Rose McGowan vs. Jordan Ladd (for 'Amy Blue' in "The Doom Generation") by Oberon from an idea by Jackflash

Jordan Ladd brazenly ascended the stairs to Gregg Araki's second floor office, with Rose McGowan slinking closely behind. It was the night Gregg requested they meet with him to settle their vying for the lead female role in his film The Doom Generation. She and Jordan Ladd had beaten out about fifty or so other actresses who had responded to his ad calling for a dark-haired punk/gothic type to play the role of Amy Blue, making it all the way to the final auditions. Both women wanted the role very badly and had thrown everything they had into the lines they were assigned to read with James Duval and Johnathon Schaech. The only problem with the situation was Gregg thought both actresses were excellent and had equal potential to play the role exactly as he had pictured it when writing the original script. For a time it seemed uncertain whether he'd cast Rose or Jordan, so he would keep calling the actresses back to read more lines to see if one of them would play the role in a fresher way. In the end it had become almost impossible to come to a final decision one way or the other as the more he called them back, the more they threw passion into their lines.

But as time went on, Gregg began to notice in the two starlets a tangible sense of sexual tension in their readings, not just between the roles of Amy and Xavier but between each other as well. This tension picked up steam as Rose and Jordan competed for the role, and as time went on Gregg began to see something exciting about the shared animosity between them. When it seemed to approach a fever pitch, he canceled the remainder of the session and took the two actresses aside, offering them an opportunity to compete for the role: they would meet in his office the next night and fight it out here in the audition room. An all out, no holds barred fight, in which they could do anything they wanted to each other.... within reason; this meant to broken bones or lasting injuries that would jeopardize their future careers. It only took Rose and Jordan a few moments to share a steely, ice-cold look between them before they both agreed to take Gregg up on his offer, as long as the contest wouldn't leak out to the press at some point later on. Gregg assured them their meeting would be kept entirely secret. Satisfied, they left, mentally preparing themselves for the next night.

When they showed up at Gregg's office the next evening, they had placed themselves into the right mind set for what they would be doing to win the role in his film. Both actresses were confident they would be able to outfight the other in their little get-together; and showed up dressed in ensembles that showed off sections of their bodies in a way they hoped would give the other second thoughts about what she had gotten herself into this evening. The getups the rivals wore to this appointment were similar, yet different in more than one noticeable way. Rose's long, black trenchcoat and commanding presence gave her a dark, film noirish air, but the real surprise would reveal itself when she jettisoned the trenchcoat to a short black miniskirt, matching tank top and combat boots for any purpose she would deem necessary to use on Jordan once the fight was in full swing. Jordan's ensemble was simultaneously high class and trashy: a black miniskirt and matching tank top, sheer see through black stockings, high heels and a black leather jacket. Both getups, complemented by short haircuts, represented each actress' vision of Amy Blue's character, and both were convincing enough to land them the role. But which of them would actually get the role would be decided tonight.

Rose and Jordan exchanged icy glances as they entered the building and mounted the stairs to Gregg's office, Jordan heading up in front of Rose as if she wanted to make a good pre-fight impression with the producer, confident that she looked good but wondering what Rose was wearing her trenchcoat. Jordan's high heels clicked unobtrusively on the flight of steps leading to Gregg's office on the second floor but Rose's combat boots made a decidedly louder, heavier sound, as if she was marking her territory and letting Jordan know she was here even though she could not see her. Once they were inside Gregg's office they made their way into the audition room, without saying a word to each other, making the final mental preparations to fight their hearts out, prepared for any combat tactic the other had in mind. The director's girlfriend was there with him to welcome the competing starlets; she followed them and Gregg into the room to watch the fight in case things got a bit too out of hand or one woman submitted and the other was so incensed she was beyond stopping the fight. The sexual tension was incredible as Rose and Jordan spread about five feet apart on a carpet laid out across the floor, in place of furniture that was moved against the walls to clear a space for the rivals to fight it out. A few candles were placed in out of the way positions, casting a soft glow on the room.

For a time that seemed to stretch out for much longer, Rose and Jordan just stared each other down, dead quiet, as an odd pall seemed to permeate the room. Then, without any preliminary, Jordan removed her leather jacket, tossing it over to the couch near where Gregg sat, demonstrating her lithe, slender body to Rose. She was skinny, but well-toned and athletic looking; her stomach appeared tight and her legs and arms were sleek and showed definition. Once her leather jacket was on the couch she looked back across the room at Rose, who still hadn't removed her black trenchcoat to let everyone in the room know what she was wearing. More time passed, with Rose making eye contact with her rival as if she could stare through Jordan's eyes straight past the back of her head, testing Jordan's attitude, seeing how much of a staredown she could take until her eyes dropped or she grew nervous. Jordan returned Rose's stare; it seemed a split second that she blinked. Almost immediately on the heels of this Gregg reminded them they were pressed for time, and the rival starlets should start mixing it up shortly if a choice for the lead role of Amy would be decided on.

The sight of the raven-haired ladies standing in front of the office window with the evening sky outside was profound. Wryly, Rose removed her trenchcoat, letting it fall to the floor behind her, revealing the skimpy outfit she was wearing underneath, flaunting her muscular thighs, her tight, fleshy stomach and formidable looking arms. She continued looking Jordan directly in the eyes as she did this, as if staring right through her, those eyes seeming to say Jordan was in for the ass kicking of her life. Outwardly, Jordan showed no nervous reaction to her intense glare, but she seemed to blink a split second as Rose's eyes flashed suddenly, wordlessly letting Jordan know she was ready to begin. Kicking her high heels off as Rose elected to keep her boots on, Jordan kicked them away from her as she walked slowly toward the center of the room where Rose was coming to meet her. Her eyes never leaving Jordan's face as they closed the distance, Rose looked her up and down, along her neck, shoulders arms, stomach and legs, to see which part of her rival's body would be ideal for a first attack. Noticing Jordan was doing likewise, Rose flexed her thigh muscles when they stopped within striking distance, their bodies almost touching, their eyes boring deep into each other's souls.

Jordan extended her arms and pushed Rose back a step or two, in an effort to establish dominance early on. Not to be outdone, Rose came back and shoved Jordan with both hands, knocking her back a few steps. A handful of shoves in the confined space between them were exchanged as they felt the situation out; after a last shove from Rose, Jordan slapped her face in a swift, fluid motion. Rose slugged Jordan in the stomach so hard that the impact of her closed fist striking her bare skin resounded throughout the audition room. Stepping to Jordan's left side as she doubled over, Rose wrapped her right arm around her throat. Cinching a choke-hold, Rose pulled Jordan into her side, keeping Jordan bent at the waist and cutting off her breathing. Feeling the strong arm pushing its way into her neck and throat, Jordan took to repeatedly slapping Rose's generously exposed stomach in a wordless demand that Rose release her immediately. In response, Rose wrenched the choke-hold, cinching it tighter, pressing Jordan's head into her right breast as her arm flexed and pressed its way farther into the soft skin of her neck. Her hand reflexively curling at the fingers as Rose's arm remained tight, strangling her, Jordan fought to breathe by sucking in short gusts of air through trembling lips.

Rose smiled a little as she watched Jordan trying to breathe through her choke-hold, showing her teeth as she pulsed her arm around Jordan's neck in quick statacco bursts. Jordan's stockinged legs tried kneeing and kicking Rose's belly, but couldn't find the leverage to connect with Rose in her position at Rose's right side. The only clear shot Jordan had at Rose's exposed stomach was the hand draped across her middle; swinging her arm out she slammed her hand on the smooth skin of her waist. Rose responded to this by wrenching the headlock on her again, pressing her face into the right side of her breast and broadening her smile by the barest fraction of an inch when Rose heard the coughing and choking noises coming from Jordan's lips. Turning to her left, Rose faced the window on the opposite side of the office from where Gregg and his girlfriend watched the fight on the couch. Giving them a view of Jordan's ass while she was bent over at the waist, Rose grabbed her right wrist with her other hand and wrenched the choke tighter in an abruptly vicious jerk, causing Jordan to choke louder and wheeze for breath, drool seeping from her mouth to land on Rose's breast through her tank top as the fleshy mound was pressed even harder into her coughing face.

Growing woozy and lightheaded from having her breathing hindered, Jordan was fighting the rising panic at the idea of having her air cut off for much longer. On the heels of that idea was the idea of being choked into unconsciousness and losing the part in The Doom Generation to Rose before their fight was even underway. This in turn fueled Jordan's will to retaliate against her dominant rival. Her hand was still free; Rose apparently thought that the constant slapping of her bare stomach would have no effect on their physical contest as things stood at the moment; there was still access to the unprotected stomach within her reach, thus a chance to turn this fight around in her favor. Her fingers curling at the knuckles, Jordan plunged them deep into Rose's tummy, gripping the skin and bunching it up between her clutching talons. Uttering a startled grunt, Rose winced from the fingers pushing their way in her stomach. A few seconds later she wrenched the headlock tighter still, uttering another grunt as she did so, adding to the punishment of strangling her rival by slipping her foot a few inches to the side, pressing the underside of her combat boot into Jordan's unprotected toes. Grunting from the pressure, Jordan swing her free arm to Rose's back and raked her nails side to side.

Rose grunted again from the feeling of Jordan's nails tearing into her, but refused to release her hold on Jordan's neck. Growing even more lightheaded from being choked, she decided it was time for a more persuasive tactic than clawing Rose's stomach and scratching her back. Moving the hand that gripped Rose's tummy up by a significant distance, she sank her fingers into Rose's right breast as it was still pushing its way into her face, gripping firmly. Rose growled from the pressure through clenched teeth as she felt Jordan's fingers burying themselves into her breast, kneading harshly. Bending at the waist to try and alleviate the pressure, she exerted greater pressure through the underside of her boot onto Jordan's toes, repositioning her feet a bit so as to remain standing. Her choke-hold tightened; Jordan was now in a fit of coughing and sputtering from the lack of air and imagined she would pass out sometime in the immediate future. In another few seconds Rose cried out as Jordan had withdrawn her fingers from Rose's right breast, sinking her teeth in in their place. Before Rose could react to this retaliation, Jordan swung her free arm away from the exposed part of Rose's back, pressing her opened palm into the right side of her tormentor's face and pushing to the side, twisting her own body in the opposite direction to escape the brutal choke-hold. With a maximum effort she was free, releasing the breast she attacked with her teeth, falling to one knee and fighting not to hyperventilate as Rose favored her chest.

Glaring openly at Jordan as she watched her crawl back to her feet, Rose reached down to grab hold of Jordan's hair. At the last second, Jordan grabbed hold of Rose's wrists and suddenly rolled backward, flipping Rose head over heels to the floor. Rose let out a thick grunt as the impact knocked the wind out of her. Stalking Rose in a semicircle as Rose's equilibrium returned and she was getting back to her feet, facing the other way, Jordan approached her from behind. In the time it took Rose to crawl to her knees Jordan had the chance to grab Rose's wrists, planting a stockinged leg into her back. Simultaneously pushing with her leg and pulling with her arms, Jordan wrenched the submission as if trying to separate her arms from her torso. Groaning, Rose tried forcing herself off her knees, but Jordan pushed and pulled harder, entering more pressure on Rose's back as she stayed upright with the other leg planted on the carpet. The only sounds in the room were the combined grunts and groans of the black-clad rivals as Jordan poured on the pressure in increasing exertions of energy each time Rose tried to break free. Seeing she would have to twist her wrists back and forth to escape, Rose proceeded to do this, eventually gaining enough of an opening to wrench her hands free. Falling forward, Rose barely managed to put her arms out to prevent herself from falling on her face. As she scrambled to her feet and swung her arms in wide circles to regain her circulation, Jordan suddenly charged her across the carpet!

Jordan plowed into Rose like a gazelle, sending her reeling backward into a wall where there was little furniture in the immediate vicinity. There was an audible SLAP of their bare stomachs colliding as Jordan leaped upon her, forcing her up against the wall where she unleashed a sudden enraged flurry of slaps aimed at her face, occasionally peppered by a stockinged knee to her stomach that forced sudden expulsions of air from her lungs. It was apparent that Jordan was fast gaining the upper hand on Rose at this stage of the game, but in the next moments that followed, something curious happened. Looking back on it later, Rose wasn't exactly sure whether the sensation of their naked stomachs slapping at the moment Jordan leapt upon her had awakened something primal...... animalistic...... in her subconscious, but what happened within the next minute was quite strange. Jordan's knee slammed into her bare tummy, prompting another grunt from Rose's lips that somehow sounded deeper, thicker, than her last grunt, and at the moment Jordan and the others in the room al believed Rose had lost all her advantage... again, something happened that changed the way Rose approached female combat from that night on. Jordan grabbed Rose's hair, yanking forward, preparing to drag her back to the center of the audition room, when Rose seemed to unconsciously fall forward into her rival, her tummy ramming Jordan's, her arms draping around Jordan's midriff. A second later, Jordan gasped in sudden agony, the sound carrying throughout the room as Rose's arms reflexively tightened around her, pushing all the air from her lungs!

If anyone in the room was most surprised by the sudden shift in advantage as Rose's arms tightened around Jordan's midsection, it was Rose. Her arms easily encircled Jordan's slender waist, seeming to mold themselves to the contours of her body. Rose's muscles flexed and rippled as her arms slid across the naked part of Jordan's back, compressing the starlet into a smaller space in another reflexive motion that seemed very natural to her. What most seemed natural was the apparent strength of the hold that Rose had cinched on her; how quickly she had wrenched that gasp out of her lungs as her arms wrapped around her and tightened. Rose took a few seconds to register that she had forced a clear expression of pain from her rival with the seemingly unplanned maneuver. That was when she realized she had complete control of Jordan; she had the option to release the hold or pursue how tight she could compress her rival in her grasp. A pall of shocked silence settled over the room as Rose pulsed her arms around Jordan's waist, testing the waters so to speak, attempting to ascertain whether she would elicit another reaction from Jordan. This question was answered a second later as a tight cry of pain was pushed through Jordan's lips. Then came the realization that Rose enjoyed the feeling of power of crushing her rival in this unaffectionate embrace, a sense of utter domination washed through her body like a stream of sweet spring water as she set her arms around Jordan's waist and SQUEEZED!!!

Throwing her head back, Jordan uttered a louder gasp, making an unsuccessful attempt to stop the louder cry of pain from exiting through her mouth. Feeling her rival's arms tighten around her slender frame, she groaned as the mounting pressure on her waist steadily increased to almost unbearable limits. It felt as if her body was caught in a human vise that was slowly compressing her beyond her capability to resist. Her breathing coming in sharp gasping noises, Jordan squirmed to escape the grasp Rose established on her, stockinged legs curling at the knee and rubbing against Rose's outer thighs, finally wrapping around them as if trying to mount some counterassault that would relieve the strain of the arms coiled around her, crushing, wrenching cries of pain that grew progressively louder with each passing second. Gregg and his girlfriend watched in rapt silence as Rose bearhugged Jordan as they had never seen before watching rival actresses fight. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. A simple submission was having a lasting effect on Jordan's body that under normal circumstances would not have been happening. This was not just a submission move meant to weaken an opponent; Rose was actually torturing Jordan with the hold! For Rose, surprise eventually turned all the way to pleased dominance and absolute control as she crushed Jordan tighter and tighter, until her rival's eyes rolled back in her head and it seemed Jordan might lose consciousness at any second. Sneering and chuckling at her Rose released her arms, allowing Jordan to fall to her knees, fighting desperately to get her breath back, infuriated, but much more wary now as she got back to her feet, carefully, and circled the sneering Rose, carefully, carefully...

Rose circled her in turn, like a predator stalking its prey, eager to trap Jordan in another bearhug like the one she'd just used on her, among other submissions. Jordan was not exactly a slouch when the game came to applying submission holds herself. Despite the fact that she was moving warily slower, she was equally eager to resume their contest and maneuver Rose into a few positions of painful disadvantage. The audition room was dead quiet except for the heavy breathing of the rival actresses as they padded along the soft carpet, sizing up the spent energy they had put into their match earlier on. Slowly, Jordan lifted her arms above her head, wordlessly challenging Rose to a test of strength. Her sneer growing more pronounced, Rose accepted the challenge, lifting her own arms and grabbing Jordan's hands in a loud slap of open palms clapping together. Curling her fingers in between Jordan's, Rose steeled herself with her legs on the carpet, ready to overpower Jordan on her own ground. Jordan had plans other than being overpowered again, however, and after a brief struggle of pouring energy through their arms as their legs shifted and repositioned on the rug she demonstrated this by powering her arms down to her sides, forcing Rose into a defensive position. Twisting her hands palms up, she tightened her fingers, stretching Rose's arms uncomfortably to establish control on her part.

Jordan was waiting for Rose to try shifting the position of their arms in the test of strength, which she did a couple of moments later as she twisted her own wrists in an attempt to gain advantage. Jordan took this opportunity to wrench Rose into more of a defensive position as she suddenly twisted around while her fingers were still interlaced with her rival's, slipping a stockinged leg in between Rose's bare legs. Before Rose knew what was happening, she ended up kneeling on he carpet, her back pressed against Jordan's slender body, her arms crossed tightly across her chest as Jordan managed to keep a firm grasp on her wrists as she executed the surprise maneuver. Rose felt the pull of her arms being wrenched further into her chest as Jordan pulled back viciously, extending her long legs so that her feet were planted into the middle of Roses back, leaning back as far as their position would allow and pulling back on her rival's arms as her legs stretched Rose's frame to more than uncomfortable limits, groaning from the strain, glaring at the back of Rose's head as she poured energy into the submission as if her glare was capable of burning a hole into Rose's subconscious. Perhaps Rose got an impression of this; she quivered uncomfortably as Jordan held her fast, shifting her legs along the carpet in their kneeling position, seeking any kind of leverage so as to attempt escape.

Rose grunted as Jordan pulled back harder on her arms, stretching her stockinged legs so that they pushed her rival into a more uncomfortable predicament. Jordan's purpose was to weaken Rose's arms and upper body so she would not be able to apply another agonizing bearhug on her as she had done earlier on. Sensing her control over Rose, she leaned back, pushing her feet further into her rival as she pulled harder on Rose's caught wrists, pressing her folded arms into her chest. Rose grunted again as she felt her breasts mashed underneath her arms, felt her back stretched in a painful angle by the slender legs pressing into her from behind. Her teeth clenched from the strain, Rose made yet another attempt to alleviate the pressure being poured into her arms and back, trying to push herself up on her knees so as to gain the leverage she needed to try and escape. She finally managed to do this, groaning all the way as her rival stretched her legs and pulled back on her arms every time she moved. But even raising up on her knees did not help Rose's situation since Jordan still had control of her arms and upper torso. Even so, Jordan wanted more!

Withdrawing her feet from Rose's back and shifting her hold on Rose's arms so her left hand still grasped Rose's left wrist, Jordan rolled Rose onto the floor on her left side, reaching over to seize a hold of Rose's left ankle with her right hand. Rose groaned again as Jordan planted her feet into her back, arched her back and applied pressure, stretching Rose's body as far as she could. Rose's tank top had come loose as Jordan shifted their positions, revealing a lace bra she was wearing underneath. Rose's breasts poked out from under her tank top, her nipples partially obscured by the flimsy material yet still visible enough to be noticed if one looked closely enough. Rose squirmed uncomfortably trapped in Jordan's clutches, her right arm and leg slithering uselessly as Jordan stretched her body with her feet pushing their way into Rose's back. Rose's teeth were still clenched; she was breathing through her nose as she fought against the painful stretching Jordan was subjecting her to. The sight of Rose's free leg moving back and forth, her boobs popping out from under her tank top as Jordan's slender, stockinged legs pushed their way into her was both intense and erotic as the rivals continued their struggle; Gregg's girlfriend noticed the bulge growing in his pants at the vision of the rivals battling it out on the floor with Jordan dominating her opponent as Rose squirmed and tried to slither away from her.

Jordan rolled Rose onto her stomach to suppress her increasingly fervent struggles to free herself, wrapping her long legs around Rose's middle, crossing her ankles and squeezing for all she was worth. In the flurry of changing position, Rose's tank top had pulled higher on her torso, exposing lace covered tits that were now mashed into the plush carpet as Jordan continued pulling on Rose's left wrist and ankle. Pulsing the scissors in a harsh jerk every time Rose tried to move, Jordan stretched her arm and leg for additional punishment, her heavy breathing mingling with Rose's groans. In seconds Rose's face had turned red from the strain of having her body squeezed between Jordan's legs as her sheer stockings slid up and down her waist to tighten around her, grunting as her breasts were mashed into the carpet with each pulse of her rival's legs Maintaining the dual hold she had on her, Jordan eventually released Rose's caught limbs as she shifted position again, grabbing Rose under the armpits as she sat behind her, lifting her ass off the carpet in a fervent motion and sending Rose crashing down, kicking the scissors tighter and cinching a painful full-nelson on her!

Rose's miniskirt had hiked up as Jordan leaned back, lifting her in the air. There was a brief exposure of Rose's thong panties as this happened; then Jordan rammed her butt into the carpet as she cinched her holds. Jordan repeated the maneuver, seeking to weaken her rival past her ability to fight; Rose felt her energy being drained, but she was also getting pissed off at being dominated by her rival when she came to dominate tonight. Upon the fourth or fifth time she was rammed ass-first into the carpet, her thong panties briefly exposed by the move, Jordan had released her arms, wrapping her left around Rose's throat in preparation to secure it behind her right. Not caring for the thought of being choked out by Jordan as she was crushed between her legs, Rose suddenly lowered her head to Jordan's forearm, sinking her teeth into the limb before Jordan could complete the stranglehold. Jordan screamed as Rose pulled free of her arms, pushing up with her feet as she fought to turn between her rival's legs. Jordan pulsed the scissors as Rose fought to turn in it, but somehow she managed to turn all the way around so she was now face to face with her rival, kneeling on the carpet as Jordan's legs were still wrapped around her waist. Wincing from the pain in her left arm, she slithered her arms around Jordan's waist, steeling herself against the reaction of her muscles as she clamped another crushing bearhug on Jordan's slender frame. Delighting in the shocked groan it elicited in Jordan, Rose squeezed!

Lifting Jordan's ass off the carpet as her arms clamped down on her waist, Rose wrenched the bearhug and slammed Jordan into the floor with a resounding impact, jarring the scissors open. Pulling her up off her back, Rose lowered her head onto Jordan's shoulder and tightened her arms around the struggling starlet's middle, cinching the bearhug tight in a series of vicious pulses. Feeling the crushing starting again, Jordan gasped for air, palms slapping her shoulders and pushing at them, trying to open enough space between them so she could wriggle out of Rose's arms. Rose reset the grip she had gotten on Jordan and squeezes harder, enjoying the feeling of her arms compressing Jordan's waist and forcing oxygen from her lungs as Jordan gasped and squirmed to escape. The starlets were on their knees, pressed together so tight in Rose's arms their bodies appeared attached by their tummies. Jordan tried sliding her legs forward to wrap another scissors around Rose, but Rose reared up on her knees and poured more pressure into the bearhug, letting out a combined groan and sigh as she molded her arms around Jordan, crushing her, ignoring the pain in her left shoulder and leg, pleased with the sensation of suppressing Jordan's growing desperation to escape her embrace.

Rose's forearms pressed into Jordan's back, twisting at the wrists and pushing deeper into her midriff. Gasping for air, Jordan pushed harder at Rose's shoulders, by a massive effort she had managed to open enough space to try pulling herself out of the crushing arms compressing her, but Rose sensed she had Jordan and wasn't about to relinquish her advantage so easily. Pulling back so Jordan's arms slipped from her shoulders, Rose thrust herself violently forward, wrenching the bearhug tighter still as their bodies slammed together in a loud smack of bare skin hitting bare skin. This impact sent shivers up and down the starlets; spines; shivers of pain for Jordan, shivers of excitement and dominance for Rose. Jordan grunted from the collision of their bodies, the combined pain of slamming into Rose's chest and being crushed in her arms showing on her face as she resumed her squirming to break loose. The sight of this struck Rose with a sudden idea; as she ground the bearhug tighter on her rival, she stopped for a bare second, pulled back just a little, and then slammed herself into Jordan's chest hard enough to cause another resounding slap of flesh on flesh.

Grunting, Jordan redoubled her efforts to squirm out of the bearhug, but Rose responded by pulling back and slamming forward again, tightening her arms around Jordan's middle and squeezing harder as they collided. Jordan gasped again and squirmed in Rose's arms; Rose pulled back and slammed forward, setting her arms around her rival and squeezing her. Rose's lace bra was now completely exposed as her tank top was hiked all the way above her bust; her breasts pressed into Jordan's breasts, competing with them for dominance. Jordan gasped louder and louder, wheezing with a hoarse expulsion of breath as the mounting pressure of Rose's bearhug increased, showing no signs of letting up. The crushing embrace pushed more air from her lungs, grinding the bare part of her waist. Rose smiled into Jordan's eyes, as if saying the fight was hers from this moment on. Jordan met her stare defiantly as her body was compressed sans mercy, feeling herself weakening under the increasing strength of her rival's arms but still determined to best Rose. She felt herself being dragged to her feet as Rose stood, tightening the bearhug, gasping and coughing as Rose's arms had redoubled their efforts in forcing the breath from her body. Rose pulled her to her feet, not expecting Jordan to make a retaliatory move at this point, and was surprised at Jordan's palms slamming her ears at both sides, dazing her. Rose's arms had loosened a bit at the bell clap Jordan just executed, and that was when she saw her chance to try and turn the fight around. Jumping up and wrapping her legs behind Rose's knees, she shoved forward, bodyslamming Rose to the floor and head-butting her viciously in the forehead as she came crashing down on her prostrated body!

The vicious headbutt dazed Rose for long enough to allow Jordan to grab Rose's hair, twisting her into a headlock. Rose did her best to shake the cobwebs from her head as Jordan kept a firm grip on her neck in preparation for another hold she intended to use on her. Her bare legs kicking at the air as Jordan rolled her around on the carpet, her combat boots beating on the floor THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Rose twisted around in Jordan's grip, trying to secure another crushing bearhug on her rival. But Jordan was having none of it, squirming to the side and trying to slip her arms under Rose's armpits as she found herself sitting on her lap, slithering her legs forward. In an instant Rose figured out what Jordan meant to do, and twisted to the side, getting an arm around Jordan's throat as Jordan did the same, trying to get her legs around her rival's waist as they bucked and rolled on the carpet. In the flurry of action that followed Rose's lace bra and Jordan's tank top had been wrenched loose from their torsos, slipping away from them in their struggle and laying forgotten on the floor as Rose and Jordan grappled on the carpet, both topless from the waist up, seeking a position of dominance to exploit over one another. Their struggle for the upper hand was peppered with no words, just grunts and groans.

Jordan finally found herself able to trap Rose in the hold she had attempted to apply on her before, sitting on her lap as she headlocked Rose from the front and slithered her legs forward, wrapping them around Rose's waist and locking a scissors around her. Rose grunted as Jordan choked and squeezed her, legs splayed ineffectually on the carpet, and arms slapping Jordan's shoulders in a series of sharp slapping noises. Jordan's formidable leg muscles flexed as she compressed Rose's waist, choking off her groans with brutal tugs on the front headlock as she reached down to her rival's bare chest and punished Rose's tits, alternating between kneading one exposed breast, then the other as Rose uttered choked growls from the pain of Jordan's fingers squeezing her boobs. Kicking her scissors tighter every time Rose tried to writhe her way out of the hold, paying her back for her earlier bearhug, Jordan pulled Rose's head all the way into her chest, pressing her left breast into Rose's face as her free hand gripped one breast, then the other, back and forth. Growing lightheaded, Rose wanted the sensation of dominating Jordan again; as Jordan pulled her closer in the scissors and tightened her choke-hold on her neck, Rose slammed both arms around her waist, squeezing brutally.

Releasing Rose's breasts, Jordan grabbed double handfuls of Rose's hair, head-butting her in the forehead again. Rose lunged and fell forward, dazed from the headbutt, her arms still encircling Jordan's waist as her waist was trapped in the strong stockinged legs compressing her middle from both sides. There was a drawn out seesaw moment as both actresses sought to gain an advantage over the other, then Jordan screamed piercingly as Rose's teeth sank into her rival's right breast, chewing the nipple ravenously! Pulling on Rose's hair with one hand, Jordan buried her knuckles in Rose's eyes with the other, twisting sharply back-and-forth. Rose screamed from the pain washing through her body as Jordan twisted around, dragging Rose with her, her arms still wrapped around Jordan's body. Breasts mashing as they bucked and writhed on the carpet, they rolled around and squeezed as they sought a superior position. Jordan's eyes flashed at Rose as they came to a stop, Rose on her back and Jordan sitting between her legs, wrapping them around Rose's waist from under her back as Rose's legs found their way around Jordan's midsection. Before long, both starlets were groaning in agony as their leg muscles worked overtime to squeeze the breath from each other!

Both starlets were uttering louder groans as their legs worked each other's waists. Jordan had a better position from where to scissor Rose, but Rose's combat boots allowed for a firmer grip as she curled her legs and thrust them out, closing her grip tighter on Jordan's midriff. Letting loose with a thick grunt, Jordan clasped both hands, ramming them into Rose's unguarded stomach with brutal force. Grunting, Rose refused to release her leg scissors around Jordan's body; resetting her legs she kicked the scissors tighter around her; Jordan repeated her maneuver as many times as it took to force the scissors to spring apart, rolling Rose face down on the carpet as her legs loosened, fell away. As her own legs were still wrapped around Rose's midsection, she repositioned herself at Rose's right side, leaned over and grabbed hold of Rose's ankles, twisting her legs this way and that as she scissored Rose between her toned thighs. Rose tried pushing up by her hands, her breasts heaving each time the scissors pushed air from her. But Jordan kept control of the situation, arching Rose's legs farther toward her back, bearing down harder on the scissors. Straining her legs as hard as she could, she got payback for the earlier bearhugs, twisting Rose's trapped legs to and fro.

Neither starlet had said a single word to each other since the fight started; their sole communication was the constant physical torture they inflicted upon one another as they warred for the part in Gregg's movie. Together with the room's atmosphere of candles burning in the dim light, and the dark of night outside the window, and the black vestments they wore on their bodies (and were now losing piece by piece), the scene of battle was darkly erotic and evoked a sense of malevolence neither Gregg or his girlfriend had seen in starlet fights involving actresses of sunnier, brighter images. As neither actress spoke, there was no bravado, no phony attempts on either actress' part to make herself appear as if she could intimidate the other. This was a true contest of supremacy between starlets who really wanted to defeat each other, as they showed by the looks in their eyes, the intensity by which they punished one another, the obvious lack of humiliation from either of them at learning their clothes were being stripped from their bodies. Gregg and his girl watched in rapt fascination as an odd pall set over all in the room, as if the fight would go on until eternity itself ended.

As she scissored Rose, Jordan felt the eyes of Gregg and his girlfriend watching the fight intently. Glancing up at them she saw the looks of excitement in their eyes, and decided on the heels of this to present them some entertainment out of the fight. Releasing Rose's legs as she continued scissoring her, Jordan lifted the back of Rose's miniskirt, exposing her ass to them, and proceeded to rain slaps of increasing volume on Rose's mouth-watering backside, first one cheek and then the other, punctuating each slap with a vicious pulse of her legs that wrung a louder grunt from Rose. Jordan smiled at them as she spanked her rival, then turned back to Rose and increased the force of her ass slaps, kicking the scissors tighter each time her open palm connected with her derriere. Rose's face was beet red again, her eyes were watering from the persistent stinging of Jordan's hand spanking her without stopping. Feeling one single tear of pain as it tricked down her cheek, Rose wiped it away, taking care not to allow Jordan to see it. The fucking whore is going to think she's got you crying, Rose told herself inwardly as the brutal scissoring of her legs continued, crushing her…Crushing...Crushing!

All at once, Rose suddenly realized how she would be able to turn this contest around, back in her favor. Through the haze of her pain she recalled the first time she had Jordan wrapped up in her arms, squeezing her, crushing the wind from her body. On the heels of that she remembered the time she was thrusting her stomach into Jordan's, knocking a gust of air after another from her. She remembered the primal nature of it, how strong her body felt as Jordan writhed in her grip, gasping and coughing from the arms coiled around her as a boa constrictor squeezing the very life from its dinner. Rose remembered how she had unconsciously steeled her own body against the repeated impacts of her gut ramming into Jordan's, how she had made herself a stone pillar, enjoying the sensation of power and absolute control she got from watching Jordan squirm in pain as she crushed and crushed, arms pulling in and compressing Jordan's body tighter with each moment that went by. It was exactly this mind set that ensured she didn't lose her own energy while she sapped Jordan of hers, and if she hoped to escape the brutal scissors Jordan had ensnared her in now, it would be that mind set that would enable her to endure the pain and possibly even find a way out. It would work, she told herself, having no doubt in her mind that she would escape Jordan's clutches if she concentrated hard enough.

Shutting out the growing pain of Jordan's hand slapping her ass, Rose reflexively tightened her stomach, uttering more thick grunts as Jordan pulsed her legs around her middle, and finally a louder groan as she stretched her limbs around her body as far as they'd go, bringing her attention back to Rose's legs as she reached to grab them by the ankles. An inadvertent yell followed the groan as Rose gathered her energy, mentally readying herself to fight the squeezing hold Jordan's legs had established on her. At first Jordan thought it to be a yell of pain, but as she squeezed her legs tighter around Rose's body, reaching for her ankles, she was shortly to realize otherwise. Kicking her legs out of the way of Jordan's outstretched hands, Rose slipped an arm in between an open space in the scissors, sliding it underneath one of the calves that completed the submission at the ankles. Steeling herself against the increased force of the scissors as Jordan fought to keep the hold cinched tight on her, Rose pulled inward to break the scissors as her groans of her attempted escape mingled with Jordan's groans of trying to maintain the scissors. The battle over whether the leglock would remain wrapped around Rose's body had become a fight all in itself as control teetered between them. Finally, with a massive Herculean effort, Rose successfully managed to wrench Jordan's scissors open and was free!

In the flurry of action that came after Rose's liberation from Jordan's legs, during which the rival starlets rolled around the rug, throwing each other all around the open space in the audition room, Rose's miniskirt ended up halfway down her legs, holding her knees together. Kicking it the rest of the way down and tossing it away with her foot before her rival jumped on her again, Rose was now wearing nothing but her combat boots and a pair of black thong underwear. Rose fling her arms wide open as if inviting Jordan to join in fighting her again, and they kicked, thrashed and rolled all around the carpet some more, Jordan losing her miniskirt and revealing a similar pair of black thong panties in the midst of the struggle, until Rose jumped onto her back, wrapping an arm around Jordan's throat from behind, rolling onto her back as she wrapped her legs around Jordan's middle, locking her ankles between Jordan's thighs and constricting a shocked Jordan with her legs as she hooked her right forearm behind her left arm, strangling her as she tightened the scissors! In spite of herself, Jordan screamed as Rose bore down with her legs, shaking her arms around her throat!

Feeling she was reaching her element, Rose threw less energy into shaking Jordan back and forth, concentrating on pouring energy into the dual chokehold-bodyscissors she had established on her, exerting additional strain on Jordan whenever she made an effort to try squirming away. Rose maintained her holds until she was satisfied that she had established a firm enough grasp on her, then released the scissors and rolled Jordan face down as her powerful arms were still wrapped around her neck, switching the choke to a sleeper as she straddled Jordan's back with her knees on either side of Jordan's ribcage. Flexing her arms she tightened the chokehold around Jordan's neck, reveling in the strangled cries that emanated from in between Jordan's lips. Jordan's hands reached behind her, sliding along Rose's thighs as if trying to find a position to start raking her legs with her fingernails. Rose cinched the sleeper tighter around her neck, as if warning her not to try it. Jordan gagged and sputtered from the strong arms that choked all the air from entering or leaving her body, leaning into the hold as if she wanted to choke her out right then and there. But just as it seemed Jordan would pass out from loss of air, Rose released her, her eyes seeming to tell Gregg and his girlfriend that she wasn't quite finished with her rival, and wanted to see if Jordan was up to trading some more submissions.

Getting to her feet, Rose strutted confidently around Jordan, watching her fighting to regain her breathing and rise to her knees. Smiling at her rival, Rose bent at the waist a few feet away, as if daring her to jump up and attack her. An instant later Jordan got to her feet, taking Rose's dare as she lowered her shoulders and charged, ramming her right shoulder into Rose's stomach and snapping upward, ramming the back of her head into Rose's chin. Backing up and clearing her head, Rose was surprised to feel Jordan's arm snaking underneath her right armpit, stretching the right side of her body as her left leg slipped around Rose's right thigh, applying a brutal abdominal stretch as she reached across to grip Rose's stomach with her free hand. Rose winced as Jordan's fingernails sank deep into her stomach, but with a pained huff of air she steeled herself as she had done earlier to escape Jordan's tight scissors. Seeing a second later that Rose was hardly responding to the stomach claw, she withdrew her fingers, moving her hand up toward Rose's breasts and squeezing the closest boob with her available hand, clawing and kneading the fleshy tit.

Rose grunted at as Jordan prolonged the incessant punishment, but stubbornly refused to yield to the pain. Slipping her leg away, she moved behind Rose, slipping her arms under Rose's armpits, hoisting her over her shoulder and took to bouncing up and down on her feet, bending Rose's body backward over her shoulder. The caught starlet gritted her teeth against the waves of agony washing through her body, sucking in breath as Jordan suddenly dropped her to the floor, slamming her into the carpet and jumping up in the air to land a splash on Rose's prone body. Angered at having been woman-handled by her rival, Rose lifted her legs at the last possible instant before Jordan would have descended on her, slamming the undersides of her boots into Jordan's chest as she fell. Jordan found herself propelled away from Rose, clutching her breasts in agony where Rose had kicked her. The next thing she knew, Rose's knees had slammed into her stomach, causing her body to jackknife as Rose slipped behind, lifting her legs to wrap them in a tight neck lock around her from behind. Still clutching her chest with one hand, Gasping, Jordan slapped the thighs crossing her neck. But Rose was royally pissed off now and would not be denied the opportunity she took to teach Jordan a real lesson.

Leaning back on her hands, Rose squeezed her legs together as tightly as she could, drawing strength from her lower abdomen as she flexed her thigh muscles and constricted them around her windpipe. Giving Jordan a low chuckle as the gasping for air started up once more, Rose gave her one more squeeze with her extended limbs, then curled them into a figure four, her left calf slithering across her windpipe and securing itself behind Rose's right calf. Still using her hands for leverage, she ground her inner thighs and calves into Jordan's throat, wiggling her ass on the carpet to add more pressure on her neck as her lips emitted quick bursts of air that were lost in Jordan's increasingly loud chokes. A much broader smile crossed Rose's face as she saw the physical state of her rival; she looked over at Gregg and his girlfriend as if to tell them she was going to land the role in The Doom Generation if things continued as they were now.

Rose was getting a very real sense that her rival was weakening now, the energy being drained from her despite the retaliation she had executed on Rose before the kick she thrust at her chest. Cruelly, she applied her scissors toward speeding up the process as her legs closed tighter around the squirming Jordan's windpipe, leg muscles bulging rigidly as the figure four scissors mounted in pressure on her, turning Jordan's face the shade of blood as more air was kept from passing in or out. Wiggling her ass on the carpet some more, she strangled Jordan with her legs, her movements graduating from wiggling her ass to leaning to one side and the next, her legs cinching tighter and tighter as the leglock persisted, made more firmly locked with the combat boots she still wore. Jordan was screeching from the pressure; her legs kicked up and down, feet slamming the carpet in front of her as she grew increasingly desperate to escape the powerful thighs and calves choking the life from her. Her hands slapped at the thighs pressing into her head from both sides; Rose grabbed her wrists and held Jordan's arms away from her legs, keeping the scissors tight round her neck until she decided to change tacks, uncoiling her legs and stretching her arms all the way behind her back.

Holding Jordan's wrists, Rose pushed her into a sitting position, wrapping her legs around her upper arms and applying pressure until Jordan screamed out loud from the submission, trying to slither her body forward in an attempt to escape her rival's grasp. Rose uncoiled her legs from around Jordan's arms, pressing her boots in Jordan's back as she pulled harder on her arms, stretching Jordan so hard it seemed she might pull them from their sockets. Holding her indefinitely in this position, Rose released Jordan's arms completely and went for her legs next, kicking her over onto her stomach and grabbing her ankles. Standing and planting a foot in her back, Rose lifted her legs in the air, bending them backward and bearing down with a boot clad leg, forcing Jordan's torso and breasts into the carpet as Jordan groaned, writhing feverishly to pull herself away from her tormentor. Taking her foot away from her back, Rose lowered herself and sat down there instead, hooking Jordan's ankles under her armpits and bending them the rest of the way as Jordan gritted her teeth against the strain in her thighs, trying to buck left and right to get Rose's smooth ass off her back. Her boobs pressed into the rug underneath her, she uttered a series of harsh grunts and a longer groan as Rose bounced on her back, then bore down with all her weight, pressing her rival harder into the floor.

Jordan's legs felt like they were going to be torn clean off her body as Rose maintained the deadly stretch of her limbs and spine, bouncing on her back with seemingly boundless energy. Then, to add to the agony she caused in her rival's legs, she changed position, stretching Jordan's right ankle at an angle away from her body as she wrapped her thighs around the other leg, compressing Jordan's thigh between the scissors as she leaned back, stretching Jordan spread eagle as Jordan arched her back against the pain, her face turning redder than ever, teeth clenched more tightly from the toll that Rose was taking on her. Rose was systematically weakening Jordan's limbs to make her a riper target for how she intended to finish her once she had been summarily drained of energy. This far, her game plan was working as Jordan's legs twitched and quivered from their persistent stretching at Rose's hands, taking the chance to establish dominance she stretched them farther apart, determined to wear her down the rest of the way before she continued with the crushing bearhugs she applied to her earlier on during their fight. Jordan's legs were stretched almost beyond her endurance limit; Rose was getting a clearer sense of this; and Rose wanted to make sure she couldn't fight back.

Shifting position again, Rose wrapped her calves around Jordan's ankles, grabbing tight hold of her wrists, and pushed upward as far as her own limbs would allow her, stretching Jordan's arms and legs backward, rocking back and forth to drain all the strength from her limbs in preparation for her planned finishing campaign. Jordan's bare chest pointed to the ceiling, all four limbs were wrenched behind her with no hope of freeing herself as Rose poured on the pressure in increasing force, alternating between draining her arms as she rocked upward and draining her legs as she rocked the other way. Rose held Jordan there for what seemed an eternity, rocking and stretching and pushing further upward as her agonized rival screamed her throat raw from the pressure. Holding her firmly, Rose pulsed the ceiling hold as hard as she could, wringing a final agonized shriek from her rival before uncoiling each limb from Jordan when shed seen all the energy was gone from her limbs, allowing her rival to fall between her waiting legs, wrapping them around Jordan in a hungry scissor lock as she gripped underneath Jordan's chin, pulling back harshly as Jordan writhed desperately inside the crushing scissors, legs bending painfully at the knee, sliding along the rug as Rose crossed her ankles and applied fierce pressure. pulling under Jordan's chin and causing her tortured body to arch upward in her brutal grasp.

Enjoying each second of her domination, Rose was suddenly interrupted by an almost imperceptible noise that sounded like it came from the couch that Gregg and his girlfriend sat to watch the fight. In the heat of her fight with Jordan, Rose had virtually forgotten about those two, except for the occasional glance and smile from earlier that evening. Looking in the direction from where the sound was coming, Rose took a second to register what was happening. As it turned out, he had become so turned on from watching Rose and Jordan strip each other as they fought for dominance he leaned back where he sat and allowed his company to do as she wanted. As the starlets fought with all they had, oblivious to what they were doing, Gregg's girlfriend had extracted his pecker from his jeans and was blowing him on the couch.

For Gregg's girlfriend to be pleasuring him in front of two complete strangers; two female complete strangers, no less; she must have been excited as well by the sight of their clothes coming off as they tore into each other. This was confirmed a moment later as Gregg's girlfriend glanced up at them in the middle of doing her business, seeming to work harder at the sight of Rose's bare legs wrapped around Jordan's waist, crushing her as she gripped her rival's chin. To obligate their host and hostess, Rose released Jordan just for long enough to roll her rival over onto her face where Rose grabbed Jordan's arms, draping them on her thighs as she straddled her and wrapped her arms around her throat, applying another sleeper hold. An inviting smile like ice cream on cheesecake crossed Rose's face as she pulled upward, strangling her now hapless opponent as she arched her back painfully. Jordan's face was turned to the scene on the couch; she could see what Gregg's girlfriend was doing while they watched Rose stretching and strangling her. The sight filled Jordan with revulsion and the rage to tear Rose to shreds, but she was utterly drained and unable to fight back as Rose tightened the sleeper hold to unbearable levels, bending her agonizingly backward and adding to the eroticism by leaning down, grinding her bare breasts hard into Jordan's back as she choked her.

When satisfied that she had drained the last of the fight from Jordan, Rose released her just as she was on the verge of passing out from lack of breath, dragging her to her feet by a lock of her hair, slapping her awake and slamming her arms around Jordan from the front pinning her arms to her sides as she crushed Jordan in her unaffectionate embrace. Rose smiled as she watched Jordan wither in her ever-tightening grip, her reflexive squirming growing less fervent as she fought to no avail to break out of Rose's crushing, all-encompassing arms. Throwing her head back in her agony, she considered the idea of throwing a bearhug at her tormentor's face; as if Rose had been reading her mind at that moment she pulsed the bearhug tighter than ever, leaning back a little as her arms crushed Jordan's body tighter than she had at any time during their fight. Letting out a hoarse scream, Jordan whipped her head back and forth instead in her growing desperation to escape her rival. As if to show Jordan there was no escape, Rose tightened her arms, seeming to draw on energy that didn't come from an earthly source. Eventually, Jordan's breathing grew even more hoarse as she gasped for breath; her body was quivering and twitching as she was compressed in the strong arms forcing the very last of the fight from her. But this only encouraged Rose to squeeze harder, confident now that her rival would soon be crushed beyond even moving an inch, much less fighting her from this moment on.

When the crushed starlet seemed unable to go on, Rose spoke to her for the first time since they ran into each other tonight, "Is the role mine, whore?"

Jordan was almost too far gone to open her mouth to speak. Her lips parted once, twice...... it wasn't until her third attempt that she was able to answer her rival's question, "You win... gasp... you got the role."

At that moment there was a louder sound from Gregg as he exploded in his girlfriend's mouth, unable to stand the sexy and erotic sight of Rose crushing Jordan as their bodies were pressed together. As if to celebrate winning twice over, once by defeating Jordan Ladd and landing the part of ‘Amy Blue’ in “The Doom Generation” and again making Gregg's night as he and his girlfriend enjoyed the sight of Rose dominating her in front of them. As Rose released Jordan, allowing her body to slump to the floor, Gregg's girlfriend lifted up to snowball him, going down on him a second time after a glance at Rose that seemed to say she hoped Rose wasn't done giving them a show.

Obligingly, she sat down next to where Jordan lay slumped on the floor, pulling her close by the hair and ordering her to lick her boots. Jordan hesitated; Rose swung around and threateningly draped her thighs around Jordan's head and repeated her order in a harsher tone of voice. Complying, Jordan ran her tongue downward along Rose's thighs, licking and kissing the skin until she reached her combat boots, licking every inch of the black leather as Gregg's girlfriend pleasured him once more. It seemed that this scene was going to go on forever as well, until Gregg was brought to orgasm for the second time that night. Then, Rose decided to give them a little more entertainment than they bargained for, wrapping her legs around Jordan's head and squeezing her brutally in spite of her compliance, suppressing Jordan's agonized screams until she passed out.

When it was over, Rose collected her things as Gregg and his girlfriend considered how they were going to handle the defeated starlet when she came to, suppressing the pure animal lust that was steadily building in her loins, vowing that she’d satisfy her own cravings when she got home. The other thing Rose promised herself was that she’d explore the primal fighting spirit that fueled her to crush Jordan as she squirmed in her grasp; to maybe develop it into a style of female combat at which she could become infamous for once she perfected it. She already had a few actresses in mind she’d like to ‘practice’ on; Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt to name only a few, and she found herself growing excited at the prospect of crushing any one of them into a quivering pile of Jell-O, making them beg her for mercy as she wrung admissions of her superior abilities out of them. Rose loved the thought as she parted company with Gregg and his girlfriend, leaving them with a few parting words, "If Jordan there, or anyone else, would like an.... 'appointment'.... with me, be sure to let me know. I'd LOVE to do this naked next time."