Cheryl Ladd vs. Audrey Landers by Jackd 7/12/01

Here's a fantasy finish to an episode of "Charlie's Angels" featuring sexy Angel Kris Monroe (Cheryl Ladd) fighting bad girl Donna (Audrey Landers). The Angels went undercover at a girl's school in the countryside investigating a rash of abductions for ransom. Donna was the most popular student but also the school bully with a renowned nasty temper. She grew increasingly suspicious of Kris and her nosing around. They took an immediate jealous dislike to each other with Donna talking Kris down every chance she could, calling the new arrival the school "barbie doll" or "little bimbo."

A week later the Angels discovered that Donna and two of her friends were behind the crime. The Angels raced to catch the bad girls, who split up to make their escapes. Two girls sped off in a car while Donna, the leader of the girl gang, fled on foot into the woods. Kris was eager to be the one to arrest Donna who had given her so much trouble all week, even making fun of her in front of the others.

"Bre, Kelly, take the others," Kris called to her partners. "I'll get Donna."

While the other Angels jumped in a car to give pursuit, Kris hopped on a three wheel motorbike and rode into the woods after Donna. In an incredibly tight version of the school gym outfit - blue mini-shorts that barely covered her cute rear and a tight white tee shirt that accented her shapely breasts - a determined Kris raced through the woods. Eventually, she spotted Donna who had reached a dead end beside a muddy creek.

"Hold it right there!" yelled Kris.

Donna froze. Seeing the approaching Kris, she turned to see if she could make it across the river, but Kris was soon right on her.

"I said hold it!" she repeated, as she got down from her bike.

Donna realized she had nowhere to run so she turned to face Kris. Donna wore the same school outfit as Kris, and although her shorts weren't as tight nor skimpy as the series star, her shirt displayed an equally sizable chest. The sultry Donna was taller and stockier than the petite blonde. After looking around and realizing her would-be captor had come after her alone, the now cocky Donna placed her hands on her hips.

"Well, well, little Miss Snoop. What are you doing here?"

"I'm not just a snooping student Donna. I'm a private eye. We know all about you and your little gang. Its all over and I'm here to take you in."

Donna just smiled, "And how are YOU going to do that little missy?"

Sensing trouble, Kris reached back to get her gun from her bag on the bike. Her heart dropped when she realized the bag was gone, having fallen off in the chase.

Kris turned back to Donna and warned her, "Don't try anything stupid. My partners know about you. You're coming with me."

Kris tried to move confidently toward Donna, but Donna didn't flinch.

"You must be kiddin' sweetpea. I don't see anyone here but you. You don't mean you were dumb enough to come all the way out here after me on your own? Unarmed?!"

Donna laughed as Kris grew more nervous. She was not only alone facing a bully with a nasty reputation but she was in the middle of nowhere! Who knew how the other angels would find them so deep in the woods. Donna sensed Kris' fear and took over the role of aggressor.

As she moved in on Kris, Donna hissed, "Looks like the little canary was dumb enough to try and chase the nasty cat all by herself. And now it's the canary who's got herself in big trouble."

With that, she shoved Kris in her large chest, sending her stumbling backward.

Donna glared at the little Angel, "Here's how its gonna be hon. Either you LET me take that bike of yours and escape while you crawl your pathetic ass back to school, or I'll just have to have some fun kicking that puny butt of yours all over these woods and then TAKE it."

Kris was both worried and angry about leaving herself in this situation. But she thought with her professional training and experience she should be able to take the trash-talking school bully one on one. Well, maybe. She gathered her courage and charged Donna.

The two blondes were soon slapping and grabbing at each other's hair like a couple of schoolgirls in a catfight. Eventually, Donna managed to get the upper hand, swinging Kris around in circles by her long blonde hair. Kris screamed in pain as her hair was almost pulled from its roots as she was spun around and around before finally being thrown to the ground. Dizzy and dazed, Kris sat up in the dirt rubbing her head.

"This oughta be fun," said a growling Donna as she reached down and grabbed Kris by the feet.

Kris tried desperately to kick out as Donna dragged her butt around in the dirt, scrapping her tender derriere over the rough ground. When Donna stopped, she lifted Kris's legs up in the air and raised her foot menacingly above the struggling Angel's exposed crotch.

"Hey! No!," Kris pleaded, raising her hands too late.

But Donna just growled and grinned wickedly as she stomped her booted foot down hard on the blondes pussy. Kris yelped in anguish and rolled over on her stomach, curled up in a ball. Donna followed up with several more kicks to her fallen opponents back, ribs and legs.

With Kris now on her back moaning in pain and struggling to crab away, Donna stood over the suddenly humbled Angel, put her hands on her hips and gloated, "You don't look like such hot stuff now, do you little Miss Detective?"

Then Donna threw herself on Kris's stomach and as they lay belly to belly, Donna tore into Kris's hair with both hands. Kris's head was yanked back, jerked forward and shaken from side to side while she frantically tried to buck Donna off of her. In desperation, Kris reached up and grabbed Donna's tee shirt, using it to try to pull her off. But the thin shirt quickly gave way, exposing most of Donna's large braless chest. Donna froze in anger and disbelief and even Kris was momentarily shocked by the unexpected result of her effort.

"You bitch!" Donna screamed. "That was my best T-shirt. Now you're gonna pay!" screamed Donna. "You wanna fight like that, I'll give you a dirty fight!"

Still sitting atop Kris in a dominant position, Donna dug her claws into Kris's tight white shirt like a madwoman, shredding the fabric and sending the Angel's firm tits bouncing every which way. Kris screamed in panic, arching her back and kicking her legs wildly as her shirt was being ripped to shreds, revealing a white bra and her shapely, heaving breasts.

"No! No!" yelled Kris.

Donna ignored the blondes protests and kept going, latching onto the Angel's bra cups and ripping it off as well. Kris's large, perky tits spilled free, at the mercy of her foe. Kris was stunned. She glared up at the blonde bully with anger and indignation at having her breasts exposed by this teenager, but Donna just glared right back at her.

"Whatya gonna do blondie?" Donna mocked as she slid her knees up and trapped Kris's hands by her sides.

Kris struggled helplessly, pushing her hips up using her feet, then swinging her legs from side to side, kicking and flailing but nothing she did dislodged her heavier, stronger opponent.

"Don't look like the little detective can do much of anything on her own except stick her oversized tits in people's faces," Donna giggled. "Well, this is what I think of them tits you little overstuffed Barbie doll!"

Donna then proceeded to smash her fists down onto Kris's bare breasts, each blow driving her knuckles deep in the Angel's proud bounty and knocking her fleshy breasts about like punching bags. Kris cried in pain and humiliation as her precious boobs were crushed by the pounding she was taking from this schoolgirl, a schoolgirl who was dominating her with remarkable ease.

Kris trembled at the realization she was in real trouble. In her brief time with Charlie's Angels she'd never suffered like this, much less her top torn off. There was no telling what this crazed girl could try next. Kris gathered her strength and resumed bucking and thrashing, finally managing to unseat Donna and send her tumbling off to the side. Kris then delivered a karate chop to the back of Donna's neck which sent the strawberry-tressed teen sprawling flat on her stomach.

The bare breasted Angel scrambled to her feet wondering if she should try and finish Donna off but she had no confidence she could. Kris actually feared she would only suffer a further beating at the hands of this tough schoolgirl bully. Although embarrassed by her cowardice, Kris felt discretion was the better part of valor so she decided to run for help in subduing this toughie.

Donna got to her feet and saw Kris fleeing down the riverbank. She had no intention of letting the blonde detective get away and bring help. Donna gave chase after the Angel, who was so busy trying to cover up her bouncing bare breasts with what remained of her torn shirt that she was unable to run very fast. Kris would soon pay for her modesty as the hard charging Donna quickly caught up to the stumbling angel at the river's edge and tackled her from behind.

Kris went down hard, landing face first in the muddy water with Donna hanging onto her legs and sliding on their bellies as the thick mud coated Kris's bare breasts and the front of her bare legs. Kris was exhausted but the first thing she did when she raised her head was to rub the mud and water from her eyes, nose and mouth.

Donna was also breathing hard, but when she looked up she was looking right up at the seat of her erstwhile captors tight shorts. Donna ran her hands up the backs of Kris's muddy legs until her fingers reached the bottom curve of the fleshy ass cheeks bulging from the legs of her shorts. Kris struggled to escape but she couldn't prevent the blonde bully's prying hands from slipping in under her shorts. Locked on their target, Donna dug her nails into the little blonde's tight ass as Kris slapped the muddy water and screamed while her cute butt was pinched and squeezed.

"Get off me!" Kris screamed but a wrathful Donna kept up her brutal assault.

Donna snarled: "Oh, does that hurt my little canary? Maybe we should get you out of these shorts and let me take a look."

Kris desperately tried to get traction in the muddy surface so she could turn over to stop the attack, but by the time she managed to roll on her back Donna already had her shorts down to her ankles. As Kris tried to sit up to grab her, Donna delivered a hard straight right hand punch flush on that gentle mound of belly between Kris's naval and the waist of her panties.

Dazed, out of breath and left with nothing but a pair of muddy, disheveled panties, Kris cried out her surrender.

"OK Donna, you win. I give up. Take the bike and go. Just leave me alone. Please!"

But the cruel and angry Donna was in no mood to let the detective off so lightly.

"Oh no. I'm not through with you yet blondie. I gave you a chance to run, but you wanted to fight me. Well, now I'll just have to teach you a lesson you won't forget; one you'll always remember so you don't ever think about coming after me again."

Kris looked up at the teenager with a face like a helpless puppy as Donna barked, "Get up little blondie!"

Weary, but with no choice but to obey, Kris slowly clambered to her knees to face her bullying tormentor who was also on her knees in the sloppy ground. As the two blondes faced off, the Angel's once proud tits thrust forward covered only by a layer of thick brown ooze, her dirtied bikini panties hung loose on her tight bottom. Donna was clearly in better shape, her shorts while wet and muddy were still securely around her waist and only one bare breast stuck out through her torn shirt.

Donna took a handful of the mud and slapped it on Kris's big tits, smearing it around with her open hand and adding to their mucky cover. Then she pinched Kris's right nipple for good measure. Kris cried out but she managed to free her tit from Donna's grip. The two of them again latched onto handful of the other's hair, yanking each other from side to side.

Once more, the smaller, weaker Kris was overpowered and sent tumbling sideways. Kris landed flat on her back with Donna on top of her. Donna captured Kris's ankles and rolled the exhausted Angel's legs up, folding her double in a cradle until her feet were pinned in the mud above her head. With Kris's body bent in a tight V, her feet pinned at her ears, Donna sat on Kris's bent over legs and eyed her wide open crotch which was prominently displayed with her legs splayed in the painful hold.

With Kris's face and her jackknifed legs helplessly trapped under Donna's ass, Donna grabbed two more handfuls of mud and slopped them into Kris's crotch. Kris squirmed as she felt Donna's hands forcefully rubbing her little blond pussy as she worked the muck into, under and around her panties. Then Donna grabbed hold of Kris's panties and began gently tugging the material, twisting and winding the fabric deep into the Angels muddied crack while playfully teasing her humbled foe. Kris moaned and writhed under Donna as she worked her over at will, teasing her with the fabric while she pushed mud down over her crotch.

"I don't want you to start enjoying this massage, little missy!" barked Donna, who still had Kris's legs pinned backwards above the Angels head.

Donna abruptly yanked up on Kris's panties in a devastating frontal wedgie that changed Kris's moans to screams for mercy. Kris's crotch and ass were jacked up further off the ground by the force of the wedgie as Donna pulled, tugged and yanked her up harder and harder again. Finally, the tattered material split, dropping Kris's butt in the mud. Donna stood up and let Kris's limp legs flop back down in the mud with a soft splat.

"Look how pathetic you are down there in the mud little blondie. Why did you ever think you could beat me in a fight?"

Kris lay naked, flat out on her back with her legs spread as she gazed up at the blonde bully standing over her head, the teenager who had so easily thrashed her.

"Alright," Kris sobbed. "I give up already. Go! OK? Go before my partners come back."

Donna looked down at her and laughed.

"You just don't get it Miss Private Detective, do you? I don't want you OR your friends bothering me again! I guess we still need to finish your lesson."

Donna bent down to grab Kris again, but the Angel tried to kick her away. Her efforts failed when Donna succeeded in pinning her under her body. As Kris back sunk into the muddy ground under the weight of tormentor, Donna grabbed on to the little Angel's breasts and dug her nails into the mud-covered tits. Kris screamed and thrashed as Donna twisted and flattened her large round breasts with her powerful hands.

"How's that feel you little Barbie bitch! Won't be showing off these floppy things for a while when I get though with 'em!"

Kris pleaded for her tit torture to end, but Donna just dug harder into the soft flesh, alternating between squeezing her breasts together and rolling them around on her chest. When Donna released her hold there were long nail and finger marks covering the sobbing Angel's muddy tits. Kris tried to catch her breath, but Donna was on her again, pinching her nipples and pulling her battered tits off her chest and twisting them in circles.

Crying in complete humiliation at being overwhelmed by this teen, Kris finally managed to roll over on her stomach. But Donna still held onto her breast claw from behind, squeezing the smaller blonde's tits even while they sunk slowly into the soft, muddy ground. Finally, Donna released her grip and Kris lay gasping, moaning and rubbing her aching tits.

Donna sat up, moving back and resting on Kris's back, then she wrapped her hand in the little Angels hair and forced her face back down in the thick mud, covering her Angel face with the same muck that already covered her body.

"Time to finish your lesson, blondie," whispered Donna as she repositioned herself on Kris back facing the Angel's tight curvy butt which was by now covered in a layer of dark ooze. Donna reached down and smeared mud all over the littlest Angel's round rear, alternating between erotically rubbing and cruelly pinching Kris's ass as she worked her fingers over the blonde's upturned perky butt.

Kris struggled, groaned and moaned as she endured Donna's abrasive version of a savage butt massage, but she yelped out in pain and shock when Donna changed tactics and began to spank the Angel's muddy ass. Each whack send waves of pain deep into her tight butt and brought a new yelp from the totally humiliated adult Angel.

"Please, Donna, please. No more, p...please, no more!" gasped Kris as she struggled helplessly under the weight of her tormentor. But the bigger blonde continued to spank Kris's muddy butt without mercy for several more minutes. Each new smack left a fresh hand print on the muddy ooze covering the squirming blonde Angel's sexy bottom.

"Well, have I taught my little weakling of a canary not to come chasing this cat anymore?" Donna asked as she gave Kris's butt another hard whack.

Kris raised her head and Donna could see the pink flesh of her cheeks where her tears had washed away the mud from her cheeks. Kris softly told Donna that yes, she'd learned her lesson. Donna stood up, kicked Kris in the ass and reminded her that if she were ever captured she'd be sure every embarrassing detail of the fight would come out in open court at her trial.

Kris could only watch helplessly as Donna made good her escape on Kris's own three wheeler. As the triumphant Donna rode off into the sunset, Kris slowly picked herself up from the muddy bank of the river and washed off as much of the mud as she could in the river. After picking up the tattered remnants of her clothes, Kris had to face the humiliation of walking back to the school, nearly naked and still muddy after being soundly beaten by the girl she'd promised to capture.

As she walked, Kris wondered how to explain to the other Angels how Donna escaped and whether to tell them it was because she'd been completely overpowered by a single teenage schoolgirl.