Cheryl Ladd vs. Stephanie Powers by TNT

"And what a cute little 'Angel' she is...Watch her close now, she's liable to lift something," Stephanie Powers whispered to the boutique manager as they watched a tall lovely blonde, Cheryl Ladd, fondling a beautiful dress.

Hearing the comment, Cheryl looked up, laid the dress down and angrily walked over to Stephanie and the manager.

"How dare you say such a thing about me," she snapped. "I'd never steal anything!"

Her lovely face was flushed with anger. Cheryl had been out shopping all day and Stephanie spotted her going into the plush expensive Rodeo Drive boutique. Stephanie was a close friend of the manager and followed her in. Now, they were having fun at Cheryl's expense; Stephanie disliked most blondes-especially "goody-two-shoes," Cheryl; the knockout redhead was as feisty as she was beautiful. She had fought several other blondes; Linda Evans, Farrah Fawcett and others. She'd watched the unsuspecting blonde for several minutes, frankly admiring her full figure, perfect tan and long silky blonde hair. This angel was wearing a low-cut brightly colored sundress, a pearl beaded necklace and heels.

"I know you love catfights," the manager whispered to Stephanie. "You can do anything you want in here. In fact, I think my customers would love the show, but you'll pay for anything you or that blonde bitch destroy."

"Gotcha. And for a shot at Miss Priss Cheryl Ladd, I'd buy the whole damn shop."

The manager smiled and eagerly awaited the confrontation as she soaked in her friends beauty. Stephanie wore a tight low-cut blouse, very short skirt, dark pantyhose and heels. Her face was perfectly made up. Stephanie walked up to Cheryl.

"Good thing you put that dress down; it was way too classy for a thieving blonde tramp like you," Stephanie said, getting in the surprised and angry blondes face.

"What's going on? What're you up to?" Cheryl asked.

"Well, angel, I don't like Charlie; I don't like your show; I dislike blondes and I kicked Farrah's butt already, but I particularly don't like YOU!" Stephanie said as she moved closer, stabbing her finger between Chery's firm breasts for emphasis.

"So, you want a fight? I'll tear your ugly red hair out by the roots," Cheryl hissed. "Guess you've never seen our show, we Angels are tough chicks," Cheryl said, taking a step back and pushing Stephanie's hand away.

Stephanie smiled as she saw Cheryl's erect nipples thrusting out against the sheer fabric of her dress., "Lets see what ya' got Cheryl dear, go ahead take a swi...."

THWACK! Cheryl's open hand cracked into the redheads cheek. The slap was harder than Stephanie expected and she'd made no effort to block Cheryl's swing. In fact, Stephanie wanted to be good and mad - to feel a little pain. For her the pain was a 'turn-on'! But nevertheless, too much of a good thing wasn't smart so she fired a punch into Cheryl's stomach and then as the blonde sucked air, Stephanie shoved her backward, sending Cheryl crashing into a rack of dresses.

"Fight! Catfight!" a lady yelled and instantly a half-dozen customers swarmed toward the action.

"Get up blondie!" one yelled.

"Get her "Red!" her friend cried, elbowing the first woman (a blonde) in the ribs.

"Take her down Golden Girl!" another advised, as if Cheryl hadn't already considered it.

The onlookers seemed to choose their favorite by hair color, not by who they were. Everyone in the store knew who the gorgeous redhead and beautiful blonde were; the only thing that really mattered was the fight.

"You bitch! You're gonna wish you'd never teased me. I'm no pushover and I don't steal," Cheryl finished as she clumsily pushed the dresses away from her face, grabbed the rack in both hands and pulled herself to her feet. With a growl, Cheryl charged Stephanie but the nimble redhead sidestepped, then stopped the charging blonde dead in her tracks with a vicious handful of her shimmering golden hair.

"My, such lovely, long blonde hair," Stephanie chirped as she swung the screaming blonde around. Cheryl lost a heel as she was spun around; then Stephanie slammed her into a counter. As Cheryl's back bent sharply over the countertop, the redhead backhanded her across the face - hard, then grabbed the front of Cheryl's thin dress and....pulled down!

"NOOOO!" Cheryl screamed as her dress was torn wide open all the way down to her waist leaving a sheer lace bra with spaghetti shoulder straps exposed. Stephanie grabbed Cheryl's arms and pulled them out, then pushed her back down across the countertop. She shoved her breasts into Cheryl's. The manager watched intently as her friends small bulging breasts pressed into the busty blondes. Stephanie had Cheryl pinned in a most erotic way as she pressed her face close to Cheryl's.

"Cheryl honey, how about a kiss. You ever been kissed by a girl before? Has your precious Jaclyn ever done THIS?" Stephanie gave the struggling blonde a forceful kiss and Cheryl screamed as she twisted her head away. Stephanie released her wrist, slipped one hand up and latched onto the blondes full left breast, squeezing hard as she twisted it up and almost out of the cup. "I sure am horny," Stephanie sighed with a mischievous grin. "Why look, Charlie's girl is too!" She laughed as sheh grabbed Cheryl's bra and pulled down, freeing her lovely breast so all could see the pink nipple erect and stiffening as Stephanie gave it a pinch.

"Damn you! Leggo...leave me alone!" Cheryl screamed.

Suddenly, Cheryl grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled. She summoned all her strength and shoved Stephanie back.

"AACKKK!" Stephanie yelped as she fell backward; lost her balance and sat down hard on the floor.

Cheryl was torn between running out of the boutique and tearing into Stephanie, trying to sort her conflicted thoughts as she listened to the women; half telling her to 'Get the redhead' and the rest urgin Stephanie to get up. It wasn't until Stephanie was starting to get up that Cheryl made up her mind. She charged toward Stephanie and punched her hard in the side. Stephanie grunted and Cheryl grabbed her blouse. RIPPPPPP! The sheer material tore open easily, leaving the redhead in only her bra above the waist. Hearing Stephanie's scream encouraged the blonde and Cheryl clasped her hands in a double fist.

THUD! "AIEEEEE!" Stephanie gasped as Cheryl's doubled fists smashed down in the middle of her back.

Cheryl grabbed a handful of Stephanie's auburn hair and started pulling her to her feet.

"YEEOOOOWWW!" Cheryl shrieked as Stephanie sank her talons into her full breasts, the finely honed nails digging deep.

Cheryl wrenched away, but her torn bra was left behind in Stephanie's hands. Stephanie laughed as she tossed it to her friend, then turned back and started toward the cowering blonde.

"No! Stay away from me," Cheryl gasped, raising her open hands. "I mean it, you keep away or I'll..."

"What? Beat me up?" Stephanie sneered. "Oh, I'm so scared you big-boobed tramp! I'll kick your pretty ass!" Stephanie snarled.

Like a cat, Stephanie leaped on Cheryl and pulled her to the floor. Straddling her waist, Stephanie leaned forward to gather in her luscious blonde hair then used it to beat the blondes head on the floor until she was too dazed and dizzy to resist any longer.

"No...please...stop....noooo!" Cheryl moaned as Stephanie released her hair to cup her full breasts; squeezing the firm mounds as she rolled the flesh in her hot, eager, hands.

"Such nice, pretty rosebuds," Stephanie cackled as she tweaked the hard nipples before she arched her back and reached behind to unsnap her own bra and pull it off. Her aroused nipples immediately stiffened in the cool air of the shop. "Uhhhhh," Stephanie moaned as she teased her own sensitive nubs. Then she licked her lips and announced, "Cheryl, I think our crowd likes this!"

Cheryl's face blushed dark red and her forehead beaded with perspiration as she kicked and squirmed with the little strength she had.

From behind her Stephanie heard, "AHHHHH...OHHHHH...ummmmm!" and she looked around to confirm what she assumed was happening and saw she was right. The tall dark-haired manager had her arms around a very busty short blonde. She ripped the blondes blouse open, pulled her bra up and squeezed a pair of large, thick nipples while she nibbled hungrily on her customers ear. The other women in the store were likewise in various stages of undress engaging in foreplay. Stephanie smiled; having known her manager friend as a lesbian for years, as were almost all her regular customers. Poor ditzy blonde Cheryl had innocently walked right into the lions den.

"Strip her NOW!" someone yelled and Stephanie hurriedly shredded Cheryl's remaining clothes as she eagerly tore them off, leaving Cheryl with only a beautiful pearl necklace for modesty. Stephanie leaned forward and slowly forcefully kissed Cheryl while she pulled, plucked and tweaked her nipples. The redheads tongue plunged deep into the beautiful blondes open mouth and Stephanie felt Cheryl's tensed resisting muscles slowly relax as her breathing became heavy.

Stephanie slowly stood up, unfastened her skirt, slid down her panties as she smiled down at the beautiful blonde while she too got naked. Moans of pleasure filled the boutique as an assistant quickly put a "Closed for Lunch" sign on the door.

"LUNCH? ITS FIVE IN THE AFTERNOON! HOW CAN IT BE LUNCH TIME?" a passing shopper asked her friend.

"Believe me honey, it THAT place ANY TIME is munch time," her wise friend chirped.

"Oh yes...ummmm yes! are so good. You are....ummmmm...ahhhh... oh yeah, definitely an ANGEL!" the happy redhead moaned as she rode the gasping blonde toward another of the many orgasms she’d experience that day - and in the weeks to follow!