and a cry on the carpeted hallway floor - loud enough to draw attention. A couple of doors opened just in time to see Parker Posey nude but for pantyhose, straddling a panty-clad Mila Kunis who was on her stomach kicking her legs in frustration. Glancing around and seeing they’d drawn a crowd, Parker quickly dismounted and hurried back into her room.

"Nothing to see here, folks!" she said calmly. "Unless it’s a cowardly little bitch who just got what she deserved!"

Parker slammed the door behind her, leaving Mila stretched out in the hall flat on her stomach, her arms folded over her head, hoping everyone would go away and leave her alone. Eventually they did and she quickly scrambled to her feet, pulled on her dress and ran to the elevator.

Mila learned a lot about herself that evening - including that her body liked things she'd never even thought about! But mostly, she'd learned she wasn't going to win a fair fight against Parker Posey, so when the elevator doors opened, she bolted in, leaned on the "door close" button, and breathed a sigh of relief when it closed. She knew for sure she didn’t have to go another round with Parker tonight…but once she recovered, there would be another night and this time, Mila vowed she’d be ready to fight fire with fire!